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Slasnadiére, a soldier, a foot Masticíno, adj. of or belong-1 Matre, s. f. mother. Obs. soldier. Musnaciére,a robber, ing to mastic.

Matricale, s. f. mother-wort, a highway-man, a ruffian. Mástico, v. Mástice.

or feverfew. Massa, s. f. mass, heap.-La Mastiettáre, to secure with a Matríce, s. f. womb, matrir. massa del sangue, the mass of lock, or bar.

Matricída, matricide, a mur. blood -Massa, machine.- Mastietto, s. m. a lock, a pad- derer of his or her mother. La massa del mondo, the whole lock.

Matricídio, s. m. matricide, world.

Mastino, s. m. a mastiff-dog. murder of a mother. Massaccia, s. f. a great heap. Mástio, s m. v. Maschio. Matricóla, s. f. a sum of money Massaja, s. f. a housewife, a Mástrice, v. Mastice.

that artificers pay at their good female æconomist. Mástra, mistress.

first setting up in any trade. Massajo, s. m. a steward, a Mástro, master.

- Matricola, matricular, a re. man housekeeper.Vassujo, Mastro, adj. principal, head. - gister book. a good husband.

Porta masira, a chief gate. Matricolare, to matriculate, to Massara, 5. Massaja. Mastrusciére, s. m. porter,

set down in a register, or ma. Massarétta, S. f. dimin. of door-keeper. Obs.

tricular book. Massara. Matássa, s. f. skein.

Matricolato, adj. matriculated, Massaro, o. Massajo.

Matassata, s. f. number of set down in the matricular Masseria, s.farm, a farm-house, skeins.

book. a place where the produce of Matassina, 5. f. a little skein. Matrigna, mother-in-law.the country is kepi. Mas e- Matematica, s. f. mathematics. Far viso di matrigna, to look Tia, copiousness of any com- Matematicamente, adv. mathe- roughly, to pout. modity. matically.

Matrignáre, o Matrigneggiare, Masserízia, houshold goods. Matemático, a mathematician. to use roughly like a motherMasserizia, mass, heap, pro

- Matem-itico, a diviner, a in-law. vision.

conjurer.----Biatemático, adj. Matrimoniále, adj. matrimo. Masseriziáccia, s. f. old hous- mathematical.

nial. hold goods.

Matéra, s. f. v. Materia. Obs. Matrimonialménte, ady. by Masserizióso, adj. thrifty, sav. Materássa, s. f. v. Materasso. way of matrimony. ing, æconomical.

Materassajo, a mattress-maker. Matrimónio, s. m. matrimony, Masseriziuóla, s. f. dimin. of Materasso, s. m. mattress to wedlock, marriage. Masserizia. sleep upon.

Matrina, s. f. midwife. Massiccio, adj. massy, massive, Materassúccio, e. m. dimin. of Matróna, s. f. matron, a grave solid, strong Materasso.

motherly woman. Mássima, s. f. maxim, rule, Matéria, s. f. matter, subject.- Matronále, adj. matron-like, of principle.

latéria, cause, occasion, rea or belonging to a matron. Massimamente, Massime,

Matróne, s. m. o. Madrone. adv. especially, particularly. Materiále, adj. material. - Va- Matta, s. f. a mat made of Mássimo, adj. very great, great- teriále, coarse, dull, heavy.

Obs. Materiali, s. m. plur. mate- Mattaccíno, s. m. a pantomi. Masso, s. m. a large stone stick rials.

mical dancer.-Matlaccino, a ing fast to the ground. Materialità, s. f. the substance puppet. Mastácco, adj. stout, strong, of matter, materiality. Mattáccio, s, m. a great madwell liinbed. Not in use. Materialmente, adv. material

man, a silly droll fellow. Mastello, s. m. a bucket, a ly.---Materialménte, coarsely, Mattamente, ady, madly, fool. pail.

heavily, lumpishly, thickly. ishly Mástica, s. f. the gum mas- Materióso, adj. that gives Mattána, s. f, melancholy, ill

matter, cause or subject to humour. Masticácchiare, to chew slow do a thing. Obs.

Mattapáne, s. mn. an aneient ly.

Maternále, adj. maternal, mo coin in Venice. Masticáre, to chaw, or chew. therly.

Mattáre, to mate, a word used - Masticar paternostri, to play Maternamente, adv. with mo at chess. ---Mattáre, to overthe hypocrite.- Vasticáre, to therly kindness, maternally. ponder, to consider, to deli- Maternità, s. f. maternity, mo- Matteggiáre, to play the made berate, to examine. therhood.

man or foal. Masticaticcio,s. n. meat chew- Matérno, adj. motherly, ma- Matterello, s. m. a roller, a ed. ternal.

round piece of wood to thin Masticáto, adj. chawed, or Materózzolo, s. m. a bit of dough with.Matteréllo,dim. chewed.

wood tied up to a bundle of of Matto. Masticatúra, S. f. chewed keys not to lose them. Mattería, s. f. madness, fool

Matita, s. f. hæmatites. ish tricks, folly. Masticazione, s. f. mastication, Maritatójo, s. m. a pencil with Matteróne, a mad fellow, a chewing.

an hæmatites on the top. madman. Mastice, s. f. mastic, the gum Matraccio, s, m. a retort, a Matterúllo, a simpleton, a silly of the lentisk tree.Vástice, vase of glass used by distil- fool. lip glue.


Maltérza o Matría, s. f. masa








a small



foolish tricks, folly. Maturezza, s. f. maturity, tipe. Mazzicáre, to bang, to beat, Mattina, s. f. morning: ness.J'enire a maiurezza, to to swaddle with a stick or Mattináre, to say or sing ma grow ripe, to come to a ma club. tins or morning prayers.--turity

Mazzicatore, he that works Matiináre, to be merry early Maturità, s. f. maturity, ripe- with a hammer or beetle, a in the morning, or to sing ness.--—Vaturii, maturity, beater of sand gold. and fiddle under one's mis- ripeness of years.--Maturità, Mazzicatrice, fem. of Mazzitress's window at sun-rising wisdom, moderation.--loncatore. Matsináta, s, f. morning mu naturià, adv. maturely, with, Vazziculáre, to tumble or walsic, which a lover plays un

deliberation and judgment. low up and down upon the der his mistress's window in Matúro, adj. mature, ripe, ground, to fall or turn upside the morning early, á serenade. perfect. – ripo tema matura, a down. A low word. Mattinata, a whole morning. ripe imposthume, that comes Mazziculo, s. m. a rall or tumMattinatóre, be that sings or to a head. Viaturo, grown, ble. A low word. fiddles at sun-rising under the -- Età matura, advanced age.- Mazziere, s. m. a mace-bearer, window of his lady, or he tono mattro, a discreet, sober, a beadle. that goes to hear him.

or staid man.-'na givare Mazzo, $. m. a bundle, a Mar:ino, s. m. morning. matura, a ripe maid, a marri- bunch 11azzo di carte, a Martità, s. f. v. mattezza. ageable maid --Consiglio matuo pack of cards.-- Musso di diObs.

tu, mature judgment.--"ino ai, a bale of dice.- Hiasca di Macto, adj. mad, out of his matı ro, wine good to drink. furi, a ro.tgay.--Mazzo da lel

Navà, s. m. a sky-colour. tire, a pack.ct of letters Vase Mattonáre, . Ammattonare. Miausolco, s. n. mausoleum, a 20, a malet.--clizar i nazzi, to Mattonato, adj. paved or laid! sepulchral edifice.

pack up, to run away. with bricks.--1! mattonato, Mazza, s. f. a stick.-Mazze, viazzocchiaja, s.f. a great bun. s. m. a pavenient, an open a club, a mace.--- Vena; l. die or bunch, the hair of a street, or market-place. macza tonua, to spare nobody, woiran's bcad tied up in a Mattoncello, S.

to treut every one alike.- bunch. - 31acz chi ji, a wobrick.

Menare alla massa, to betray. man that wears her hair tied Mattóne, s. m. brick

- Vietter top @desa, to speak in a bundle, a vulgar woMattúcio, adj. of the smaller too much, to say imore than sort, and it is only said of one oughi 10 do.

Mazzocchio, s. m. a bundle, sparrows or other sinall birds | Mazzacavallo, s. m. an engine bunch, tuft.- -Muzziconio, of which there are two kinds, to draw up water out o: a crowd, multitude, band.--one larger than the other. well.

Moscice'.in, s. m. the leaves of Mattutinále, adj. belonging to Mazzácchera, s. f.a long pole radishes, and other herbs, the morning. - Preghiere mut that fishers use to bob up and when they begin to seed. tutinali, illorning prayers. down for eels.

Wazzucchu, s. ll. a kind of Mattutino, s. m. morning.- Mazzafrústo, s. m. a kind of wiseat. Matuutio, matins, morning staff to fight with.

Mazzocchiúto, adj. big, or prayers.--llattutino, adj. be- Mazzamrarone, s. m. a dunce, round-headed, knobby: longing to the morning: a booby, a blockhead.

Mazzolino, s. m. a litile bunStella 22 dbrotina, a morning- Mazzamurro, s. m. bits or dle or bunci. star.--Ia stella mettutino, Luci crums of biscuit.

Mazzuola, s. f. diin. of Maz. fcr, the morning star, Mazzapicchiare, to strike with Maturamente, adv. maturely, a maliet.

Mazzuolo, s. n. a little bundle seriously, deliberately, pru. Mazzapicchio, s. m. a mallet. or bunch.-Mazzuolo, a stadentiv.

Mazzáta, s. f. a blow with a tuary's hammer, a pick. Maturamento, s. m. matura stick or club.

Me, I myself, per me, through tion, ripening:

Mazzatéllo, r. Mazzetto. me-li me, of me; a me, to Maturinte, adj. ripening, that Mazzeránga, s. f. a rammer, a me; da me, from me. - Me', an ripeas. paviour's beetle.

abbreviation of Meglio, betMaturáre, to ripen, to grow Mazzerangáre, to beat with a ter. ripe.-hluturust, tu finish, to rannier or beetle, to bray, to Meire, pass or glide accomplish, to perfect.- 1a-1 pound.

1 through. turáre, to weakip, to debili-Mazzeráre, to cast one in the Meato, s. m. meatus, a passage tate, to enervate.

sea bound up in a sack, with or way. . Maturativo, ailj. that has a a stone about his neck to Meccanicamente, mechanical. ripening quality.

drowa him. Obs. Maturato, adj. ripened, grown Mázzero, s. a club, a Meccanico, adj. mechanical, ripe.--- Maitinto, used, inured,

mechanic, meun, base-árie accustomed.

Mazzettino, s, m. dimin. of nur anicu, mechanic art. Miaturatóre, adj. mas.2 that Miazzetto.

Méccere, s. m. master. A joMaturatrice, adj, fem. S ripens. Viazz110, s. in. a little bundle. cular word. Matụrazione, s. f. maturation, - Un marseito di fiori, a pose- Miccco), s. m. an adulterer a pipening

gay, duwurs tid Logether, whore-naster. Not used.





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money Obs.

Mecioacan, 8. m. a medicinal of cure.

lerraneo, the Mediterranean plant.

Medicina, s. f. physic, mediMeco, with me.-Con esso-meco, cine, the art of physic.Dot- Méglio, adv. better.---- Athe along with me.

tor di medicinu, a doctor in dar di bere in meglio, to grow Medaglia, s. f. a kind of mo. physic, a physician. -Med. better and better.--Il meglio de! ney: Obs.-Mediglia, medal. cina, medicine, physic, a phy- mondo, the best in the world. Medagliata, s. f. as much as sical remedy:

Allii meglio, as well as one can. one can buy with a piece of Mecicinále, adj. medicinal, be -Meglio, more, better.--Ming

longing to physic, plysical. lio di quattro, more than four. Medaglietta, s. f. dim. of Me- ledicinále, fit to keep phy -Que io mi val meglio ch'un fiasdaglia.

sic or medicines in.---Visu co di vino, this is better for ine Medaglione, s. m. a medallion, medicinule, a vessel to keep than a bottle of wine.--/!eglo, a large medal. medicines io.

rather, better.-marei meglio, Medaglista, s. m. one curious Medicinalménte, adv. physi- I had rather.-Mieglio, better, in old medals, a collector of cally, by way of physic.-- besta ---Sla un poc wielo, I am old coins, an antiquarian. Medicinalmente, like å sick bo a little better.-- uesto è il megMedesimamente, adv. likewise, dy, soberly.--Vivere medicinal- | lio, this is the best.- E' li suot also, even.

mente, to live soberly, like one il meglio del mondo, he loves Medesimézza, s. f. saneness. that is sick.

you entirely. Medesimità, s. f. the same as Medicináre, to medicate, to Megliorare, o. Migliorare. Medesimczza. heal, to cure. Obs.

Meglióre, u. Migliore. Medlésimo, adj. same, self.--Nel Medico, a physician, a doctor Mela, s. f. appic.---Jela, the medesimo mundo, in the same of physic.- iledico d'acqua cot ball that ends a cupola. manner.--lo medisimo, myself. ta, a medicaster, a quack, or Melacchino, adj. very sweet, Saco medesimo, with or in hiin. peddling physician.--Mérico, an epithet to white wine when self.---Essi me lésimi, chem adj, medicinal, physical.-- Atle excessively sweet. selves.-Medísimo, adv. like. medica, the medicinal art, the Melacitola, s. f. balm, balmwise, even, also. art of curing.

gentle. Mediáno, adj. middle, mean. Medicóne, a famous physician. Melacotógna, s. the fruit of Obs. A ludicrous word.

the quince-tree, a quince. Mediánte, prepos. by means, Mediconzolino, s. m. dim. of Melagrána, o Mielagranáta, through, or by one's help or Mediconzolo.

pomegranate. favour.

Medicónzolo, o Medicúccio, a Melagráno, s. m. pomegranate. Mediatamente, adv. the oppo sorry physician, a medicast- tree! site of Immediatamente.

Melagráncia, s. f. the same as Mediáte, adv. the opposite of Medietà, s. f. the moiety, or Meiaráncia. Obs. the adverb Immediate. half of a thing

Melancolía, v. Malinconia. Mediáto, adj. mediate, inter- Midio, adj. half.

Melángolo, s. m. orange. posed.--- biela?o, commodi- Mediocre, adj. moderate, indif-Melansággine, s. f. the same as ous, fit, proper,-Luogo riedi- ferent,n.ean, middle ordinary, Melensúrgine. Obs. áto, a commodious place.

neither tvo big nor too little, Melaráucia, s. f. an orange. Mediatore, mediator, a mapa neither good nor bad. Melaranciáta, s. f. a blow given

ger between two parties, an Mediocreménte, adv. indiffer- by flinging an orange. intorcessor.

ently, so so.

Mélaráucio, s. m. an orangeMediatrice, s. f. mediatrix, a Mediocrità, s. f. mediocrity, tree. woman who mediates. competence, moderation, in- Melário, s. m. a bee-hive. Mediazione, s. f. mediation, difference.

Melata, s. f. the August dew, intercession.

Meditaménto, s. m. v. Medita- Melato, adj. seasoned with ho. Medicáme, o Medicamento. s. zione.

sweet as honey. m. medicament, medicine. Meditánte, adj. that medi- Mele, s. m. honey.--Mee, e. f. Medicánte, s. m. a physician.

pl. apple, the buttocks. Medicáre, to medicate, to heal Meditáre, to meditate, to think, Melensággine, s. f. stupidity,

to muse, to redlect apon, to absence of good sense. Medicástro, la medicas- consider.

Melénso, adj. silly, foolish. Medicastrónzolo, ter, a Meditativo, adj. given to me- Meléto, s. m. an orchard of quack, ditation.

apple-trecs. Medicato, adj. mcdicated, cur- Meditáto, adj. meditated, Meliáca, s. f. a kind of apri. ed.

thought, amused, reflected Medicatore, a physician. upon.

Meliáco, s. m. an apricot-tree. Medicatrice, a woman physi- Meditazioncélla, s. f. dim. of Melichino, s. m. a kind of wine cian. Meditazione.

made of honey: Medicazione, s. f. medicament, Meditazione, s. f. meditation, Méliga, s. f. Turkey corn, medicine.

thinking, pausing, or musing Meliloto, u. Melliloto. Medichéssa, s. f. a female phy-/ upon.

Meliasaggine, s. f. the same as sician.

Mediterráneo, adj. mediterra-Melensaggine. Obs. Medici.évolo, adj. susceptible nean, in-land.---- Il mare Medi- Melissa, s. I. balm gentle.




or cure.



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Melláto, s. m. a kind of cloth.

to bring to pass.-Menare bu.com Mellificáre, to produce honey. Memma, s. f. mud.

na, to grant, or allow, also to diellifluo, adj. mellifluous, mel. Meinóra, s. f. v. Memória. forgive.- Ve la neno buono per lifluent, flowing with honey. Obs.

questi colin, I forgive it you ---Melfiw, mdlifuous, elo- Memorabile, adj. memorable, for this time.- Venar a lungo, quent, full of sweetness. potable, famous.

to delay, to prolong, to dif. Mélliga, s. f. v. Méliga. Memorándo, adj. deserving to fer.-Merat sm inie, to be inad Mellilóto, s. m. melilot, clover, be remembered, fanious, ce for love.-- Memar orgoglio, to a kind of herb. lebratcd.

grow haughty, or proud. Mellonaggine, 3. f. foolishness, Memoráre, to remember, to Wenus le calcule, to lie with a sottishness, dulness. call to mind.

woman.-Menar per il naso, to Mellonajo, s. m. a place sowed Niemoratiua, s. f. the faculty lead by the nose. - Menar pet with a particular kind of in of remembering, the power parole, to delay, to prolong, sipid cucumbers. of memory.

to put off with fair words.Melloncello, s. in. a little cu. Nemorativo, adj. memorative, Mchar la danza, to lead a dance. cumber.

of or belonging to memory. Monar la dua, to lead the Mellóne, s. m. 2 kind of large liemoráto, adj. remembered, dance, to govern, to rule.cucumber, but more insipid mentioned, abovesaid, afore Monur le mani, to beat, to than the common cucumber. said.

strike.--- Menar il can gur loja, ---Mellóne, a blockhead, a boo- Memorévole, adj. memorable, to delav.--Montar il onuntice, to by, a loggerhead.--ivere un notable, famous.

blow the bello vs.--- Menar momellone in corso, to be the worst Memória, s. f. memory-lien gie, to inarry:-Venuer la vita or dullest of all.--11eline, is mória, memory, remembrance. in ma solitudine, to live a solialso called a sort of bridle for -Memórin, memorandur, tary life.---Menor a tonio, to horses.

Memória, the crown spare nobody, or nothing, to Melma, s. f. mud. of the head.

use all alike.' Melmóso, adj, muddy. Memoriále, s. m. memoran- Venáta, s. f. a handful, or Melo, s. m. an apple-tree. dum, note,mcmorial.-Nien.0-\ grasp. Melococógno, s. mn. a quince- riste, memorial, petition.-- Menito, adj. conducted, led, tree, a quince, the fruit of Ble:noriale, nicmory, remen stirred. the quince free.


Menatojo, s. m. an instrument Melóde, s. f. Obs.


Mémore, adj. mindful, remem to lead with. Melódia,

bering.- Vénuore, de' benefici ri- Menaivre, s. m. a leader, a Melódico, adj. melodious, har- cevúti, grateful for received conductor, a guide.- Menamonious, musical. benefits or favours.

tire, a leader, a manager, 2 Melodiosamente, adv. melodi- Memorjóna, s. f. a great me contriver. ously: mory.

Menatrice, s. f. she that Icads Melodióso, adj. melodious. Mcna, s. f. labour, work, bu or conducts. Melogranáto, s. m. pomegra- siness, task, employment.-- Menatúra, s. f. joint.-- Venotú

Mena, condition, state, man ra, a leading or conducting. Melúggine, 3. m. wild-apple. ner, nature, quality, kind. Méncio, adj. not coinpact, Melúmne, s. m. mildew, fall Mi disse, or va eredi la lor nonn, fam, slabhy, chat has no coning on the vines.

he told me, go and see their sistency, nor hardness; said Melúzza, Molúzzola,s.f.a small condition.

of round things, as leather apple.

Menayione, s. f. motion, stir- balls, bladders, breasts of Membrána, s. f. men:brane, ring.-- Managiine, looseness of women,

and other like the outward parts of the bo- the body.

things. Menamento, s. m. a leading or Menda, s. f. amendment, corAlembranoso, adj, that par- carrying.-- Menamento di vita, rection, penalty, forfeit.

takes of the membrane. behaviour, way of living.- Venda, fault, biemish, defect, Membranúzza, s. f. a small Alenamento, agitation, tous, vice, imperfection. membrane.

motion, joiting, tumbling. Mendice, adj. lying, false, Membránza, $. f. remem- Menáre, io lezd, to guide, to lyar.- Parole mendaci, lycs. brance. Obs.

conduct, to bring - Menar Mendaccinénte, adv. deceitMembrire, to remember, to seo, to lvring along with one. fully. call to mind. Ols.

Menare a morte, to kill.m-ile- Nendício, s. m. a lye. Obs. Meinbreito, N lembricciuolo, s. nir', to loosen, to make loose. Viendáre, to amend, to make m. dimin. of Wembro.

Men ire un piano, o altro roilo, amends. Miinbro, s. m. limb, member. to box, to beat, or strike.- Mendicárgine, s. f. mendicity,

Viemira, a member, one of Vemne, to inove, to stit, to beggary. the political body.

jo', (ir way, to shaka.--Ve- Mendicazione, s. f. the same Aiembrouino, s. m. din. of nipp, to produce, to bear, to 25 Mendicit:i. Membro.

vicid, to bring torih.---Me- Mendicánte, adj. mendicant, Merobrine, s. m. a large chick pell, to piot, to contrive, to begging.--I'n 'mendicánte, s. ineinber or liab.

brew. Jichur ai (079,10 bring m. a bezgar. Menbruto, adj. otrong or well-! 10 aw Chu Verur out filio, Mendicanza, s. f. mendicitis


dy, skin.


to name.

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beggary. Obs.

Mensa, s. f. table to eat upon. Mentre, o Mentrechè, adv. Mendicáre, to mendicate, to -ipparecchiar la mensa, to lay whilst, while, whilst that.-. beg.

the cloth.-Mensa, a bishop's Mentre ch'io vivo, as long as I Mendicáto, adj. mendicated,

live. begged.

Mensále, adj. mensal, belong- Méntula, s. f. the penis. Mendicatore, a mendicant, a ing to a table.--Mensále, s. f. Mentúto, adj. that has a long beggar. a geometrical figure.

chin. Mendichità, s. f. mendicity, Mensétta, s. f. dim.of Mensa. Menzionáre, to mention, to

beggarliness, beggary. Ménsola, s. f. a bracket, a cor make mention, to speak of, Mendicità, s. f. c. Mendichità. bel, corbil, or corbet, a shoul. Mendico, a mendicant, a beg- dering piece, jetting out in Menzionáto, adj. mentioned. gar.

walls to bear up a post or Menzióne, s. f. mention, menMendicúme, s. m. medicity, beam.

tioning, naming: ---Far merbeggarliness. Obs.

Measuále, adj. of every month. zióne, to mention. Mendo, s. m. mending, amend- Menta, s. f. mint, a piant so Menzogna, s. f.lye, falsehood. ment. -Mendo, vice, fault, called.

Menzognatore, á fib-teller, a defect, imperfection, ill qua- Mentále, adj. mental, belong. lyar. lity:

ing to the mind or memory. Menzogneramente, adv. in a Menimáre, Menomáre. Mentalmente, adv. mentally, lying manner, Iyar-like. Obs. in the inind.

Venzognéro, adj. lying, false, Menipossénte, adj. less pow- Mentástro, s. m. wild mint. treacherous, deceitful.-- Un erful.

Mente, s. f. mind, understand. menzognéro, a lyar, a lying Menno, gelt, unmanned.--- ing, judgment.- Por mentr, o Venno, wanting, defective, metter mente, to mind, to ap- Menzoniére, s. a lyar. vain, void, deprived lenno, ply one's mind, to consider, Obs. beardless, without beard, to reflect upon, to take notice Meo, mine. Obs. icoking like an eunuch. of.--Metter la mente di suor del Meramente, adv. merely, Meno, less.- 1l meno, the least. tondo, to go astray, to think purely.

-Bli meno, adv. at least.-- Von strange things.--- Ala io ti sol. Nieraviglia, . Naraviglia, and posso far di mene, I can't for. verù tosto la mente, but I will all its derivatives. bear.-- Von si può fur di meno, presently clear your doubt. Mercánte, s. m. merchant.--one can't do otherwise.-----1 -Menie, GOD.--- Vente, will, Mercante di panno, a woollenmeno, unless.-Esser di meno, love, affection.---llente, me- draper.--Mercarte di seta, a to be inferior.-Ciò è di meno mory:---Imparáre a mente, to silk-man. di me, that is beneath me. learn by heart.-- Von l'ho a Mercanteggiare, to play the Venir meno, to break, to come mente, I don't remember it.

merchant, to follow the trade to want, to grow poor.

Usci di mente, to forgei. of a merchant. l'enir meno, to faint away.- Tener a mente, to remember. Mercantesco, adj. 1. MercaMen, adv. less

- llente, con cience. far from it.

Mentecattággine, s. f. mad, Mercantéssa, s. f. a ske me:Menomamento, s. m. lessen ness, folly, want of sense. chant. ing, diminution.

Mentecattevole, adj. mad, be- Mercantevole, adj.? mercroDienománte, adj. that dimi- Mentecatto,

sides, Mercantile, Stile, mer. nishes.

one's self.--Un mentecatto, a chant-like. Menománna, 6. f. lessening, fool, a madman.

Mercantone, a great merchant. diminution -}7eno.ilza, Mentiero, a lvar. Obs.

Mercantúzzo, a poor sorry want, necessity, lack, pover- Mentirç, to lye, to speak in merchant. ty: -Aver meno.nanz?, to want, true.---- Mentire della promessa, Mercancía, s. f. commodizy, to be in want.--Menominen, to break one's word. - Blen- ! goods, ware, merchandise. depression, humbling, disho dire le sue parole, to disguise Verenziuála, s. f. poor comone's words.

modity, or goods. Menomáre, to diminish, to Ventit.1, s. f. lye.-Dare un Mercáre, :o merchandise, to lessen, to take off.-L'ira ma entita al uno, to give one the deal as a merchant, to tratfick noma i giorni, passion shortens lyc.

or trade. life.

Mentíto, adj. lyed.-- Mention, Mercatábile, adj. merchants Menomato, adj. lessened, di- false, dissembling, treacher- able, tha: is fit to be sold. minished.

ous, deceitful.-- Ventide paro- Mercatautare, to merchandise, Ménomo, adj. less, lesser, least. lette, false, deceitful words. to trade, to trattick, to deal. Menomúccio, adj. dimin. of Mentitore, a lyar.

Mercatánte, s. m. merchant, Véronno.

Mencitrice, fein. of Mentitorc. traciesinan. Hercatante all'inMenovále, adj. insignificant, Mento, s. m. chin.

grosso, wholeste merchant.--poor, mean.

Mentósto, adv, not so soon, Fare cerkie di mercutanie, to Menováre, to diminish, to not so quickly.

pretend as if one could not lessen,

Mentováre, to mention, to hear, not to mind what one Menosile, adj. low, base, speak of, to name.- llen

t), adj. meationen

Mercatantésco, adj. belonging

-Nulla meno,


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