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of spots.

at once.

Macchinazione, s. f. machina- Macigno, s. m. a kind of bard, full of spots.

tion, plot, device, plotting-rugged 'stone, like Portland Maculúzza, s. dimin. of MáMacchinazione, machine, en

Macigno, any kind of cula, gine, device.

stone.--Cuor di macigno, stony Madáma, madam. Macchinatore, machinator, | heart.

Maddaleóne, s. m. name given contriver, plotter,

Macilénte, adj. lean, meagre, by apothecaries to their plaisMacchinatrice, s. f. femin. of thin, lank, pale.

ters when in lumps, and beMacchinatore.

Macilénza, leanness that pro-fore they extend them on Macchione, s. m. a large place ceeds from sickness, or habi- linen and other matters for full of briars and brambles.-tual distemper.

actual use. Star sodo al macchione, to stand Mácina, s. f. mill-stone, grind- Madernále, v. Madornale. still in a place, not to stir ing-stone.

Madernalóccio, v. Madornafrom it.

Macinaménto, s. m. grinding. loccio. Macchioso, adj. spotted, full Macinante, adj. that grinds. Madesì, adv. yes, indeed. Vul

Macináre, to grind.-Maci- gar. Macchiúzza, s. f. dimin. of náre, to chop, to mince very Mádia, s. f. a hutch, a kneadMacchia. small.

ing-tub, a trough. Macciánghero, s. m. a strong Macináta, s. f. as much corn Madié

, prep. in troth, inor well-limbed man.

or other grain as can beground Madió, $ deed. Obs. Macco, s. m. á dish of beans

Madonna, & f. mistress, dame. boiled to a mash.-A macco, Macináto, adj. grinded.--Me- Madonna no, no mistress.--La adv. plentifully, copiously, cináto, poor, needy, low, in- Madonna, the Virgin Mary. abundantly-Mangiar a mac firm, sickly.

Madonnétta, s. r. a little fico, to eat heartily, one's belly- Macinatójo, s. m. an oil-mill, gure of the Virgin Mary. full, and for nothing.--Esser for the breaking of the olives. Madornále, adj. maternal, momacco d'una cosa, to be plenti- Macinatóre, a grinder. therly, of or belonging to a ful and very cheap.-Uscire Macinatúra, v. Macinamento. mother, of the mother side. a macco, to eat at free cost. Mácine, s. f. u. Macina.-Esser Obs.-Zio madornále, uncle of Mace, s. f. the middle husk of allu mácine, to be in want or the mother's side.Mador. the nutmeg.

necessity, to be very poor. nále, adj. large, buge, big.com Macellájo, s. m. a butcher. Macinella, s. f. a small mill Error madornale, a huge blunMacellamento, s. m. butcher- Macinello,s.m. stone,a hand der.-Madornále, lawfully ing, killing of animals for food. Macinétta, s. f. millstone. born, born in a lawful wed. Macelláre, to butcher, to kill. Macinio, s. m. á grinding. lock. Obs. Marelláre, to waste, to spoil, Macis, v. Mace.

Madornal6cchio, a dimin. of to corrupt.

Maciúlla, s. f. a machine with Madornale. Macellésco, adj. massacring, which they mash flax or Madre, s. f. mother. Madre, belonging to the butcher. hemp.

origin, spring, root.-Madre, Macello, s. m. the shambles, Maciulláre, to mash flax or mother, cause, occasion.flesh - market.-Macello, a hemp.

Madre, a mould or frame to slaughter-house.—Macéllo, Mácola, s. f. spot, blur, ble cast any thing in.- Madre, the .butchery, slaughter, carnage, mish, sin, transgression. dregs of wine.La gran ma

Macolare, v. Maculare.-Me- dre antica, the earth. --Marire, Maceraménto, v. Macerazione. coláto, v. Maculato.

mother, womb.-Duta maltre, Maceráre, to macerate, to Macolátore, v. Maculatore. pia madre, dura mater and steep or soak.-Maceráre, to Macolazione, . Maculazione. pia mater, two membranes macerate, to weaken, to make Macolo, s. m. infection, da- that infold the brain.- Ma lean, or bring down in flesh. mage, hurt. Obs.

dre di latte, a foster mother. -Maceráre, to macerate, to Macolo, adj. v. Maculo. Malte bosco, honey-suckle, weaken, to subdue, to con- Macro, adj. c. Magro. Madreggiáre, to be like the quer, to bridle, to curb.-Ma- Mácula, s. f. a spot or stain; mother in manners or looks. cerare la calcina, to slake lime. and metaphorically, sin, ble. Madreperla, s. f, mother of

- Maceráto, adj. macerated. mish, transgression of some pearl. Macerazione, s. f. maceration, point of the divine law. Madresélva, s. f. honey-suckle, a making lean, weaken- Maculáre, to-stain or spot, to or shrub-trefoil. ing or bringing down, mor dirty, to blur or blemish. Madrevíte, s. f. the nut, box, tification.

Maculáto, adj. spotted, stained. or worm of a screw.
Macero, s. m. maceration, in- .-- Maculáto, speckled, spotred. Madriále, o Madrigálę, s. m.

fusion.-- Mácero, adj. macerat- Maculatóre, stainer, he that madrigal, air, or song.
ed, soaked, mortified.
spots or blemishes.

Madrialetto, s, m, a short maMaceróne, s. m. a kind of pars Vaculazione, s. f. maculation, drigal. ley.

a staining or defiling with Madrigále, s m. v. Madriale. Máche, adv. except, besides, spots.

: ; Madrigaleggiáre, to compose only, but.-Mache? but what? | Máculo, beaten, rubbed, abus- madrigals; and it is said by Macia, s. m. a dry wall of ed, banged.

way of contempt. stones,orbrick without mortar. Maculólo, adj. spotted, stained, Madrigaléssa, s. 4, a long maVol. I.




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Gron maestro di Malta, the gire, superior.-Maggiori, s. Madrigalétto, o. Madrialetto. grand master of Malta.--11 m. pl. forefathers, predecesMadrina, s. f. a midwife, a gran maestro d'Inghilterra, the sors. – Dare il suo mazgóre, to godmother.

high steward of England. - do the utmost effort. Madróne, o Matróne, s. m. a Maestro, master, doctor. Maggioreggiáre, to domineer, disease in a woman called the Maestro, doctor in divinity. to rule or govern, to bear rule mother, a stitch in one's side. Maestro, north-west wind.

or sway: Maestá,s, f. majesty, greatness, Maestro delle poste, post-mas- Maggiorello, t. Maggioretto. decorun.--Muestà, majesty, ter-Maestro di campo, camp- Maggiorénte, s. m. the chief a king's title.- Delitto di lesa marshal. -Maéstro d'ascia, a or principal man. musta, high-treason.

carpenter-Maestro di casa, a Maggioretto, adj. somewhat Maestéro, s. m. magistry, mas steward.-Maéstro di stalla, greater or bigger, somewhat tership. Obs. gentleman of the horse.

elder. Maestevole, adj. majestic, Maestro di tinello, an usher of Maggiorevole, adj. chief, prin majestical.

a nobleman's hall.-- Maestro, cipal, senior. Maestevolmente, adv., majes. adj. masterly, skilful, learned, Maggiorezza, s. f.) greatness, Maestosamente, Stical experienced, instructed.-- Maggioría,

splen• ly, stately, nobiy.

Maestro, head, chief, princi- dour, superiority, pre-emi. Maestoso, adj. majestical, ma pal, main-Strada maestra, nence, majority, command.

jestic, full of majesty, noble, the high road, the king's Maggiorino, s. m. the chief or stately.

road.- Maestre penne delle ali principal man. Maestra, s. f. fem. of Maéstro. d'un uccello, the longest quills Maggiormente, adv. more, the -Maéstra, the biggest rope of a bird's wings. Porta more, better, the rather, so of a net.-Maestra, mastery, maestra, the principal gate.

much the more. skill, art, policy,neatness. Obs. Maestrúzza, s. f. a cord at the Maggióstra, s. f. v. Magiostra, Maestrále, s. m. the north- end of a net.--Maestrúzza, s. Maghero, u. Magro. west wind.

f. an ignorant school-mis- Magia, s. f. magic. Maestramento, s. m. the cere

Magicale, adj. magical, mamony of receiving one as a Maestrúzzo, s. m. 'a paltry gic. doctor or master of arts.

Magicamente, adv. magically, Maestránza, s. f. a company of Mafátto, s. m. misdeed, bad with magic. trademen. action. Obs.

Mágico, adj. magical, magic. Maestráre, to give one the de. Mafattore, Obs. v. Malfattore. Magináre, to fancy, to imagrees of a doctor or master Magágna, s. f. fault, gine or conceive. Obs. of arts.

Magagnamento, s. m. S blem- Maginazione, Obs. v. ImaginaMaestráto, s. m. 2 magistrate. ish, vice, defect, default, im- zione.. Maestráto, adj. that has re- perfection, rottenness, cor- Mági, adj. pl. appellation of ceived the degree of a doctor ruption, putrefaction in any

those three kings that went or master of arts. fruit.

to visit our Saviour when an Maestréssa, s. mistress, Magagnáre, to vitiate, to cor

infant. housekeeper. Not much in rupe, to spoil

, to taint, to Magioncélla, s. f. ? a small harot, to putrify, to fester.

bitation Maestrévole, adj. ingenious, Magagnato, adv. vitiated, cor

or house, artificious, master-like, mas- rupted, stained, tainted, rot- Magióne, s. f. house, habitá. terly. ten, festered.

tion, a dwelling-place. Maestrevolmente, adv. inge- Magagnatúra, s. f. v. Magag- Magiorásco, s. m. primogeni. niously, curiously, wittily, namento.

ture, what belongs by law dexterouska, cunningly, saga- Magazzino, s. m. a warehouse, to the elder-brother. cious!y, craftily, nearly: a store-house.

Magióstra, s. f. garden strawMaestría, s. f. art, skill, ad Magestà, Obs. s. f. v.] Maes- berry. dress, cunning, ability.-- Magestade,

f. Vi}

Sta. Magistério, s. m.) workmanmaestria, artfully, sagaciously, Maggése, s. m. 7 á fallow. Magistero, S ship, work, cunningly, with art or ad Maggiatica, s. m. $ ground, art, skill. --Magistéro, discidress. Maestría, stratagem, a land that rests a year after pline, education, instruction, trick of war, cunning, sub- the first plowing:

conduct, care.-- - Magistero, tilty, device, deceit. - Moes. Mággio, s. m. the month of doctorship, a doctor's detria, nastery, mastership, May.--Signor di maggio, like gree. power, authority, the dignity a king in a play:--Vággio, Magistrále, adj. magisterial, of a master. adj. greater. Obs.

magisterious. Mugi.trále, Maestro, 5. m. master, one Maggiorána, s. f. marjoram, principal, great, stately. that is skilled in any art, or sweet marjoram.

Magisiralmente, adv. learnedversed in any science Inés. Maggioranza, s. f. superioriiy, ly, master-like. tro, master, teacher. Mais pre-eminence.

Alagistráto, s. m. magistrate. tro, master. - Maestro Giácono, Maggiordomo, a chamberlain. Magistrévole, adj. magisterial, master James.--Maéstro, mas. Maggiore,greater. - Hlaggiore, magisterious. ter, the master of a shop.com senior, elder, eldesi-lag- Máglia, s. f. mail. -Maglia di



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to curse.



- talzetta, a stitch.--Maglia, al ty, eminent.

Majúscola, s. f, a capital let. net gash.-Maglio, a web, or Mago, s. m. Maga, s. f. a mapin in the eye.- muglia nell'oc- gician, a wizard, a conjurer, Majúscolo, adj. great, capital. chio delle stie, the ha. a witch, or sorceress.-Mago, Burlesque. Maglianése, s. m. a kind of adj. magical, magic.-L'arte Malabbitáto, adj. wretched, plum.

maga, the magic art. miserable, desolate, Obs. Magliáto, adj. made or work. Magoláto, earth lying between Malabbitáto, evil, bad, evil ed with nails. two furrows.

gotten. Obs. Maglietta, dim. of Máglia. Magópa, s. f. afluence, plenty, Malaccóncio, adj. ill-made, illMáglio, s. m. a mallet, à beetle. great store, abundance. used, ill-treated.

- Par col maglio, to do one's Magraménte, adv. poorly, Malaccorto, adj. wanting worst.--Maglio, mallet. slenderly, pitifully.

cunning, without prudence, Maglio, mail.

Magrána, s. f. meagrim, head witless. Magliolína, s. f. a little mail, ach.

Malacreánza, s. f. want of stick, net-mash or web. Magrétto, , adj. lean, poor, good breeding, incivility. Magliuolo, s. m. small branch. thin.

I Malignáre, to grow malignant, es or shoots of a vine fit for Magrézza, s. f. leanness. to become worse and worse. planting, a layer, shoot or Magricciuolo, diminutive of Maladetto, adj. cursed. twig of a vine or tree put in Magro.

Maladicere, Obs. the ground for increase. Magro, adj. lean, meagre, poor Maladire, Magnálmo, adj. magnanimous, in flesh, thin, scraggy-Ma- Maladizione, malediction, generous. Poet gro, dry, barren, sterile.—Ma

-Maludisiúne, contaMagnamente, adv. magnifi-gro, poor, litele, pitiful.-Cera gion, infection, plague. cently, stately, nobly. magru, a poor supper.-Má- Malafátta, s. f. a fault or slip Magnanimamente, adv. mag-gro, poid, jejune, without part in weaving, an error or misnanimously, generously.

or share, destitute.-Giorno take. Magnanimità, s. f. magnani- magro, fish-day: --Mangiar di Malaffétto, adj. inimical, not mity, greatness of spirit. magro, to eat fish, to forbear loving, disaffected. Magnánimo, adj. magnani --- Magro, s. m. lean Malagévole, adj.difficult, hard, mous, of great spirit. meat-Non amo il magro, i insuperable, laborious. Magnano, s. m. a lock-smith. don't love lean meat. Malagevolezza, s. f. difficulty, Magnáre, v. Mangiare. Mai, adv. never.-Mai, ever. fatigue, hardness. Magnáte, adj. principal, chief. -Cosi è oggi bello il cielo come Malagevolmente, adv. with

-I magnati, peers, noblemen fu mai, the heaven is as fine difficulty, hardly, with much of any realm.

now as ever was.- La firarete ado, with great pain. Magnéte, s. f. magnet, load- mai? shall you never have Malagiáto, adj. unprovided,


unfurnished, destitute, poor, Magnético, adj. magnetic, Majále, s. m. a hog gelded. needy, indigent.

magnetical, belonging to the Majélla, s. f. o. Majo. Malaguída, s. f. a bad guide. magnet or loadstone. Majestà, s. f. majesty. Obs. Malagára, s. f. a bad omen. Magnificamente, adv. magni- Mainò, adv. no, never, never | Malaguráto, adj. unhappy,

ficently, nobly, splendidly, in my life, no indeed. unlucky, unfortunate-Ma· sumptuously.

Májo, s. m. a kind of shrub laguráto, wicked, ill, bad. Magnificáre, to magnify, to good to make Tunbridge Malagúrio, s. m. a bad omen. exalt, to praise highly, to ex ware. -Majo, a bunch, a Malaguróso, adj. unlucky, untol.

bush, a green bough.--Ap- fortunate, unhappy, wicked, Magnificatamente, adv. mag- piccare il maju ad ogni uscio, to ill, bad. nificently. ---Magnificato, adj. fall in love with every wo- Malamente, adv. badly, sadly, magnified, praised, extol-man.

cruelly, barbarously.-Malaled.

Majólica, 8. f. delft ware, mente, sadly, very much. Magnificatore, magnifier, earthen white-ware. Malanconia, s. 6. v. Malincopraiser, extoller. Majorána, s. f. marjoram.

nia. Obs, Magnificatrice, fem. of Mag. Majoránza, v. Maggioranza. Malandánza, s. f. misfortune, nilicatore.

Majorásco, s. m. chat part of bad accident, mischance, disMagnificente, adj. magnificent. an inheritance which belongs uster, ill luck. Obs. Maguificenza, s. f. magnifi- to the elder brother. Obs. Malandáre, to go il.

cence, state, greatness, gene- Majordomo, v. Maggiordomo. Malandato, adj. wretched, rosity. --Magnificenza, great-obs.

miserable, desolate, in bad ness, stateliness.

Majóre, v. Maggiore. Obs. condition. Magnífico, adj. magnificent, Mai più, never before.--Mai Malandrinésco, wicked.Alla sumptuous, splendid, stately, più, finally, at last, never any malandrinésca, adv. roguishly, great.

like a rogue. Magnitúdine, s. f. greatness, Mai sempre, always, cver and Malándı a-s. f. malanders, 4 grandeur, magnitude.

horse disease. Magno, adj. great, magnifi- Maisi, yes, yes indeed. Malandı ino, s. m, a robber, a ceat, stately, large, big, migh- Maistéro, e. Magistéro. Obs. highway-man.--Molar drinos








adj. roguish, knavish. backbiting, traducing. made, deformed, out of shape. Malándro, adj. v. Malandri- Maldicitóre, s. m. v. Maldi- Malfattore, s. m. a malefactor,

an offender. Malánno, s. m. misfortune, Maldisposto, adj. ill-minded, Malfattoría, c. Maleficio. misery. wicked, bad.

Malfattrice, s. f. a mischier. Malardito, adj. impudent, Male, s. m. ill, evil, mischief.- ous woman. saucy, brazen-faced. Un ma Male, evil, mischief, hurt, Malferúto, s. m. a disease in lardito, s. m. a brazen face. harm, prejudice or damage. horses loins, shrinking up of Maláre, v. Ammalare.

-Male, wickedness, wicked sinews. Malarrivato, adj. unhappy, un- action, sin, impiety.-Male

, Malfondáto, adj. unsteady, illlucky,unfortunate, wretched. misfortune. -Male, pain, grounded. Malariccio, adj. sickly, crazy, grief, torment.—Male, sick- Malfranzése, s. m. venereal weakly, infirm.

ness, malady, ach, disease, disease, French pox. Maláto, adj. sick, ill, diseased, pain, stitch.—Mal venereo, ve- Malgradíto, adj. unacceptable,

out of order, distempered. nereal, or foul disease. - Far not approved, unwelcome. Malatólta, s. f. tax, impost, male ad alcuno, to injure one, Malgrado, adv. in spite of, theft, robbery:

to hurt him.-Dir male d'uno, against one's will. ---Vostro Malattia, s. f. disease, distem- to speak ill of one -- Avere a malgrado, in spite of you. per, sickness, malady, indis- | male, to take it ill. --Male, Malgrazioso, adj. ungracious. position.

adv. ill, not well, badly.- Malia, s. f. sorcery, witchNalaventúra, s. f. misfortune, Mal degno, unworthy.--Male, craft, charm.-Romper la mamischance. --Malaventura, dis- hardly, with much ado, with lia, to be more lucky than cord, dissention, strife, dis difficulty:--Esser male con al one was before. pute.

cuno, to be out of favour with Maliárda, a sorceress, a witch. Malavóglia, ? v. Malevo

Maliárdo, a sorcerer, inchantMalavoglienza, lenza. Malebólge, a place in hell, so er, magician. Malaurioso, v. Malaguroso. called by Dante.

Malificio, s. m. sorcery, witchMalavveduto, adj. ill-advised, Malédico, adj. slanderous, de-craft. unwise, silly, foolish, impru- tractive, abusive. Un malé- Malificióso, adj. mischievous, dent.

dico, a slanderer, an ill-tongue. hurtful, criminal. Malavventuráto, adj. unhap- Maledire, to curse.

Malífico, v. Maléfico. py, unfortunate, wretched, Maledizione, s. f. malediction, Malifizio, v. Maleficio. unlucky

curse.---Maleditióne, conta- Maligia, s. f. chibbol, a sort of Malavventurosamente, adv. gion, infection, plague. little onion.

unfortunately, unhappily, un- Malefíca, s. f. a sorceress, a Malignante, adj. malicious, luckily. witch.

bearing malice, given to spiteMalavventuróso, adj. unhappy, Maleficiáto, adj. bewitched. ful cavilling wretched, unlucky.

Malefício, s. m. ill action or Malignamente, ady. mali Malazzáto, adj. sickly, infirm. doing, crime.-- Malefício, ciously, enviously, maligMalbailito, adj. weak, feeble, witchcraft, fascination. nantly,

enervate,deprived of strength. Maléfico, adj. mischievous, un- Malignáre, to grow malignant, Obs.

lucky, malicious.---Malefico, to become worse and worse. Maicadúco, s. m. the falling s. m. a sorcerer.

Malignità, s. f. malignity, masickness.

Malefício, o. Maleficio. lice, hatred, mischievousness. Malcóncio, adj. abused, ill- Malenánza, s. f. misfortune, - Malignità, malignity, inMalcondótto,

used. mischance, ill luck. Obs. temperature, disorder in the Malcontento, adj. discontent. Malenconia, s. f, sadness, ine air. ed, displeased, dissatisfied, ill. lancholy. Obs.

Malígno, adj. malicious, misaffected. Un malcontento, a Malencónico, u. Malinconico. chievous, unlucky:-Maligno, disaffected person, a soft term Maléscio, s. m. a bad nut, a malignant, hurtful, bad, misa sometimes for a rebel. nut that is rotten.

chievous, unwholesome.Malcostumáto, adj. ungenteel, Maléstante, adj. poor, needy, Occhio maligno, spiteful eye. uncivil, rude, ill-bred, inde- / indigent, necessitous.

Piaga maligna, dangerous cent, dishonest.

Maléstruo, s. m. a contriver of wound.-- Febbre maligna, a Malcreátò, adj. uncivil, un mischief. Obs.

malignant fever. genteel, rude.

Malevogliente, v. Malevolo. Malignosamente, adv. maligo Malcubáto, adj. sickly, weak, Malevolenza, s.f. malevolence, nantly, spitefully. infirm. Obs.

hatred, ill-will, odium. Malignóso, adj. malignant, Malcuránte, adj. careless. Malévolo, s. m. enemy, adver- spiteful. Maldicénte, adj. slanderous, sary, one that bears ill. Malina, s. f. evil, malady, disslandering, detractive, abuo will.

ease, distemper. Obs. sive, apt to speak ill of others. Malfacente, adj. mischievous, Malinanza, s. f. malignity. -Un maldicente, a slanderer, malicious.

Obs. an ill-tongue, a backbiter. Ma'färe, to do mischief, or ill Malinconia, s. f. melancholy, Maldicenza, s. f. slander, der things.

sadness. traction, reviling, vilifying, Malfátto, adj. ill-shaped, ill- Malincónico, adj. melancholy,



m. bad




vish manner, to ruin one's self Malária, s. f. bad omen. Malinconóso, adj. melancholy, by mad expence.

Malurióso, adj. unlucky, of 2 sad.

Malnato, adj. uncivil, rude. bad omen. Malincórpo, er. Far una cosa Maln itu, adj. ill known, not Malúzzo, s. m. dim. of Male. a malincorpo, to do a thing well known.

Mamma, mamma, mother. unwillingly

Málo, adj. ill, bad, naught. Mamma, a woman's breast. Malinventuráto, adj. unfortu. Malore, s. m. evil, disease, dis- Mammalúcco, s. m a block

temper.-- Malóre, misfortune. head, a fool. Malióso, s. m. sorcerer, en- Malótico, adj. malignant. Mammána, s. f. a midwife. chanter, magician.

Malparáto, adj. destitute, de. Mámmata, s. f, thy mamma. Maliscálco, s. m, a quarter- prived, bereft.--Esser mapa - Obs. master, a marshal. Malisa rato, to be put to one's last Mammélla, s. f. a woman's cálco, a farrier.-- Maliscálco, a shifts.

breast.--- Mammélla, hand, great man.-Che fur del mondo Malpiglio, s. m. frown, angry side. Obs. Però scendemme si gran maliscalchi, who were face.

alla destra mammella, therefore so great or famous men in the Malpizzóne, s. m. a disease in came down upon the world. horses feet.

right hand. Malíto, adj. poor, puny, sickly. Malsanía, s. f. bad health, ill Mammilla, v. Mammella, in Malivolenza, s. f. malevolence, habit of body.

the first signification. Obs. ill-will.

Malsáno, adj. unhealthy. Mammola, adj. v. Mammolo. Malívolo, v. Malévolo. Malta, s. f. mortar.

Mammolétta, s. f. a double Malízia, s. f. malice, mischief, Maltólto, adj. ill taken, wrong violet. wickedness. -- Malizia, malice, fully gotten, extorted. Val. Mammofo, adj. double, an apknavery, roguery, roguish töltó, s. m. a tax, an impost, pellative given to violets and trick, envy, grudge.--Mali- an exaction.

other flowers.--Mármolo, zia, disease, distemper, sick- Maltrattaménto, s.

8. m. an infant, a child. ness, malady, indisposition. usage, hard dealing, foulen- Mammóna, s. f. ? the false Mulizia, sickness, infection, tertainment.

Mammone, $. m. S

god of plague.-Malízia, quality.- Maltrattáre, to use ill, to abuse. riches.--Servire a mammona, to Malázia, craftiness, trick, Maltrattatóre, he that uses an hunt after riches.-Mammóne, wile,cunning,device, subtilty. other it.

s. m. a marmoset, a monkey, Maliziáre, to grow wicked, to Maltrattatrice, fem. of Mal a cat of the mountain, a wild

advance in malignity. Maliziatamente, adv. mali- Maltrovamento, s. m. a bad Mammúccia, s. f. dim. of Mámciously, craftily, cunningly: invention, a calumny.

-Fare alle mannucce, to Maliziato, adj. malicious, mis- Málva, s. f. mallows, a kind of play like children. chierous, unlucky.--Mali- herb.

Mana, s. f. o. Mano. ziáto, adulterated, sophisti- Malvagía, s. f. Malmsey wine. Man, a hand.-Man mánca, the cated, imbased.

- Malvagia, wickedness. left hand.- Una man di solnaMaliziétta, s. f. trick, wile, de- Malvagiamente, adv. wickedly, ti, a handful of soldiers. vice, cunning, subtilty. basely:

Manáccia, s. f. a large ugly Maliziosamente, adv. mali- Malvágio, adj. wicked, perfi- hand.

ciously, deceitfully, craftily. dious, naughty, knavish, dis- Maránte, adj. Aowing or isMaliziosótto, adj. malicious, honest. Malvagio, unhappy, suing forth.' Obs. cunning, crafty.

unfortunate, unlucky, bad. - Manata, s. f. a handful. Malizióso, adj. malicious, mis- Malvágio, false.

Manatella, o Manauna, s. f. chievous. Walicióso, mali- Malvagità, s. f. wickedness, per- dim. of Manáta. cious, cunning, crafty, sharp. tidiousness, roguery, naugh- Mancamento, s. m. want, lack. Mallevadóre, a bail, a surety. tiness.

-Mancamento, crime, fault, Malievadoría, v. Malleveria. Malvágo, adj. ill-disposed, not slip.--Mancamento di parola, Mallevadrice, fem. of Malleva- desirous.

the breaking of one's word. Malvavischio, s. m. marsh- Mancánte, adj. falling, decayMallevare, to bail one, to be mallows.

ing security for him.

Malvédere, to look with an Mancanza, s. f. want, lack. Malleveria, s. m. bail, security, evil eye.

Mancanza, fault, slip. surety.Dare malleveria, io Malvedúto, adj. hated, unwel- Mancáre, to want, to lack, to give bail.

need, to stand in need of, to Mallo, s. m. the green and Malvestíto, adj. ill-dressed, be short of.--Non mi manca outer rind of walnuts. shabbily dressed.

niente, I want nothing-MonMalmaritáta, adj. ill-married. Malvogliénte, or Malvolénte, cur di parola o di fele, to break Malmeggiáre, to hurt, to de. adj. that bears an ill will to. one's word.Mancúre, to fail, solate, to ruin, to lay waste, Maivolentiéri, adv. unwilling to faint.-Le forze mi mancano, to beat. Obs.


my stre th fails me.-

1.-Man. Malmenáre, to vex, to afflict, Malvolére, s m. malevolence, cáre, to fail, to fall short, to to torinent, to use very ill. hatred, ill will.

want. Il danino mi manca, Malméttere, to spend in a la- Malvoluto, adj. hated, odious. money is short with me.




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