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all at sixes and sevens.-Gettar, Ghiaccio, s. m. ice.Ghiaccio, to.
gli occhi sopra qualche cosa, to adj. frozen.

Ghignétto, s. m. a smile or cast one's eyes upon a thing. Ghiacciuolo, s. m. icicle. Ghigno, S simpering, Gettare i dadi, to throw or Ghiacere, r. Giacere.

a grin. cast the die -Gettare, to Ghiacinto, s. m. a precious Ghiútta, s. f. a dripping-pan. melt, cast in a mould, or stone so called.

Chiottamente, adv. greedily. frame.--Gettare un cannone, to Ghiádo, s. m. extreme cold, Ghiotterellino, adj. dainty, cast a cannon.-Gettare una frosty weather, numbness Ghiotteréllo. delicate, campana, to cast a bell. through coldness.

nice. Gettáta, s. f. a cast, a throw. Ghiado, glave or sword. Ghiotto, adj. greedy, gluttonGettatore, a caster, a thrower, Morto a ghiudo, killed with a ous.-Un ghiotto, a glutton, a he that Alings away.Getta- sword.

gully-gut.-Chlorto, desirous, tore, a founder.-Gettatore di Ghiaggiuolo, s. m. glader or covetous.Che di loro abbrace campana, a bell-founder. sword-grass.

ciar mi facea ghiotto, that Gettatrice, fem. of Gettatore. Ghiaja, s. f. gravel.

made me very desirous to Getto, s. m. throw, cast. Ghiajáta, s. f. the gravelling embrace them. Ghiotto, sly, Getto d'acqua, a water-spout. muddy places or roads. crafty, vicious, wicked. -Far getło, to lighten a ship Ghiajóso, adj. sandy, gravelly, Avere un certo ghiotto, to have in a storm.- Gelto, lagon or gritty:

something that allures or Jagan.-Far di getto, to cast.-Ghiánda, s. f. acorn.

charms.Costei ha un non so Cannone di getto, a brass gun. Ghiandája, s. f. a pye, a mag-che di ghiotio che non mi posso Tom Getto, foundery.---D'un pye.

suziare di guardarla, she has getto, at one cast.--Getto, in- Ghiandajóne, s. m. augment. of something so engaging, that I crustation.Ad un getto di Ghiandaja.

cannot forbear looking at her. pietra, at a stone's throw. Ghiandellino, s. m. dim. of Ghiottoncello, s. m. dim. of Gheffo, o. Gueffo. Ghianda.

Ghiottone. Ghémbo, adj. bent, crooked. Ghiandífero, adj. that bears Ghiottóne, s. m. a greedy-gut. Ghéppio, s. m. kestrel, a bird

Ghiottoneria, s. f. gluttony, of prey: -Far gheppio, to die. Ghiándola, s. f. kernel in the Ghidtiórnia, s immodeGherbellire, Obs. v. Ghermíre. Ghiandúccia, } flesh or rate eating and drinking: Cherbíno, s. m. the south throat, the glanders in a Ghiottoneria,daintiness, dainty west wind.

horse, the measles in a dog. bit.---Ghiottoneria, waggiskCherminélla, s. f. a juggle, Ghiára, u. Ghiaja.

ness, knavishness, knavery. a juggling trick, or legerde- Ghiarabaldána, s. f. a trifle, a Ghiova, s. f. a clod or turf of main, cheat, fraud.

toy, a thing of little or no earth. Obs. Ghermire, to gripe, to catch, value.

Ghiozzo, s. m. a bit or morsel, to lay hold of, to seize, to Ghiazzerino, s. m. a coat of a snip of any thing --Ghiozzo, mail.

a drop. Obs.Ghiozzo, a Gherofanella, s. f. an herb so Ghiazzeruóla, s. f. a pinnace. gudgeon-Unghiv.zo, a thickcalled.

Ghibellino, adj. of the ghibel skulled fellow, à blockhead. Gherofano, . Garofano. line faction or party

Chiribizzáre, to devise, to in Gheróne, s. m, gusset or gore Ghiéra, s. f. a ring of iron or vent, to imagine, to feign, io of a shirt or smock, the side any other matter, about or at forge, to fancy, to romance. pieces of a cloak, the skirts the end of any thing, the Ghiribizzatore, a fantastical or or quarter-picces of a coat, locket of a sword or dagger. whimsical man. jerkin, or gown.--heróne, - Ghiera, a quiver.--Ghiera, Ghiribízz0, s. m. a device or bit, piece. Ha del labbro un a kind of elcctuary made of invention, a fantastical congheron di sopra mano, he has a aloes, spikenard, saffron. ceit. bit of his upper lip cut off. Ghierabaldána, s. f. a foy, a Ghiribizzoso, adj. fantastical, Quello, che non ra nelle mani- trifle, a trifling thing. whimsical. che, va ne' gheroni, what one Ghicu ghieu! a cry that chil. Ghirigoro, s. m. a flourishing does not spend one way, to dren make after one by way spend it another.

of mocking and contempt. Ghirlanda, s. f. a garland.Ghetto, s. m, a place appointed Ghiéva, s. I. clud or curf of Ghirlanda, compass, circum. for the Jews to live in. earth. Obs.

ference, inclosure. Ghezzo, adj. black or inoor- Ghignáre, to smile or simper, Ghirlandélla, s. f. dim. of ish.-Un ghezzo, a black, a to grin.

Ghirlaodétta, Ghirlanmoor, a negro.

Ghignáta, 6. f. a great laugh- Ghirlaodízza, da. Ghiabaldána, r. Ghiarabalda- ter, and chiefly in derision. Ghiro, s, m, a dormouse.

Ghignatore, a gringer, onę Ghirónda, s. f. a kind of muGhiaccésco, adj. frozen, cold, that grins.

sical instrument. Ghignatrice, fem. of Ghigna. Già, adv. formerly, once, in Ghiaccia, s. f. ice, frost. Obs.

former days, before.fi fua Ghiacciajı, s. f. an ice-house. Ghignazzáre, io laugh loudly, già tre anni sono, I was there Ghiacciare, to freeze. and with a grin.

about three years ago.-', Ghiacciato, adj. frozen. Ghignertiao, dim. of Ghignets already, row, at this time, it


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with a pen.

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present.Giu la sera è venuto, Giallóre, s. m. yellowness, yel- herb so called. it is already night.mbiò è ce- lowishness, paleness, Gicheroso, adj. full of piay nuto, he is come now.-Gia Giallorino, adj. yellowish. and mirth, merry: somcrimes is not expressed in Giallosanto, s. m. a kind of co-Giclo, v. Gelo, and all its de. English, but, however, it gives lour so called.

rivatives. strength to the discourse in Giallóso, adj. 2. Giallóguolo. Giga, s. f. a musicalinstrument Italian, ex.-Non vorresti già Giallúccio, adj. yellow, yellow. with strings.Giga, a jigg. ch'io purtissi, you would not ish, somewhat yellow. Gigantáccio, a great giant. have ine go away. Non gia, Giallúme, s. m. v. Giallezza. Gigante, a giant, a great not, not at all...Non già ch'io Giambare, to jest, to rail, to me ne penta, not that I repent jeer, to laugh at, to flout. Gigantéo, v. Gigantesco. of it.

Giambo, s. m. iainbic.-Verso Gigantescamente, adv. in a Giacchè, adv. since since that. giambo, iambic verse.- Volere giantlike manner. --Giacchè voktescisi; cosi sia, il giombo d'uno, to have a lit- Gigantésco, adj. gigantic, gisince you will have it so, let tle diversion or sport with antlike. vit he so.

Gigantessa, a she giant. Giacchiare, to squeak, and it is Giammái, adv. never, at no Gigantino, adj. of giant, gigansaid of crows.

time, ever, at any time. tic. Ghiacchio, s, f.'a casting-net. Giamméngola, s. f. a trifle, a Gigliáto, s. m. a coin of money

Gilture il giucchio tondo, to thing of small value, an idle in Florence. spare nobody.


Gigliéto, 8. m. 2 place planted Giacénte, adj. lying.-Giacénke, Giannetta, s. f. a pike or lance, with lilies. situated, seated. a spear.

Gigliélto, s:40. a small lily. Giacére, to lie down.-Vicino Giannettáta, s. f. a blow, a Giglio, s. m. lily. -Ciglio, alla camera dove gioccio, near hit with a pike or lance. flower-de-luce. the room where i lie. -Gia- Giannetto, genet, a Spanish Gina, s. f. breath, strength. cére, to depend, to consist horse.

Ginépra, s. f. juniper-berry. In voi giace ogni mia fortunu, all Giannettóne, s. m. a large pike Gineprájo, s. m.] a place my happiness depends upon or lance.

Ginepreto, where juyou.-Giacére, to lic; to stand, Giannizzero, s. m. Janizary, a niper grows.--Gineprajo, trou, to be situated..biacére, to foot-guard of the Grand Seig- ble, labyrinth. stop or stand as water in a

Ginepro, 5. m. juniper-tree. gutter or sinkGiacere, s. m. Gjára, s. f. a flagon or great Ginéstra, s. f. þroom, a plant a lying down. pot.

so called. Giaciglio, v. Giacitojo. Obs. Giárda, s. f. a disease that; Ginestreto, s. m. plat or place Giaciménto, s. m. a lying down, comes on a horse's hoof.- where broom grows.-Gines. the posture of a man's body. Giarda, mockery, raillery, jest, trito, trouble, confusion, disGiacimento, a lying with a trick.

turbance, labyrinth. woman, the act of copula-Giardinetto, din. of Giardi-Ginestrévole, adj. full of tion.

broom, broomy. Giacinto, s. m. a hyacinth. Giardiniere, s. m.] a garden- Gingia, the gum of the teeth. Giacitojo, s. m. a place to lie Giardiniéro,

Ginnásio, s. m, a school. in, a couch. Giardiniére, Obs.

Ginnástico, adj. that belongGiacitúra, s. f. posture or way Giardino, s. m.

a garden.

eth to the place or art of exof lying Giardóne, e. Giarda.

ercise, a school, college, acaGiáco, $. 1. a coat of mail. Giargóne, s. mn. a precious stone demy. Giafossecosachi, adv. because. so called

Ginnetto, a. Giannetto. Oiálda, s. f. a kind of weapon Giaro, s. m. calves-ioni, ar Ginocchiello, s. m. hog's feet. used in ancient times. herb.

-oliinorrhielto, a knee-piece. Gialdoniére, s. m. armed with Giarro, s. m. a jar.

Ginocchio, s. m. a knee: gialda.

Già sia ciò che, adv. because. Ginocchione, o Ginocchioni,. Gialleggiá:zte, adj. yellowish. Obs.

adv. upon one's knees. Gialleggiáre, to grow yellow, Gia sia cosa, e Gia sia che, adv. Giò, s. m. a word used hy carto be yellowish. because. Obs.


encourage their Giallétio, adj. yellowish, some- Giattánza, s. f. brag, boast or horses to go.--Ando gio-giù, what yellow.

to go softly or slowly. Gialiózza, 5. f. yellowishness, Giattúra, loss.

Giocáre, 'r. Giuocare. yellowness, paleniss. Gjáva, s. f. a part of a ship, so Giochévole, adj. merry, sportcalled.

ful, pleasant, sportive, jocose. Gialligno,

Giavellótto, s. m. a javelin. Giochevolmente, adv. merrily, Giállo, adj. yellow.-Giallo, Cibbo, s. m. a bunch or swell- pleasantly, in jest. pale-scer i pie' gialli, 10 ing on the back.

Gioco, v. Ciuoco. grow sour, said of red wine. Gibbuso, adj. bunchy, crook. Giocoláre, s. m. a buffoon, a -Grullo, s. m. the yellow part backed, high-shouldered. jester, a droll, a merry-imin the middle of a rose. Gibbúto, v. Gibboso.

drew, a fool.--Grcolare, to Giallognolo, adj. yellowish, Gichero, s. m. calves--foot, an piay, to shew tricks with





Galliccio, adj.yellowish.


? merry,

gay, blithe.


one's hands, to juggle or play Giojore, s. m. joy, mirth, de- fit, advantage, help, avail. legerdemains. light. Obs.

Giovanáccio, a lad. Giocolarmente, adv. merrily, Giojosamente, adj. joyfully, Giovanáglia, s. f, youth, young jestingly, pleasantly. Giojóso, adj. merry, blithe, men, young people. Giocolatóre, a juggler.


Giovanástro, s. m. a lad. Giocolatrice, femin. of Gioco. Gioire, to be merry or joyful, | Giovane, adj. young-Un giolatore.

to rejoice, to cheer up.-Gi vane, a youth, a young man. Giocólino, dim. of Giuoco. oire, to enjoy or possess.--Per- | -Una giovane, a young wo Giocondamente, adv. joyfully, che sappi almen dire come è satto

gladly, cheerfully, merrily, il gioire, that you may know Giovanello, adj. young. willingly.

what pleasure is.

Giovanésco, adj. young, youthGiocondáre, to be merry, to Giólito, ex.-Stare in giólito, toful. rejoice, to cheer up.

stand still, and is said of ships Giovanétto, adj. very young. Giocondato, adj. merry,divert- in a calm.

-Un giovanétto, a young mang ed, glad, satisfied.

Giolláro, s. m. Obs. v. Giul. a lad. Giocondevole, adj. delectable, laro.

Giovanézza, s. f. youth. pleasant.

Giomélla, v. Giumella. Giovaníle, adj. young, youthGiocondezza, s. f. pleasant- Giorgieria, s. f. valour, bra- ful...Etd giovanile, young Giocondita,

ness, very, in a mock signification. age. mirth, jollity, content, satis - Fare il giorgio, to play the Giovanilménte, adv. likề a faction, pleasure. beau, the pretty fellow.

young man. Giocondo, adj.

Giornále, s. m. journal, diary. Giovanitúdine, s. f. young Giocondóso, Obs. S pleasant, -Giornále, a day-hook. age.

Giornaliéro, adj. daily: Giovanotto, a young man, á Giocosaméate, adv. in jest, Giornalmente, adv. daily. lad. merrily, jestingly, pleasantly. Giornáta, s. f. a day.-Giornata, Giováre, to help, aid,'succour Giocoso, adj. gamesomne, sport a day's work.--- Giornata, a or ease, to favour, to profit, ful, gay, bliche, merry: day's journey.--Giornata, day, to do one good, to avail.-11 Giocúccio, s. m. dim. of Gioco. fight, battle. Far giornata, to vino non mi giova, wine does Gioculatrice, s. f. a she-juggler, come to a battle.

me no good. --Giocare, to dea cunning gipsy:: A giornata, adv.

light, to take pleasure ini, to Giogája, s. f. the dew-lap of an alla giornata,

like, to love. -Mi questa rita 01. --Giogája, a long ridge of Giornéa, s. f. a soldier's coat giova, I like this way of livhills or mountains.

or military garment.--- Affib- ing.--- Fare a giova giova, to Giogánte, s. m. a giant. Obs. biarsi la giornea, to presume help one another. Giováre, Giogliato, adj. mixt with tares.

too much

to make use of, to use or em Gióglio, s. m. ray, darnel, Giorno, s, m. day, day-light, ploy.---Pioché le buone parole cockle, or tares.


-Buon giorno, good nan vagliono, mi gioverò della foto Giógo, s. m. a yoke or yoak. morrow.Giorno di lavoro, a za, since fair means won't do, Giogo, yoke, subjection, slave-l work day.-Di giorno in gior. I'll make use of power.-A ry, bondage. Metter il collo no, adv. daily.--L'aspetto di che gioca, what signifies. Che el giogo, to yield, or submit giorno in giorno, I expect him mi giovn, what avails me. one's self.- Scuotere il giogo, every day.Di giorno in gi Mi giova credere, I will beto shake off the yoke, to free orno, adv. from day to day { lieve. one's self.--Giogo, top, height, -Dare tanto il giorno, to give Giovatívo, adj. useful, good, or peak of a hill or moun or pay so much a-day.---Fur-profitable. tain.

si giorno, to be light, to apo Giovatóre, a helper. Giója, s. f. jewel.-Groja, fool, pear, speaking of the light | Giovatrice, she that helps. ninny. -Ella dee ben sicuras of the day.-A giorno, adv. Giove, Jupiter, the metal tita mente esser cattiva cosu ďaret by the break of day.--All

' among alchemists. vaghezzar di così bella gioja come abassar del giorno, towards the Giovedi, s. m. Thursday. se tu, it would be a strange evening.- -- Tutto" | giorno, Giorénca, a heifer. shing indeed to fall in love every day, always.

Giovénco, a bullock, a steer. with such a fool as you.-Gi- Giostra, s. f. just, tilt. Giostra, Giovenózza, r'. Giovanezza. oja, joy, mirth, delight, plea- light, combat.-Giostra, jest, Gioveníle, v. Giovanile. sure, content, gladness.—610- trick.-Fare una yiostra ad uno, Gioventù, s. f. youth, youthja dil pozzo, the mouth of a to play one a trick. Gioventúdine, s 'ful days, also well.

Giostránte, adj. justling, just- young people. Giojante, adj. blithe, merry, ing, tilting.

Gioveréccio, adj. delightful, joyful. Obs.

Giostráre, to just or justle, to pleasing. Gíojelláto, adj. studded or set run a-tilt-liostrúté, to emu-Giovévole, adj. useful, good, with precious stones.

late, to vie with one, to profitable. Giojelliere, s, m, a jeweller. strive.

Giovevolezza, S. f. utility, Giojellino, dim. of Ginjello. Giostratore, one that runs a. advantage. Giojélla, s. m. a jewel.


Giovevolmente, adv. usefully, Giojétta, dim, of Gioja. Gioramento, s. good, bece- profitably.

a little



recover one's self fronto/

Gioviale, adj. jovial, pleasant. Girellétta, s. f. a very smally love.. Por giù lo sdegno, ta apGiovincella, a young girl, a wheel.

pease or suppress one's an1235

Girello, s. m. a small ring or ger.---Mandar giù, to swallow. Giovincello, young man. circle.

-Torsene grù, to desist, to Giovine, v. Giovane, and its Girévole, adj. that turneth, leave off. derivatives.

inconstant, "fickle, change Giubba, s. f. a jupe, a jerkin, a Gioviníno, adj. youthful, ju- able.

petticoat. venile.

Girfálco, s. m.

gerefaulcon, Giubberello, s. m. Giracó, s. m. a kind of flower. Girifálco, a kind of Giubbettino, doublet. Giraffa, , f. camelopard. An hawk.


-lub. Abyssinian animal, taller than Giro, s. m. a turn, turning, bétto, gibber or gallows. an elephant, but not so tour.-Giro di ruota, the turn. Obs. thick.

ing of a wheel.-Giro del sole, Giubbiláre, v. Giubilare, and Giramento, s, m. ą turning the revolution of the sun, its its derivatives.

round, winding, wheeling. going round the world.--Giro, Giubbiléo, s. m. a jubilee' or Girándola, $. m. a branched turn, walk. Andiamo a fare plenary indulgence granted candlestick, a chandelier.-- un giro pe' campi, let us go take by the pope ou certain condi

Girandola, invention, evasion, a walk or turn in the fields.. tions. subterfuge, cunning shift. Gina, compass, circumference, Giubboncello, 2

v. Giubbette. Girandoláre, to invent, to del tour.biro d'una città, the Giubboncino,

vise, to feign, to imagine, to compass of a town. Tre migo Giubbóne, s. m. a doublet. farge, ta funcy.

lia in giro, three miles in cir-| Gorrere in gabbone, to run in Girire, to turn, to go about, cumference.com Giro del viso, cuerpo. 10 wind, wheel, rove, or wan. the contours or the shape of Giubilánza, v. Giubilazione, der about. ---Gitáre, to be in one's face. Giro, turn, order. Obs. circumference, or in com In giro, by turns.-Ciascíno Giubilárę, to rejoice, to be pass, to be about Questa lu

al suo giro, every one in his merry, to shout' for joy and ago gira tre miglia, this place turn. Volger gli occhi in giro, gladness. is three miles in compass. to look about.- Per giro, adv. Giubilatore, he that rejoices Görere, to environ, to encom. round about.

and shows much gladness. pass surround,

stand Giróne, s. m. a great compass. Giubileo, s. m. v. Giubbileo. about. Girare, to convert, -Giróne di vento, a whirl-Giubilazione, s. f.) jubilation, zurn, or to change.--Girare wind.- Andare girone, to ram- Giubilío, s. in. rejoicing, Jurgo a canti, to take care, lo ble about.

Giúbilo, s. m. merrystand upon one's guard.-abi- Gita, s. f. a going, a walk- making, feasting. març i danari ad uno, to assign a ing:

Giúcare, to play, to sport. sum of money to one in pay- Gito, (part. pass. of Gire) Giucare agli scrachi, to play at ment.-Girarsi nella memoria, gone.

chess.Giuçare, to feast, to to remember.Girare, to Gittajóne, s. m. Roman cor;. rejoice.-Giucar di bastone, to grow mad.-Girare, to turn. ander, good for the lungs. beat.----Glucare d'autorità, to --Girare gli occhi, to turn one's Gittamento, s. . m. a throw, use power or authority in an eyes.lol girar degli anni, in hurl, or cast.

arbitrary manner.--. che giprocess of time. Far girar Gittare, v. Gettare.

roco gauchiam noi? what game il cervello ad uno, to make one Gittáta, s. f. a throw, a cast.-- do we play at? what are you yun mad..In un girar di ciglio, Gittata di pietra, a stone's cast. doing ?-lucure, to play, 20 in an instant.

-Gittata, the earth digged play the fool, to spori. Girasole, s. m. turnsol or sun. out of a grave placed just by Giucare, tu be prevalent, to Hower; girasol, a precious it.

have the better of it. Dove stone, so called Gitráto, u. Gettato.

giuoca pecunia, n altro beno propria Giráta, s. f. turn, way, com- Gittacore, a shooter, a darter, amico parente si trova che pass.--Andiamo a fare una gi-| he that throws

voglia meglio a te che a se, where rata, let us go take a walk. well.

money or self-interest preGirativo, adj. circular, round. Gitro, r'. Getto.

vails, there's no friend nor Girorólta, s. f.) a tyrning, 2 A gitto, adv. opposite, over relation that does not love Girazione, Swinding: - against.

himself better than you. Dare una giracolta, to take a Gittone, s. m. a plant so called, Giucare mosca cieca, a sonaswalk. or the seed of it.

lio, alla civetta, to employ Gire, to go.

Giú, adv. Juwi), below, be one's time in frivolous things. Girella, s. f. a small whee, a ncach. -onder già, to go

Giucare alle pugna, to box. weather-cock, a pulley of 2 down-Egia, he is below. liiucare a rotescio, to do the ship or well, the low wheels Giù per le scale, down stairs.- contrary or the reverse. of a sledge, of a trundle bed, Porre già, to lay aside, to lay Giucitore, gamester or playor of a barrow.

down. Por giù la paura, Cirellájo, a small wheel-mak

a Giucatrice, fem. of Giycatore. er-Girellágo, adj. wavering, fright.-- Por giù l'amorr, id for- Giucolárc, to play for little. ligh:-headed

sake or banish away one's Giudico, adj. Jewish.





Ciudaísmo, s. m. Judaism, the Giudizio, v. Giudicio. thing as two hands joined car: Jews' religion.

Giudizioso, *. Giudicioso. contain. Giudaizzáre, to hold the cus- Giugánte, Obs. v. Giganta. Giuménta, a breeding mare. toms and religious rites of Giugantéssa, Obs. v. Gigar- Giumentiere, a horse-driver. the Jews.

Giuinénto, s. mn. a labouring Giudeésco, adj. Jewish, Judai. Giúgero, s. m. as much ground beast. cal.

as one pair of oxen could tall Givnire, to fast. Obs. Giudéo, a Jew.--.Giudéo, adj. or plough in a day, an acre of Giuncája, 4. f. 'A płace where prepossessed, infatuated, in- land.

bulrushes grow. credulous.

Giuggiáre, o. Giudicare. Obs. Giuncare, to sttex weh ruskGiudicamento, s. m. judgment, Giuggiola, s. f. jujube, a sort sentence, decree, order. Giucl of fruit.

Giuncáta, s. f. a kind of crearn dicamento, reason, understand. Giuggioléna, v. Físamo.

cheese. ing.–Giudicamento, opinion, Giuggiolino, adj. jujube co-Giunchéto, s. m. a place where mind. loured.

rushes grow. Giudicáre, to judge, to decide, Giuggiólo, s. m. jujube-tree. Giunchiglia, s. f. jonquil, a to determine, to sentence.- Giúgnere, to arrive at,'to

sort of tower. Guidicar uno, to think ill of come.--Giúgnere, to join close. Giunco, 4. m, rush, bulrush. one, to have a bad opinion of -Giugnere, to reach, to come Giuncóso, adj. full of rushes. him. Giudicáre, to judge, at, to catch.--Grúgnere, iu Giungere, v. Giúgnere. think, believe, or suppose - add, to put to, to put in- Giungimento, v. Gingnimento.

Fate quel che l'animo ti giúdica, Grúgnere, to redace, to bring. -hinnta, addition, increase, do what you think fit.

-Giúgnere,to deceive to cheat, overplusage, over-weight:-Giudicativo, adj. judicial, ju

to cozen.-Sii savio, non ti lasa Giunta, a council assembled.. diciary, legal,' done in the ciar mai giugnere, take care, Per gitnta agli altri miei mali, form of justice.

don't suffer yourself to be des this added to my misfortunes. Giudicáto, s. m. jurisdiction, ceived.-Guignere uno alla schia - A prima giunta, adv. imniedominion. Stare al giudicato, accia, to clap one in prison. diately, presently.ombiunte, to stand to what has been de Giugnimento, s. m. conjunca joint. cided.

tion, a joining or meeting to- Giuntáre, to cheat, to deceive. Giudicatore, judge.

gether.--Giugnimento, union, -liurtare, to join or put toGiudicatório, adj. judicial, ju. Giugno, s. m. the month of gether, to close. diciary, legal,' done in the June.

Giuntatore, a cheat, a sharper. form of justice.

Giuládro, Obs. v. Giullare. Giuntería, s. f. cuzenage, cheatGiudicatríce, s. f. fem. of Giu-Giule, s. m. a game at cards so ing. dicatore. called.

Giúnto, adj. arrived, come Giudicazione, s. f. judgment, Giulebbáre, to boil ‘until it A che son ginto, what ata 'I comes to be julep.

come to. Giunto, joined, put Giúdice, s. m. judge.Giúdice, Giulébbe, s. m. julep, a li together.-Star con le mani giumpire, arbitrator.--Giúdice, Giulebbo, quid medi- unte, to stand idle. one skilled in any thing.

cine of a sweet taste. Giuntúra, s. f. joint, article. Giudichevolmente, adv. justly, Giulécco, s. m. a galley-slave seam.--Giuntúra, conjune: rightly, judiciously dress.

tion. Giudiciále, adj. judicial, legal. Giuliánza, s. f. Obs. joy, fes-Giucacchiare, to play small Giudicialmente, adv. judicially, tivity.

game, to play for little, according to due course of Giúlio, s. m. a piece of money Giuocáre, o. Giucare. law.

at Rome in value about sixe Giuocáccio, s. m. a bad game, Giudiciário, adj. judicial, judi- pence szerling. -Legge Giulia, a bad set of cards in one's ciary.

the Julian law, among the hands at play. Giudicio, s. m. court of judi- Romans, which made adul- Giuocatore, a player, a gamlecature.---Chiamare in giudicio, rery death. to summon to appear in a Giulio, v. Giulivo.

Giuocatrice, fem. of Giroci. court of justice.-Giudicio, Giulivamente, adv. joyfully. judgment, sentence, decree, Giulivétto, adj. pretty gay: Giuoco, s. m game, play, sport, order.-Giudicio, judgment, Giulività, s. f. mirth, pleasante diversion--i scorsi da gioco, te reason, understanding. --Gire

leave off playing.--Gioco, art, dirio, opinion, mind. Fare Giulivo, adj. merry, pleasant, science, skill. Givno, plas, cattivo gindicio d'uno, to judge cheerful, glad, gay.

sport, jeer, jest, banter.. ill of one, to have an ill opi- Giulláre, s. m. a jester, a bur- ginoco, adv. ready, in order. sion of him.- Il giorno del giuo foon, a merry.andrew. Mettere a givoro, to ridicule.com diciu universale

, the day of judg- Giullarésco, adj. comical, ridi. Parlare a giroco, to speak ia ment, dooms-day.

culous, foolish, Roosensical, jest.-Gtxoco, txing, bosiness, Giudiciosamente, adv. judici- scurrilous.

fact.miloglio vedere a che 'l giuously, wisely, rationally.

Giulleria, s. f. buffsonery, scur- oco incirl, ru see this thing Giudícióso, adj. judicious, rati- rility, jesting, dcollery. out I'll see the end of this. vaal, wise.

Ciumella, s. , as anuch of any Ciucca, trick, fetch. ha





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