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Invitatóre, he that invites. away.Mettere in volta, to/ Inziáre, to instigate, to egg or
Invitatrice, she that invites. put to flight. --- Andare in volta, set on, to incite or provoke
Invito, s. m. invitation.--Invi- to go roving or gadding to. Obs.
to, adj. against one's will, by about.

Inzigáto, adj. instigated, egged constraint, by force. Inválto, adj. wrapt up, involv or spurred on, incited or prolavitto, adj. invincible, uncon- ed. -incólto, s. mn. a bundle, a voked to. Obs. querable. parcel.

Inzipilláre, v. Insipillare. Liviziare, to vitiate.

Involtúra, s. f. a dark, intri. Inzoccolato, that has wooden Inviziáto, adj. vitiated. cate, or confused discourse, shoes on his feet. Invizzire, to wither, to decay. ambiguous words.

Inzotichire, to grow clumsy, lnálto, adj. unrevenged. Invólvere, to wrap up, to in. awkward, coarse, thick or Inumanamente, adv. cruelly, volve, to contain.

rough. inhumanly.

Involvimento, s. m. wrapping In zucca, adv. with a bald Inumanità, s. f. inhumanity. or folding up.--Involvimento, pate, with a head uncovered. lnumáno, adj. inhuman. trick, cheat, fraud.wolvi- Inzuccheráre, to sugar, to put Inumidire, to moisten. 1 mento di lingua, idle story, a sugar in or upon. loumidito, adj. moistened. long circumstance of words. Inzuccheráto, adj. sugared Inumiliáre, to humble. Obs. Involúto, adj. rolled, wallow Parole inzuccherate,sweet words. In un, or in uno, prep. toge- ed.

Inzuppamento,sopping or soakther, with.

involuzione, u. Involvimento. ing in. Invocáre, to invoke, to call in voto, adv. to no purpose, in Inzuppáre, to sop or soak in, upon.


Inzuppato, adj. soaked in. Invocito, adj. invoked. Inurbanità, s. f. inurbanity, in zúrro, joyfully.--Essere ir lavocatóre, he that invokes. clownish behaviour, incivili zurru, to be merry, to be feastInvocatrice, she that invokes.


ing or revelling Invocazione, invocation. Inurbáno, adj. uncivil, uncour. So, pron. l. Invóglia, s. f. coarse and thick

Jónico, adj. lonic.-Ordine locloth for package, pack-cloth. Inurbársi, to come in a city, nico, the lonic order. lovogliáre, to give a desire or Inusáto, adj. not used, not ac- Jota, s. mn. lota.- Non vale un mind. Invogliar l'appelito, to customed.

jota, it is not worth a jot. give a stomach.--Incogliáre, Inusitatamente, adv.unusually, Non ve ne darei un jola, I would to wrap up, to pack up. not commonly,

not give a jot for it. Invogliáto, adj. Ionging, desir- Inusitáto, adj. not in use, not perbola, s. f. hyperbole, 2 ous.--Incogliáto, packed up. used, obsolete, unusual.c.Pa- Ipárbole, Stigure in rheInvoglio, s. m. a buodle or) rola inusitala, obsolete word. toric which in expression exparcel.

Inútile, adj. useless, needless, ceeds truth, likewise a conic Involáre, to rob, to steal, to unnecessary, unprofitable, un- section. filch.


Iperboleggiare, to speak in an Involársi, to disappear, to Inutilmente, needless, to no hyperbolical manner, to agvanish away, to go out of purpose, in vain.

grandize, to enlarge a thing. sight.--Involarsi da una com- luvulnerabile, adj. invulner. Iperbolicamente, adv. hyperpagnia, to steal away from a able.

bolically. company.

Inuzzolire, o. Inuggiolire. Iperbólico, adj. hyperbolical, Involato, adj. stolen.

Inzaccheráto, adj. all over exceeding belief. lovolatore, s. m. a thief, al dire, mire.--Inzaccher.áto,intri-Iperbolóne, s. m. 2. great hyInvolatrice, s. f.) filcher, a cate, embroiled, involved, perbole, an incredible thing, pilferer. confounded.

ihe tale of the giant-killer. Involgere,to wrap up, to cover luzaffráre, to adorn or trim pérbolo, atij. v. Iperbolico. or envelope, to fold up.-In- with sapphires.

Ipérico, s, m Saint John's colzere, to involve. Involgere Inzampognáre,toimposeupon. Ipéricon,

wort, a vui. in una sentenza, to compre- Inzavardare, to dirty, tp soil, nerary herb. hend in a sentence. to grease, to spot.

Ipocistede, s. f. the plant called Involgimento, o. Involtúra, Inzavardáto, adj. dirtied, soil- cistus. Invóliq, s. m. a theft.

ed, greased, spotted. Ipocondría, s. f. spleen or moİnvolontariaménte, adv. invo- Inzeppamento, s. m. heap, pile, lancholy. * luntarily.

mass, collection.

Ipocondrico, adj. hypoconInvolontario, adj. involuntary, lazeppáre, to heap up, to Ipocondro, s driac, hyo done against one's will, forc- gather up, to hoard or to lay pocondriacal. ed.

up, to get together. Ipocresía, s. f. | hypocrisy,disinvolpáre, to be blighted, and Inzibettato, adj. nicely per-ipocrisia, simulation. it is said of corn.

fumed, and it is a common 'pocrità, v. Ipocrisia. Obs. Involpire, to grow crafty, cun- epithet to fops

Ipócrita, 2 ap hypocrite, a disa ning or malicious. luzigagionc, s. f. / instigation, Ipocrito, s sembler, one who In volta, adv. here and there. Jerzigamento,s..n. S a stirring makes a false show of virtue -Essere in volta, to be ready up to, a putting on, an encou or piety. for fight, to be ready to run ragement to, incitement. Obs. Ipócrito, adj. hypocritical.






Ipocritóne, a great hypocrite. - emanation of rays. Arreverenteménte, adv. irreve, Iposárca, s. f. a kind of dropsy. Irraggiare, v. Irradiare. rently, rudely. Ipostático, adj. hypostatical -- Irraggiato, v. Irradiato. Irreverénza, s. f. irreverence, 'Unione ipostática, hypostatical Irragionevole, adj. unreason want of respect or reverence, union of Christ's human able.

rudeness. nature with his divine per- Irragionevolmente, adv. un- Irrevocabile, adj. irrevocable, reasonably.

unrepealable, not to be reIpoteca, s. f. mortgage,

Irrazionabile, unreasonable. voked. ipótesi, s. 1. hypothesis, suppo- Irrazionabilità, s. f. unreason- Irrevochevole, adj. not to be sition. ablenc

revoked. Ipotético, adj. hypothetical. Irrazionabilmente, adj. unrea- Irrigáre, to irrigate, to water. Ippománe, s. m. a little piece sonably.

Irrigiaire, to grow rigid or of flesh, by some supposed in Irrazionile, unreasonable, ir-stiff. the forehead of a colt newly rational.

Irrisióne, 3. f. derision, scorn, fualed, which the mare bites irrazionalità, s.f. unreasonable contempt. off as soon as she foals, and

Irrisóre, à mocker, a jcerer, a if any other takes it away irreconciliábile, adj. irrecon- derider, a scofier. she will never after love her cileable, implacable. irritamento, s. m. irritation, foal.

Irrecuperabile, adj. not to be exasperation. Ippopótamo, s. m. hippopo- recovered. "}

Irritare, to irritate, to incense, ippótamo,

tamus, a Irrefragabile, adj. irrefragable, to urge, to provoke, to exas. beast living in the sea, with a invincible, uudeniabie. perate or to anger. back and a mane like a horse. Irregoláre, adj. irregular, not Irritáto, adj. irritated, incens1ra, s. f. anger, wrath. according to rule.

ed, provoked, exasperated. Iracondamente, adv. angrily, Irregolarità, s. f. irregularity. Irritazione, s. f. irritation, er« passionately.

--irre olarità, irregularity, an asperation. Iracóndia, s. f. anger, wrath, incapacity of taking holy irriverente, adj. irreverent, natural inclination or readi-orders or administering the rude. ness to anger.

Irriscrénza, s. f. irreverence, fracondióso, adj. Obs. Irregoláto, adj. disordered, im want of reverence, rudeness. Iracóndo, adj. angry, moderate, unruly.--dipetito Irroráre, io bedew. Iracundo,

hasty, irreolelo, an immoderate de-Irruginire, to rust, to grow petrish, naturally inclined to sire of eating.

rusty., anger, choleric, passionate. Irreligiosamente, adv. irreligi- Irruginito, adj. rusty. tracúndia, v. Iracondia.


Irrugiadáre, to bedew, to irroIramento, s. m. choler, anger, Irreligiosità, adj. irreligicus-rate, to besprinkle. passion, wrath.

ness, want of religion, pro- Irsúto, adj. rough, bristling, trársi, to be angry, to fall into phanencss.

I'rio, S shagged or shaga passioli, to fret. Irreligióso, adj. irreligious.

-Barba irsuta or imia, frascibile, adj. irascible, apt to Irremediabile, adj. without a

tough beard. remedy.

l'schio, s. m. holi-treę. Irascibilità, s. f. anger, passion, Irremediévole, the same as Ir- I'sola, s. f island, isle. wrath.


Isolátv, adj. surrounded with Iratamente, adv. angrily, pas- Irremissibile, adj. unpardog water.--Isolato, that stands sionately

able, irremissible, not to be! by itself. Iráto, adj. angry, in a passion. forgiven.

Unisoláto, s. m. a number of Irco, s. m. a hc-goat. Irremissibilménte, adr. with- houses that stand by them. Iré, to go. * out any pardon.

selves. Ircos, s. f. an herb so called. Irremunerabile, adj. irremu- Isolétia, s. f. a little island. I'ri, s. m. the rain-bow. nerable, not to be rewarded. Isópo, s. m. . hyssop, a plant. Iride, S I'ride, an herb so Irremuneráto, adj. irremune- Isoscele adj.isosceles, a triangle, called.l'ride, the circle rate, not rewarded.

which has only two sides with divers colours which is irreparabile, irreparable. cqual. between the white and the Irreparabilmente, irreparably, Ispezione, s. f. inspection, over. apple or sight of the eye. irrecoverably.

seeing, insight, looking on or Irónia, s. f. irony.

Irresolúto, adj. unresolved, in into. Ironicamente, adv. ironically. suspense.

l'spido, adj. rough, bristling, Irónico, adj. ironical. Irresoluzione, s. f. irresolution, shagged or shaggy: -Ispido, Irosamente, adv. angrily, pas- suspense, uncertainty. thick, bushy, full of thorns. sionately. Obs.

Irreiire, to catch with a net. ispirare, to inspire with, to Iróso, adj. angry, passionate. lontire, to ensnare, tv allure. suggest, to prompt, to fill Obs.

Trrerito, caught with a net. with, to put into one's heud. Irradiáre, to irradiate, to dart Irretrattabile, adj. not to be. Ispirato, adj. inspired. or cast forth beams,


Ispiratore, he that inspire:. Irradiáto, adj. irradiate. Irreverente, adj. irreverent, lopiraziune, s. f. inspiration, an Irradiazione, s. f. irradiation, rude.


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be angry;



Issa, adv. at present, now, ät" with Gyures.

| Juridicamente, adv. according this time. Obs.,'

Istoricamente, adv. in an his to the law, lawfully, Isso, pron. he. Obs. | corical manner.

Juridico, adj. juridical, just, Issofátto, adv. immediately, Istórico, an historian.

judicial, lawful.. presently, in a moment. Istoriétta; s. f. a short history, Juridizione, s. f. ? jurisdiction, Issópo, v. Isópo.

a tale.

Jurisdizione, S authority, Istábile, adj. instable, unstabiė, Istoriografo, s. m.: historiogra- power, the verge or extent of inconstant, uncertain. pher. Istabilità, s. f. instability, un- Istrátto, adj. extracted, drawn. Jusquiámo, s. m. a kind of mostedfastness, inconstancy. Ohs.

dicinal plant. Istantaneamente, adv. imme- I'strice, s. m. a porcupine. Justiziare, to execute, to put diately, presently, in a mo- Istrione, s..mn. a player or co to death by authority. Obs. ment, forthwith. median:

Izza, s. f. anger, passion, wrach, Istantáneo, adj. chat is made or Istruire, to instruct, to teach, Obs. done in a moment: to train oř bring up.

N. B. The words beginning Istánte, s. m. an instant, a mo- Istruíto,adj. instructed, taught. with Ju, if not found here,

-In un istante, in an Istrumentále, adj. instrument- look for them in Giu. instant.--Istante, adj. instant, al, serviceable, contributing

earnest, pressing, urgent. to as a means.. Istantemente, adv. instantly, Istrumcnto, s. mi instrument, earnestly. toul, engine, implement.

L. Istánza, s. f, instance, entreaty, Istrumento, instrument, deed. solicitation, importunity, ea - Istrumento, instrument, tool, ger suit, earnestness.--adis mean, help. tanza, at the request.

Istruttivo, adj. instructive, apt LA, (article of the feminine Istáre, to urge, to press, to in- to instruct.

gender) the. La donna, the sist, to stick to a thing, to Istrutto, adj. instructed, taught, woman.-La (pronoun fem.of persist in it. trained up.

the fourth case singular) her. Istérico, adj. hysterical, be- Istruzione, s. f. instruction, -La redo, I see her. ,with logging to the womb. education, breeding.

an accent, adv. there.Ro Istigamento, s. m. instigation, Istupidire, to wonder, to mar slate , stay there.- Andale encouragement to, incite- vel, to be surprized, to be , go there.-Chi è ? who frighted.

is there? La intorno, thereIstigare, to instigate, to set on, Istupidito, adj. struck with about.Li intorno, little to provoke to, to encourage.

amazement, stupified, sur more, little less. Obs.-Istigato, adj. instigated, pro- prized.

giù, below, down there...Di. voked, encouraged, proinpt-Ita, yes, yea.

là, thence, from thence.--- Aned.

Itálico, adj. Italian, of Italy... dare in , to procrastinate, to Istigatóre, s. m. instigator, en- lie, go, go you.

delay, to put off from day to courager.

lterare, to reiterate, to repeat. day.--Entrar troppo in li in Istigazione, s. f. instigation, Iteráto, adj. reiterated, repeat-parlando, to talk too freely, to encouragement, incitement, 1 ed.

take too much liberty in ialksolicitation. Ito, adj. gone.

ing, to talk rashly. Saper pire lotilláre, to instil, to pour in Iteratore, s. in. one that does a la, to be sharp, sly, or cunby drops.--Istillare, co infuse thing over again.

ning -Passar piis li, to go principles or notions into the Itinerário, s. m. itinerary, de farilies.--La nolle è assai bene mind. scription of a journey.

indi, it is late in the night. Istilláto, adj. instilled. Ittérico, adj. one sick of the Qui è lii, here and there.Istinto, s. m. instinct, an in- yellow jaundice.

La entru, there within.-ward motion, a natural bent Itterizia, s. f. the yellow jaun- gii, there below.--Più li, or inclination to. dice.

farther that way.---Verso , Tastituire, so institute, to enact, Iva, s. f. the herb ground pine; towards that place.--La, it.decree, appoint or ordain, co also St. John's wort.

Lu mi piace, it pleases me, I establish or found.

Júbere, tw. command, to bid. like it. Istitúto, s. m. an institute, an Obs,

Labárda, s. f. halberd. order or rule of life.

Júgero, s.

of Labardáccia, 3. f. a clumsy Istitucore, s. m. institutor, in- ground.

halberi, or an unwieldy hal. structor or founder,

Juguláre, adj. guttural, belong-1 berd. Istituzione, s. f. institution, es ing to the throat.

Lábbia, s. f. pl. face, countetablishment, appointment, in-ivi, adv. there.

nance, look. Obs. struction, education, lviriita, ads. there, just there. Labhricciuilo, 8. m. a small lip. Istória, 9. f. history, story. Obs.

Lábbro, s. m. lip, pl. Labbra, Istoriále, adj, historical. Jura, s. f. conjuration, plot, $. f. poet. Labbia.----Labbro, katorialmente, adv. historically conspiracy. Obs.

brim, tip, edge.--Labbro fesso, Istoriáto, adj. painted or set Jure, e. mi law.In jure, ace a harc lip. ---Labbro, virga

941 with figures, represented cording to the law, in law. pastoris, fulica - weed,




great anxiety.

any trouble.

nant water.




herb so called.

Lacerazione, s. f. laceration. Lagna, s. f. lamentation, moanLabbráccio, s. m: pretty lip, Lácero, adj. torn, ragged, in ful complaint, affliction. Obs. little lip.


Lagnamento, s. m. complaint, Labbrúto, adj. blubber-lipped. Lácerto, s. m. a sinew. Labe, s. f. spot, stain. Obso-Laci, adv. there. Obs.In Lagnársi, to complain, to la. late and poet. laci, that way. Ohs.

ment, to bemoan, to bewail, Libere, to slide or glide along, Laco, s. m. a lake. Poet. to afflict or grieve one's self. to slip, to fall. Obs.

Lacrima, s. f. a tear.-Lacrima, Lagnevóle, adj. lamentable, Laberinto, s. m. a labyrintlı a drop.

doleful,mournful,woeful. Not or maze.--Laberinto, cause of Lacrimabile, adj. lachrymable, used. deplorable.

Lagno, s. m. affliction, grief, L'ábile, adj. slidiny, gliding, Lacrimale, s. m. o. Lagrimale. lamentation. slippery, falling, transitory. Lacrimante, adj. weeping, cry- Lagnosamente, adv. in a beLabirinto, u. Laberinto. - ing, in tears.

wailing manner. Lábole, Obs. D. Labile.

Lacrimáre, to weep, to cry, to lagnóso, adj. that bewails, Labóre, s. m. labour. Obs.shed tears.

that complains. Senza alcun labore, without Lacrimáto, adj. deplored, la- Lago, s. m. a lake.-Lago,deepmented, bewailed.

ness, depth, profundity. Laboriosamente, adv. labori- Lacrimóso, u. Lagrimoso. Lagóne, s. m. a pool of stag

ously, painfully, hardly. Lacrimévole, v. Lagrimevole. Laboriosità, s. 1. labour, fa- Lacúna, s. f. a large piece of Lágrima, s. f. a tear. Sparger rigue, trouble, toil, laborious water, as if it were a lake; a lagrime, to shed tears.-Lágrilagoon.

ma (gocciola,) a drop-LagriLaborioso, adj.laborious, pain- Lacunale, adj. belonging to ma, lachryma Christi, a sore ful, hard, toilsome.—Laborio the laguna.- Aeque lacunale, of wine at Naples. so, laborious, industrious, that standing water.

Lagrimábile, adj. 0. Lagrimetakes pains, that works hard. Lacunóso, adj. full of lagoons. vole. Labrúsca, s, f. a kind of wild Ládano, s. m. laudanum, a so- Lagrimale, s. m. the corners grape. porific tincture.

ar angles of the eyes towards Lacca, s. f. hank of a river, Laddove, adv. there where the nose, from whence tears the sea side.-L.cca, a descent, Andò laddove gli altri eráno, ne a downfall.-Lacca, a deep or went there where the others Lagrimánte, adj. weeping, low place, a muddy place.

crying, in tears. Lacca, leg or buttock of any Ládico, adj. tay, secular. Obs. Lagrimáre, to weep, to cry, to quadruped.— lacca di salvati-, -Frate ladico, lay friar. Obs. shed tears. -Lagrimare, to cina, a haunch of venison.- Lado, adj. v. Laido. Obs. drop.---Lagrimare m. laLacca di castralo, a leg of mut- La dove, adv. there where.

chrymation, weeping or shedton-lacca, lacca, or lack, a Ladrino, dim. of Ladro.

ding of tears, falling in drops. kind of colour.-lera lucca, Ladro, s. m. a thief, a robber. Lagrimazióne, s. f. lachrymasealing-wax.

-Ladro, adj. bad, ill, not tion, a shedding of tears, a Lacchè, s. m. a lackey, a foot- good, nasty, filthy, sad. dropping boy, a running footman. Non fie mui vista la più ladra Lagrimétta, dim. of Lagrima. Lacchetta, s. f. a racket to play cosa, a worse thing never was Lagrimévole, adj. deplwfable.

at tennis with.-Lacchetta, leg, scen.--Ladri deiti, base dis- lamentable, buttock, haunch.

course. Da ladro senno, in an Lagrinosamente, adv. deplorLacchézzo, s. m., a dainty or ugly manner...biorni ladri, ably, lamentably. Lacchezzino, s savoury

deplorable days.---La comodita Lagrimóso, adj. weeping, cry. thing.

fa* l'uomo lauro, opportunity ing, full of tears.-Lagrimóso, Láccia, s. f. the shad fish. makes a thief.

deplorable, lamentable, moanLáccio, s. m. gim, snare, spring, Ladronája, s. f. nest of thieves, fæl, woeful. noose, knot.Laccio d'amore, mal administration.

Lagrimúzza, dim, of Lagrima. love-knot. Laccio, ambush, Ladroncellería, s. f. theft, rob- Lagúme, s. m. a pool of standsnares, treachery.-Uscir del bery.

ing water, a marshy place. laccio, to get out of trouble. Ladroncello, dim. of Ladro. Lagúna, s. f. a lagoon, e. LaLacciolétro, s. m. snare, gin, Ladróne, s. m. a highwayman, cuna. Lacciuolo, } spring to a robber.

Lai, s. m. pl. lamentations, catch birds or beasts by the Ladronéccio, 8. m. theft, rob- moanful complaints. Poet. legs with.-Tender lacciuoli, bery.

Laicale, secular, lay, temporal. to lay snares.

Ladronesco, adj. thievish. -dbito laicale, secular babit. Laceramćnto, s. m. laceration. Ladrúccio, dim. of Ladro. Signore laicale, a temporal Laceránte, adj. that tears. Laéntro, adv. there within. lord. Laceráre, to lacerate, to tear. Laggiù, adr.

Laicalmente, adv.) in a secu-Leceráre, to defaniçi to Là giù, there below. Laicamente, S laror temslander.-Luceráre, to rend, to Laggiúso,

poral way.-Laitamente, sim. tear, to tear off, to tear in Labertíno, din. of Laghetto. ply, foolishly, unieardediy, pieces, w ruin, to destroy. Laghótto, dim. of Lago. Ignorantly.



at once.

Láico, adj. lay, secular, Lamentáta, v. Lamentanza. or scales. Obs.

-Laico, silly, ignorant, un- Lamentatore, a complainer, he Lancetta, s. f. gnomon, the learned, siinple. Un laico, that laments or bewails. stylepin or cock of a dial.a lay or secular man.-I laici, Lamentatrice, fem. of Lamen- Lancetta, a lance to bleed with. the laity, the people.


Láncia, s.f.a lance, a spear.Laidamente, adv. uglily, base- Lamentazioncélla, dim. of La Abbassar la lancia, to couch or lý, dishonestly, disagreeably, mentazione.

rest the lance or spear.nastily, filthily.

Lamentazione, s. f. lamenta- Luncia, horsemen armed with Laidáre, u. Laidire. Obs. tion, mournful complaint. lances.-Lancia spezzata, a Laidézza, s. f. nastiness, filthi- Lamentevole, adj. lainentable, lancepessade, a kind of caval. ness, ugliness, deformity. doleful, mournful.

ry, an under corporal.-PorLaidire, to make ugly, to foul, Lamentevolmente, adv.mourn tar ben sua lancia, to behave to soil, to dirty. Obs. füily, dolefully, lamentably. one's self prudently.---Far Laidità, s. f. v. Laidezza. Lamento, s. m. complaint, d'una luncia un zipolo, to ride Obs. groan, lamentation.- Lanzen

a good horse to death. Laidito, adj. ugly, deformed, to, complaint, expostulation. Lanciáre, to hurl, to dart, to

soiled, dirty, spoiled. Obs. Lamentóso, adj. lamentable, fling, to throw, to shoot.-Laido, adj. nasty, filthy, de- doleful.

Lanciúre, to strike or wound formed, ugly, foui, loathsome, Lamétta, s. f. dim. of Lama. with a lance.Lenciáre, to base, dishonest, wicked, bad. Lamicáre, to rain very small, amplify or exaggerate, to age -Laidu, s. m. v. Laidezza, to drizzle.

gravate in telling. Obs.

Lamiéra, s. f. a cuirass, an Lanciársi, to fly at one, to rush Laidúra, s.

f. v. Laidezza. armour for the back and upon him. Obs. breast.

Lanciáta, s. f. a dart-throwLalda, s. f. v. Lauda. Obs. Lámina, s. f. a plate or thin Lonciála, a hit or blow with Laldábile, u. Laudabile. Obs. piece of metal, a slate. a lance. Laldáre, v. Laudare. Obs. Laminétta, s. f. dim. of Lami- Lanciatore, a lancier, a soldier Laldatore, v. Laudatore. Obs.

armed with a lance. Lalde, o. Laude. Obs. Laminóso, adj. made up of Lanciatrice, she that hurls, L'altr'iéri, before yesterday. small flat bits of any metal. flings or darts. Lama,s.f.a plain or champaign Lámmia, s. f. a witch, a sor- Láncio, s. m. jump, start.-Di ground or country-Lama, - Lámmia, a fairy, a primo lanci, at the first stroke, a blade.--Venire a mezza lana, nymph. to come to a conclusion. Lámpa, s. f. light, splendour, Lancióne, s. m. a great lance. lama, a thin plate of iron or brightness.

Lancioniére, s. m. a lancier. any other metal. Lámpada, s. f.

Lanciottáre,to strike or wound . Lambiccare, to distil.Lambic- Lámpade,

a lamp.

with a lance. carsi il cervello sopra qualche Lómpana,

Lanciottáta, s. f. a hit or blow cosa, to beat or puzzle one's Lampanajo, s. m. a lamp-mak- with a javelin or dart. brains about a thing:

Lanciotto, s. m. a javelin or Lambícco, s. m. a still, a lim- Lampánte, adj. bright, shining, dart. beck. blazing

Lanciuola, s. f. a small lance. Lambiménto, s. m. the act of Lampáre, v. Lampeggiare. Landa, s. f. a heath, a down. licking or lapping. Lampeggiaménto, v. Lampeg a plain, a field. Lambire, to lick, to lap. gio.

Lándra, s. f. a whore, a trull. Lambitívo, s. m. a kind of Lampeggiáre, to flash, to shine, Lanfa, s. f. orange-water. electuary. to blaze, to lighten.

Langóre, s. il. v. Languore. Lambrusca, s. f. 2 wild wine Lampeggio, v. Lampo. Langueggiáre, v. Languire. Lambrusco, s. m. S and wild Lampióne, v. Lampone. Languénte, adj. languishing, grapes.

Lampo, s. m. a flash, a blaze, a faint,weak,feeble.---Languente, Lamentábile, adj. lamentable, lightning.

languishing, amorous. doleful, moansul, woeful, de- Lampóne, s. m. raspberry. Languidétto, adj. dim. of Lanplorable.

Lampréda, s. f. a lamprey. guido. Lamentabilménte, adv.lament- Lampredótto, s. m. a little lam- Languidézza, s. f. faintness, ably, dolefully, moanfully. prey.-Lampredollo,a fricassee weakness, want of strength. Lamentaménto, s.'m. lamen of the entrails of a calf. Languido, adj. languid, faint, Lamentánza, s. f. Station, Lana, s. f. wool, fieece.--Far weak, feeble. complaint.

d'ogni lana peso, to play all Languidore, s. m. faintness, Lamentáre, to lament, to be sorts of tricks.Batter la lana, weakness, want of strength.

moan, to bewail, to mourn to have to do with a woman. Languíre,to languish,to linger, for, to deplore.

Lanajuólo, s. m. a wool-man, a to faint, to pine or consume Lamentársi, to lament, to com clothier, he that makes cloth

away, to droop. plain, to groan, to bemoan or any other woollen stuff. Languiscénte, v. Languente. one's self. Lamentársi, co Lance, s. f. a balance or scales. Languore, s. in. faintness, complain, to expostulate, to Poetical.

Langúra, s. f. Obs. weakblame.

Lancelia, s. f. a small balance acus, feebleness,languishment, Voi. I.


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