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rejoice with

trouble or disquiet of mind, pardoned. Gravaccio, adj. lumpish or anguish, veración.Giravezza, Grazios. ménte,adv.gracefully, heavy.

weariness, faininess, lassitude. agreeably, kindly.-- Craciunt Gravácciolo, adj. not very -Gravezza, fatigue, toil, munte, gratis, for nothing. heavy,

labour, difficulty, pains. Graziosità, s. f. gracefulness Gravamento, s. m. weight, Gracézze, wrong, injury: agreeableness, coneliness, burden.obravaménto, grievo Recarse a greaza, to take it grace, ance, oppression, tax, charge, as an affront.-Gratézza, gra- Grazióso, adj. graceful, come. load, surcharge.-Grazamento, vity, esteem, note, merit, ly, agreeable. Grazióso, kind, a seizure.

worth, account.--Grauxa, favourable, merciful, benign, Gravánte, adj. heary.

greatness,enormity.bravéz- gracious.-Grezioso, graceful. Gravánzia, ó Gravezza. Obs. za, tax, imposition, duty, cus thankful, acceptable..-1 onu Graváre, to aggravate, to

grazioso, a free gift.-Grazioso, trouble or give trouble. Gravieciuolo, adj. somewhat favourable, kind. Graváre, co oppress, to charge, l grave, somewhat heavy. Grazíre, to thank. Olys, to surcharge, to load._lra- Gravicembalo, e Gravicémbolo, Grecajuólo, he that anciently táre, to seize, to sequester or s. m. harpsichord.

sold in Tuscany Greek wine. take a pawn.-Gracire, to be Gravidaménto, s. m.

Grechésco, adj. Grecian, of

preg. heavy, weighty.- Questu man- Gravidanza, s. f.

Greece Grechesco, after the tello mi graca :rolto, this cloak Gravidézza, s. f. nancy.

manner of the Greeks. Lies very hea y upon me.-Gravido, big, full, laden. Greco, adj. Grecian, Greek.-: Grauite, to be sorry or vexed, Gracido, pregnant, big with Un Greco, s. m. a Greekto be grieved at. Vi grata child.

Greco, Greek wine.-- Greco, molto della ro tra disgraziu, I am Grávità, s. f. gravity, authori- north-east wind. Uva Greca, very sorry for your misfor- ty, majesty: liručiti, griev- Greek grape. tune--La sua lunga dimoru miousness, vexation, trouble. Grecolevante, s. m. north-east gsuva, his long stay makes me Gravitáre, to weigh.

wind. uneasy... lon ci gruci, be so cravosamente, adv.grievously. Gregário, adj. of the common kind.

Gravóso, adj. heavy, ponder- stock store, ordinary, Gravatívo, adj. that is heavy. ous, lumpish.--liraróso, mi-) common. Graváto, adj. laden, loaded.- serable, sad, tormented, af- Gregge, s. f. flock, herd, or L'aerc é gratato, 'tis cloudy.--| flicted. Gracóvu,troublesome, Gréggia,

$ drove.~Gregge, Gracato, offended, angry, in- tiresome, importunate, burs multitude, crowd..liregge, jured, ahused. Vitengo molto densome. - Bravóso, great, sheep-fold, cote. græato di voi, I think you have enormous, cruel. -Grutóso, Gréggio, adj. clownish, unwronged me much.

rigid, severe, hard, insuffer- polite, rude. Gravazióne, s. f. load, charge. able, intolerable.

Greggiuóla, s. f. a small Rock Grave, adj. heavy, weighty, Grázia, s. f. grace, agreeable. Grembialáta, v. Grembiata.

ponderous..-Grave, majesti- ness, gracefulness, comeliness. Grembiále, v. Grembiule. cal, grave, serious, sober. Grária, favour, goodness, Grembiáta, s. f, a lap full, an Cipudi, grievous, troublesome, bounty, love.--Esser in grazia apron full. burdensome.--- Men graze assari di qualcheduno, to be in favour Grembiále, s. m. mi fora, it would be less griera with one.---rária, request, | Grembiule,

an apron. ous to me.-Grace, hcary, petition, pardon, favour. Grembo, s. m. lap.Grembro, slow, dull.-lirax, stcady, Pure una cusa in grazia d'alcuno, middle.--In grembo de monti, firm, constant.---Grave, weigh- to doa thing upon somebody's in the middle of nountains. ty,important, of comequence.

account.--jrazia, thanks..----Grembo, the bosom or pale --Negozio grize, an importanti l'i rendu grazia, I thank you. of the church.-Grembo, affair.(rare, poignant,sharp,

- Voore so grado grazia, womb.-—Grembo, apron.abusive, offensive, unpleasant. I don't thank you for it. Dare, o fure una cosa a grembo -Età grare, old age. Maiatu Di gratin, adr. pray; I desire aperto, to give or do a thing

grave, dangerously ill. y0.1.-Mi dica di grazia, pray, willingly, with a good grace. Gravedine, s. f. pus, stuffing of tell me...Di grazia non mi Gremigna, Obs. v. Gramignaa the head, heaviness.

Tumper la testa, pr’ythec don't Grémio, v. Grembo. Obs. Gravemente, adv. grievously, din my brains.-Fur grazia, Gremire, to gripe, to snatch, heavily.- Gravemente, prodil to pardon, to forgive.-Gru- to seize with violence. giously, very much, dangerol ziu, benevolence, good-will,firemito, adj. thick, full, coverously, strictly, severely, ex kindness, love.Le Grazie, ed with.-- colli, e le cime de tremely.com Fairllare gravemente, Graces, three goddessesamong monti a modo di teatro eran greto talk seriously or learned- the Heathens.

mite di genti, the hills and the Graziale, ildj. favourable. Obs. tops of the mountains were Gravenza, s. f. grief, trouble. Graziáre, to favour, to privi- covered with people, as in an Obs.

lege, to be kind to..braziure, amphitheatre.-liremito, s, m. Gravétto, adj. dim. of Grave. to thank. Obs.

the key of a river or haven. Gravézza, S. f. heaviness, Grazito, adj. graceful, agree. Gréppia, s. f«a rack, a stall or weight, burden on Gracézra, able, received into favour, manger lor carile.



like fury:


Gréppa, s. f. the top of a Gridatrice, fem. of Gridatore. Griso, c. Grigio. Olus.
Greppo, s. m. hill or moun. Grido, s. m. cry, clamour, Grisólita, s. f. crysolyte, a,

tain. Greppo, a broken earth. | loud voice.-Grido, renown, Grisólito, s. mn. S precious stone
en pot. -Far greppo, to make fame, reputation, name, note. so called.
a mouth as children do before - E' un utomo di gran grido, he Grisopázio, s. m. á precious
they begin to cry:

is a very noted man.-Publico stone so called. Greto, s. m. key, 'shore, bank. grido, the common report. Grispignolu, s. M. sow-thistle, Il greto del mare, the sea Anılarsene presso alle grida, to (an herb). shore. -Greto, adj. thick, believe easily.- A grido, adv.Grófano, c. Garofano. muddy.

Oromma, s. f, tartar, argal. Grétola, s. f. bar, or cross bar Gridúre, 3. m. to cry. Obs. Gromma, mud. of a cage.----Grétola, way, Grieve, . Greve.

Grommáto, adj. full of tar. means, opportunity.—Trovar Grievemente, adv. grievously. Grommúso, le gretola, to find the oppor-Grifágno, adj. ravenous, rapa-Gronda, s. f.caves, house-eaves, tunity

cious.- lccello gifusno, a ra. gutters.--Gronda, the ridge of Grecóso, adj. full of gravel and venous bird.

the eye-lids.--Gronda, a kind sand, gravelly, gritty. Grifáre, to rub one another of tilc.-Gironda di pioggia, a Grettamente, adv. niggardly, with the snout, as hogs do. shower of rain. lironda di savingly, sparingly. Griffo, s. m. a grittim.

foglie, the shade of leaves. Grettézza, s. f. niggardliness, Grifo, s. m. the snout of a hog. Grondája, s. f. gutter.

peouriousness, covetousness. Grifo, face, mouth.-Diliberor Grondájo, s. m. the gutters Grettitúdine, s. f. leanness, pet- tulli tre di trovar modo du uy- Grondánte, adj. dropping. tiness of body, pettiness of nersi il grifo alle spese di Calan- Grondáre, to drop. mind, narrowness of soul. drino, all three resolved to Grondéa, s. f. the eaves of a Gretto, adj. stingy, niggard. tind a way how to fill their house, gutters. Greve, adj. heavy, ponderous, bellies at the expence of Ca- Crondeggiárc, . Grondare. weighty-brevi, grievous, landrino.-Torcire il grifo, to Grongo, s. m. a sea-fish so troublesome, sad. Jer greve, gris, to make faces.

called. thick, cloudy air.---lireve, Grifóne, a grillin.--Dure un gri- Groppa, s. f. crupper or rump. noisy, terrible, frightful.. fone ad uno, to give one a slap --Pirture in groppa, to take Ruppemi l'alto sonno un greve on the chops.

one up behind on horseback. tuono, a terrible thunder a- Grigio, gray, grizzle.

- Cavallo che porta in groppa, waked me from my profound Grillája, s. f. a barren place a horse that carries doublesleep.

Grillánda, s. f. a garland. Non sono uomo che portiin groppe, Greveménte, t. Gravemente. Grillanditta, a small garland. I am not a man to bear an Grezzo, adj. coarse, clownish, Grillante, adj. that begins to affront. rustical, unpolished, unpolite, boil.

Groppiéra, s. f. crupper, a rude. Diamento grezzo, a Grilláre, to simper, to begin to rough diamond.


Groppo, s. m. knot, bunch, Griccióne, So m. a kind of Grilletto, s. m. a little cricket. knob.. Groppo di gente, a water-fowl.

-Grilletto, a trigger, a trigger! handful of people. Lele. Gricciolo, s. m. spurt, start of of a gun.

grime le cuscano dagli uochi e fancy, fit, maggot, whim.--- Grillo, s. m. a cricket, a grass- groppo, the tears streamed Doue li tocca il gricciolo, when hopper-Willo, a kind of down from her eyes.-Groppo a whim comes in his head. warlike enginetobatter walls. di cento, a whirlwind, a gust Grida, s. f. an edict, procla -Grillo, maggot, whim, or gale of wind. Soluere il mation or placart.c--Lasciare spurt.- Pigliare il grillo, to gropio, to resolve or clear a nlle grida, to do a thing rash- take pepper in the nose, to question, or a doubt.-Groppo, ly.

Ny out in a passion.- l'on mi a bag full of money. Gridaménco, u, Gridata. fáte salture il grillo, don't pro-firoppóne, s. crupper of a Gridánte, adj. crying, calling voke me, don't make me an. horse, a rump of a fowl.

gry-Grillo, a block to play Groppóso, adj. knotted, full of Gridáre, to cry, or cry out, to at howls with.

knots. bawl.-Ciridur merce, to beg Grillolino, s. m. dim. of Grillo. Grossa, s. f. quantity, abunone's life.-Gridar a curr' wino, Grillóne, s. 01. a large grass. dance, a great many, a world. to call for help.-Cridare, to hopper.

-Grossa, a gross, twelve cry or proclaim, to divulge, Grilotalpa, 4. f. a kind of in- dozen.-(russa, the main or to discover.Gridáre, to per- sect, so callal.

principal part of a history.suade, to lead, to induce Grimaldéllo, s. m, a pick-luck, Adesso enito nella grossa, now Gridare, to scold, to chide, to Grimo, u. Grinzo.

comes the best.--Alla grassa, dispute. Gridáre, to show... Grinza, s. f. wrinkle.

coarsely, grossly. Dormir Gridáre, 10 murmur, to purl. Grinza, adj.) wrinkled, full of nella grossa, to sleep the third Gridáta, s. f. cry.-Far griduta, Grinzóso,' s wrinkles.---'a- tirne, speakiog of the silkto make a noise.

care il corpo di grinte, to eat worms -- Dormir nella grosse, Gridatóre, a crier, a bawler one's belly full.

to sleep soundly --Grossa d'un Cridature, a common-crier, Grippo, s, in a kind of ship. fume, üresilowing of a river.

horse's crupper:


fu, Grossezza.



Orossáccio, adj. ill-shaped | bungler. Egli è molto grosso Gruppo, v. Groppo. through fatness.

nel parlare, he is very rough Gruva, s. f. v. Grú. Obs. Grossagrána, s. f. a kind of in his discourse.-Vendere in Gruzzo, s, m, a heap, a pile, a cloth made of silk and goat's grosso, to sell by wholesale.hoard. hair.

Mercante in grosso, wholesale Grúzzolo, s. m. a hoard of Grossamente, adv. pleatifully, merchant.

money, a treasure. in great quantity Grossa-Grossolanamente, adv. coarse - Guadagna, v. Guadagno. Os ménte, severely, rigidly. iy, clownishly

Guadagnábile, adj. that is to Grossamente, grossly, coarsely. Grossolano, adj. coarse, thick, be won or gotten.- -Terre Grosseggiare, to carry it high, rough, homely. -Donna gros- guadagnabile, fruitful land. to brave it.

solana, an homely woman. Guadagnaménto, v. Guadagno. Grosseréllo, adj.dim. of Grosso. Grossone, s. m, á coin so call- Guadagnáre, to get or gain. Grosserello, simple, weak, silly, ed.

Guadagnare, to deserve.-Guas coarse, gross, material. Grossótto, adj. pretty thick or dagnare una persona, to prevail Grosseria, s. f. dulness, awk. fat.

upon or with one, to draw wardness. Grossúme, s. m.

one in.Guadagnar di peccato, Grossetto, adj. v. Grosserello. Grossúra, s. f. }

to get any thing by prostituGrossézza, s. f. bigness, thick.Grotta, s. f. grot, grotto, cave,

tion. Guadagnarsi la vita, to hess.--Grossézza, pregnancy. Grotta, a steep, rugged | get one's livelihood.--Gundage -Grossezza, simplicity, awk- place.-Grolla, the edge, or nare insegna a spendere, he who wardness. ---Grossezza, materidge of land.

gets the money knows how riality, coarseness, thickness. Grottésco, adj. grotesque. to spend it.-Guadagnare una Grossiére, s. m. a workman, a Grotticélla, s. f. a small den, a like, to gain a lawsuit. tradesman.Grossiére, adj. little grot.

Guadagnatore, s. m. a gainer, gross, clownish, rude, dull. Grótto, s. m. a large water- Guadagnatrice, s. f.) a wigo? Grisso, s. m. the thickest or fowl that brays like an ass. biggest part of a thing.-12 Grottóso, adj. full of grots, Guadagneria, s. f.covetousness, grosso della gamba, the calf of caverns or dens.-Grottoso, greediness, avarice, immode ihe leg. mail grosio, the body hollow, cavernous.

rate desire of gain. or principal part of, the Grovigliuola, s. f. a twining or Guadágno, s. m. gain, profit, bulk. Il grosso d'un esercito, twisting.

lucre... Mettersi e guadagno, the body of an army.com? Grù, s. f. ?

ta prostitute one's self. Dare

crane, a bird grosso della gente, the general- Grúa,

a guadagno, to give at interest.

called. ity of people. Grosso, the Grúe,

Mettere a guadagno, to put thickest part, the heaviest Grúccia, s. f. a crutch.-Gruc at interest.Andare a guadagpart. Il grosso d'ogni cosa li. cia, an instrument to plant no, to carry a mare to be guida va al fondo, the grossest layers. Tenere in fulla gruccia, horsed.arar guadagno d'una part of any liquid thing goes to keep in suspense. cosa, to get or obtain a thing. to the bottom.--Grosso, chick. Grufuláre, to paddle or pudder Guadagnúccio, s. in. small ness. Il grosso d'un albero, the as a dog does with his snout; Guadagnúzzo, $ gain or Body of a tree.----Grosso, a to grunt.

profit. piece of money worth about Gruga, s. f. v. Grú. Obs. Guadáre, to ford, to wade, to


wade over. adj. , huge, large.

Guado, s. f. a kind of fishing Grosso, thick, coarse. l'oce Grugníto, s. m. the grunting net. grossa, rough voice.-Crussa, of swine.

Guado, s. m. a ford, a shallow with child. Crossa di tre mesi, Grugno, s. m. snout or muzzle place where one may go over that has gone three months of a swine.-Fure il grugno, to without a ferry boat.Grado, with child. -Grosso, high, pout, to look gruff.

passage, way, avenue.-Romoverflowing Mar grossu, Grullo, adj. sleepy, drowsy. pere il guado, to do or under high, rough sea.--Il ditogrosso, Gruma, s. f. v. Gromma. take a thing before any body the thumb.-Grosso, coarse. Grumáto, s. in. a kind of mush- else.luado, woad.Guada. -Punno grosso, coarse cloth.

the way or course of a man's -Virande grosse, coarse meat, Grumetto, s. m. a little lump, life. butcher's meat. Il grosso,

or clot, a little blood clotted. Guadóso, adj. fordable. adv. in general, ler grosso, Grumo, s. m. a lump, a clot, Guaglianza, Agguaglianza. to drink without discretion. clotted blood.

Obs. -Grosso, large, great.-Camo Grumolo, s. m. a cabbage or Guagnelésia, Vo Vangelista. para grossa, a great bell. Vila lettuce head.

Obs. lazzo grosso, a large town.-Grumóso, adj. clotted, thicken- Guagnélo, v. Vangelo. Obs. Salurio grosso, great wages. ed, grumous.

Alle Guagnėle, by the Gospel. Grosso,thickclose.--- 4er grosso, Gruogo, s. m. saffron --liruogo Guaime, s. m. grass of the a thick air.-Grosso, clownish, salintico, bastard saffron, mock second crop. silly, foolish, ignorant, dull, satiron.

Guaina, s. f. a sheath.-Tal unpolite.-Uomo di grosso in- Gruppetto, 6. m. a liitic kooi guaina tal coltello, such a geno, a thick-skulle man, a or lump.

master, such a servant.-


of a gun.



Kender polioli per guain, to challenge.

tection, tuition, guardianship render like for like.

Guarágno, 8. m. a stallion. ---Guardia, vigilance, watch. Grainajo, s. m. a sheath-Guaraguásto, s. m. a certain fulness, carefulness, wariness, maker.

herb that produces yellow | diligence, circumspection.-Guijo, s, m. wailing, crying flowers.

Guardia, defence, guard.out or yelling of a dog when Guaraguáto, s. m. a guard or Guardia, guards. Corpo de beat, howlivg-Guajo, mis- sentinel. Obs.--Stare a gora guardia, corps de guard, or fortune, disaster, trouble, mi- ragato, to stand sentry. Obs. guard-bouse. ---Terra o luogo di Hery, calamity, woe.Guajo, Guadacúrpo, s. m. a soldier of guardia, a fortified town or adv. tiercely, cruelly, barba- the prince's guard, a yeoman place. Prender guardia, ta rously.---- Punger a guajo, to of the guard.

take heed, to have a care.pain, to grieve cruelly. Guardacuore, s. m. a kind of Guardia, guard in fencing: Guai, rexations, griets, afflic vest used by women.

Mettersi in guardia, to put one's gions, sorrows.Guai, woe.-- Guardadonna, s. f. a murse. self in guard.--Torre di guarGrai a voi se non fate quel che vi Guardagóte, s, m, a kind of dia, a watch tower.lourdia comando, woe to you if you mask or hood used in crossing | duna hrigtia, the branches of dou't do what I bid you.-

high and cold mountains. a bridle. Guardia di spada, Guai, alas-luas a me, poor Guardamácchie, s. f. the guard! the bilt of a sword. me!

Guardianeria, s. m, the office Guajoláre, to wail, to cry, to Guardamento, s. m. look. of the guardian. Guaire, yawi or yell, to Guardamento, a place to keep Guardiáno, keeper, guardian, bowl. things safe in.

-Gvardiano, the guardian or Gualchićra, s. f. a calender or Guardanappa, s. f. napkin, superior of monastery, clothpress, a tueker's milt. Guardanappo, s. m. or tow among some orders of monks, Gualcire, to handle, to touch el.

Guardinfánte, z. Guardanfante, often.

Guardanáso, s. m. a kind of a Guardingamente, adv, cauci. Gualdása, s. f. crowd, multi- mask.

ously, warily. zude, troop, band, squadron. Guardanfánte, e Guardinfante, Guardingo, adj. cautious, Obs.

s. m. a woman's hoop. heedful, wary.-Anduir guare Gualdráppa, e, f. a housing, or Guardanídio, s. m. a nest-egg dingo, to proceed cautiously, horse-cloth.

Guardáre, tu look, see or be Ljuardingo, s. m. fortress, Cuale, adj. Obs. equal, even. hold, to look upon.--Guar- tower, citadel. Obs. Gualércio adj, nasty, dirty, dire, to keep, or preserve.- Guardo, $. m. look, sight. Gualérchio, slovenly, Guardure, to guard, keep, de- Guardo, look, aspect, mien, or greasy, loathsome,

fend, or look after unite countenance. Gyaloppáre, to gallop. Ohs. dán, to have a care, to take Guarentáre, Guarentire. Gualóppo, s. m. gallop. Obs. hecd.--Quarture a' fatli vosuri, Obs.

- Andar di gualoppo, to gallop. mind your business.--Non Guarentia, s. f. guarantee, Guánoco, s. m. a beast so call- guardandosene egli il si pigliare, Guarentigia,

surety, des ed.

he caused him to be taken fence. Guancia, s. f. cheek.

unawares.-Guardáre, to con- Guarentíre, to warrant, de Guancialáta; s. f. a blow given sider, to regard, to reflect, to fend, secure, or protect. with a pillow.

have a regard in, to mind.- Guarinto, s. m.v. Guarentigia, Goanciále, s, m. a pillow.- Guardure, to guard, deliver, Obs. Guanciale, that part of the defend, or assure.--huurdire, Guári, adj. much, long, many, belinet which covers the to forbear, to desist from, to Puesto libro non é suuri pizz check. --Tenere il copo in mezzo

let alone.-Guardar le feste, to bcllo del inion, this book is not e due guanciali, to be in safc- keep holy-days. Civardúre m much handsomer than mine. ty.

su, to look up.-ljuurdare in - Von stari guru a tenire, he Guanciakétto, s. m. a little giu, to look down.-livardire won't be long a coming. pillow. . uttorno, to look about.

Guuri a temjo, great while. Guanciáta, s. f. a box, cuff or Guardaroba, s. f. wardrobe. - Guari non è, it is not long blow on the ear.

Guardarība, the master of the since. Guanciatína, dim. of Guan- wardrobe.

Guarigione, s. f. cure, recovery'; ciata.

Guardatóre, s. 91. beholder. healing.
Guancióne, s. m. r'. Guancia- Guarulóve, a keeper, guar-Guariménto, s. m. cure.

dian, preserver, detender, pro-Guarire, to cure or heal. Guantájo, s, m, a glover.

Guarve, to bę well again, to Guantiéra, s. f. a casc to keep Guardatrice, s. f. a preserver, recover one's health. gloves or other such things a koeper, a protectress.

s. f. in. Guante, s. in. glove.-Dar nel nance, eye, aspect, semblance. Guarnaccone, a large nightguanto, to fall into the spares. Guardia, s. f. guard. -liser di gown. L'amor pussail guanto,among guariin, to be upon guard. -- Guarnello, 5. m. sustian.-Cr friends no need of ceremonies. Far la guardiu, to watch. arnelli, a lustian gown. Hollandare it guauto, to ser:d a Guardid, cure, custody, pro-Guarnigione, i, Guernicione.



, Sal. cook, counte- Guarniccia; -;} night-gowina


Guastadetta, s. f. 7 a little de



Guarnimento, s. m. furniture, lan guasto, a mad dog. Guernitúra, s. f.) ornament, ornament.-Guarniménto, for- Uom grasto, a man in love. Guernizione, Š trimming, tification, defence, muni- Guastamento, s. m. a prying, furniture. tion

looking, spying, watching. Guerra, s. f.war.-Guerra, verGuarnire, u. Guernire. Guatáre, to pry into, to look, ation, trouble, sorrow, disGuarnitúra, o. Guernitúra. to spy, to watch,,to peep.- quiet.-Far la guerra ad uno, to Guarnizione, c. Guernizione. Guutur di mal occhio, to look trouble, disquiet, or vex one. Guascappa, s. f. kind of dress upon with an ill eye.

-Guerra, strife, enmity, conno longer in use.

Guatatrice, she that beholds tention, discord, jarring.Guascherino, adj. an epithet or admires.

Guerra, fatigue, toil, hardship, given to birds that cannot Guatatúra, s. f. look, counte trouble.---Guerra, hindrance, yet fly for want of feathers.

obstacle..Dentro v'entrammo Guası o, adj.?

Guato, s. m. snare,

ambush. senza alcuna guerra, we went in Guascóne,' born in Gascony. Guatteráccio, a nasty sloven, without any obstacle.--, Guascotto, adj. half roasted or seullion.

Guerra rolla,

open, declared boiled, half done. Guatterino, dim. of Guattero. Guerra viti,

war. A guerra Guastada, s, f. a decanter. Guáttero, a scullion, a kitchen-Guerra aperta, finita, to death, drudge.

mortally:--Odiare uno a guerra Guastadina, Guazza, s. f. dew.

finita, tó hate one to death or Guastadúzza, si

Guazzabúglio, s. m. mixture, mortally.-l'omo di guerra, a Guastaféste, a disturber, a medley, mash, hodge-porch.

soldier. trouble feast.

Guazzáre, to shake, jog, toss Guerreggévole, adj. warlike, Guastamento, s. m. marring, or jolt.-Guazzare, to wade, inartial. Wasting, destruction, havock, to ford.-Guazzare un crizilo, Guerreggevolménte, adv. like devastation.

to bring a horse to the water. a war, in a wariike manner. Guastamestiére, s. f. he that Gunscure, to rejoice, to cheer Guerreggiamćnto, s. m. the undertakes to do a thing he up, to be merry, to take one's act of making war. knows nothing of. pleasure.

Guerreggiante, adj. making Guastáre, to spoil, to undo, to Guazzatojo, s. m. a watering ruin, to confound.-Guastare, place.

Guerreggiáre, to make war.to spoil, to mar, corrupt, de- Guazzeróne, s. m. the lappet Guerreggiáre, to contend, to prave or debat:ch.-Guastare, or flappet of a gown, the strive, to struggle, to quarrel, to rot, to grow rotten, to pu- guard, hem, or fringe of a to debate, or dispute.--Guertrify.—Guustare, to dissipate, garment, a jag, a piece or reggiáre, to carry arms for a to waste, consume, spend, snip.

prince or nation.-- Guerregsquander, destroy:-Guasture, Guazzétto, s. m. minced meat, giáre, s. m. war. to execute, to hang.-Guastut a hash, a ragoo.

Gucrreggiatore, a warrior.com la fama d'uno, to ruin one's Guazzo, s. m. a ford. Passare Guerreggiatore, a quarrelsome reputation.-Guastar il merca un fume a guazzo, to ford a man or fellow, lo, to come upon another river.

Gucrreggiatrice, a warrioress, man's bargain.-Guastarsi, to Guazzóso, adj. dewy.--Guasco a female champion. hurt, to break, to maim, to so, splashy, waterish, fenny, Cuerrésco, adj. warlike, fit sprain or misplace any joint mcorish, full of water, wet, for war. of une’s body, to burst his damp.-Tempo guarzoso, rainy Guerriáre, v. Guerreggiare. cods, for a woman with child weather.

Obs. to miscarry. Gueffa, s. f. a cage.

Guerricciuola, dim. of Guerra. Guastatore, a spoiler, a waster Gueffo, s. m. a spout in a wall Guerriére, s. m. or destroyer.luastatóre, a left on purpose. Obs. Guerriero,

a warrior. squanderer, a spendthrift-Guelfo, adj. Guelfian, of the Gufáccio, s. m. a large owl. Guastatúre, pioneer. Guelf party.

Guitáre, lo mock, to scoff. Guastatrice, a bad house wife. Guercio, adj. squint-eyed, that Gufo, s. m. an owl.-Gufo, a Guastatúra, s. f. ö. Guasta looks askew, one eyed.

dunce, a ninny. Guastíme, s. m. inento. Guerigióne, ö. Guarigióne. Giglia, s. f. an obelisk.-GugGuasto, s. m.

spoil, havock, de Gueriinánto, c. Guarimento. lia, a needle. sulation, pillage, ransacking.–Guerire, v. Guarire. Gugliáta, s. f. a needleful. Dare il guasto, to lay waste or Guernigióne, s. f. a garrison.- Guglietta, s. f. a little ubelisk. desolate. Mellere a guasto, to Guernicimne, a fortified place. Guida, s. f. guide, leader, conpillage.--Menare a guasto, to Gurnigióne di statr, summer

ductor. spoil. Non fur guasto d'una quarters for soldiers.--(iuer-Guidaggio, s. m. toll, custom. ' cusu, to lay a thing aside, not nigione di terno, winter quar-| Guidajuóla, s. f. a ram or bella to make use of it.-litasto, 1 ters.

wether, a ringleader. adj. spoiled, corrupted,rotten. Guernimento, v. Guarnimento. Guidalésco, s. m, a fraction, -l'in guasto, sour wine, Guernire, to store, furnish, or gallings on a horse's back. Mondo guasto, wicked world. provide with ammunition.- Guidamento, s. m. the act of

uusto, lame, maimed. Guernire, to adorn, tu trim, to guiding. Creslo,ruined, desolate, waste. furnish,

Guidante, adj. that leads. VuL. I.



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