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old man.




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called; the land-raile, I think. for fuel.

ternal. Frangénte, s. m. a wave, a Frase, s. f. phrase, expression Fraternalmente, adv. 2 bro: surge. Obs-Frangente, mis or manner of speech. Fraternamente,

therfortune, misery, extremity, Frassignuolo, s. m. ash-tree. ly, fraternally, lovingly, kindstrait, necessity.

Frassinelia, s.f.fraxinel, bastard ly, friendly. Frángere, to break, to split.- dittany.

Fraternità, s. f. fraternity, Frangere, to prevail. Fran-Frassinéto, s. m. a grove or brotherhood.- Fraterniti,fragere, to vanquish, to over wood of ash-trees.

ternity, brotherhood, socieFrassino, s. m. ash-tree.

ty. Francia, s. f. fringe.

Frastaglia, v. Frastaglio. Fraterno, adj. fraternal, bro. Frangibile, adj. frangible. Frastagliamento, s. m. cutting, therly. Frangibilità, s. f. brittleness. snipping, or gashing; a cut, Fratésco, adj. of or belonging Frangimento, s. m. break. a notch.

to a friar, friar-like. Frangimento, trembling.----| Frastagliánte, adj. he that clips Fráteto, thy brother. Obs. Frangimento,pieces, fragments. or gashes.

Fraticéllo, dimn. of Frate. Frannónnolo, s. m. a foolish Frastagliáre, to cut, to notch. Fraticida, fratricide, killer of

-Frustugliáre, to faulter or his or her brother. Franténdere, to hear or under stammer in one's speech. Fraticídio, s. m. fratricide, the

stand the contrary of what Frastagliatúra, s. f. slash, gash, nurdering of one's is said.

brother. Franto, adj. broken.

Frastáglio, s. m, slash, gash, Fraticino, dim. of Frate. Franzése, adj. French.

Fratíle, adj. of or belonging to Frappa, s. f. lappet, jag, notch. Frastenére, to amuse, to make a friar, friar-like. Frappáre, to cut, to esh, to stay, to hold in play, to keep Fratóccio, ?

a lusty strong jag, to snip ofi.--Frappáre, to at a bay:

Fratótto, s friar. cheat, to cozen.

Frastornáre, to divert, to dis. Fratta, s. f. a place where Frappatore, s. 'm, a cheat, a turb, to hinder, to interrupt, thorns and briars grow, a

sharper; also a boaster. to turu away, to keep back. bush of thorns. -Fratto, a Frappeggiáre, to draw Frastornare un matrimonio, to craggy; rugged, steep, dan. foilage.

break of a marriage.- frase gerous place. ----Esser per le Frapporre, to lay across, to tornare uno del cummino, to put fratte, to be reduced, to be put intermeddle, to interpose. one out of his way.

to one's last shifts. Senza frapporui dimora alcuna, frastuolo, s. m. á noise, a Frattaglie, s. f. pl. giblets. without any delay.

Irastuono, bustle. Frattánto, o. Fratanto. Frapposto, adj. layed across, Fratacchione, a thick or short Fratto, adj. broken. intermeddled.

friar, a well-fed friar, a good Frattúra, s. f. fracture, break. Frasca, 5. f. bough, bush, for nothing friar.

Fraudáre, to cheat, to baulk, branch. -Frasca, a tavern Fratáccio, wicked friar.

to disappoint, to defraud. buslı.- 11 bon vino non bisog- Fratajo, adj. that loves friars Fraudatore, a cheat, a deceiver. 12 trasei, good wine needs company.

Fraudatrice, she that deceives no bush. Frasche, pl. idle Fratárito, adv. meanwhile. with fraud. stories ---Frasca, a vain, silly, Frate, brother.--Frale, com- Fraude, s. f. fraud, cheat,

panion, friend. Frale, friar, deceit, cozenage. Frascato, s. m. an arbour, a brother, father.- Frate Pietro, Fraudevolmente, adv, fraudų.

shady place covered with brother or father Peter lently.
green boughs or branches. Frale, a kind of glass vessel Fraudolente, adj. ?
Frascheggiare, to bustle, "to used by alchymists.

Fraudolento, Tustle, as the wind doth blow. Fratellánzı, s. f. brotherhood, Fraudolentemente, adv. frauing among branches.-Fras- familiarity, brotherly love. dulently. cheggiúre, io play, to jest, to Frateliésco, adj. 3 brotheriy, Fraudolenza, s. f. fraud, deceit. toy.

Fratellévole, fraternal, Fraudulente, v. Fraudolente. • Fraschería, s. f. silly action of Fratellevolmente,adv, brother- Frávola, s. f. v. Fragola. any kind, trifle, foolery. like.

Frazione. s. f, fraction, break. Fraschetta, s. f. a little branch, Fratellino, dim. of Fratello. Frebotómia,v.Flebotomia. Obs.

bough, or bush. - Fraschetta, Fratelio, brother.-- Fratello di Freccia, s. f. an arrow.-a poor silly boy or girl. padre, half brother, brother Tirare una freccia, to shoot an Fraschettino, S. a little by the father's side.-- Fratello

--Dar la freccia, to hough or bush; a young silly uterino, brother by the borrow money with an interit

mother's side.---Fruteilo cugi not to pay it again. s. m. a light-head- no, cousin german.---Fratello, Frecciare, to shoot or strike a silly man, an companion, friend.

with an arrow. Frecciale, to Fratelmo, my brother. Obs. cozen one of his money. Frasconája, s. f. a lime twig, or Fratélto, thy brother. Obs. Frecciata, s. f. a hit or shot a lime bush to catch birds Frateria, s. f. brotherhood, a with an arrow. convent of friars.

Frecciatore, a bow-man, an Frascone, s. m. great bough, fit Fraternále, adj. brotherly, fra- archer.


foolish man.

dj.] fraudulent.



wanton person. Fraschiere, ed fellow, idler.


Vol. I.


fish that spawn.

Frecciatrice, feminine of Prec. Fregiáre, to adorn, set off, to himself, to let him take ciatore.

or set out, to trim up, to his own course.-Rallentar il Freddamente, adv. coldly. grace, to beautify, to attire, freno alle passioni, to indulge Froddáre, to cool, to make to embellish.

or gratify one's passions. cold.------Freddársi, to grow Fregiatúra, s. f. v. Fregiamen. Volgere il freno, to sway, to cold.-afreddare uno, to kill to.


to rule. one.--Non la lasciate frediare, Fregio, s. m. ornament, finery, Frequentáre, to frequent, to don't let it stand, make dress, attire, garb, embroi- haunt, to resort to. haste.

dery, lace, trimming.Fre- Frequentatívo, adj. frequentFreddato, adj. cool, cold. gio, ornament, commendation, ing. Freddézra, s f. coldness, fri- glory, honour. Fregio, a Frequentato, adj. frequented,

gidity.--Freddizia, coldness, frieze in architecture. -Freal resorted to. slowness, heaviness, slackness. gio, a cut in the face, a scar. Frequentatore, he that freFreddiccio, adj. cool, some Fregio, spot, blemish, blur, quents. what cold, coldish.

dishonour, infamy.

Frequentazione, frequenting, Freddo, s. m. cold, the con- Frego, s. m. a dash, a stroke, a conversing, haunting, keeping trary of heat.-Ho freddo, I touch, a line.-Frego, a gash, company. am cold. fa fredelo, it is cold. a cut or mark, a slash.---Fare Frequénte, adj. frequent, usual, -- Freddo, adj. cold, frigid. un frego ad uno, to disgrace, common, ordinary, assiduous. Tempo fredlo, cold weather to dishonour, to put a shame Frequentemente,adv.frequentFreddo, cold, indifferent, re upon. miss, backward, unwilling.- Frégola, s. f. spawning.–Fré- Frequenza, s. f.frequency,conFreddo, silly, tedious, weak, gola, desire, mind, longing, course, resort, dull

fancy, humour, itching de- Frescamente, adv.newly,freshFreddolóso, adj. coldish, shi-sire.

ly, just now, not long ago. vering.

Frégolo, s. m. a fry, a shoal of Freschézza, s. f. coolness.Freddore, s. m. cold.

Freschezza, freshness, bloom, Freddóso, adj. cold, frigid. Freménte, adj. chafing, fret- vigour, prime of age, Freddúra, s. f. cold, violent ting or fuming,

Freschetto, adj. coolish. cold weather.-Froddíra, s. f. Frémere, to rage, to Fresco, s. m. coolness. — Fresco,

coolness.-Freddira, s.f. a cold Fremíre, Obs. S roar, to starl, adj. cool, cooling, fresh. in the head, or in the breast. to grumble, to fume.

Vento fresco, a gale of wind.-Freddiera, s. f. a silly or Frémito, s. m. a great noise, Fresco, green.---Fichi freschi, cold separtee, or word, or roaring, or grumbling, a din green figs.-Erba fresca, green fact. Freddira, negligence, of people got together, grass.-Colore fresco, a lively slowness, slackness. rattling of arms.

colour..Fresco, new. -Pun Fréga, s, f. rub, frietion. Frenájo,

bridle fresco, new bread. Uova Frega, alonging desire,greedi- maker.

fresche, new-laid eggs.-Carne ness, lust, rutting.- Aver frega Frenáre, to bridle, to curb, to fresca, fresh meat. -Cavallo d'una coser, to long for a thing. keep under, to refrain, re- fresco, a fresh horse. Fresco, Andar in frega, to rut as strain or repress.

fresh, newly done. Di fresco, deers do.

Frenélla, s. f. bit or curb of a adv. newly, freshly, just now, Fregaccioláre, v. Fregare in bridle.

lately.-Dipignere a fresco, to the first signification. Frenéllo, s. m. a muzzle. paint in fresco.--Stiamo

freschi, Fregácciolo, s. m. v. Frega. Frenéllo, tinery, attire, orna

it goes hard with us. Fregagióne, s. f. 'friction.com

Frescóccio, adj. ? fresh, cool, Fregamento, s. m. 8 Far le fre- Frenesía, s. f. frenzy, madness. Frescoso.

gagioni ad unw, to rub one. Freneticaménto, s. m. delirium, bloomy. Fregáre, to rub Fregarsi i dotage, raving.

Frescúra, s. f. cool, coolness denti, to rub one's teeth. Freneticáre, to rave, to dote. Stare alla frescura, to be under Fregare, to affront, to abuse, Frenetichézza, s. f. deliration, the shade. to trick, to cozen, to cheat, dotage, raving, frenzy, inad- Fretta, s. f. haste, speed, expen to gull.-Voi colete fregarmela,

dition.-In frelta, in haste. you have a mind to play me Frenético, adj. frenetic, mad. Chi erra in fretta, si pente a a trick. Frerire, to streak, Freno. s. m. á bit, a horse-bit. bell' agio, marry in haste, and to make streaks my lines. -Freno d'oro non fa miglior ca.

repent at leisure. Fregaie, to spawn as fishes rallo, fine clothes don't make Frettería, s. f. haste Obs. do.

a man better than he is. Frettolosamente, adv. hastily. Fregáta, s. f. a frigate. f'reno, bridle, curb.--Pur freno Frettolóso, hasty, expeditious. Fregatina, dim. of Fregáta. alle parole, to refrain one's Fricasséa, s. f. a fricassee. Fregatúra, s. f. friction, rub. tongue.---- Freno, helm, ma- Friere, a religious military bing.

nagement, conduct, govern- knight. Fregétto, 3. mn. a little orna ment.Rodere il freno, to fret Friggere, to fry:—Friggere,

within one's self.- Tenere a to pule, as children do when Fregiamento, $. m. ornament, freno, to curb, to restrain.-- they want any thing.–Buone finery, trimming

Rallentar il freno, to leave one parole, e friggi, to promise

a bit



} coloured,



s. f.


Well, and not to perform it. are too hard, and are made tiéra, the front or head of an Frigidáto, adj. that has got a tender by art.

army. - Frontiéra, front or cold. Obs

Frolláre, to mortify, speaking fore-front. Frigidézza, coldness, frigidity of the meat, to make it Frontispizio, u. Frostespázio. -Frigid-zza, cold or rheum. tender.

Fromtóso, adj. impudent, bold. Frigidità, 8. f. frigidity, cold- Frollo, adj. mortified, tender. Fronzíre, to bring forth leaves. ness, impotence

-Frollo, weak, faint. Pronzúto, adj full of green Frigido, adj. frigid, cold, im- Frómba, s. f. a sling.

leaves, leafy. potent.

Frombatore, a man that uses Frosóue, 3. mn. a bal}finch. Frigione, a kind of horse very the sling, a slinger.

Frotta, s. f. crowd, multitude, large, coming from Friesland. Frombo, s. m. a whizzing throng, troop. Infrotta, ade, Frignúccio, s. m. ex. cercat de noise, which an arrow, a sling altogether. frignucci, to seek danger out or bullet makes in the air. Frotio, & m. the sune 29 of wantonness, a vulgar ex. Frombola, s. f. a sliog.

Frotta. Obs pression.

Frombolare, to fling stones Fróttola, s. f. a ballad, a song. Frinfino, adj. vain, foppish. with a sling.

Frottoláre, to coinposc ballada Fringuello, s. m. a bird so Fromboliére, s. m. a slinger. Prololése, to banter, to jest, called Fronda, s.

to jeer.

a leaf. Friscello, 8. m. flour that sticks Fronde,

Fracórre, s. n. a blow. to the walls in a mill. Frondeggiante, adj. full of Frugacchiáre, s. Frogare. Fritta, s. f. a mixture made by leaves.

Frugalità, s. f.frugality, thriftiglass-makers, so called. Frondergiáre, produce ness Frittata, s. f. an omelet, a leaves, to be full of leaves. Frugáre, to grope, to fumble, pancake made of eggs.

Frondétta, s. f. a small leaf. to sound.--Fungáre, to proFrittatóne, s. m. a large omelet. Frondifero, adj. that beareth voke, to spur, to excite, to Frittella, s. f. fritter or pan-| leaves

egg on. cake.-Fritle'la, a concomb, a Frondire, to bring forth Frugáta, s. f. 4 groping or blockhead.- frittella, a spot, leaves.

feeling, fumbling: a stain in cloch.

Frondíto, adj. full of green Fregatojo, 5. m. a long pole or Frittelletta, s. f. / dim. of Frit- Frondóso, I leaves, leafy. staff to gage water, a long Frittellina,

Stella. Frondúra, s. f. great quantity stick Frittellúzza, s. f. dimin. of of leaves.

Frugatóre, s. m. a fumbler, a Fritella.

Frondúto, adj. full of green groper. Fritto, adj. fried. Io son fritto, leaves

Frugiro, adj. fertile, fruitful, I am undone.

Frontále, s. m. frontlet, the plentiful. Frittume, s m. all manner of front stall of a horse's head- Frigauoláre, to go a landing Frittúra,s. f. fried meats; piece; a plaister applies fowling with a lanchorn. also the dregs which remain ihe forehead.

Frigtuolat áre, s. m. a hirdin the frying-pan.

Fronte, s. f. the forehead. catcher with a knthorn. Frivole, frivolous, of no

Fronte, head. Fronts, the Fregnuolo, s. m. a fowling Frivolo, adj. S account, tri- face. - Andare a fronte woperte, Santhorn. fiing, silly, foolish.

to go barefaced, wt to be Frugnuoláne, s. n. augment. Frizzante, adj. sharp, sinart. afraid or ashamed.--Portar of Frugnaóla. Frizzante, tart, poignant.

in fronte il suo pensiero, to speak Frugolire, to feel and feel Concerto frizzante, a witty one thinks, to be open again; repeatedly to ferl.saying.

and free.-brand, front, pan, Frugolare il fuoco, to stir the Frizzáre, to smart, to make face.

Sre with a fork ar poker. smart.-- Frizeáre, to be sharp | Alla fronte, adv.?

Frugolino, s na waggish, or smart, to nip-Uomo che A fronte, Sagainst, op- Frúgolo, stirring buy. frizza, a witty diverting man. posite.Stare a fronte, to cope Frugone, s. m. a lang pole or Frizzo, s. m. smarting. with, to oppose, to resist staff.-----}ngóns, a brush, a Froda, s. f. fraud, de- Alla fronte dell'esercito, at the thump, a kow. Frodaménto, s m. S ceit,guile. head of the army.--Fronte, Fruárs, to enjoy, to make use Frodare, to defraud, to cheat, the opposite past. -Fronte, to com.cn.

good character or reputa- Fruizione, sa f. fruition. Frodatóre, a cheat.

tion.Fronte irretrato, a bold Frulla, s f. a trifle, a toy.-Frode, s. f. fraud, deceit, ) impudent face.

Foilla, noise. Froda, s. m. S gule, cunning, Fronteggiáre, to cope with the Fralláre, to wbizi, to blow cheat.

enemy, to withstand, to re hard, as the wind dentby to Frodolénte, adj. fraudulent. sist, to oppose.

bustle, to rule, to roar. Frodolénto, adv.v. Frodolente. Frontespizio, m. frontis- Forla fyrılkır, to judge a difa Frodołćnza, s. f. fraudulency. piece.----frortespizio d’um libro, ference by one's authority: Froge, s. f. pl. the skin over the title or frst page of a Far frullave, to hurry, to spur the nostrils of a horse. book.

or egg un. Frollamento, s. m. mortifica. Fronticina, s. f. dim. of Fronte. Frullo, s. m. a whizzing noise tion, speaking of things that Frontiéra, s. f. frontier. Firon in the air, as the light of

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birds.---Frullo, a toy, a trifle. Fruttito, planted with fruit- self.
-Vin ne darei un frullo, I

Fuggibile, adj. avoidable.
would not give a pin for it. Frutterélla, s. f. diminutive of Fuggifatica, an idler, an idle
Irullóne, s. m. a bolting-hutch, Frutta.

fellow, a

man that hates a chest to sift meal in.

Kruttevole, adj. 2 fruitful, fer-work. Frumentário, adj. belonging Fruttifero, tile, fruit Fuggimento, s. m. flight. to wheat, or productive of Fruttiferoso, bearing, Fuggire, to fly, to run away.wheat. fructiferous.

Fugaire, to want, to fail. Frumentiére, s. m. a sutler. Fruttificáre, to fructify, to Mi fugge l'animo di vederlo, I Fruménto, s m. corn, wheat. bring forth fruit.

have not the courage to see Frumentóso, adj. yielding much Fruttificazione, s. f. bearing him.o--lugerire, to avoid, to wheat. fruit, fruit.

shun, to escape.

- Fuggir la Frumiáre, to wander, to roam, Fruttífico, adj. fructiferous, | piogia, to shelter one's self to rove, to range. fruitful, fertile.

from the rainggire, to Frusco, s m. stick, or dried Frutto, s. m. a fruit.--Vivere hide, to conceal.--Freire delle Fruscolo, s branch or bush, di frutti, to live upon fruits. mercanzie', to run goods, to sescue, straw, mote.

-Frutto, revenue or coming sinuggle.
Frusone, s. m. a bull-finch. in, profits, fruits.frutto, Fuggita, s. f. Night, escape.
Frussi, s. m. a kind of game, fruit, benefit, advantage.- Fuggiticcio, adj. fugitive,
Frussa, s primero. Frutto, progress...-Frullo, ef- Fuggitio,

transitory, Frusta, 5. f. a whip, a rod or fect. Fruttu, blows, strokes. Fugitivo,

-tuggli scourge.

Le frutto di frate alber:go, blows, tv, to be shunned or avoided. Frustagno, s. m. a kind of strokes.-Frutto, a fruit-trce. Furgito, adj. run away. bombasine linen.

frutto, good, benefit, ad- Fuggitore, a runner away, he Frustare, to whip.-Frstare, vantage.

that flics away. to ramble up and down, to Fruttuáre, t. Fruttare. Fuggitrice, she that runs away. roam, to rove, to range. Fruttuosaménte, adv. profit- Fujo, adj. wicked. Obs.-Fujo, Frustare, to use, to wear, to ably, successfully.

adj. dark, full of darkness, wear off.-Frustire in abito, Fruttuosità, s. f. fruitfulness, gloomy. Obs. Da fuj, adv. to wear out a suit of clothes. abundance.

like a thief. Obs.
Frustáto, adj. whipped.-irus Fruttućso, adj. profitable, ad- Fulcire, v. Folcire.
táto, frustrated, deluded, dis- vantageous, useful, fruitful. Fulgente, adj. shining, blazing,

Fu, s. f. a sort of nard, a shrub. glittering, fulgent.
Frustatore, s. m. a whipper. --Fù, adj. deceased, late. Fulgere, io shine, to glitter, to
Frustatório, adj. not supported 11 te, the late king.

by reason.

Fucile, s. m. a steel to strike Fulgidézza, s. f. fulgency. Frustatúra, s. f. the act of fire,a tinder-box.-Fucile,fire- Fulgidità, s. f. fulgency, fulgiwhipping lock, fusee.

diiy, brightness. Frus'to, s. mn. a bit, a little Fucína, s. f. a forge. Fúlgido, adj. fulgid, bright, piece or morsel. -Frusto a Fucinata, s. f. a great quan. shining frusto, adv. by bits.-- Vlendi- tity, store.

Fulgorare, v. Folgorare. cando la vita e frusto a frusto, Fuco, s. m. a drone.

Fulgoráto, adj. shining, brighe. begging from door to door. Fuga, s. f. slight, escape.. Fulgórc, s. m. fulgiuity, brightFrusko, adj. worn out, con Mettersi in fugo, to run away. ness, splendour. sumed with long wearing - - Mlettere in fuga, to put to Fulgere, s. m. thunder, thunDonna frusta, a decayed flight.- Fuge, a fugue or ceibolt. Ohs. woman, a woman past bear- chace in music.

Fuliggine, s. f. soot.
ing children. - Punni frusti, Fugáce, adj swift of flight, Fuligginoso, adj.suliginous, full
old tattered clothes.

fugitive.-Furaçi dolcizze, of smoke.
Frústra, adv, in vain, to no momentaneous pleasures. Fulme, Fulmine. Obs.

purpose. Esser frustru, to be Fugamento, s. m. putting to Fulminánte, adj, thundering.
frustrated or disappointed. flight.

Fulinináre, to il:under, to iulFrustráto, adj. frustrated, de- Fugáre, to put to fight.

minaie.-Fulminare, to rage, luded, disappointed. Fugatore, he that puts to fight.' to fume, to chaie or fret.Frútice, s. m.a shrub, a sprout. Fugatrice, she that puts to Fulminare, to sentence, to pass Frutta, s. f. fruit. flight.

judgment upon. Fruttajuólo, he that sells fruit. Fugga, s. f. flight, escape. Obs. Hulninatore, he hat hurls Fruttare, to yield, bear, or Fuggente, adj. Dying or run. down the thunder. produce.--. Questo podere mi ning away.

Fulminatrice, feminine of Ful frutla cento scudi l'anno, this Fuggevole, adj. flying, that minatore. estate brings me in a hundred flies, transitory, suift. Fulminazióne, s. f. fulmination. crowns a year.---Le vostre pa- Fuggiascamentegadv.by stealth, Fulmine, s. m. thunder-bolt, ro!c non mi frutlano di niente, privately.

lightning your words do me no manner Fuggiúscó, adj. fugitive.-Un Fulmico, adj. thunder-like. of good.

fuginsco, a fugitive--Star Fulvido, adj. fulgid, bright, Frullato, adj. fructified.

Tl Juggiasco, tu abscond one's shining:

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Pulvo, adj. fulvid, of a deep/ Funícolo, s. m. the same as Furáto, adj. stolen. yellow colour.


Furatore, a stealer, a thief. Fumácchio, s. m. i. Fumiga- Funzioncélla, s.f. diminutive of Furatrice, she that steals. zione.

Funzióne. -Funzione, s. f. Furbáccio, s. m. a rogue, a Fumáta, s. m. à signal given function, duty or discharge knave. with the smoak.

of one's office or duty:-Fur Furbería, s. f. a cheat, an imFumajuolo,s.m.smoaking coal- la funzione, to act or play the posture, knavery. brand.--Fumajı olo, the vent

Furbescamente, adv. roguishor funnel of a chimney. Fuoco, s. m. fire.-Fuoco arti- ly, like a cheat. Fumále, adj. of or belonging ficiale, fire-work-Fuoco, af- Furbésco, adj. deceitful, crafty, to smoak,

fection, fire, flames of love. cheating.
Fumánte, adj. smoaking. -Giugnere le nu al fuoco, to Furbécto, s. m. a little knave

F mante, house, fainily.--La throw oil into the fire, to or rogue, a cheat.
gabella de' fumanti, capitation blow the coals.- Veitere a Furbo, s. m. a cheat, a knave,

funco, to set on the fire, or to a rogue, a vagabond. Furbo Fumáre, to smoak or smoke. the tire. Har fuoco nell'orcio, in chermisè, an arch rogue. Fuméa, s. f. smoak.

to contrive or hatch some- Furctto, s. m. a ferret. Fumicáre, to smoak, to fumi-l thing secretly.--Wyni ucjuu Furfantáccio, s. m. a great gate, to perfume a place. spe: ne il fwco, in case of ne scoundrel, a great rascal. Fumifero, adj. that causcth or cessity every thing is good.- Furfantáre, to live a wicked bringeth smoak, smoaking. Dire o forte cose in fuoco, to say| life, a scoundrel's life. Fumigacióne, fumigation, per or to do wonders.-Mettere Furtante, a rogue, a rasfuming, smoak.

troppu crne il fuoco, to under-Furfantello, cal, a krave. Fumigio, s. m. fumigation, per- take a great many things at a Furfantélla, a slut, a jade, a fume.

time.--Dar fuoci al cannone, base wonian. Fumo, o Fummo, s. m. smoak to tire a gun.---Fuoco, a caus- Furfanteria, s. f. roquery, knaor smoke.--Fumo, smoak, va tic.-- Tirra di cento fuochi, a Fery, a roguish trick. nity, vain hopes.- l'onvertirsi town containing a hundred Furtantúne, a great rogue, or in frumo, to come to nothing houses or families.-- fuocu, kaare. -Fumo, vain-glory, pride. fire, great fire, conflagration. Fúria, s. f. fury, passion.-FiAper fruno,

to be proud, --Fuoco, fire, passion, anger, ria, fury, fierceness, impetushaughty-Fumi, fumes, va discord, dissension.-Frenco sity.-- 1 furia, furiousiy; re. pours.

lavorati, fire-work or artificial hement.---- fria di perco.se lo Fumosità, S. f. exhalation, fire.- Occhi di fuoco, fiery, red, scuccui ria, i turned him out fume, steam, vapour. inflamed eyes.- Fuoco sa'vuti- with a good stick.-Dur nelle Fumóso, adj. that sends fumes co, tetter, ring worm.-''uoco furii, to rage, to fall into a

into one's head, tumous lento, a small fire.-- tider und great passion.- orrere a furice Funéso, haughty, proud. a fuoco lento, to make one lin to act rashly or inconsiderFumosterno, s. m. fumitory, ger or pine away.-Fuco ately, -Furia, multitude, (a piant.)

morto, a caustic.- li metterti crowd, throng.--Furia, a Funájo, s. m.?

le muni al fuocu, I could swear fury: Furajóło, a rope-maker.

it, I could take my oath on Furare, to rage, to grow suFunáta, s. f. a rope-full, many it.--Piliar froca, to take fire, rious. to grow angry:

Furibóndáre, to act madly, to Funditore, s. m. a soldier arm- Fuochi, the celestial spirits. be mad and furious. ed with a sling. Obs. Fuor, Fuora, Fuore, Fuori, Furibindo, adj. furibond, full Fune, s. f. a rope. -Func, rack, prep. without, not in, abroad, of madness, or like a madtorture.-Confessa senza duol di out of, except, besides.-Fuor man. June, to confess a thing of di cusu, abroad, from homo Furiére, s. m. harbinger. one's own accord.— Tenere --Fuor di mano, out of hand, Furiosamente, adv. furiously, uno in sulla fune, to keep one out of the way.-Fuor di cer madly.

velio, out of his wits.--Fuor Furioso, adj. furious, fierce, Funerále, ad. funeral. --F'une di forse, out of all doubt.- mad, raging-Furioso, furiFunébre,

s rule, s. m. func Flor li misura, beyond mea ous, fierce, brutish. -- Furioso, ral obsequies.

sure.---Fuor, except, saving | furious, fierce, excessive,
Funéreo, adj. funeral. only.--In Fuori, except, saving./ grcat, violent.
Funésto, adj. fatal, unlucky: -Da questo in fuori, this ex- Furo, s. m. a thief or robber.
Fungo, s. m. mushroom. Fin cepied.

Obs.-Frro, adj. chievisli,
go di candela, the snuif of a Fuorche, ercept, saving only. given to picking and stealing.
candle.— Fungodi piombu,scuin ruor Fuura, o tuur Fuore, Obs.
of lead.

Furoncello, s. m. a young thief Fungoso, adj. full with mush- Fuorchiudere, v. Forchindere.

or robber. rooms.- Funyóso, rotten. Fuoruscito, an outlaw. Furore, s.'m, furv, rage, frenFuncélla, s. f. la cordel,. a buráce, adj. ? thieving, given zy, niadness.- Salire in furore, s, mn. S little cord, a Furante, s to sical. to fall in a passion.-- Furore,

Furare, to steal, te pilier. fury, fouce, impetuosity.

tied to a rope.

in suspense.

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Punicello, Ine.

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