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Mancáre, to fail, to neglect - mand, to order, to injoin. Mandritto, o. Mandiritto. Mancare al suo dovere, to ne Mandar comandándo, to com- Mándrola, v. Mandorla. Obs. glect one's duty.--Mancáre, mand, to bid. - Mandar di Manducáre, to eat. to lose one's hope, to despair. céndo, o Mandar a dire, to send Mane, s. f. morning.-Damme -Mancáre il colpo, to miss word.-Mandar significándo, to a sera, from morning till one's aim, to be disappointed advise, to let know.—Mandar night. Mancáre, to wane, said of fuori, to pour out.--Mandar Maneggevole, adj. tractable, the moon. Mancáre, to abate. fuori delle lagrine, to shed | Maneggiabile, manage-Il caldo comincia a mancare, some tears.-- Mandar attorno, able, easy. the heat begins to abate. to send about.-Mandar ad Maneggiamento, s. m. manageMancatóre, s. m. he that fails effetto, to effectuate, to bring ment, negotiation.

to do his duty:-Mancator di to pass.- Mandar bando, to Maneggiare, to handle, to feel, fede, an unfaithful inan.- publish, to proclaim.-Man- to touch. Maneggiáre, to Mancator di parola, one who dare a male, to spoil, to waste, handle, to treat a subject. -breaks his word or promise. to consume.- Mandar conji Maneggiare un cavallo, to teach Mancatrice, fem. of Manca- glio, to advise, to counsel, to or exercise a horse. tore.

give advice. - Mandare ad ese- Maneggiatore, a manager, he Manceppáre, to emancipate, cuzióne, to put in execution, that manages. to set at liberty.

to execute. -Mandar giuso, to Maneggiatrice, femin. of MaManceppáto, adj. emancipat- ruin, to destroy, to pull neggiatore. ed.

down, to demolish.-Nandar Maneggio, s. m. a riding house. Manceppazione, s. f. emanci- oltre, to send farther, to pull -Maneggio, management, afo pation, the act of setting at back. Mandar via, to send fair, business. liberty, or the state of being away.--Mandur per uno, to Manélla, s. f. a sheaf. set at liberty. send for one.

Manére, to slay, to remain. Manchévole, adj. imperfect, Mandáta, s. f. a sending.

Obs. defective, faulty.

Mandatário, s. m. a commis. Manescamente, adv. with one's Manchéaza, s. f. defect, fail- sioner.

hands. ing, want.

Mandáto, s. m. a commission- Manésco, adj. hasty, passionMancia, s. f. drinking money. er. Mandato, a mandate, an ate, angry:-Maresco, handy, Manciáta, o. Manata.

order, a mittimus, a warrant. fit for the hands. Mancíno, adj. left-handed. -Mandáto, adj. sent. Manétte, s. f. pl. manacles, Mancíno, s. m. a left-handed Mandatore, a commander, he hand-fetters, or cuffs. man-Into mancino, the left that commands, or orders. Manfanile, s. m. the handle of side.Marcino manritto, am- Mandatore, a sender, he that bidexter, one who uses both sends unto or for.

Manganáre, Manganeggiáre, his hands alike.

Mandiritto, s. m. a blow, a to throw or cast stones with Mancípio, s. m. servant, slave. stroke given from the right a cross-bow.-Manganare, to Mánco, s. m. want, lack.- Per to the left.

press or calendar cloth or manco di monéta, for want of Mándola, s. f. almond.-Man- linen. money:-Senza manco, with- dól, a cittern, a sort of musi- Manganella, s. f. a little crossout fail.-Aver manco, to have cal instrument.

bow.-Manganella, a crane. Do leave, right or permission. Mandono, s. m. a small mu Manganella, a seat or bench. Non posso farne ili manco, Il sical instrument so called. Mangáno, s.'m. a cross-bow. cannot. part with it.-Credete Mándorla, s. f. almond. -Mángano, calendar, an ennon possa stur manco di voi? do Mándorlo, s. m. an almond- gine to calendar cloth or you believe that I cannot do

linen. without you?--Nè manco, Mandorláto, adj. made chiefly Manganóne, s.m. a large crossneither.-Manco, adj. want of almonds.

bow. ing, imperfect, defective, Mandorlino, u. Mandolíno. Mangeréccio, adj. fit for food. faulty.—Manco, unhappy, uno Mándra, s. f. a flock, an herd, Mangiaférro, s. m. a ruffian, a fortunate.-Manca cornice, a a sheepfold.

bravo, a cut-throat. bad omen.- Manco, left, not Mandracchia, s. f. a whore, a Mangiaménto, s. m. a feast, a right.- A man manca, on the wench, a strumpet, a doxy. banquet, left side-Manco, adv. less. Mandracchiola, s. f. poor Mangiapáne, s. m. an idle rasIl mio disegno mi è venuto manco, wench.

cal, good for nothing but to I missed my aim, I have been Mandrágola, s. f. mandrake, a disappointed. -Verire, o ver plant having a quality of Mangiapélo, s. m. a moth. närsi manco, to faint, or swoon causing sleep.

Mangiare, to eat, to feed. away, to fall into a swoon. Mandragoláto, s. m. any li- Mangiare, to consume, to Mandamento, s. m. an order, a quor wherein mandrake has -Mangiare, s. m. any mandate, a mittimus, a war. been put or infused.

eatable.----Appresso mangiare, rant, a commission. Mandria, v. Mandra.

after dinner.---Mangiare, a Mandáre, to send.-Mandar Mandriálė, s. f. o Mandriáno, feast, a dinner, a supper. una lettera, to send a letter.- a shepherd, a herdsman, a Mangiáta, s. f. as much as a Mandare, to bid, to com. drover,

man can eat at once, a belly

a flail.





arm or wrist.


cer, a handicrafts man. Manna, se f. mannam Manna, Mangiato, adj. eaten. Manifattura, s. f., manufac- any exquisite good thing to Mangiatója, s. f. a manger, a ture. Manifatturo, business, eat

- Manna, a sheaf of straw, crib.

affairs.- Manifaltira, trouble, or other such thing. Mangiatore, an eater. labour.--Manifattura, fashion, Mannája, s. f. an axe, a hatMangiatrice, a woman that workmanship.

chet. eats much.

Manifestamente, adv. mani- Mannajétta, dimin. of ManMangióne, a great eater, a de- festly, clearly, plainly. naja. vourer, a greedy-gut.

Manifestaménto, s. m. mani- Mannarése, s. m. a kind of . Manía, s. f. madness, fury, festation.

cutting, weapon. rage.

Manifestante, adj. manifesting, Manneríno, s. m. Maníaco, adj. maniac, mad, publishing, revealing, lamb. furious, lunatic.

Manifestare, to manifest, to Mano, s. f. hand. Maniáto, adj. the very same. declare, to reveal, to publish, Mano dritta, the right hand. Obs.

to shew or make manifest. -Mano, hand-writing.Mánica, s. f. a sleeve..Questo Manifestato, adj. manifested, Portare uno in palma di mano, è un altro pajo di maniche, it is declared, published, revealed. to love one tenderly:-Mano, quite another thing. Manifestatore, adj. Manifes- help, assistance. ---Porger in Manicaccia, s. f. a large and ill-tatrice, he or she that mani mano ad alcuno, to favour one, made sleeve. fests or reveals.

to support or countenance Manicamento, s. m. an eating. Manifestazióne, s. f. manises- him.-Allargar la mano, to be

-Manicamento, a biting, or tation, a making manifest. generous and free.-Dare con gnawing.

Manifesto, adj. manifest, pub- ampia mano, to bestow plentiManicáre, to eat. Not much lic, plain, open, apparent, fully.-Dar di mano, to take in use.

evident.--Manifésto, s. m. up.-Dar di mano ad un ba tone, Manicarétto, s. m. a ragoo, a

manifesto, a public declara to take up a stick-Cader per dainty dish of meat.

tion of a prince or state, an mano, to happen, to come to Manicatóre, eater, Obs. edict, or decree.

pass. -Se mi cade per mano, if Manchetto, s. m. a small han- Maniglia, s. f. Maniglio, s. m. it comes in my way.-Dar dle.

bracelet or jewel worn on the delle mani ad uno, to push one. Manichino, s. m. a small han.

-Dar nelle mani, to fall into dle.--Manichino, a ruffle.- Manigóldo, s. m. executioner, one's hands, to meet by Manichino, a muff. hangman.

chance. ---Andar di mano Mánico, s. m. handle.-Manico Manigoldóne, s. m. a rogue, a mano, to go from one hand to di coltello, the haft of a knife. desperate rogue.

another. --Avere una cosa a -Manico di scure, the helve Manimórcia, s. f. careless or mano, to have a thing ready. of an axe or hatchet.—Mani- sluttish woman, a driggle- -Venire alle mani, to engage, co di strumento di musica, the draggle slut. Obs..

to join battle, to come to neck of a musical instrument. Manina, s. f. a little pretty blows.Menar le mani, to -Uscir del manico, to be exhand.

beat, to bang, to fight.--Me. travagant.

Manincónia, s. f, v. Malinco nar per maro, to lead by the Manicóna, s. f. a large sleeve. nia.

hand. Far una cosa a mano, Manicóne, s. m. the same as Maninconichetto, dimin. of to do a thing designedly, on Manicona. Maninconio.

"purpose.--Metter mano alla Manicotto, s. m. a muff. Manincónico, o Maninconóso, spadla, to draw, to draw the Manicottolo, s, m. a hanging v. Malincónico.

sword.--Metter mono, to abuse sleeve.

Manino, s. m, v. Manina. one, to give one ill words.Maniéra, s. f. manner, fashion, Manipoláre, adj. a simple sol- Metter mano ad un discor:0, to wise, way, rate.--Maniera, dier, a cowardly soldier. Obs. begin a discourse.---- Metter manner, kind, sort.-- Manera, -Manipoláre, io work with mano ad una botle, to tap a way, behaviour, carriage, one's hands, to manipulate. cask, to pierce it.--Meter tia

--- Maniera, nature, Manipoláto, adj. made with le mani, to lay in one's hands. instinct.-Maniera, fashion, the hands.

Melter mano ad una cosa, to way, custom.-Alla maniera Manipolatóre, he that does a begin a thing.- Tener mio, d'Italia, after the Italian thing with his hands. to be an accomplice, to give way.--Per maniera di dire, as Manipolatrice, femin. of Ma a helping hand, to favouriit were, as one should say. pipolatore.

Tener mente alle mani d':9, to Di maniera che, so that. Manipolazione, s. f. making, mind, to have a watchful eye Maniere o Maniéro, s. m. a composition, manipulation.

Mano, power, allnoble country seat, a manor. Manipolo, s. m. maniple, al thority.-La mia vita è nelle Obs.-Maniéro, adj. tame, ma handful of any thing. --Ma- rostre mani, my life is in your nageable.--Falcone maniero, a nipolo, a maniple worn by hands, or power.-Dar nelle hawk so called.

priests when celebrating. mani, to deliver into the hands Manieróso, adj. civil, manner. Maniscálco, a farrier, a sinith. or power.-Rimettere in mano, ly.

Maniténgolo, s. m. a hold- to give an absolute authority. Manifattóre, workman, artifi fast. Obe.

Nano, side, hand.il man

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over one.


destra, on the right hand.-Manovále, s. m. a journeyman | Mántice, s. m. bellows. Mano, quality, condition.

Manticétto, dimin. of Mántice, Uomo di bassa mano, a man of Manovella, s. f. a lever. Manticóra, s. f. mantiger, a a mean birth, or condition - Maoritta, v. Marritta.

kind of monkey or baboon. Mano, a bandful. Una man Manrovescio, s. m. a box on Mantile, s. m. a towel, a tabledi soldati, a handful of sol. the ear.

cloth. diers, a certain number of Mansáre, to tame.

Mantino, s. m, dim. of Manto. soldiers.-Con potente mano, Mansionário, s. mn. a priest, a Manto, s. m. a cloak, or upper • with a powerful army.--Dar curate.

mantle.- Manto, a cable, a Pultima mano ad una cosa, to Mansióne, s. f. baiting, stop great rope of a ship.-Manto, put the last hand to a thing, ping to bait, abode. adj. many, several. Obs. to finish it.-Di lunga mano, Manso, adj. tame, mild, meek, Mantrugiare, to feel about of an old or a long standing. humble, affable.

with the bands, to grope. -Lecar mano, to leave off, to Mansuefáre, to tame, to hum- Obs. cease, to discontinue.-Fror ble, to render mild or meek. Manuále, adj. manual, done di mano, out of the way, Mansuefatto, adj. tamed, hum-/ with the hand. - Manuále, apart.--Ve la farò loccar con bled.

manual, that works with tbe mino, I will convince you of Mansıé cere, to become tame hands.---- Munuále, manual, it-ligner le mami, to grease or mild.

belonging to the hands. one's fist, to bribe him.--'- Mansuetaménte, adv. mildly, Manualmente, adv. manually. vallo di mano, a led horse. meekly.

Manubrio, s. m. handle, hilt or Dar la mano cul un cavallo, to Mansu_to, adj. meek, mild, haft of any thing. Obs. give a horse the bridle.--tractable.

Manucáre, to eat. Setto mano, underhand, pri- Mansuetúdine, s. f. mildness, Manuccia, s. f. dim. of Mano. vately.--Latarsene le mani, to meekness.

Manuscristo, s. m. a sort of wash one's hands of a thing, Mantacáre, to blow with the sweetmcat. to be not concerned with it. great bellows in a forge. Manuscritto, S. m. a manu-Vincerla di mano, to be be- Mantachétto, s. m. small bel- script.Manuscritto, adj. writ forehand. -Uscir di mano, to lows.

by hand. escape, to run away.--la-Mantaco, s. m. bellows. Manúzza, s. f. dim. of Mano. ciarsi uscir di mano, to slip or Mantacuzzo, din. of Mántaco. Manza, s. f. a sweetheart, a miss an opportunity, to let an Mantéca, s. f. pomatum.

mistress. occasion slip..io ne mettervi Manteiláre, tu civak, to cover Manzo, S. in. an ox.-Carne di le mani nel frioco, I would take with a cloak.

monzo, beef. my oath on't. man giunte, Mantellétta, s. f. a purple man- Mappamondo, s. m. a general with both my hands.-dver| tle, which the bishops used to map, a description of the buona mano al ma cosa, to be wear, a rochet.

whole world. handy or dexterous at a Mantelletto, s. m. dim. of Marachella, s. f. a spy, a thing-Esser alla mano, to be Mantellina, s. f. 5 Mantello. rogue paid to play the spy.-pliable or tractabie.

Manteliino, s. m. á mantle or Murachella, fraud, deceit.Manoméssa,s. f. emancipation, veil.

Far la murachella, to play the destruction.

Mantello, s. m.

a cloak.

spy. Manomésso, adj. tapped, ma Mantello, cloak, pretence, co- Maráme, s. m. the worse of numitted, wasted, destroyed. lour, blind.--Sottó mantello, any thing.-Maráme, trick, Manométtere, to cut, to make under colour or pretence.- snare, deceit, fraud. --Ma the first cut.- Manometiere una Ricoprirsi con mantel d'altri, to ráme, large quantity of any botte di vino, to tap a cask of excuse one's self by laying thing. wine.- Manomeltere, to waste, the fault upon another.- Marangóne, a carpenter. to consume, to destroy.- Mantello, coat or colour of a Maran óne, a kind of seaManométtere, to manumit, to horse.

fowl. make a bondinan free, Mantelluccio, s. m. din. of Marásca, s. f. a kind of sour Manópola, s. f. a gauntlet, an Mantello.

cherry. iron glove, which was part Vantenénte, adv. presently, Marásmo, 5. m. marasmus, a of the ancient arnour.-Ma- immediately, just now.--. fever, in which the body nópola, that part of the sleeve Manteraénte, adj. durable, that wastes away by degrees. which covers the arm from lases long.

Maraviglia, s. f.

wonthe elbow to the fist.

Mantenere, to keep, to pre-, Maravigliamento, s. m. S der, Manoscritto, 6. m. a manu serve, to maintain.- Mante- marvel, amazement.-4me script.-- Manoscriito,adj.hand- nere, to govern, to steer.- rac:glia, adv. wonderfully, ad. written

Mantenere, to defend, to sup- mirably, prodigiously. lfaManéso, adj. soft, yielding port, to stand by, to protecr. raviglia, balm, a plant so tractable.

Mantenimento, 5. in. mainte called Manovaldería, s. f. adminis

nance, preservation. Maravigliábile, v. Maravigliétration, tuition.

Mantenitore, ? he or she that vole. Manováldo, s. m. a tutor, a Mantenitrice, maintains. Moravigliársi, to wonder, co protecior of woman. Mantenuto, adj. maintained. be amazed.


fel ow.

der upon.

ed upon.

mark upon.

Maraviglievole, adj. wonder- Mareggiáre, to rise in waves, to Mariniére, a seaman or sailor. ful, admirable.

swell with waves er billows, Maríno, a sailor, a mariner or Maravigliosamente, adv. won to float or hull upon the sea,

Marino, adj. of or derfully, admirably, extreme to go by sea.

belonging to the sea.-

- Pesce ly.

Vareggiarsi, to be sea-sick. marino, a sea fish-Terra moMaraviglioso, adj. wondrous, Marc giata, s. f. sez-flood. rina, a sea town.--Vento marin

marvellous, adınirable. Mare siátr, sea sickness. 79, 502-wind. Marca, s. f. country, frontier- Mareggio, s. m. the swelling Marioláre, to cheat, to bubble. country.--Marc', mark, a of the waves.

Marivleria, s. f. cheat, cuzetikind of money. - Marca, a Maremma, s. f. a country by age, doccit. token, a sign, a badge. the sea-shore,overlown from Mariolo, s. m. a rogue, a sad Marcáre, to mark, or set a

time to time mark upon.--Marcáre,to bor- Maremmano, adj. bordering Mariscálco, s. m. rnarshal.

on the sea, mantime.--Ingo Maritáccio, s. n. a bad husMarcassíta, s. f. marcasite, a marenmano, maritime place. band, a "icked husband, a

kind of mineral stone. Maresciallo, s. m. a marshal. huge or clumsy husband. Marcato, adj. marked, border- Maresco, adj. of or belonging Maritággio, s. m. marriage, to the sea, marine.

match, matrimony: Marchesa, o Marchesána, a Marese, s. in. a pond, a moor- Maritále, adj. marital, matrimarchioness. ish or fenny place.

monial, belonging to a hus"Diarchesáto, s. m. marquisate, Marezzáto,' adj. undulating band, marriageable.--L'ebito dignity or jurisdiction of a like the sea waves.

maritale, the duty of a husmarquis.

Marézzo, s. m. a changeable band, matrimonial duty. Marchése, marquis. colour.

Età maritále, a marriageable Marchiána, s. *f. black-heart Margarita, s. f. a pearl. age. cherry.

Margherita, Š Gittar le mor- Maritamento, s. m. marriage, Marcbiare, to mark, to set a gherite a porci, to cast pearls matrimony.

before svine, to be lavish of Maritáre, to marry, to give a Márchio, s. m. mark, print. precious things to low people husband to a female. Márcia, s. f. pus, corruption and ideots.

Maritársi, to get married. or thick matier, which issues Margheritina, s. f. a daisy. Maritáto, adj. married. out of a wound or sore. Margigrána, s. f. a kind of Marito, s. m. husband, spouse. Marciáre, to march.

Marítoto, s. m. thy husband. Marcigióne, s. f. putrefaction, Margine, s. f. a scar, a mark Obs. corruption.

of any cut, hurt healed up. Marittimo, adj. maritime, Márcido, and Márcio, adj. -- Mergine d'un libro, margin near or bordering on the rotten, putrefied.--Márcio, or margent of a book. vile, abject, of a mean condi- Márgine, s. in. edge, brim, or Mariuóla, s. f. a kind of herb. tion. Popolmur.io, the mobi- border.

Mariuolería, s. f. cheat, cozenlity, the mob. - Marrio, s. m. Marginétta, s. m. dim. of Mar- age. the lurch at any game. gine.

Marinólo, s. m. a cheat, a C'mpar i! marcio, to be out of Margiollo, adj. Obs. 3. Mar- knave. danger of losing the game cio.

Marmaglia, s. f. mob, rabble, doable. A tro m rcio dispeto, Margo, š. m. margine. Poct rascally people. in spite of your teeth.-A Marigélio, s. á litrie narrow Marmeggia, s. f. 2 worm that marcia forza, if you will or

| eats flesh, a magot. Marigiána, a kind of wild! Marmo, s. m. marble. Marcióso, adj. full of matter duck.

i Marmócchio, a boy. or corruption.

Marina, s. f. the sea-coast, or Marmoráto, s. m. plaister of Marcire, to be rotten.

strand.- llarma marina, adr. marble, inortar of lime and Marcito, adj. rotten. along the sea-shore.

marble beaten together.Marciúme, s. m. pus, corrup- Marin'ijo, a seaman, a mariner, warntrato, adj. cased or cotion, matter... Murciúme, co.. a sailor.

vered with marbie, wardice, meanness of spirit. Mariusáre, to pickle--Marináre Marmáreo, o Mai morino, adj. Marco, s. m. a mark of gold del pexe, to salt or picke fish. white, smooth, or hard as

or silver.--Murco, a mark, Murináre, to vex, to fret. marble. sign, or token.

Marina:escamente, adv. after Marinorito, s. m. marble. Obs. Marcorélla, s. f. mercury, a the manner of sailors.

Marmótta, s. f. marinoite, a sort of herh.

Marinarisco, adv. of or be- mountain rat --Viso di mar. Mare, s. m. cea.---Loco il mare, longing to the sea. Ante ma mióta, a monkey-face. e tienti alla terra, praise the rinorésca, the sea-trade. Maro, s. m. an herb like mar. sea, and keep on land.-Mar Marináro, s. m. a mariner, a joram, but of a stronger grosso, rough sea.

smell. Marea, s. f. lide, flux and re- Marinerii, s. f. a seaman or Naróbbio, o. Marrobbio. flux. Piena muredly spring sailor's trade.

Maróso, 9, m. wave, billow.com tide.

Marinésco, adj. 3. Marinaresco. Adarbso, anguish, trouble, veza Voi. I,

grape so called.



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seaman, or sailor.




alion, unquietness, perturba- Martinello o Martinétro, s. m.' a horse's back. tion of mind.- Jaráso, a a game of a cross-bow.- Mascalzóne, s. m. soldier. Obs. stagnating water, a marsh. Martinétto, a crane, or such – Mascalzone, a rogue, a rufMarra, s. f. a mattock, a pick- engine to raise and mount fian.

ordnance, or other heavy Mascélla, s. f. jaw-bone. -MasMarrajuólo, s. m. pioneer, a things.

ccllo, check. delver.

Martingála, s. f. a kind of old- Masceilare, s. m. cheek-tooth, Marráno, adj. infidel, mis- fashioned breeches.

grinder. creant.

Martiráre, to martyr, to tor- Mascellóne, s. m. a great jawMarreggiáre, to harrow, to

bone.- Mascellone, a slap on break the clods in a ploughed Martire, a martyr.--- Martire, the face. field, that the ground may torment, pain, vexation, Maschera, s. f. mask, vizard. lay even, and the grain be trouble.

-Carársi la maschera, to speak covered.

Martírio, s. m. martyrdom, one's mind freely. Mandar in Marrétto, s. m. dim. of Marra. pains, torments, sufferings. maschera, to steal a thing: Marrimento, s. m. affliction, Martirizzamento, s. m. mar Ella ha la maschera, she is vexation, trouble, anguish. tyrdom.

painted. Marritta, s. f. the right hand. Martirizzáre, to martyr, to Mascherajo, he that sells masks. Marróbbio, s. m. horchound, make one suffer martyrdom. | Mascheráre, to mask, to put a a sort of herb.

Martirizzáto, adj. martyred, mask on.- Va cheruire,to mask, Marrocchino, s. m. Morocco that has suffered martyrdom. to cloak, to cover or disleather

Martiro, s. m. 0. Martírio. guise. Marroncillo, s. a little Martirológio, s. m. martyro- Mascheráta, s. f. a mascarade, spade.

logy, a book treating of the or masquerade. Marróne, s. m. a spade, a sho acts, names and sufferings of Mascherato, adj. masked, that vel, a mattock, a plough-' martyrs.

1 has a mask on. share, an iron rake, or such Martora, s. f. a martin or mar- Mascherétta, s. f.? dim. of like instrument.Marróne, ten.

Mascherina, S Maschera. the largest sort of chesnuts. Martórc, &. m. clown, boor, Mascherizzo, s. m. a livid mark -Far in marróne, to commit rustic, bumkin. Un muisture on the human body. 2 fault or mistake, to make a di villa, a country clown. Mascheróne, S. m. a large blunder.

Martorello, s. m. a young mar head in sculpture or painting. Marronéto, s. m. a grove of ten.

---Mascherine, an ugly face. chesnut-trees.

Martoriáre, to torment, to Maschiamente, adv. manly.. Marrovéscio, . m. a back torture, to rack.

Maschiczza, s. f. virility, the stroke with the hand. Martoriato, adj. tormented, masculine gender. Marrúca, s. 1. a kind of plum. tortured, racked.

Maschile, adj. manly, of a Marruffino, s. m. a master Martório, o Martóro, s. m. man.--Voce maschile, a manly

torment, pain, rack, torture. strong voice.---Le maschili Martagóne, 4. m. martigon, Marza, s. f. a graff or graft, a punne, the lougest or biggest Vay lowered lily.

young burgeon, or shoot. feathers. Martedi, s. m. Tuesday... Mar- Varzacotto, s. m. a kind of Maschilemente Maschiltedi erosso, Shrove-Tuesday. ointment.

ménte, adv. of the masculine Marteliáre, to hammer, to beat Marzajuólo, adj. that grows gender, manlily, like a man. with a hammer.-llartelláre, in March.

Maschio, s. m. the male. to bcat, to strike, to vex or Marzapáne, s. m. march-pane. Maschio d'una fortezza, a towto turment,to teaze, to plague. Marzo, s. m. the month of er, a dungeon in the midst of - Marieliarc, to beat or pant March.

a castle.-Maschio della vite, a as a sore when it begins to be Marzocco, s. m. an engraved screw, or scrue.- Maschio d" ripe.

or painted lion.--Chrome a una ruota, the nave or stock Martelláta, S. f. a blow, a marcoco, like a lion's mane. of a wheel.--Maschio, adj. knock, or a thump with a -Si un marzocco, thou art a male.--Figliuol maschio, a male hammer. fool, a stupid fellow.

child, a boy. 31aschio, noble, Martelletto, s. dim. of Marzolino, adj. belonging to, generous, elevated, manly:Martéllo.

or growing in the month of Maschi pensieri,noble thoughts. Mariellína, s. f. dim. of Mar March. Nere Marzolini, -Maschio, large, huge. tello.

March snow.-- Marzolino, a Maschio raso, a large big nose. Martello, s. m. hammer, kind of cheese made about --Maschio, manly, stout, masa Jurtello, exceeding love and Florence.

culine, vigorous. jealousy-Sonure le campane e Marzuolo, zdj. growing in the Mascolino o Masculino, adj. martello, to ring the bells with nonth of March, speaking of masculine, of the masculine a hammer, io alarm the corn or like grains.

gender. people.

Mascigno, adj. cunning, sly, Masnáda, s. f. a troop of sol Marcidio, :. Martirio. Obs. crafty, subtle, sharp

diers.-- Jasnáda, a company, Martinaccio, 5. in. a very large Vascalcia, s. f. a farrier's art or a crowd of people, a band. sbell, or snail.

skill.-- vlascalcia, galling on

galling on - Masnáda, family.


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