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more.-,Fatevi innanzi, go Innocénza, s. f. innocence, pu-l flood, overflowing. farther that way.--Non an- rity of soul, harmlessness.- Inondáre, to overflow, to put date più innanzi, say no more. Innocenza, innocence, simpli- under water. Inondáre, to Innanzi innanzi, first of all, city, silliness.

overrun, io come pouring particularly, above all.--- Tú Innodiáre, v. Inodiare.

on, to pour on. vedi innanzi innanzi, come io son Innoliáre, o. Inoliare.

Inondazione, s. f. inundation, bell'

иоптро, first of all, you see Innoltrársi, to advance, to go food, overflowing of water, that I am a fine man.

or move forward, to go be- inroad, invasion. Innanzitrátto, adv. before, beyond, to exceed.

Inonestà, the opposite of hoforehand.--Ve lo dico innanzi Lunominábile, adj. not fit to nesty. Not in use. tratto, I tell it you before-l be named.

Inonésto, adj. dishonest. hand.

Innomináre, to name, to call. Inonoráto, adj. not honoured. Ionarrábile, that cannot be Innominatamente, adv. with. I'nope, adj. poor, needy, necessitoid or related. out naming.

tous, in want, destitute. Poet. Innaspicáre, t. Inarpicare. Innominato, adj. innominate, Inópia, s. f. poverty, necessity, Innarráre, to tell, relate, or that wants a name.

want, lack, penury. give an account of.-Innar- !nnoránza, s f. honour. Obs. Inopinábile, adj. that could Táre, to give earnest, to be- Innoráre, to gild, to gild over. not be thought or imagined. speak.


Inopinatamente, adv. Ionarsicciato, adj. tanned, sun- Innorato, adj. gilded. Obs. awares, unexpectedly, sud

burnt, of a swarthy or tawny lonostráre, to adorn or cover denly, complexion.

with scarlet cloth.

Inopináto, adj. inopinate, un Innascondere, o. Nascondere. Innováre, to innovate, to thought of, unexpected, sudObs. make innovations.

den. Ionaspáre, to reel or wind Innovátore, an innovator, a Inopportunamente, adv. unseayarn.

sonably. Innaspríre, to make rough or Innovazione, s. f. innovation, Inopportuno, adj. inopporhard.. İnasprire, to exaspe-| alteration, change.

tune, unseasonable. rate, to egg, to stir, to irri- Innuvelláre, to renew, to re- Inoráre, to honour, to worship,

to adore. Obs. -Inoráre, to Innáto, adj. innate, inbred, na- Innubbidienza, s. f. dísobedi- pray, to beseech, to entreat. tural. ence.

Obs.- Inoráre, to gild, to gild Innaveráre, o. Inaverare. Innudità, v. Nudità. Obs. Innauráre, to gild, or gild Innumerabile, adj. innumer- Inoráto, adj. not gilded. over.

able, numberless, infinite. Inordiuatamente, adv. inordi. Innebriamento, s. m. drunk- Innumerabilmente, adv. innu- nately, extravagantly, immoInnebriánza, s. f. Senness. merably.

de acoly. lonebriáre, to make drunk Innumeráre, Numerare. Inordin itézza, s. f. extravaInnebriársi, to get drunk. Obs.

gance irregularity. Innebriáto, adj. drunk. Ave- Innumerevole, adj. innumer- inordináto, adj. out of order, an te luci mie si innebriate, my able, numberless.

ext:«vagant, immoderate. eyes were so full of tears. Innundazióne, f. inun- Inorgogliáre, to make proud. Innebriazióne, drunkenness. dation.

Inorgoglire, s Inorgoglirsi,
Innequízia, v. Nequizia. Obs. Innuzzolire, to awake to grow proud.
Innestagione, s. f. the act eagerness of


2 enormous. Ob. Innestaménto, s. m. S of in- Inobbediente, adj. disobedient. Inome, grafting

inobbedientemente, adv. dis- Inorpellamento, s. m. painting Innestáre, to ingraft, to set a obediently, undutifully. or gilding with false gold.

shoot in the stock of a tree. Inobbedienza; s. f. disobedi- Inorpellare, to colour or paint, Innestáto, adj. ingrafted. - In ence, undutisulness, froward to gild with false gold, to nesláto crine, false hair.

counterfeit.---Inorpelluto, adj. Innestatóre, a grafter. Inocchiare, to inoculate, to gilt with false gold, countera Innestatúra, s. f. inoculation. graft in the bud.

feited. Innésto, s. m. a graff.--Innesto In occulto, adv. hiddenly, in a Inorr.ito, adj. honoured, word'una tragedia, the plot of a private manner.

shipped. Obs. tragedy.

Inoculare, ü. Inocchiare. Inorridire, to tremble with Inno, s. m. an hymn. Inodiáre, to hate. Obs.

horroer, to shiver for fear.. Innobilézza, s. f. baseness of lì ogni modo, adv. however it inorridisco nel pensarci, my hair birth. Obs. be.

grands on end when I think Innobilità, obscurity of birth. Inoliáre, to oil, to daub with of it. Innocente, adj. innocent, guilt- oil.

laospitale, adj. inhospitable, less, inoffensive, harmless. Inoliato, adj, ciled.

that hates or neglects stranInnocente, silly, simple, balf- In oltre, adv. besides,

gers.---I nospitais, barbarous, witted.

Inombráre, to skade or sha- cruel. Innocentemente, adv. inno- dow.

Inúspite, adj. barbarous, rude, cently,

Inondamánto, 8. in. inundation, dangerous, wid, desert, vo

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Inúrmo, adj. }esolete both.



ed in soap.

inhabited.-Luogo inospite, a so- Inquilino, adj. inhabitant, | Insanito, adj. mad, that has litary place. dweller, guest, lodger.

lost his wits. Inosservabile, adj. unobserv- Inquisire, to impeach, to ac- Insáno, adj. insane, mad, foolable, that cannot be exactly

ish. observed.

Inquisito, impeached, accused. Insapienza, s. f. ignorance, the Inosservabilmente, adv. with- Inquisitore, inquisitor, sheriff, opposite of knowledge conout a possibility of observing coroner; a judge of the Ro tained in books. Inosservanza, s. f. the infring man inquisition.

Insaponáre, to soap, to wash ing or slighting, not observ- Inquisizione, s. f. inquisition, in soap. ing.

inquest, search, a manner of Insaponáto, adj. soaped, washin palése, adv. openly, public-| proceeding in criminal matly, in public.

ters by the judge.--Inquisi- Insaporare, to grow savoury. In paragóne, adv.comparative- cióne, inquisition, a tribunal Insaziabile, adj. insatiable, inly, in comparison to.

in the church of Rome. satiate. In párte, adv. in part, partly. Inricchire, v. Arricchire. Insaziabilità, s. f. insatiability. In particolare, adv. particular. Insaccare, to put in a sack or Insaziabilmente, adv. insatily. bag.

ably, In pelle, adv. superficially, skin- Insaccáto, adj. put in a bag, Insazietà, s. f. insatiability. deep.

shut up in a sack.

Insciénte, adj. ignorant, that In perpétuo, adv. perpetually. Insaláre, to grow brinish or knows not the reason of In persóna, adv. personally: brackish.Insaláre, to salt, things. In piede, in piè, adv. standing powder or season with salt.--Inscrivere, to inscribe, to write lo poi, adv. except.-Da uno Insalare, to ponder, to weigh in or upon. in poi, except one.

in the mind, to consider, to Inscrizione, s. f. inscription, In pria, adv. ? first, at first, manage.

title, name, or character In prima, $ before, first of Isaláta, s. f. a salad.—Non sono written or engraven over any all.

ancora all'insaláto, I have thing, superscription. In proffilo, adv. in profile. scarce begun.

Inscusabile, adj. inexcusable. In pronto, ady. ready. Insalatina, s. f. a small salad. Insediáre, to put in possession. In próva, adv. purposely, on Insalato, adj. salt, brinish, salt Obs. purpose, wilfully

ed, powdered.-- Ella m'è stata Inségna, s. f. colours.--Inségna, In punto, adv. really, in dan- insalata, I paid very dear for arms, coat of arms.-Insegna, ger, in good condition, in it.

sign. good plight.--Sono in punto di Insalatúra, s.f. salting, powder. Insegnamento, s. m. document, partire, I am ready to go.-La ing or pickling.

lesson, instruction, admonis citia in punto d'essere abbruci- Insalatuccia, s. f. a little sa tion. ata, the city was in danger to Insalatúzza, Slad. Insegnáre, to teach, to instruct, be consumed by the fire. Un lasaldáre, to strengthen, to -Insegnárce, to shew. catallo che è in punto, a horse consolidate, to establish, to Insegnato, adj. taught, inthat is in good plight. confirm.

structed.Uomo insegnato, In quà, adv. since, this side. Insaldáre, s. f. a soder, or sol a learned man. D'allora in qud, since that der.

Insegnatore, a teacher, an intime.

Insaleggiare, to powder or siructor, a master.
In quánto, adv.

in as pickle with salt.

Insegnatrice, s. 'f. the fem. of in quantoche, much Insalináre, v. Insalare.

Insegnatore. In quantúnque, Obs. S as, con- Insalsársi, to grow brinish or Insegnévole, adj. docile, tractcerning.--Inquanto a me, as for brackish.

able, teachable, good-natured. my part.-Inquantunque potrò, Insalvaticáre, 1 to become or In segreto, adv. secretly, in

as far as it lies in my power. Insalvatichire, S grow savage,
Inquerire, to search, to in- woody or rugged.--Insalvatie Inselciato, adj. paved.

chito, wild, savage, desert, Inseliciato, s. m. pavement. Inquietaménte, adv. unquiet- rugged.—-bente insalvatichita, Inselváre, to grow woody, or ly.

savage, unsociable people. thick with wood.-Par che Inquietáre, to disquiet, to trou- Insalubre, adj. not salutiferous, quel pian di lor lance s'inselvi, ble, to perplex, to vex, to dis- unhealthy, unwholesome. that plain looked like a wood turb, to make uneasy, to put Insalutáto, adj. not saluted, of lances.— Inselváre, to shelter in pain. not taken leave of.

one's self, or fly into the Inginerazione, s. f. the act of Insanábile, adj. incurable, that woods. giving trouble. cannot be cured.

Insémere, adv. together. Obs. Inquietire, 5. Inquietare. Insanguináre, to make bloody, Insempráse, to eternize or imInquiéto, adj. unquiet, restless, to imbrue with blood.

mortalize. Obs. uneasy, ----Ingurito, unquiet, Insanguináto, adj. bloody, im- Insenáre, to put or hide in the * troublesome. brued with blood.

bosom or lap. Obs. Inquietudine, s. f. unquietness, Insania, s. f. madness, insanity. Insennato, adj. witless, with. di quiet, trouble, anguish of Insianato, v. Insinato. Obs. out wisdom. Obs. mind, uneasiness,

insanire, to grow mad. Insensataménie, adv. foolishly,


Insinchley, adv. till, until.


or taste.


extravagantly, madly, un- | Insignire, to decorate, to late. Obs. wisely.


Insoltere, to rise, to rise up in Insensatággine, s. f. stupidity, Insignemente, adv. egregious. arms, to tumultuate. Obs. deprivation of judgment, ab- ly, notably.

Insollíto, adj. tumultuous. Obs. sence of wit.

Insignorire, to make one mas-Insolúbile, adj. insoluble, that Insensatezza, 6. Insensatag- ter or lord of any thing. cannot be solved. gine. Insinattanto,

In sómma, adv. in fine, after Insensato, adj. foolish, simple, Insintanto, adv.

all, at length, finally, in short, silly, sottish, unadvised. Insinoattánto, till, until.

at last, in a word, to conInsensibile, adj. insensible, void Insinoattantochè,

clude.-Dare in somma, e torre of sense. Insinantoche,

in somma, to give or take, to Insensibilità, s. f. insensibility, Insino, v. Infino.

do a thing by the whole.--In stupidity.

somina delle somme, adv. finally, Insensibilmente, adv. insen - Insinché,

in conclusion, after all. sibly, imperceptibly, by de- Insinuíre, to insinuate. Insonnáre, to cast into a sleep, grees, by little and little. Insinuársi, to creep or steal in, to lay asleep. Inseparabíle, adj. inseparable, toinsinuateone'sself inor into. Insonne, adj. that has no sleep,

that cannot be parted. Insinuazione, s. f. insinuation. that cannot sleep. Obs. Inseparabilmente, adv. insepa- Insipidamente, adv. insipidly. Insopportabile, adj. insupportrably, indissolubly.

Insimidezza, s. f. insipidity, able, not to be borne with or Insepolto, adj. unburied. unsavourislıness, fatness, síl- endured. Inserenáre, to clear up, to grow


Insordire, to deafen, to beclear and serene.

Insipidire, to become insipid, come deaf. Inserenåto, adj. clear and se to grow flat, without favour Insorgere, to rise up, to make

an uproar or insurrection. Inserire, to insert, to put or Insípido, adj. insipid, having Insorto, risen up. . bring in.

no taste or relish, unsavoury. Insospettire, to grow suspici. Inserito, adj. inserted.

-Insipido, insipid, flat or dry ous or jealous. Inserpentito, adj. enraged like in conversation.

Insospetiito, adj. suspicious. a serpent.

Insipiénza, s. f. insipience, Insozzáre, to foul, to soil, to Inserráre, to shut up, to com want of knowledge, foolish dirty, 10 spot, or stain. · prehend or maintain.

Insozzáto, adj. foul, dirty, pollosertáre, to insert, to graft, Insipilláre, to egg on, to stimuluted, defiled. to engraft. late. Obs.

Insozzire, u. Insozzare. Inserto, adj. v. Inserito. Insisténza, s. f. obstinacy, stub- Insperataménte, adv.unexpectInservigiato, adj. served, that bornness.

edly, when out of hope. has received a service. Obs. Insistere, to insist, to persist, Insperáto, adj. unhoped for. Insetarsi, to clothe one's selfs to urge.

Inspessáto, adj. thickened. with silk. A ludicrous Insoáve, adj. unpleasant, dis- In sù, adv. above, up.-- Riguo word. tasteful.

Insi, 5 ardare in su, to Insetto, s. m. insect.

Insofliciente, adj. insufficient, look above.- Andare insù ed Insidia, s. f. ambush, snare, not sufficient, incapable. in , to go up and down. treachery, deceit.

Insofficienza, s.f. insufficiency, In su la mezza notie, about midInsidiáre, to lie in ambush or inability, incapacity.

night. Da due in su, except in wait for one, to plot, to Insoffribile, adj. in supportable, two.- Insù, prep. upon.--Insu contrive.

insutlerable, intolerabic. la tavola, upon the table. Insidiatore, one who lies in insolente, adj. insolent, siucy, Insi 'l fatto, upon the fact. wait, a concealed traitor. bold, proud, arrogant.

Insuáve, adj. disagreeable, unInsidiatrice, feminine of Insidi- Insulentemente, adv. insolent- pleasant, unacceptable, unatore.

ly, arrogantly, boldly, sauci- grateful. Obs. Insidiosamente, adv. insidious- ly, malapertly.

insucidáre, to foul, to soil. ly, deceitfully, treacherous- Insolentire, to grow suucy, ar- lasudiciáre, v. Insucidare. ly.

rogant, insolent, or bold.

Insufficiente, adj. insufficient, Insidióso, adj. insidious, trea- Insolenza, s. f. insolence, sauci not suificient, not able. cherous, deceitful. ness, impudence.

Insufficientemente, adv, insufInsićme, adv. together, with, Insolfáto, adj. daubed with ticientlv. in company, withal.


Insuficienza, s. f. insufliciency, Insiéme Insieme, jointly, at the Insólido, adv. in the whole,'for incapacity. same time, close together. the whole.

In súl, adv. upon the.---Insu'l Insiememente, adv. together, Insólito, adj. unusual, rare, for «!l'albın, by the peep or as well, likewise, at the same unaccustomed, not used. dawn of the day.-dni bele time.

Insolláre, to grow Nabby or lo, in the nick, or fairest opInsiepáre, to hide in the soft.-Inshare', to run a- portunity.andresre'l hel del dishedges.

ground, to miscarry or provel corso), in the middle of the Insigne, adj.cgregious, famous, abortive, 10 disappoint, to discourse-se'l far del di, renowned, excellenti

destroy, to ruin, to annibi- by break of day: --Iisul gur

to grow

or worm-eatenness.

della notte, in the dusk of the Intanáto, adj. hidden in a Intavolatúra, s. f. the wains. evening den.

cot.--Intavolatura, tablature Insúlso, adj, foolish, sottish, Intanfare, to acquire a strong

or music book. silly, stupid.

displeasing smell, like that of Integamáre, to put or lay in Insultáre, to insult, abuse, or casks of wine when they have the pan. affront.

been long empty.

Integrále, adj. integral, essenInsultáto, adj. insulted, abused, Intangibile, adv. intangible, tial, principal.-Parti integraaffronted.

that cannot be touched. li, integral parts, the parts Insultatóre, he that insults or Intánto, adv. insomuch as, no which make up the whole. abuses.

farther than.--Non lo conosco, Integramente, adv. honestly, Insulto, s. m. insult, affront, se non intanto che sono stato in justly, uprightly, sincerely, outrage.

sua compagnia una volta, I know exactly. Insuperábile, adj. insuperable, him no farther than I have Integrare, to make intire. invincible, unconquerable. been once in his company:

lutegráto, made intire. Insuperiáre, Obs.

Intanto, in the mean while, Integrità, s. f. integrity. Insuperbiáre, Obs. proud or in the interim.-- Intanto, so, Integrizia, s. f. integrity. Insuperbíre, saucy. in such a manner, so much. Obs. Insuperbíto, adj. proud, saucy, - Intanto crebbe la sua arrogan- Intégro, adv. whole, intire.-impertinent.

za, he grew so arrogant.--In- Integro, upright, honest, just, In sur, prep. upon.--In sur un tunto, till, until, whilst.--As- incorruptible, not to be bribed. allero, upon a tree. Sur is pettatemi quì intunto ch'io venga, Integuménto, s. m. cover, innever used beforea consonant. stay here till I come.

tegument. Insurgere, to raise up against, Intantochè, adv. till, until, Intelajáre, to put upon the

to rebel or resist by force. whilst.-Intántochè, so that. loom. Ma non a tanto insurgo, but I Intarlamento, s. m. rottenness Intellettiva, s. f. intellectual don't come up to that.

faculty. Insúrto, adj. risen up.

Intarláre, to beget mites, Intellettivamente, adv. by the Insusáre, to raise or go high. moths, or worms.

way of the mind or underObs.

Intarláto, adj. full of mites, standing. Insuso, adv. above, up.-Guar- moths, or worms.

Intellettivo, adj. intellectual, dare in suso, to look above. Intarsiáre, to inlay.

rational, reasonable. Insussisténte, adj. not subsist, Intarsiáto, adj. inlaid. Intellétto, s. m. intellect, the

ent, that does not subsist. Intartaríto, adj. covered with faculty of the soul, which is Intabbaccarsi, to fall in love, tartar; said of casks in commonly called the underto be smitten.

which' wine has been, and standing. Intelletto, sense, Intaecáre, to jag or notch.— have especially their bottoms meaning, signification. In

Intuccáre, to offend, to hurt, overlaid with a kind of petri- telletto, adj. conceived, underto wrong, to injure. fied salt called tartar.

stood. Obs. intaccatúra, s. f. a jag or Intasamento, s. m. the disposi- Intellettatóre, 3. m. he that unnotch.

tion of a cask, that contained derstands, that has a good in., Intagliamento, s. m. incision, wine, to be overlaid with tar tellect. Obs. cut, jag, or notch.

tar in the inside.

Intellettúale, adj. intellectual, latagliáre, to engrave, to Intasáre, to fill with water.-Intellettualità, s. f. intellect,

Intasáre, to set the slits or understanding. Intagliáto, adj. engraved, carv clefts close together. Intellettualmente, adv. in the ed.--Intagliato, mined, cut. Intasáto, adj. full of tartar. intellect or understanding. Intagliato, proportioned, well- Intasatúra, ö. Intasaménto. Intellezione, s. f. intelligence, made, well shaped.

intascáre, to pocket up.. understanding. Obs. Intagliatore, an engraver or Intassáre, to put the bow- Intelligente, adj. intelligent,

string into the notch of an knowing, rational, skilful. Intagliatúra, s. f. 3. Intaglia

Intelligenza, s. f. intelligence, Intátto, adj. untouched, unde knowledge, understanding.-Intáglio, s. m. engraving, a filed, untainted, pure, unspot- Intelligenza, intelligence, corcarver's work, carving. ted.

respondence, familiarity, uniIntagliuzzáre, to mince, to cut Intavolare, to wainscot, to rail on, accord, good understand. in bits.

or pale in or about with ing. Intagliuzzáto, adj. minced, cut boards.-- Intavoláre, to plais- Intelligénze, spirits, spiritual to pieces.

ter, to make the ceiling with substances, as angels. Irtaientáre, to awake an eager boards.- Intavoláte, to makea Intelligibile, adj. intelligible, wish,

drawngameatchess,draughts, plain, easy to be understood. Intalentáto, adj. very desirous. and other games of this na- Intelligibilmente, adv. intelliIntanáto, ad;. buried. Obs

-Intaroláre, to set in gibly. Iniamolare, to enter, to pene notes.--Intovoláre un negozio, Intemeráta, s. f. a long circumtrate inte. Obs. to propose, to move or pro

ference of words, a tedious, Intanáre, to hide one's self in a pound a business, to broach. story to no purpose, a comden.

Intavoláto, p. p. of Intavolare. past or fetch about, a circuite






Iocution.-Intemerata, a longre- to pull out.-Intender gli'oc-| ly, carefully, diligently, ease primand.-- Intemerata, s. f. a chi, to fix one's eyes upon al nestly. long, wearisome, and unpleas- thing,

Intentáre, to attempt, to make ing thing.

Intendevole, adj. intelligible, an attempt.-Intentare un'aziIntemerato, adj. undefiled, clear, easy, easy to be under one contro al alcuno, to enter unspotted, not violated, in stood.

an action against one, to sue violate, pure, not corrupted. Intendevolmente, adv. intelli- him at law. Jotempelláre, to delay, to pro- gibly, easily, clearly. Intentáto, adj. attempted.--Incrastinate, to put off. Intendimento, s. m. under- tentáto, adj. not tempted. Intemperánte, adj. intempe- standing, intellect.--Intendi- Intentivamente, adv. attentive

rate, immoderate, disorder- mento, understanding, judg- ly, carefully, diligently, early.

ment, mind, head, brains. nestly.--Inlentivamente, obstiIntemperánza, s. f. intemper- Intendiménto, design, mind, in-nately, wilfully, stubbornly, ance, excess, immoderate de tention, purpose, resolution, Intento, adj. attentive, heedsire; also, intemperature. project, enterprize.Dar ef-| ful, mindful, intent or bent Intemperatamente, adv. immo-fetto al suo intendimento, to ef- upon a thing, diligent.---Inderately, excessively. fect or put in execution one's ténto, ready, in readiness, at Intemperáto, adj. intemperate, design. —Dare intendimento, to hand, prepared. -- Inténto, s.

immoderate, excessive. give hopes, to make one be m. design, intent, iotention, Intemperatúra, s. f. intempera. lieve.--Intendimento, will, purpose. --A intento, adv. with cure, intemperance.

pleasure.-Recare al suo inten an intention, with a design, Intempérie, s. f. intempera- | dimentu, to draw one to one's in order to.

ture, a disorder in the air, in- side, to bring him over.-In. loténza, s. f. intention, mean. temperies.

tendimento, intention.--Inten- ing, design, purpose. Obs. Intempestivamente, adv. un dimento, meaning, significa-Inténza, darling, love. timely, not in due time. tion, sense. Intendimento, Intenzionále, adj. intentional. lotempestivo, adj. untimely, plot, combination, conspira. Intenzionalmente, adv, in the unseasonable.

cy.--tssere d'intendimento in mind. la tempo, adv. in time, oppor- sieme, to understand one an- Intenzióne, s. f. intention, tunely.

other, to have secret intelli- meaning, purpose, design. Intendácchio, s.m. intelligence, gence, to play booty. Interáme, s. m. entrails, bow. understanding, knowledge. Intenditore, understander, ap-els. A word of contempt.

prehender.A buon indenditor Interamente, intirely, wholly, Intendánza, v. Intendimento. poche parole, half a word to the quite, perfectly. Intendente, adj. intelligent, un wise.

Interato, adj. stiffened with derstanding, knowing, skill. Intenebráre, to darken, to ob- cold, benumbed. Obs. ed, skillful.-Intendente, pru- scure, to cloud, to eclipse, to Intercaláre, adj. a verse interdent, discreet, considerate, din.--Intenebráre, to damage, laced or often repeated, the wary, circumspect.---Fare in to hurt, to spoil.

burthen of the song. tendente, to wain, to give a Intenebráto, adj. darkened, Intercédere, to intercede, to caution to.-- Intendente, atten obscured, clouded.--Intenebrá entreat, to use his interest on Live, heedful, mindful, intent. to, perplexed, confused, agi- the behalf of another.-Inter-Stareintendente aduno discorso, tated.---Tenere inlenebráto, to cédere, to intercede, to come to be attentive to a discourse, keep in suspense,

between, to be a mediator. to mind it.

Intenebrire, to darken, to grow Interceditore, v. Intercessore. Intendentemente, adv. know- dark, gloomy or overcast. Intercessóre, intercessor, one ingly, attentively: Intenebríto, adj. overcast,

that intercedes, a mediator ; Intendenza, s. f.' intelligence, darkened.

fem. mediatrix understanding, knowledge. Intenerire, to mollify, to soft- Intercessione, s. f. intercession, loténdere, to understand, to en, to make tender.-Intene- entreaty in behalf of aacomprehend.-Dar ad inten- rire il cuore ad alcuno, to soften other, dere, to give to understand one's heart, to move it to Intercetto, adj. intercepted. Intendere, to mind, to attend pity.

Lellere intercette, intercepted 10.-lo non inlendo a quel che Intenerirsi, to grow tender.- letters. dite, I don't mind what you Intenerirsi, to be moved to Intercezione, s. f. interception, say.-Inténdere, to intend, to pity or compassion, to re- the act of intercepting: design, to purpose.--Intén- lent.

Interchiudere, to shut with an dere, to provide. ----Intendere, Intensamente, adv. intensive inclosure. to understand, to have skill

, ly, extremely, excessively. Intercideré, to divide, to cut to be skilful in.--Intendersi, Intensióne, t. Tensione. asunder, to intercide. to understand one another, intensivamente, adv., v. Inten- Intercisamente, adv. in an ins to have a secret intelligence, samente.

terrupted manner. to play booty, to agree.-In- Intenso, adj. intense, very Intercíso, adj. intercided, diténdere, to aim or drive at a great, excessive..lolore in vided, parted in two. thing, to have in view or tenso, an excessive pain. Interdetto, s. mn. interdiction, prospect.-Intendere, to stretch, loteataménte, adv. attentive-l suspension, church censure,

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