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gold or silver

Lisciardiéra, s. f. a woman | Litigatríce, s. f. a scold, a quar. <z, envy, rancour, a conceals that paints.

relsome, brawling woman. ed grudge, spite, or spleen. Lisciarderáccia, augmentative Litíggine, s. f. a pimple or Livido, adj. livid, pale, wan, of Lisciardiera.

Litigine, freckle, a little black and blue, disfigured. Lisciáre, to smooth, to sleek, to red spot in the face.

Livilo, envious, spiteful, pinpolish, to make smooth, to Litiginoso, adj. lentiginous, ing away with envy: stroke smoothly, to claw full of freckles.

Livido, s. m. lividity, the gently and softly.-- Lisciáre, Litígio, s. m. strife, debate, Lividóre, 5 black and blue to blandish, to cog with, to dispute, controversy, quar- spots.---Livnlóre, rancour, soothe, to flatter.- lisciare la rel.

grudge, spite. coda ad uno, to flatter, to Litigióso, adj. litigious, that Livore, s. m. lividity, paleness, wheedle, ta cajole, to coax, delights to go to law, quar: black and blue spots. -Licore, to court or fawn.- Lisciare la relsome, contentious, wrangl- grudge, spite, envy,

malice. coda al diutolo, to lose one's ing.

Livorosamente, adv. enviously, labour.--Lisciare, to paint. Lito, s. m. a shore, the sea- | malignantly. Lisciatrice, 3. f. she that polish- side, the barik or coast. Poet. Livrća, s. fi livery, a suit of

es, smooths or paints. Litorale, adj. belonging to clothes of different colours Lisciatúra, smoothing, polish- Littorale, s the shore. and trimming for a servant.

ing, sleeking, painting, paint. litterale, adj. according to the Liren, house, palace, Liscio, s, m. paint, such as wo o letter.

quarters. Obs. Attenne, che men use --Licio, adj. smooth, Litteralmente, adv. literally, Ringnendo in 'Viunone, i montapolished, sleek.

according to the letter. rono a un albrreo che era presso Lisciva, u Ranno.

Literáro, adj. literate, learned, alla lierea di questo cardinale, it Lisimacchia, s.f.water-willow, skilled in letters.

happened, that in arriving ac a plant so called.

Litteratúra, s. f. literaturc, Avignon, they alighted at an Lisirvite, s. m. a cordial. knowledge in letters, learn- inn near the palace of that Lista, s. f. list, a band or fillet,' ing:

cardinal.-- Facetuno nell, loro stripe.- Lista, a row, a file or Littoríno, s. m. an inhabitant città a'loro scudieri rapire giovani rank. In una lista, in a row. of the sea shore.Di quella donne a'loro mariti manifesta-lita, list, roll, catalogue. valle fii io littorano, I was an mente, e senza vergogna le teneaListáre, to stripe, to lace with inhabitant of that valley. no palesi nelle loro lierre, they

Littore, s. m. lictor, one of sent their shield-bearers into Listato, adj. striped, laced. the officers who carried axes the city to carry away pubListra, u. Lista.

and bundles of rods before licly young women from í heir Litáme, s. m. dung, dirt. the magistrates of ancient husbands, and shamefully Litáre, to sacrifice, to offer up Rome.

kept them in their quarters in sacrifice, to appease. Liturgia, s. f. liturgy, public before all the world. Litargia, s. f. lethargy. service, a form of public Liutéssa, s. f. a bad lute. Litúrgico, adj. lethargic, sub-prayer.

Liuto, s. m. a lute.-Luto, a ject to a lethargy:

Livella, s. f. a line, level or pinnace, a little boat. Litargirio, s. m. litharge, the plummet of a mason or car- Lizza, s. f. lists, hedge, ram. of lead, silver penter.

part.Entrare in lizza, to engold.

Livelláre, to level, to make ter the lists. Lite, s. f. strife, variance, con- level, plain and eren. Lobo, s. m. lobe, one of the tention, litigiousness.--Lite, a Livellário, s. m. a tenant of several divisions of the liver suit, a plea, a process in law. church-land, a copy-holder. or lungs. - Intentare una like an uno, to 'Livelláto, adj. levelled. Locale, adj. local, belonging to enter an action against one, Livello,'s. m. tribute money, a a place. to sue him at law.-Murer certain rate or allowance of Localmente, adv. locally. lite ad uno, to go to law with corn and victuals, a custom- Locánda, s. f. lodgings ready one.--Muover lite alla sanit:, ary tribute or impost for furnished, hotel, inn. to go to law with one's tonnage and poundage.- L. Locandiére, s. m. one that lets healih, to take physic when willo, a plain or level, a car- lodgings ready furnished, innwell. penter's instrument.

keeper. Lirigamento, s. m. litigation. Liveráre, to wear, to waste, Locáre, to place, to settle, te Litigapre, adj. a firigious man to consume. Obs.- Liverare, 1 lay up in some place, to let. or woman.Litigánte, s. m. to deliver, to give, or give Loco, s. m. place.- Loco, time, a pleader.

out. Ohs. Literaré a morte, opportunity. Litigare, to litigate to contend, to put to death.-- Literare, tó Locuista, s. f. locust, an insect. • to wrangle or quarrel, ta deliver or free, to set free or -Locústa, lobster or

plead, to strive, to sue by the at liberty, to release. Obs. crab. law.

Lividélla, s. f. a kind of blue Locuzione, f. locution, Litigáto, adj. litigated, con grapes.

or manner of speech, a way tended.

Lividenza, s. f. lividity, the of speaking, Litigatore, a pleader, a litigi- black and blue prints of Lada, s. f. praise, commnendaous wrangler stripes and bruises. - Liridi. tion.

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to speak well of one. Logoratóre, a spendthrift, Lontáno, adj. distant, a great Lodamnénto, s. m. a praising waster.

way off, remote.---Lontáno, or commending Logorizia, s. f. liquorice.

different, divers, various.-Lodánte, adj. praising, com- Lógoro, adj. worn out or off. Il mio pensiero è lontano dal mending.

-Abito logoro, ragged clothes. postro, myy opinion is differ: Lodáre, to praise or commend, -Logóro, s. m. a lure, a hawk's ent from yours, we differ in to give praise or thanks. lure.

our opinions. Lolire, to approve, to like or Logúccio, dim. of Luogo. Lontáno, adv. far, far off, a allow of.

Lója, s. f. dirt, dirtiness. great way off, at a distance. Lodársi, to be well satisfied or Lóica, s. f. logic.

Tik ne sei più lontano, che non contented with one. Loicale, adj. logica

è Gennajo dalle more, you are Lodatamente, adv.in a laudable Loicalmente, adv. logically, a great way off from it, you with logical arguments.

are grossly mistaken.---LontaLodátu, adj. praised, commend- Loicáre, to dispute, to argue, nu da qui, far from hence. ed.

to subtilize, to use subtilties. Da lontano, at a distance. Lodatore,a praiser,a commend. Lóico, s. m. logician, one who Lontra, s. f. an otter.

is skilled in logic.

Lonza, s. f. a pancher. Lodatrice, she that praiseth. Lolla, s. f. the husk of corn, Lonzo, adj. enervated, weak, Lode, s. f. praise, commenda chaff.

flabby. tion.

Lolligine, s. f. a kind of fish. Loppa, s. f. the husk of corn, Lodévole, adj. laudable, com- Lombarda, s. f. a kind of chaff. mendable, worthy of praise. dance.

Loppóso, adj. husked, husky: Lodevolmente, adv. laudably, Lombáre, adj. of or belonging Loquace, adj. loquacious, full commendably: to the loins.

of talk, prating Lodo, s. m. praise, commenda- Lumbo, s. m. the loin, haunch, Loquacità, s. f. loquacity,talkation. Obs.---Lodlo, opinion, or flank.

tiveness. sentence, advice, mind. Obs. Lombricato, adj. mixed with loquéla, s. f. speech, talk, disLodola, s. f. a lark.

course, language.-LutreloLodolétta, s. f. a young lark. Lombrichétto, s. m. dim. of quela ti fa munifesto di quella Lodrétto, s.m.powdered meats, Lombrico:

nobil patria natio, your speech salads or sauces kept in Lombrico, s. an earth

shows you to be a native of pickle. worm.---Lombrico, worms,

that fine country. Logung, $. m. the strait gut.

Lordaménte, adj. nastily, filthi-
Lombricóne, ș. n.a large earth-

ly. Loggétta, s. f. a little lodge, a worm or maw-worm. Lordàre, to foul, to soil, tq little habitation.

Lombricúzzo, diminutive of dirty: Lóggia, s. f. lodge, an open Lombrico.

Lordézza, s. f. nastiness, filthigallery, a high terrace. Lóg- Lomia, s. f. a sweet lemon. gio, lodging, apartinent. - Te Longanimità, s. f. sufferance, Lordizia, s. f. v. Lordura. nere a loggin, to keep at a forbearance, great patience. Lordo, adj. nasty, filthy, dirty, bay, to disappoint one. Longévo, adj. long-lived, of

foul. Í ordo, nasty, filthy, Logbicciuolo, s. a small loug life.

obscene, impure, smutty:place.

Vilta lorıla, , Lógica, s. f. logic. distance of time and place.

life.-Parole lorde Logicále, adj. logical. Longinquo, adj. far off, dis words. Lógico, s. m. logician, one who tant, remote, a great way off, Lordúra, s. f. ? nastiness, fils is skilled in logic.

long, of long continuance. Lordúme, s. m. I thiness, diri. Loglio, s. m. tare, darnel, Longitudinale, adj. longitudi- Loríca, s. f. a cuirass. cockle-weed.

pal, laid length-way. Loro, personal pron. them, Loglioso, adj. full of tare or Longitudine, s. f. longitude, those. -Dissi loro, I told them. cockle-weed.

the length of any thing that - Loro, possessive pronoun, Logoráre, to wear out, to use, is measurable. Longitudine di and indeclinable, their. to waste, to consume.-Si dii- vila, long lite.

loro libro, their book. La loig pose di gittarsi alla strada e voler Lontanamente, adv. far, far off, casa, their house.--Il loro, logorar dell'altrui, he resolved far from, a great way off, at their estate, their wealth, to go upon the highway and a distance,

what they have. rob the people. L'uomo ti Lontanánza, s. f. distance, Loro, has sometimes, even by Duol amare mentre ti puoi logo- great way, remoteness.--La good writers, been used in Tare, a man will love you as lontananza ogna gran piaga sana, the plural nominative case; long as he can sponge you seldom seen soon forgotten.

but that is always wrong Logorare la sua vita in qualche Lontanáre, to remove or put the right word is Essi." mestiere, to spend one's life in away, to send away, to send Losco, adj, dim-sighted, pure some trade. a great way off.

blind. -- Ingegno losco, a blunt, Logorársi, to wear out or off. Luntanétio, dim. of Lontano. duil wit or understanding.com Logoráto, adj. worą out or Lontanézza, s. f. distance, re Losco, one-eyed, that lras but PE

one eye.

ness, dirt.

Longinquita,longinquity great becomes e borde, nasty, lewd




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or newt.

Lotáre, to plaister or besmear to publish.-Luce, an optic a lamp, the wick of a candle. with mud or dirt. glass.

---Lucignolo, a distaff-full. Loto, s. m. mud, dirt, mire, Lucente, adj. shining, bright, Lucimento, so m. Lucipuddle.

glittering.-Lucénte, famous, dezza. Lotolénte, adj.muddy, dirty, renowned, celebrated. Lucórc, 6. m. splendour, light, Lotóso, Smiry. Lucentemente, adv. shiningly, brightness, clearness. Obs. Lotta, s. f. wrestling.

in a shining manner. Lucrare, to get lucre, to gain, Lottáre, to wrestle.

Lucentezza, s. f. splendour, to profit. Lottatore, s. m. a wrestler.

brightness, light.

Lucrativo, adj. lucrative, ful Lottatrice, fem. of Lottatore. Lúcere, to shine, to glare, to of gain or profit. lotteggiare, u. Lottare.

be bright.

Lucro, S. m. lucre, gain, Lotto, s. f. a lottery:-Lotto, Lucerna, s. f. a lamp.--Lucérna, emolument.

$. m. lot or chance in a lor- splendour, light, brightness. Lucrosamente, adv. profitably, tery.

-Locérna, eye.-E pur di ri- advantageously. Lózio, s. m. urine. A medical salir sul ponte' tentu, benchè egli lucróso, adj. lucrative, profit. foolish word.

avesse una lucerna sperta, and able, advantageous. Lubricáre, to lubricate, to still he' endeavoured to climb Luculento, adj. shining, light, make slippery or loose in again upon the bridge, all glittering. Obs. the body.

though he had lost an eye.- Lúdere, to play, to sport, to Lubricativo, adj. lubricous, - La lucerne del mondo, the frisk, to dance, ta mahe pasloosening, opening.

time. Obs. Lubrichézza,' s. f. lubricity, Lucernáta, s. f. a lamp-full, as Ludibrio, s. m. scornful treatlooseness.

much oil as a lamp contains ment.. --Servir di ludibrio, to Lubricità, s. f. looseness, lu

be a laughing-stock to one. bricity.

Lucerniére, s. m. a candlestick Ludificáre, to mock, to jeer, to Lábrico, s. m. a slippery place. to set a lamp upon.-Servir laugh at. Obs.

--Lúbrico, adj. lubricous, per lucerniere, to serve for a ludificazione, s. f. ludification, slippery. Lúbrico, lubricous, screen in an affair.

a lizard, a newt.

Ludo, s. m. play, sport, pase lacious.---- Lúbrico, given, in- Lucértola,

time. Poetical or Obs. clined or addicted to evil Lucertolóne,s.m.a grcat lizard Lue, s. f. lues, a pestilence or things.-Lúbrico, loose in the

plague, a murrain in cattle. belly.

Lucertóne, s. m. augmenta- Lue Gallica, lues venerea, the Lucchesino, s. m. a kind of tive of Lucerta. scarlet cloth.

Luchéra, s. f. countenance, Luffo, s. in. a bundle. Lucchéito, s. m. a latch of a look, or mien.

Luísomnástro, s. m. seneschal, door, a padlock.

Lucheráre, to look asquint headman. Lúccia, s. f. a plant so calls with anger or indignation. Lugliático, adj. that grows in ed. Obs.

July: Lucciante, s. m. an eye. Lucheríno, s. m. a goldfinch, Luglio, s. m. the month of Luccicante, adj. shining. Lucidamente, adv. in a clear July: -l'endere il sol di Luglio, Luccicáre, to shine, to be or shining manner.

to sell out for a rarity a thing bright. Lucidáre, to clear, to make out which is

very common. Lúccio, s. m. a pike, a fish or plain, to explain, to unfold, Lúgliolo, u. Lugliatico. so called. to resolve.

Lugubre, adj. lugubrious, Lúcciola, s. f. a glow fly. Lucid {to, adj.illustrated, clcar- mournful, sorrowful, dole. Mostrar lucciole per lanterne, to ed, explained, resolved. ful.- Abito lugubre, mourning make one believe that the Lucidézza, s. f. light, splen- clothes, weeds. moon is made of green cheese. Lucidità, Š dour, bright. Lui, wren, a little bird so callFar veckt lucciolo ad uno, to ness, clearness.

ed.---Terrebbe a un lui, he give one a hard blow, to Lúcido, adj. bright, light, clear, would do any thing to save a make him see the stars at lightsome, glittering, shining, farthing. Li, oblique case

lucid.-Lucido intervallo, lucid of the personal pronoun Lucciolato, s. m. a kind of interval.- -Lúcido, in good Egh. Di Lui, a Lui, of him, glow-worm, but it doth not state of health.

tu liim. Some use it in the Ny.

Lucífero, s. m. the day star, nominative case; but that is Lucco, s. m. a gown worn for the morning star, 1.ucifer, the wrong and quite vulgar, merly by men.

planet Venus, when it rises though they may back their Luce,ʻs. f. light, brightness.--! before the sun.-Lucifero, practice by a few exam les Luce, day.---Le luci del cielo, Lucifer, the chief of the de out of good writers. the stars.-- Lite, the eye-ball, vils.

Lulla, s. f. the side boards of the eye.---Lyce, light, 'under. Lucignoláto, adj. twisted like the bottom of a cask. Not standing, insight, hint. Vet-1 a wick. tere in luce una cosa, to clear, Lucignoletto, s. m. a small Lumáca, s. f. a snail...See to make plain, to unfold or wick or match.

Lunáccia, Obs. S la a lumaca, resolve a thing. Dure in luce, Lucignolo, s, m. the match of a winding stait-case.

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in the pie.

Lumachélla, s. m. dim, of luna non cura, a man of sense Lungi, adv. far, at a great Lumaca.

does not mind what a fool distance, a great way off.Lumachino, s. m, diminutive of can say.--Più sta monna Lungi, near, by, along-Lun. Lumáca.

luna, you are out, you are gi la riva, near or along the Lumacóne, s m. a large scail. mistaken.

shore. -Lumacóne, a sneaking fel-Lunamento, s. m. the course Lungo, adj. Jong-Lungo salow.

of the moon, lunation. rebbe il raccontarvi il tutto, it Lumáto, adj. illuminated. Not Lunáre, s. m. che lunar course. would take too long a time used.

-Lunare, adj. lunar.-Corpo to tell you all. Brodo lungo, Lume, s. m. light, brightness. lunare, the planet of the thin broth, broth without Lume, light, knowledge, no

salt.-Lungo, s. in. length, tice, hint..I lumi del cielo, the Lunário, s. m. a calendar of long. Not in use in this stars.-Al lume della luna, at the moon.

sense, -Una strada che ha mezzo the moonshine.lume, an Lunarísta, s. f. almanack-mak- miglio lungo, a street half a eminent, illustrious, renown

mile long. -- Lungo, prep. by, ed, famous man..Luine, eye. Lunáta, s. f. a bent like that of near, along.-La mia camera e -Lume, light, candle, or the half-moon.

lungo la vru, my chamber is lamp.-Portate un lume, bring Lunático, adj. lunatic.-Luna near the street.-- Lungo il a light or candle. Fatemi dico, fantastical, whimsical.com mare, by the sea-shore. leme, light me. Dar ne lumi, Lunático, one who under- Lungúra, s. f longitude,length. to fall in a great passion. stands the course of the Obs. Pagare il lume e i dadi, to make

Lunicórno, v. Líocórno. an end of an affair, to be Lunáto, adj. made like an Luoghiccuolo, s. m. a little choused, to be taken in-half-moon, crooked, horned, place, a little village. Tenere il lume, to be concerned or peaked like the moon. Luogo, s. m. place, room. in an affair, to have a finger Lunazióne, s. f. lunation, the Luogo, habitation, dwelling

space of time between one place. Luogo, family,lineage, Lumeggiare, to illuminate, to new moon and another. offspring, extraction.-Luogo, lay colours on maps or prints. Lunedì, s. m. Monday. place, room, stead, lieu.Jumettino, s. m. diminutive of Lunétta, s. f, a little moon, In luogo di figliuola, la ricevette, Lumetto. luneta.

he received her for his daughLumetto, s. m. Lumicino, sınalı light.

Lunga, s. f. a girth or thong of ter.--Far luogo, instead. --Far

leather.-Alla lunga, at the luogo, dar luogo, to make room, Lumiéra, s. f. flambeau, taper, long run, in time.-Dur la to give place.-Fu luogo, de light or link.-Lumiéra, splen- linga, to draw out in length, luogo, have a care. -Aver dour, brightness, clearness, to put off, to prolong, to de- luogo, to take, to succeed, to light.-Luméra, a branch to lay - Andare in lunga, to lin. answer.-La richiesta non ha bang candles in, as in church-| ger, to be lingering, to hold quuto luogo, he did not succeed es, a Instre,

out long.-Mundare in lunga, in his demand.—Non ho luogo Luminára, s. f. u. Luminária, to procrastinate, to put off di creder altrimente, there is no Lamináre, s. m. luminary, from day to day - Dalla liun- room for me to believe

other lamp or candle for burning ga, from afar off, at a great wise. Von trocar logo, to on the altar of the church. distance.--Andar per la lungu, have neither shelter nor har. Luminária, s. f. luminary, to go by the longest way, bour.-Luogo, a village, a light.

about and about. small town.- Luogo, precede Luminazione, s. f. illumina. Lungágnola, s. f. a kind of net ence, precedency - Cedere tion, inspiration.

to set round a park or forest il luogo, to give the preferLuminello, s. m. the socket of to take wild beasts. lamp:

Lungaménte, adv. long, long Luogotenente, s. m. lieutenant. I.uminiéra, s. f.light, flambeau, time, a great while.

Luogotenente generale, lieu. link, torch.

Lungáre, Obs. to get at a di- tenant-general. Logotenente Luminosità. s. f. light, splen- stance from.

d'una compagnia, lieutenang dour, brightness, clearness. Lunge, adv. far, at a distance, of a company of soldiers. Luminoso, adj. luminous, shina great way out.

Luogotenenza, s. f. lieutenaning, bright, full of light. Lungheria, 6. f. delay, length cy, the office or post of the Luna, s. F. the inoon.-Lunn, of time, tediousness, prolixi- lieutenant. a month. Mostrar la luna mail tv.

Lupa, s. f. a she-wolf. pozza, to make one believe Linghésso, adv. near, by, 1uppacchino, 5. m. a young that the moon is made of along. Not grammatical, wolf. green cheese. Luna piena, the though used by Boccacciuir. Lupanare, s. a brochel, full moon. Luna scema, the stead of the adverb \ungo. a bawdy-house. wane of the moon.-- Luna se- Lunghetto, adj. pretty strong. Lupatello, conula, the sccond quarter of Lunghezza, s. f. length. ---Luna-upatiino, dim. of Lupo. the moon.mlung silente, the ghezza, length, proxity: Lujátto, still of the moon, the moinent Lunghiéra, s. f. a loss icd ous Lupicilio, that the moou cbanges. La discourse.

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Lürcéne, m.

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quality, or colour of a wolf. íussureggiáre, to be wanton
Lupinájo, s. m. lie that sells the and riotous, to grow rank, to
, pickled lupines.
be lusty and rank.

M. Lupino, s. m. lupinies, a sort Lussúria, s. f. lechery, wanLupois. im. wolf.—Quiello che Lussúria, sensuality, volup: MA, (a conjunction) but.-ha ail "sser il lupi, non sarà mai ale' tizni, who is born to be Lussuriánte, adj. luxurious, Macca, s. f. plenty, abundance, hanged will never be drown- sumptuous, rank, superfluous. ed. - Chi ha il lupo for compune, Lussubjáre, to play ilie lecher Maccatélla, s. f. ball of minceporti il can torto'l mantello, he or winton, to exceed in sen ineat. Maccatella, fault, dethat deals with rogues must suality, voluptuousness or fect, flaw, vice, imperfection. take care of his pockets.--Eluxury.

Scoprir le muccatelle, to dismuň si gri:la mui al lupin, che t) | Lussuriosamente, adv. lecher cover one's faults. iron sir in paese, there is no ously, wantonly, lasciviously, Maccatelleria, f. deceit, bre without smoke, 'tis true lustfully.

fraud, advantage taken of what every nian says, talk of lussurióso, adj. lecherous, another's ignorance in order the devil and he'll appear. wanion, lustful

to cheat him. Obs. A carne ili inpo zanne di cane, set | Lustra, s. f. den, cavc, lurking- Maccheria,calmness,quietness, a thief to catch a thief. hole.

stillness, Tenere il lupo per gli orachi, to Lustrále, adj. that which is Maccheronéa, s. f. Macarohold a wolf by the ears.-- done every fifth year. ricks, a burlesque composi(hi si preura il lupo lo mangia, Lustrante, adj. bright, shining, tion in Latin verses in which daub yourself with honey, glittering.

Italian words are introduced and you will never want Lustráre, to illustrate, to illu with Latin terminations. flies.

minate, to lighten, to give Maccheroni, s. m. pl. a kind Lupo Cerviéré, a lynx. light.---Lustrire, to polish, to of paste meat so called.-UM Lupolo, s. m. hops.

brighten, to make clear or maccherone, a logger-head, a Lürco, s. m. / a greedy-gut, a bright, to burnish.

booby, a blockhead. devourer, a Lustre, s. f. pl. devices, tricks, Macchierónico, èx.--Versi macgully-guit.

shifts, evasion, excuses, pre- cherónici, macaronic verses, a Lusco, adj. diin-sighted, pur- tences, subterfuges, shams, sort of burlesque verses. blind; also blind of one eye, i quibbling.

Lalino muccherónico, bad or a blinkard.

Lustrino, s. m. lute-string, a burlesque Latin. Lusinga, s. f. flattery, kind of silk clotlı so called. Mácchia, s. f. spot, stain.--Lusingaménto, s. m. S blan- Lu trio, red brass.

Macchia, a place full of bushes aistiment, allurement, coax- Lustro, s. m. lustre, splendour, and brambles.---Fare una cosa ing

brightness.—Lustro, lustrum, alla macchia, to do a thing in Lusingánte, adj. flattering, al- the space of five ye.lrs.-- secret.--Cuvárne la macchia, to Juring, decoying

Lustra, adj. shining, glitter- get out what one can of a Lusingáre, to flatter, to decoy, ing, bright.

ching.----Batter monele alla maco cajole, coax, or wheedle, to Lustróre, s. m. lustre, bright- chia, to coin fülsé money.-fawn upon.

ness, splendour, light. Macchia nell'occhio, a blenish Lisingato, adj. Hattered, de- Lutáre, to besmear or plaister in the eye. -- Macchia, a blur, toyed, cajolcu.

with diri.Lutto, adj. be blot, stain, blemish, note of Lusingatore, flatterer, fawner, smeared or plaistered with infamy, imputation - Maca fawning man. dirt.

chia, sin, transgression. Lusingatrice, s. f. femin. of Lutatúra, s. f. dirtiness, the Macchiare, to stain or to spot, Lusingatore.

act of plaistering with dirt. to dirty, to blur or to bleLusingheria, s. f. fiattery, adu- Luto, u. Loto.

mish. -- Macchiato, adj. staine lation. Lutta, s. f. wrestling:

ed, spotted. Lusinghévole, adj. flattering, Luttáre, to wrestle.---Luttare, Macchierella, dim.of Macchia. fawning, coaxing

to mourn, to lament, to be- Macchietta, s. f. a little spot. Lusinghevolmente, adv. flat-l wail.

Macchina, f. machine, teringly:

Lutto, s. m. mourning, weep- frame, engine, deviee.-- Váce Lusinghiere, adj. flattering, ing, bewailing, sorrow, la- china, a noble building or Lusinghiéro, fawning. menting.

structure.- Mluchini, machiSperanze lusin.hierr, flatter- Luttóso, adj. luctuous, sorrow nation, plot, secret practice, ing hopes.-Un lusinghirre, a ful, mournful, full of sorrow. combination. natterer, a fawner, a flatter- Not much in use.

Macchinaménto, s. m. machiing man.

Luttuosamente, adv. sorrow nation, device, plot, plotting Lusso, S. m. luxury, su- fully, mournfully, lament. or contriving perfiuity, extravagance, pro-ably.

Macchináre, to machinatc, to fuseness.

Luctuóso, adj. luctuous, la contrive, to plot, to hatch, Lussureggiante, adj. luxuriant, mentable, sorrowful, pitiful, to devise. ----Miouluinto, adj. Tark, waliton. sad, mourniul, doleful.

secretly contriied.


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