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al, odd.


Impappaficáre, to hood, to put Impeccabilità, s. f. impeccabi- tion; punishment.
on a hood.

Impensatzménte, adv. suddenimpappoláto, adj. dawbed or Impeciáre, to daub with pitch. ly, unawares, unexpectedly, besmeared with pap.

Impedicare, to tie, to shackle, ! extempore. Imparacchiare, to learn little, or feirer. Obs. Imperdicare, Impensato, adj. unexpected, to go on very slowly in learn to hinder.

sudden, unthought of. ing.

Iinpedimentare, to hinder, to Impensieríto,cogitabund, deep Imparadisáre, to make happy. Impedimentire, } stop. Both ly thoughtful. Inparánte, adj. that learns. obs.

Impedáre, to pepper, to sea. Imparáre, to learn. Imparare Impediménto, s. mn. hindrance,

son with pepper. a mente, to learn by heart. obstacle, impediment. Imperadáre, an emperor. Imparatíccio, adj. not well Impedire, to birder, to keep Imperadríce, an empress. learned.

from, to stop, to prevent

Imperire, to coinmand, to Impareggiabile, adj. incompar. Impeditivo, adj. that hinders, have the command oter, tu able, inimitable. contrary:

rule, to gnrera. Insparentáre, to enter into an Impe lító, adj. hindered, stop- Imperativo, adj. imperative.

alliance or parentage with ped.-mpedito,lame, maimed, Imper.io, s. m. empire. Obs. one by way of marriage. crippled.

Imperatore, emperor: Imparentarsi, to familiarize: Inpeditire, $.

m. he that imperatrice, empress. one's self, to contract fami huders.

Imperatório, adj. belonging to liarity with.

Impegnie, to pawni, to give an emperor os general. lapári, adj. uneven, not alike, in pawn.

Impercertibile, adj. imperceptun Impegnarsi, to engage, to pro

ibie. Imparoláto, adj. full of words, mise, to pass one's word.--Impercettibilità, s. f. imperalways chattering

Mimpegno di farlo, i promise ceptibility. Impartíbile, adj. inseparable, you, I give you my word u imperche, adv. because. Obs. that cannot be parted or sedo it.

Imperció, adv. therefore. parated.

Impegno, s. m. engagement, Imperciocchè, whereas, beImpassibile, adj. impassible, promise, obligation, tie. that cannot suffer,

Impegolare, to pitch, to daub imperfettamente, imperfectis. Impassibilità, s. f. impassibility, with pitch.

Impersétto, adj. imperfect, nót uncapableness of suffering. Innpelagare,to entangle, to per finished.-Inperjéit), the iinImpastare, to knead, to lay in plex, to confound, to go deep perfect tense. paste, to besmear with paste in an affair,

imperfezioncélla, dim. of Imor any other clammy or Impelagito, adj. engaged, en- perfezione. gluish thing - Impostáre, to tangled, perplexed, confourid - Imperfezione, s. f. imperfect-. paste.-E impastato di visi, he cd.

ion. is very vicious.Bene o male Impelare, to grow hairy, to Imperiále, adj. imperial.impastuto, of a strong or weak begin to have a downy head. , Imperiale, superior. constitution.

Impellere, to impel, to drive Imperialmente, imperiously. Impastocchiare, to amuse one or thrust forward, to force Imperiarte, adj. commanding, with idle stories, to tell tales.

governing: öts. Impastojáre, to shackle, to put Impellicáre, to dress in furs Imperiáre, to command, to on locks, to tie or fasten. and skins. Impastúra, s. f, the pastern of Impendente, adj. hanging, im- Imperiáto, s. m. empire. Obs. a horse. pending.

Imperiere, emperor. Obs. Impatriare, to return into one's Impendere, to hang.

Império, s. m. empire, dornia own country:

Impendú:0, alj. langed. nion, rule.--Império, empire, Impattáre, ö. Pattare. Non la impenetrabile, adj. impiene- monarchy. império, the vincere l'impatta, he has always trable.

reign of an emperor.--Cou! Inipenetrabilità, s. f. impene- imperio, inperiously, stately, Impauránte, adj. frightful, hor trability.

surlily. rible.

Impenitente, adj. impenitent, imperícsaménte, adv. impe. impauráre, to frighten, to that does not repent.

riously, Impaurire, } terrify. Impenitenza, s. 1. impenitence, Imperiusiti, pride, arrogance, Impaziente, adj. impatient. continuation in sinful dis. haughtiness, staicliness. Imparientire, to lose patience.

| Iinperioso, adj. imperious, Impazienza, s. f. impatience. Impennacchito, ad. adorned haugnty. Impazzamento, s. m. madness. with plumes or freihers. Imperitainénte, ignorantly, unImpazzáre o Impazzire, to Impennáre, lo fledre, or bugin skilfully, unlearnedly. grow mad, to lose one's wits. to have feathers, to be fito Imperíte, adj.ignorant, linskil- Imparzarsi d'una down, to fly out of the noi.----!mpen- fui,unlearned, unexperienced," fall passionately in love with nere, to condemn, tu chastise raw.

---Imunnursi, to rear up as Imperizia, s. f. lack of know. Impeccabile, adj. impeccable, horses do.

ledge, ignorance, unskilfulthat cannot sin. Impennatura, 5. t. condemnga.

ness, want of experience.


govern. Obe.

the worst.

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a woman.


to set on.


Imperláre, to set or dress with traire, to harden, to turn to to grow lousy. pearls.imperlére, to set off,

Impidocchito, adj. lousy. to adorn, to embellish, to Impetratore, s. m. obsecrator. Impiegare, to employ, to use beautify

Impetrazione, s. of. impetra- or make 'use of, to bestow, Impermutabile, adj. immut- tion, entreaty.

to lay out, to spend. Impicable, unchangeable, constant, Inpettíto, adj. straight, stiff in gir male, to misuse, to make perinanent. the body, erect.

an ill use of, to misemploy. Inpermutabilità, s. f. immuta- Impetuosamente, impetuously. Impiegare, to employ one, bility, unchangeableness, con- impetuosità, s. f. impetuosity, to set him to work, to set stancy:

violence, fury, vehemence. him upon some business. Impernáre, to fix,to poise upon Impetuoso, adj. impetuous, vio- Impiegare, to direct, to shew, a pivot or axis.

lent, rapid, vehement, raging, Impernáto, adj. fixed upon an boisterous.

Impiegarsi, to apply one's self. axis, as the sea compass is Impiagáre, to wound or hurt. Impiego, s. m. employ, emImpiagitúra, s. f. wound.

ployment, work, business. Impéro, 4. Imperio. Imperù, Impiallacciáre, to inlay wood. Impiego, employment, place, adv. therefore.

Impiallacciatúra, s. f.' a small office.
Imperocchè, adv. because. deal board sawed very thin Impietà, s. f. impiety.
Imperscrutabile, adj. incon to inlay works with.

Impietosire, to touch with ceivable, not to be conceived | impianelláre, to tile.

pity. or imagined, imperscrutable. Impiantare, to plant or set, to Impietráre, to petrify, to turn Imperseveránza, s. f. incon- implant.

into stone, to grow as hard stancy, instability:

Impiastráccio, s. m. a larger as a stone. Impersonále, adj. impersonal. plaister.

Impietrire, v. Impietráre. -Verbo impersiralı, imperson- Impiastragióne, s. m. a kind of Impigliáre, to intricate, to emal verb, that is used in grafting or inoculating by an broil, to confound, to enthe third person singular incision.

tangle.--Impigliáre, to meddle, only.

Impiastramento, s. m. a plais- to intermeddle. Impersonáto, adj. thick, bulky, tering.

Impigliársi, to catch at, to lay that has a large body, and is Impiastráre, to plaister, to

hold of. always said of man.

anoint or besmear, to daub, Impigliatore, a hinderer.Impersuadibile, adj. not to be to lay over with any thing Impigliatúre,a shuffling fellow, persuaded.

like a plaister.---- Imbastrár, a busy-body, a meddler in all Impertanto, adv. however, to ingraft or inoculate by an men's business. yet.

incision--Impiastrore, to ad- Impiglio, s. m. hindrance, Impertinente, adj. impertinent, just, to accommodate, to com trouble, confusion, intricacy. absurd, silly, foolish, nonsen pose, to patch up, to make Impignere, to thrust forward. sical.-Un impertinente, an in up as well as one van. Impignérsi, to oppose, to withpertinent man.

Impiastricciáre, to plaister, to stand. Impertinentemente, adv. im- daub, to besmear.

Impigríre, to grow lazy or pertinently, foolishly, non- Impiastro, s. m. a plaister. idic. sensically

Impiastro, an agreement, a Impigrito, adj. grown lazy, Impertinenza, s. f. imperti- contract, a bargain made as idle, besotted. nence, extravagance, folly. well as one could.

Impillaccheráre, to besmear Imperturbábile, adj. that can- Impiatóso, adj. unpótiful. Obs. with dirt, to splash with dirt. not be disturbed.

Impiccagióne, s. f. hanging. Impinguáre, to grow fat.-Im. Imperturbabilità, s. f. imper- Impiccare. to hang.

pinguare, to fatten or make turliability, quiet, not to be Impiccatello, s. m. young

rich. ruilled and disturbed. rogue;

Impinzare, to cram, to fill, to. Imperversáre, to rage, to rave Impiccato, s. m. a great rogue. cat one's belly-full. like a madman, to be very -Ognuno huil suo impiccato oll' impiombare, to lead or do over angry.

uscio,every body has his faults. with lead. Imperversato, adj. 2 exasper- Impiccatójó, adj.of age enongh Inpionabito, adj. leaded, coImperversito, S ated,rav- to be hanged.

loured or dyed over with ing mad, furicis, cruel. Impiccatúra, s. f. the act of lead. Impóso, adj. hanging, hanging hanging.

Impíreo, s. m. the highest down, hanged up.

Impiccatúzzo, a little rogue, heaven. Obs. Inspestére, v. appestare. whom it would not be amiss Implacábile, adj. implacable. Imperigine, s. f. dry scab. to hang:

Implacabilmente, implacably. I'mpeto, s. m. impetuosity, vio- Impicciare, v. Intrigare. Implicáre, to entangle or perlenec, vehemency:

Impiccio, s. M. trouble, incum- plex, to embarrass, to encumImpetragióne, s. f. impetra- brance, impediment, hin- / ber, to incommode.- Implicut tion, an obtaining by earnest drance.

contradizione, to imply conentreaty.

Impiccolire, to grow or be tradiction. Impetrare, to impetrate, to come little, to dininish. Implicatore, an entangler, a obtain by entreaty.--Impe- Impidocchire, to breed lice, shuffling fellow.

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grievous, sall.



s pos

that is of great consequence tised. lasportunaménie, importunely, ig i!l.

Implicazione, s. f. implication. | in a troublesome manner. Imprecazićne, s. f. imprecaImplicitamente, implicitly. Importunánza, v. Importunità. tion, calling down mischief Implícito, adj. implicit, tacitly (Importunáre, to trouble, to, upoir unc,

understood, following by importune, to vex one: Impregionáre,u. Imprigionare. consequence.

Importunatamente, adv.impor- Impregnamento, s. m. imprego Imploråre, to implore, to beg tunately, in a troublesome nation, getting with child. earnestly with prayer, to be

Impregnare, co impregnate, to seech.

Importunézz.a, c. Importunità.ger with child. Impoetáre, to become a poet. Importunità, s. f. importunity, Impregnáto, adj. big with Impolársi, to be between the trouble.

child. poles. Poctical.

Iinportúno, adj. troublesome, Impregnatúra, c. Impregnaimpolmináto, adj. consump- importunate.-----Iimportino, mento. tive, in a consumption.

Imprendente, adje that learns, Impoltroníre, to grow laz; or Impositóré, he that puts a apprentice. idle. thing over another.

Imprendere, to learn.--Imprénimpolveráre, to powder, to Imposizične, s. f. imposition, a dere, to undertake, toattempt. cover with dust.

laying, or putting on.- --Impo- -imprendere, to begin. Impomáto, adj. full of fruits, sizióne, imposition, impost, Imprendimento, s. m. undercovered with fruits. duty, tax.

taking, enterprize, attempt or Impomiciáto, adj. rubbed over Impossessáre, to possess one's design. with a pumice-stone. self of a thing, to seize it. Imprenditore, an undertaker, Imponitore, an imposer. Impossessarsi d'un luogo, to a beginni.. Imporcáre, to make balks or possess one's self of a place, Imprenta, s. f. a print, a stamp, ridges in land.

to make one's self master of figure, image, impress. Imporporáto, adj. clad in it.— Impossessarsi d'una lingua, Imprentáre, to print, to stamp. Imporrare, to rot, to grow

to make one's self master of Imprentarsi, to take the shape a language.

or form. Obs. impossevole, ad. Obs.? im- Impresa, s. f. undertaking, enImpórre, to impose, to enjoin, Impossibile.

terprise, attempt or design. to prescribe, to bid.Im-sible, that cannot be. Impos -impresa, an enblemor pórre, to impose, to lay or sei sibile, very difficult.

device with a motto. a tax upon.-Impórre to wrap. Impossibilità,s. f.impossibility. Impréso, part. pass. of Impren. Impărre

, to place, impose Impossibilitare, to make dere. or layon.--Impórre,to ascribe, thing impossible or insupera- Impressionáre, to insinuate, to to attribute, to impale.-In- ble,invincible,urcooquerable. prepossess, or prejudice, to juúrre, to begin to sing the Imposta, $. f. imposition, im possess with a conceit. utliceor prayers.--Impur carne, post, duty, tax.— Impi-ta, im- Impressióue, s. f. impression; to grow fat.

post, a window or door-case. printing, priut, stamp. InImportabile, adj. intolerable, Impostáre, to set on the impost pressióne, impression, mark, insufferable.

or case to a door or window. idea. Importante, adj. important, of Impostáto, adj. that has impost Imprésso, adj. printed, fixed, great concern, material.

imprinted. s. m. importance. Impostatúra, s. f. the setting on Imprezzabile, adj. inestimable. Importáre, to signify, to denote the imposts or cases to a door Imprigionáre, tu'imprison, to of mean, to have a signitica-l or window.

put in jail. tion or meaning. - Importire, impostemire; to posthumate, Imprigionatore, a jailer. tu amount or come to.--11 to grow into an imposthume. Imprigionatrice, temin. of Imtulli inporta dieci scili, the Impósio, adj. imposed upon. prigionatore. whole comes to ten crowns. impostóre, impuscor, deceiver. Imprima, adv. first, in the first Le spesu importa più di qul Impostúra, s. f. imposture, place, first of all. che crede:0,the expence cozenage, deceit, calumny, Imprimaménte, ady, first, first amounts to more than what slander.

of all. I thought. - Importáre, to con- impotente, adj. impotent, weak. Imprimere, to print, to stamp, cern, to import, to matter or Impotenza, s. rmpotence, tu fix, to imprint. signify>uestw 21.porla i mie,

want of power or strength. Improbábile, adj. improbable, muita tui, that concerns me, Impoverire, to impoverishi, to unlikely. not him. Ton importa, 'risgrow poor:

Improbabilità, s. f. improbabi. bu matter. Von mamputo Lapratic.bile, adj. impractic-lity. minila, it is nothing to me.

able.-- l'umu impraticubrir, an Improcciáre, to hinder, to stop. Ce importa a vsi? what's that unsuciable man.

Obs. you—l'iù m'importa molto, impratichitu, adj. expert, prac. mproméssa, s. f. 2 promise,

Imprecáre, to curse, to impre- Impromesso, s.r. 'S ment, Importevole, adj. intolerable,

.word given. insuffera bie. Not used. Imprecatívo, adj. cursing,wisb- Irapromettere, to promise, to




or case.


to me..


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Impronta, s. f. stamp, figure, sudden.Improvviso, adv. imputed to. image.

suddenly, upon a sudden. Imputaménto, s. m. imputaImprontáccio, adj. very impor- All'improrriso, suddenly, cion, charge. tunate or troublesome, very Improvvisto, adj. unprovided, Imputáre, to impute, to charge urgent.

unfurnished, destitute. with. Impütáre a male, to Improntamente, adv. importu- Imprudente, adv. imprudent. blame.--Impularsi ad unore, to nately, in a troublesome man- Imprudentemente, adv. impru- take as an honour.

dently, rashly.

Imputatóre, he that imputes Improntaménto, s. m. impres- Imprudenza, s f. imprudence, or ascribcs. sion, stamp.----Improntamin- indiscretion, improvidence.

, improvidence Imputazione, s. f. imputation, to, s. m. importunity.--I Imprunáre, to shoot up with charge, prontamento, borrowing. Not thorns, briers or brambles. Imputridire, to rot, to pru. used in this sense.

inipúbe, s. in. a youth, a child trify. Improntáre, to stamp. that is not fourteen years ofd. Imputtanire, to fall in love Improntáre, importune, Poct.

with whores. Betap. to grow to press or sue for with great Impudente, adj. impudent, corrupted in one's heart. earnestness, to request car saucy, shameless, malapert. Imputtaníto, given or addictnestly and often.-- improntáre, Impudentemente, adv. inpu- ed to wenching. to borrow. Not used in this dently.

Impuzzáre, to stink, sense.

Impudicamente, adv. lascivi. Impuzzáto, adj. stinking. Improntézza, s. f. ? importuni- ously, wantonly, unchastely, Impuzzolire, to stink. Improntitúdine, s ty. obscenely, lewdly

Impuzzolito, adj. stinking. Impronto, adj. importunate, Impudicizia, s. É. lascivious In, prep. in, in the, into, at..

troublesome.--Imprúnlo, s. m. ness, unchasteness, lewdness. in campagna, I go into the stamp, image, impress. -- Impudico, lascivious, wanton, country.-E' in città, he is in

Imprónto, request, demand, unchaste, lewd, impure. town. --Sarò in casa, I shall be importunity.

Impugnamento, ü. Impugna- at home.--In, for.--In, upon. Improperáre, to load with

-Mettere in tavolu, to put upon abuse, to abuse. Not used. Impugnáre, to take or lay hold the table.--In, against, toImproperio, s. n. reproach, ill of, to seize, gripe, grasp, to

wards.-Mocendo in me gli or words.

catch.-Impugnar la spada, to chi, looking to me, turning Impropiaménte, adv. impro. draw the sword.--Impugnar his eyes towards me.--In, perly

lu lancia, to couch the lance. | about.-Come fa donna che in Impropietà. . Improprietà. --Impugnáre, to impugu, to partorir sia, like a woman that Imprópio, v. Improprio. oppose.--Impugnuire un' opis is about lying in.-In, like.

2 disa
nione, to attack an opinion. -Una poria in arco, a door

made like an arch.-In, to, portioned, unequal. pugner.

on, in. Vetlere un anello in Improporzionalmente,adv.dis. Impugnatura di spada, the dito, to put a ring on one's proportionably. hilt of a sword.

finger.in, in.-In quattro Impropriamente, improperly. Impugnazione, s. f. opposition, anni, in four years.- Sarò qut Improprietà, s. f. impropriety. impugning, fight, resistance. in un'ora, I shall be here in Impróprio, adj. improper, un- Impulito, adj. not polished, an hour. fit.

without ornament.

Inábile, adj. incapable, uncaImprosperire, to prosper. Impúlso, s. m. impulse, motion, pable, unapt. Improspéríto, adj. lucky, come persuasion.

Inabilità, s. f. incapacity, unto prosperity.

impunemente, adv. impuned- aptness. Improvativo, adj. that does ly:

Inabilitáre, to disable. not prove.

Impunità, s. f. impunity: Inabissato, adj. fathomless. Improvvidamente, adv. incon- Impunitamente, adv. without Inabitábile, adj. uninhabitable, siderately, improvidently. punishment.

that cannot be inhabited.Improvvidenza, s. f. improvi. Impunito, adj. unpunished, free Inabitáto, adj. uninhabited. dence, imprudence, want of from punishment.

Inabitévole, adj. 4. Inabitaconsideration or forecast. Impuniáre, to strike with the bile. Improvvido, adj. unprovident, point.---Imprentáre, to stop, to Inaccessibile, adj. inaccessible, 'inconsideratc.

halt, or make halt.

unapproachable. Improvvedutamente, adv. im- Impuntátu, adj. struck with Inacerbáre, to exasperate, to prudently, rashly. the point, stopped.

provoke. Improvvisamente, adv.sudden- Impuntúra, s. f. a sort of knot- Inacerbirsi, to grow sour. ly.

tcd needle-work.

Inacetáre, Inacetire, to grow Iniprovvisáre,to singin rhymes, Impuramérte, adv. impurely, sour or sharp, to turn vineextempore. uncleanly, filthily.

gar.-Inacetare, to wet or Improvviso, adj. unprovided, Impurità, s. f. impurity. dress with vinegar. unfurnished, destitute.--In-Impúro, adj. impure, foul, Inaceríto, adj. sharp, sour. provviso, unexpected, filthy:--Imuro, impure,lewd. Inacquaménio, the act of wa. thought of, unlooked for, Imputábile, adj. that may be tering.


the time past.

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Inacquáre,to water.-Inacquere | Inappellábile, adj. that cannot Inavarito, adj. become avariil vino, to mix wine with water. be appealed from.

cious. Inacutire, to make sharp, or Inappetente, adj. listless. Inaudíto, adj. unheard, not sharper.

Inappeténza, s. f. listlessness, heard before. Inaddiétro, adv. formerly, for the opposite of appetite. inaveráre, to wound, to hurt. Inarboráre, to plant trees.

Obs. Inagguaglianza,s.f. inequality. Inurboráre, to rear the stand- Inavvedutaménte, adv. impruInagráre, to grow sour. ard, to plant it in the enemy dently, unwarily, heedlessly, Inagrestíre, to grow sour, as camp in token of our having unadvisedly.

sour grapes.-Inagrestire, to gotten the better of them. Inavveduto, adj. unwary, heedexasperate.

Inarboráre, to go on the top less, imprudent. Inagrire, to grow sour. of trees.-Inarboratr, to stand inavventúra, s. f. misfortune, Inajáre, to lay the sheaf of corn or rise upon the hind feet as mishap. Obs.-In evrent:rra, upon the barn floor to be a horse does.

adv by chance, at random. threshed.

Inarboráto, adj. set or planted Mettere in aventura la vita, to Inalbamento, s. m. whitening, with trees.

venture or hazard one's life. white-washing:

Inarcáre, to arch, to grow. Inavvertentemente, adv. inInalbáre, to whiten or white crooked, or arched.--- Fore in considerately, rashly, imprų. wash.

arcar le ciglia, to amaze or as- dently. Inalberáre, to mount upon tonish.

Inavverténza, s. f. inconsiderthe tree.--Inalberare, to set Inargentáre, to silver over, to ation, imprudence, want of up.-Inalberare la croce, to set cover over with silver. discretion. up the cross.

loargentato, adj. silvered over. Inavvertitamente, adv. rashly, Inalberarsi, to fall in a passion, --Inargentato, white as silver, inconsiderately, imprudentto be angry-Inalberársi, to of a silver colour.

ly. rise on the hind feet, to rear Inaridare, to dry up.-Inari- Inavvertito, adj. inconsideritself up, as horses do. Inaridire, } dáre, to dry, tot ate, rash, unadvised, impruInalterábile, adj. immutable, grow dry, to wither.--Inuri- dent.

unchangeable, constant. dáre, to waste, to consume, to In breve, adv. shortly. Inalterabilità, s. f. immutabi- weaken, tu debilitate, to ener- In buonóra, adv. prithee, pray. lity, unchangeableness, con

-Va in buonora, e lasciami dorstancy,

Inarientáto, v. Inargentato.) mire, prithee let me sleep.-Inalterato, adj. not altered, un


In buonora lasciamo stare coteste changed.

Inarpiccáre, to climb, to clam- parole, let us make no more In alto, adv. highly, upwards. ber up:

words, I beseech you. - In alto mure, on the main Inarrivábile, adj. that cannot Incacáre, to despise. Vulgar.

be overtaken, inconceivable, In caccia, adv. hastily. Inalzáre, v. Innalzare, and its not to be conceived. Incacciáre, to give chase, to derivatives.

Inarsicciáto, adj. dried up, wi- pursue. Obs. Inamábile, adj. not amiable. thered.

Incaciáre, to put cheese upon Inamáre, to take with a hook, Inarticolato,adj. unarticulated. the victuals.

-Inamáre, to inspire love. In ascóso, adv. privately, se- Incadaveríre, to grow like a Inamarire, to grow bitter. In ascosto, S cretly, under- skeleton, to grow lean, to be Inamarire, to grow grievous hand.

rotten, to rot. or afflicted.

Inasiníre, to become an ass, to Incadaverito, adj. like a skeInamaríto, adj. bitter. grow like an ass, stupid or leton, very lean, rotten." Inamidáre, to starch.


Incadére, to fall, to incur, 'to Inammendábile,adj.that cannot Inaspáre, u. Innaspare.

fall under. Obs. be mended.

Inaspettatamente, adı. sudden- Incagionáre, to cause, to be Inanelláre, to marry with a ly, unexpectedly.

the cause of, to lay the fault ring.--Inanellare, to curl, to Inaspettato, adj. unexpected, upon one. Obs.- Incagionare, frizzle. unthought of, unlooked for.

to engage in. Obs. Inanelláto, adj. married.Ina- Inaspráre, to exasperate, to Incagliare, to stick, to cleave melláto, curled, frizzled. Inaspríre, s proroke, to stir to to, to be at a stand. - IncagCrin inanellati, curled hair. anger.-Inasprire il dolore, to biare in una serca, to run Inanimáre, to animate, to en exasperate, to èncrease the ground. Inengliáre, to puzcourage.

pain. -Inasprire, to make zle, to confound, to perplex. Inanimato, adj. animated, en one ill-humoured, cross, or Incagnáto, adj. angry.

couraged.- Inanimáto, inani- peevish.-Inasprirsi, to grow In cagnésco, adv. sourly, sternimate, lifeless, dead, without cruel or severe, to grow ly, crabbedly liuclar in rage fierce or boisterous,

nesco, to look sourly upon Inanimatore, he that encourag- in avanti, adv. before.-D or Stare in cagnesco colla morte, to es others, encourager.

in avanti, for the future, hence struggle with or against Inanimire, v. Inanimare. forward.

death. In apérto, adv. openly, pub- Inavarire, to become avari- Incalappiáre, to insnare, to enlicly, in public. cious.

tangle. -Incaloppidre, to ens



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