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starve one.

gume,to gormandize, to eat up - Mormorío, murmur, a buz- cia, pale or deadly flesh. greedily. A ludicrous word.zing, or humming noise. Moruicino, adj. that is dead of Moria, s. f. murrain, a wasting Mormorío, detraction. back- itself.--Carne morticina, care disease, a pestilence, a rot or biting, slandering, evil speak- sion. mortality ing, traducing

Mortiferaménte, adj. mortally, Moribondo, adj. dying, ready Mormorità, u. Mormorazione. deadly. Moribundo, Što die, at the Mormoróso, adj. murmuring, Morifero, adj. mortal, deadpoint of death.

buzzing, humming, purling. ly, mortiferous. Moriccia, mulberry:

Moro, s. m. a moor.-Muro, Mortificamento, s. m. mortifiMorici, s. f. plur. piles, hemor- mulberry-tree.

cation or mortifying.–Mortie rhoids.

Moroidale, adj. hemorrhoidal. ficamento della carne, mortificaMoriéute, adj. dying, ready to Moróide, s. f. hemorrhoids or tion of the flesh, abstinence. die. piles.

Mortificánte, adj. inortifying, Morione,s.m.morion, steel cap, Moróso, adj. long, lasting, that mortiferous, deadly. head piece, formerly in use. lasts a long time.

Mortificáre, to mortify.Mor Morigeráre, to teach or in- Morsa, s. f.toothing, a cor tificare, to subdue or conquer, struct, to train or bring up in Morse, ner stone or brick to check, to refrain, to curb. civility and goud manners. left for more building. - Mortificure le pas iuni, to conMorigerazione, s. f. moriger-Morsa, pincers.--Niorse, a vice quer one's passions. ation, obedience, mannerli to hold fast any thing. Mortificativo, adj. that mortiness, civil carriage, dutiful Morsecchiare, to bite.

fies. obedience.

Morsecchiáto, adj. bit, bitten. Mortificáto, adj. mortified. Morigerato, adj. morigerous, Morsecchiatúra, s. f. bite, the Mortificazione, s. f mortificaa

obedient, civil, dutiful. mark left at a thing which tion, check, abstine:lit. Morire, to dic.-Morire di fame, has been bitten.

Mortina, s. f.? to starve with hunger-Mo Morsellótto, s. in. dim. of Mor- Mortine, Š

myrtle. itir di freddo, to starve with sello.

Mortito, s. m. neat like jelly, cold.- Morir di desio, to long Morsello, s. m. a bit, a mor with myrtic berries in it. for, to have a longing desire sel, a mouthful.

Morto, s. m. corpse, a cend · for.- Far morir di jame, to Morsicare, to bite.

body of a man.--- Hurtig ad;. -Morire, to fail. Morsicátura, s. f. a bite. dead, deceased.-oto, ale, Morire, to go out.

Morso, s. m. a bite. ---Dar dil.of the colour of a cead by. Moritójo, adj. mortal.

morso, to bite.- Moro, the Morta, fem. of Morts, whia Mormoramento, s. m. murmur, first teeth of a horse.- Horvo, a substantive. a muttering, a mumbling, a detraction, siander. - Vorso, I morti, the dead. Il cicino al' whispering, a grumbling, a a bit or snaffle for a horse.com dorit, ai Souls. buzzing the purling of brooks Morso, a mouthful, a morsel. Mortório, s. m. funeral, buMorsúra, s. f. a bite.

rial. Mormorántc, adj. murmuring, Mortadella, s. f. Bologna Mórvido, v. Mórbido. mumbing, purling, whisper. Mortadeilo, s. m.


Morvilione, s. m. mcasios. ing.

Mortajétto, dim. of Mortajo. Mosaico, v. Músaico. Mormoráre, to purl or mur- Mortajo, s. m. a mortar.--1e-Mosca, s. f. a lly.--Non si può mur like a brook..Morme torr l'acqua nel mortajn, to la. aurre il mele senza mosche, there Táre, to murmur, to grumble, bour in vain.--- Mortajo, a is no rose without thorns. to mutter, to buzz, to whis. mortar piece.

Menare i mosca cieca, to give per.—Mormoráre, to detract, Mortále, adj. mortal, subject any thing away foolishly and or speak ill of, to slander, to to death, perishable.--- liur

without discretion, or traduce or backbite.

tnle, mortal, deadly.--Vortale, strike without minding whom. Mormoráto, participle of Mor- mortal, great, grievous, dead - Pigliar le mosche per ario, to

ly, cruel. Mortale, s. m. any be soon angry-Mosca burr. Mormoratóre, a detractor, a thing which is mortal.----1 na, a brizze, an ox fly. slanderer, traducer, backbiter. mortali, the mortals.

Moscadeliétio, s. m.little muskMormoratrice, s. f. fem. of Mortalità, s. f. mortality, pear. Mormoratore. plague, pestilence.

Vioscadéllo, s. m. muscadine Mormorazióne, s. f. murmur, Mortalmente, adv. mortaily, grape.--Pero moscadéllo, musk. a grumbling, a buzzing deadly.--- Burialmente, mortal- pear,

Mormorazione, detraction, sian-ly, grievously, cruelly, vitter- Moscado, s. m. musk. der, evil speaking, back-bit- ly -Percase mortalzunte, to Noce Moscada, a nutmeg. ing, iraducing coinmit a mortal sin.

Moscajo, s. m, a large number No moreggiare, to murmur, Mortamente, adj. deadly, in a of flies together. Mo:ccio, to purt or warble, to whis dead manner.

s. m. a humming noise, per, or mutter.

Morte, s. f. death.- A morte, buzzing or buzz. murmur. Mormorévole, adj. murmuring, adv. to death, mortally. Moscajuola, s. f. a flap to drive purling, whispering. Mortélla, s. I. myrtle.

away flies, a fan. Mormório, s. murmur, Morticcio, adj. pale, wan, of a Moscardino, Moscárdo, &. m. purling of brooks or streams. deadly colour-Carne mortic-tassel, a spar-hawk.

or streams.




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in jest.

Moscatello, s. m. muscadell muster.—Mostra, mark, sign, of his own accord. wine.

token...Questo carállo non hu Motore, mover, contriver, Moscáto, adj. musked, per mostra d' esser buono, this horse author.--- Motore eterno, fumed with musk... Mo cátu, does not look to be good...

GOD. s. m. dapple grey.

Motra, a glass, a glass box, Motóso, adj. muddy, miry, full Moschéa, s. m. a mosque. stall cloths-Hostra, show, of mud. Moscherino, s. m. Moschetta, ostentation, parade.--Mostra, Motrice, s. f. fem. of Motore. 4. f. a little fly.

sample.---Mostra, dial-plate, -L'intelligenza motrice, the Moschettéria, s. f. a volley of that part which shows the moving intelligence.-La famusket-shot.

hours; and it is also said ab coltà motrice, the motive faMoschettára, s. f. musket-shot. solutely of those clocks that culty. Moschettiére, a musketeer. do not strike.

Motta, s. f. a clod, turf, lump Moschétio, s.m. musket, a fire- Mostramento, s. m. show, de- of earth. lock. monstration.

Motteggiáre, to flout, to jeer, Moschettone, s. m. musket, a Mostránte, adj. that showeth. to mock, to laugh at. double inusket.

Mostránza, s. F. show, demon-Motteggiato, adj. flouted, jeer. Mosciamà, s. m, a kind of sau stration, appearance, outside. ed. sige made of tunny-fish. --Far mostranza, to show, to Mosteggévole, adj. facetious, Moscino, s. m. dim. of Mosca. let see.--Non ne fate mostranzu, merry, pleasant, comical. Mos'scio, adj. flabby, soft. take no notice of it.

Morteggiatóre, a jester, ä Moscióne, s. m. a gnat, a little Mostrare, to show, to demon- banterer, a jeerer.

fly.- Vocións, a great drinker. strate, to let see, to discover. Motteggio, s. m. quip, jeer, Moscoleáto, adj. musked, odo. -Vostráre a dito, to shew or flout, jest, joke, banter.riferous, that smells well. point at with one's finger, as

Parlare per motteggio, to speak Ols.

in derision. Mostrare, to Móscolo, s. m. moss.

make as if, to feign, to pre- Motteggióso, adj. merry, faMosconcello, dim.of Moscone. tend, to dissemble, to coun cetious, pleasant, comical. Moscone, s. m. a great fly, a terfeit.- Vosira di non conos- Mottétto, s. m. a joke, jest, hornet,

cermi, he makes as if he did not quip, jeer, flout, banter.Mossa, s. f. start, the first mo know me.

---Mostrare, lo ap- Motlétio, motet, a musical tion of any thing, movement. pear, to look. -Non è cusi cate composition in Latin. -Dar la mossa ad un adlare, to tito come mostra, it is not 80 Motto, s. m. motto put to an begin an atlair.-Mossa d' ar bad as it looks to be. Moi emblem or device, or the coat ani, march.-Fare una mossa trátu, adj. showed.

of arms of the nobility or armi contra qualche luogo, to in- Mostratore, shower, demon- gentry, a posy: -Motto, quib, vade a place.

- Nostratrice, fem. of jest, frump, joke, jeer.--GiMosse, s. f. plur. the starting- Niostratore.

tare in mutto, to mention... place. Dar le mosse, to Mostrazione, s.f. show,demon. Fur motto ad uno, to salute give the signal to start.--- stration.

one.---Far motto, to speak.--Non polere alle musse, to be im. Mostro, s. m.a monster, a mon Non ne fate molto, don't speak patient. strons or strange thing

of it.-Non fur ne motto ne Mosso, adj. moved.

Mostro, adj. showed, demon totto, to be dumb, not to Mostacchio, s. in. whiskersi strated.

speak a word.- Tocure un Mostróso, v. Mostruoso. motto d'rileuna cosa, to mention, Mostacciaccio, s. m. a large, Mosiruosamente, adv. mon to touch upon a thing.plump, ugly, frightful face. I strously, prodigiously.

Motto di riniando, a witty quip, Mostacciaia, s. f. a box on the Mostruósità, s. f. munstrosity, a witty answer.

Motúra, s. f. motion, move Mostaccio, 6. m. face.

Mostruoso, adj. monstrous, ment, proposition. Obs. Mostaccióne, s. m, a box on prodigious.

Motúra, mover. Mota, 5. f. mud. mire, puddle. Morentáno, adj. momentaMostacciuolo,s.m.acake made Motíva, s. f« motive, cause,

Obs. of flour, sugar, spices, and Motivo, s. m. reason, in- Movente, adj. that moves. sweet wine.

ducement, incitement, encou- Movenza, s. f. Obs. ». Movi. Mostárda, s. f. boiled wine ragement.--Motivo, adj. mov mento, or Moto. inust with ingredients in it, ing or giving motion unto, Móvere, v. Muovere. that serves as a s?uce. motive.

Movevole, adj. moveable,mov. Mostardo, s. mn. tassel, spar- Motiváre, to mention, to moti- ing, that can move, or be haw!:.

on, to propose. Edin caso che moved. Musto, s. m. must, wine upfer sia altrimente, me lo suprete mo- Movibile, adj. moveable, that mented.

tivare, and in case it is other can be moved. Mosioso, adj. tasting of must, wise, you'll let me know it. Movimento, s. m. motion,

- Molivito, adj. mentioned, movement, impulse, disposiMóstra, s. f. a show, an appear- proposed, aforesaid.

tion, inclination.-Fare una --Mostra, musier, re- Noto, s. m. motion, moving. cosa di suo proprio movimento to view.-Fur la nostra, w pass --Di proprio moto, willingly, do a thing of one's own ac


turned up.



che ear.


sweet as must. ance.






cord, or one's own head.- viscous extraction made of squeeze, to press. Movimento, change, altera- seeds, roots or apples, with Mugolamento, s. m. groan, tion, vicissitude.

Mugolio, Movitiva, s. f. motivé, Mucillaginoso, adj. mucilagi- ing, lamentation. Movitivo, s. m. ( cause, rea

Mugolare,to g! Oan, to lament, son, incitement, origin. Mucina, s. f. 'o Mucíno, s. m. to complain. -- Wuzolie, to Movitóre, a mover, he that a young cat.-o m'cini hanno yelp, to whine as a dog when moves or gives motion. aperti gli occhi, we are wise he welcomes his master home, Moritrice, she that moves or enough not to be deceived. to groan. gives motion.-Virti movi- Mucosità, s. f. mucosity, slimi- Mula, s. f. mule or she-mule

. trice, the moving virtue. ness, snottiness.

Mula, s. f. an obstinate Movizióne s. f. motion, move- Mucoso, adj. mucous, slimy. ment, agitation.

Muda, s. f. a place to keep Mulácchia, s. f. a daw. Movúto, adj. moved. Obs. birds when they change their Mulacchiája, s. f. a flight of Now we say Mosso. feathers.

crows or daws. Valacchi ája, Mozióne, s. f. moion. Muda, change.--A muda, adv. prating, chattering. Mozzamento, s. m. a cutting by turns.

Muláccio, s, m. a bad mule. off. - Mozzamento di membro, Múdagióne, s. f. a moulting or Mulattiére, s. m. muleteer, or mutilation, maiming. renewing, a changing or driver of mules. Mozzáre, to cut off.— Mozzar change.

Mulétto, s. m. a young mule. la testa ad uno, to cut off one's Mudáre, to moult, to renew, Muliebre, adj. womanish, pera bead. or cast feathers.

taining to a woman. Mozzarsi, to part, to get Mutfa, s. f. mouldiness, musti- Mulináre, to contrive, to plot, away.

to devise, to circumvent. Mozzáto, adj. cut off. Muffare, to grow hoary,musty, Moliváro, s. m. a miller. Mozzétta, s. f. an episcopal or or mouldy, to be pale or dead. Mulinello, s. m. a hand-mill. prelatical gown.

Muffaticcio,adj.musty,mouldy. Mulino, s. m. a mill.-- Mulino Mozzicóne, s. m. stump: --Mufalicciu, weak, of a a broccia, a quern or handMozzina, s. f. a cunning or weak constitution, sickly. mill.-Vulino d'acyua, a wasly man or woman, a sharp Muffato, adj. musty, mouldy. ter-mill. -- Mulino a vedo, a blade.

Muffo, adj. contracted from wind-mill. Tirar l'acqua al Mozzo, s. m. a stump.--Mozzo, Muffato.

s'o muilino, to bring grist to bit, fragment.---Mozzo d'una Mugavero, s. m. certain sol. one's mill. pianta, the beard of a plant diers in Ormus. Obs. Mulo, s. m. a mule Mulo, a or any root.--Mozzo, adj. cut, Mugelláine, s. f. mucilage, a bastard. Mulo, an obstinate or cut off.-Pur guurda che da viscous extraction of seeds, me tu non sij mozso, take care roots, gums, or apples. Mulona, s. f, a stubborn shenot to part yourself from me. Mugghiamento, s. m. a bellow- mule. --Mozzo di camera, a drudge, ing, or lowing -- Vurghie Mulsa, s. f. water and honey a drudge.pudding.--Mozzo di mento, resounding, noise. mixed together. stalla, å stable hoy, an ostler. Mugghiánte, adj. bellowing, Multa, s. f. a penalty or fine, - Mozzo di nate, a cabin boy. lowing:

amercement or forfeiture. -Morzo raso, coarse satin. Mugghiare, to bellow or to Multiplicamento, s. . multiMozzorécchi, s. m. a vulgar -Mugghiare, to roar as plication, multiplying. appellation for a lawyer, a a lion ---Muggniáre, to roar as Multiplicáre, to multiply, to pettifogger.

increase, to grow more.--Mucceria, s. f. raillery, banter, Múgghio, o Máglio, s. m. bel- Multiplicáre, to multiply, lo low jest. Obs.

lowing, lowing:- Múggúrio, a proceed accordions to the Múcchero, 6. m. rose or violet moanful, doleful, groaning rules of multiplication.

noise.Migghio, the roaring Multiplicarsi in novelle, to enMucchietto, s. m. a little heap of the sea.

large or dwell upon a subor pile.

Muggire, to bellow, or to ject. Mucchio, s. m. heap, mass,

Multiplicatamente, adv. di. pile.

Muggito, s. m. bellowing, or versely, manifoldly, very Mucciáre, to jeer, to flout, to roaring.

much. mock, to banter, to laugh at. Mughétio, s. m. lily of the Multiplicato, adj. multiplied, -iucciare, to run away: valley.

increased, grown, Mucellággine, v. Mucillagine. Mugillăgine, r. Mugellagine. Multiplicatore, multiplicator, Mucellagginćso, v. Mucillagi- Muyliare, to bellow.

increaser, that increases. Múglio, s. m. bellowing. Multiplicazione, s. f. multipliMuci, puss, a word to call a Mugnájo, a miller.

cation. Múgnere, to milk.-Mugnere Muluplice, adv. various, full Múcia, s. f a pues, a she cat. una racca, to milk a cow.-

of variery, different. Mucido, adj. musty, mouldy, Trovare il becco duro a mugrere, Multiplicitá, s. f. multiplicity, flabby, faded.

to find a thing harder than variety. Mucillággine, s. f. mucilage, a one thought. ----Mugnere, to Multiplico, s.m.multiplication, .



the sea.





pence. Obs.

Multitúdine, s. f. multitude. about.-Muráre a secco, to Musoliéra, s. f. á miutzte.
Múmmia, s. f. mummy, sub- build upon sand.

Musóne, s. m. a dodger, a de stance of dead bodies an- Muráto, adj. walled.---Citlá layer, a dallier.--Mitsone, ciently embalmed; dead men's muráta, a walled city. slap on the face. - Yusone, a bodies found in the sands of Muratore, a mason.

sullen man, a man that doet Arabia.-Far le mummie, to Muréllo, s. m. a little wall. bis business without speak peep out and in. Muréna, s. f. a fish so called.

ing Muneraménto, s. m. remune- Murétto, 9. m. a little wall. Musórno, s. m. a blockhead, a ration, recompence, reward. Muriccia, s. m. a mulberry. dunce, a loggerhead. Muneráre, to reward, to remu-Muricciuolo, s. m. a little wall

. | Mustácchi, s. m. plur. whisknerate. Obs.

Muro, s. m. a wall. Muroj ers.
Munerazione, reward, recom maestro,the main or chief wall. Mustélla, s. mi a weazle.

- Muro fürnace, a vaulted or Obs.
Municipale, adj. municipal, arched wall.-- Maro, house, Mustellino, adj. of or belong.

belonging to the freedom of habitation, dwelling place. ing to a weazle, of a wearit a city

-Legge municipale, mu- Musa, s. f. Muse. - Musa, al colour. nicipal law.

musical pipe so called. Muta, s. f. change, mutation, Município, s. m. a free town. Musacchino, part of the back alteracion, variation, vicissi Obs.

part of an armour which is tude, turn, course Muta i Munificenza, s. f. munificence, grown out of use.

cari, a pack of founds. liberality, bountifulness. Musáico, s. m. mosaic work. Muta di cetri, a herd of stags. Munimento, s. m. monoinent, -Opera nusaica, mosaic work, - Muia di vestiti, a suit of tomb, grave. work of small inlaid pieces. clothes.

-Mula d'una lepre
Muníre, to store, to furnish or Musáre, to stare, to gaze, to the form of a hare.- Vrete

provide with ammunition, to stand idle, to gad idly up d'un cervo, the casting of 2
and down.

stag's head. - Muta di cavali..
Munitório, s. m. a munitory, Musáta, 6. f. a slap on the a set of horses.
an admonition:

chops, a slap over the face. Mutábile,adj.mutable, changer Munizione, s. f. fortification. Muscáta, o nosoe muscála, a able. Pun di munizione, ammuni nutmeg.

Mutabilità, s. f. mutability;. tion-bread, soldiers' bread.- Muscato, adj. musked.Vin changeableness, irconstancy. Muniziiine, admonition. muscálo, muskadine wine. Mutabilmente, adv. change Munizióne,ammunition.-Mu- Muschiáre, to perfume with ably. nizione, provisions.


Mutaménto, 9. m. change, mu Muno, s. m. gift, present. Múschio, s. m. musk.

tation, alteration, variation, Obs.

Muschioso, adj. that belongs turn, vicissitude, course.
Múnto, adj. miiked.


to musk. Mutande, s. f. pl. trow:ers, Munúsculo, s. m. a small gift. Musco, s. m. musk.

drawers. Obs.

Muscolare, adj. muscular. Mutánza,s.f.mutation change, Muovére, to move, to stir, to Muscolo, s. m. muscle of the alteration, shift, variation. give motion 10.—Mnovere, to Músculo, S body.

Obs. induce, to lead, to entice, to Muscoloso, adj.) musculous, Mutáre, to change, to alter, to persuade, or draw on.-M10- Musculoso, Ś full of shift, to turn.--Mitar vers cere a pietà, to move to pity, muscles.

to alter the course of one's to touch one's heart.- Vuo- Museo, s. m. a museum, a pub- life.- Virtar luogo, to change vere dubrio, to start a diffi- lic place for the resort of learn-l place. Mutasi di camicia, to culty:-Yuvere lite, to go to ed men, a gallery, a study orli- change one's shirt. law,-- Muvversi, to move or brary.

Mutáto, auj. changed, alter go on, to stir. ---Ritornui al Museruola, s. m. muzzerole; ed. tuoto onde mi mossi, I went the nose band of a horse- Mutatóre, s. m. he that changa back to the place from whence bridle, a muzzle. I came. Virovere, to proceed, Música, s. f. inusic.

Mutazione, s. f. mutation, to come from, to spring from, Musicale, adj. musical, belong-changing, alteration. to arise or rise. --Muovere, to ing to music.

Mutevole, adj.mutable change.' begin.--Muovere, to bud, tos Musicáre, to sing, to play to able, inconstant. burgeon or bloom.


Mutevolmente, adv. changex-' Muráccio, s. m. a bad old Músico, a musician, professor bly, inconstantly. wall:

or practitioner of music.-Mutézza, s. f. dumbness; taci, Muraglia, s. f. wall. Muraglie Musico, adj. musical.

turnity. duna città, the walls of a Musíno, s. m: a little muzzle Muto, š. m. a dumb man.

Muto, adj.mute, dumb,speech Murále, adj. of or belonging Muso, s. m. muzzle, spout.- less, still

. to a wall.

Muso, face, mouth.--Torcere Mutolézza, s. f. dumbness. Muramento, s. m. wa'ling.-- il muso, to make mouths at.- Mútolo, adj. mute, dumb, Muraménto, wall, a dead wall. Muso, adj. raving, pensive, speechless. ---Un mutoko, o una Muráre, to wall, to wall musing, thoughtful.

mutola, s. m. a mute.



or snout.

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ods child


Mutuamente, adv. mutually, helmet-flower.

-Nasrénza, a tumour, a swell.. interchangeably.

Nappo, s. m. a cup, a bowl, a ing, ulcer. Mutuazióne, s. f. equivalent, drinking wooden dish. Nascere, to be born, to come reciprocal thing or act. Nappóne, s. m. augment. of into the world. Váscere, to Mário, adj. mutual, inter- Nappo.

grow, to come out, to appear. changeable, reciprocal. Narciso, s. f. narcissus, a sort -Cli nacque un enfiuto nel collo, Muzzo, adj. between sweerish of flower.

del quale mori, there came out and sourish in taste.

Narcótico, adj. narcotical, nar. a swelling in his neck, of cotic,stupifying.taking away which he died.--Nascere, to

the senses, inducing sleep. spring or flow.-- láscere, to

Nardino, adj. of or belonging arise, to proceed, to take rise, N.

to spikenard. ---Olonardino, to come or come forth, to oil of spikenard.

breed, to cause, to produce, Nardo, s. m. spike or spike to happen.

nard.-Nardo basturdo, laven- Nascimento, 3. m. birth, natiNABISSA'R E, to bluster, to der.

vity.- Vaciménts, birth, rise, rage, to fume, or be angry.- Nari, s. f. plur. the nostrils. spring, beginning Natissáre, to destroy, to ruin, Narice, a nosiril.

Nascita, birth, extraction. deto overthrow, to undo, to Narrazione, s. f. / narration, scent.- lcmo di nascila mobile, bring to nothing.

Narramento, s. m. 5 account, a man of a good family.-Nabissáto, adj. ruined, over recital.

Uona di vile niistila a man of thrown, undone.

Narrante, adj. that relates. a low extraction or birth. Nabisso, s. m., an abyss, a Narráre, to narrate, to relate Náscito, s. m. nativity the bottomless gulf or pit, hell. or make a narrative of, to true time of a person shirih, -Nabisso,a stirring mischiev. tell or report, to make a re ar a figure of the heat eos cital.

cast for that time. Náccaro, o. Nacchera. Obs. Narrativa, s. f. narration, re- Nasciuto, adi boru. Chs. Nácchera, s. f. kettle-drums.-- lation, recital, narrative. Nascondénte, adj. hiding, that Nachera, children's playing Narrativo, adj. narrative, de hides. ratile. clarative.

Nascondere to hide to conNaccherino, s. m. a kertle Narrato, adj. narrated, related, ceal.-- la condere tu dissemble, drummer.--Naccherino, told, reported.

to feig:), 10 conceal, to dispretty wanton child. Vac. Narratore, he that relates or guise. ciazina, any little beast, a makes a relation.

Nasconde cle. adi that may puppy, a whelp, a kitten, Narratrice, fem. of Narra be hidd n or concea.ed, &c.

Nascondiglio, s. m. a lurkingNaccheróne, s. m. a large pair Narratório, adj. narrative, de place, a close or secret place, of kettle-drums. clarative, expressive.

a hicdn rurner. Nadir, s. m. nadir, the point Narrazione, s. t. narration, ac- Nascriedigliuolo, s. m. a little Nadirre, in the heavens couni, relation, recital.

jurking place, or close core directly under our feet, and Narsia, s. f. a feigned name by dianctrically opposite the Boccace,supposing some pro- Nascondiiniuto, s. m. a biding, zenith.

vince or kingdom so called. a concealing, a coucealment. Nafie, faith, by my faith; Nasáccio, s. m. a nasty ugly A rescuramente, a lurkinga manner of swearing used

bele, a hidden corner. by the vulgar.

Nasaggine, s. f. a jocular word, Nasconditóre, a concealer, Najade, s. f. a nymph or fairy as if one was to say in tinglish, Nasconditrice, fem.of Nascon. of the fountains or waters. nosiness, from nose, and it ditore. Naibi, s m. a kind of play means ligness of nose. Nascosarnénte, adv. privately, used by children.

Vasále, s. m. that part of the secretly. Nareréllo, s. m.?

a little

helmet that covers the nose. Nascóso, adj. 7 bidden conceal. Nancróttolo, dwarf, or Vasáre, 1. Annasare.

Vascósio), sed, secrei. shrimp.

Nasata, s. f. a reprimand, or a Nascustamente, adv. privately, Nanfa, s. f. orange flower- negative given in a brucal in secret, under-hand.

-Nusula, s. f. a fre- Nasello, diin. of Naso. Nanna, s. f. hy-by lullaby.- quent naming of the nose.

- Nasítio, NusEllo, the staple Fer la nonna, to go to sieep Viska, a blow given with or bolt of a door. to full asleep.

Nasino, s. m. a small nose. Nang, s. m. Nana, s. f. a dwarf Nascente, adj. growing, newly Naso, s. m. nose.----Menar pe! a shrimp.- Gallina nana, á born, come into the world. --

musa, to lead by the nose dwarf-hen.

La nesmie forma del moNon ili si può torcare il nasa, Nanti, 3. Innanzi. Obs.

amors, the growing flame of nobody can deal with him.Nanzi,

my love.--Il do na cente, the Naso equilino, a hawk's nose. Napo, s. in. turnep.

rising day, ib: new day. Nasónc, s. m. a large nose. Napp, s. f. a tasel, a pu T. Ilona i puter, the rising sun. Nasórie, s m. an augmentatire Nappclios, ill. wolves bane Vascéuza, s. 1. birth, nativity of nuse; bus ludicrous.






the nose.

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