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trespass, crime.

his ease



Jeering eye, to cast a sheep's ed cloth.

wretched, poor. Misero, eye at one.

Misconoscente, adj. ingrateful, wicked, sad, pitiful, paltryMi ráto, adj. beheld, viewed. unthankful. Obs.

Miero, mise, covetous.--U: Miratóre, a viewer, a behold- Misconoscere, to despise, not misero, s. m. a miserable or er.-Moratóreja looking-glass. to care for, to look with a unfortunate man. Obs.

disdainful eye. Obs. Miseróne, s. m. augmentative Mirice, s. f. camarisk. Miscontento adj. discontented, of Misero, when a substans Mirifico, adj. marvellous, won ill satisfied, dissatisfied. Obs. tive. derful, strange.

Miscredente, a miscreant, an Misérrimo, superl. of Misero, Miro, adj. wonderful, strange, infideh, an unbeliever. most miserable or unfortu. marvellous. Poet.

Miscredenza, s. f. miscreancy, nate. Mirra, s. f. myrrh, an Arabian a mistaken faith, the state o Misertà, s. f. misery, poverty, gum.

condition of a miscreant. want. Obs.--Misertà, covetMirráre, to embalm, to per. Miscrédere, to misbelieve, to ousness, stinginess. Obs. fume with myrrh. believe falsehood.

Missáre, to do ill or wrong: Mirréto, adj. perfumed with Misdire, to slander, rail, speak Misfáre, to contravene, to ia. myrrh.

ill, revile, vilify, baskbite, de fringe or break an order or Mirtáto, s. m. a grove of myr. tract, traduce. Obs. — Alis- law. tle-trees.

dure, to contradict, to gainsay, Misfitto, s. m. sin, misdeed, Mirtillo, s. m. myrile-berry. or speak against. Mirtino, adj. made of myrtle. Miserabile, adj. miserable, Misfatióre, a criminal, a wickMirto, s. a. myrile-tree. wretched, unfortunate. ed man, a sinner. Obs. Misagiáto, adj. uneasy, not at Miserábile, miserable, poor, ne- Misgradíro, adj. ungrateful, Obs. cessitous.

unthankful. Misagio, s. m. uneasiness, in. Miserabilmente, adv. misera- Misi, s. m. a kind of mineral

convenience,trouble,disquiet. bly, wretchedly, pitifully, so called. Obs.


Misléa, s. f. fight, battle, fray. Misalta, e. f. pickled pork Miseraccio, s. m. a very poor Obs. Misalt ire, to pickie pork.

Misleále, adj. disloval, unfaithe Misavvedutamente, adj. una- Miseramente, adv. poorly. ful, perfidious, ireacherous, wares, suddenly, unexpected- Miserárdo, adj. ' misérable, false, deceitful.

poor, worthy of compassion, Mislealtà, s. f. disloyalty, unMisavvenimento, s. m. mis- pitiful.

Misleánza, S faithfulness, fortune, mishap.

Miserazione, s. f. mercy, com treachery, perfidiousness, vil. Misavvenire, to mishappen. passion.

lainy. liisavventúra, s. f. mishap, Miserello, adj. poor, wretch- Mispregiáre, to despise, to mischance, misfortune. ed, pitiful.

slight, to scorn, to contemn, Miscadere, to mishappen, to Miserére, have pity on me. to undervalue, to make no fall unlackily.

Il mal del miserere, an infirmi. account of, not to regard. Miscéa, s. m. pieces of fur-| ty in the bowels that makes Obs. niture in a poor house, that them twist.

Mispréndere, to reprimand, to are of little use and of little Miserévole, adj. miserable, rebuke, to reprove, to check price.- Miscéa, a mixture, a wretched, pitiful.

or chide. medley.

Miserevolmente, adv. misera- Missióne, s. f. mission. Mischia, s. f. riot, fray, altér- bly, wretchedly, poorly, piti- Missionario, s. m. missionary. cation. fully:

Mistaménte, adv. mixedly. Mischiamento, s. m. mixture, Miséria, s. f. misery, wretch. Misterialmente, adv. mystemedley

edness, misfortune, trouble.- riously. Mischiante, adj. that mingles. Miséria, niggardliness, ava- M rio, s. m. mystery, scVisheiate, riotous, trouble- rice, covetousness, sparing- cret.

ness.-Miseria, misery, pover- Misteriosamente, adv, mysteMischiánza, s. f. mixture, med ry, want.

riously ley.

Misericordévole, adj. to be Misterioso, adj. mysterious, Mischiíre, to mingle, to mix. pitied, lamentable, pitiful.- mystical, obscure,' hidden,

Visclaáre, to cause a dis- Miseri ordécole, merciful, piti- secret. curbance, to strive and quar- ful, compassionate, tender- Mistia, v. Mischia. rel.


Misticaménte, adv. mysticalMischiatamente, adj. confused. Misericordevolmente, adv. ly. ly, pell-biell.

Misericordiosamente, I merci. Misticità, s. f. mystery, alleMischiato, adj. mixed, mine fully, compassionately, gory: gled.

Misericórdia, s. f. mercy, pity, Mistico, adj. mystical, mysteMischiatúra, s. f. mixture, compassion. Misericórdia,' rious, obscure. medley. mercy, pardon.

Mistióne, s. f. mixture. Mischio, s. m. mixture.—Mis Misericordioso, adj. merciful, Misto, adj. mixed, mingled. chio, adj. mixed of several piriful, compassionate. Mistúra, s. f. mixture. colours. -Panno mischio, mix- Misero, adj. miserable, sad, Misvepise, to faint or swoon


akay, to fall into a swoon.-
suage or easc.

dle or lamp.- Moccolo, the tip Misienire, to miscarry, not to Mitigativo, adj. lenitive, that or end of the nose. succeed.

has the quality of mitigating Moccolóue, augment. of MócMisúra, s. f. measure -Mi or allaying

colo. surare, recompence, requital. Mitigáto, adj. mitigated, paci- Moco, s. m. a kind of pulse mlar la misıra, to requite, to fied, allayed, eased.

like vetches or tares, good to render like for like. Misura, Mitigatóie, he that mitigates, feed cattle. measure, rule, way, order... allays or appcases.

Moda, s. f. mode, fashion, Senza misura, beyond excess, Mitigazione, s. f. mitigation. vogue. passionately.---- Mi úra, time Mitra, s. f. ?


Modantúra, s. f. a setting in ormeasurcin music. Misura, Mitria, 5

order, disposing, ordering in a just distance in fencing to Mitráre, o Mitriáre, to put on architecture. makea pass.- Pizlerle mísúre,' the mitre.--- Vitráre, to make Módano, s. m. module, an to take measures to bring a a bishop.

Módine, astrological thing about.-----Romper le mi- Mitráto, adj.) mitred. --- Ab. instrument. súre, to break one's measures, Mitriálo, s bote itirálo, mi- Módano, a net-stick or shuttle. to disappoint or basile his de- tred abbot. Unmitáto, s. m. Modelláre, to modei, to frame, signs.--. A miscuro che, whilst a bishop, or any other pre to set in order, to dispose or as, soon as, according to.--- late that wears a mitre. order. A misurn, proportionably. Mitria, v. Mitra.

Modellíto, adj. modelled, faMisurábile, zdj. measurable. Mitriáre, t. Mitrare.

shioned, framed, ordered, disMisuramento, s. m. measuring. Mitridato, s. m. mithridate, posed. Misuránte, adj. measuring, confection that is a special Modellatóre, he that makes that measures.

preservative against poison. modes. Misuránza, s. f. measure. Miva, s. f. a medicine 'madeln!odellétto, s. m. a spall moIisuráre, to measure.- Visita with the juice of quinces, su- 1 Modellino, S del Tare, to measure, to counter gar and honey:

Modello, s. m. model, pattern, balance, to weigh one thing Mivolu, s. m. a drinking glass. the shape or design of any against another, to ponder, to Obs.

thing in little. consider,

nio, adv. now, at present.---- Moderamento, s. m. moderaNiisurarsi, to husband, to be a Hlo , mo giù, sometimes, tion, temperance, discretion, good husband, not to run out. above, sometimes down, up

government. Misuratamente, adv. inode- and clown.- lio, is sometimes Moderánza, é. Moderazióne. rately, proportionably, with an expletive, ci, Moredi vu? Moderáre, to moderate, ia do you see?

temper, to allay, to abate. Misuratćzza, s. f. measure, mo- lóbiles. m. moveables, house- Moderatamente, adv. modederation.

hold-goods,chattels.--- 116bule, rately, soberly, with modera. Misurato, adj. measured. adj. nuove:ble, that moves or tion. misuratore, a mezurer. may be moved.-- Mobile, light, Moderáto,adj, moderated, abaMisurazione, s. f. measure, di- inconstant, changeable, tickle, ied, allayed. mension.

voluble.---- Festo mobili, move- Moderátó, adj. moderate, Misurévole, adj. measurable, able feasts.

sober, temperate: Misusire, to nisuse, or abuse, M106.10.1, s. f. mobility, move. Moderatore, noderator, die to make an ill use cf.

ableness, inconstanry, change rector. Blisis0, s. m. misuse, abuse. ableness, hckleness.

Moderatrice, s. f. moderatrix. Mie, adj. gentle, nikl, quiet, Moborito, atij. rich, well stor- Mederazione, s. f. roderztion,

ca!m, mercitul, good-naturce, ed or provided. Obs. temperance, diminution, agood-tempered.

Móbolo, s. m. riches, estate. batetient. Piecininte, adv. god-natur.! Oh.

Modernanúnce, adv. newly, edly, mildly, goniiy. Mocajardo, s. m. a kind of lately. Mitcra, s. t. a sheet of paperi hair-cloth.

Modirno, adj. modern, new, of made in the shape of zmitre, i Moscóca,s,in a dunce, a block- this time. pat on the head oiamaleiac- head, a loggcrliead.

Modestamente, adv. modestly. Por condemned to be whip. Moccuja, s. f. spot.

Modestia, s. f. modesty, mode. fed, or to stand in the pil. Moccicare, to have always spot ration, discretion.-Mude'stia, Tory. about the nose.

modrty, bashfulness. Miteráre, to put on the mitre, Moccicaz si il naso, to snot onc's Biodésió, adj. modest, sober, r. Mircra.

moderate, discreet. Vicerino, adj. rorursh, rascal. Moccichiro, s. mn. a bandker- Modificáre, to modify, to lis lv, worih; of « mitre. chicf.

mit, to moderate, io qualify Mieróle, $. m, a large paper Moccicone, s. m. a duncez or regulate. ---Motificare, to mitre. blockhead.

modify, to give the modality. Alitidio, 9. m. order, method.! Vocciueso, adj. snotty, sni. Modificato, adj. modified, LMitigimento, s. m. mitigation. Muccioso, s vely. mited, regulated. litigáre, to mitigate, to paci- Móccio, s. m snot.

Modificazione, s. m. modifica ff or appease, to allay, to as- Miccolo, s. m. snuff of a can tion.



quiet, une.sk


Modine, o. Modáno. mapd.

softness, delicateness.---- Vis Modo, s. m. manner, fashion, Molénda, s. f. miller': toll, the lezza, nicenoss, eifeminacy,tenrule, way.---Dur moslo, to shew rate of corn that the miller is derness.-- Vollezza di coragzio, the way to do a thing-irun allowed out of every measure faint-heartedness, ---Mullezza car moda, to find the way.---- for grinding

al unmino, weariness of inind. No so ckr mošlo tenere; I don't Molestamente, adv. trouble. Molliccio, adj. wettish, someknow how to behave mye somely, grievously, sadly:

what wet or soft. self.—Non te:lo il modo come cio Molestamento,s.m.molestation, Mollicello, adj. something wet s! possa sure, I don't see how vexation, trouble, disquiet.

or soft. this can be done.--Modo,way, Molestáre, to molest, to dis- Mollificamento, s. m. mollificustom, benaviour.-('on bel turb, to vex, to trouble, to cation. modo gli dissi.--I told him very disquiet.

Mollificáre, to mollify, to make civiliy.-Aer il modo, to be Joiestáto, part. molested, dis- soft, supple or tender.- Joka able...lon ho il moelo di fur turbed, vexed, troubled, dis- i lijisare, to appease, to sweeten, queste spaese, i can't afford, or quiered.

to assuage, to soften, to tame, I am not alle to spend so Molestatóre, a troublesome or to lcnify, to qualify or temmuch... mullo, adv. like. impertinent man.

per, to render nuild and gentle. Questa casa è fabbricato a modo Molestevole, adj. grievous, Mollisicativo, adj. mollient, di castello, this house is built troublesome, burdensome,un- softening, mollifying.-- llam like a castle.- liodo, measure,

dificato, adj. mollified. rule.--Oltre modo, very much, Moléstia, s. f. molestation, vex- Molliticazione, s. f. mellifica exceedingly, very.--I'or muito, ativn, trouble, disquietness, tion, a making soft. to bound, to set bounds io, to uneasiness, importurity. Mollire, to mollify, to soften, limit, to moderate, to stiat. - Molésto, adj. troublesome, un to make soft and tender. Di molo che, adv. so that, easy, unquiet, importune, irk- Mollitivo, adj. mollient, softinsomuch.--A mio modo, as I some, displeasing:

ening, mollifying please..--- Ad ogni moilo, how-Molinello, v. Mulinello. Moliizie, s. f. softness, delicateever. - Ad ogni nudo, absolute- Molino, s. m. v. Mulino,

cffeminacy, tenderJy, peremptorily, obstinately, Molla,s. f.the spring of a lock, by all means. Fur di modo, to a spring:

Mollóre, o Mollúme, s. m. endeavour, to strive.- liudo, Mollame,s.m. a soft, Neshv part. dampness, moistness. mood of a verb.

Jolláre, to slack or slacken, to Molo, s. m. mole, pier. Moduláre, to rule singing and loosen, to make loose, to un- Molsa, s.f.cruinbotbread. Obs. sound, to modulate.

bend, to let go, to leave ofi Molosso, s. m. a buil-dog, a Modulazióne, s. f. modulation, or give over, to relent, to

mastiff dog. tuning:

cease. --- Von molló mai ciiegii Moltifórme, adj. of many forms Modulo, s. m. model, form or dire ne amico di Bilalmaco, he or shapes. design of things.--- Múslmlo, a was not easy till he became Moltipáro, adj. multiparous, module, a proportion in ar acquainted with BuiTalmaco. bringing forth many children, chitecture. Nulle, adj. wet.--In son tutto

or many at a birth. Alloggio, s. m. a sort of mea mulle di sudore, I am all in a Moltiplicamento, s. m. multia sure of corn, or of land. sweat.-Occhi molli di lagrine, plication, a multiplying or Moggio di gruno, a bushel of eyes full of tears.-Jolle, gen- increasing.

ile, kind, courteous, humane, Moltiplicáre, v. Mulitipiicare, Mógio, adj. heavy, dull, lump- favourabic, good-niatured.--- and all its derivatives, ish, stupid.

1/olle, weak, fecble, thin, faint. Multiplicatamente, r. MultiMigliama, s. f. my wife. Obs. -- Volle, soft, tender.--- Pii plicatamente, and all its deMógliata, s. f. thy wife. Obs! molle e più cant du de cigro, rivatives. Mogliázzo, s. m. matrimony, softer and whiter ihan the Molto, s. m. a great deal.co-1! nuptials.

-- Mole, soft, voluptu- 1 poco e buona c molto meglio rhe Möglie, Moglićra, Mogliére, ovs, esseminate, womanish. il molto e cautio, little and good s. f. a wife,

--- llulle, s. m, a watcrish ori is much better than a great Moine, s. f. plural, endear. marsly place. Thule, an easy| deal ani bad.--- Vloilo, adi.

ments, allurements, caresses, and sure place of retreli.- muh, many, great.--Iloko coaxing, fawning.

Motle, fire-tongs.-----Errieda! temno, much time, ioa.: time. Moiniére, s. m. a coaxer. pigliare con le mille, a gros or vieta tindia, great iany. Mola, s. f. mill-stone.- Mola, palpable mistake or error. Violte nocelle, many stories, a tympany or moon-calf.

Volleménte, adv. kindly, ceur -.Hult, adv. very inuch.---Molce, an imperfect verb, it teously, humanely, gently-Wolivinil, very pretty.-1c

appcases or assuages.Poetical. Moliemente, weakly, tuinitiv, to meglio, much better.--- JulMole, s. f. a mass, a heap, a - Mollernenie, coldly, s.owly, to bit unui!), very welcome pile, a structure, the bulk of heavily.

Volto bellissima, extremely anything.--L'immensa mole viel Moliété, s. f. pl. pincers, nip- / handsome.-- Iloitu a buon oru, mondo, the vast structure of pers, tongues.

-- Muito iolontieri, the world.- La mole dell'inc. Mošlózza,s.f. moistuess, damp- very willing.---- Volty, why, perio, the weight of the cori ness, bumidity; ----Willezza, for what reüro1.



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Momentaneamente, adv.short-Moncóne, s. m. a stump, a

any bond. Obs. ly, momentaneously.

handless arm.

Monellésco, adj.coguish, thiev. Momentáneo, adj. momenta- Mondáccio, s. m. a bad mis- ing: neous, that lasts as it were chievous world.

Monéllo, a rogue, a cheat. for a moment, of a short con- Mondamente, adv., clearly, Monéta, s. f. money, coin.-tinuance. neatly.

Butter monéta, to coin money, Momento, s. m. a moment, an Mondamento, s. m. a cleaning, - Falseggiar la monéta, to coin instant, the least part of time a cleansing or scowering. false money.--Questa monéta that can be assigned.--Mo-Mondána, s. common non corre qui, this money is not ménto, moment, importance, woman, a woman of the

current here.--Monéta, allowforce, weigbt.-Affure di mo world.

ance, consideration in exmento, business of importance Mondanamente, adv. world-changing money. or consequence.----Momento, ly, after a worldly manner. Monetággio, s. m. the minting moments, indeterminate and Mondanamente, as the world or coining of money. unstable parts of quantity, as goes.

Monetáre, to mint, to coin are supposed to be in a perpe- Mondáno, adj. worldly, pro- Monetáto, adj. minted, coined, tual flux or motion. phane, worldly minded. stamped, made into

money. Mona, s. f. mistress, dame, Un mondáno, s. m. a world. Monetiére, coiner, a Obs.---Mona Francesca, mis- ling. tress Frances.

Mondáre, to peel, to pare.--- Mongána, adj. young, and it Mónaca, s. f.a nun.

Dlondar dell

' orzo, to peel bar- is only said of a she-calf. Monacale, adj. monachal, be- ley.--Mondáre, to cleanse. Monile, s. m. a necklace. longing to a monk, monkish. Mondáto, adj. peeled, pared, Moniménto, s. m. a tomb, a - Vila monacale, a monachal cleansed.

monument, a grave. Monior retired lifc.-Ordine monu- Mondatore, a cleanser.

ménto, admonition, advertisecále, monkish order.

Mondatúra, s. f. a cleans- ment, exhortation. Monacáre, to shut in a nun- Mondazione, Jing, a peel- Monipólio, s. m. monopoly, an nery, to make a nun.

ing or paring, purgation. engrossing of commodities, Monacato, s. m. the state or Mondézza, s. f. cleanliness, the buying of any commodilife of a monk or nun. .-lla

ty up, so that none can sell or grand' inclinazione al monacáto, Mondia, s. f. dust, ordure, gain by it but one or few he has a great inclination to dung. Obs.

persons. be a monk.

Mondiale, adj. worldly, per. Monire, to admonish. Monacéllo, ? a little or taining to the world.--La Monistéro, s. m., monastery, Monachetto, s young inonk machina, mordiale, the world Monistério, S convent. Monacélla, s. f. a little or young Mondisicaménto, s. m. purga Monitore, s. m. a monitor.

tion, a cleansing or scowering, Monitório, s. m. a monitory. Monachile, adj. monachal, be mundification.

Monna, s. f. mistress, dame. longing to a mook or pun, Mondificáre, to mundificate, Monna, an ape, a monkey, monkish. to make clean.

Monnino, s. m. a young ape or Monachino, s. m. a gnat-snap- Mondificativo, adj. mundifica | monkey. per, a bird so called.- Jona- tive, cicansing.

Monocolo, s. m. he that has chino, adj. light-red colour. Mondificato, cleansed.

but one eye; it is also used Monachismo, r. Monacéto. Mondilicazione, s. f. mundißi- adjectively. Mónaco, monk... Monaco, al cation, a cleansing.

Monocórdo, s. m, an instru. martin, a bird.

Mondiglia, s. f. paring, husk, meat with one string. Monárca, s. m. monarch. pecl, chaff, dregs.

Monopólio, o. Monipolio. Monarcále, adj. monarchical,of Nondizia, s.f. cleanliness, neat- Monopolista, a monopolist. or belonging to a monarch or ncss, purity.

Monosillaba, s. f. a monosyllamonarchy.

Mondo, adj. clean, pure, un. ble. Monarchia, s. f. monarchy, spotted, spotless.--. Mondo, s. Monosíllabo, adj. monosyla government or state of a mo m. the world, the universe. labical. narch.

Mondo,the carth, the world.--Monsignore, s. m. my lord, Monarchico, adj. monarchical, Marzo, world, men, mankind, monseigneur. of or belonging to a folk.--Essere al mondo, to be in Monta, s. f. the putting the. narch.

the world, to live a secular life. male to the female. Monastéro, v. Monistero. - Mondo, a mond, or mound, Montagna, s. f. mountain, hill. Monástico, adj. monastical, a golden globe, being one of Montagnaccia, s. f. a high and monastic, belonging to á the ensigns of an emperor or

steep mountain. monk. king.

Montagnétta, s. f.a little moun. Moncheríno, s. in. 'a stump, a Monduáldo, s. m. a tutor, a tain. handless arm.


protector of Montagnina, s. f. ? diminuMonco, adj. maimed, that can women appointed by the Montagnino, s. m. 5 tives of not use one hand, lame, that government or magistrate, Montagna. has but one hand -Monco, without whom they made no Montagnóso, adj. mountainwanting, defective,

contract, nor entered into ous, full of mountains.





a hill.


Montagnuola, s. f. a little on interest.-— Fare a monte, to Morbiglióne, 4. m. the mca. mountain or hill.

deal again, to pass, a term in sles. Montabánco, s. m. a quack card-playing.

Morbo, s. m. plague, contadoctor; a mountebank. Monticello, s. m. a hillock. gion.-- Morbo, a contagious Montaménto, s. m. a rise, an Montiéra, s. f. a kind of hat stink.

ascent, a rising to honour, an that has no brim behind. Mórchia, s. f. the mother, advancement.

Montoncello, s. m.] a young dregs, or grounds of oil. Montanaro, s.

m. a moun. Montoncino. s ram. Morchioso, adj. full of drege taineer, one who dwells on Montóne, s. m. a ram, a we or grounds. the mountains, an highland- ther.-Montone, a dunce, a Mordáce, adj. sharp, smart,

blockhead, a great gull, a log- biting - Nordáce, satirical, Montanello, s. m. a chaffinch. gerhead. ------ Motone, Aries, nipping, tart, detracting or Montanesco, adj. mountain one of the celestial signs. taunting.-Lingua mordace, a

ous, full of mountains,' be- Montuosità, s. f. steepness of satirical tongue or person.longing to mountains.

Vordaci sollecitudini, gnawing Montanino, adj. mountainous, Montuóza, adj. mountainous, full of mountains. Montumi- hilly, full of ascents. Mordacetto, dim. of Mordace, no, clownish, boorish, rus- Monumento, s. m. inonument, Mordaceménte, adv. sharply, tical. tomb, grave.

bitterly, sensibly, satirically, Montáno, adj. mountainous, of Monzícchio, s. m. dimin. of tartly. or belonging to a mountain. Mucchio.

Mordacità, s. f. mordacity, Montánza, u. Montaménto. Mora, s. f. mulberry.--Mora, sharpness, bitterness of Montáre, to mount, to go or blackberry.--Mora, a heap of speech, smartness. get up.-Monture a cavallo, to stones.- - Vora, thicket, bush. Mordénte, s. m. whiting, a ride a horse, to mount on Mura, a game between two, kind of colour mixed with horseback.-- Vontare le scale, done witli casting of the fin- oil. ---- Mordénte, adj. sharp, to go up stairs.--Vontar la gers of the right hand both smart, biting, satirical, nipguarda, to mount, to go iipon at the same time, and calling pink, tart. guard.-Montare, to cover, to for a number under ten; he Mórdere, to bite. - Vordere, mount as beasts do in the act that guesseth the number he to wound. Vordere, to bite, of generation.-Montare, to called for, wins.Fure alla to carp, to censure, to slana amount, to cost, or come to.

mora, to play at mora. der, to rail at, to find fault Pue ta pezza di panno monta a Morajuóla, s. f. the fruit of with. Te ne fari inordere la bracdieci lire sterline, this piece of the mulberry-tree.

cia, I'll make you repent it. cloth comes to ten pounds. Morajudlo, s. m. a wild mul- Mordicamento, s. m. a bite or Alontáre, to rise.-- Montáre, to berı y.tree.

biting: grow, to increase. ---Montare, Morále, adj. moral.Morale

, Mordicáre, to nibble, to gnaw, to raise,to exalt, to advance,to s. f. morals, morality.

to fret, to corrode. rise, to grow greater.-Mon- Moralista, a moralist, he that Mordicativo, adj. mordicant, iáre, to bring, to cause, to pro- professes morality.

sharp, biting, tart. cure:--Montáre, to impori, to oralità, s. f. morality, moral Mordicazióne, s. f. mordacity, signify, or be of consequence. reflection. Morilità d'una fa. Intingness, sharpness, a cora Montáre in furore, to grow volu, the moral of a fable. roding quality. angry, to fall into a passion.- Moralizzáre, to talk morals, Mordimento, s. m, a biting or Muniáre in orgolio, to grow to make moral reilections, to bite. proud.----Montare arlosso, to moralize.

Morditóre, biter, he that get upon - Vontar in banco, Moralizzíto, adj. moralized. bile.---Mord ture, detractor, to play the mountebank.- Moralmente, adv. morally. slanderer, or backbiter. Montare in barco, to go on ship-Moránza, s. t. Obs. abode, ha. Murélla, s. f. morel, petty mo. board...-- Montare in bestia, tu bitation, or mansion-house.

rel, or garden nightshade. grow angry. - Monture un oro- Morato, adj. biack.

Borélla, quoit.-bizocare alle logios, to wind up a clock. Morbidamente, adv. delicate- murelle, to play aç quoits. - Montare, to rise. - a mares ly, daincily, deliciously, gent- Morella, a gudgeon. monta, the tide goes up. ly, softly, tenderly. Morello, adj. black.- Vorello, Montáta, s. f. ascent, steep- Morbidamento, s. m. a pam- murrey. ness, heigbt.-Montála, pred pering, softening or mollify. Moresca. 9. f. a Morish, or ferment, advancement, pro-ling;

Moorish dance. gress.

Morbidezza, s. f.. softness, Moresco, adj. Morisb,or Moor. Montáto, adj. mounted, gone sinoothness. Morbidesza, de- ish. up.--Ben montátu, well-mount- licateness, delicacy, niceness, Morétro, adj. tawny, not quite

effeminacy, tenderness, softal black. --Miuretto, s. m. a jacka Monte, s. m. mountain, hill. ness, luxury, wantonness. ---Da monte e da vale, every Mórbido, adj. soft, smooth.— Morfé?, s. f. the leprosy, the way. Monte, heap, lump. Mórb do, soft, eifeminate, vo morphew.

--Monte, a bank where luptuous, loose, womanish, Morna, s. f. the mouth. they lend or take money up- delicious.

Morfire, to devour, to con VOL, L.

į daw.

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