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an account.

Notáso, adj. spotted. Novelliére,s.m. he that fatch., feasting of a few select friends Notricamento, v. Nutricamen- Novelliéro, ses and car on such an occasion.

ries news or discourses, a tell- Nube, s. f. cloud, Poet. Notricare, c. Nutricare.


Núbila, s. f. cloud. Obs. Nortá-e, to crow dark, to draw Novellinitá, s. f. inexpérience, Nubile, adj. marriageable, said towards night.

boyish ignorance. Obs. only of a woman. Nottáta, s. f. a whole night. Novellino, adj. new. Poetuz- Nubilétta, s. f. a little cloud. Notte, 5. f. night. zo nuvellino, a petty poet.

Obs. Novellizia, s. f. the first flow- Nubilità, s. f. cloudiness, dark. Di notte te po, > in the night. ers or fruits of the year,

ness. Obs. Noile tempo,

Novello, adj. new, fresh, mo- Núbilo, Nubilóso, adj. cloudy, Nottivágo, adj. wandering in dern. ---Stagion novella, new dark. the night-time.

season, the spring,

Nuca, 5. f. nape, the hind Nóttola, s f a wooden latch. Novellózza, s. f. à ridiculous part of the neck. Nótto'ı, a bat.


Nudaménte, adv. nakedly, Nottoláta, s. f. a whole night. Novelluccia, s.f. short, novel, Nudáre, to strip naked.-Nu

-dvere una buona nottolát, to Novellúzza, S first and un-dúre, to deprive, to bafle. have a good night's rest. important news.

Nudáto, adj. quite undressed, Nottolina, s. f.

Novembre, s. m. November, naked. Nottolino, s. m.

a small bat.

Novéna, s. f, nine days sun- Nudità, s. f. nakedness, nudiNóttolo, s. m. a bat.

ning Nottolóne, adj. that does his Noveráre, to number, to count Nudo, adj. naked, bare, uncobusiness or walks about in or compute, t. Annoverare. vered.-Nudo, poor, wanting, the night-time.

Noveráto, adj. numbered, without.-Un paese nudo d'arNotturno, adj.nocturnal,night-counted, computed.

qua, a country without waly.

Noveratóre, s. m. an accountNótula, u. Nótola.

ant, he that numbers or com- Nudríre, to pourish or feed. Novále, s. m. a field or land putes.

Nudríto, adj. nourished, kept, newly broken or ploughed Noveratrice, feminine of No-l maintained, fed. up, after it has lain fallow

Nudritóre, a feeder, he that one year.

Noverazione, s. f. a number feeds another. Novamente, adv. 0. Nuova- ing, a computing or counting, Nidrirúra, v. Nodrityra.

Núgola, s. f. a cloud. Novánta, s. f. ninety. Novérca, s. f. a mo:her-in- Nugoláglia, v. Nuvolaglia. Novanténa, s. f. ninety. law. Poet.

Nugoláto, v. Nuvolato. Novantésimo, adj. ninetieth. Nóvero, s. m. number. Nugolétta, s. f. a small cloud. Nováre, to renew, to make up Novilúnio, s. m. the time of Nugoletto, v. Nuvoletto. \ again.

the new moon.

Núgolo, s. I. a cloud. Novástro, adv. Nuovo. Norissimo, last.- Il novissimo Nugulóne, s. m. a great thick Obs. , dooms-day.

cloud. Novatóre, innovator, but al-Novità, s. f.novelty, new thing. Vugolosità, s. f.cloudiness, obways in a bad sense.

--Che novit i son queste ? what scurity proceeding from the Nove, nine.

is this? what strange thing thickness of the clouds. Novecento, nine hundred. is this?

Nugolóso, adj. cloudy, dark, Novella, s. f. a story, a fable, a Novízia, s. f. a novice, a new misty. Obs. tale, a novel.-Novella, news,

Nugolúzzo, s. m. a very small tidings, account.--Che no: elle Noviziático,s. m. the time cloud. 'son queste? what is this? what Noviziáto, s during Nui, we. Poetical. strange thing is this?---Nocé! which one is a novice, pro- Nulla, nothing -Non ne so nulla, message.

Lation-time, the proper place la, I know nothing of it. Novelláccia, s. f. a bad story where they keep the novi- Nulla, any thing, something.

Avete milla a darmi? have Novel ménye, adv. newly, Novizio, s. m. a notice, a new you any thing to give me? lateiv.

monk, a probationer.--No- l'usi tu mulla? do you want Nore'laménto, s. m. the actual uziv, adj. novice, raw, unex- any thing? people assembled together to perienced, unskilful. Nuliadimeno, adv. however, entertain one another with Novo, adj. new.

nevertheless. teiling fables and novels. Nozione, s. f. notion, idea, Nullapiù, nothing more. Novelláre, to tell novels or knowledge, conception, Nullezza, o. Nullità. Obs. tales:--Novelláre, to speak or Nozze, s. f. plur. wedding. Nullità, s. f. nullity, nothing. taik of to pratile.

marriage.-- Nozze, wedding, ness. Nove'l-ta, s. tales, stories. fcasting

Nullo, adj. nobody, not any Irrivedimuie, a telier of 10- Nozzerisco, belonging to nup one, none, no. E se nuila di s: tials.

noi pietà ti more, and if you 3. f. 2 a little novel Nozzoline, s. f. pl. nuptials have any pity on us.--Nulla must.23, S or tale.

privately celebrated, and bel salutai ira noi si facgue, we


or news.






shewed one aạother all the Nubva, 8, f. news, gqtice, aa- Nuvolosità, s. fi cloudinese, çivilities we could.---Per mulla

darkness. altra ragione, for no other rea- Nuovamente, adv, newly, late- Nuvoloso, adj. cloudy, mist; son.Nullo, null, void,

Nuvolúzzo, $. m.' a little Nume, s. m. Deity.

Nuovo, adj. new Nubva, raw, cloud. Numerábile, adj. numerable, unexperienced. Mostarsi nuoto Nuziale, adj. nuptial, pertains

that may be numbered. d'una cosa, to dissemble, to ing to ą wedding or marri: Numerále, adj. numeral, af or| feign not to know a thing=age: belonging to a number, Io son nuovo in queste cose, 1 Nuzialmente, ady, like 4 weda Numeráre, to number, to have no experience in these ding, as it is customary at a count, to tell, to sum up, to things.Età nutun, youth, wedding:-Vestito nuzialmente, pumerate,

young age.--Nuovo pesce, s. m. dressed in wedding clothes Numeráta, adj. numbered, a simpleton, a dunce, a block- in very fiue clothes, counted.

head. Numeratore, numerator. Nuro, s. f. a daughter-in-law. Numerazione, s. f, numera

Obs. țion.

Nutribile, adj. nourishing, that Número, s. m. number. Nú- hqurishes.

0. mero, units, tens, hundreds, Nutricamento, s. m. nourishthousands.--- Numero, a great ment, nutriment, food, nurnumber, a world or multitude.- Numero del meno e del Nutricánte, adj. nourishing. più, the singular number, and Nutricáre," to nourish, oto O, a vocative adverb, o, ok! the plural, Numero, qumber, feed.

O voi che sjete in piccioletta, bar: harmony.

Nutricarsi, to feed upon. ca, O you that are in that lite Numerosamente, adv. in great Nutricáto, adj. nourished, tle boat= 0 Dio, Oh God. 9, numbers.--Numerosuménte, Nutricatore, a nourisher. a separating particle, or, e: musically, tunably, harmoni- Nutricatrice, feminine of Nu- ther.--Oggi o domani, either ously, with handsome caden- trieatore.

to-day or to-morrow,-0, an Nutriçe, nurse.

exclamatory particle, Oh. Numerosità, s. £. numerosity, Nutrichevole, adj} nourishe O se saremo presi, che sarà di noi? abundance.


ing, ny

Oh, if we are taken what will Numeroso, adj. numerous, tritive.

become of us? great, manifold.

--Numer- Nutrimento, s. m. nourishment, obbediénte, adj. obedient, dy: óso, numerous, harmonious, fogd, substance.

tiful, submissive. sounding well.

Nutrimentóso, adj. nutritive, Obbedientemente, adv. obediNúmine, v. Nume. Obs. nourishing.

ently, dutifully. Númmo, s. m. a piece of mo- Nutrire, to nourish or feed, Obbedienza, s. f. obedience, ney, a penny. Obs.

to maintain, to keep, to en- dutifulness, submission, sub. Nunciare, o. Nunziare. tertain.

jection. Núncio, v. Nunzio.

Nutritivo, adj. nutritive, nou- Obbedire, to obey, to be obe. Nunziante, adj. that announ- rishing:

dient or dutiful, to submit. Nutríto, adj. nourished, fed, Obbedito, adj. obeyed. Nunziáre, to announce, to tell, kept.-Nutrito, brought up, Obbeditore, s. m. he that to declare, educated.

obeys: Nunziato, adj. announced, told, Nutritóre, he that nourishes. Obbidiénte, Obbediente. declared.

Nutritura, s. f. nourishment, Obs. Nunziatórę, s. m. he that brings Nutrizione, S. food, suste- Obbidienza, 4. Obbedienza. a message, or tells the first

Obs. Nuvilétto, s. m. ą small cloud. Obbiettáre, to object, to make Nunziatúra, s. f. nunciature, Obs.

an objection, to oppose, la the office of a nuncio. Núvola, s. f. a cloud.

urge against. Nunzio, s. m. nuncio, the Nuvoláglia, s. f. a great many Obbietto, s. m. an object. pope's ambassador.-- Núncio, clouds.

Obbiezione, s. f. objection, dife' a messenger, an ambassador. Nuvoláto, s. m. a great many ficulty: Nuocere, to hurt, to prejudice, thick clouds.

Obblatóre, oblator, offerer, he to hurt, to harm or mischief, Nuvolétta

, 5. f. } a little cloud. Obbiazione, s. f. oblation, of

that inakes an oblation. to wrong Núora, s. f. daughter-in-law, Núvolo, s. m. a cloud.Náto. fering. a son's wife,

lo, a great cloud of dust, or Obblia, s. f. oblivion, forgetNuotáre, to swim, to float, any thing else that fills the fulness. Obs. Nuotatójo, s. m. a bladder, air.- Un nuvolo di pecchie, a Obbliamento, s. m. Obbliánza, Nuoto, s. m. swimming, the swarm of bees.--Un nusola di $. f. forgetfulness, oblivion,

act of swimming.–Passare un stor nelli, a flight of stairs.----- Oubliáre, to forget.-Chi bene forme a nuoto, to swing gver a Fa nitolo, it is cloudy wea oma non obblia, who loves Fiver, cher,

heartily, doth not forget,




I thank you: to you,

őbbliáto, adj. forgdt, forgotten. Jobbrum Brazione, s. f. obum-/ Occhiello, s. mi a button-hole. Obbliatore, he that forgets, a bration, overshadowing. Obs. Occhiettino, s. m. dinin. of forgetful man.

Obedienza; v. Obbedienza, and Occhietto. Obbliazióne, s. f. oblivion, for- its derivatives.

Occhićtto, s. m. a little eye. getfulness. Obs.

Obelisco, s. m. obelisk, a sort o'cchio, s. m. an eye-Acer Obbligagióne, s.: f. Obbliga- of pyramid.

l'occhio ad una cosa, to have an ménto, s. m. obligation, duty, Obidićnza, v. Obbedienza, and eye upon a thing, to take care. bond. - Fare una obbligagione, its derivatives.

of it. - Occhio mio, my dear, to give bond.

Obláto, s. m. a lay friar, in my darling, my precious.Obbligánte, adj.obliging,cour rural chapels.

Deh occhio inio bello, guctanti teous, kind, officious. Oblatóre, he that offers a price par un poro, pray, my dear, Obbligantemente, adv. oblig. when he wants to buy, a bid- look at me a little.- Von acer ingly, courteously, kindly. der.

tasciutti gli occhi, to be young. Obbligánza, s. f. o. Obbliga-oblio, v. Obblie, and its deriv. --Aprir gli occhi, to take care, gione. Obs. atives.

to stand upon one's guard. Obbligare, to oblige, to bind, obliquo, v. Obbliquo, and its Ater gli occhi di dietro, to be to engage, to do a kindness, derivatives.

short-sighted.----Esser l'occhio turn or office. Obbligarsi per Oblúngo, adj. oblong, that is diritto d'ino, to be one's darqualcheduno, to be bound for of a figure called a long | ling or minion.-Guardare con one. -Obbligarsi in solido, to be square.

mal-occhio, to look with an bound for the whole.--Obbli- O bolo, s. m. Obole, a kind of ill eye.--In un batier d'occhio, in ĝulo, adj. obliged, bound. small ancient coin.

an instant, in the twinkling Vi resto obbligátů, I am obliged Oea, s. f. a goose; a gander.- of an eye.--L'occhio vuol la

Tenere l'oche in pastura, to keep porte suti, one must please the Obbligatório, adj. obligatory, a bawdy-house.Cervel d'oca, eyes.Perder d'occhio, to lose. binding:

giddy-brained.--Faré il becco the sight of something.-Obbligazione, s. Il obligation, all'oca, to finish or complete Veder di malocchio, to pout, to O'bbligo, s, m. S tie,engage- any work.--Tu sei un oca impas- look graff or surly upon one. ment, bond, duty.--Emo ob- lojada, you are a great booby. -Ochio, the whirl bone of bligo di servirla, it is my duty --Trese l’oca, you are the talk the knee.- Occhio, the sight., to serve her. of the town.

Occhio, eye, bud.--- Ateie Obblío, s. m. oblivion, forget-Occáre, to grub, to harrow, to buono o catlivo occhio, to have fulness.--Metter in obblio, to break the clods in a plowed a good or bad mien, or apforget. field.

pearance -Far d'occhio, to Obblióso, adj. forgetful, obli- Occasionáre, to cause, to give wink. ---Grundar sote occhio, to vious.

occasion, to be the cause. ogle, to cast a sheep's eye.-, Obbliquaménte, adv. indirect-Occasionáto, adj. caused. Anlar a occhi chiusi, to go ly, here and there, obliquely. Orcasióne, s. f. occasion, opporo witlrout any fear of falling. Obbliquáre, to turn or veer, tunity.-- Ocenione, occasion, --Far mal d'occhio, to be

to run traverse, to drive pretence, reason, matter. witch.--Occhio, a round wina obliquely:

Per occasione, occasionally, by dow.--Occhio, that hele where Obbliquità, s. f. obliquity, reason.

the ports of a bit or bridle crookedness.

Occáso, s. m. the west, the set are entered to stay and play. Oblíquo; adj.oblique, crooked, ting of the sun. Poet-Occuso, In siz gli occhi, before one's awry:--Cosi obblipi, oblique end, death. Poet.

face. -Occhio a occhio, face cases, genitive, dacive, accus- Occhiaccio, s. m. large threat. to face. ative, and ablative. ening eyes.

Occhiolino, s. m. a little eye. Obblito, adj. forgotten. Occhiája, si f. the hollow of Occhione, s. m. a large eye; a Obblivióne, s. f. oblivion, for- the eyes,

fine large eye; a black eye. getfulness.

Occhiálájo, so'm. a spectacle- Occhiúto, adj. eyed, fuil of Obblivioso, adj. oblivious; for- maker.

eyes or buds. getful. Obs.

Occhiale, s. m. spectacles.- Occhiúzzo, s. m. a little eye. Obbriázo, adj. drunk. Obs. Occhiale, adj. of or belonging It is sometimes an endearing, Obbróbrio, s. m. reproach, in to the eye.

:-Denis occhiale, an

and sonctimes a contemptufamy, ignominy, shame, dis- eye-tooth.

ous word. grace,

Occhiare, to eye, to look atten- Occidentale, adj. occidental, Olbrobricsamente, adv. in- tively to or unto,

west, westerly, western, famously, ignominiously, Occhiata, s. f. a look, a glance; Occidente, s. m. west. shamefully, opprobriously. a cast, an ogle, a sheep's eye. Occidere, to kill, to slay: Obbrobrióso, adj. opprobrious, Dar un orcuata ad una cosa, Obs. reproachful, injurious, igno to cast an eye upon a thing. Occiditóre, bomicide, killer, minious, shameful.

Occhiato, s, m. fall of eyes. murderer. Obs. Obbumbramento, s. m. obum-Occhiatúra, s. f. the look, a Occisione, s. f. a slaughter, bration, darkness. Ots. man's look, aspect.

murdering, killing. obs. Obhambráre, to obumbrate, to Occhibágliolo, s. in dinuiess. Occisóre, a killer, a slayer. oversbadowi Ods

Occhieggiáre, to ogle,to look at. Occiso, adj. killed.


or time.

Iccorrente, adj. happening, one's eyes open.

-Proceere stink. that happens.

occulatomente in qualche affare, Odoriccio, s: m. a little scent. Occorrénza, s. f. occurrence, to proceed cautiously in an Odorífero, adj. odoriferous, necessity, need, occasion.


Onorifico, sweet-scentOccorrere, to go before, to Oculatézza, prudence, circum- ed. rencounter or meet.--Oc ór- spection, wariness, considera-, Odorosamente, adv. odoriferTere, to happen, to come to

ously. pass, to chance.--Occurse-mi Oculáco, adj

. oculate, ocular. Odoróso, adj. odorous, odoris i aere' un buon cuor!lo, I hap -Testimonio oculato, an eye. ferous, sweet-scented. pened to have a good horse. witness. - Oruluto, prudet, Odorúzzo, s. m. a little smel! ---Occórrere, to be needful or circumspect, wary, consider- or scent. necessary, to want.-- Non oc ate.- Andare oculuto, to act Offa, s. f. a cake' or any like corre che voi mi scriviate, you prudently, to be wary. composition. need not write to me.-V'Oculista, ap oculist.

Offélla, s. f. a kind of cake. occorre niente? do you want Od, or, either:

Offendente, adj. offending, ofany thing?-Occórrere, to re-Oda, Ode, s' f. an ode. feusive.. member, to call to mind. Odiáre, io hate, to bear ill-will Offendere, to offend, to hurt, Oscorrimento, s. m. a meet unto.

to injure, to displease, to sin Occorso,

Odiáto, adj. hated.

against, to commit a fault, to Occorso, adj. met, happened, Odiatore, a later.

blemish. v. Occorrere.

Odibile, adj. odious, hateful, Offendevole, adj. offensive, disOccultamente. adv. hiddenly, hemous.

fleasing, hurtful, injurious. secretly.

Odiernamente, adv. in the Offeadibile, v. Offendevole. Occultamento, s. m. a hiding present day, or in the pre- Offendicolo, s. m. an obnoxior concealing: sent time.

ous thing, offence, trespass, a Occultáre, to hide, to conceal. Odiérnø, adj. hodiernal, be cause of offence. Occultato, adj. hidden, con- longing to the present day Offendimento, s. m. offence, cealed.

trespass, fault, injury, wrong, Occultatóre, 2 concealer, he Odievolę, adj. odious, hateful, scandal.---- Ol'endimento, hinthat hides, conceals, or dis- ' heinous.

drance, guises.

Odievolézza, s. f. hate, hatred, Offenditore, an offender. Occultatríce, she that hides, odium, grudge, ill-will. Obs. Offenditrice, feminine of Of.

conccals, or disguises, O'dio, s. m. hatred, the oppo- fenditore, Occultazione, s. f. occultation, site of love. Aver in udio, Ofensa, v. Oresa. Obs. a hiding or concealing. portar odio, to hate.

Offensióne, both. Occultézza, s. f. secrecy; Odiosággine,s.fr.Odievolezza. Offensivo, adj. offensive, dis, Occúlto, adj. secretly, hiding Odiosamente, adv. hatcfully, pleasing, hurtful, injurious. or concealing: ---Occulto, adj. odiously.

Offenso, adj. v. Offeso. Obs. occult, secret, hidden. Odióso, adj. odious, hateful, Offensúre, an offender. Occupamćnto, s. m. occupa


Otleráre, v. Offerire. Obs. tion, employment, business. Odíre, v. Udire. Obs. Offerénda, s. f. an offering, any Occupare, to usurp, to seize, Odorabile, adj. odoriferous, thing offered to God or men. to occupy.--Occupare, to pos sweet-scented.- -Odur ibile, Offcrente, adj. that offers. sess.--Occupare, to employ, odorous, that has a scent or Al più ofirente, to him that to make use of.-Occuparsi, to smell.

bids most. apply one's self, to set one's Odorainénto, s. m. smell or Offerére, ? to offer, to present, mind to.--Questo bro mi ha

-Odoramento, odour, Oiferire, s to tender, to prooccupało tre anni, this book has perfume.

pound or bid. takea me three years. -Occur- Odoránte, adj. smelling, scent- Oiferire, to ofler, to dedicate, pure un luogo, to occupy a ing

to sacritice. place, to live in it.

Odoráre, to smell.--Odoráre, to Offerirsi, to present itself. Occupatore, an usurper. spread a smell.- Odloráre, to Oferitóre, he that offers. Occupatríce, she that usurps. find out, to discover. Offeritório, adj. offering, that Occupazione, s. f, occupation, Odoráto, adj. odoriferous, odo- offers. business, employment, trade. rous,sweet-scented.- Odorito, On ärta, s. f. offer, proffer, Océano, s. m. ocean, sea; in s. m. snelling, one of the tender:- Vi fo offerta della mia verse we say also Oceáno. natural senses.

persona, I offer iny self to you, O che, or else. A questo mi ri- Odorazióne, s. f. smelling, or pray dispose of me as you spondi o ch'io mi parto, answer scenting, a scent.

please. ---Oferta, an offering. me to this, or else I go. Odóre, s. m. a smell, scent or Fure un' oferta, to make an Ocò, s. m. a cry for joy. colour.- Arere odred'una cose, offering, or to offer. Ocóne, s. mn. a large goose. to have a hint of something Oiferto, adj. offered. Ocra, s. f. ochre, a sort of mi. Dar di se bilon olore, to have Oifertório, s. m: an offertory, neral earth.

a good name or character, Orfésa, s. f. offence, trespass, Ocularmente, adv.? ocularly, to pass for a good man. injury, hurt, wrong, disOculatamente, Ś with

Odoráccio, s, m. bad smell, pleasure.


Lecar lojese, to


bind to the peace.

Ognóra, adv.} always


Óloráto, adj. scented, perfumOfféso; adj. offended, hurt. Ognivolta; che, adv. whenever, ed. Obs. Officiále, v. Ufficiale, and all at any time, every time that, Olóre, s m. odour, scent, smell. jts derivatives. when.

Obs.--Olóre, wish, desire, ale Officina, s. f. shop, an office:

lurement, greediness, appe. Officio, s. th. u. Uificio. Ognótta,

tite. Obs. Officiosamente, adv. officious- Ognúno, adj. every one, every Olorífico, adj. odorous, odolý, courteously.

body--Ognun per se e Dio per Oloroso, S riferous,sweete Oficiosità, 5. fi ürbanity, tutti, every one for himself, scented. Both Obs. kindness: and God for us all.

Oltra, v. Oltre. Officióso, adj. officibus, ser. Ognúnque, Qualunque. Oltracotánza, s. I. arrogances viceable, courteous, obliging: Obs.

Oltracutánza, pride, Officiúzzo, s. m. a small office, Oh, v. Ò.

haughtiness, presumption, in a little good turti. Oi, o Ohi, alas! ha!

solence. Obs. Offuscamento, s. m. offusca. Dibò, fye, fye upon. Oltracotato, adj. arrogant, tion, a darkening, or making Oimè, alas! oh!

proud, haughty, presumpdark.

Oise, alas! poor man! poor tuous, saucy. Offuscáre, to offuscate, to dark woman!

Oltrafino, adj. superfine. eti, to make dark or cloudy. Oitù, poor thee!

Oltraggeria, s. f. outrage, af: Offuscato, adj. darkened, dim-Olà, o! oh!Old, ho, there. front, offence, contumely; med.

bláro, s. m. a potter, a pot-wrong, injury. Olis. O fuscazione, s. f. offuscation, maker. Obs.--Messere e un Oltraggiamento, v. Oltraggio.

a darkening or making dark. | olarò, ándalo ad impendere, sir, Oltraggiáre, to abuse, to af: Oficería, s. fi office, a place he is a robber, go and hang front, to revile, to offend, to

where church offices are kept, him. In this example, the wrong or injure, or rail at. vestry. Obs.

word oláro is a pun, because Oltraggiato, adj. abused, afa Olliciále, « Uniciale:

laro, corrupted from ladro, sig- fronted, reviled, offended, Ofício, s. m. office, duity, part, nifies a robber.

wronged, injured. business. - Far l'oficio, to play Oleástro, s. ni. a wild olive- Oltraggiatore, an outrageous, thë part.-Oficiu, office, divine tree.

abusive, injurious man. Service.

Olente, adj. odoriferous, odo- Olțraggiatrice, fem. of OltragCitiósü, adj. officious, kind, rous, sweet-scented. giatore. tourteous, serviceable. Olezzánte, adj. that has a scent Oltrággio, $i outrage, Oftalmía, s. f. an inflamation or smell.

abuse, affront, offence, conof the outmost skin of the Olezzáre, to smell.

tumely, wrong, injury-Farë Cyes through sharp humours. Olfire, v. a. v. Odorare. oltraggio, to abuse, to offend, Oggetto, s. m. object, aim, end, Olfato, 5. m. the act or power to revile, to injure.- A oltraga a prospect, viev. of smelling

gio, adv. excessively, immos 6'zgi, adv. to-day, this day.-Oliándolo, he that sells oil. derately.--Mangiare a oltraggio,

Oggi á otto, this day seven- Oliato, adj.oiled, seasoned with to eat excessively, too much. Hight. Oggi, the afternoon. oil.

Oltraggiosamente, adv, outa -Oggi; now-a-days, now, at Olibano, s. ñ. incense, frank.rageously, injuriously. this day.---Gli uomini dcl tempo incense, also the tree that Oltraggioso, adj. outrageous, e oggi sono più ingegnosi, men produces incense.

abusive, offensive, contumehow-a-days are more ingeni-O'lio, s. m. oil.-- Tiner l'olio, to lious. Gus.--Stáre d'oggi in do nani, keep in awe.-Olio santo, olio Oltramaraviglióso, adj. most to wait for every day.--Cava- benedetto, blessed oil used in wonderful, or marvellous. Pii d'oggi, mettini in domani, baptism, and extreme unc- Oltramáre, v. Oltremare. live to-day, and hope for to tion.

Oltramarino, adj. beyond the Horrow. Olioso, adj. oily.

sca, forcign. Orgidi, not-a-days, at Olire, to scent, to smeil. Oltramirabile, adj. most wonOggigiorno, s this day; at this Oliva, s. f. olive, olive-trée. derful. time.

Olivástro, adj. swarthish, olive-Oltramisúra, v. Oltremisura. Oggimái, adv. already, now. coloured.

Oltramódo, v. Oltremodo. Ogliente, adj. odoriferous, Olivéto, s. m: a grove of olive- Oltramondáno, adj. out of this sweet-scented.

world, celestial. Oʻglio; t. Olio, and all its de- Olivo, s. m. the olive-tree. Oltramontáno, adj. beyond the rivatives. Olla, s. f. a pot.

mountains, northern.- 1 poOgnaccordo, s. m. a psaltery, Olméto, s. ni. a grove, or wood poli ottramontani, the northern an instrument of music. of elm-trees.

people. Ogni, every, cach, all.- Ogni Olmo, s. m. an elm-tree. Oltramonti, v. Oltremonti. giorno, every day:--Prico dl Olocausto, s. m. holocaust, a Oltránza, o. Oltraggio. Obs. pgri speranza, destitute of all burnt sacrifice, a burnt of Oltrapagáto, adj. paid over hopes. fering:

and above. Ognidi, adv. every day Olorare, to scent, to smell, to Oltrapassare, to surpass. Cgaissanti, s. m. All Saints- perfume. Obs.

Oltráre, to advance, to go



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