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Guidardonamento, s. m. re- Gustáccio, s. m. a depraved | I libri, the books. ward, recompense.

Jacére, v. Giacere. Obs. Guidardonáre, to reward, to Gustamento, s. m. taste, tasting. Jacinto, s. m. hyacinth, a recompense.

Gustáre, to taste, to relish. flower of a purple colour; Guidardone, s. m. reward, re- Gustaióre, a relisher, a taster. also a precious stone. compense, querdon.

Gustatrice, fern. of Gustaiore. Jaculatório, adj. jaculatory, Guidare, to guide, to lead, to Gustévole, adj. deligiilu 10;Laculo, s. m. a serpent that sudconduct.--Guidare, to guide, the taste, pleasant, agreeable. denly shoots himself. to govern, to manage. Gusto, s. m. taste, palate.-- Jade, s. f. Hyades, seven stars Guidatore, a guide or leader, Custo, taste, trial.-Gusto, sa in the head of the bull, tutor, guidance, the head or tisfaction, pleasure, delight.- which always bring rain. chief.

Ho gran gusto di rerderci, I am Jámbico, s. m. iambic, a kind Guidatrice, s. f. a tutoress, or very giad to see you.

of verse used by the Greek governess.

Gustosaménte, adv. pleasantly, and Latin poets. Guiderdinamento, o. Guidar- agreeably.

Jambo, s. m. iambus, an iamdone.

Gustoso, adj. savoury, pleasant, bic foot in verse, consisting Guiderdonáre, 0. Guidardo- agreeable.

of two feet, the first short and Gutto, s. m. a kind of vessel 50 the other long Guiderdonatore, remunerator, called.

Jaro, s. m. the herb wako rewarder.

robin. Guiderdunatrice,

Jáspide, s. m. jasper. trix, she that rewards.

l'ato, s. m. hiatus, an openGuiderdóne, v. Guidardone.

H. Guidóne, a rogue, a cheat, a

Jattanza, s. f. jactation, vainknave.


Ś glory, vainGuidoneria, s. f. roguery,

boasting: roguish trick, knavery.

H Begies no radical word in Jattúra, 3. f. loss, damage. Guggia,s . f. the upper-leather Italian, therefore writers have Ibérno, adj. winterly. Poet. of a slipper or shoe.-Guingia thought fit to suppress it; but leneumúne, . m. a rat in di sandulo, the strap of a san. being joined with the letters Egypt, which steals into the dal-Guiggit,thestrap-braces C, G, and the vowels E, I, by crocodile's mouth, and eating of a shield.

putting the H between C or his bowels kills him. Guigliardóne, v. Guidardone. G, and the vowels E and I, it Iconómaco, adj. averse to imaGuigliardonáto, adj. rewarded. makes the same sound as ges, iconoclast. Obs.

when the said two consonants Iconómica, s. æconomy. Guíndolo, s. a rice or are joined with A 0 U, ex. Obs. reel.

Chino, Cheto, Gherone, Ghiro; Icónomo, s. m. good husband. Guinzaglio, s. m, a leash for pronounce it thus; Kino, &c. Obs. dogs.

We make use of it in the be- Idatide, s. f. hydatides, watery Guisa, s. f. way, manner, fa- ginning of some words to blisters in the eye-lids. shion.In nissuna guisa, by suppress the equivocal signiti Iddea, s. f. Goddess. Obs.

cation, which the word might Iddeo, God. Obs.

have if it was written with- Iddía, Goddess, Obs. adv. like so. A guisa,

out H,er. Anno, a year, Hanno, Iddio, God -Iddio non voglia, Guito, adj. nasty, dirty, greasy, they have, Ho, I have, Ha, he God forbid. Glthy.

or she has. It is used also in Idéa, s. f. idea, image, or any Guizzánte, adj. gliding, sliding. some words for aspiration, ex. thing conceived in the mind. -Guizzante, flying, swift. Beh, but it is never pronounc- Ideále, adj. ideal, of or belongGuizzáre, to glide or slide, as ed, having absolutely nosound ing to an idea, - fishes do in the water.-Guit in our language.

Ideáre, to imagine, to form un dardo, to twang a

ideas. dare.

Mldentità, s.f. identity, the sameGuizzo, s. m. the sliding of a

ness of a thing. fish in the water, or of a snake


Idi, s. m. ides, eight days backor col upon the ground.

wards to the end of the nones Guitzo, adj.flaggy, lither, lank, limber, weak, wrinkled, wi

Idióma, s. m. idiom, peculiar thered.

I Sounds always in Italian like manaer of expression in any Gumédra, s. f. a ludicrous word, I in the beginning of any language. signifying some great beast. English words that derive Idióta, adj. idiot, silly, foolish. Gúmina, v. Gomena.

from the Latin, ex. intelligi -Idióta, an idiot, a fool, a Gurge, s. m. a whirlpool. Obs. bile, intelligible, ignominioso, ninny. Guscio, cod, bark, shell.-G2- ignominious.), instead of Idiotaggine, s. f. foolishness,

cathe body of a coach, the to; I.-I venni, 1 came. ignorant simplicity: bulkan Guscio, the I, an article of the nom. or acc. Idiotismo, s. m. idiotism, a pro.

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Illumáre, r. Allumare. place.

Ignávo, adj. worthless, vile, Illuminaménto, s. m. t. IllumiI'dola, v. Idolo. Obs. contemptible.

nazione, Idoláre, t. Idolatrare. Igne, s. f. fire. Obs.

Illuminánte, adj. thrat enlightIdolatóre, s. m. idolater. I'gneo, adj. igncous, iiery. Idolátra, o. Idolatro.

ignicolo, s. m. a spark of fire. Illumináre, to illuminate, to Idolatráre, to commit idola- Ignito, adj. fiery, burning.! enlighten, to set off.--I hunia


nure, to make comprehend. Idolátre, v. idolatro. Ignobile, adj. ignoble, of mean Iuninativo, adj. illuminative, Idolatria, s. f. idolatry, idol Lirth.

that enlightens. worship

Ignobilità, s. f. ignobility, base. Maminatore, he that illumiIdolátrio, adj. of or belonging ness of birth.

nates or enlightens. to an idol.

Ignócco, adj. stupid, silly.es Illuminatrice, she that enlightIdolatro, s. m. idolaster, idola- ignominia, s. f. i uominy. tor, a worshipper of idols. Ignominiosaménte, ignorini- Illuminazione, s.f. illumination, Idolétto, s. m. idolet, a little ously,

lights.---Tuinazione, illumiidol.

ignominióso, adj. ignominious. nation, inspiration. I'dolo, s. m. idol, image or sta- ignorantávoine, ignorance, Ilusióne, s. f. illusion, cheat, tue of false deities.com Idolo, rudeness, clownishness. false representation. idol, an object that one is ignorante, adj. ignorant, un- Muiso, adj. deluded, cheated, fond of. learned, illiterate.

mocked. Idoneamente,adv.conveniently, Ignorantello, adj. silly, foolish, Illusóre, a cheat, a deceiver ; a fitly, aptly. pedantic.

scoffer. Idoneità, s. f. idoneity, fitness, Ignorantemente, ignorantly. Illustramento, r. Illustrazione. aptness. Ignorantóne, a great sot.

Illustrante, adj. that explains. Idóneo, adj. idoneous, capable, Ignoránza, s. f. ignorance. Illustráre, to illustrate, to give fit, proper, convenient. Ignoráre, to be ignorant of.- light, to make clear.---.llusa Idra, s. f. hydra, a fabulous ignorato unknown,hidden,hid. tráre, to illustrate or explain. serpent; also one of the south- Ignotainénte, unknowingly. --Nustráre, to make famous ern constellations.

Ignóto, adj. unknown, private, or illustrious. I'dria, a kind of vase to contain


Illustratúre, he that illustrates, water, a kind of pitcher. Ignudáre, to strip naked. explains, or enlightens. Idrománte, hydromant, a sooth- Ignudáto, adj. naked. Illustrazione, s. f. illustration, sayer by water.

Ignúdo, adj. naked, bare.--18 explanation. Idromanzia, s. f. hydromancy,

nudo nato, stark naked.-Ig- Illústre, adj. illustrions, emidivination by water.

niedo, deprived, necessitous, 'nent, noble, noted, great, conIdroméle, 3. m. hydromel, a in want, in inisery.

siderable. decoction of honey and Ignúao, somebody.

Illustreménte, adv. magnifiwater.

Iguále, adj. equal, alike. Obs. cently, nobly, Idrópico, adj. hydropical. Igualmenie, adv. equally. 05. Il perchè, wly, therefore.---SX Idropisia, s. f. dropsy. Iguan'a, s. f. a kind of watery il perchè? do they say upon Jejáno, s. m. jejunum, a gut so lizard.

what account? called, because it is always Ilarità, s. f. mirth, picasantness, Imige, '. Immagine. Obs. empty.

fecundity, cheerfulness. Imagináre, z. Immaginare, and Temále, adj. winterly, hyemal. lacciare, v. Inlacciare. all its derivatives. Jena, s. f. 'a beast like a wolf, Illanguidire, to languish, to Imbacuccáre, to put on a hood with a mane like a horse, hy-1 grow sick, feeble or tuint. Or cowl.

Niazione, s. f. inference, con- linbagnaićnto, s. m. moisture, Jera, s. f. a kind of electuary.

clusion, consequence:

dampness. Not used. Jerarchía, v. Gerarchia. Illecitamente, adv. unlawfully. Imbagnáre, to wet, to bathe, Jerátte, s. m. a kind of preci-Wlécito, adj. unlawful.--I'lécilo, to damp. Not used. ous stone so called.

s. m. an unlawful, villainous, Imbalconáto, adj. red or flesh Jeri, š. m. yesterday. or wicked action, a villany. coloured.--kosu imbalconata,

a damask rose. Jerlaltro, the day before yester- Illéso, adj

. unhurt, unoflended, day.


Imbaldanzire, to embolden, to Jermattina, yesterday morn- Ulibato, adj. unspotted, un- give spiriis. ing tainted.

in.baldanzito,adj.bold,spright. Jernotte, last night. Illiberále, adj. illiberal.

Iv. Jeroglífico, s. m.cypher, a kind Illibitamente, adv. unlawfully. Iraballáre, to pack up. of a short-hand, hierogly-obs.

Imbalordire, to stun. phic. Ilícito, u. Illécito.

Imbalsamáre, to embalm. Jerséra, last night.

Illimitáto, adj. boundless, un- Imbalsimáre, 0. Imbalsamare. Ignáro, adj. ignorant.


Imbalsimíre, to become bal. ignatóne, s. m. a great eater, Illiquidire, to turn liquid. and also a worthless fellow. Illudere, to illude, to delude, Imban bacolláto, adj. with the Ignávia, s. f. ignorance, worth. to jcer.

head covered,,Obs.



Imbambagelláto, adj. soft, de-thing on which one has chan- | Imbiadáto, adj. sown with licate. Obs.

ced, that keeps one from pro-corn. Imbambolire, to be moved, gression.

Imbiancamento, s. m. whitenconcerned, affected. Imbavagliáre, to cover one's ing, white-washing.-- ImbianImbandigicnc, s. f. the set- head, that one may not see, to comento, deceit, fraud, guile, Imbandiméuto, s. m. S ting of muffie one's face.

cunning, cheat. the dishes on the table at a Imbaváre, to slabber.

Imbiancáre, to whiten, to feast.

Imbeccáre, to bill, as birds do blanch, to white-wash.-ImImbandire, to get a great din- to their young.-- Imberrare, to biancáre, to grow white or ner ready

instruct, to teach privately, to grey.-Imbiancáre, to explain, Imbarazzare, to cumber, to give private instructions. to expound, to make plain or perplex, to trouble, to con- Imbeccáta, s. f. a bill-full. clear. found.

Pigliur l’mbeccuta, to take a Imbiancatore, a white-washer. Imbarazzarsi, to entangle one's bribe.--Piliare un'imbecenta, Imbiancatúra, s. f. washing, self.

to catch a cold. — Imbeccato, Imbietolire, to swoon away for Imbarazzo, $. m. confusion, adj. ied with the bill.

pleasure. trouble of mind.-Imbarázzo, Imbecheráre, to suborn, to Imbiettáre, to put in a wedge, disorder, confusion, intricacy, bribe, to decoy.

to cleave with a wedge. embarrassment, hindrance. Imbeciile, adj. weak, puny, in Imbiondire, to make fair-]nImbarberescáre, to suggest, to body or mind.

biondire, to grow fair. prompt. A low word,

Imbecillità, s. f. imbecility, Imbisacciáre, to put in a sack Imbarberire, to grow cruel and weakness, feebleness. or bag. barbarous.

Imbélle, adj. coward, weak, Imbisogníto, adj. busy, occuImbarberíto, adj. barbarous, fainthearted, fearful, without pied. Obs. cruel.

wit or experience, unarmed. Imbiutáre, to daub or plaister. Imbar bogire, to dote through Imbellettáre, to paint, said of Obs. old age.

women that paint their faces. Imbizzarriménto, s. m. waspImbarbottáto, adj. made as a Imbellire, to embellish, to a ishness. barbotta, which is a kind of dorn, beautify, or grace.

Imbizzarrire, to fall into a viship.

Imbendáre, to bind, to dress olent passion. Imbarcáre, to embark, to ship. the head.

Imboccare, to feed, to cram, to -Imbarcarsi, to embark, to Imbérbe, adj. beardless for want put into one's mouth.-]mboca engage in a thing, to under- of age.

cúre, to disebarge, empty, disa take it. -- Imbarcarsi senza bis. Imberciáre, to hit, to shoot, to burden or disembogueitselt as coito, to undertake a thing aim, to take one's aim. a river doth.-Imbuccure uno, rashly.

Imberciatore, a shooter, he to instruct or prepare one Imbarcatore, he that embarks. that aims at the mark. beforehand by instruction. imbárco, s. m. embarkation.— Imberciatrice, fem. of Imber- - Imboccar je artiglierie, to Imbarco, a wharf or key, a ciatore.

shoot a cannon in the mouth. place where they ship off Imbére, v. Imbévere.

imboccatúra, s. f. bit, horse-bit. goods.

Imberrettáto, adj. that has a - Imbvacatúra, the beginning Imbardáre, to bard a horse. cap on the head

or entranee of a street, the Imbardarsi, to fall in love. Imbertescáre, to fortify the top mouth of a river. Imbarráre, to bar, to shut with of a wall or tower with bat- Imbociáre, to divulge, publish, a bar.-- Imbarrare la strada, to tlements.

spread abroad, to blab out. stop the way or passage. Imbertonarsí, to fall in love. imboglientato, adj. boiling, Iinbascería, s. f. embassy: Imbestialire, to become a beast, scalding-hot. Imbasciadóre, Imbasciatore, to take the shape of a beast. Imbolare, to take away, to embassador. Imbestialire, to grow mad or

steal. Imbasciata, s. f. embassy, mes cruel, to fall into a brutish Imbolatore, s. m. a robber, a sage.


Imbolatrice, s. f. ; thief. Imbasciatrice, embassadress, Imbestiáre, to be like a beast, Imbolio, s. m. robbery, theft. an embassador's wife. to behave like a beast.

-D'in bolio, adv. by surprize. Imbastardire, to degenerate, Imbévere, to imbibe, to drink Imbullicamento, s. m. a breakto corrupt, to grow out of up.

ing out into blisters upon the kind, to grow worse. Imbiaccamćnto, white-wash skin. Imbastáre, to saddle with a ing, painting white. Imbollicáre, to break out into pack-saddle.

Imbiaccáre, to besmear with! blisters or bladders. Imbastire, to baste, to sew with ceruse or other whiting, as Imbolsimento, s. m. hardness long stitches.--Imbastire, to women do their faces.-- Imbi- or straitness of breath, pursibegin a business.

accore, to palliate, to deceive. ness. Imbastitúra, s. f. sewing with Imbiaccáto, adj. daubed with Imbolsíre, to grow pursy. long stitches.

ceruse or any other painting. Imbonire, to appease, to quiet, Imb'attersi, to meet with, to Imbiaccato, dissembled, dis to mitigate, to pacify, to allight upon by chance. guised, counterfeit, feigned, lay, to calm, to compose. Ingobatto, s. m. hindrance, the fraudulent, deceitful, crafty. Imborgáre, to grow populous


and inhabited.

Imbrigursi, to meddle or in- Bello imbusto,, a pretty figure, Imborsáre, to purse, to pocket termeddle.--Non timbrigar de' a fine original, a beau...Imup, to lay up in a purse or fatti miei, don't trouble your busto, stays, or boddice. pocket.

self about my affairs. Imbúto, s. m. a tunnel or funImborsazióne, s. f. laying up in Imbrigliáre, tó bridle.

nel. a purse.

Imbrigliatúra, s. f. a bridling. Imenéo, s. m. hymen, nuptials. Imboscamento, s. m. ambush, Imbroccáre, to hit the mark. Imitábile, adj. iinitable. ambuscade.

- Imbroccáre, to strike with a Imitante, adj. imitating. Imboscáre, to lay in ambus- dagger.-- Inbroccáre, to op- Imitáre, to imitate cade, to hide one's self in a pose or hinder, to be contrary Imitativo, adj. imitating. wood.

or against, to thwart or cross. Imitatore, imitator. Imboscata, s. f. ambush, an Imbroccáre, to perch. Imitatrice, imitatrix. buscade.

Imbroccáta, a thrust, a hit. Imitazione, s. f. imitation. Imboschire, to grow woody or Imbrocciare, v. Imbroccare. Immacchiare, to hide one's self wild, full of trees.

Imbrodoláre, to foul, to soil, in a bush, torunaway amongst Imbossoláre, to lay the beams to daub, to besmear.

the bushes, in a roof.

Imbrogliáre, to intricate, en. Immaculáto, adj. immaculate, Imbottáre, to put in a cask:-- tangle, perplex or confound. unspotted.

Imbottare ail" ' arpione, to buy Imbrogliatore, a busy fellow, Immagịnábile, adj. imaginable. wine by quarts.— Imboitar la a shulling or meddling fel- Immaginaménto. s. m. imagisopra fecciu, 'to commit a se low.

nation, fancy, relection, cond fault.

Imbroglio, s. m. trouble, con- Immagináre, to imagine, to Imbottíre, to quilt.

fusion, embarrassment. fancy, to conceive, to devise, Imbozzacchire, not to thrive, Imbroglione, he that will med to think. - Immaginársi, to to grow worse and worse, to dle in every thing, and mais imagine, to believe.-- Immagiwither, to die. all he meddies with.

nare, s. m. imagination, fancy, Imbozzimáre, to starch, to Imbronciáre, to be angry, to thought. ştiffen with starch.

fly into a passion.

Immaginariménte, in the imaImbracciáre, to embrace, to Imbrunáre, to grow brown, gination, fantastically. put in one's arm.

Imbrunire, black, tarnished, Immaginário, adj. imaginary, Imbracciarsi, to one's swarthy, dark, gloomy; to fantastical. self.

rub, to burnish.--Su l'imbru- Immaginativa, s. f. the imagiInbrattamento, s. m. a spot of nire, about the dusk of the native faculty of the soul, inna

dirt, foulness, nastiness. evening.–1! tenipo comincia ai gination, fancy, Imbrattáre, to foul, soil, dirty, imbrunirsi, she weather begins Immaginativo, adj. that imaor stain. to grow cloudy.

gines, belonging to imaginaImbrattatúre, a sloven, a nasty Imbruschire, to grow tart. dirty fellow.

Imbruschito, adj. sharp, tart. Immagináto, adj. imagined, Imbrattatúra, s. f. nastiness, fil-Imbruttare, to toul, to soil, to conceived.---Limogirálo, dethiness. daub.

vised, represented, painted. Imbrátto, s. m. nastiness, foul. Imbruttíre, to become ugly or Immaginazione, s. f. imaginaness.- ]mbrátto, disorder, con nasty.

tion, raney, apprehension.fusion.--Imbrátio, wash, or Imbucáre, to put or creep into Immaginazióne, fancy, conceit, hog's wash.


Immaginazione, inImbrecciare, r. Imbercinre. Imbucatáre, to wash with lye. vention.- Immaginazione, fanImbrentina, s. f. a shrub called Imbufonchiáre, 0. Bufonchi-cy, belief, opinion. in Latin, Lada.

Immagine, s. f. image, picture. Imbriacamento, s. m. drunken- Imbuire, to become ignorant -- Immágine, image, resemlike an ox.

blance, likeness. ---Inimigine, Imbriacáre, to fuddle one's Imbuilettáre, to a bills image, form. self, to get fuddled or drunk. upon.

Immaginetta, s. f. a little Imbriacore, to make fuddled, Imbullettáto, that has a bill image. to make drunk.


Immaginévole, adj. imaginable, Imbriacatúra, s. f. drunken- Imbuondato, adv. a great full of invention or device. Imbriachezza,


Immaginevolmente, adj. fantasImbriaco, adj. drunk, fuddled. Imburchiáre, to help. one to tically, in the imagination. Imbriacóne,' a great drunk. compose any writing, to Immagrire, to grow lean. ard.


Immanità, s. f, immanity, eriImbricconíre, to grow knav. Imburiassáre, to instruct, to elty, savageness, fierceness, ish. teach.

wildness. Obs. Imbrigamento, s. m. confusion, Imburiassatóre, he that teaches, Immansueto, adj. wild, savage, perplexity, intricacy. points out, or suggests a bad brutish. Imbrigáre, to shitt, to make thing; or encourages one to Immantenénte, Immantishift, to stir about, to be stir-| do a mischievous action. nénte, adv. immediately, prering in business.Imbrigúre,to Imbústo, s. m. the body, the senily.--- Donanten nte, now, embroil,toperplex,toentangle. breast or bulk of a man. this moment.


a hole.





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{mmarcescibile, adj. incorrupt- derately, excessively. thing upon one's self, to take ible.

Immoderáto, adj. immoderate, care of it. Immarcire, to rot.

intemperate, excessive, vio- Impacciativo, adj.troublesome. Immargináto, adj. joined, fast- lent.

Impacciatore, a troublesome ened together, sticking toge- Immodestamente, adv. with fellow. ther. out modesty.

Impacciatrice, fem. of ImpacImmascheráre, to mask, to dis- Immodéstia, s. f. immodesty, ciatore. guise.

wantonness, impudence. Impaccio, s. m. incumbrance, Immastricciórc, to plaister, to immodésto, auj. immodest, hindrance, disturbance, obbesmear with mastic. wanton, impudent.

stacle. -- "pucci, care, pain, Inmateriale, adj. immaterial, Inmoláre, to sacrifice, to in- trouble, vexation.---Trar d'oro of little consequence. molate.

paccio il'nno, to get one out of Immaturaménie, adv. untime- Immollamento, 3. m. a soften trouble. Lorsi l'impaccio del ly, unseasonably.

ing, mobitying or allaying: Resso, io neddle in a thing Inmatúro, adj. immature, un- immolláre, to soften, to moist that does not concern one. ripe, not come to perfection. en, to niollify, to soak or One Rosso, as he was going to ---Immutiro,unseasonable, un- plunge in the water.-Omi be hanged, passed along a timely.

acqua Pirmoila, every thing street which was not paved, Immediataménte, adv.? im hurts him.--Ogni ac ju immol- and said that it would be very Immediate,

s medi-l lu, every thing is of usc. proper to have ii paved. ately, directly, without any Innovia, s. f. filih, dirt. Impadronirsi, to seize, to inthing between.

Imuando, adj. unclean, foul. vade, to make one's self magImmediáto, adj. immediate. immortalare, to immortalize, ter of. Immedicábile, adj. incurable. to perpetuate.

Impadulársi, r. Impaludarsi. Immegliáre, lo mend, to grow Inmortaiarsi, to immortalize, linsagli in, adi. covered or better. ribs.

or signalize one's self. nix:d with sıraw. Immemorabile, adj. inimemor- Immtioriúle, adj. inmortal, ever- Impala druváto, adj. wearing able, not to be remembered. lasting.

a coars mantle cr robe. Immensamente, adv. immense- Immortalià, immortality, ever- Impatie, to impale. lv.


Impalazióne, s. t. impaling, Immensità, s. m. immensity; Immorialmente, adv. immor- impaicáre, to build a scaifold, Imménso, adj. immense.

Impalliváre, to nalissado, to linmérgere, to plunge into, to Inmoscadáre, to perfume with fence with a pinilisae. dive, to duck or sink under musk.

Imınóto, adj. unmoveable, stod- Impliune,

10 grow pale. Immeritaminte, undeserved - lust.

Impalililo, adj. pale. ly.

lumine, adj. exempt, quit, iinpalmare, to give the hand, Imineritévole, adj. undeserv- tree.

to promise a woman marriage, ing.

Immunità, s. f. 'immunity, to betroth by taking her by Immersióne, s. f. immersion. privilege, liberty

the hand.--- Impunane, to proImmérso, adj. immerged, im- Inimiutábile, adj. immutable, mise. mersed, plunged.

unchangcable, unalterable, impalpábile, adj. impalpable, Immezzáre,Immezzire,ingrow constant.

not to be filt. soft, wrinkled; withered. Immutabilitá, s. f. immutabi- Impalpabilinente, impalpably, Immiársi, to become another lity, unchangeableness. Impaludársi, to grow marshy,

myscif, to penetrate into one's Inmutabilmente, adv. immut-fenny, moorish. thoughts. Obs.

abiy, unchangeably.

linpaniáre, to dawb or besmear Immiliárc, to grow or multi. Immutáre, to change.

with birdlime.--Impuni ure, to pły by thousands. Obs. Immutazione, s. f. immutabili ensnare, to entangle, to allure. Imminente, adj. imminent. ty, unchangeableness. Impaniáro, adj. entangled in Imminenza, s. f. the state of Imo, adj. low, deep.- Imo, s. m. the birdli.ne. ----In.paniáto, in hanging over as if it were the bottom

love, desperately in love. ready to fall.

Impacciaménto,s.m.hindrance, Impanicciare, to plaister. Immirráre, to season with disturbance, obstacle, impe. Impanio, s. m. hindrance, dismyrrh. diment, rub, stop.

turbance, obstacle, impediImmisurabile, imineasurable, Impacciáre, to hinder, to stop, ment. unfathomable.

to prevent.-----Impacciare, to Impamáta, s. f. a sash-winImmóbile, unmoveable, immo involve, to intricate, to per dow made of linen or paper, veable, still.

plex.--Impacciare, to trouble, to keep the sun from the Immobilità, immobility, un to be troublesome.--Impaio room. moveableness.

ciure, to take too much room. Im.pantanáre, to grow miry, Immobilmente, adv. unmove - Impricciarsi, to meddle or meddy, full of mus.--In.pan. ably, firmly.

intermeddle.--Io per me non tanáre, to be mired, to stick Immoderánza, s. f. intemper- me n'impaccio, for my part I or sink in the mud. ance, excess.

don't trouble my head about Impantanáto, adj. sticked in Inmoderatamente, adv.immo- | it. Impacciárói, to take a the mud


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