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fatia un cattito giuoco, he has ménte, conveniently, suitably,1 kerneliy, full of kernels.
played me a scurvy
trick. commodiously.

Glasto, s. m. the herb woad, Giuoco, procedure, behaviour, Giustezza, s. f. justice, equity, Glastro, wherewith carriage. Se non mutate giuoco punctuality.

cloth is dyed blue. non voglio aver che fare con voi, Giustificánté, adj. that justifies. Glaúco, adj. sky-blue, sea. if you don't behave better, Giustificáre, to justify, to shew, green. I'll have nothing to do with to prove, to make good.--G- Glave, s. m. the sword-fish. you. -Giuoco di poche tavole, ustificáre, to justify, to bring Gleba, s. f. glebe. small business. Il giuoco della into a state of grace.Giusti-Globettino, dim. of Globetto. cieca, blind-man's-buff.-Giu- ficáre, to justify, to clear.---Globetto, dim. of Globo. oco di mano, a juggler's trick. Giustificársi, to justify, to clear Glob s. m. a globe. Giuoco di testa, invention. one's self.

Globosità, s. f. roundness, gloGiuocoforza, s. f. necessity, Giustificatamente, adv. justly, bosity, the form of a globe. force.


Globoso, adj. globose, globular, Giucoláre, v. Giocolare. Giustificatore, he that justifies round as a globe. Giuocolatóre, v. Giocolatore. and brings into a state of Glória, s. f. glory, honour, Giúra, s. f. conjuration, plot, grace.

praise, esteem, name, fame, conspiracy. Obs. Giura, law Giustificatrice, fem. of Giustifi- reputation.--Vana gloria, vainthings, things pertaining to

glory, conceit, conceitedness. law.

Giustificazione, s. f. justifica- Gloria, glory, blessedness of Giuraménto, s. m. an oath. tion, defence, vindication. heaven.---Gloria, a glory in Giuránte, adj. that swears. Giustificazione, justification, painting; a circle round the Giurantemente, adv. swearing-clearing, excuse. --Giustificazi- head of a saint. Aspettare a ly, upon oath

óne, justification, a clearing gloria, to expect a thing with Giuráre, to swear, to take an the transgressors of their sins great impatience.

oath. -Giurare, to promise by the effect of justifying Glorian'te, adj. boasting,proud, upon oath.–Gintare, to be- grace.

conceited. troth, to promise in marriage. Giustizia, s. f. justice. --Ammi-Gloriáre, to glorify, to glory, --Giurare, to swear, to depose, nistrare la giustizia, to adminis to give praise. to protest.--Giurare, to swear, ter justice.-Far giustizia, to Gloriarsi, to be proud of, to to vow, absolutely to resolve do justice.- Chiamar in gius- take a pride in, to boast or Giuratamente, adv. upon oath. tizia, to sue one. Si farà gius- brag:Gloriársi

, to become Giuráto, adj. sworn. --- Nemico tizia oggi, to-day will be exe glorious or famous. giurato, a sworn, declared, cution day.Giustizia, court Gloriazióne, s. f. vàunting. professed enemy.-Giuruto, s. of judicature.

Glorificaménto, o. Glorificazim. a plotter, a conspirator. Giustiziare, to execute, to put Giuratore, a swearer, a blas-malefactors to death by Glorificáte, to glorify, to give phemer. course of law.

glory to, to praise. Giuratório, adj. to be sworn. Giustizieráto, s. m. jurisdiction Glorificarsi, to pride in, to Giuragióne, s. f. oath. of a justice.

boast or brag of. Giúre, s. m. law.-In giure, ac- Giustiziére, executioner, hang- Glorificatóre, he that glorifies cording to the law.

-Giustiziere, justice, or gives glory. Giureconsulto, a man learned judge.

Glorificazione, s. f. glorificain the law, a civilian. Giústo, adj. just, right, equit. tion. Giuridicamente, adv. juridi-able, reasonable.Giusto, ex- Gloriosaménte, adv. gloriouscally, legally:

act, even, true.- Misura gi- ly. Giuridico, adj. juridic, lawful, usta, a true measure.resto Gloriosetto, adj. somewhat legal.

abito è troppo giusto, this suit proud, conceited, or haughty. Giuridizionale, adj. judicial, fits too close.Giusto, pretty Glorioso, adj. glorious, illustrilegal, done in the form of jus- tall. Giusto, just.. Giusto, ous, famous, honourable.tice.

adv. justly, rightfully. Giuse Gloriósa, proud, haughty, vainGiuridizione, s. f. jurisdiction. to coxi, exactly so. — -Giusto, glorious, conceited. Giurista, jurist, lawyer.

prep. according. - Giusto il Gloriúzza, s. f. dim. of GloGiurista, adj. juridic, lawful, iostro desiderio, according to ria. legal.

Glosa, s. f. gloss, comment, ex. Giúro, s. m. oath.

Glaba, s. f. a talley or tally, a position, interpretation. Giúso, adv. down, below. cloven piece of wood to score Glosáre, to gloss or comment Giusquiámo, s. m. hen-bane, up

upon by upon, to expound or interhog's-bane. norches. Obs.

pret. Giústa, prep. according.--GiusGladiacóre, gladiator, sword. Glosacóre, a commentator. ed il contenuto, according to the player.

Glosatrice, fem. of Glosatore. contents.-Giusta, near, hard Glándula, s. f. kernel, mumps, Glossário, s. m. a glossary, a by. or tonsils.

comment. Giustamente, adv. justly,right-Glandulétra, s. f. glaodule or Glúsine, s. f. glue. fully, righteously:-Giustamente, little kernel


Glutinóso, adj. glutinous, clamdeservedly, justly..-Giusta- Glandulóso, adj. glandulous, my.



your desire.



a merry life.



Goaffe, adv. yea, troth, in truth, tain or make merry, to feast, Goláre, to lust, to desire, to

by my troth.-Gnaffe dell'uni to eat and drink well.--Coder- covet, to long. Obs. cerso, bless me, lack-a-day: seln, to take one's pleasure. Goleggiáre, to wish eagerly. Gnatóne, a parasite, a shark, a Godere, to rejoice, to be glad 'Golétta, gorget. sponge.

or overjoyed. (odo di veder- Golfo, s. m. gulf, bay.--Navi. Gnauláre, to maul as the cat la, I am glad to see you.- gare a golfo lanciato, to sail didoes.

Godére, the use and profit of rectly to. Gnau, the mewing of a cat. any thing.

Goliáre, to lust, covet, to long Goocco, s. m. a food used in Godereccio, adj. to be made for, Italy, made of paste..inocco, merry,of.

Golosamente, adv. greedily. dunce, blockhead, logger-Godevole, adj. pleasant, agree- Golosia, s. f. gluttony, gore head, awkward fellow. Gnomone, s. m. gnomon.

lust. Gnorri, a burlesque word for Godimento, s. m. enjoyment, Golóso, adj. greedy, ravenous, ignorant.---Far lo gnorri, to possession, pleasure, 'diver- Golpáto, adj. foul, blasted. feign ignorance.


Golpe, s. f.fox.Golpe del grano, Gubba, s. m. hunch on the Godióso, adj. merry,

ry, gay, plea- blight back, bunch.-Cobba, a wosant. Obs.

Golpóne, s. m. old crafty fox, man that is hunch backed. Goditóre, a spendthrift, a mer- Gombina, s. f. the thong or leaGobbétta, dim, of Gobba. ry companion, one that loves ther strap that ties a Hail. Gobbétto, adj. dim. of Gob. his pleasure.

Gómbito, s. m. elbow.Com Gobbíccio, s bo.-Un gob. Goduto, adj. enjoyed.

bito, a cubit. betto, a little hunch-backed Goffagine, s. f. dulness, awk. Gómena, s. f. cable, great rope wardness.

of a ship. Gobbo, adj. hunch-backed.-. Goffaménte, adv, foolishly, hea. Gomire, i. Vomitare. Obs. I'n gobbo, a hunch--backed vily, like a fool.

Gomitáta, s. f. a thump with -Gobba, s. m. one that Golleria, foolishness, blockish- an elbow. has a bunch on the back. ness, awkwardness.

Gómito, s. m. elbow.humilo, Góbola, s. f, a common saying, Goffőzza, v. Goffaggine. a corner, an angle.-Ella por a bye word, a proverb, á tale, Gofa, adj. duncical, foolish, fatta colle gomito, she is very a story.

awkward, insipid._lin gotio, clumsy-Gomito di mare, a Cóceia, s. f. drop.---.Goccia a a dunce, a blockhead, an awk creek. -Gomito, a cubit, a goccia, by drops, drop by ward fellow.

measure of a foot and a half, drop,

Gogna, s. f. an iron collar Gomito, the officer of a galGocciare, to drop, to full by wherewith a malefactor is ley who has the particular drops:

tied to a post, a punishment command over the slaves. Gócciola, s. f. drop ----Cocci- much like the pillory.—Gou Gomitolo, s. m. a bottom of ola, a drop, a small quantity. na, the prison of this world, thread.--Gomitolo, a cluster -Cićcciola, gutter.---Cucciola, metaphorically speaking - of bees, apoplexy.

Gogna, chain.-lingua, a New. Gomitóne, adv. upon the el. Gocciolamento, s. m. the drop-l gate-bird, a rogue.---Tu se bows.-Star gomitone, to lean ping, the falling of water in wra goynu, thou art a rascal. upon the elbows. drops. Gognolino, s. m. a rogue.

Gomma, s. m. gum. Gocciolánte, adj. dro‘ping: Gola, s. f. the throat.--Golu, Gonimarágia, s. f. gum arabic. Coccioláre, to drop, to fall by belly, gluttony:--Gola, lust, Gommitero, adj. that produces drops.-Coccioláre, to be pas- passion, unlawful desire, con gum. sionately in love.

cupiscence, appetite, fancy. Gummóso, adj. gummy, full of Cocciolato, adj. bespeckled.- Questa cosa mi fa golu, this gum.

Gocciol·lo, s. m. a colour be- makes my teeth water.--Gola, Cómona, v.:Gomepa. speckled with other colours. mouth, entrance.-Cola, con-, Góndola, s. f. gondola, a little Gocciolatójo, s. M. at gutter, al duit, pipe. ---Cola diritta, an boat at Venice. drainer.

ogee, or wave in architec- Gondoléita, s. f. a little gondo. Gocciolatúra, s. f. the little hole ture. ---Golu del bastione, the la. which the drop makes with entrance or gorge of a bas- Gondoliére, s. m. a waterman its fall.

tion..bridare quanto se n'ha at Venice. Gocciolina, s. f. dim. of Gocci- nella gola, to cry our very loud. Gonfalonáta, s. f. a company'

-Essere a gold in c'e che si sia, of soldiers under one ensign. Gocciolo, s. m. drop.

to swim in something, to have Gonfalóne, s. m. a banner, Gocciolóne, s. m. a dunce, a great plenty of.- E nell' vro o standard, or cnsign. blockheai, an awkward fel- goia, he swims in gold. Met. Gonfalonierático, s. In the

tersi ogni cosa per la golu, tu! Gonfalonierato, S office Godénte, adj. enjoying or pos- spend every thing in cating or post of Gonfaloniere.

sessiag.–Far uno golente, to and drinking.- Tu ne menti Gonfaloniére, s. D. a standard. please onc, to satisfy him. per la gula, you lie in your bearer, a cornet, an ensign... Codére, to enjoy or possess.-throat.

Gonfaloniere, a title given by Galére, to live well, io cuier. Goláccia, s. f. a large throat. the church' to this day iis VOL. I,





or tumour.

Rome to persons of great qua- Gorgheggiire, to trill, to shakes him.-Governare un tescello, 1* lity.- Gonfaloniére, a supreme or quaver.

sicer a ship.-lovernare un cemagistrate in the time of the Gorgheggiatore, s. m. a war. sa!!o, to take care of a horse.-republic in Florence. bler.

Governare, to geld, to castrate. Gonfia, a glass-blower. Gorghetto, s. m. a little water lurernare, to manure. Confiaggine, s. f. aswelling spout.

Gorerpatore, a governor. Gonfiagióno, s. f. tumour. Górgia, s. throat, guilet, wea- Guvernatrice, s. f. a governess. Gonfiaménto, s. m. -Gontie- zand.-Trar di gurgia, to shake, Governazione, c. Governo. mento, pride, arrogance, to quaver, to trill.

Governime, s. m. the dung haughtiness.

Gorgićra, s. f. a gorget or so!- thrown on the ground to fatGonfiáre, to swell, to blow.- dier's neck piece.-Corciero, ten ii. Far gonfiar il ventread una donna, a band, a riband. Gorgiera, Governo, s. m. government, to give a woman the tooth- throat, gullet.

care, management, command, ach, to get her with child.-Gorgiercita, dim. of Corgi- direction. 60erno d'un casrela Gonfiáre, to grow proud and Gorgierina, Š era.

lo, the steerage of a ship. vain-glorious.- Confiáre uno, Gorgiúme, a drunkard. Senza governo, wandering, at to drive off with fair words, Gorgo, s. m. a whirlpool.

random.--Far mal governo do to fill one with hopes and Gorgo, a depth of water. una cosa, to spoil a thing.-ban court holy water.

Gorgo, a brook, a rivulet. perna, a rudder of a ship, the Gonfiato, adj. swelled, blown, Gorgogliacinto, s. m. a gar- helm. puffed, big: -Gonfiato di super-gling or rattling in the throat. Gozzája, s. f. any matter gabia, e d'alterigia, proud, swoln, Gorgogliáre, to gargle, to rat thered together in the throat, conceited.

tle in the throat.--Gorgogliare, --Go.zája, a large wen or Confiatójo, s. mn. a squirt to to purl, to bubble up as a swelling in the neck. ---Goz-, blow a halloon.

spring of water does---Cor. cuja, an inveterate hatred. Gonfiatore, he that swells a gogliste, to bubble, to boil.Gozzo, s. m. crop or craw of a thing

Gorgogliáre, to rattle, to grum. bird. hozzo, throat.-_Gozzo, Gonfiatúra, s. m. swelling, tu ble, as wind in the guts.

it wen, or swelling in the

Gurgogliáre, to breed vermin neck.Gozzo, a cruse, an oilGonfiétto, s. m. a little swelling as pulse does.

glass. Gorgiglio, s. m. agargling or Gozzoviglia, s. f. pleasure, Gonfiézza, s. f. a tumour, a Gorgoglio, Ś rateling in Gozzoviglio, s. m. ) mirth. Gôntio, s. m. s swelling: the throat.

For gucemviglia, to make merGonfio, adj. swelled, big, puti Gorgoglione, s. m. a mite or ry, to eat and drink merrily: ed. --Gonfio di superhia, proud, wevil, a little worm that cat- Gozzovigliare, to be merry tu. conceited, haughty-Parola eth the pith of corn pulse. gether, to make good cheer. gonfia, a big word.

Gorgózza, s. f. the gullet Gozzovigliáta, s. f. mirth, plea. Gonfiotto, adj. diin. of Gonfio. Górgozzule, s. mn. S or wind sure, good eating and drink. -Gonfiotto, s m. a leather bag pipe, throat.

ing filled with wind.

Gorra, s. f. a squared cap.- Gozzúto, adj. wide-throated. Góngola, or Gonga, s. f. a tu Corra, a plant so called. Gracchia, s. f. a jackdaw. mour in the throat.

Gorzarétto, r. Gorgierina. Gracchiáre, to croak.-bracchiGoogoláre, to leap, to jump, Gorzarino, z. Gorgierina. ite, to prate, to prattle, to to shout for joy, to be pleas. Gora, s. f. cheek.--Liota, side. chatter.-Lascia gracchiar gli

-Sula gota destra,on the right vomini, let men say what they Gonna, s. f. gown, robe. hand.

will. Gracchiire, s. m. talk, Gonnélla,

a gown, Goriccia, s. f. a degrading pratile. Gonnellótta,

augmentative of Gota, a large Gracchiatore, s. m.) a prailer, Gennellina,


Gonnellúccia, s. f. rube, Gotáta, s. f. a box, cuff or
Gonorréa, s. f. gonorrhea.

blow on the car.

Gracidáre, to croak as a frog.Gonorreáto, adv. that has the Gotellina, s. f. dim. of Gota. Gracid.ire, to cluck. gonorrhea. Gotta, s. f.gout.

Gracidatore, a prattler, a babGonzo, a ninirr: a fool. Gotto, s. m. a drinking-glass, a bler, a blab. Gora, an aqueduct, a water


Gracile, adj. small, thin, lank, conduit, a water-pipe.- lioru Gotiúso, gouty, troubled with lean, meager, weak. nuorta, a pool of standing wa.

Gracilità, s. f. thinness, leanter --lora del mare, a guif. Governamento, s. m. . Gover- ners, meagerness. Górbiz, s. f. ferrel.lorbia di

Grada, s. f. gridiron. cama d'India, the ferrel of a Governale, s. m. helm, rudder raddággio,'s m. an agreeable cancoliorbia, the point of an of a ship.

thing. Obs. arrow,

Governare, to govern, to rule. Gradare, to descend or go Gorillo, s. m. a little water. to sway.---Govitnarc, io tre down by degrees. Obs. conduit or pipe.

pare, to take care, to manage, Gradaramente, adv. by de.. Gorga, s. f. thruat, gullet or to cultivate, to season.-loter grees. me.. and.

narc, to pay one off, to thrash Gradella, s. f. a hurdle, os rods


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a blab.

the gout.



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wattled together, a grate of hook.

\Granchio, s. m. a lobster, a iron or wood.

Gragnuola, o Gragpola, 5. f. hail, crevice, a crevice or cray• Gradevole, adj. grateful, agree

or small hail or drizzling. fish-Nuoro granchio, a dunce, able, acceptable.

Gramaglia, s. f. mourning a blockhead. -Granchio, Gradevolmente, adv. lovingly, clothes, weeds.

cramp.-Pigliar il granchio a courteously, williugly, with Graniánzia, s. f. necromancy. secco, to pinch one's finger.com a good will, freely.

Gramáre, to grieve, to vex, to Piglior il granchio, to mistake,
Gradimento, s. m. acceptance, make sorry, to give trouble. or be mistaken.-) gronchi
favour, kindness.
Oranıática, grammar.

coglion morder la balene, the Gradino, s. m. steps of stairs, Gramaticale,adj.grammatically. weakest attacks the strongest. or greeces of a ladder. Gramático, s. m. grammarian. -Cavare il granchio dalla buca Gradíre, to accept, to approve, Gramaticúzzo, s. m. a poor colle, muni d'altri, to make to allow or like of, to think grammarian, a silly pedant. cat's paw of one-Granchio, or judge best.Grud're, to Gramaticalmente, adv. gram

a hold fast, used by carpen. please, to satisfy, to content. matically.

ters.--Granchio, Cancer, one -Gradire, to go up or ascend Gramézzá, s. f. anguish, grief, of the twelve signs of the 20by steps. wretchedness, misery.

diac. Gradito, adj. accepted with Gramigna, s.' t. dog-grass, Granchiolino, diin. of Gran. pleasure; approved. weeds.

chio. Gradivamente, adv. for no- Gramignáto, adj. overgrown Grancia, s. f. a kind of ulcer thing, gratis. Obs. with bad herbs.

that comes in the mouth, Grado, s. m. step, stair, grefur. Gramigno, s. m. a kind of olive. Grancipórro, s. m. a great sea-btodo, degree, dignity. Gramignóso, adj. overgrown crab-Grancipórro, an error, Grado, a degree or remove of with dog.grass.

a mistake, a blunder - Pigliar consanguinity.- Grado, will, Gramignuola, dim. of Gramig- un granciporro, to make a blunaccord, pleasure. Come meglio na,

der, to be grossly mistaken. ti serà a grado, as you think Grammática, c. Gramatica. Grancire, to snatch, to hook. fit.-Di grado, adv. willingly. Gramo, adj. wretched, poor, Grande, nobleman, lord.–

-Mal grado, in spitellio sad, miserable, woeful, deplor Stare in s'ul grande, to be grave mal grado, against my will..-able.

and serious.--Far del grande, Grado, likeness, favour, bene- Gramola, s. f. an instrument to to carry it high, to affect to volence.-Cio mi viene a grado, knead dough..liramola, an he inore than what one is. that pleases me. I like it very instrument to mash flax with. Grandi di Spagna, the grandees well.-Presidkre a grado, to re- Gramoláre, to mash flax. of Spain. - I grandi d'un regno, ceive kindly or favourably.- Grampa, s. f. the paw of a the grandees or great men of Gredo, satisfaction, content. beast.

a kingdom, Grande, adj. Il tutto sarà a vostro grad), every Gramúlfa, s. f. cant.-- Farellar great, big, vast, huge, large. thing shall be to your satis- in gramuffa, tu talk gibberish. Grande, tall, high.-Grand, faction.---Grado, obligation, Grana, s. f. grain.-Tinto in grand, extraordinary,wondergratitude, acknowledgment. granı, dyed in grain. ful.-Granmercuto, very cheaf.

-Super grado, to take a thing Granájo, s. m. granary, the -Gren tempo fa, adv. long
kindly of one, to be obliged place where corn is kept. ago. Gran prezzo, adv. great
to him for it.Qugnulo vi surà Granajuólo, corn-factor, corn while..Grande, adv. greatly,
4 grado, when you will. ---Stau merchant, corn-chandler. very much, great deal.
Tete quanto a grado di sia, you Granáre, to kern or grain. Grandeggiáre, to play the great
may stay as long as you think Granáta, s. f. a broom, beasom man, to carry it high.

or besom. - Fisser di casa più Grandemente, adv. greatly.. Graduále, adj. gradual. che la granata, to be very fa Parlare grandemente, to speak Gradualmente, adv. gradually, miliar. --Granata, a granado. loud.

Granatáta, s. f. a blow with a Grandétto, adj. pretty big or Graduáre, to divide or make broom-stick.

tall. into steps.mbraduáre, to gra- Granatina, s. f. a little broom Grandezza, s. f. largeness, big, duate or give the degrees. or granado.

Dess, hugenees...-Grandezza, Graduatamente, adv.gradually, Granáto, $. m. granate, a sort greatness, dignity, nobleness, by equal steps:

of precious stone-Granato, grandeur. Graduíto, adj. divided or made pomegranate --Granato, adj. Grindia, s. f. Obs. 2. Graninto steps.---Grad:ráto, s. m. grained or kerned. --Granató, dézza, graduate.-Dottor graduato, a hard, strong:--Granate forze, Grandicello, adj. pretty big graduate. great strength.

Grandicciuolo, S. or tail. Grafliamento, s, m, a scratch or Granatúzza, s.f. a little broom. Grandigia, s. f.' haughtiness, scratching

Granbéatia, s. f. an imaginary pride, vain-glory:
Craffiante, adj. that scratches. four-footed beast.

Grandináre, to hail.
Graffiáre, to scratch

Grancévola, s. f. a kind of sea Grandinátó, adj. spoiled wiek
Graffiasánti, ani hypocrite. crab-fish.

| hail.
Graffiatúra, s. f. 1 a scratch. Granchiessa, 6. f. a she crevice Grándine, s. f. bail.-Grándine,
Graffio, s. m.
Gratto, or cray-lish

a little hard swelling is ihe

by steps.

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bunch of grapes.


cluster of grapes.---Nuoto! harrow. Grandinóso, adj. hailing, tem- grappolo, a fool, a dunce, a Graticcinóla, s. f. a little pestuous. blockhead.

hurdle or lattice. Grandioso, adj. great, haughty, Grappolúccio, dim. of Gráp- Graticola, s. f. gridiron. proud. polo.

Graticolétta, dim. of Gratico. Grandire, to augment, to ad- Gráscia, s. f. provision, all la. vance, to prefer.

sorts of victuals or other Gratisicáre, to gratify. Gratis Grandóre, Obs. v. Grandezza. things that belong to a man's ficáre, to accept, to like. Grandóne, adj. very great or sustenance.--Grasriu, money. Gratificazione, s. f. gratificatall.

Hirasciu, lucre, gain, protít. tion, gratuity, bounty, liberaGrandótto, adj. pretty big or -Grascia, a magistrate that lity, present. large.

has the charge to look over Gratis, adv. for nothing, gratis. Granduca, s m. the grand duke the markets, and that they be Gratitúdine, s. f. gratitude, of Tuscany. well served.

thankfulness, gratefulness, ac. Granducátó, s. m. the great Grascino, servant to a magis. knowledgment. duchy of Tuscany.

trate that has the care of fur- Grativo, adj. gratuitous. Obs. Granduchéssa, s. f. the grand nishing the town' with pro- Grato, adj. grateful, thankful, duchess of Tuscany. visions.

mindful of courtesies receivGranellotto, s. m.

small Gråspi, s. m. pl. the stalk of a ed.---liralo, acceptable, dear, Granellino, I grain.

agreeable.-bruto, bountiful, Granello, s. m. grain or corn, Grassaménc, adv. tаtness, with gracious, kind, courteous.--stone, kernel, berry, head.- fatness.

Grato, s. m. will, inclination, Granillo, grain, bit, any small Grassello, s. m. a bit of fat or pleasure. Obs.-Contrui'gralo, portion.--Cranc'lo duva, a suet.---Fico grasst l'o, a tig so against one's will. Obs. grapestone.

called.—Grassello, the flower lii gratı, adv. for nothing, Granellóso, adj. full of corn, of lime.

gratis, out of gratitude.grains or kernels.

Grassótto, adj. pretty fat. Gralo, gratitude, thankfulGranfátto, adv.certainly, sure-Grassézza, s. f. fatness. Gras- ness., ly

smica, abundance, plenty,store, Grattacápo, s. m. trouble, rexGranigióne, feeding,

copiousness, great quantity, ation, disturbance.---Dar il Graniménto, s. m. the act of - l'icellar per urasspizi, tu gruttorupo ad uno, to disquiet,

the seeds becoming grains. work for one's own pleasure to vex, to perplex, to make Granire, to secd.

Grasso), adj. lat.-Grasso, fat, one uneasy. Gránito, s. m. the name of a fertile, fruitful.- Torren grusso, Grattamento, s. m. scratching, very hard marble.

fat ground.-- Crusu braculo, seraping. Granitúra, s. f. v. Granimen- very fat.-- Pesto fu un patto Grattáre, to scratch, rub or

Lasso per voi, this was a good claw.-Grattur la ligna ad uno, Granmaestro, great master, bargain for you. --Girasso, to bang, to beat one. -- bratgreat man.----lirarmuestro di thick, muddy:ier grasso, lure, to scrape or rake off. Alalta, the grand master of a thick air.--lorusso, thick- Graltare, to play the hypoValta.

sculled, duncical, blockish, crite.-- Crollare gli orecchi, to Grammerc, gramercy, I thank clumsey.-Risa yrasso, a great tickle, to please one's ears, to you.--I'n granmerce, a gra- laughter.-Crasso, s. m. fat. flatter him.--lirattar (ore piz

-Polte del grusso o del mugro? zica, to scratch where it itches, Granmástro, r. Granmaestro. will you have fat or lean? lirattarsi la pancia, to be Granne, 3. Grande. Obs. Mangiar grasso, to eat flesh.idle, to stand with one's arms Grano,s.m.the wheat.-brano, Giorno di grasso, meat-day:

Egli a da grattare, grain.--Grano, a grain, a Grassóecio, adj. Furtish, inclin- he will have enough to do. weight.--Ogni uccel conosce il ing to fatness.

Grattatíccio, s. m. scratching. grano, every body knows Grassolino, the same as Grass - Ei non teme grattuticcio, he is what is good. sóccio.

not so soon afraid. Granóso, adj. full of grains. Grassóre, a very fat man. Grattatúra, s. f. a scratch. Grappáre, to grapple, to drag Grassutiino, adj. ?

Grattuggia, s. f. a grater. or catch with a hook, to : Grassotto,

Esser un cacio fra dhe grattage, spatch, to seize.

Girassoitóne, adj. very fat. to be between hawk and buzGrappélla, s. f, a kind of rai- Grásseila, s. f. a kind of fig so zard. --Gratlugia con graitsin. I called.

gia non facacio, two half moons Grappo, s. m. grappling, drag Gridsime, s. m. fit thing, fat cannot make a bulwark. ging or catching, snatching. Grasstra, } matters. Grattugiare, to grate.

-Dur di grappo, to grapple, Grasta, s. f. a flower-pot. Grattugina, dim. of Grattugia. to snatch, to lay hold. Gratis, s. f. a gridirun.-Grata, Gratuire, t. Gratificare. Obs, Grappo for Grápold, :. Gráp- grate, an iron grate. Gratuitamente, adv.freely, gram polo

Ciratamente, adv. gratefully. tis, for nothing. Grappolótto, dim, of Grap-! Gratella, E. Graticola. Gratuito, adj. gratuitous,freely Crappolino, 5 polo.

Graticcia, s. f. ?a hurdle, given. Grappolo, rai 2. bunch or Graticcio, s. Ir. S. lattice or Gratulársi, to congratulate, to




Ś pretty fat.

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