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legnerelio, dim.of Legno.

Legna, s. f. pl. wood to burn, Lendiníso, adj. mitty, full of slow fire.---Lento, loose, slack, fire-wood. nits.

unbert.--I ento, adv. slow, Legnáccio, s. m. the wood of Lene, adj. humane, kind. slack, leisurely, at leisure. which winding-tops for chil Poetical.

Lentóre, 0. Lentezza. dren are made.--. Legnucio, Leniénte, adj. lenient, soften- Lensa e Lenza, s. fi a line, an bad wood. inz.

angling line, a thread made Legnaggio, s. m. family, li-Leniticamento, s. m. an as with bristles to which the neage, offspring, generatiou, suagement of pain or griet. hook is tied to fish with. race, stock, pedigree. leniticáre, to ease, to assuage, Lenzáre, to bind or tie with a Legnajuólo, carpenier, joiner, to mitigate, to appease, to

band or tillet, to dress. Obs. Legnane, s. m. all manner of alleviate.

Lenzáto, adj. tied or bound timber to build with. Lenificativo, adj. lenitive, soft- with a hand. Obs. Legnáre, to cut or get wood ening, easing.

Lenzuolétto, s. m, a small sheet for fuel.

Leniinento, s. m. the act of for a bed. Legnáta, s. f. a blow with a softening or mollifying. Lenzuélo, s. m. sheet, a bedcudgel or piece of wood. Lenire, to soften, to allay, to sheet. Distendersi privo che il Legne, $. f. pl. wood for fuel. miligate, to assuage, to case, lenzuol non è lungo, to spend to alleviare

more than one has. ,

Lenitá, s. f. lenity, sweetness .cofánte, an elephant. Legno, s. m. wood.-Legno of disposition, humanity. Leoncello, s.m.a little or young verde, green wood.---Legno, Lenitivo, adj. lenitive, that is lion. the forbidden tree. Tegno, a of a lessening or assuaging Leóne, s. m. a lion.--Leone, ship. quality,

Leo, one of the twelve signs Legnosánto, s. m. an Indian Leno, adj. weak, feeble, faint, of the Zodiac. wood, the decoction of which out of heart.-Voce lena, a Leonéssa, s. f. a she-lion. is given to the diseased with faint voice.-Correr leno, to Leonino, adj. leonine, belong: the French pox.

run softly:-Vino leno, flating to a lion, of a lion-like Legnoso, adj. ligneous, woody. dead wine.---Leno, supple, nature, cruel, savage.-- LeoniLegnúzzo, s. m. a small piece limber, pliant, flexible. no, of the colour of a lion. of wood, a stick.

Lenocíno, s. m. pimping, a Leopárdo, s. m. leopard.. legorizia, s. f. liquorice, a bawd's trade.

Lépido, adj. lepid, pleasant, sweet plant, or the juice of it. Lensa, v. Lenza.

jocose, smart, witty. Legume, s. n. pulse. Lenta, o. Lente.

Leporajo, s. m. a warren, a Lei, oblique case of the per- Lentággine, s. f. a wild plant Leporario, share warren, sonal pronoun, Ella. Her. so called.

a park for hares. lei, is of en used in the nomi- Lentamente,adv.slowly,softly, Leporino, adj. leporine, benative case instead of ella; slackly, heavily.---Proceder longing to a hare. Lubbro lebut that is wrong and vulgar. lentemente, to go on slowly. porino, a hare-lip. Il rico lo di lei, I remem- Lentáre, to slacken.

Leppare, to fly, to run away: ber her.- Questo è per li, this Lentáto, adj. slackened. -Leppáre, to take away: is for her.

Lenie, s. t. lentil, a small kind Leppo, s. m. a stink of any Leltáre, to dolay, linger or of pulse.--I .ente, lens, a con thing roasted or burnt." dally, to dodze.

rex glass that is made to Leprajo, s. m.a warren, a hareLembo, s. m. hem, edge, lap- throw the rays of vision into per or lappet of a gown or a point.—Lente palustre, water Leprátto,s. m. a little or young garment, à border.-Lembo, lentils.

hare, a leveret. ridge, top-li oce piu ch'a Lente, adj. v. Lento.

Lepre, s. m. f. a hare.--Pigliar mezco muore il lembo, little high- Lentemente, i. Lentamente. la lepre col carro, a slow paceer than the middle of the Lentézza, s. f. slowness, negli- makes sure work. For lepre gence, slackness.

recchia, to do as old hares do, lemma, s. f. lemma, an argu- Lenticchia, s. f. lentil, a kind to go back when they see any ment or proposition oi what of pulse.-! enticenu palustre, danger.- 4ver più debiti, che is to be treated of. water-lentils.

la lepre, to be in debt over Lemme-Lenime, adv. softly, Lentiggine, s. f. a pimple or

head and ears. gently.

freckic, a little red pot in the Leprétta, s. f. Lena, s. f. breath.--La lena m| face or other part, like a Leprettino, s. m. lentil.

leveret, era del polmon si munta, I was

Leproncello, 80 much out of breath. Lentigginóso, adj. that has Leprone,


hare. Lena, strength, vigour, force. freckies, freckled.

Leprottino, Lenáre, to recover strength. Lentischio, s. m.( the lentick Leprótto, Léndine, s. f. a nit, the egg of Lentisco,

Lerciáre, to soil, to dirty, to a louse.

Lento,adj. slow, lingering, idle, foul, to defile, to sully. Leoclineila, s,f. a kind of coarse lazy:- Arcore presso lento, to Lércio, adj. fouled, soiled, dircloch.

waik slowly lenta pioggia, tied, deniled, polluted. Lendinino adj.nitty,that breeds small rain-Lento-lento, very Lero, s. m. the bitter verch or

sowiy.-fuoco lento, gentle, tare, a kind of pulse good to



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feed cattle with.

--Lettera di cambio, bill of ex-1 Lettrice, fem. of Lettore. Désina, s. f. an awl, a shoema- change.-----Lettera di credenza, Lettuccio, s. m. a little bed.

ker's tool.---Lesina, sparing- credentials, letter of credence. Lettuccio, a couch, or couchness, sordidness.

Lettera di procura, a letter of bed. Lesione, s. f. wrong, damage, attorney.-- Lettera, learning, Lettúra, s. f. a lecture, a readgrievance, hurt.

literature. ---Dire a lettere di ing, an instruction given by a Leso, adj. wronged, aggrieved, scatola, o di speziali, to speak master to his scholars. offended, injured.Delitto di plain.

Leva, s. f. a lever.-Mettere a lesa maestà, a crime of high Letterale, adj. literal.--Senso leva, to work with a lever.letterale, literal sense.

Mettere a leva altrui, to make Lessáre, to boil or seeth.-Les- Letteralmente, adv. literally, one angry-Leva di milizia, a

sare della carne, to boil meat. according to the literal sense. levying, levy, or raising of Lessáto, adj. boiled, seethed. Letterário, adj. literary. soldiers. Lessatúra, 's. f. a boiling or Letterato, adj. lettered, learn. Levaldina, s. f. a trick, a seething.

ed.---Lomo letterálo, a scholar, roguery, a theft.--Fare una Lesso, adj. boiled.-Lesso, s. m. a learned man, a man of lite- lexalılina, to cheat. boiled meat. rature, a literator.

Levamento, s. m. raising, rearLesto, adj. nimble, quick, full Letteratóne, s. m. a great scho- ing, raising up, erection, miliof agility, pert, brisk, or live- lar, a very learned man. 30.--Il levamento del sole, the ly.

Letteratúccio, s. m, a pretty sun rising.---Il levamento d'un Lesúra, v. Lesione. Obs. good scholar, a man of some campo, the raising of a camp, Letále, adj. mortal, deadly. literature, a smatterer.

breaking up. Letamajo, s. m. a heap of dung, Leiteratúra, s. f. literature, Levánte, s. m. the east.-Les a dunghill. learning, erudition.

vante, adj. raising, lifting up. Letamajuólo, a collector of Letteréccio, adj. of or belong-| -Il sol levante, the sun rising. dung in the streets. ing to a bed.

- Andare in levante, to go Letamáre, to dung or ma- Letteréllo, s. m. a small bed, a thieving, to go upon the

poor little bed.

highway. Letamáto, adj. manured. Letterétia, s. f. dim. of Let- Levantino, adv. easterling, Letáme, s. m. dung, muck. Letterina, Štera. one born or dwelling in the Letaminamento, s. m. dunging, Letteróne, s. f. a large or long manuring. letter.

Leváre, to lift, heave, or raise Letamináre, to dung, to ma- Letterúccia, din. of Lettera. up.--Levare il capo, to hold up

Letterúto, adj. burlesque for one's head.--Letare il bollore, Letamináto, adj. manured. Letterato.

to boil, to boil over.--Letire, Letaminatúra, s. f. a dunging Letterùzza, s. f. a little short to take away, to carry away. Letaminazione, or manur letter.

Levar d'ira, to appease one's ing Lettica, v. Lettiga.

anger.-Levar uno di terra, to Letaminoso, adj. dunged, ma- Letticello, s. m. dim. of Let- dispatch one, to kill him.nured. Letticciuola,

Lecar l'assedio, to raise the Letáne, s. f. 7 litanies, prayers Lettiéra, s. f. a bedstead.- Let- siege.--Levar soldati, to raise Letanie, so called. Liera, the head-board of a or levy soldiers or troops. Letárgico, adj. lethargic. bed.

Lecar il cappello, ta take or pull Letárgo, s. m. lethargy, a con- Lettiga, s. f. a litter, or horse- off one's hat. —- Letare la lepre, tinual sleep.

litter; also a warming-pan. to start a hare.—Lxvarsi, to Letificánte, adj. that rejoices, Letrighétta, s. f.a small litter rise, to get up, to lift up, 10 that makes joyful. Lettichina,

go high-Lecarsi

, to rise, to Letificáre to letificate, to make people.

get or stand up.---Levarsi, to glad and joyful,

Lettino, s. m. a little bed. rise or get out of bed, to be Letificato, adj. gladdened, re- Letto, s.m. a bed. --Letto a prop, stirring. -Lecarsi, to leave a joiced.

a stay.- Letto d'un fiume, the place, to go away, to be gone. Letiggine, s. f. pimple or channel of a river.--Figlio del Levati quinci e non mi dar più freckle, little red spot in the primo o del secondo letto, a child lagna, get you gone, and trouface, freckle.

by the first or second wife ble me no more.--Lerarsi, to Letiginoso, adj. that has his Letto, dregs or lees of wine.- rise or be up, to begin to apface full of freckles.

Lelto, the bottom of a valley. pear.- Lerarsi, to move, to Letizia, s. f. gladness, mirth, -Lotto, the lodge of a deer, stir.-Levare, to forbid or joy, pleasantness.

the layer of a stag. ----Letto prohibit.--Lecare, io signify: Letiziáre, to rejoice, to make mortovio, death bed. Letto nu ---Poco levan i rimedi, quando le merry, to cheer up, to revive. ciale, a marriage bed.

malattie sono mortali, remedies Obs.

Lettore, s. m. a lector, a read- don't signify when distempers Letizióso, adj. merry, glad, cr, a lecturer.--Lellore, elect are mortal.Cercai di pacifiblithe.

carli, ma poco levo, I endeaLettáccio, s. m. a bad bed. Lettoría, s. f. the dignity or voured to make thein friends Léttera, s. f. a letter.-oléllera, charge of a professor in an again, but to nopurpose.--leword.--Letters, leiter, epistle. university

var del sacro fonte, to stand goda


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to carry

or. Obs.


father.--Leer le carte, to cut them abroad.

Libillo, a bill.-Lill!lo, libel, the cards.--Lecar un forestieru Levatrice, s. f. a midwife. lampoon, an infamous, scan-, dall' osteria, to take a man Levatúra, s. f. wit, understand- dalous, and invective writfrom the inn to lodge him in ing.-Lomo di pora levatura, a ing. his own house.

-Levar con

man of shallow brains or un- Libénte, adj. willing, ready. navilio, to take aboard, to ship derstanding. ---Tuni. domnu Obs. off-Lerar mercanzie, to buy che ha biso, no di poca levatura, Liberagióne, t. Liberazione. goods by wholesale, to ship she is a woman that does not liberalaccio, adj. indiscreetly, chein off for another country. want many entreaties.

prodigal. - Lecar la pinnta d'un edific Levazivne, s.f. elevation, exalt-j Liberále, adj. liberal, bounti. to draw the plan, or to takethe ation.

ful, generous.

- Liberále, draught of a building.-Lecar Leucójo, s. m. the white stock amurous, kind, affable.del puri, to be even, neither to gilliflower.

Paroletta liberale, a licentious win nor lose.-Learszar!truidi Leve, adj. light, not heavy. word.---Le arti liberal', the linuni, to turn one out, to turn Levemente, c. Lièvemente.

beral arts. him away, to be rid of one.; Levézza, v. Levità. Obs. Liberalità, s. f. liberality, boun.

- Non posso levarnelo dinanzi, Levístico, s. m. a plant so call-/ ty, generosity, largeness. I cannot be rid of him.--le- ed.

Liberalmente, adv. liberally, tarsene il pensiero, to think of a Levità, s. f. levity, lightness, freely, generously. thing no more.-Leváre, to fickleness.

Liberi.mente, adv.freely, plain.. rise, to blow.-ll sole dilegue Levitáre, to ferment, to lea-l ly, ingenuously, sincerely, i repori cie si leuano la mattina,

frankly, openiya-Liberamente, the sun disperses the vapours Levriéra, s. f. a greyhound absolutely, by all means.-L. that rise in the morning.--11 bitch.

beramente, liberally, freely, gerento si leza, the wind begins Levriére, š. m. a greyhound. nerously to blow.-Levure un difficoltà, Leúto, s. m. a lute.

Liberamento, s. m. delivero un ostaco'o, to remove, to Lézia, s. f. } endearments, al- ance, delivery, release, sid. take away a difficulty.--Le-Lézio, s. m. S lurements, affec- dance. carsi le corna, to revenge an

tation, wantonness.

Liberáuza, o. Liberamento. afront -- Levar la ducola, to Lezione, s. f. lecture.-Leziune, Obs. take away.-- Levar i pezzi l'uno, election.--- Lexióne, a lesson. Liberáre, to deliver, to free, to to slanciér, to backbite, to Lezione, instruction, iprecept. set free or at liberty, to rid speak ill of one.--Levar in ca- Leziosággine, s. f. softness, of, to release.---Liberáre, to po, to work, said of wine or niceness, wantonness, efiemi- give up, to deliver over, to beer when beginning to fer-) nacy.

make over. ment.-Levar iz capu, to fall Leziosaménte, adv. want

antonly, Liberatore, a deliverer, a savi. into a passion.--!vvare il para nicely, delicately. to, to be delivered, to lay in. Lezioso, adj. effeminate, wo- Liberatrice, s. f. liberatrix.

-Lecur bottega, to set up a manish, wanton, amorous. Liberazione, s. f. deliverance, shop.-Levare il pane, to lea. Lezzáre, to stink.

Liberagione, $ delivery,reven the bread. -- levar le gri-Lezzo, s. m. stink, rammish- lease, riddance. da, to cry out.

Libero, adj. free, independ. Leváta, s. f. the rising or lift- Lezzóso, adj. stinking.

-- Libero, ingenuous, ing up.-La levata citla luna, Li, adv. there.--Eccoli li, there plain, downright, open, the moon rising---Ievala, de- | they are. Dali, from thence. frank. Libero, loose, li. parture, a going away. Alla - Infino a li, till, till that centious, ra-h.--Vi sarå libero levara, in going away ---Dipo- time.--Ora li, ora qui, some

d far quel che vi piace, you may ca o di gran leveti, of a little or times there, sometines here.

do what you please. great consequence-l'omo di Libaméntu. s. m. a drink uiler- Liberia, s. f. liberty, free-will, grin levula, a very conadering, libation.

independency, freedom.--Li able or topping man. Libamina, f. perfumes. berti, liberties, privileges, im. Levato, adj. lifted up.-Irvíto, Obs.

munities. high, lofty, sublinie, elevated. Libáre, to taste, to sip or drink Libertinaggio, s. m. libertin, Una donna levata del parto, a off, to sinuck, to have a sınack ism, debauchery. Inold books woman that is churched, or of.

we find this word used for up again after child-bed.- Libbia, s. f. branch of an olive- liberty or freedom in general. Latito, drawn, taken from, tree that has been cut. Libertino, 's. m. the son of him copied. - Bandiera leunt, fly- Libbra, s. f. a pound weight.- that was once bound and now ing colours.--Stare a ore chie Libbra, a livre.--I bbra, a tax is free-Libertino, liberiine. lerate, to listen, to be atten or in position of twenty-pence Libérto, s. m. one that was tive. in the pound.

bound and is made free. Levatójo, adj. ex. Ponte lerntojo, Liberciáta, s. f. a gale of south Libidinc, s. f. lust, wantona draw-bridge. wind.

ness, leche:y, concupiscence, Levatúre, he that raises up.- Libéccio, s. the south sensuality. Lecirtúre, he that buys goods wind.

Libidinosaménte, adv.lustfully by wholesale to transport Libillo, 5. m. a small tuok.--- lecherously. VUL. I.




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Libidinoso, adj. lustful, ian - Licitamánte, adv. lawfully, soft file.—Egli i una lima sordd, ton, lecherous, sensual. rightly, justly.

ha is a cunning bladeor sharpe Líbito, s. m. will; pleasure, Licitézza, s. f. right, justice. er-Limo, muddy ground. -mind. A libito, at one's plea- Obs.

Far lima lima, to jeer, to bansure.-Fursi libito, to please Licito, adj. lawful, just. ter, to laugh at. ---Far lima li. one's self. Licóre, s m. liquor.

ma, to fret inwardly. Libra, s. f. Libia, one of the Lido, s. m. bank, shore. Limáccio, s. m. mud, mire. twelve signs of the Zodiack. Lietamente, adv. gladly, merri- Limaccioso, adj. muddy, - Tenere in libra, to keep in ly, joyfully,

miry. suspense. Lietezza, r. Letizia.

Limare, to file.m-Limare, to Libráccio, 8. m. a bad book, Lietitúdine. s. f. v. Lietezza. consume, to waste, to destroy, Librajo, S. a booksel. Liéto, adj. merry, cheerful, to spend or devour.-Limare, io ler.

glad, joyful.--Liito, open, sun polish, to finish.--Linersi il cerLibraménto, s.m. libration, the ny, that lies in the sun. vello intorno a che che si sia, to motion of the swinging of the Liéva, s. f. moment, weight, put one's brains upon the pendulum.

consequence.-.-Un affare d: rack about a thing. Libráre, to ponder, to weigh leva, an affair of consequence. Limatúra, s. f. file-dust, filings. in the mind, to consider, to -Un uomo di lieva, a topping Lazzatura d'oro, gold-dust. -poise, to balance.

man.--Lieta, a lever to lift Limatura, filing. Vwer di lineLibrarsi, to hover in the air as or bear with.

tura, to live upon one's wits. birds do.

Lieve, Lieva, have a care, make Limbéllo, s. m. shavings or Librería, 6. f. a bookseller's way, stand out of she way. shreds of leather.

shop:-Librería, a library. Lićve, adj. light, not ponder- Limbiccáre, to distil. Librettino, s. m. a little book. ous, of small weight-Lieve, Limbícco, s. m. a limbeck. Libretto,

dim. of adj. light, nimble, swift.-li- Limbo, s. m. limbo. Libriccino,

Libro.- ece, easy, facil. Lieve, incon- Limitáre, to limitor set bounds; Libricciuolo,

Libro ma

siderable, of little conse to stint or confine. Limitáre, Librícolo,s.mu. estro, a quence. Ljete, of a mean low s. m. the threshold of a door. Libro; s.m. a book. ) ledger, a, birth or education.---Lieve, Limitatamente, adv. with limi

ledger-book.--Libro di memorie poor, sorry, pitiful.-Lieve sta- tation, within compass, spara pocket-book.

io, poor condition or circum- ingly. Liccia, s. f. lists. Obs.

stances.--Lieve, adv. lightly. Limitatívo, adj. that limits, or Lícci, s. m. the woof about Lieve, quickly, nimbly, speedi- circumscribes. the beam, threads of the shut- ly, suddenly: -Lieve, easily, Limitáto, adj. bounded, contle. with ease.

fined, limited Lice, it is lawful or permitted, Lievemente, adv. swiftly, nim- Limitazione, s. f. limitation, ree. Lecere and Lece. Non mi bly, quickly, easily. --Lieve- striction, modification. lice sperar ciò, I can't hope mente, softly, dexterously. Limite, s. m. limits, bounds, that, I am not so vain to hope lievemente, kindly, humane- boundaries, borders, that.-Si mi lice dirlo, if I may ly.

Limo, s. m. mud, mire, dirt. Lievézza, s. f. lightness, levity, Limoncello, s. m. a small leLicenza, 5. f. licence, leave, fickleness. Obs.

permission. Pyndte licenza, to Lievitáre, to ferment, to lea- Limóne, s. m. a lemon. take one's leave.-Con rostra

Limonéa, s. m, lemonade. Licenza, by your leave.---Licen- Lievitáto, adj. fermented, lea- Limosina, s. f. alms, charity.za poetica, a poetical licence. vened.

Fare limosine, to give alms. Licéiza, licentious. Lievito, s. m. leaven.co.liétito, Limosináre, to beg, to ask

adj. fermented, leavened. alms.--Limosiúrt, to give Licenziamento, s kn, a dismiss- Liévre, s. m. a hare. Obs. alms, to bestow a charity. ing or disbandings.

Ligiare, to smooth, to make Limosináta, s. f. Obs. v. Limó. Licenziáre, to disfriss, to send smooth and soft-Ligure, to sina.

away.Licenziare la soldatesca, caress, to sooth, to whecdie, Limosináto, adj. begged, ob: to disband soldiers

to fawn upon.- Ligare un ca- tained as alms: Liceaziársi, to take one's leave, vrlo, to stroke a horse. Limosiniére, s. m. alms-giver, to bid farewell.

Ligistráre, v. Registrare. a charitable man..LimosiniLicenziato, adj. dismissed, dis- 1.igio, adj. subject io, under ere, almoner. banded.--Un lianziato, a li the power of, under an awe, Limosinira, an almas-giver, a centiate.

servile.---- Von deve l'intelletto charitable woman. Licenziosamente, adv. licenti esser ligio di seno, reason must Limosinuccia, din. of Limosi. ously

not be governed by passion. Licenzilan,, adj. licentious, Lignággio, s. m. race, lineage, Limosità, s. f. muddiness, mud, loose, dissolute disorderly. extraction.

inire, dirt, Lici, adv. there. abs.--Poco ul- | Ligneo, adj. wooden, of wood. Limóso, adj. muddy, miry, lungati c'eracam di lici, we were Ligústro, s. m. privet, prime dirty. not gone a great way tom print, shrub.

Liinpidózza, s. f. pureness, then e

Lima, s. f. file ----Link sorda, a flcaracss, brightaess,

say so.









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Limpidità, s. f. v. Limpidez-/ gence or advice.-Azer lin-| Liquáre, to manifest, to de

gua, to have intelligence.- clare, to publish, to reveal. Limpido, adj. limpid, clear, Lingua, tongue, language, Liquefáre, to melt, to liquefy, bright, transparent.

speech..La lingua Italiana, to dissolve. Acqua limpida, clear water. the Italian tongue. -Lingua, Liquefársi, to liquefy, to grow Lince, s. m. a lynx.

nation.-Lingua, the tongue or become liquid, to melt. Linceo, adj. of the lynx.- Arer of a balance.Lingua di terra, Liquefátto, adj. liquefied; meltorchi lincei, to have lynx eyes,

a cape, a narrow piece of ed, dissolved. to be keen-sighted, to spy or land running into the sea. Liquefazione, s. f. a liquefylook through.

Linguabuóna, s. f. bugloss. ing, melting or dissolv. Linci, adv. from thence. Linguaccia, s. f. a bad tongue, ing. Lindézza, s. f. neatness, clean a slanderer, a slanderous Liquidaménte, adv. in a liquid ness, spruceness. tongue.

manner.— Liquidamente, easiLindo, adj. neat, spruce, fine, Linguacciúto,adj.long tongued ly, with ease. --Liquidamente, snug

blað, full of wind. -Un lin- plainly, clearly, manifestly, Lindúra, s. f. neatness, spruce. guacciuto, a prattler, or chat-apparently. ness, finery.

Liquidáre, to liquefy, to dise Linea, s. f. a line.-Linea, Linguaggio, s. m. tongue, lan-| solve, to melt.-- Liquuare, to stock, family, lineage, issue, guage.

clear, to settle.-Liquiare un race, line.- Linea equinoziale, Linguárdo, s. m. a backbiter, conto, to settle an account. the equinoctial line. a slanderer, a prattleror chat- Liquidazione, s. f. liquidity.-Linea ma rolina, a male line.

Liquidazione, liquidation, set. ---Lineo di communicuzione, a Lingua serpentína, s. f. the thing of accounts. line of communication.--Te-herb adder's tongue. Liquidézza, v. Liquidità. ner la linea ri!ła, to deal ho- Linguáto, s. m. a prattler or Liquidire, to growý or become nestly. chatterer. Obs.

liquid. Linealmente, adv. in a direct Lingueggiáre, to chatter, to Liquidità, s. f. liquidity. line. prattle.

Liquido, s. m. a liquid.-L. Lineamento, s. m. lineament, Linguella, ? dim. of Lingua. quido, adj. liquid, Nuid.-Le feature.

Linguetta, ) --Linguetta, a liquide, the liquid letters, Lineare, adj. linear, belonging strainer,

which are I., JI, N, R.-L. to a line.

Linguettáre, to lisp, to stam quido, clear, settled. Conto Lineáto, adj. delineated. mer, to stutter,--Linguettare, liquido, a clear account, hat Lineazione, s. f. lineament, to strain, to rack any liquor. is settled. feature, delineation.

Linguóso, adj. long-tongued, Liquirizia, . liquorish. Lineetta, s. I. a small line. pratiling, chattering. Liquore, s. m. iquor, drink, Linfa, s. f. water. Poet. Lino, s. m. line or flax.-Lino, Liquoretto, s. m, a diminutive Linfático, adj. full of water. linen cloth.-Lino, adj. flaxen. of Liquore. Lingería, . Biancheria.

Punno lino, linen cloth. Liquorizia, the same as Liqui. Lingua, s. f. the tongue.--La Linseme, s. m. lint-seed. rizia.

lingua non ha ossa, e osso la rom- Lintiggine, v. Lentiggine. Lira, s. m. a livre.--Lira sterpere, the tongue has no bones, Lintigginóso, adj. v. Lentiggi- lina, a petind sterling, twenty and breaks bones.-La lingua

shillings...Soender, la sua lirz dove il dente duole, to scratch Liocórno, s. m. an unicorn. per venti soldi, to have one's where it itches. Nala lingua, Liofánte, s. m. an elephant. due.--Avere più di venticinque an ill tongue, a slandering Liofantéssa, a she elephant. soldi per lira, to have more man, a slanderer.-Avere in 52 Lionáto, adj. tawny, dun-co- than what comes to one for la punta della lingua, to have a loured.

his share.Anulare a lira e sola thing at one's tongue's end. Lioncello, s. m, a little or young do, to come in for equal share -Una lingua che tug'ia e fora o lion.

for one's debt, in case one sende, a satyrical tongue, a Lioncino, s. m. a little lion. should break.---Lira, lyre, slandering man.-- Malu lin- Lióne, s. m. a lion.

harp, a musical instrument. gua, a viper's tongue, an ill Lionessa, s. f. a she-lion. Liréssa, s. f. a bad lyre or tongue, a malicious, veno- Lionfánte, r. Liofante.

harp. mous, slanderous tongue.- Lionino, adj. of or belonging Lírico, adj. lyric. Mettere la lingua in molle, to be

to a lion.Color lionino, taw- Lisca, s. f. the coarse lisks or very talkative, to have a glid ny colour.

herds of flax or hemp.---Lisca, tongue.-igli na messo la in- Lippidóso, adj. blear-eyed, a tish bone. - Lisca, a trifle, a gua in molle, his tongue runs that has dropping, waterish triflíng, thing, a whiffling, upon wheels.- Non morir In eyes. Obs.

silly thing. lingua in bocca, to make use of Lippitúdine, s. f. a waterish Liscézza, s. f. smoothness. the tongue. dvere in cervello running of the eyes, blear- Liscia, s. f. a sledge. nelin lingu, to talk well and eyedness. Obs.

Lisciaméniu, s. m. smoothing, do il... Pigliur lingua, to en- Lippo, adj. blear-eyed.---Lippo, polisbing, paint, sleeking quire, to get intelligence.-- squint-eyed, that looks as Lisciumento, flattery, fawning, L'si lingua, so give intelli- | kew; also pur-blind,



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