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want of strength or spirit, } throw stones at.

Largiménto, v. Largità. Obr. fainting fit, or swoon.- Non Lapidário, s. m: a lapidary. Largire, to give liberally and vi dite tanta langura, don't vex Lapidatóre, he that stones or largely: or fret yourself so much. throws stones at.

Largita, s. f. breadth, wide, Laniáre, to tear to pieces. Lapidatrice, fem. of Lapida- ne: s: --Largita, largeness, libeLaniáto, adj. torn to pieces.

rality, bounty. Laniatore, that tears to pieces. Iapidazione, s. f. lapidation, a Largito, adj. bestowed, given. Laniatríce, feininine of Lania- stoning to death.

Largitore, a liberal giver, a tore,

Lápide, s. f. stone, tomb-stone. prodigal spender, a frank beLaniére, s. m. a lannier, a star -Lapide, a precious stone. hawk.

Lápidco, adj. stuny, ab hard as Largitrice, fem. of Largitore. Lanífero, adj. employed in

Lárgizinne, s. f. liberal ex. woolly business.

Lapidóso, adj. full of stones, pence, bountifulness, large-, Lanificio, s. m woollen manu

ness, liberality. facture, the art of spinning Lapilláre, to cut into small Largo, adj. broad, wide, large. or weaving wool

-Vi larg, a broad way:Lanifico, adj. woolly. Lapilláto, adj. cut into small Panno largo, broad or wide Lanino, a woollen workman.

cloth. --Coscienca larga, a conLano, adj. woollen, of wool.-Lapillo, s. m. small stone, science not scrupulous.--LarPanno lano, woollen cloth. flint.

go, copious, plentiful, plenteLanczo, adj. woolly, full of Lapislázzalo, s. m. lapis lazuli, ous abounding.- Larga mensa,

wool-Liniso, rough haired, a sky-coloured stone. plentiful dinner.---Lurgo di vita róagh, bristly, shaggy: Láppola, s. f. burdock, bur, e d'arbori, full of vines and Lanterna, s. f, a lantern or Lappolóne, s. in. large bur or trees.- Largo, free, bountiful, Janthorn.--Lanterna, the lan- burdock.

magnificent, liberal, courtetern of a watch-tower.---Lan-lardáre, to lard.

ou---- Largo, advantageous, terna magica, inagical lantern, Lardatúra, larding of meat profitable, good, honourable. a small optical instrument so that is to be roasted.

Forsi far largo, to make one's called.-Lanterna, a lantern, a Lardellare, o. Lardare.

self be respected and honour. jittle dome or cupola - M0- Lantello, s. m. a small slice of ed. --Fari larga agli onori, to trare a!trici lecio'e per lanterne, lari.

advance one's self to honours to make one believe the moon Lárdo, s. m. lard or hog's by one's own industry and is inade of green cheese.

ability.---Largo, s. m. breadth, Lantern-jo, s. m, a lantern- Lardone, s. Jard, bacon. wideness, largeness. --Largo, maker:

pickled pork-Geltar il lardio adv.largely, plentifully,abun. Lanternerta, s. f..dim. of a cani, to make bad use of antij.---Parlur lur, o d'una coLanternino, s. m. | Lanterna. fortune's gifts.

Si, to speak at large upon a Lanternóne, s. m. a great lan- Largáccio, adv. very wide. thing, to dwell upon it -Vola

Larguinénte, adv. largely, ar lirgo a ranti, to avoid or Lanternúto, adj. a hurlesque wickedly.--Lärgamente, freely, shin all cifficulties and dans

epithet to a lean man. liberally, bountifully, gener-| gers.-- inocure larro, to play Lanúgine, s. f. down, downy ously:-Largonente, fully, en or fight at a distance.--- Ara beari, soft hair, soft wool or tirely:- Lurçamente, largely, dar laro o da che che si sia, to cotton, nap or mossiness of plentifully, abundantiy--10:- stand off, or at a distance. fruits or trees.

gamente, diffusively, more at -- Alla larga, adv. largely, Lanuginoso, adj. downy. large.

plentifully, abundantly.--- AlLanúto, adj. woolly, full of Largáre, to widen, to make ia larga, adv. oif, at a 'great wool. wider.

distance. Lanúzza, s. f. dim. of Lana, Largato, adj. widened, opened. Largára, s. f. breadth, largewool.---Tu se ima mala la- Largheggiare, to give freely

ness, extent, widih. redzi, thou art a wicked fel- and generously, to shew boun. Lárice, s. in. the larch-tree. low.

ty-Larghesiar di puro's, to laricino, adj. belonging to the Lanzichenécco, the same promise a great deal, to be larch-tree, or made of the Lanzo.

very generous in words and wood of it. Lánzo, a German foot-soldier. promises.

Lari, s. m. pl. lares, household Laoltre, adv. yonder, there. Larghétio, adj. dim. of Largo, gods among the Romans. laónde, adv.thereupon, where. Larghézza, s. f. breadth, wide-Laringe, s. m. larynx, the fore.----Le onde, adv. from ness, largeness.---Larcheaza, throat or the top oi the windwhence, whence.

largeness, liberality. Far lar- pipe. Láove, adv. there, where. gheze, to make presents, to be Laro, s. m. a sea-cob or sea Lapazio, š. m. sorrel, an herb liberal. -Larghezze, plenty, Full. so called.

store,copiousness, grcat quan- Larva, s. f. larva, ghost, or Lápida, s. f. that stone which tity.--Larghezča, permission, phantom, a waiking spirit.covers the grave, a comb-| leave, liberiy.

Limi, clothes to disguise Larghiti, s. f. largeness, liber- one's self.--Lurva, a visard or Lapidáre, to stone, to hurl or

ality. Obs.

vizard, a mask.






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or wanton.

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Laságna, s. f. a kind of thin lust. Obs.

aporta la latilra, you know paste cut into slices and cri- Lascivétio, adj. dim. of Lasci- all. ed, boiled in water or broth,

Laterbrúso, adj. dark, conceal. then put into a dish with Lascívia, s. f. lasciviousness, ed. grated cheese and fresh bui- lechery, lust.

Läténte, adj. latent, close, seier, a dish little known in Lasciviáre, Lascivire.- cret, dark, hidden, lurking: England.


Latentennénté, adv. in a conLasagnájo, s. m. he that makes Lasciviénte, adj. addicted to cealed manner. or sells that kind of paste call- lust.

Laterale, adj. lateral, belonged lasagne.

Lascivire, to grow lascivious, ing to the sides.
Lasagnóne, s. m. an awkward

Lateralménte; adv. on the fellow, a dunce.

Lascività, v. Lascivia. Obs. sides. Lasca, s. f. a roach, à fresh- Lascivo, adj. lascivious, lust- Laterina, a sink, a deep hole. water mullet.

ful.-- Parole lascivé, obscene Latézža, s. f. latitude, breadth, Laschitá, s. f. sloth, poltroon words.-Larivo, dissolute, largeness, widences, ery, cowardice. Obs.

lewd, loose, licentious, de Latibulo, s. m. a hidden place, Lasciamento, s. m. the act of bauched.

a lurking hole. leaving, abandoning, forsak- Lasco, adj. slow, slothful, slug- Latinamente, adv. largely, ing or quitting

gish, dull, lazy, heavy, slack. easily, commodiously, convé Lasciamistáre, s. m. a vulgar Lassa, s. f. a particular kind of niently, comfortably. Obsappellation for a quiet man coilar for hunting dogs, a Latinamente, in Latin, accordor woman that mind their leash.

ing to the rules of Latin. business.--Esser pieno di luscio Lassáre, to weary, to tire, to Latináre, o. Latinizzare. amistare, to be tired and de- fatigue.--Lassure, to leave, to Latinità, s. f. the Latin tongue. sirous of rest.

forsake, to abandon. Latinizzáre, to speak, write or Lasciare, to leave.--Ho lascia Lassatívo, adj. laxative, loosen turn into Latin, to play the. ato il mio libro a cus«, I have left i ing, opening.

pedant or school-master. my book at home. -Lusciarp, Lassátó, adj. wearied, tired, Latino, s. m. language, idiom, to leave, to forsake, to aban- fatigued.---Lassato, left, for- speech.-Il cavalier che intende don.---Lasciare in nusso, to a- saken, abandoned.

quel latino, ferina il cavallo, e non bandon.-Lasciere, to let, to Lassazione, s. f. weariness, las sa che fi fare, the knight who suffer,-- Lusciatenielo vedere, let situde.

understood that speech, stops me see it.---- Lasciate stare, ler Lassézza, s. f. lassitude, weari- the horse, and doth that alone, don't meddle with ness.

know what to do.--E cuntino it.--Lasciure, to leave off, to Lasso, adj. weary, tired. --Las- gli angeili, ciascuno in sw latino, forbear.-Lasciáre, to leave or si, miserable, unhappy, dis and let the birds sing every bequeach.---Lasriure, to set consolate, wretched.---Lasso? one in his way.-- Latino, disdogs after a wild beast.---Las alas! Quante lagrime lasso, e course, speech..-Latino, learn, ciare la briglia al cavallo, to let quianti versi ho sparsi, alas! how ing, knowledge, doctrina. loose the reins of a horse, to many tears have I shed, and Lelino, Latin or the Latin give him his head -- Lusciarsi, how many verses have 1 tongue.---Latino di cucina, low to keep, to preserve.- Nonime thrown away!

Latin.---Larino fulso, false Lason lusciato un fiasco, I have Lassú, adv.

tin, an incongruity - Luhao, not one bottle left for

{there above.

adj. Latine, of the Latium. self.---Lasciarsi andare alle pas- Lastra, s. f. a flat broad stone, Dinmi s’alcun Latino è tra cosa sioni, to addict, to abandon a slate.---Torre uno in su lasa toro, tell me if there is any one's self up to one's passions, ire, to kill one upon the Latin amongst those.-Furelia to gratity one's passions. spot.

Latina, the Latin tongue-laLasciátu, . Lasciamento. Obs. Lastricáre, to pave with broad tino, clear, plain, intelligible. -Lasciato, adj. left, abandun

---Latino, broad, wide, spacied.

Lüstricato, adj. paved. ous, commodious, casy:--Vela Lascibile, adj. licentious, lewd, Lastricato, s. in.) pavement, latina, the mizzen sail of a ship. loose, dissolute, disorderly. Lástrico, Spaved place. - Latino, adv. in Latin, after Láscio, s. m. a legacy.—Liscio, Condurri al lastrico, to be re the form and fashion of Laa will, a testament.---Lascio, duced to his last shifts, to be tin.---Parlar Latino, to speak a leash for dogs or hounds. very poor, to come to beg- Latin.--Latina di tocca, tlåt Andare allascio,to cast or throw gary.

speaks with great facility. off the dogs.--:Indare al lusctu Lastricatúra, 9. f. paving. Latitúdine, f. latitude, del cervo, to hound the stag, Lastróne, s. m. a large broad breadth, largeness, wideness. to cast or throw off the dogs stonc or slate.---Lastrone, a -Latitudine di cuore, liberali

broad stone with which ty, affability.--Lutitudine, in Lascito, s. m. a legacy,

bokers shut their oven.

geography, latitude. Lasciva, s. f. v. Lascivia. Obs. Lastrúccia, diin, of Lastra. Lato, s. m. side. ----Lito destro, Lascivamente, adv. lascivious- Lasů, v. Lassù.

lato mancu, the right or left side. ly, lecherously, wantonly: Latébra, s. m. a hidden place, Lato, side, way --Lascia da Lascivánza, s. fi lasciviousness a luicking hole. ---Allui élut, to leave aside, apart.--



at the stag.




Alato, by, dear.-Lalo, place. gallina, the best. In casa sua testa all'asino, to lose one's

-Ma questo vero è seritto in v'è il latte di gallina, they al tine and labour. mo!!i lati, but this truth is ways eat of the best in his Lavato, adj. washed. written in several places.-- house.--Pesce di latte, a fish Lavativo, s. m. a clyster. In ogni lato, every where.- with a soft roe.-La bocca gli Lavatójo, s. à standing Sorella dal lato di madre, an ute puzza di latte, his breath smells ewer with a cock to it, to rine sister, sister of the mo of milk, he is very young,

wash one's hands out of, a ther's side. --Lao,adj. spaci- Latteggiante, adj. milky, full laundry, a wash-house. ous, wide, broad, large. - Alel of milk, lactifical, that breeds Lavatóre, s. m. he that washes. hanno late e colli e visi umani, milk.

Lavatrice, she that washes. they have large wings, and Látteo, adj. lacteous, milky.- Lavatúra, s. f. a washing, a the neck and face of a La via lattea, the milky way, bathing. --Laratura, dish.

the galaxy. Látora, s. f. pl. the sides. Latteruolo, s. m. a dish the Lavazióne, s. f. lavation, a Latore, s. m, a bearer.

chief ingredient of which is washing or cleansing: Latramento, s. m. barking. milk.

Lauda, s. f. laud, praise, comLatráre, to bark. Latráre, to Latticínio, s. m. any food made mendation, an hymn. cry, to lament.

of milk.

Laudabile, adj. laudable, worLatráto, s. m. a barking.–La. Latticinoso, adj. milky, is only thy of praise, commendable. tráto, adj. barked.

used as an epithet to those Laudabilmente, adv. laudably, Latratore, s. m. a barker. plants whose leaves or fruit commendably. Latria, s. f. worship due only when torn send forth a liquor Laudáno, s. m. a gum made to God. like milk.

of the fat dew that is gatherLatrina, a privy, the sink of Lattifero, adj. v. Latticinoso. ed from the leaves of lada, a private house.

Lattifíccio, s. m. the milk that laudanum. Latro, s. m, a thief, a robber. comes out of the fig that is Laudáre, to praise, to com. Poet. not yet ripe.

mend.-Laudare, to praise or Latrocínio, s. m. larceny, theft, Lattime, s. m. scurf or scald on thank God.---Laudarsi di qualrobbery. children's heads.

cheduno, to be well satisfied Latrocíno, adj. abominable, Lattimóso, adj. scurvy or scald- with one. execrable, detestable. Obs. headed.

Laudáto, adj. praised, comLatta, s. f. latten, lattin, iron Lattonzo, s. m. a suckling mended. tinned over.

Lattonzolo, } calf, or any Laudatóre, a praiser, a com. Lattájo, adj. that has a great suckling beast that is not above mender. deal of milk.Nutrice che è

Laudazione, s. f. Obs. laud, buona lattaja, a nurse that has Lattováro, s. m. electuary. Laude, Poetical.

S praise, a great deal of milk, a good Lattúga, s. f. lettuce.---Lattuga, commendation, thanksgiving. nurse. a tucker, a lace tucker.

Dar laude, to praise, to Lattajuóla, s. f. the herb tithy- Lettugáccia, s. f. a bad let commend, to give thanks.mal or milk-weed. tuce.

Degno di laude, praise-worthy. Lattajuolo, s. m. young teeth. Lavacápo, s. m. a reprimand, Laudése, s. m. one that by apLattánte, adj. sucking, that a rebuke. A vulgar word. pointment sung songs of sucks.- Laitante, that suckles Lavacéci, s. m, a dunce, a praise and

and thanksgiving or gives suck. -Nutrice lat-| blockhead, an awkward fel Obs. tante, a wet nurse. low.

Laudevole, adj. commendable, Lattáre, to give suck, to nurse. Lavacro, s. m. a washing-place, laudable, praise-worthy.

- Bambino che latta, a sucking a bath or bagnio, a font. Laudevolmente, adv. laudably, child.

Lavágna, s. f. shake, a kind of commendably, Lattáta, s. f. a potion, drink

Laudore, s. m. v. Laude. Obs. made with almonds or seeds Lavamáne, s. m. wash-hand Laudóso, adj. that praises. of melons bruised and dilut-l stand.

Obs. ed in water.---Iaitáło, adj. Lavaménto, s. m. a washing, Lavéggio, s. m. a pot like a *suckled, sucked-Lattato, bathing.

kettle.---Laveggio, a pan for milky, white as milk. Lavanda, s. f. a washing. coals. Lattatrice, a nurse, she that Lavandaja, s. f. a washer. Lavoracchiare, to work but suckles a child.

Lavandára, Ś woman. little and interruptedly. Latte, s. m. milk.-Vitella di Laváre, to wash.–Lavare, to Lavoráccio, s. mi a clumsy latte, a sucking calf.--Latle di water.--Lavar la testa, to re- piece of work. pesce, the soft roe of a fish.- buke or reprimand.-- Je ne Lavorággio, s. m. work, piece

Fratello di latte, a foster-bro-lavo le mani, I wash my hands of work, workmanship. Obs. ther..Sorella di latte, a foster- of it, I'll have nothing to do Lavoránte, s. m. workman, arsister.Latte, milk, white with it, I'll not be concerned tificer, worker, labourer, juice of some plants.- Laite in it.-Una mano lara l'altra, journeyman. virginale, virgin's milk, a sort to help one another.-Laure Lavoráre, to work, to be at of a chemical composition,call- il svo, to waste, to squander work, to labour.-Imorare a ed Benjamin waier.Lutte di away one's estate.---Lavar la giornata, to work by the day.

a year old.








-morare, to plough, to culof the slaves on board a galley. trust not with meal.-Lercare, tivate, to till. ---Lavorare la vig- Lazzarétto, s. m. lazaretto, a to touch, to blaze upon. na, to dress or cultivate the pest-house.

Leccatamente, adv.with affectvine.---Lavorare a mazza stan. Lazzaruóla, s. f. a sort of ation, with too much and ca, to work hard, to be hard plun.

needless labour. at work.

Lazzeruolo, s. m. a kind of Leccáto, adj. licked.Leccáto, Lavoratio, adj., arable, to be plem-tree.

elegant, clean, neat, aice.--. Lavorativo, ploughed or Lazzétto, adj. somewhat sour Parlar leccato,elegant discourse. tilled. and tart, sourish.

Leccatóre, s. m. one that licks, Lavorato, adj. tilled, plough-|Lazzézza, s. f. sourness, tart a flatterer, a parasite. ed, worked.-Laroráto, artifi

Leccatúra, s. f. a scratch, a cial.--Heque lavorate, waters Lazzità, s. f. sourness, tart- slight wound. that have been carried to

Leccéto, s. m. a grove of hoinsome place by an engine. Lazzo, adj. sour, sharp, tart. -Leccélo, confusion, Fuoco lavorato, a fire-work. -Lasso, s. m. drollery, buf- disorder, intricacy, maze, laLavorato, s. ploughed foonery, jest.-Tenere il lazo, byrinth. ground.

to humour, to comply with, Lecchería, s. f. lechery, glutLavoratójo, the same as Lavo to do readily as one is bid.

tony. Obs. rativo. Obs.

Le (article plural of the femi- Lecchettino, dim. of Lecchét. Lavoratore, a workman, a nine gender) the.-Le clonne, to. labourer.-- Laroratóre, a hus.

the women; le case, the Lecchetto, s. m. something bandman, á tiller or plough-houses.- Le (pron. fem, fem.

that intices one to eat with

of the fourth case, plural) out hunger. Lavoratrice, s. f. a work-wo-. them.---Le conosco, I know Leccio, s. m. holm, or scarlet man, a journey-woman. them.--Selle vi piacciono, io le holm. Lavoréccio, s. m. work, til vi darò, if you like theni, I'll Lecco, s. m. jack to play at lage, ploughing

give them to you.—Le (pron. bowls with. Lavoreria, s. f. a work-house, relative dative) her, to her, Lecco, s. m. lechery, glut

a place where instruments for from her.-Le direte du parte tony. tillage are made.

mia, tell her from me.- Par- Lecconcino, dim. of Leccone. Lavoriéra, v. Lavorería. latele, speak to her.-Io le lo!- Leccóne, a glutton, a devourLavoriérto, s.'m. small work. si un bacio, I took from her a Lavorío, s. m work, a piece kiss.

Lecconería, s. f. gluttony, imLavoro, S of work, work- Leále, adj. loyal, faithful, trus moderate eating. manship.- -Terra da lavora, ty, honest.

Lecconéssa, s. f. a greedy ploughed land.- Lavoro d'in- Lealmente, adv. loyally, faith- woman, a great female eater tanglio, carved work. Lavoro fully, honestly.

of dainties. di relievo, embossed work.--Lealià, s. f. loyalty, fidelity, Lecconia, v. Leccornia. Obs. Lavoro, brick work.


Leccórnia, s. f. daintiness, titLaurea, s. f. crown or garland Leanza. Obs. x. Lealtà. bit.---Leccornia,avidity.greedia of laurel.

Leírdo, adj. dapple.-Lcardo ness. Laureáto, adj. laureate, crown- pomato, dapple-gray. Leccíme, S. m. daintiness,

ed with laurel.-Poeta laureato, Lebbra, s. . leprosy, a dry dainty, tit-bit--Leccúme, mopoet laureat.

Lebbrósia, S white scab or tive, incentive, incitement. Laureazione, s. f. the ceremony scurf.

Lecére, to be lawful, proper, of crowning with a crown of Lebbróso, adj. leprous, asilict- convenient or permitted. or laurel. ed with leprosy.

this verb the third person Laúrco, adj. of laurel. Leccamento, s. m. the act of singular of the present tense Lauréola, s. f. laurel, spurge licking.

of the indicative mood only laurel. Leccante, adj. licking:

is in use, as you may see by Lauréto, s. m. a laurel-wood Leccárdo, adj. greedy, glutton the following examples. or grove.

ous. Un leccardo, una leccarda, Lece, it is lawful or permitted. Laurio, adj. of laurel.--Olio a glutton, a greedy-gut, a lon ni lece sperare, I have lavrino, oil of laurel.

grecdy man or woman. no hopes. - Von mi lece far cry, Lauro, s. m. laurel, a shrub Leccare, to lick.- Leccare, to I cannot, it is not decent for that is always green.

catch.--Evenuto per cedere di me to do it. Se mi lece dirlo, Lautaménte,' adv. gallantly, poter leccare qualche cosa, he is if I may say so.--Dissemi ennobly, bravely.

come to see if he can get tro l'orecchio, omai li iece per te Lautézza, s. f. fineness, gal. something.–Chi ta lecca, e chi ste to parler con chi ti piace, he

iantry, daintiness, nobleness, si sta si spoca, a close mouth whispered to me, now you magnificence, sumptuousness, will catch no flies.--Leccare e may speak with whom you costliness,

non mordere, to be contented please by yourself. Laúto, adj. fine, noble, neat, with a small profit, a little is Lecitamente, adv. lawfully, hocostly, stately, gallant, sump- better than nothing. -A can nestiy, warrantably,

che lecchi cenere non gli ficar fa- Lecito, adj. lawful, allowable, Lauzzino, s. m. he that lashes tira, the dog that likes ashes permitted.

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Ledere, to offend, to injure, to

- legálo,s.m.a legacy.--Irgá- mente. wrong. Obs.

to, adj. tied, bound, fastened. Leggiére, Leggiéri, 1 eggiero, Ledire, v. Ledere. Obs.

Legatore, he that ties, a binder, adv. easily, with ease-li Ledito, adj. offended. Obs. -Leyator di libri book-binder. reciere, very easily -Leggiere, 1.ega, s. f. league, confederacy, Legatúra, s. f. ligature, tie. legeveri, leggiero, adj. light, alliance.---Lega, allay, the Legazione, s. f. legation, legate of small weight.---Leggiero, goodness of any metal.- Mool ship, the office of a legåte.- light, not of full weight neta di buona lega, good money. Legazione, the jurisdiction of Leggiero, light, easy to be di. - Moneta di bussa lega, bad a legate, or of an ambassador. gested Leggiero, little, small, money, counterfeit money.- Legge, s. f.law,rule,ordinance, not of great value,inconsider Uomo di bassa lega, a man of decree, statute enacted, made able, slight. -- lomo di leggiera mean birth or condition. or published by the public condizione, a man of a mean Lega, a league.

authority, to be kept invio condition or birth.- Uomo di Legáccia, s. f. a garter. lably-Large, way, fashion. Legriera scienta, a man of a Legaccio, 8. m. a string, a tie, Leggenda, s. f. legend, a silly slight knowledge or underLeggácciolo, S a band or stury.- Legrende, legend, the standing.-Leggiero, easily, bond.

book in which the lives of facile.--I'u leuwiera, an easy Legaccio,s. m. a parcel of bills the saints are related.

way.-Leggiero, light, swift, and writings.

Leggendáio, s. m. he that sells nimble.- Piu leggicro del vento, legagióne, s. f. binding, fast- little stories.

swifter than the wind-Caening, linking or joining to - Leggendário, s. m. legendary, valli leggieri, light horsemen. gether, a book of legends.

Alla leggiera, adv. lightly:Legále, adj. legal, good in law, Leggente, adj. reading, that all leggura, rashly, foolishly, lawful, according to the law. reads.

inconsiderately: Legalità, s. f. legality, authen- Leggeramente, adv. lightly, Leggierézza, v. Leggerezza. ticity. easily.

Leggiermente, adv. lightly.Legalmente, adv. legally, ac- Leggeránza, s. f. v. Leggerez- Lezzi mente; easily, with ease. cording to the law.


--Terrierménteqninibly,swiftly. Legáme, s. m. ligature, a tie or Léggere, to read.-Leggere, to

-Leggiermi nte,rashly.foolish. band, binding, tying.-Maio read, to discover, to penetrate ly, unwarily, inconsiderate- t1 solverò 'l forte legame, but i'll into.--Ti leggo m fronte il tuo lý. clear thy doubt.--Legame d'a- disegna, I know your design Leggio, s. m. a reading-desk, a mista, bond of friendship. by your looks.----Leggere, to chorister's desk in a church Legamento, union, tie, bond, teach, to instruct ---E si legge choir.--Tu hai più parole ch'in knot.

in su'l tuo libro, they talk of legnio, you are a great babLegánza, s. f. alliance, league, you, they speak it of you. bler. confederacy. Obs.

Mandere i čestiti a leggere, to Leggitúre, a lecturer, a reader. Legáre, to tie, to bind, to knit, pawn one's ciothes. Legionário, adj. legionary, be

to fasten or make fast.-Legar Leggerezza, s. f. lightness, op- longing to a legion. *-el cavallo ad un albero, to tie the posite to heaviness.--Irggeris- Legione, s. f. legion, a body of

horse to a tree.--L'armonia za,lightness, nimbleness,swift-i the Roman army. della sua voce mi lega i sensi, the ness.- Leggerezza levity,fickle- Legislativo, adj. legislative, harmony of her voice charms

having authority of making me.-Leváre, to oblige, to lay Leggermente, adv. lightly, or giving laws. • an obligation upon, to bind, swittiy.

Legislatóre, legislator, a giver to constrain, to force.---Ligar Leggiáccia, 3. f. a bad law, an of laws, law-giver. l'usino dove upole il padrone, do ill-digested law.

Legislatrice, fem. Legislas as you are bid, do what your Leggiadrainénte, adv. comely, tore. master bids you.-Lugar l'asi- gracefully, finely, gallantly, Legista, s. m. a lawyer. no, to sleep very sound. --Le- handsomely, elegantly, de- Legittima, s. f. portion, part gar altrui le mani, to tie one's lightfully, charmingly. Leg- or share that a child has by hoods.--Legala bene, e lascia!a giadraminte, cunningly, sharp- law in his parent's estate. store, do what you can, and ly, slily.

Legittimagióne, v. Legiicimalat time do the rest.---Legarsi

, Leggiadrétto, adj. dim. of Leg- zione. to make a league or alliance. giidro.

Legittimamente, adv. lawfully, ---Lepage, to leave or bequeath Leggiadría, s. f. comeliness, justiy. by will.---Legare i denti, to set grace, handsomeness, pretti- Legittimáre, to legitimate, to one's teeth an edge.-Legrirsi

make or declare legitimate. cun gircramento, to bind one's Leggiadro, adj. pretty, comely, Legittimáto, adj. legitimated. self upon oath.-Legarsela at handsome, graceful, elegant, Legietimazione, s. I. legitima

ditto, to owe one a spite. kine, fair.-Legnaro, s. n. a tion, the act of legitimating. Legatario, s. m. legatee, a per- gallant, a lover, a beau. Legittimo, adj. lawful-Ercdie

son who has a legacy left him Leggibile, adj. legible, chat legittimo, a lavıful heir-Itin a will.

may be read, easy to be gittimo, lawful, just, equitable, Legatía, s. f. allay. Obs. read.

reasonable.- Vunetu legitimna, Legáto, legate, a pope's legate. Leggieramente, u. Legger- good money.



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