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far in, to go forward or on. Ombragione, s. f. ?a skad- or over, to take no notice of, Obs. Ombraménto, s. m. S ing or

to leave out. Oltrárno, adv. beyond shadowing, a shade or sha- Omicciatto, s. m. ? a poor silly farther than the river Ar doiv.

Omicciátcolo, Ś man. Omboráre, to shade or shadow. Omicida, ?

a murderer Oltre, prep. besides.-----O'tre', -Ombrúre, to start, as some Omicidiále, above, more.-Oltre, much horses do.

Omicidio, s. m, an homicide, more, a great deal more.---- Ombrático, adj. suspicious, a murder. 10:re, beyond. --Dotre in fearful, distrustful, or mis- ommissione, s. f. omission. oltre, through, quite through. tru tful.—Ombrétie, starting, 'Ommessa, adj. omitted.

-Oitre, adv. very far, apt to start, skittislı. Omméttere, to onit. farther.--Venire oltre, to ad- Ombrátile, feigned, counter-Ommissiine, s. f. omission. vance, to come nearer.


Omogéneo, adj. homogeneal, Colà olore, thereabout, or near. Ombráto, adj. śhaded or sha

of the same nature or sub--Andure oltre, to go farther, dowed. Oltreche, besides, besides that, Ombre, s. m. a play at cards Omologo, adj. homòlogous, so called.

agreeable or like one Oltremare, adv. beyond the Ombreggiaménto, s. m. shade, other.

shadow, shading or shadow-, Omónimo, adj. homonimous Oltremisúra, adv. beyond mea-' ing,

contrary synonymous, sure, infinitely, much more. Ombreggiante, adj. shady, that has the same name. Oltremódo, adv. very inuch, a casting a shadow; startin, Omore,

humour. great deal, infinitelv.

as some horses use to do. Obs. Oltremónti, adv. beyond the Ombregziáre, to shade, io shia- Omoróso, adj. humorous, full mountains, on the other side dow.--Umbregeiure, to paint, of humours. Obs. of the mountains.

to draw, to give the shadows. Onagro, s. m. a wild ass. Oltrenumero, adv. innumer ---Ombreggiare, to adum-O'ncia, s. f. an ounce weight. ably, intinitely, prodigious- brate.

-0.2mil, an inch measure. dly.

Ombrello s. f. an umbrcila to Oncia, an ounce, a kind of Oltrepassare, Oltrapas- shade from the sun.--Dizbiébal coin-Val più un' ouia di

In, the round tuft, or head of sorte, che una libbra di spere, Omaccíno, a little man.

fennel, or other herbs, where ounce of good-luck is Omáccio, a poor silly man. in the seed is, made like an worth more than a pound of Omaccióne, a great huge man. umbrella.

learning Omággio, s. m. homage, tri- Ombrellijo, unibrella-maker. Oncinéito, s. m. a little book bute.-Omággio, homage, re- Ombrelliere, umbrella- or loop. spect, duty.-Giurare omug- miker, or he that carries an Oncino, s m. a nook. gio, to take the oath. umbrella.

Onda, s. f. a wave, a surge, 2 Omái, now, at this time, at Ombrello, s. m. u. Ombrella. billow. present, at length, at last.

Ombrévole, adj. shady, dark. Ondáta, s. f. the strength of a Ombe, adv. well, how now? Ombria, s. f. shade, shadow. Onıbético, s. m. navelOiles Obsolete.

Onde, from whence.--Onile lico di l'encre, navel wort, a Ombrifero, adj. shady.

venite from whence come plant so called.

Ombrinil, s. f. a little shade or you?----Oule, therefore.Ombilico, v. Ombelico. shadow. -Ombrina, an ombre One, whereby, of which, Ombra, s. f. shadow or shade. or grailing (a fish).

with which. Di quei sospiri --Orbra, a ghost, a spirit.- Ombrosità, s. f. shade, obscu- oru'io nidrira il core, of those Ombra, protection, patronage. rity, darkness.--Orbrosiid, ig- sighs whereby 1 nourished -All' ombra delle vostre ali, norance.

my heart.– A sai m'amasti e under your protection. Ombróso, adj. shady, dark.-- avesti ben orde, you loved me Ombri, sign, mark, token, ap- Ombróso, starting apt to start, so much, and you had good pearance. -Oribra, colour, skittish -0.non o, uspicious, reason to do it --llo molti depretence. Sull'ombra, under disrustful, mirustful, bit', e noz ho ond possa soddiso colour or pretence.-- ()xbrii, jealous.

Girli, I have a great many umbrage, suspicion.-Furom. Oméi, s. ni. plur. woes, sor debts, and I hare not where. bra, to take umbrage, to be rows, lays, griets, troubles. withal to pay.-Orcs, where. suspicious or inistrustrul. Omelia, s. f. homily, a dis --xmor rien mot mustrami Farsi paura collombra, to be course made upon the Gos ond' io vada, love come with afraid of one's own shadow. pel.

me, and show me where I ---Di puter dell'ombra dell' | Oménto, s. m. omentum, a fat may po. a ino, to dispute about no membrane spread over the Ondech, adv. from whatthing.-- Ombra ombre, a game entrails.

erer place, from <V.ry at cards. Better Oinbre. O'mero, s, m. a shoulder, a where. Ombriculo, s. m. a shady place. back.

Ordeggiamento, s. m. floating. --Omb oculo, protection, pa- Omésso, adj. omitted. Ondeggiante, adj. floating tronage.

Ométtere, io omit, to pass by waving. VOL. I.






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Ondeggiáre, to rise in waves nour or respect. or surges, to swell with waves Onoránte, adj. honouring, Opachíssimo, superl. of Opáor billows.-Ondegyiáre, to doing honour. disturb or perplex one's self. Onoranza, s. f. honour. Opáco, adj. opaque, dark, not -Onde ggio in un mar di pensie- Onorare, to honour, to respect, transparent. Ti, a thousand thoughts per to do honour, to worship, to Openióne, v. Opinione. plex my mind.--Ondegguire, have a veneration for. Opera, s. f. work, labour, to rise in arms, to revolt, to Onoratamente, adv. honour action, deed.-Opera, work,

ably, honestly, with ho- workmanship.---Opera, art, Ondeggiato, adj. tossed, agi

Onorio, adj. skill, structure. Opera, tated, tormented, vexed. honoured, respected. ---Ono means, way, 2ssistance, help. Ondóso, adj. wavy, full of ráto, honourable, honest, mo -Opera, action, acı, deed.-

dest, of good repute, reputa- O'pera, copulation.---Djare opeOndúnque, adv. whenecso- ble.- Famiglia onorata, good, ru, to strive, to endeavour.-ever, wheresoever.

honourable, reputable family. Mettere in opera, to put in erOneroso, adj. heavy, weighty. - Persona onorata, an honest ccution.--Opera, an opeia. Onestà, s. f. honesiy, honour. person.

Operáccia, s. m. bad work, -Ontsià, decorum, decen- Onoratore, he that honours or bad action, bad opera. су. respects.

Operiggio, s. m. work. Onestamente, adv. honestly, Onoratrice, fem. of Onoratore. Operagione, s. f. operation. -Onestanuénik, easily, with Onore, s. m. honour, respect, Operájo, workman, artiticer,

worship, reverence.- Onore, labourer. Onestáre, to adorn, to embel-horour, reputation, glory, Operamento, s. m. art, skill, lish,' to trim. --Czesto "e, to fame, credit, esteem.-Onore, exercise, operation, action. palliate, to disguise, to co honour, ornament.- -Onore, Operánte, adj. acting, operatlour, to cloak.

honour, dignity, charge.- ing, working.--Operante GiuOntstáto, adj. honest, rightful. Onore, funeral solemnity.-- none, by the assistance of Onesteggiárë, iu dcal lionest. In uomo d'onore, an honest Juno. A Latin way of speak

man, a man of honour. ing.-Operantı, s. m. work. Onésto, adj. honest, modest, Onoritto, S. dim. of man, artificer, labourer. rightful. ---Onesto, becoming, Onore.

Operáre, to work, to operate, honest.---Onesto, s. m. hones-Onorévole, adj. honourable, to do, to act, tu use labour ty, right.-0..ésto, adv. ho- honest.-Onoréro'e, pompous, and diligence.---Operáre, to nestly

stately, magnificent, lofty: use, to employ, to make use Onestúra, s. f. honesty. Onorevolezza, s. f. dignity, of. O'nice, s. f. onyx, a kind of honour.

Operativo, adj. operative, apt precious stone. Onorevolménte, adr. honour

to work. Onire, to dishonour, disgrace, ably:

Operatore, operator.---Operadebase, discredit, to destroy, Onorificaménte, adv. hohour- túre, author, cause.-Voi siete to spoil, to waste.--Onito sinably.

l'operatore dilla mia disgrazia, chi mal pensa, honi soit qui Onorificáre, v. Onorare. you are the author of my mal y pense.

Onorificenza, s. f. honour, re misfortune. Onninuménte, adv. quite, al- putation, glory, respect. Operatrice, fem. of Operatore. together.

Onorifico, adj. honoured, es - La nutura è l'operatrice di Onnipotente, adj. almighty, teemed.

tutte le cose, nature is the omnipotent.

Onránza, s. f, honour. Obs. maker of all things.-OperaOnnipotentissimo, most omni- Onrato, adj. honoured. Obs. trice, cause, origin, principle, potent, or almighty.

Onta, S. f. shame, injury, occasion. Onnipotenza, s. f. omnipoten- bcorn, reproach, disgrace.- Operazioncélla, s. f. dim, of

cy, almighty power, almighti- | dil onta iul, in spite of your Operazione. Tess, omnipotence.


Operazione, s. f. operation, Onniprésent, adj. omnipresent, Ontanéto, s. m. a spot planted work, action, working.

that is every where present. with the trees called ontanos. Operétta, s. f. / a small work, Onniprésenza, s. f. omnipre. Ontáno, s. m. a tree called in Opericciuola, S action, or sence, a being present in all Latin alnus.

operation. places.

Ontare, to dishonour, to dis- Operiére, workman, artificer, Onnisciente, adj. omniscient, grace, to blur, to blemish, 10 worker, labourer. Obs. knowing all things

stain.c-Onláto, adj. dishonour- Operina, s. f. a small work or Onniscienz2, s. f. omniscience, ed, disgraced.

action. the knowlcuge of all things. Ontosamente, adj. shamefully. Operóso, adj. active, stirriog, Onorábile, adj. honourable, Ontóso, adj., shameful, disho- diligent, nimble, quick, alworthy of hondur.

nourable, disgraceful.--Onti-i ways doing, busy.. Onorandissimo, adi, deserving so, adj. bashful.

Operáceia, s. f. a small work, the utmost honour, or re- Onúscó, adj. laden, loaded, or action. spect. loaden.

Opitice, s. m. operator, author, Onorando, adi. dese:ving ho-Opacità, s. f, opacity, dark- workman, artiiicer. Obs.

my guide.

Opimo, adj. plentiful, plen- Opposizione, s, f. opposition, wife?-Ora, adv. now.-Come teous, abounding, copious, hindrance, rub, stop, obsta- se' ora tanto da te diverso? why fat. Opimo, rich, costly, mag.

cle.--Opposizione, opposition, are you now so different nificent.--Opime spoglie, rich when two planets are diame. from what you used to be? spoils or cloaths. trically opposite.

Ora lua, ora l'altro, someOpinánte, adj. thinking, sup- Opposto, c. Oppósito.

times one,

sometimes anoposing.

Oppressáre, to oppress, to ther.-Or, ora, presently.--Opináre, to think, to suppose. overburden, to crush by au D'ora in ora, every hour, very Opinióne, s. f. opinion, mind, thority and violence.

soon.-Ultima ora, the last sentiment, judgment.---Opo Oppressato, adj. oppressed. point of death.-E stuto infin nióne, opinion, value, regard, Oppressatóre, an oppressor, he all'ultim'ora, le has been at esteem. — Arer grande opinione that oppresses.

the point of death, or near to di se stesso, to be self conceit- Oppressione, s. oppression, die. ed.

overburdening, violence. Ora, s. f. air, gale, breeze. Oppiáre, to give the opiate, to Opprésso, adj. oppressed.- Orácoln, s. m. an oracle. cause one to be asleep.

Opprusso, seized, struck, or Ora com' ora, at present. Oppiáto, adj. composed with possessed.--Oppresso dal dolore, Ora com' ora non ho di bisogno opium.

srized with grief.--Oppresso i I don't want it at present. Oppiláre, to oppilate, to cause di stupore alla mia guida mi volo: Orafo, s. m. a goldsmith. a stoppage in some part of si, all astonished I turned to Oramái, . Ormai. the body.

Oráre, to pray, to say one's Oppiláto, adj. oppilative, ob- Oppressóre, an oppressor. prayers. rare, to adore, to structive, stopping:

Oppressúra, s. f. oppression, worship.--Oríre, to speak, to Oppiláto, adj. oppliated, ob- Opprimere, to oppress, to make a speech.-Oráre, to structed, stopped.

overburden, to crush by au gild. Oppilazione, s. f. oppilation, thority and violence. Oráta, s. f. dory, or gilthead. obstruction, stoppage.

Oppugnamento, s. m. an as-, Orato, adj. prayed, adored.-a Oppinióne, o. Opinióne.

sault, an attack, the acting 0,ató, gilt, or gilded. O'ppio, s. m. opiate, a medi- against one another's interest, Oraióre, an adorer, he that cine made of opium.--Oppio, a confutation.

prays or beseeches; an orator, a kind of poplar tree.

Oppugnáre, to oppose, to cn an eloquent speaker. Opponimento, s. m. opposi-l deavour to overthrow, to Oratório, adj. oratory, helongtion, hindrance, rub, stop, confute, to combat an opi- ing to an crator.--Oratório, obstacle. nion.

s. m. an oratory, a private Oppónere, v. Opporre. Obs. Oppugníto, adj. oppugned, chapel.--- Preli dell' orutorio, Oppoponaco, 6. m. a kind of ihwarted, confused.

oratorians, an order of regue plant, and gun. Oppugnaziine, s. f. a thwart

lar priests. Oppórre, to oppose or ing, or overthrowing, a con. Oratrice, s. f. she that prays. against.- Oppórre, to oppose, futation.

Orazioncélla, 2 diminutives of to object, to allege.

Opra, o. Opera. Poetical. Orazioncina, 5 Orazione. Opporsi, to oppose, to be con- Oprare, v. Operare. Poetical. Orazione, s. f. prayer.--- Fare trary or against.

Opulente, adj. opulent, wcal- oracione, to pray.-Orazione, Opportunaménte, adv. ? op- thy, very rich.

oration, a discourse or speeche Opportunataménte, por- Opulento, adj. v. Opulente. pronounced in public.

tunely, conveniently. Opulenza, S. f. opulency, Orbácca, s. f. a berry. Opportunità, s. f. opportunity, riches, wealth.

Orbáre, to deprive.- Orbire, convenient time or occasion. Topúscolo, s. m. an author's to blind, in deprive of sight. - Opportunità, necessity, want, small tract, or work. Orbáto, adj. blind, deprived of deed.

Ora, s. f. an hour, the space of sight.---Orh.to, deprived. Opportuno, adj. opportune, an hour.-Ora, hour, time. Orbe, s. m. an orb, a sphere, convenient, seasonable.. --- In su l'ora del mang ere, Or be, v. Or bene. Opportuno, necessary, want about dinner-time.---In poco Or bene, adv. well, well now. ing:

d'ora, in a little or short time. -Oi bene stů, it is very well. Oppositaménte, adv. opposite -l'hi se'tit che vieni ancora? Orbezza, s. f. orbation, a de

who are you that come be- priving.--Orbésza, blindness. Oppósito, s. m. the opposite or fore your tine?- Essendo sia Virbicolare, adj. ? orbicular, contrary, the reverse. Vi buona oru di notte, being very Orbiculáto, S round, like disse tutto l'opposito, he told me late at night. Va in buon' a ball or globe, orbiculated. quite the reverse. All' oppo oru, God speed you.-ta in Orbita, s. f. orbit, the line de silo, opposite, over-against. -- maora, go to the devil, gol scribed by the revolution of 0;posito, adj. opposite.--Op- and be hanged. ---Tu sei venk- ; 2 planet. pósito, contrary, adverse. - tu nella till mal ora, you are Orbita, s. f. blindness, or bity. La parte opposila, the contrary come in an unlucky time for Orbo, adj. blind. --Orbo, de part.

you.-Ora non son io cos hella prived. 0:hu budello, the Oppositóre, an opposer, he che la moglie di Ricciardo 2m blind gut of a mun. that opposes or is against. not las handsome as Richard's Orca, s. S. a monstrous sca-fish



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called an ork.

rin, a lieger ambassador.----Orécchia, c. Orecchio. O'rcadi, s. f. pl. islands in the Ordinario, s. m. the post, a Orecchiare, to listen, to set

North Sea, called Orkney. courier.----Ordinario, the or one's cars to hear. Orcétio, 5. m, a little pitcher. dinary, among priests, is he Orecchino, s. Orchestra, s. f. orchestra, a that is possessed of certain ring. place in a playhouse where powers. -- Ir l'or hnar', adv. Orecchio, s. m. ear, pl. Orecmuziriane play.

commonly, ucually, generai-chi, s. m. Orecchic, s. f. ---PurOranj), s. m. a degrading ly, most commonly, most lare ali orecchio, to whisper.--alimentative of Orcio.

times, mostly--ill' ordinario, pervenire all' vrearhie, to come Orciéro, s. 11. he did takes ady, at the old rate, at the to one's ears.---Pare Orecchia care of the larboard sheet.

usual rate, ás before, as for al una coin, to hearken, to Orcio, s. m. a pitcher, z jeg, mrly.

giri ear to a thing.a jar. Ordinatamente, adv. accord Torre



listen. Orciolajo, $. m. a potter, a ing to order, in oral»r, dis Stare coll' ora chic levite, to potmaker.

tinctly.---0. dinálo, adj. order- hearken attentively.--For Crcio'é, o, ņoc'olino, s. ni. a cd--Ordnuto, tenperate, 10 orecchie di mercante, to give no cerate, stocr, rukd.

car.- l'irar ali reali, to reCruinézet f. the larboard- Ordinatie, onvicter, disposer, primard-lonfiar gli oreccii, slicu. contriie".

io flatter, to praise, to coma Orciuólo, s. m. a pitcher, 2, 0:dinatrice, s. f. feminine of mend.-Surali orecchi an uno,


to open one's ears, to make Orco, S. an imaginary Ordinazione, s. f. order, ordi one hear.-- Cantare a orecchia, monster, somitin.es is taken nance, decree, statute, to sing by the car.-for Pluio.

0.1 azione, ordination, con Orecchio, the top of several Ordigno, 8. Tim. 31 engine, a fcrring holy orders.

things: tol instrument, utensil. Ordine, s. in. order, disposi- Orecchiune, s. m. orillon, a Ordono, order, term, way.

- Helier in ordine, to set kind of casemate in fortifOns

in order.- i!!' ordine, reudy. cation. Ordiménto, r'. Orditura.

vetere sull' ordine, to pre- Orecchióne, s. m. pl. an imOrdir le, adj. ordinary, usual. pare, to mae ready.-- -!'or

postune, or sore under the Ourule, ordered, prepar

dit die. Hi, by the King's! cal.--Orecchioni, a pulling by eg.

order-rr bene in ordine, to the ears. Ordinalmente, adv. ordinally, be well-dressed.--@riine, com- Orecchiúto, adj. that has long in regular erdir.

mission, appointment, war or large ears. Ordinamenti), s. n. ordering, Online, order, rate, Orefice, a goldsmith. order institution.

rank.--O decirkleresco), an Oreficeria, the trade or art of Ordinanza, s. f. ordinance, de order of knighthood.-Or-1 a geldsnith. crc?, order, law, statute, bine religioso, a religious or- Oréglia, ö. Orecchio. Obs. method. ----Ordinama, order, der.-Oidhini minuri, the in- Orcía, s. f. goid-plate, or toys. ranks, files.---didare in o'ti- ! ferior orders.----Orilini sacri, Orezza, s. f. a fresh air, a

to march in good the holy orders of priests, rézzo, s. m. gentle breaih order, 5caking of the arnics, i dercons and sub-deacons.- of wind, a gile. --;heitere i viri in ordine, za Ordine arhitett:'ra, an order Orfancilo, s. m.

a young or 22, to range the soldiers in of architecture.hal in or- 'Ostanitto, phan, an orbaiaria. dine, ill dressed.

Orfanino, phelin. Oruináre, to order, to range, Ordingo, v. Ordigr!o. Orfanézza, s. f. the staie of an

to dispose, to set in order, Ordire, io warp.-Ori'ire, to orphan. Ocinare, to design, to desti- plot, to brew, to frame a Orfanità, s. f. orplianism, the 07", to appoint.- Oinuit, traiterous design.

state of an orphan. to play like children.--0di- Ordio, adj. weaved.- Ordilo, Oʻrfano, adj. orphan, fathernére, in order, to gever, to devised, projectre!. contrived, less and niotherless.--Un ore Tule.-.Ochmure, to conmit, brewed, destined.--:er in en frno, an orphan. to order, to coran.and, to lay de! juto è quesio neulo vidto, Organále, adj. organical, orto charge, w enjoin.--Odlo this marriage is destined in ganic.-l'ene organáli, organáre, to ordain, to conser holy heaven.- Oitiio, s. in. web. nal veins. orders. ---Oidine, to pre-Orditijo, s. in. a loom. Organáre, 3. Organizzare.

Orditire, a weaver; one that Organato, v. Organizzato. Oru énte. adv.

weaves, plots, frames, or Organétto, s. in. a small orVolody, ordinarily, contrives any thing.

gan, a German organ. -Y', rose conmo. iy. Orditrice, fem. of Orditore. Orgánico, adj. organical, orCruinnithidj. ordinary, com- Onitúra, s. f. a warping or ganic, belonging to the ormoo. untains oniel.-- Didinu- weaving,

gans of the body. riu, iary, common, yul-Ordo, adj. deformed, ugly. Organista, s. m. an organist, a Biri istituut.--- Kare ord! Ohs.

player on the organ. more, it , c! vi ordingy Ordi. 2, s. f. ordure, filih, Ogranizzáre, to organize, to judge. -midiusciatwie urürida Obs,

form or furnish wabis proper

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Originariamente, v. Original. Orlo, s. m. hem, selvaçe, bor. Organizzato, adj. organized,

der Orlo, brim, edge, borfurnished with proper organs. Originário, adj. original, pri der --Orlo del pane, the crust

luce Organizzata, a swiet mitive, first. --Originá i, adj. about a loaf.--Orlo d'en capmelodious voice.

in law, descended from a fa- pello, the brim of a hat.O'rgano, s. m. organ, an in mily originally settled in an Oro d'un vaso, the briin of a strument of some faculty in other country or province. glass.--Essere all'orlo viel prean animal body--rgano, Origine, s. f. origin, the first cipzio, to be in an imminent organ, a musical instrument, rive or source of a thing, be- danger. commonly used in churches. ginning, pedigree, lineage. Orma, s. f. a track, a trace, a Orgogliamento, s. m. Orgog. Origliáre, to listen, to give footstep, the view of a hare, liánza, 6. f. pride, haughti car attentively, to set one's the prick of a deer.--- Dar ! ness, vanity, presumption, ears to hear. Obs.

orma, to teach, to instruct. loftiness, arrogance. Obs. Origliere, s. m. a pillow. Ormáre, to track, to trace, to Orgogliáre, to grow proud, Orina, s. m. urine.

hunt after, to seek out. haughty, or arrogant.

Orinále, s. m. urinal, a cham- Ormatore, a tracer or hunter. Orgoglio, s. m. haughtiness, ber-pot.-Orinále, still, alem- Ornamento, s. m. ornament, pride, presumption, lottines, bick, limheck.

finery, dress, attire.---Ornaarrogance, vanity.

Orinaletto, s. m.] a little uri. menti sucerilotali, priest's orOrgogliosamente, adv. proud. Orinalino, 5 nal.

naments or vestments.-Or ly, haughtily, arrogantly.

Orináre, to make water. naménto, ornament, grace, Orgogliosetto, adj. proudish, Orinci, adv. very far. A bur- beauty, commendation. somewhat haughty.

lesque word.— Yandar in orin- Ornáre, to adorn, to set off, to Orgoglioso, adj. proud, haugh- ci, to send very far.

trim up, to grace or beautity, arrogant, lofty, presump | Oriolajo, a clock or watch-, fy, to attire or embellish. tuous. -Orgoglioso,adv.haugh-maker.

Ornataménte, adv. elegantly, tily, proudiy, arrogantly. Oriólo, s. m. a clock or watch. gracefully, finely. Orgogliuzzo, s. m. a little pride, Orióne, s. m. Orion, a southern Ornáro, adj. adorned, set off, or vanity.

constellation, consisting off beautified. --Ornáto, s. m. orOriafiamma, s. f. golden fiame. eighty stars.

nament, beauty, commenda-Oriafiamma, an ancient bata.; Oríre, to rise, to come from a tion. ner the Freuch had formerly place. Obs.

Ornatrice, she that adorns or Oribándolo, s. m. a kind of Oriscillo, s. m,a crust of bread. beautifies. girdle.


Ornatúra, s. f. a beautifying Oricáico, s. m. hrass, yellow Oriundo, adj. a law word; the oradorning,ornament, beauty,

brass, also a brass pot. same as Orrinário; descend-l tinery, dress.
Oricánno, s. a casting ed from a family originally: Orno, s. m. the wild ash.

bottle for sweet waters. settled in another country or Oro, s. m. gold. I che luce Oricello, s. m. orchal or orcel, province.

non è tutt'oro, all is not gold a mineral stone like alum to Oriuolájo, a clock or watch that litters.---Ridurla oro, to dye with. maker.

come to a conclusion, -, care Oricchio, s. m. a kind of gum. Oriuólo, s. m. a sun-dial, an d'oro, in oro, to pay in gold.-Orientále, adj.oriental, belong hour-glass, a clock, a watch. Troro, in vro, excellent, very ing to the east, eastern. -Avere il cervello a orioli, to good,, very fine.--Il qual di Oriente, s. m. orient, the cast. be like a weather-cock, to be Francia s'era gi? partito, con -Il verace oriente, the para- inconstant.

quella bell, lanci: d'ura in 010, dise.

Orizzone, v. Orizzonte. Obs. who went away from France Orificio, Orifízio, s. m. orifice, Orizzontale, adj. horizontal, with that excellent gu.den .the mouth, entry, or brim of belonging to the horizon. lance. -Slare nell'oro, to live any thing, especially that of Orizzontalmente, adv. hori well, to live at one's easc. the stomach or womb. zontally.

Oro potabile, potable gold Origano, s. m. origan, wild Orizzonie, s. m. horizon. Oro builuto, leaf gold.--Oro marjoram.

Orláre, to hem,to welt, to brim, cantarino, oro musico, painter's Oʻrige, s. m. a kind of wild to selvage.

or water gold.-Oro di coppella, buck, cloven-footed, with Orláto, adj. hemmed, selvaged. the finest gold... Oro fiato, great horns on his forehead. Oriatúra, s. f. hemming, or thread gold.- Essere una coppe Originále, s. m. the original. selvaging about, an hem. d'oro, to be perfectly amiable, Originále, adj. original, pri- Orliccio, s. m. hein, brim, sel- said of men and women.

mitive, first. - Peccato originale, vage. -Orluccio, a crust of Orobanche, 9. f. chick-weed, or the original sin. bread, the kissing crust.

strange-weed. Originalmente adv. originally. Orlicciuzzino, s. m. / a small O'robo, s. a kind of pulse like Originamento, s, m.v. Origine. Orlicciúzzo, shem, a vetches or tares. Origináre, to originate, to brim, or selvage, a little crust Orofiámma, o. Oriafiamma. give a beginning. Origináre, of bread.

Orológio, s.m.a watch, a clock. to draw the origin, to pro- Orliqua, s. f. relic or reliques. Orpellajo, he that works in feed from. Obs.

gilt leather.


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