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over.-Inerostare un muro, to Indagine, s. m. investigation, Indegnazione, s. £. indignation, sough-cast, or parget a wall

. search, inquiry. Obs. anger: lacrostáto, adj. crusted, rough- Indanajáre, to bespeckle with Indegnità, s. f. indignity, basecasted or pargetted. spots. - Indan jito, adj. be

infamy, disgrace, Incrostatúra, s. f. the state of speckled, spotted.

shame. being encrustated.--Incrosta- Indárno, adj. in vain, to no Indégno, adv. unworthy, ug. tura di muro, the parget, or purpose.

deserving, unbecoming. rough-cast of walls. Indebilite, v. Indebolire. Indelébile, adj. indelible, that Incrosticato, s, Incrostato. Indebilito, 5. Indebolito. cannot be cancelled or blot. Incrudeliménto, s. n. the act Indebitamente, adv. unduly, 1. ted out. of exercising cruelty. unlawfully.

Indelebilmente, adv. in an in. Incrudelire, to grow cruel, in- Indebitárę, to run into debt, delible manner. human or barbarous.-Incru. to contract debts.- Indebituire, Indemoniáto, adj. possessed delire, to exasperate, to make to make debtor.

with some devil or spirit. Indebitato, adj. indebted. Indénne, adj. without hurt, Incrudelito, adj. become cruel. Indébito, adj, unde, unlawful. harm, or damage, harmless, -Incrudelito, painful, griev- Ora indebitu, in unseason. safe. ous. able hour.

Indennità, s. indemnity, priviIncrudire, to irritate, to pro- Indebolire, to grow weak, fee- lege. voke, to exasperate.

ble or infirm, to lose one's Indéntro, adv. inward, within, Incruento, adj. that is not strength, to decay.-Indebo- forward. stained with blood, blood- lire, to weaken, to make weak, Indeterminatamente, adv.iude

to debilitate, to enervate or terminately, irresolutely. Incruscáre, to cover with enfeeble.

Indeterminato, adj. indetermi. bran.- Incruscáto, adj. full of Indebolito, adj. weakened. nate, undetermined, undebran.

Indecente, adj. indecent, unbe- cided, unlimited. Incruscarsi, to meddle or in- coming.

Indettáre, to agree, to deter termeddle.

Indecentemente, adv. inde- mine, to resolve. I'ncubo, s. s. m. incubus, a devil cently.

Indi, adv. from thence.-'nd, who has carnal knowledge of Indecenza, s. f. indecency, un ai:«r, afterwards. a woman under the shape of becomingness, immodesty. Indi a poco, a little time after, a man.

Indecíso, adj. undecided, un not long after..-Indi a pochi determined.

di, a few days after. an anvil. Incúdine,

Indeclinabile, adj. indeclinable, Indiársi, to inake one's self a Inculcáre, to inculcate. that cannot decline or dimi-deity or god. A silly word. Jacúlto, adj. untilled, unma nish.---Indeclinábile, indeclin- Indiáto, adj. deified or become nured, uucultivated, neglect- abie, a grammatical term

a god. ed.

used for nouns that do not Indiavoláre, to fall in a pas, Incumbenza, s. f. charge, com vary the cases.

sion. mission.

Indeclinabilmente, adv. with Indiavoláto, adj. devilish, misIncuocere, to concoct, to boil, out declining.

chievous, mad, raving mad, to bake, to roast, to scald, to Indefessamente, adv. indefatig-! furious. singe, to blast. ably, assiduously.

ludicánte, adj. showing, delacuoráre, . Incorare. Indefésso, adv. indefatigable, monstrating; Incurabile, adj. incurable, that unwearied, assiduous. Indicáre, to shew, to indicato, cannot be cured.

Indeficiente, adj. not defici to demonstrate. Incuráto, adj. not taken notice

Indicativo, s. m. the indicative of, neglected.

ladeficienza, s. f. contrary to mood.Indicativo, indicative, Incursióne, 8. f. incursion, in- deticiency, abundance, copi- demonstrative.-- Indicato, adj. road of soldiers into an ene

indicated, demonstrated. my's country.

Indefinito, adj. indefinite, un- Indicazione, s. f. indication, incurváre, tú incurvate, to determined, unlimited, un show, sign, or symptom. crooken, to bow or bend. | bounded.

I'ndice, s. in. index, the table Incurvato, adj. curbed, bent, Indefinitamente, adv. inde of the contents of a book crooked.

| finitely, undetermninarely. I'ndice, the fore-linger. Incurvazione, s. f. incurvation. Indegnamente, adv. unworthi- Indicévole, adj. Į ineffable, unIncurvo, adj. curbed, bent, ly, barely, shamefully. Indicibile, } speakable, crooked.

Indegnainénio, s.

m. anger,

not to be ustered or expressIncusáre, to accuse, to blame. wrath, passion. Obs. Not used.

Indeguársi, to be angry with, Indicibilmente, adv. inexpliIncustodito, adj. not guarded, to fret, to fume, to chafe. cably, inexpressibly. not under the care of any! Obs.

i'ndico, adj. Indian, of India, body.

Indegnativo, adj. provoking, Legno Ind cu, logwood, or I'ndaco, s. m. indigo, a blue' ape to make one pad. Obs. block-wood.

colour brought from the In- Indegnáto, adj. very angry, Indietreggiare, to go, fal or dies.

of indignation.

draw, to recoil. Obs. VOL. I.


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to set out.

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to come.


Indietro,adv. back, after, back- Indiritto, adj. directed, ad-' dually, precisely. wards, upon.-Vol ersi e' die dressed.--Intritto, indirect, Individuato, adj. peculiar, sine tro, to look backupsire in- unjust, wrongful.

gular, distinguished. dietro, to run after.-Tiari indirizzamento, s. m. address, Individuazione, s. f. individuaindietro, to fall or draw back- direction, management. ! tion. wards. Und etro-indietro, very Inılırızarnentu, inclination,pro- Individuo, adj. individual, infar backwards. pensity.

separable, singular--lnIndiféen, adj. unguarded, noi Indirizzare, to direct, rule, dodio, s. m. an individual, defended.

steer, govern, guide, manage.. that which denotes only one Indiilerénte, adj. indifferent, indirizzárni

, to go, to begin person or thing. pretty good.-- Ind Perinte, in- | one's journey, to set forward, Indivináglia, s. f. a guess, a different, insensible, old.

riddle. Indifferentemente, adv. indif- Indirizzáto adj. directed, steer- Indivinamento, s. m. divinaferently, without distinction. ed, ruled, guiled.

tion, telling of things to Indifferenza, s. f. indifference, Indirizzatore, director, ruler. unconcernedness.

indirizzo, s. in. direction, ma- Indivináre, to foretell things Indiinitamente, adv. indefi- nagement, way, manner. to come, to divine, to fortnitely, undeterminately. Indisciplinábile, adj. undisci doom. indigente, adj. indigent, needy, Plinable

, untoward, indocile. Indivinatório, adj. belonging wancing

Indisciplináre, to teach. Obs.I to the art of divining: Indigenza, s. f. indigence, need, Indisciplináto, adj. rude, in- Indivinazione, s. f. divination,

tractable, indocile, ungovern presaging or foretelling things Indigere, to want, to be in able, unruly.

want or necessity. Obs. Indiscretamente, adv. indis- Indivino, o. Indovino. Indigestibile, adj. indiges- crectly, unwisely, inconsider- Indivisamente, adv. indistincttible ately, raslıly.

ly, confusedly.-- Indivisamente, Indigestibilità, s. f. indiges- Indiscréto, adj. indiscreet, un inseparably. Indigestióne,

$ tion, wise, unthinking, rash, fool. Indivisibile, adj. indivisible. want of digesiion.

ish, inconsiderate.

Indivisibilità, s. f. indivisibilia Indigésto, adj. indigested, not Indiscrezione, s. f. indiscredigested. tion, unad isedness.

Indivisibilmente, ady. indiviIndignato, adj. full of indig. Indiscusso, adj, undetermined, sibly;

not exanincd.

Indiviso, adj. undivided.-InIndignazione, s. f. indigna- Indisia, s. f. a kind of silk diviso, adv. separately, apart, tion, anger, passion, wraih. cloth.

privately, in private, by one's Indigrósso, adv. about, one Indi-iáre, to stir up desire. self. with another.-!"érano inil.- Indispárte, adv. apart, sepa- Indivóra, adj. indevout, irreligrosso cinquante persone, there rately, by itself, aside. gious. was about fifty people. Indispensabile, adj. indispens- lodizio, s. m. sign, token, mark, l'enc're o comprare indicrosso, able, absolutely necessary. probable evidence, notice. to sell or buy by wholesale. Indispensabilmente, adv.indis- Purgar gl'indizi, to undergo In diléguo, adv. very far. pensably, unavoidably, neces the torture without pleading An'ere in dile uo, to go very sarily.

guilty or not guilty. far. in the most remote parts Indisposicioncélla, 5. f. dim. of ladizione, s. f. indiction, the of a country. | Indisposizione.

space of fifteen years MuIndiligenza, s. f. negligence, Indisposizioncellúccia, dim. of line indicii ni', to change concarelt-ssness, supineness.- Indisposizioncella.

dition or fortune. diluenza, adv.diligently,quick- Indisposizione, s. f. indisposi- ndo, adj. Indian, of India. ly, in haste.

tion, illness.--Indisposiziúre, Poetical. Indimostrabile, adj. that can fault, defect.

Indócile, adj. indocile, not to not be demonstrated or prov- Indispósto, adj. not disposed or be taught, untoward,unteached.

ready, not inclined, unwilling. able. Idióltre, adv. thereabout. - Indispósto, indisposed, not Indulcáre, to sweeten, to alIndipendente, adj. independ-well, out of order.

Indolciare, leviate, to mitiIndissolubile, adj. indissoluble, Indolcire, gate, to assuage. Indipendentemente, adv. in that cannot be loosed,

indolcire un cuor feroce, to dependently.

Indissolubilmente, adv. indisso- mollify a savage heart. Indipendenza, s. f. independ-, lubly.

Indulcito, adj. sweetened, molIndistintamente advindistinct - lified, appeased. Indirettaménte, adv. indirecta ly, confusedly.

I'ndole, s. f. nature, natural lv.

Indistinto, adj. indistinct, con- disposition, inclination. Indiritto, adj. indirect. fused, not separated. Indolente, adj. indolent, insenIndirigere, r: Indirizzare. Indivia, s. f. endive.

sible. Indirittä, adv. directly, right- Individuále, adj. individual, in- Indolentire, •. Indolenzire. ly, justly.

separable, not to be divided. Indolenza, s. f. induience, incüdiritto, e. Indirizzamento. Individualmente, adv. indivi- sensibility.



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Indolenzíre, to benumb. Indovúto, adj. undue, unlaw, Induráre, to harden, to grow Indolenzito, adj. benumbed. ful.

hard. -- Smuráre, to grow ober Indomábile, adj. untameable. Indizza, s. f. sickness, weak- stinute, intractable, handIndomandáto, adj. unasked. ness, ill state of healih. Obs. hearted. Indomito, adj. not tamed, not Indozzamento, s, m. cunsiinip- Indurite, y. ludurare.

curbed, fierce, unruly, tion, falling away. Obs.-- Indúrre, iv induce, io move, Indómo, adj. v. Indómito. Induzzaneniu, sorcery, witch- to persuade, to force, to lead, Obs. craft.

to encice or draw on.in Indonnársi, to seize, to take, Indozzáre, to decay, to fall durre, to pitch, to dute; 101 to make one's seif master of.

away, to grow worse, mostly thrust in, to stick Indopáre, to yield, to go after. said of cattle.

Indústre, adj industrious, laObs.

Indozzáto, adj. pining away,! burious, diligent.--- inauirer! Indoppiáre, to double, to du- wasting, rotten, perished. cunning, sharp, sly, craity, plicate, to make double. Indracáre, to gro:v ticrce like a subile. Indoppiarsi, to lie close toge-dragon.

industria, s. f. industry, labour, ther, to be contiguous. Indragare, i. Indracare.

diligenre. Indorarnénto, s. m. the act of Indrappare, to make cloth. Industriársi, io besir one's. gilding, or the state of being Indrappellare, to draw up an seit, to put one's self forgilt.

army in battalia. Obs. ward. Indoráre, to gild.

Indrappellátu, adj. drawn up Industriosamente, adv. indusIndorato, adj. gilt, or gilt over. in battalia. Obs.

criously, ingeniously. Indoratúra, s. f. ö. Indoramen- Induáre, to divide or part in Industrioso, adj. industrious,

ingenious. Indormentato, adj. sleepy, indubitábile, adj. indubitable, Induttivo, adj. inducing, perdrowsy.

umuestionable,past all doubt. suading, moving. Indésso, adv. upon one's back. Indubitabilmente, adv. un- Induttore, 5. m. he that in-dver indosso ia to, a, to have indubitataménie, doubted- duces, that intices, that draws the role on.

ly, certainly. Iodocáto, adj. that has no por. Indubitáco, adj. indubitate, Induttrice, fem. of Induttore. tion or dowry.


s. f. induction, Indótta, s. f. inducement, mo- Indicere, v. Indurre.

leading into.-I'd rune, intive, incitement, encourage- Indacimento, s. m. induction, duction, a kind of augmentainducement, persuasion.

tion. Indottamente, adv. unlearned-Inducitöre, enticer, leader. Inebbriamento, v. Inebriamenly, ignorantly.

indugévole, adj. tardy, slow, Lidortivo, adj. persuasive, per-| lingering.

Taebbrianza, v. Inebrianza. suasory.

Indiria, s. f. stay, de- Inebbriaco, 6. Juebristo. Indótto, s. m. inducement, Indugiamento, s. m. lay.

Trebbriazi ne, iinebriazione. motive, incitement.-indótto, Indugiare, to stay, to delay, Tuebbriamento, s. m. drunk adj. alleged, quo:ed, men to retard, to hinder.

Inebbrianza, s. f. enne$5. tioned, produced, induced.- indugáto, adj. delayed, retard. Inebbriáre, to make drunk. Indótto, ignorant, unlearned, ed.

Inebbriarsi, to get one's self that knows nothing Indugiatáre, he that delays.

drunk. Indottrinabile, adj. indocible, Indugio, s. m. delay-- Senza Inebriato, adj. drunken, fudindocile, dull.

indugio, presently, without dled. Indottrináre, v. Addottrinare. delay.

Inchriazióne, s. f. drunkenIndovársi, to keep, to stay, to Induigente, adj. indulgeni, Inebreza, S ness. be. A foolish word.

gentle, kind, mild, tender - Ineccitabile, adj. that cannot Indovinamento, s. m. divina-1 hearted.

be excited or surred. tion, the act of guessing. Indulgenza, 6. f. indulgence, Inc:fii'e, adj. ineflable, unIndovináre, to divine, to guess, toleration, gentleness, fond- speab sble, not to be utterto conjecture, to foreteli. ness.--- intl onz,indulgence, ed or expressed. Indovinático, s. m, divination, remission of sins.

Incitabilià, s. f. ineffability, riddle, guess.

Indulge t, to indulge, to allo:v, unspeakableness. Indovinatóre, a diviner, a to condesce.id - vtigere, to inenabilmente, adv. inexpli

soothsayer, a cunning man. impute, to attribuie or as- cably, unspeakably, ineffably. Indovinatrice, a she conjurer, cribe -- Sizinyere, to give, to inciti áce, adj. ineficacious, a cunniug woman. grant.

inetletual,, vain, fruitless, of Indovinazione, s. f. divination. Indúlio, s.m. amnesty, pardon. no force or power.. indovinello, s. m. a riddle. --Imbitu, an indult, a special incilicácia, s. f inefficaciousIndovino, adj. divine, heaven- grant of he pope, to do or ness, want of force or power, ly. Obs.--Indovino, a divin- obtain some:hing contrary Ineguagliania, s. f. unequalier, a conjurer, a soothsayer to the canon law.

ty, unevenness, disparity. or gu

Indurabile, adj. apt to grow ineguile, adj. unequal, uneven, Indova ente, adv. unduly, hard.

ngualità, s. f, inequality, un. v, uolawfully. Induraménto, s. m. hardness. cquainess, unevenness, Wi



er up.




Inevitabilmente, adv. inevita-' Infarináto, adj. made white Inegualmente, adv. unequally. I bly, necessarily:

with meal. ---Infarináto, some· Inemendabile, adj. incorri- Inezia, s. f.folly, impertinence, what used or experienced. gible. trifle.

Infarinatúra, s. f. some hint of Inenarrabile, adj. that cannot Infaccendáto, adj. busy, engag- any thing: -Ha uninfarinaterra be related, or told. ed.

di molte lingue, he knows a Inéntro, adv. within, inward. Infacóndo, adj. not flowing in little of several languages.

his speech, not copious in his Infastidiáre, to loath, to nauInequále, adj, unequal. words.

seate, to be out of conceit. Inequalità, s. f. inequality. Înerbire, to cover with grass. Infallantemente

, { without fail. Intastidire, to trouble, to vex.

to disturb, to be troublesome. Jaerénza, s. f. inherence, ad- Infallibile, adj. infallible, that -Infastidire

, to become peevherence.

cannot err, sure, certain. ish or fretful. Inérme, adj. unarmed. Infallibilmente, adv, infallibly. Infaticábile, adj. indefatigInerpicarsi, to climb or clamb- In fallo, adv. in vain, to no able, infatigable.

purpose.-Tull'i colpi endevano Infaticabilmente, adv. indefatiInérte, adj. inert, sluggish, lazy, in follo, all his strokes fell to gably, unfit for action.

the ground.

Infatigabile, v. Infaticabile. Inérzia, s. f. sloth, sluggishness, Infamaménto,s. m. infamy, dis- In fatii, adv. in effect, really, unfitness for activity, lazi. grace, discredit, shame. Infatto, s in short, after

Infaniare, io defame, to traduce all. Inesausto, adj. inexhaustible, or slander.

Intatuáre, to become stupid, to unexhausted.

Infamáto, adj. defamed -In- make one lose his wits. Inescamento, s. m, allurement, fumato, infamous, scandalous, Infatuato, adj. infatuated, beenticement. base.

witched, mad. Inescáre, to allure, to entice. Infamatóre, defamer, traducer, Infaustamente, adv. inauspici. Inescato, adj. allured, entice- slanderer, calumniator. ously, in an ominous manner. ed.

Infamatorio, adj. defamatory. infausto, adj. unhappy, unInescogitabile, adj. not to be Infamatrice, fem. of Infama- Jucky, ominous, inauspicious. devised or found out.

Infecóndo, adj. barren, not Inescusabile, adj. inexcusable. Infamazione, s. f. defamation, fruiiful. Inescusabilmente, inexcusably. calumny.

infedéle, adj. infidel, unfaithInesercitábile, adj. impractic- Infame, adj. infamous. ful, unbelicving.-- Infedele,unable.

Infámia, s. f. infamy, disgrace, faithful,treacherous, faithless, Inesorabile, adj. inexorable. discredit, reproach, shame. false, disloyal, perfidious. Inesperienza, s. f. inexperience. Infamigliársi, to marry, to take Infedelmente, adv. unfaithfulInesperto, adj. unexperienced, a house, to settle in a place. ly.

Infaníre, to contract the ma- Infedeltà, s. f. infidelity, unInesplicábile, adj. inexplicable, lady of being too hungry. faithfulness, disloyalty.

that cannot be explained. Infamnità, s. f. infamy: Infederáre, to put on a pillow Inesplicabilmente, adv. in a Infándo, adj. doleful, full of manner not to be explained. frightful sorrow.

Infelice, adj. unhappy, miser. Inespugnabile, adj. inexpug- Infangáre, to dirt, to besmear, able, wreiched, unlucky. nable, impregnable.

or cover with mud. Infelicemente, adv. unhappily, Inestimabile, adj. inestimable. Infangaro, adj. full of dirt. miserably,wretchedly,pitiful. Inestimabilmente, adv. inesti- Infantáre, to bring forth chil- ly. mably

dren, to lay in, to be brought Infclicità, s. f. misfortune, unInestinguibile, adj. inextin-to-bed. obs.

luckiness, unhappiness, iniseguishable, not to be quench- Infantastichire, to grow fan-! ry, infelicity.

tastical or humoursome, Infelloníre, to grow crucl or Inestinguibilménte, adv. with Infánte, 6. m.infant child; used wicked, to grow passionate. out being ever extinguished. also in Spain for the king's Infellonito, adj. blood-thirsty, In estrémo, adv. extremely, sons.

enraged on a sudden. mightily, extraordinarily. infantéria, s. f. infantry, foot Infenminire, to effeminate, Inestricábile, adj. inextricable, soldiers.

| to soften by voluptuousness. not to be disentangled. Infantile, adj. childish. Inferigno, er.— Pane inferi no, Ineternáre, to make eternal, Infantilità, s. f. infancy,child- brown bread, housholu bread. to bestow eternity.

Infanzia, Ś hood Inferiore, adj. inferior, lower, In etérno, adv. eternally, for Infardáre, to daub, to besmcar, nether.--Inferiore, inferior,,of ever. to foul.

a lower degree or mcrit. Inettitudine, s. f. unfitness, in- Infardársi, to defile, to pollute Inferire, to infer, gather or ability, want of mind, pover. one's self with sins. Obs. i conclude. ty of soul.

Infaretráto, adj. armed with a Infermaméirie, adv. weakly, Inétto, adj. inept, silly, foolish. quiver.

sickly. Inevitálile, adj. inevitable, una- Infarináre, to powder, to make Inferináre, to sicken, to fall poidable. white with meal.








Infermato, fallen sick.


needle. Infermería, s. f. infirmary, an Infettivo, adj. infectious, apt Infiláre, to thread - Infilar

apartment for sick peoplc; to infect, tainting, catching. perle, to string pearls.--Infilare, also distemper, mortality, Inféto, adj. tainted, infected. to range into files.-Infil to, hávock; but obs. in this Infezióne, s. f. infection, con adj. threaded. tagion.

Infilzáre, to thread. - Infilsáre, Infermiccio, adj. sickly, weak- Infiacchire, to grow weak, to run through.-Infilzure ur ly, infirm. faint, or feeble.

discorso, to begin a long story. Infermiere, overseer of the in- Infiainmagióne, s. f. inflamma- - Infilzar perle, to stand loiter. firmary:

tion, heat.--Infummagióne, ing or trifling.-Le parole non Infermità, s. f. infirmity, sick- redness, inslanmation about s'infilzano, one cannot depend ness, weakness, feebleness. the body.

napon what one says.-infilInfermo, adj. intiri, sick, Intiammamento, 0. Infiamma- carsi dn se ne pericol, to run feeble. -infermo, unwhole zione.

one's self into dangers. bad, contagious. Infiammáre, to set all in a Infilzáto, adj. threaded, run Infermúccio, adj. sickly, in- tiame, to set on fire.--Infium through. firin.

mare, to inflame, to incite, to l'nfinio, adj. lowest.-—I'nfiro, Infernále, adj. ? infernal, hel- stir, to incense, to animate. extreme, great, very great. Inferno, Slish.--Che Infummáre, to illuminate, to Infima miseriu, extreme misery. sempre nera si la valle infernu, light, to enlighten.

--Infimo, basest, viiest.-Infias the infernal valley was Inħammatamente, adv. ardent ma condizione, the vilest conalways black.

ly, vehemently, impetuously, dition. Inferno, s. m. Hell.-Inférno, eagerly, fervently.

Intinattanto, any horrid place.

Infiammativo, adj. apt to in- Infinattántoche, adv. Inferocire, to become fierce cite or animate.



until or cruel.

Infiammato, adj. inflamed.

that. Inferráre, to chain, to bind up Infiammatore, he who inflames Intinoattánto, in chains, to ciap in irons. or animates.

Infintanto, Inferráta, s. f. iron bars.--- In- Infiammatrice, fem. of Infiam- In fin da ora, adv. hereafter, ferráto, adj. chained.

from this moment. Infertà, s. f. sickness, infirmi. Infiammazióne, s. f. inflamma-Infine, adv. at last, in concluty. Obs. tion, redness.

sion, in short. Infértile, adj. sterile, barren. Infiascáre, to put up in flasks, Infingardáccio, a slothful' felInferroráre, to animate, to en

to bottle.

low, an idle dog. courage, to inflame with fer- Infiascáto, adj. put up in flasks. Infingardággine, s. laziInfidamente, adv. unfaithfully. Infingarderia,

ness, Infervoráto, adj. fervent, vehe- Infidelità, s. f. infidelity: Obs. Infingardia,

idlement, eager, zealous. Infido, adj

. unfaithful, trea ness, slothfulness, sluggishInfervorire, 5. Infervorare. cberous, fajthiess, false, dis- ness. Inferzáto, adj. whip-like, made loyal, perfidious. Poci. Infingardire, to grow lazy,idle, in the form of a whip.

Infiebolire, to weaken, to de or sluggish. Infestagióne, s, f. vexation, mo bilitate, to enervate, to en- Infingardito, adj. ? lazy, idie, lestation. fceble.

Intingaido, s slothful, Infestaméato, s. m. molesta- Infieláre, to asperse with gall, sluggish.--Un'infingardo, a tion, trouble, annoyance, da to inake bitter.

sluggard. mage, injury.

Infievolire, ĉ. Infiebolire. Infingentemente, adv. feignedInfestante, adj. infesting, mo- Infignere, to feign or dis- ly. Obs. lesting

scmble.--S'infinse di non saper' Infingére, v. Infignere, and all Infestare, to infest, to annoy willa di queste cose, he pretend- its derivatives. or trouble.

ed to know nothing of the Infing, vole, adj. apt to feign. Infestato, adj. infested, trou matter. ---S'infinse d'esser un- Intinità, s. f. ininity.-- Infinità, bled.

muito, he counterfeited the intinite number, a vast deal. Infestatore, s. m. a molester, 1 sick man.

Infinitamente, adv. infinitely, disturber or vexer.

Inlignévole, adj. dissembling, without end.---infinitamente, Infestazione, s. f. vexation, mo pretending

inlinitely, extremely, exceedlestatio..

Indigniménio, dissimulation, ingly. Infestevóle, adj. infesting, mo- disguise, feint.

Intiníto, adj. infinite, without lesting, troublesome. Infignitóre, 5. m. a dissembler, beginning or end. --- Infinito, Infésto, adj. troublesomc, im a disenibhng man.

intinite,innumerable,numberportonacé, odious, noiso.ne. i intignitúdine, s. f. dissimula- less. ---Infinito, s. m. intinitive, Infestúto, s. ma. a disease that tion, disguise, counterfeit, hy. infinitive mood. comes to horses. pocrisy:

infíno, prep. till, until, as far Infettáre, to infect or taint. Infigurabile, adj. tha: cannot 25.-inclü seco infino alla città, Infettato, adj. infected, taint- be sigurca, imagined or cun he went along with him as ed. ceived.

fer as the city. Che avete fatto Infettacore, he that infects or infilacappi, s. m. a hatter's infina ailes50? what have you

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