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a mast.

straw, a
mote ---

in a cage.

Furtare, to steal, to thieve. or beguile.--Gabbársi, to mis-l plant that produces it.
Not used.

take, to be mistaken, to be Gággia, s. f. the round top of Furtivamente, adv. by stealth, out.-obbársi, to banter, to

secretly.-Purlivamente, sur- jeer, to laugh at, to ridicule, Gággia, s. m. hostage, pledge. reptitiously.

to deride...--Gabbirsi, to en luest è un gaggio dell' anor Furtivo, adj. done by stcalth, tertain one's self, to be nierry. mio verso di voi, this is a prooi private, surreptitious-Fur- Gabbatore, a deceiver, a cheat, of my love to you.---laggio, tici diletti, stolen pleasures. a mocker or jester.

pawn, pledge, security.-Dar Furto, s. m. theft, robbery, Gabbatrice, fem. of Gabba- gaggio, to give bond or bail. stealth.---Fi furto, adv. by tore.

laggio, wages, salary. stealth, secretly.

Gabbevole, adj. sportful, jeere Arer o geogio, to keep, so Fusággine, s. f. the spindle ing, trantering.

maintain. -Essere a wangio tree, or pickwood.

Gábbia, s. f. cage, birdcage, Luvo, to be at one's expence Fusajo, s. m, spindle-maker. an aviary.--Goodia, a frail to or service---Ga yio, secondFusajuólo, s. m. a whirl to put press and straiu olives in.

pence, reward. on a spindle.

Gubbin, the round top of a Gagliarda, 3. f. galliard, a dance Fuscellétio, s. m., a fescue, a mast.-----Gabbia, a muzzle.- so called. Fuscellino,

Geblin, a jail.

Gagliardamente, adv. Briskly, Fuscello,

Gabbiáno, a clown.-Gabbiano, stoutly. Fuscellúzzo, Cercar coll a sea-gull.

Gagliardázzo, adj very hardy. fuscellino, to search diligently, Gabbiajo, s. m. a cage-maker. Gagliardezza, s. f. sirength, to buit after or seek out.-Gabhiáta, s. f. a cage-full

, as: Gagliardia, lustines, Rompere il fiscellino, to break many birds or fowls as are prowess. friendship, to grow enemies.

Cagiardo, adj, stout, brare, Fusco, adj v. Fosco. Gabbićro, s. m. a man that! lusty, strong, jolly.--Di cercet Fusióne, s. f. fusion, effusion. stands in the round top of a gamlardo, stubborn.-Far det. Fuso, s. m. a spindle. ---Fuso di ship to descry land or ene rgligido, to brave it. Tuosa, a spoke of a wheel.-- mies.

Gaglio, s. m. renner ibat turas Fuso, the shaft of a pillar.-Gabbiolina, s. f. a small cage. mille. Fuso da dipanure, a yarn beam. Gabbionáta, 5. f. a gabionale. Gagliofficcio, a great rogae, Fuso, adj. melted, cast.

an intrenchment made with rascal or villain. Fúsolo, s m. shin, shin-bone. gabions.

Gaylioifaggine, s. f. zoguery, -Fisolo, the axle-tree of a Gabbioncello, r. Gabbiolins. chcat. grindlestone.

Gabbione, s. m. a great cage. Gaglioffamésite, adv. roguish. Fusóne, s. m. a young star

--Gubbidine, gabions, baskets! ly, in a roguish manner. Fusta, s. f. a kind of light gal full of earth which are placed Gagliofferia, s. f. roguery, kraley.

on the batteries. Fustágio, s. m. fustian. Gabbiuóla, s. f. a little cage Gaglioita, recue, krave, Fusticéllo, s. f. dim. of Fusto. (Gabbiúzza, s. f. dim. of Gab. Garliofóne, rascal.

Unca Fusto, s. m. the trunk or body bia.

unlion, a slut. of a tree.-Fuslo, corpulence, Gabbo, S. m. jeesing, jest, Gagleso, adj. clammy, gluish. balkiness.

banter.-- Prender a gatbo, to Gagliuolo, s. m. cod, husss or Fostúecio, s. f. dim. of Fusio. | jeer, to banter, to laugh at shell of pulse. Fata, s. f flight. Obs. -The prendi a gabba i miei Gagno, s. m. a place full of Futoramente, adv. for the consigli, you don't value my hurtful beasis. Garno, future.

advice. Farsa gabbo, tv lauga trouble, insrigue, maze, lan Fatúro, adj. future, to come, at, to banter,

byrinth, snare. ibat is to be.--Futuro, s. in. Gabélla, s. f. custom, toll, duty, Gagnalanıcırto, s. m. the backthe future, the future tense.

ing of a dog when complainGabellire, to pay the duty or ing of pain. custom, to enter.- Non obed-Gagnolire, to howl, to comlo quel che dite, I don't believe plain as a dog in pain. a word of what you say.

Gagnétio, s. m. 4. GagnolaGabellérta, s. m. a small duty mento.

Gajam.ente, adv. merrily, rheerGabelliére, a custom-bouse of-| fulls. GABBA, s. f. jeering, jest ficer.ebellié je, a farmer of Gejítto, adj. prcury, neat, genbanter. Obs.

any part of the public re tcel. Not in use. Gabbaménto, S. m. deceit

Gajczza, s. f. gaiety, mirth. fraud, trick.

Cabellotto, s. m. a sort of Gaju. adj. gay, merry. Gabbad'co, s. m.


Gaia, S. $. tucker, a lzced Gabbaddéo, Gabhanélia, s. f. a riding-coat binolto, press, a chose of nery, dress.- Testirsi di gala, Gabbáno, s. m. a felt cloak, a drawers.

to be dressed fine and


Gaggia, s. f. 2 kind of yellow Fer gala, to be merry, to eat Gavbáre, to deceive, to dclude odoriferous flowery or the and drink well. Sluit alle



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or custom.


}a hypocrite. Gabinetta

, s. m. closet. -6.a. tacks on-Calc, ornament, si


Fale, to love finery, to love to Gallina; a coward...Gallina leg, a kick-Aver gambettin dress fine.--Digala, adv. mer muggese, a shrimp, a little fel

to be baulked in the hopes of rily, cheerfully;

low, a dwarf-Gallina gobba, a wife, when she marries anGalánga, s.f.galangal, an aro 29 Indian hen.

other.--Gambuta, s. f. a kind matic root brought from In- Gallinaccia, s. f. a good for

of clownish poetical compodia.

nothing hen.-Gallinaccia, a sition. Galánte, adj. gallani, fine, kind of herb so called. Gamberáccia, s. f. a rotten ulcivil, accomplished, genteel, Gallináccio, s. m. a kind of cerated leg. brave.

inushroom.--Gallináccio, adj. Gambero, s. m. craw-fish. Galantemente, adv. handsome. belonging to the hen kind. Fur come il gambero, to go ly, genteelly, finely, gallantly, Gallinájo, š. m. a roost, a hen's backwards. with a good grace:

Gamberuolo, s. m. greaves, an Galanteria, s. I. civility, cour- Gallinella, s. f. a young or armour for the legs. teous beliaviour, genteelness, little hen.

Gambétta, s. f. a wooden legbravery - Galanteria, toy, Gallinelle, s. f. Pleiades,' the liambétta, an ulcerated leg. small thing, trifie.

seven stars in the neck of the Gambettáre, to wag one's legs, Galantino, adj. pretty, delicate, bull.

to kick. fixe, nice.--In galantino, a Gallióne, s. m. a capon ill gelt. Gambétto, s. m. ex.-Dare il beau, a spruce fellow. Gallo, s. m. a cock.-Gallo d' In- gambetto, to trip up one's Galantuóino, an honest man, d'a, a turkey.

heels, to give one a full a gallant man, a gentleman. Gallóne, s. m. side. -Egli ka Dare il gambetto ad uno, to Galáppio, s. m. a trap. molti urni sut gullone, he has a turn one out of company. Galássia, s. f. galaxy, the milky great many years upon his Gambiéra, s. f. greaves, an way.

back-Gallore, galoon, lace. armour for the legs. Gálbano, s. m. galbanam, a Gallória, s. f. a transport of Gambo, s. m. stem, stalk, blade gum of a strong scent. joy, mirth.--Far gallória, to of a plant.---Gando, the foot Galdere, to rejoice. Obs. be very merry.

of a letter, Gáldio, s. m. joy. Cbs. Gallózza, s. f. gall or oak. Gambóne, s. m. a large stem, Galéa, s. f. a galley.

Gallózzola, / apple-Gallóz or stalk of a plant. Dar Galeazza, s. f. galleass, a great 20, a water-bubble.

gambone, to einbolden or endouble gailey.

Gallozzolétta, s. f. ? dim. of courage. Galeffáre, to jeer, to banter, te Gailozzolino, s. m. S Gallozza. Gambúccia, s. f. a small leg. laugh at.

Gállule, o. Gallinelle. Obs. Gambúle, s. m. that part of Galeóne, s. m. a galleon, or | Gallúzza., 5. f. gall or oak- the breeches that covers the gallion, a sort of ship. apple.

koee. Galeótta, s. f. galliot, a small Galluzzáre, to be merry. Gambúto, adj. high stalked, galley. Galoppáre, to gallop.

that has stout legs. Galeótto, a galley slave. , Galoppatore, he that gallops. Gammaútte, s. m. a surgeon's Galéra, o. Galea.

Galoppatrice, fem. of Galop- instrument.
Galigajo, s. m. a tanner.
Obs. patore.

Gammúrra, s. m. a kind of
Galigare, to dazzle, to dim. Galoppo, s. m. gallop.- Andar woollen cloth.-
Galízia, adv. almost nothing. di galoppo, to gallop.Di ga Gaminúrra, s. f.) a large up-
loppo, galloping.

Gammurrina, s. f. Galla, s. f. acorn, a gall nut-Galúppo, s. m. a soldier's knap- Gammurrino,s.m.) hanging Galla di gengiovo, ginger. sack-boy.--Galuppo, a poor down upon the ground, wora Galla; a swelling in horses and ragged man.

by women. feet-Stare a galla, to swim, Gamba, s. f. leg, shank.-Do. Gamúrra, u. Gammurra. to float upon the water. lersi di gamba sana, toʻcom- Gana, s. f. eagerness, desire. Galláre, to swim, to float upon plain without reason.-Mei- Far una cosa di buona gana, to

the water.Gallare, to brood. ) lersi la via tra le gambe, to set do a thing most willingly,
Gallastróne, a large cock. out on one's journey.-Darla with much pleasure.
Gallato, adj. trodden by a a gambe, to run away.-An- Ganáscia, s. f. the jaw or jawa

cock.- Uova gallate, eggs of a dare a gambe levate, to be bone, the chop.
hen trodden hy a cock. ruined.--Mandare a gambe le Gáncio, s. m. a book.
Galleggiare, to swim, to float vate, to trip up one's heels.- Gangheráre, to
upon the water.

Guarda la gamba, take care fasten to the hinges.-GangheGalleggiante, adj. swimming, what you do.- Andare di ráto, adj. set on the hinges.

buone o male gambe, to go Gangherello, dim. of GangheGalleria, s. f.gallery.

willingly, to go against one's Gallétta, s. f. a kind of grape will.

Gánghero, s, m. hinge –Gán. 80 called.

Gambále, 8. m. stock, trunk, ghero, clasp.--Dare un ganghe

the stem or stump of a tree ro, to give a slip, to run away. Galletto or plant.

-Stare ne' gangheri, to take Gallina, s. f. a hen-Gallina di Gambarólo, s. m. o. Gambe-heed, to stand upon his guard. faraone, a Guinea hen.-Gal-l ruolo.

-Uscir de' gangheri, to blunlina pratojuola, a wild hen-Gambáta, s. f. a stroke with a der about.Ritornare ne' gana

per robe


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gheri, to come to himself all at once.

Garzónc, a bov, a lad. Gare again.--- Fare uscir de gungheri, Gargarismo, s. m. gargarism. cone, a journeyman, an apo to make one angry, to put Gargarizzáre, to gargarise. prentice. him out of humour. Gargátta, s. f. The cover of Carzonétto, a child, a boy. Gárgola, s. f. glandule, ker. Gargózza, } the wind-pipe, Garzonevolmente, adv. childnel. the throat.

ishly, imprudently. Gangolóso, adj. full of glan- Gariándro, s. m, a precious Garzonizza, s. f. boyish age. dules.

Garzonile, adj. like a boy.
Gangréna, v. Cancrena. Garibo, s. m. u. Caribo. Garzonótto, a lad.
Gara, s. f. strife, contention, Saringal, s. m. a kind of root Garzuolo, s. m. a cabbage, or
jarring, emulation.-Vincer ia so called.

lettuce head.-Garzuolo, a
gara, to carry the prize. Gariofiláta, s. f. the herb ben- kind of fine hemp.
Fare a gara, to strive, to be

Gastigagione, s. f. chastiserivals.

Garofanáre, to spice or dress Gastigamento, s. m.) ment, Garabulláre, to deceive, to with cloves.

puni hment.
cheat, to cozen.

Garofanáta, v. Gariofilata. Gastigánte, adj. that chastises.
Caragolláre, v. Caracolláre. Garotan ito, adj. spicedordress-Gastigare, to chastise, to pu-
cd with cloves.

nish or correct.
Garagóllo, o. Caracóllo. Obs. Garófane), 3. f. clove, a gilli- Gastigatójo, s. f. punishment,
Garavina, s. f. garagay, 2 Nexi- flower, a carnation:

chastisement. can kite.

Garontoláre, to strike another Gastigatore, a chastiser, puGarbáre, to plcasc. with one's list.

nisher, corrector. Garbatamente, adj. comely,: Garontólo, s. m. a blow given Gastigatrice, she that punishes. gracefully, civilly, handsome with the list.

Gastigatúra, s. f. chastisely.

Garosello, s. m. a kind of just Gastigazione, ment, puGarbatéz.za, s. f. comeiiness,

or fcast on horseback.--Garo- Gastigo, s. m. nishment, gracefulness, fine manner. selle), adj. dim. of Garoso. correction. Ciarbály, adj. comely, hand. Garóso, adj. quarrelsome, con- Gattajuóla, s. f. a hole for a come, graceful, fine, civil, tcntious, litigious.

cat to come in and out. decent-l'n uomo garbelo, a Garpa, s. f. spavens, swellings Gatto, s. m. a cat.-Gatto, a man of good address. or galls about the pastern warlike engine to batter walls Garbeggiare, to please. joints of a horsc.

with. --Cudere in piè come la Garbino, v. Gherbino. Garretta, s. f. ham or hough, gatta, to succeed in one's enGarbo, s. m. garb, comeliness, Garreito, 0. Garetto. terprize.- Voler la galla, to be behaviour, carriage.-In' Garrevóle, adj. chiding, threat. earnest.-Non voler la gatta, to rio di garbo, a polite man--ening, scolding.

be in jest l'ender gatta in sacVin Karbo, wine that has a Garrimento, s. m. chiding, re- co, to sell a pig in a poke. sharp taste.-el'on bel zurbo, in buking.

Frire la gatta morta, to disa civil manner.

Garrire, to chide, rebuke, semble. -Chiamar la gatta Garbúglio, s. in. garboil, blame, or reprove, to scold! gatta, to speakplain.- Pigtare trouble, confusion, tumulat.--larrre, to chirp, warble, a pelare una patta, to underdisorder.-11ette e in garbuon sing, or chatter as birds do. take a hard enterprise.- Non lin, to put in confusion or Garrissa, s. f. c. Garrulità. trovar cun ve gutta, to find disorder. Obs.

nobody. Gardíngo, e Guardingo. Obs. Garaissário, adj. v. Gárrulo. Gattino, s. m. a kittling. Gareggiamento, s. t. strite, 1 Obz.

Gáttero, s. m. cat-mint, a plant emulation, contention. Carritóre, a morose peevish so called. Garcgziánic, adj. striving, en

Gáttice, s. f. a plant so called. dearouring

Gerritrice, a peevish woman, Gattomammóne, a kind of Gareggiare, to strive, to con a hrew.

ape. tend, to be in emulation. Garruiiri, s. f. scolding, chid- Gatióne, s. m. a large cat. Gorriar ne!' umurr, to strive ing, babbling, chattering.- Gattoni, s. m. pl. mumps, a who can love the best.-lin Garridti, slander, obloquy, disease in the cheeks. Taggior ne!lo studio, to study detraction, evil speaking. Gattuccia, s. f.) a kittling: with emulation.

Garrulo, adj. praitling, chat- Gattuccio, s. m. Š Gatticcia, an Gareggiatore s. m. a rival, con- tering, talkative, full of expression amongst the playcurrent or competitor, an an talk.

ers at dice.-Gattuccio, a seatayonist.

Garza, s. f. a bird so called. dog Gareggiatrice, fem. of Gar-Garzetio, s. f. a sort of wild Gavázza, s f. 2 ajoyful reggiatore. heron.

Gavazzamento, s. m. S noise.
Gareggioso, adj. litigious, con-Garzelino, v. Garzoncello. Gavazzare, to rejoice in an

tentious, quarrelsome. Garzonaccio, a young stout immoderate manner.
Garetto, s. m. ham or hough. Garzonástro, s lad.

Gavazziere, he that makes
Gargagliare, v. Gorgogliare. Garzoncello, a young lad, a much noise for joy.
Gargagliata, s. f. a noise mide boy.

Gavázzo, v. Gavazzamento. by many talking or singing Garzoncino, dim. of Garzóne. Gaudente, adj. blithe, merry,




to mourn.

Gaudére, to be merry, to be Geldra, s. f. rabble of people Generalità, s. f. generality. glad. Obs. assembled together.

In generalità, in general. Gaudiáre, to rejoice. Obs. Gelicídio, s. m. frost, or frosty Generalmente, adv. generally, Gaudio, s. m. joy, mirth, glad-weather.

commonly, in general.-Genre Gélido, adj. chill, cold, frozen. Talmente parlando, commonly Gaudióso, adj. joyful, merry, Gelo, s. m. frost, frosty wea- speaking glad. ther. --Gelo, ice.

Generaménto, s. m. generaGaveggiáre, v. Vagheggiare. Gelosamente, adv. with jea- tion. Gaveggino, s. m. a sweet-heart; lousy.

Generánte, adj. that engendera country word.

Gelosia, s. f. jealousy.--Aver eth. Gavetta, s.f. a bundle or bunch gelosia, to be jealous.-(jelo- Generáre, to get, to beget, coof strings. sia, a lattice of grate.

gender or procreate. --GeneGavigne, s. f. plur. that part Gelóso, adj. jealous.-.-Geloso, vare, to produce or bring under the ear that joins with ticklish, nice.

forth.Generáre, to breed, the cheeks.

Gelsa, s. f. a mulberry. cause, or create.enerarsi, Gavilláre, to cavil, to wrangle, Gelso, s, m. a mulberry-tree. to grow, spring, raise or proto find fault.

Gelsomino, s. m. jesamin or ceed, to form itself. Gavillazione, s. f. cavillation. jessamin.

Generativo, adj. generative, Gavillóso, adj. cavilling, cap- Gemello, s. m. a twin.—Gemél- apt or fit to beget. tious.

li, Gemini, one of the twelve Generáto, adj. gotten, begotGavíne, s. f. mumps, little signs of the Zodiac. kernels in the neck.

Ceménte, adj. groaning, la- Generatore, s. m. he that enGavócciolo, s. m. a bile, a menting ----Gemente, drop-| gendcreth,begetteth,or breedplague, a sore. ping

eth. Gavonchio, s. m. a kind of Gemere, to drop, to trickle. Generatrice, she that begets, eel.

Gemere, to groan, to lament, engenders, breeds or causes. Gavotta, s. f. a kind of sea.

Generazione, s. f. generation, fish.

Gemicáre, e. Gemere. Obs. production, propagation.Gazofiláccio, s. m. a particular Gemináre, to geminate, to Generazione, generation, propart so called in the Greek double.

geny, descent. L'umuna geand Ronian temples.

Gémini, s. m. Gemini, one of nerazione, the human kind. Gazza, s. f. a magpye.

the twelve signs of the Zo. Génere, s. m. kind, genus.-Gazzárra, s. f. feast, merry- diac.

Il genere umano, the human making. -Gazzarra, a pin- Gémino, adj. double, gemi-kind.-Génete, kind, species,

sort.-Génere, kind, way, Gazzella, s. f. a beast like a Gemire, •. Gémere.

manner, course..Un genere roe that yieldeth musk. Gemitio, s. m. drops of water di vita, a course or manner of Gazzera, s. f. a pye or maggot which fall from any damp life. In genere, adv.generally, pye. place or wall.

in general.-Genere, (in gram. Gazzerótta, s. f. ? dim. of Gémito, s.m. groan, complaint. mar) the gender., Gazzeròtto, s. m. 5 Gazza. Gemma, s. f. a gem, a jewel.-- Genérico, adj. generical, comGazzetta, s. f. gazette.

Gemma, bud, eye or button in mon, belonging to the genus Gazzoróne, s. m. a bird so a vine.-Gemia, the second

or kind. called.

skinlet of the horns of a ram, Género, s. m. a son in law, Gazzofilácio, s. m. treasury.

which silversmiths use to re- Generosità, $. f. generosity, Gazzolóne, v. Gazzerotto. fine their silver.

greatness of soul. Gazzurro, e. Gazzarra. Gemmáre, to bud or shoot. Generóso; adj. generous. Gebo, s. m. a he-goat. Gemmáto, adj. all covered Génesi, s. f. the Genesis. Gecchimento, s. m. humility, with gems or jewels. Genetlíaco, s. m. Obs. an-astro. meckness, lowliness. Obs. Gena, s. f. cheek.

loger. Gecchitamente, adv. humbly, Genealogia, s. f. genealogy, pe-Gengựa, s. f. gum, thoshing submissively. Obs.


Gengiva, Š that holds if Gecchíto, adj. humbled, cast Geneático, adj. genethliacal. teath. down. Obs.

Geneologia, t. Genealogia. Gengióro, s. m. ginger. Gelamento, s. m. frost. Generábile, adj. that may bei Genia, vile

generation Geláre, to freeze.

engendered or begotten. rabble. Galáca, s. f. frost, frosty wea- Generabilit., s. f. generability. Geniáccip, s. m. an augmenta ther.

Generaláto, s. m. generalship, tive of genio., . Gelacamésté, adv. coldly, fear- chief command of a gene Geniále, adj. genial, pleasing, fully; ral.

agreeable. Gelaiína, s. f. jelly. Mettere Generále, s. m. a general or Gonio, s. m. genius; "Sumiliar uro in gelatina, to maul, to chief, he that commands in spirit.----Genio, genius, toda

chief. -- Generale d'un ordine mour, temper, inclinatiji jui Geláto, adj. frozen, congealed. monastico, the general of a re Genio, genius, talents, there,

Gelatofrightened, dismay- ligious order -- Generale, adj. Genitale, adj. genital, ed, terrified general.

tive Yol. 1,




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Genitivo, genitive case. rabble.

geon.Germogliáre, to in. Génito, adj. gotten, begotten. Gentucciáccia, s. f. a degrading crease, multiply, grow. Genitore, father.

dimn. of Gentúccia.

Germoglio, s.

m, a bud, à Genitrice, mother.

Genuflessione, s. f.genuflexion. sproue, blossom. Genitúra, s. f. birth-Primoge-|Genuflesso, adj. kneeling. Geroglífico, s. in. hicroglyphic, nitúra, birthright.**Genitúra, Genufléttere, to bend one's mystical character or image. seed of a living creature. knees, to bow.

Gersa, s. m. a kind of paint Gennájo, s. m. January, the Genziána, s. f. gentian, bitter- used by women. first month in the year. wort, or felwort.

Gerretiéra, s. f. garter, sign of Genologia, v. Geneologia. Gengráfia, s. f. a description a military order in England. Genovina, s. f. a Genoese coin of the earth, geography.

Gerúndio, s. f. a gerund. so called.

Geógrafo, geographer. Gessáto, adj. chalky. Gensomino, v. Gelsomino. Geománte, geomancer, one Gesso, s. m. chalk. Gentáccia, s. f. the rabble, skilled in geoinancy. Gesta, s. f. race, family, liGentáglia, the dregs of the Geomanzia, s. f. geomancy, a neage, stock, generation.-people, mob, the rascality: kind of divination by points Gesta, acts, exploits, achieveGentagliaccia, a degrading and circles made on the augmentative of Gentáglia. earth.

Gestáre, to bear, to carry, to Gentáme, s. m. many people, Geómetra, geometrician.

afluence of people. Geometría, s. f. geometry. Gesteggiare, to use too much Gente, s. m. men, people, folks, Geometricaménte, geometri- gesture, to gesticulate. nation.ente, relations, cally.

Gestire, to gesticulate. kindred.---Gente, extraction, Geométrico, adj.geometrical, Gesto, s. m. action, gesture, or family.-Gente, soldiers. La Geómetro, belonging to way of delivery.-Gesto, acts, gente del Re, the King's sol- geometry.

exploits, achievements.-diers.-Gente a cavallo, horse. Gerárca, a high-priest, a bi- Gesto, care, government, ad-Buona gente, good shop.

ministration. people. Di buona gente, of a Gerarchía, hierarchy, church Gesuíta, s. m. a Jesuit. good family.--Di bassa gente, government.-Gerurchie, hie-Gesuítico, jesuitical. of a mean extraction.-Gente, rarchy, the order of angels. Geti, s. in. pl. jesses for hawks, dowd, multitude.

Gerarchico, adj. hierarchical. -Beccarsi i geti, to underGenterella, s. f. the common Gerfálco, s. m. a kind of hawk. take some difficult thing. people.

Gergo, s. m. obscure and un- Gettáre, to throw, to ning, Gentildonna, a gentlewoman. intelligible talk, an artificial shoot, cast, or hurl.-liettar Gentile, adj. genteel, noble, speech invented by rogues, lagrime, to shed tears..Getlar affable, handsome, pretty. that they may not be under- sospiri, to fetch sighs, to sigh. Geritile, nice, weak, tender.- stood by other people, cant. Gettare, to bring, to cause, Gențili, gentiles, pagans, hea-Gergóne, s. m. the same as make, breed, procure.-Gelthens.Gentile, gentle, falcon Gergo.

tare a terra, to throw or pull gentle, a terçel-gentle. Gerla, s. f. a basket.'

down.abettar via, to throw Gentilésco, adj.fine, handsome, Germáno, s. m. full brother.- away.--Getar via, to give noble, genteel.

Cugino germano, cousin-ger- away: Gettare i fondamenti, co Gentilésimo, s. m. paganism, man. -Germano, a kind of lay the foundations.-Getlar

gentilism, heathenism.. wild duck. Germano, adj. odore, to scent or cast forth Gentiletto, pretty, genteet, right, proper, true, not coun a smell. Gettar motto, to handsome, tine. terfeit, natural.

mention, to talk of.Gettare, Gentilezza, s.f. nobility, gen. Germe, s. m. a burgeon, a to bud, burgeon, or bloomGentiligia. } cility.--Gentile?- young bud, a shoot.

Gettar al volto, to throw in za, affability, courtesy, kind-Germináre, to burgeon, to one's dish, to hit in the teeth. Gress, gentleness.

come or shoot up, tu spring -Settarsi bandito, to go upon who dirę, to nobilitate, to make out, to bud.

the highway-Gettur si al cat. Taggiarle or famous.

Germinativo, adj. generative, tivo, to give one's self up to itbuitilità, s. f. gèntilism, hea- serving to generation. a bad course of life.licllare G thenism. -lientiliti, a pretty Germinatore, masc. adj. pro- poluere negli occhi, to throw

way, genteel carriage, grace, Germinatrice, fem. ductive. dust in one's eyes. Gettar la Gentilizio, adj. gentilitious, Gérmini, s. m. cards called ter- penng, to gain, to gei.Gel that belongs to a stock, kin- restrial triumphs.

tarsi ad ima, to addict or apdrcd, or ancestors.

Germöglia, s. 1.2. Germoglio. ply one's self to a thing.--Gentilnénte, adv. gently cour-Germugliarónto,s.m.aspring- I Gettursi alla strada, to despair, teously, affably:--Centilmente, ing, budding or sprouting, to go upon the highway.

rich, splendidly, magnifi- burgeon, bud, shoor. Getiar la sorte, to cast lots. G. goly, nobly.

Germogliánte, adj. branching Gettar a mair, to consume, to Gargaglilótto, a country 'squire, or buduing, beginning to wriste.liettar il tempo, to by maruntry gentleman.


spend one's time idly.-Gelmo, a gentlenian. Germogliáre, to bud, to blos tot i li cose dietro alle spalle, to

f. common people, sow, to sprout out, to buro abandon, to forsake, to leave


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