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Vaspo, s. m. a reel.

vale, a sea-fight.--Porze navali, Nazionale, adj. national. Nassa, s. f. a bow-ret.-Nassa, sea forces, navy.

Nazióne, s. f. nation, people, a glass pot, wherein apothe- Navaléstro, v. Navichiere. country.- Vuzióne, birth, beo caries keep liquors.

Naváta, s. f. a ship's freight. ginning.--. Nazióne, birth, er. Nasso, s. m. a yew-tree.

Nave, % f. a ship. Nave da traction, descent, family. Nastrićra, s. f. an ornament of guerra, a man of war.— Nave Ne, adv. nor, neither.--ribbands.

di carico, a merchant-man l'ho caro, t'umo, I neither Nastrino, s. m. a small rib Nave, a boat.-Nace, the nave, cherish you nor love you. band. or body of a church.

l'uno, l'altro, neicher. Nastro, s. m. ribband. Naverésco, adj. naval, belong. Prima che io troui ex cið Nastúrcio, 9. m. cresses, or ing to the sea or ships. pace tregua, before I can Nastúrzo, $ noses wart. Navetta, s. f. a small ship.- find either peace or rest in Nasúto, adj. that has a great Navélia, weaver's shuttle. that.-Ne,in.lilla, f. in che.

Naufragáre, to shipwreck, to - Nello, m. in the.- Ne, adv. Natale, s. m. nativity, birth suffer shipwreck.

from thence.mle vengo, I day, --La fe la di Natal,Christ- Naufrágio, s. m. wreck, a come from thence.- Ne, in mas day.- Vatale, adj. native, shipwreck.

the.- Ve' campi, in the fields. natai. -Puese nutalé, native Naufrago, adj. cast away. -Ne, us, to us. Poet.- Perché country.

Naufragoso, adj. ihat has made cruo destino ne disunisci tu s'aNa áre, a. Nuotare. Obs. a shipwreck, or been cast mor ne stringe? cruel destiny, Notatória, s. f. a bath. Obs. away.--- Vuufragóso, danger- why do you part us, if love Nilica, s. f. buttock. ous, tempestuous.

joins us? - Ve scrisse, he wrote Naticáto, adj. that has large Navicella, s. f. a little ship, a us.---Ne, some, of it, of them. buttocks. boat, a barge.

Ve ho, I have some. ---Non Nacio, adj. natal, native. Navicelljo, s, m, a waterman, ne ho, I have none.--.le, by Pae e nativ, native country a bargeman.

it. Ne cmuerete profillo, you'll Natio, natural, inbred.--Pietà Navicello, s. in. a little ship, a reap some profit by it. retiu, natural goodness. boat.

Nebbia, s. f. mist, fog, cloud. Natività, s. f. nativity, birth- Navichiére, s. m. a waterman, - Vebbia, blindness, ignorday.

a bargeman, a ferryman. ance.--Incaniar la rehbe, to Nativo, adj. native, what one Navigåbile, adj. navigable. eat very early in the morahas from lis birth.

Navigamento, s.n. navigation, ing.--Iinhottar nebbia, to throw Nato, s. m. son, child.- Valo, the art of sailing.

a way or lose one's time. adj, born.

Navigánte, s. m. sailor, sea - Nebbione, s. f. a very thick Natrice, s. m. a water-snake. man, niariner.

mist or for Natta, s. f. bunch, a soft tu. Navigare, S. m. *navigation, Nebbioso, adj. misty, cloudly, mour, which grows most sailing.

foggy, gloomy: 'Usually in the back, and Navigare, to sail, to go by sea. Nibuia, s. f. inist, fog, cloud.

sometimes in the shoulders. -Navigar per perduto, to give - Nebula, spos, stain. Natúra, s. f. nature. --Natúra, one's self entirely for lust. Xebulétta, s. f. little mist, fog nature, properiy, essence.-- Navigato, adj. sailed.

or cloud, Natura, nature, temper...Va Navigatore, s. m. a sailor, a Nebulóso, adj. misty, fogor, túra, nature, humour, condi mariner.

cloudy, gloomy. tivn,custom.-- Natúra nature, Navigazione, s. f. navigation. Necessariamente, adv. neces-sort, kind.

---bi sua natura, Navigio, s. m. a ship. Not sarily. Daturally.


Necessário, adj. 'necessa.?, Naturale, adj. natural, accord- Navile, s. m. a fleet of ships. needful, requisite.-- Necessunog ing to nature.-- Saturále, na- Naviglio, a ship.

s. m. necessaries. -Necessallo, tural, easy, free, unaffected.-- Natio, s. m. freight.

a privy, a house of office. Figlio ncturak, natural son, or Navóne, turnip, metaph. a Necesse, necessary, of necessibastard.~-Naturale,natural, blockhead.

ty. Obs.--L'esere in caritate not counterfeitel or sophisti- Nausa, s i.?

é qui reresse, it is necessary to cated.Nalurále, s. m. a Nausea,

be in charity here. man's privy member. Nauseamínto, . Nausea. Necessità, s. f. necessity, need, Naturalezza, s. f. nature, way, Nauseaute, adj. that nauseates want, distress, poverty, escustom. or loaths.

tremity.--Dimre silà, adv. of Naturalità, s. f. the same as Nauseare, to nauseate, to loath necessity, necessarily. Naturalezza.

or abhor, to be disgusted at. Necessitáre, to necessitate, to Naturalista, s. m. naturalist. Nauseóso, adj. nauseous, loath-force, to con pel.-- Necessitéto, Naturalménte, adv. naturally, some, nasty.

adj. necessitated, furced, comby nature.

Nauta, s. m. a sailor, a pilot. pelleu. Naturársi, to grow natural or Puerical.

Necessitó o, adj. necessitous, customary.

Naútica, s. f. the art of sail- indigent, poor, needy. Navále, adj. naval, belonging ing.

Necista, s. f. contracted from to a ship or navy-drinuta Naútico, adj. nautical, belong- Necessità, nabule, a fleet... Sattuglia na ing to ships or mariners. Veente, 3. in. nothing. Obs.







Nefa, s. f. listlessness. Obs. Negócio, s. m. crade, trading, I child.
Nefandézza, s. f. 7. wickedness, commerce, business, traffic, Nepotíno, s. m. little nephew.
Nefandígia, heinous- negociation.

Nequità, s. f. Obs. v. NequiNefandirà,

Negozióso, adj. full of busi- Nequitánza, 5 zia. Nefándo, adj. heinous, lewd, -Negozioso, trouble- Nequitóso, adj. wicked, im. wicked, execrable, cursed,

pious. nefandous.

Negoziúccio, s. m. small busi- Nequízia, s. f. wickedness, Nefário, adj. nefarious, wick

lewdness. ed, villainous.

Negreggiáre, v. Nereggiare. Nerbáre, to strike or beat with Nefrítico, adj. lelonging to the Neyréito, adj. blackish. an ox's nerve. reins.

Negrézza, s. f. blackness, swar. Nerbáto, adj. struck, beat with Nefritide, s. f. nephritis. thiness.

an or's nerve. Negabile, adj. deniable, to be Negrigente, adj. o. Negligente. Nerbo, s. m. a nerve, a sinew. denied.

A rustic word.

Nerbolino, s. m. a little nerve Negaméato, & m. negation, Negrigenza, u. Negligenza. A or sinew. gainsaying.

rustic word.

Nerborúto, adj. Negáre, to deny, to refuse, to Negro, adj. black, swarthy.. Ner bóso,

nervy, nerv. gainsay, to say no, Negrománte, s.

ous, strong,

m. a nécro- Nerboroso, Negativa, s. f. negation, de

lusty. mancer, a conjurer, a magi- Nerbúto, Negazione, Śnial.

cian, or wizard.

Nereggiante, adj. blackish, Negghiente, adj. Megligent, Negromantéssa, s. f. a witch, a somewhat black lazy, idle, careless. Obs.

Nereggiáre, to grow black, to Negghiénza, s. f. negligence, Negromántico, adj. necroman incline to black. laziness, idleness, careless- uc, belonging to necroman- Nerétto, adj. blackish. ness,slathfulness,sluggishness. cy.

Nerezza, s. f. swarthiness, Obs.--Avere in nezgrenza, to Negrománzia, s. f. necroman. blackness. neglect, not to take care of, cy, a divination by calling Nericánte, Nericcio, adj. black to disregard, to slight. up dead men's ghosts or the ish, somewhat black. Neghittosamente, adj. negli devil, a conjuration. Nericcio, adj. blackish, brown gently, slothfully, carelessly: Nel vero, adv. in truth, verily, ish, somewhat black, someNeghiettoso, Neghittiso, adj. truly.

what brown. lazy, negligent, slothful, idle, Nembo, s. m. a sudden storm Nero, adj. black.—- Alla notte sluggish, careless.

of rain or hail.----Nembo, a nera, at the dusk of the night. Neglettamente, adv. negligent- cloud, a dark cloud, a thick Vestire a nero, to wear mournly, carelessly, slo:hfully. cloud.

ing.--Di neri, fish-days. Negletto, adj. neg ected, not Ni mica, adv. neither, not. Nérveo, adj. nervous, strong, regarded, despised, slighted, Nemicamente, adv. u. Nemi- forcible. disregarded.

che volmente.

Nervetto, s. m. a little nerve Negligentáre, to neglect, to Nemicáre, v. Nimicare. or sinew, take no cure.

Nemichevole, adj. unfriendly, Nervicciuolo, v. Nervetto. Niglicénte, od negligent, cruel, fierce.

Nervo, s. m. nerve, sinew.Cureless, slothíul, neglectful. Nemichevolmente, adv. un-| -Nerro, vigour, power, Negligentemente, adv. negli friendly, like enemy, strength, force, help, assists gently, carelosely, slothíully, cruelly, fiercely.

ance.-Un buon nervo di gente neglecifully.

Nemico, s. m. an enemy, a foe. w mebe, a good number of Negligenza, s. s rooligence, Isser nemiro del vino, to have armed men. -Uomo di buon disregard, carelessne. s, ne an aversion to wine, not to nervo, a strong, lusty man. glect.

love it.—Vemico, adj. adverse, Nervosità, s. f. nervosity, fulNegligere, to neglect, to dis cross, contrary, prejudicial. ness of nerves or sinews, regard, not to take care of, la fortuna nemia, cross or strength, vigour. to slight.

adverse fortune.

Nervoso, adj. nervy, nervous, Negissa, s. f. a sweep-net, a Nemiseà, s. f. enmity, hatred, full of nerves, strong, lusty.


Nesciente, adj. ignorant. Negoziánte, dealer, merchant, Nénufur, s. m. nenufar, or ne- Nescientemente, adv. igno. negotiator. nuphar, water-lilies.

rantly, through ignorance. Negoziáre, to trade, to deal, Nenufarino, adj. made of ne- Nescienza, s. f. innocent, ig. to merchandize, to traffic. - nufar. -Negociáre, to negociate, to Név. s. m. a mole, a patch. Nescio, adj. ignorant.-Fare il transact, to manage.--Nego. Neofito, s. m. neophyte, one nescio, to play the ignorant. zinto, adj. negociated, trans newly converted to the Chris- Néspola, s. f. a mediar. acted. tian faith.

Néspolo, s. m. a mediar-tree. Negozi.to, s. m, a treaty, an Nepitélia, s. f. nep or nip, the Nessuno, adj. nobody, not ong. affair. herb cat mint.

Nessunamente, adv. in no wise, Negoziatóre, negotiator, he Nepitéllo, s. M. the lid of one's by no means, not at all. that transacts or negociates an eye.

Nestajuóla, s. f. a seminary, a, affair of stato.

Nepote, s. m. nephew, grand- place where plants are set




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the gith.


to be removed.

Nevósó, adj. snowy, full of Niego, 8. m. a denial, a refusal.
Nestáre, v. Annestare. snow.-Luogo nevoso, a place Nielláre, to neal, to soften and
Nesto, s. m. a graff, an imp, a
full of snow.

purify metals by fire, before cion.

Nè uti, nè puti, neither good they are worked with a pune Nettaménte, adv. cleanly.-nor bad.

cheon. Nettamente, mannerly, honest- Neutrále, adj. neuter, neutral, Niello, s. m. a manner, so callly, sincerely. indifferent.

ed, of working metals with a Nettamento, s. m. cleaning, a Neutralità, s. f. neutrality, in- puncheon, or other tool. cleansing, a scowering:


Niente, s. m. nothing, not at Nectáre, to clean, to cleanse, Neutralmente, adv. neutrally, all.Non ho dormilo niente la to make clean, to scower.in a neutral manner.

notte passata, I did not sleep at Nelláre, to run away.

Neutro, adj. neuter, neither, all last night. Néctare, s. m. Bectar. of neither party, neutral. Nientedimánco, adv. Z how. Nettáreo, adj. of nectar. Stur neutro, to be neuter. Nientediméno,

ever, Nettativo, adj. cleansing, that Nézza, 5. f. niece. Obs. Nienteméno, cleanseth.

Nibbiáccio, s. m. a large kite. withstanding, yet, nevertheNettáto, adj. cleaned, cleansed, Nibbio, s. m. a kite.--Non poter less. scowered, fled away.

dir, come il nibbio, mio, to have Niévo, s. m. a nephew. Obs. Nettatójo, s. m. a broom, a be nothing, to be poor---Esser Niffa, s. f. snout, muzzle, som, a brush to clean with. nibbio, to be a fool.

Niffo, s. m.

bill.---Lavare il Nettatúra, s. f. cleansing or Nicchia, s. f. a niche.-Nicchia, Níflolo, nifolo, to pout, cleaning

dignity, employment, post, Nifo, to frown.
Néttere, v. a. to connect, to place, office. -Questa carica Nigélla, s. f. gitli, the seed of
compose. Dante has used it non è nicchia per lui, he is not
in the meaning of, to quiet, fit for such employment. Nighittosamente,adv. slothful.
to still.

Nicchiamento, s. m. groaning, iy, negligently.
Nettézza, s. f. cleanliness, neat- wailing.

Nighitióso, adj. lazy, slothful,
- Nelletsa, cleanliness, Nicchiare, to groan, to lament, negligent.
pureness, sincerity, fidelity. to grieve, to complain as a Nigro, -, Negro. Obs.
Netto, adj. clean, pure, clean- woman wlien she is upon the Nigrománte, . Negromante.
ly, neat.-Coscienza netta, a point of being delivered of a Nigromántico, u. Negroman-
clear conscience. Netto, child, to grumble.-Nicchiare, tico.
clear, good, unspotted, free, to shew disapprobation. Nigromanzia, v. Negromanzia.
sincere, faithful.-Donna di Nicchiere, to undertake a thing Nimbo, s. m.v. Nembo.
netta vita, a woman of an un- unwillingly.

Nimicáre, to hate, to abhor, spotted, honest life.Netto, Nicchietta, s. f, a small niche. to persecute. quick, nimble, cleverly. Nicchio, s. In a cockle-fish. Nimicársi, to quarrel, to dis. Netto, harmless, hurtless, with- Nicchiolíno, 6. m. a very small pute, to fall out, to become out hurt or loss. Givocar cockle.

an enemy. netto, to proceed in some af- Nichilità, s. f. nothingness, no- Nimicato, adj. grown an enefair cautiously.---Taglar di thing.

my, turned enemy. netio, to cut at once. -- Portar Nichilo, s. m. nothing. Nimichevole, adj. inimical, via di netto, to carry away at Nicissità, s. f. necessity, want. contrary, against. once. Faria nutto, o netta, to Obs.

Nimichevolmente, adv. like do a thing cleverly. - Guulug- Nicistà, v. Necessità. Obs. an enemy, cruelly nure al netto, to get, clear, co Di nicistů, of necessity, neces- Nimicízia, s. f. enmity, hatred, clear.---llo guadagnato dieci lire sarily, necessary.

grudge. al netto, I have cleared ten Nidáta, r, Nidiata.

Nimíco, s. m. an enemy, a foe. pounds.

Nidiáce, adj. taken out of the -Nimico, adj. contrary, ad. Nevajo, o. Nevazio.

nest.-Un nidiace, a fool, a verse, cross.--. brtima nirnica, Neváre, to snow.

dunce, a blockhead, a sim cross or adverse fortune.-11 Neváto, adj. sbowed. pleton.

vino mi e nimico, wine is ccnNevázio, s. m. abundance of Nidiáta, s. f. a nestful, a covey, trary, to me, or I have an Obs. a bevy, a hatching.

aversion to wine. Nevázzo, u. Nevazio.-£ gran Nidificáre, to nest, to build a Nimistà, s. f. enmity, hatred, nevazzo, it snows very much. nest.-- Nilificáre, to breed, to grudge. Neve, s. f. snow.

sit, to hatch or lay in a nest. Nimistánza, v. Nimista. Obs. Nevicáre, to spot.

Nidificáre, to live together. Nimo, adj. nobudy. Obs.--Nevicóso, adj. snowy, full of Nidio, s. m.

Sc nimo t'accusa niul cond in

a nest, a roost. snow,-Tempo nevicoso, snowy Nido,


Ś ---Nido, place, nerò, if nobody impeaches you weather.

man's home, dwelling-place, I shall not conder you Nevischio, s. m. e Nevischia, habitation. Il patrio nido, Ninna, s. f. a nyirph or fairy. $. f. a little snow.

one's native country. Nitala, a nymph, a cultury Neúno, adj. nobody. Obs. Nidiúzzo, s. m. a very small lass.---Nzija, chaycalis of a Nevosità, s. f. a great quantity birdnest. of snow.

Niegáre, to deny, to refuse. Ninfale, adj. of cr belonging VOL. I,


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the body.

Nipitcilo, { v. Nepitella.



to a nymph.

coin of gold. Le parti nobilis Nocérole, adj. harmful, hurtNinféa, s. f. water-lily, water del corpo, the noble parts of ful, prejudicial, noisome, ofTose, yellow and white nenu

fensive, mischievous. phar.

Nobileménte, adv. nobly, ex-Nocero'ménte, hurtfully, preNinférno, 9. m. hell.

celently, perfectly.

judicially, offensively, misNinjétta, s. f. dim. of Ninfa. Nobilézza, s. f. nobleness, no-chievously. Ninna, s. f. the rocking of a Nobilità, s bility, genti-Nocimento, s. m. nuisance, child to make lim sleep. lity. Both obs.

hurt, harm, damage, prejuFar la ninna, to sleep Nobilitáre, to nobilitate, to dice. Ninníre, to rock, to dandle or make noble or famous. Nocido, adj. belonging to a

lull children to sleep. Nobitio, adj. erne bled. nut, or of a nut. Ninnarélla, s. f. rocking or Nobilitatvie, he that confers Vocitivo, adj. harmful, offen. Tulling to sleep. nobility.

sire, against. Nipitella,

Nobilruente, adv.nobly,gentle- Nocitóre, s. m, a mischievous, mlike.

hurtful man. Nipóte nephew, niece. Nobiltá, s. f. nobleness, nobi. Nociramente, adv. hurtfully, Nipótemo, s. m. my nephew.

lity, gentility:

perniciously, dangerously, Nipoiino, s. m. Vipotiua, s. f. Xobole, r. Nébile. Obs. prejudicially: a little nephew or niece. Nocca, s. f. pl. knuckles. Voc- Nocivo, adj. hurtful, destruct. Nipotismo, s. m. nepotism. (11, s. f. a kind of plant. ive, pernicious. Niquita, e. f. iniquity, wicked-Nocchiere, s. m. la pilot, a Nocuménto, s. m. hurt, harm,

Nocchiéro, s steersman. offence, prejudice, detriNiquitosamente, adv. iniqui- Nocchierí so, adj. Stony, tously, wrathfully.

Nocchierúto, S speaking of Nocumentúccio, s. m. small Niquitóso, adj. impious, wick- fruits, knotty, knobby, knur- harm or hurt.

ed, iniquitous.-- Viquitóso, an ry, fuil of knots or knurs. Nodello, s. m. the ancle-bone. gry, in anger.

Nocchio, 6. m. knot, knur, or Noderóso, adj. knurry, knob. Niscóndere, io hide, to con knob.

Noderúto, S by, full of ceal. Obs. Nocchiolito, ?

knurs or knobs. Niscondíglio, s. m. Jurking- Nocchioróso, bole, a close or secret place. Nocchiorúto; adj. v. Nocchi- Nodo, s; m. knot - Nodo di

perle, a knot of pearls. Nori, .


8. m. pl. knuckles.--Nolo del Niscondimento, 3. m. a hiding Nocchinto,

collo, the nape of the neck or concealing. Obs. Noccioletto, s. m. a small fruit. Nodo di rento, a whirlwind -Nisconditore, concealer.

Nodo di satamune, a running Obs.

Nocciolino, v. Noccioletto. knot.--Nodo in vul dito, a tay. Nigcóso, adj. hidden, conceal. Nocciolo, s. m. the stone of a Jor's knot.Modo a pie d'uccel ed. Obs.

fruit. --- Von cale una man dil lo, a kind of knot so called Niszúno, adj. nobody. néccioli, it is not worth a pin. by seamsters.-- Nodo ascendente, Nitidézza, s. f. brightness, --Sono due anime in un núciiolo, ascending node, the circle of clearness, splendour.

they are like hand and the moon's motion-Nedo, Nítido, bright, shining, glit- glove,

knot, knur, or knob.-Bas. tering, cicar.

Nocciolúto, adj. stony, haring tone pien di nodi, knobby Nitrire, to neigh, as a horse, a stone as fruit.

stick. to whinny, as a mare. Nocciuola, s. f. bazle-nut, fil- Nodoróso, adj. knobby, full of Nitrito, s. m. the neighing of bert.

knots, knotty, nodose. a horse, the whinnying of a Nocciuolo, s. m. hazle-trec or Nodosità, s. f. nodosity, knotti

filbert-tree. Nitro, s. m. nitre, a spongy Noce, 6. m. a walnut-tree. Nodóso, adj. nodose, nodous, salt-like substance, salt-petre. Noce, s. f. walnut.- Voce, the full of knots, knobby. Nitrositá, s. f. nitrous quality. horned ends of a bow. Noce Nodriménto, t. Nutriinento. Nitróso, adj. nitrous.

del colio, the neck-bone.- Noce Nodrīre, to nourish or feed, to Niunamente, adv. by no means. del piele, the ancie-bone---Una bring up, educate or instruct. Niúno, nobody.

-- Nodrire di fulse speranze, to Niuna cosa, nothing.

cannot do what several can. feed with false hopes. No, no, not.Dico do no, I Yangiur le roci col mallo, to Nodríto, adj. nourished, kept, say not.- Temendo no'l mio dir slander those that slander maintained, brought up. gli fosse Lrate, for fear I should you.

Nodritóre, he that nourislies displease him with my de- Nocélla, s. f. hazle-nut, fil

or feeds. nial. bert.

Nodritúra, s. f. nourishment, Nobile, adj. noble, of a noble Nocemoscida, s. f. nutmeg. food. race or family: --Nobile, Nucente, adj. harmful, burt. Noi, we, us.--Noi parliamo, we noble, illustrious, excellent, ful, prejudicial, obnoxious. speak -t'er nci, for us. very good. Un nobile, a no- Nocinziá, s. f. error, harm, Noja, s. f. trouble, weariness, Dieman, a gentleinan..-Nó prejudice.

vexation, sorrow, disquiet, bile, *. m. noble, an English Nicere, r. Nuocere. Obs. listlessness.--Dar noja, to trou.





noce 77012 suona in sacro, one

to set in notes.

your sake.


cares not,

ble, to vex, to disquiet.--Re-l nazine, domination, right of swimming carsi a noja, to be tired of some- naning, gift.----Nominazione, Notánte, adj. swimming. thing.--Noja, ill words. name, renown, fame, repu- Notantemente, adv. potably, Nojáre, to weary, to tire, to


considerably, evidently, be wearisome, or tiresome, to Non, adv. no, not.

Notáre, to swim.--Notáre, to be tedious.

Nona, s. f. None, the fifth of note, to sign, to mark-Noo Nojáto, adj. tired, wearied, list- the seven canonical hours. táre, to remark, to take noless.

Non che altro, o Non che, not tice of, to consider, to mind, Nojévole, adj. tedious, weari- only, much less, but, at least. to observe.--Notáre, to folsome, tiresome.

- Sacrificherei la mia vita non low the notes, to sing acNojosamente, adv. tediously, che i miei beni per amor vostro, cording to the notes. Notare, in a tedious manner.

I would sacrifice not only my Nojóso, adj. tedious,wearisome, estate, but even my life for Notaría, v. Noteria. tiresome.

Notáro, s. Notajo. Noleggiare, to freight. Noncovélle, adv. nothing, tri- Notaménte, adv. 0. Natante Nolo, s. m. freight, fare, mo

fie. ney for passage.-- Pizbiare a Noncuránte, adj. careless, that Notáto, adj. swimmed, from to nolo un vascello, to freight a

stoim, ship:

Noncuránza, s. f. carelessness. Notatójo, s. m. a bladder full Nomáccio, s. m. a bad name, a Nondimánco, Nondimeno,adv. of air found in fishes, which bad reputation.

nevertheless, for all that, serves them to keep them. Nománza, s. f. renown, fame, however, alihough.

selves swimming name, reputation, note. None, s. f. the names of some Notatóre, a swimmer. Nomáre, to name, to call.

Roman days.

Notatúra, s. f. o. Notamento. Nomataménte, adv. namely. Non forse, ibat.

Notatrice, s. f. a she swimNomáto, adj. named, called. Non meno, not less, not only. mer. Nome, s. m. name.-- -Nome, Nonna, s. f. grand-mother. Notería, 9. f. a notary's pronanie, reputation, renown, Nonno, s. m. grand-father. fession. character.-- Acquistar nome, to Nonnulla, s. m. nothing at all. Notevole, adj. notable, remarkacquire fame. - Nome, stead, Nono, adj. ninth.

able, considerable. place.--In vostro nome, in your Non ostinte che, notwithstand. Notevolmente, adv. considerstead.-Nome, a watch-word ing, for all that.

ably, notably, particularor signalin war.-Nome, noun. Non perciò, o non perciò di ly.

Nome sustantivo, a noun sub meno, Non però di meno, o Notificagióne, s. f. notification, stantive.

Non per tanto, adv. however, declaration. Noméa, s. f. name, fame; repu- yes, for all that.-Non sine Notificamento, s. m. the act of tation, renown. Obs.

quare, not without reason. giving notice, notification. Nomenclatóre, s. m. nomen- Non so che, I don't know Notificare, to notify, to signiclator, or remembrancer. what.

fy,' to make known, to de. Nomenclatura, s. f. nomencla- Norma, s. f. a rule.-Norma, clare or give notice of. ture, a catalogue of most com. model, rule, trace, steps, Notificato, adj. notified, signi. mon and useful words in any forin, pattern.--La sua vita fied. language,

servi di norma a tutti, his life Notificatóre, he that declares, Nomignolo, s. m. sirname, a was a pattern to all.

notifies or makes known. nickname, Nosco, with us.

Notificazione, o. Notificamen. Nómina, s. f. the right or act Nostrále, adj. of our town or of naming a person to a place, Nostráno,

S country. Notizia, s.f. notion, knowledge, employment, or any such Nostrissimo, adj. superi. abso- notice. -Perrenire a notisia, to thing

lutely ours, more than ours. come to somebody's ears, to Noninánza, 5. f. fame, repu- Nostro, pron. our, our own. be known.-Notizia, acquainte tation, renown.

Nota, s. f. a note, mark, sign. ance. Nomináre, to call, to name, to -Note, s. f. plur. notes in Noto, adj. known, noted.com give a name.

music.- Nola, spot, stain, / Noto, s. m. the south wind. Nomináta, s. f. renown, fame, blemish, a noie of infamy, Nótolá, s. f. aliule knot, mark, reputation.

blur, disgrace.----Nute, pl. memorandum. Nominatamente, adv. by name, voices. Poet.

Notolétta, s. f. a very little one after another, one by Notabile, adj. notable, remark- note, a memorandum,

able, eminent, considerable. Notomia, s. f. anatomy: Nominatívo, adj. nominative. Notabilmente, adv. notably, Notomísta, an anatomist, Nomináto, adj. famous, re- eminently, considerably. Notomizzáre, to anatomize. nowned. --Nominulu, named, Notajo, a notary.

Notomizzáto, adj. anatomisa called. Notajuólo,

ed. Nominatóre, a nominator, he Noiajúrzo,

a poor notary

Notoriamente, adv. notorious, that names or gives a name. Notamente, adv. notably, evi-| ly, manifestly, publicly. Nominazione, s. f. nomina- dently.

Notorio, adj. notorious, mani. tion, giving a name.- Nomi- Notaménto, s, m. the act of festly known, evident, public




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