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to the merchant, mercantile, ; Merdecco, s. m. an ointment! reason.

to take

Meritamento, 8. m. desert, Mercatantéssa, ashe-merchant. Merenda, s. f. beaver, cclla merit, demerit. Mercatantiménte, adv. like a


Meritare, to reward, to remerchant.

Merendare, to make a colla- compence, to acknowledge, Mercatantóne, s. m. a great tion, to eat one's beaver or to make amends, to requite. merchant. nuncion.

-Non so come meritare i costri Mercatantuolo, a poor mer- Merendonáccio, s. m. a very facori. I don't know how to Mercatantúzzo, chant.

great blockhead, idle make you amends for 50% Mercatanzia, s. f.merchandisc, rascal.

many favours.-dieritáre, to trade, traffick.-- Mercatancia, Merendóne, S. m. a block-deserve, to merit, to be wor: commodity, goods, ware. head, a loggerhead, a booby. thy.--Meritar d'uno, to deMercatáre, to merchandise, to Merendúccia, s. f. 1 dim. of serve well of one, to oblige trade or trafick.- lícrculére, Merendúzza, 3 Meren- him, to serve him a good to cheapen, to haggle, to da. beat down the price. Meretricáre,io play the whore, Meritáto, adj. deserved. Mercato, s. m. market, or to follow the èrade of a veritévole, adj. deserving. market-place.---- Miercuto, a whore,

Meritevolmente, adv. deservbargain.-- -37errálo, rate, Meretrice, s. f. a whore, a cdly, righily. price. A buon merialu, cheap. strumpet.

Mérito, š. m. desert, merit. -Mercato, provisions.--Nier- Meretriciaménte, adv. whor- Blérito, reward, recompence. cáto, adj. merchandized, trade ingly, after the manner of a --én'o, interest, profit.com ed, dealed. whore.

Merin, fruit.-Venire a meria Mercatúra, s. f. the art of Meretricio, s. m. whoring, to, to bear fruit. trading

wenching, harlorry.-- Viere. Meritorio, adj. meritorions, Mérce, s. f.commodity, goods, trivia, adj. meretricious, whor- deserving: merchandize.lerci, re ish, belonging to a whore. Meritóso, ü. Meritevole. Obs. compence, reward. --- Mercè, Mirgere, to dive, to duck, to Meritrice, s. f. Obs. the same desert, demerit.-J'u se' poceo drench, to plunge under as Meretrice. TO, mil coli sarebbe mercè che di


Merla, fem. of Merlo. fossi molto più, you are poor, | Mergo, s. m. a diver, a didap- Meriáre, to make or build barbut descrie to be poorer.com per, an arsefoot, a plungeon. i tlements in a wail for a scrii. -Mercé, benefit, kindness, - Viergo di mare, puilin, a sea ficcion. favour.--Crun merce, I tbankbird.

Meriuto, adj. jagged as battleyou.Merce, help, pity, com- Meridiáno, adj. meridian, be ments, noiched in the sides, miseration, compassion, mer. longing to noon –Mieridiano, indented.--Nieriati muri, jag. cy.- Andare all' altrui merce, $. m. noon.--Fa meridiano, red walls. to impiore one's assistance or it is noon.

Merlatúra, s. f. pinnacie, bat. belp.--verre la costra ginuo-Meridio, 6. Meridiáno. Obs. tlement. st, I may thank your gene- Meridionale, adj. meridional, Merlítio, s. m. lace, bonerosity for it.-vercccché, be- southern -- Viericoat, s. in. lace. noon, noon-day:

Mierlo, s. m. pinnacle, battleMercede, e. Mercè.

Merig79, c. Meriggio. ment.- lcro, a blackbird.Mercetaju, Mercenário, adj. Meriggia, v. Meriggio. Il merlo ha passuto il po, the mercenary, zrcedy of gain. Meriggiána, s. f. the south woman is Mlercon..jo, s in. a mercenary, part of the world. - Mieriggá Verióne, s. m. a large blackan bi: eling, a journeyman. na, mid-day, nuon.--Tar le bird. Merceníme, s. m. work mede; meringine, tu take a nap after Alerlotto, s. m. the young of a dinner.

blackbird.llericilo, a blockMerceria, s. î. mercery, mer. Meriggiano, adj. meridian, be- head, a booby, a silly guil, a

cers goods or wares. ---llerce-longing to noon.--Sorino me logoerhead. ria, a mercer's shop.

Tilgráno, 2 nap after dinner. Merluzzo, s. m. lace.- VietVerciidro, a merecr, a haler- Meriggiare, to pass the noon lúcio, meivel, or kneeling, a

dasher of spail wires. Obs. day under a shade, to sleep kind of small cod. Merciajo, mercer, baberdash

Mero, adj. mere, pure, clear. Meriggio, s. m. the south part --ricgua mera, clear water.--Merciajuolo, s. m. a pedlar, a of the world.--- Vorig io, inid Mero imperio, absolute, or deshawker.

dry, noon.-Sulfitto meriggio, poric command. -- E un mero Mercoledì, s. m. Wednesday. at noon.— lieriegio, shade. -- sciocco, he is a downright Mercorella, s. f. percury, or Al mnriggio, under the shade. fool. dog's caul, an herb so called - Merguis, adj. meridional, Meróila, s. f. marrow. Mercúrio,

mercury, beionging to noon, meridian. Mertaramente, adv. deserved. quicksilver.--Mercúrio, Mer in purte mergia, the meri- ly, rightly. Obs. cury, one of the plancts. dional, or southern pari. Nerze, 30. Mercè, Mercé. Mercúrio, Mercury, a fabu- iveritamente, adv. deservedly, Nierzéde, de. Jous god.

duly, righdy, lawtully, with Mcsáta, s. f. a whole month.


grown old.

by hire.

at noon.


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ed man.


- Mesáta, å month's pay or | Messa, bud, burgeon, sprout Méstola, s. f. a ladle. Méstola, wages.

or shoot.Messa, stock, that a towel. - Viéstuiu, a battleMéscere, to mix, to mingle every man puts in, to any dore, to play at tennis. Méscere,to mix some wine into venture or company.

Mestola, a blockhead, a logo a glass -- Non ho tempo di poter Messaggeria, s. f. embassage. gerhead, a fuol. dir mesci, I have not time to Obs.

Mestolíno, a little ladle. breathe.

Messaggiéra, s. f. a messenger. Mestolóne, s. m, augment of Meschiamento, s. m. mixture, Messaggiére, Messaggiéro, s. Méstola.-- Vlc tolóne, a logger. the act of mixing. m, messenger.

head, a blockhead. Meschiánza, s. f. v. Mescolan- Messaggio, s. m. a messenger. Mestruale, adj. menstruous,

-Messagio, message, errand. belonging to women's montbó Meschiáre, o. Mischiare. Messále, s. m. missal, book ly courses. Meschiáto, adj. mixed, min. containing the ceremonies of Mestruáto, adj. that has the gled, mixt.

the mass, mass-book.

menstrua, or monthly flow. Meschináccio, a poor wretch- Messe, s. f. harvest, harvest



menstrua, the Meschinaménte, adv. wretch- Messerático, s. m. mastership, monthly flowers of women. edly, poorly: the title of a master.

-Méstruo, adj. menstrual, Meschinello, a poor wretch- Messére, s. m. Sir, master. menstruous.--Sangre mestruo, Meschinésto, } ed fellow. Messer si, yes Sir.

Me ser the flowers of women. Meschinia, Obs. s. f. ( misery, Pietro, master Peter.-Messére, Méstura, s. f. a mixture, minMeschinita,

I want, the master of the house, the gling, or mixing Obs. extreme poverty.


Meta, s. f. the half or moiety. Meschino, adj. miserable, poor, Messerino, s. m. dim. of Mes -La metà della rotte, the midwretched. sére,

night... Vieta, bound, limit, Meschisa, s. f. a Turkish tem- Messióne, s. f. mission or send butt, boundary. ple, mosque.

ing.-- Messiune, a remittance. Metacismo, s. m. metacismus, Mesciánza, s. f. adversity, nis- Messiticcio, s. m. the bud of a fault or error in grammar, fortune. Obs.

any plant, the new sprout in and it is when the letter M Mesciróba, s. f. an ewer. Obs. trees, and in all plants. is too often used in the disDiescitóre, he that mixes. Messo, s. m. a messenger, an Mesciuto, adj. mixed.

ambassador-Hesso, a mes-Metadella, s. f. a kind of mea. Mescolamento, s. m. a mixture, sage, an errand.-- Vesso, a sure so called. a mingling or mixing: serjeant or beadle, a mace- Metafísica, s. f. metaphysics, Mesculante, adj. mingling, bearer. -Messo, a service, a the science of immaterial

mixing, that mixes together. course at table.--Messo, adj. bodies. Mescolanza, s. f. medley, mix- put.- Messo in oro, wrought Metafisicale, adj.? metaphyture.- Ve.colánza, a salad of in gold.-llessuarete, wrought Metafísico, divers herb3 put together. in net-work.

longing to metaphysics. Mescoláre, to mingle or mix Mestáre, to inix, to mingle, to Metafora, s. f. metaphor, a fltogether, to blend. Vesco- blend, zo stir.

gure in rhetoric. lár:, to lie with a woman.- Mestáto, adj. inized, mingled. Metaforicaménte, adv. InetaMescolársi, to meddle or inter- Mestatcjo, s. m. an instrument phorically. meddle, to be meddling. to mix with.

Metafóricó, adj. metaphorical, Mescolata, s. f. v. Nescola- Mesta:óre, he that mingles. figurative.

Méstica, s. f. a plaister compos- Metaforizzáre, to use metaMescolatamente, adv, mixed- ed of dilerent sorts of earth phors, to speak metaphorie

ly, confusedly, pell-mell. mixed with oil, to daub the cally. Mescolato, adj. mixed, min- cloth or wood that is to be Merúllico, adj. metallic, megled, blended... Vescolato, s. painted.

talline, m. mixture,

Mesticáre, to plaister cloth, or Metalliére, he that works Mescolatúra, S. f. mixture, wood to paint upon.

nietais. medley.

Mestiire, Vestiero, m. Metaliivo, v. Metallico. Mescuglio, s. m, medley, mix-trade, handicraft, profession, Metálo, s. m. metal. ture, a hodge-potch, a mishe business.- Hestiere, waat, Me:amósfosi, s. f. metamore mash.

need, occasion.-llo mest'er i phosis, change of one shape Mescuráre, to neglect. quittrini, I want money. Vi into another, Mese, s. mn. month, also flow-l ju meter di partire, I must go. Metapláscio, 5. m. metaplasm, ers, or women's monthly Mestizia, s. f. sadness, melan a figure in rhetoric. choly.

Melatési, s. f. ne athesis, a Mesenterio, s. m. mesentery, Mesto, adj. sad, melancholy, transposition or change. a membraneous part which pensive.--- Vesto, solitary, un- 1 feteora, s. f. a meteor. fastens the bowels to the inhabited.E per la mesta selo Metereológico, adj. belonging back, and one another. ta saranno i corpi nostri appesi, to meieors or meteorology: Messa, 8. m. a mass.--Messa, a and our bodies shall be hang- Metodicamente, adv, niethodie service, a course at table.ed in the solitary wood. cally. VOL. I.


sical, be.


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me re.

Metódico, adj. methodical.

- Mletter in uno, to anger one, an intercessor, a pimpMétodo, s. m. method, rule. to make him angry, or pro- Mezzáno, adj. middle. - MezMetópio, s. in. a tree so call voke him.-lleitere alla sela, zana vin, the middle way.el.

to set sail.-Metlerc amore, to Mlezzáno, middle, mean, indifMetricamente, adv. in verses, setele one's love or afiection ferent, so so. metrically.

upon a thing. ---Netter all, Mezzáre, to grow flaggy. Métrico, adj. metrical, of mani, to set by the cars. Mezzaruóla, s. f. a measure of

Vettere uddosso, to lay upon, liquids, so called. Metro, s. m. metre, measure to lay to one's charge.-- Vel Mezzatúre, a mediator. of verses.

lere ail oro, to set in gold.-o-Mezzédima, s. f. the middle of Metrópoli, s. f. metropolis, a Mettere a fil di spada, to put to the weck. Obs. mother city.

the sword.—Mettere all'incán- Mozzetta, s. f. a small sort of Metropolitano, adj. metropo to, to expose to sale by auc

wine measure. litan, belonging to a metro. tion. -Vettere a partito, to Mezaina, s. f. a pitcher, a wapolis.----Cheza metropolit ina, bring in question.--- Plettere a

ter-pot. metropolitan church. Un saccho, .to pillage.-- Vietter Jézzo, s. m. the middle.-N. metropolitano, a metropolitan. poúra, to frighten.---.lletter mezzo del comunino, half a way.. Méttere, to put, to lay, to set, boitian, to set up a shop.-- Von u'è mezzo, there is no to place, to situate. — Vetter Mettere insieme soldati, to raise mediu.--- Mezzo, interval, nell animo, to put in mind.. or levy soldiers or troops.- space of time.--in questo mezMéttere alla pruova, to put to Jetter sotto, to put the horses zo, in the mean while, during a trial.Vetter nelle via, to to the coach. - Voltere innanzi, this.--- Produrre in merito, to put in the way.--Mettirsi in to set forth.--Metter indugio, allege, to produce.-Stor di cammino, to set out, to depart to deiay:-Metter in fondo, to muzzo, to stand neuter -- Vezor go away.- Méttere, to pro- sink, to suppress.- Mettere in zo, half, moiety.-. ?orre a mezpose, to present. - Méttere luce, to publish.--Mettere in 20, to take any thing in comcompassione, to move, to touch, rotta, to defeat.---Méttere sodo, mon, to go half with one. to cause a concern.-Mittersi to establish.--- Vetter in scriito, / Mezzo, almost.--lo sono mezzo a fare una cosa, to begin to do to set down in writing.- Vet-briaco, I am almost drunk.a thing.---Si mise a piángere, tir leyge, to impose a law. Sensa memo, presently, immeshe began to cry.-Véttere, to Metter le mani addosso, to scize, diately.-- Marla pel mezzo, to bud, to burgeon, to bloom, to take hold.-Metier scála, to renounce all honesty, to grow to sprout.-Nettere, to depo- cast anchor near the shore. impudent.—Mezso, a media

sit, to trust.--Mettere in ad Metter piede a terra, to land.- tor, an intercessor.--Metro, · ventura, to hazard, to venture, Metter sotto sopra, to turn top- adj. half, middle. Metze to expose, to bring into dansy-turvy:-Meltirsi

notte, midnight.---Mezzo di, ger.-Mettersi in cuore, delibe to begin to run. -Mellérsi noon.-Un uomo di mezza età, Tarsi, to resolve, to make a alla strala, to go upon the a man neither young nor old, resolution.—Metter nel capo, highway:-Mettersi a ridere, of a middle age.- llesco cero nel cuore, to put into one's to fall a laughing:-)lettérsia chio, half a circle.- Mlezzo cohead. - Metler in novelle, to trvola, to sit down at table.- lute, a weak colour. joke, to laugh at.

-Weller in Mellérsi in collita, to fall into Mc zodi, o Mezzodie, s. m. faccende, to employ.-Metter a passion.- Metiersi in mare, the southern part of the in asséito, to settle, to prepare, to go to sea.

world; also noon, noon day. to make or get ready.-11et. Mettiloro, a gilder.

Mezzogiorno, s. m. the same tere in abbandono, to forsake, Mettitore, he that puts. as Mezzodì. to leave at random.--Metiere Mettitúra, a position, a setting Mezzograppolo, s. m. a kind in voce, to seek, to inquire, to or putting.

of grape so called. Mezso. look for.Metter la tavola, to Meu, s. m. a kind of herb like grájpolo, a kind of thin wine. lay the cloth. Vetler tavola, dill.

Mezzolána, s. f. mediocrity. to feast.---Mittere strida, 10 Mezzajuólo, a partner.

Obs. cry, to squeak.-Metter guai, Mezzalana, s. r. cioth made of Mezzolanamente, adv. indifto cry, to weep. Metter ra wool and thread.

ferently, so so.

Obs. gione, to calculate, to make Mezzana, s. a kind of Mezzolanità, s. f. mediocrity, up the accounts.-. - Metter bricks.-Mezzara, the middle competence. Obs. mente, to mind, to consider

. sising of a iute.- Merzána, Mezzoláno, adj. indifferent, - Mletter bene, to be good, or the mizzen.

so so. Obs. advantagedas.-Mettere a fuoco, Mezzanainénte, adv, indiffer- Mezzorilievo, s. m. bas relief. to set on fire.Mettere consia ent, so 80.

Mezzúle, s. f.che middle board glio, to ponder, to consider. Mezzanézza, c. Mezzanità. of a cask. Méttersi per servidore, to go to Obs.

Mi, a particle of the pronoun service.--Metter nede, to snow. Mezzanità, s. f. mediocrity, Me, denotes the third and

Metter rento, to be windy. I competence.--Mezzanità, in fourth cases Me.- Mi piace,

Il vento s' è messo, the wind tercession, mediation. it pleases me.--di, sometimes begins to blow.Méttere, to Mezzáno, a mediator, a ma is a repletive, and not exput the male to the female. nager between two parties, pressed in English.-lo mi





on an ass.


son giovinetta, I am young.–Migliájo, s. m. a thousand. Milizia, adj. war, the art of Io mi credo, I believe.

Miglajo, mile. Not used.- war.-Milizia, militia, trained Miagolaménto, s. m. mewling. A migliajı, by thousands. bands.- Milizia, the tempoMiagoláre, r. Miagulare, to Miglialsőle, s. ṁ, a plant so rary life, the course of one's


life.-Milizia, soldiery, solMica, a repletive particle, not, Migliarina, s. f. a kind of diers. not at all.Non vorrei mica roi bird.

Millánta, thousands and thoucredeste, I would not have Migliaróla, s. f. shot, hail-shot. sands. you believe.

Miglio, s. m. a mile, pl. Mig- Millantáre, to amplify, to exMicánte, adj. shining.

lia, s. f.--Miglio, millet, aggerate, to aggravate Micca, s. m. pottage, broth, birse.

thing. soup.

Miglioramento, s. m. bettering, Millantársi, to brag, to boast, Miccia, s. f. match or rope, anendment.--- Miglioramento, to glory, to vaunt and crack that serves to fire cannon and the best, the choicest. exceedingly. match-locks.---- Miccic, a she-Miglioránza, 8. f. excellency, Millantatore, a vaunter,

preeminence, advantage, pre- boaster. Miccianza, s. f. misfortune. rogative.

Millantéria, s. f. a boasting, Obs.

Miglioráre, to better, to mend, Millánto, s. m.'s glorying, Miccichino, s. m. a little bit. to grow better.— Migliorare, bragging, ostentation. Micciére, s. m. he that rides to grow better in health, to Mille, thousand.-A mille, a

get strength.

mille, adv. by thousands. Miccinino, dim. of Miccino. Migliorato,adj. bettered,grown Star in sul snille, tó lord it, to Miccino, adj. little. -Parlare a better.

carry it like a lord, to take miccino, to speak softly, slow- Migliore, adj. better, best. state upon one's self.

ly, and with atfectation. It mizliore, s. m. the best. Millenário, adj. 2 thousandth. Miccio. s. n. an ass.

Migna, s. f. a great many Millésimo, -La millesiMicida, s. f. a murderer or olive blossoms.

ma parte, the thousandth part. slayer. Obs. Mignátta, s. f. a leech.

-Millésimo, s. m. the space Micidiale, adj. murdering. Mignélla, s. f. a niggard, or

of a thousand years. Micídio, 5. m. murder. covetous stingy man or wo- Milúogo, s. m. a middle place. Micio, s, m. a be-cat.

Obs. Micolino, s. m. a little bit. Mignoláre, to blossom as the Milza, s. f. the spleen.-StiraeMicrocósmo, s. m. microcosm, olive tree.

chiar la milze, to sweat and a little world, the body of Mignolo, s. m. the little finger work hard. man, so called.-M crocosmo or the little toe. - Mignolo, Milzo, adj. not hard, flabby. grafia, s. f. microcosmogra- s. m. the blossom of olive Mímico, adj. mimic, full of · phy, a description of the

jests, jovial, mimical, buffoonlittle world, viz. man.

Mignone, s. m. minion, darl- like. Microscópio, s. m. microscope, ing, favourite.

Mimo, s. m, a mimic, a bufan optical instrument which Migráre,to migrate,to remove,

foon. magnifies the object. to go, or shift from one place Mina, s. f. half a bushel. Midolla, s. f. crum.-Midól to another.

Mina, a mine, a hole dug to Midóllo, s. m. s. la, pith in Mila, pl. of Mille, thousands. be filled with gunpowder,

plants.- Midólia, marrow in - Due inila, two thousand. in order to blow it up.bones.- Midollo, the best.-- Milensaggine, s. f. blockish Mina, a mine, ground dug Per venire al midollo, to come

heaviness, dulness, for finding metals. to the purpose. awkwardness.

Minaccévole, adj. threatening, Midollonáccio, s. m. a sot, a Milénso, adj. heavy, dull, menacing, swaggering. fool, a blockhead, a logger-blockish, duncical.-Un mi- Minaccevolmente, adv. in 2 head.

len 0, a dunce, a blockhead, threatening manner. Midollóso, adj. full of marrow. an awkward fellow.

Minaccia, s. f. threat, threatenMiéle, o. Mele.

Milia, pl. of Mille.-Cento mi- ing, menacing. Miétere, to reap, to get in lia, hundred thousand. Minacciaménto, s, m. threat. harvest.- Miétere, to cut, to Milióne, s. m. 2 million. ening, menacing: gather.

Militánte, adj. militant, fight. Minacciántę, adj. menacing, Mietitore, reaper, a harvesting:-1.6 chiese militante, the threatening, swaggering.

militant church, the church Minacciare, to threaten, to Mietitrice, fem. of Mietitore. 'here on earth.

menace. Iluro che minaccia Mietitúra, s. f. harvest, crop. Militárc, to militate.-- Militáre, ruinn, a wall in decay, or

-Mietitura, harvest-time. to take pains,to vex or trouble ready to fall.
Mietúto, adj. reaped, mowed one's self.-- Militáre, adj. mi- Minacciato, adj. threatened
Miga, o. Mica.
litary, warlike.

menaced. Migliacciáre, to eat a great Militarmente, adj. militarily. Minacciatore, he that threat

deal of millet pudding. Militatóre, adj. the same as Migliáccio, s. m. pudding made Militante.

Minacciatrice, fem .o [Minas Milite, s. m. a soldier, a knight. ciatore,





pf millet.


Minacciatúra, r. Minaccia. charge in any employment, | mob, the meanest sort of Minaccioso, adj. threatening, office, function. Ministério, people. Minýto, small, inmenacing, swaggering. ministry, administration. considerable, slender.--VintMináce, adj. menacing, full of Ministrare, to minister, to of- to, adv. small.- Venler mini

threats, having a threatening ficiate, to serve.- Mini:tráre, to, to sell by retail.-Tagliar aspect. Poet.

to supply, to afford, to fur- minúta, to cut small. Vinúto Mináre, to minę, to dig the nish with Ministrare, to ad- minúto, adv. very small,

earth hollow, and fill it with ininisçrate, to rule or govern. Minúzia, s. f. a trifle, small gun-powder.

Ministratore, administrator. thing, small bit. Minchiáte, s. f. pl. a kind of Ministrazione, s. f. adminis- Minuzzame, s. m.a great many game at cards. tration.

bits.- Mlinuzzáme, small bit. Minchionáre, to joke, to jest, Ministriére, a minstrel. Obs. Minuzzáre, to mince, to break to banter, to laugh at, to co- Ministro, s. m. a minister, one in pieces, to cut very small.

entrusted by the prince with -liinuzzáre, to ponder, to Minchionatúra, s. f. baater, the administration of the go-consider, to examine. raillery.

vernment.- Ministro, a waiter Minuzzáta, s. f. a quantity of Minchioneria, s. f. foolishness, in a coffee house or shop.- leaves scattered about on the silly thing, foolish trick. Mini tro di giustisia, the exe ground on occasion of some Minchione, s. m. a dunce, a cutioner, the hangman.

festival. blockhead, a fool, a logger- Minoránza, s. m. minoration, Minuzzáto, adj. minced, cut head.

littleness.--Minoránza, dimi- into small pieces. Minciábbio, s. m. the part of nution.

Minúzzo, s. m. v. Minúzzolo. the human body under the Minoráre, to diminish, to less- Minuzzolino, s. n. dim. of navel. Obs.

en, to alleviate.Minorar la Minúzzolo. Minerále, adj. mineral.--Mi. pena, to moderate the pain. Minúzzolo, s. m. a small bit

nerále, s. m. a mineral. Minorásco, s. m. minority. or morsel. Minestra, s. f. pottage, soup.. Minorativo, adj. diminutive, Mio, a possess, pron. my, Minestrárc, to put the soup in lessening, diminishing. mine.--Il mio libro, my book. the dishes. Mine trare, to Minóre, less.-Fratello minore, -Buesto è mio, this is mine rule, to govern. Not used. younger brother.--- Minore, Mio, s. m. spicknel, wild Minestráre, to cut in pieces, adv. less.

dill. to make a slaughter of. Not Minoringo, adj. the same as Mira, s. f. aim.-Metlere in used. Minimo. Obs.

mira, to level.---Mira, intent, Minestrélla, dimn. of Minestra. Minoriménte, adv. less.

purpose. Minestrello, s. m. a minstrel. Minotauro, s. m. Minotaur, a Mirabile, adj. admirable, won

fabulous monster, half man derful. Minestriére, s. m a soupmaker. and half bull.

Mirabilmente, adv. wonder, Mingherlíno, adj. lean, thin, Minuále, adj. of a low, mean fully. -Unangkerlini, a lean, thin birth, or condition.

Miraboláno, s. m. mirabolan. man, a boy.

Nlinúgia, s. f. pl. guts.-Mini- Miracolo, s. m. miracle, won, Miniáre, iú colour, or paint gia, strings for tiddles and der, wondrous thing. in miniature.

other such instruments. Miracolóne, s. m. a great miMinillo, adj miniated, colour. Minuse, to lessen, to grow Tacle or wonder. A ludicrous ed or painted with vermi less.

word. lion.

Minúta, s. f. minutes, the first Miracolosamente, adv. miraMiniatore, a limner, a colour- draugbt of writing, short culously, wonderfully.

er of maps and prints. notes of any thing: miracoloso, adj. miraculous, Miniatúra, s. f. miniature.-- Minutáglia, s. f. ali manner of wonderful, admirable, marIn miniatúra, in miniature, in smail ware.

-Minutoglia mob, vellous. small.

rabble, ihe dregs of the Miradore, a. Miratore. Miniéra, s. f. minerals, hard people.

Miráglio, s. m. a looking-glass. budies cut out of the earth Minuiamente, adv. piece-meal, Obs. or mines, being part of a in bits, in gobbets.--Minu le- Miráre, to behold, to view, to metailine, and part of ménte, carefully, diligently, look at.-Hira e che bella cosa, stony substance, ore.-Minie- with care, minutely. look what pretty thing this Ta, a mine.

Minuteria, s. f. the same as is.-Chie ancol palu, şensa a 'esser Minima, s. f. one of the mu Minutaglia.

miralo, who is guilty of any sical noies.

Minutézza, s. f. trise, trisling crime thinks that every hody Miniamento, s. m. diminutica. thing, n;inuteness.

looks at him. Mirare, to Minimo, least, meadest.-! Minuto, s. m. a minute, the porder, to consider, to weigh in namo, the least.---Frali Mis siitieth part of an hour. in one's mind. Viráre, to nimi. Minim friars, an order Minito, a kind of soup made design, to aim at a thing, to oi friars so called.

with herbs' minced very have a thing in view or prosMício, s. ni, vermilion. small.-- Minito, adj. slender, pect.--Mirarc, to level,co aim. Ministério, ministry,

spare, small, thin, minute. -Virare con la coda dell'occhio, Ministero, s. m. service or lopoio minúta, the vulgar, thel to look at with a wanton of



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