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Orpelláre, to cover or adorn | Örsù, interj. come, away, on, Oscuramente, adv. obscurely, with tinsel. ----Orpellare, to courage, lustily.

darkiv. cover, to disguise, to conceal, Ortaccio, s. m. a poor over. Oscuramento, s. m. darkness. to cloak or dissemble. grown garden.

Oscurare, to darken, or obOrpellato, adj. covered, dis- Ortággio,s. m. greens, kitchen- scure, to cloud, to eclipse: grised, concealed, dissem- herbs.

Oscuráre, to obscure, to blur hled.

Ortále, s. m. kitchen-garden. or blemish. Orpéllo, s. m. tinsel.

Ortense, adj. of, or belonging Oscurársi, to darken, to grow Orpiménto, s. m. orpiment, a to a kitchen-garden.

dark, gloomy, or overcast. yellow kind of arsenic. Ortíca, s. f. nettle.

Oscurato, adj. darkened. Orránza, s. honour, prefer- Orticello, s. m. a little kitchen- Oscurazióne, s. f. darkness. ence, dignity. Obs.


Oscurétto, adj. darkish.
Orrare, to honour, to do ho- Orticheggiare, to nettle, to Oscurezza, c. Oscurità.
sting with nettles.

Oscuriccio, adj. darkish. Orráto, adj. honoured. Obs. Ortichéto, s. m. a place full of Oseurire, v. Oscurare. Obs. Orrendamente, adj. horribly, nettles.

Oscurità, s. f. darkness, glooinicruelly, barbarously. Orticino, s. m. a little kitchen ness, obscurity.-Oscurità, iso Orréndo, adj. horrible, dread- garden.

ful, terrible, strange. Orto, s. m. a kitchen-garden. Oscuríto, adj. dark. Obs. Orrettizio, adj. obreptitious, -Orto, birth, nativity, rising, Oscuro, adj. obscure, dark, full stolen, false.

east.-L'orto del sole, the sun of darkness, gloomy.--Colore Orrévolc, adj. honourable. rising.

dark colour.--Oscuro, Obs.

Ortodásso, adj. orthodox. melancholy, sad, grievous.Orrevolezza,s.f.honour, splen- Ortográtia, s. f. orthography, Morte oscura, an ignominious dour, magnificence, pomp, spelling.

death.--Oscuro, obscure, hard nobleness. Obs.

Ortográfico, adj. orthographi- to be understood. -Oscuro, Orrevolmente, adv. honour- cal, orthographic.

obscure, private, retired.ably, gloriously, magnificent- Ortografizzáre, to spell or Oscura nasciin, obscure, meant ly, sumptuously. Obs. write true.

birth.-- Vienare una vita oscura, Orribile, adj. horrible,dreadful, Ortógrafo, s. m. orthographist, to live obscurely, to live re. terrible.- Orribile, adj. abo- orthographer.

tired. -- Parole oscure,dark,amminable.execrable, detestable, Ortolano, s. m. a gardener.- biguous words.--0cáro, s. m. iznominious, basc.

Ortolano, ortolan, a delicate obscurity, darkness.-- (amiOrribilia, s. f. horror, dread, bird.

nure nell' oscuro, to walk in frigolit, terror, great fear. Or Via, Or sj, Orsi, come, on, the dark.--Oscuro, adv. obOrribilmente, adv. horrilly, away, courage, lustily. scurely, darkly, in the dark.

dreadfully, terribly. Orvietáno, s. m. a kind of an- Oso, adj. bold, during, audaOrridézia, t. Orrore. tidote.

cious. Poet. O'rrica), adj. horrid, dreadful, Orza, s. f. the larboard sheet. Ospe, w. Ospite. Obs.

hideous, frightful, ghastly. Caricar l'orza, to lie with a Ospedale, 3. Spedale. Orrifico, u. Onorifico. Obs. woman.--1r in pozzi, er da Ospedalitá, s. f. v. Ospitalità. Orróre, s. m. horror.

orin, sometimes on the risht, Obs. Orsa, s. fia she bear.-Orsa sometimes on the left hand. (spirále, adj. hospitable, that Aloyziore, Orsa Minore, Ursa Orzajuólo, s. m. a stian, or uses hospitality.-Ospriude,s.m. Major, Ursa Minor, Charles' stitie, a hitle red swelling in an hospital. the cye-lids.

O pitalità, s. f. hospitality. Orsacchino, s. m. 2 a young Orzáre, to bring the ship close. Opitalménte, adv. hospitably, Orsacchio, bear, a to the windi,to loof.

friendly, freely: Orsacchiotto,

bear's Orzáta, s. f. barley-broth, a O'spite, s. m. guest, strangers whelp. prisan.

O prite, host, inn-keeper, landOrsára, 5. f. an impetuous Orzáto, adj. mixed with bar. lord. crowding of words lit:le un ley.

Ospiziare, to receive into one's derstood, and less conclu ive. Orzése, s. m. a creeping plant house, to lodge, to entertain Orsárto, s. m. ? so called.

as a guest. Orsicello,

a young Orzo, s. m. barley.

Ospizio, s. m. a sort of hospi. Orsino, adj. of, or belonging to Osanna, Hosanna, an Hebrew tal for monks.--Ospizio,place, a bear.

word which signities save, we abode, dwe jing-place.--0 til Orso, s. m. a bear. Verder la beseech thee.

che rieni al doloruso ospezio, O quelle dell'orso, to sell the hear's Osannáre, to sing Hosannah. you that coming in this torskin before one has caught Not in use.

menting place. him.- Andare a oriler ballir l Osire, to dare.

Ossáccio, s. m. a big bone, a 0786), to dic.---Piuliar l'orso, to Oscenamente, adv. obscencly.


hard bone. get drunk.---Orso, a paring Oscenitá, s. f. obscenity, filthi Ossijo, he that makes bone. shovel.

1 works. Orsójo, 8. m. the wilk that stands Oscèno, adj. obscene, filthy, Ossame, s. m. a heap of bones, upon the looin. bawdy, smutty.




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an inn.

Ossatúra, s. f. the order and son left as surety for the per- stubborn, to be obstinately disposition of the bones. formance of the articles of a resolved. O'sseo, adj. bony.


Ostinatamente, adv. obstinate. Ossequiáre, to shew obsequi. Ostále, s. m. an hospital. Obs. ly, wilfully, stubbornly, stiffousness, to be obsequious, to Ostánte, adj. opposing: It is ly.

never used by itself, but al- Ostinatéllo, s. m. a little stubOssequio, s. m. obsequence, ways with the particle nega- | born, a little obstinate. obsequiousness.

tive Non, before. --- Non os- Ostinato, adj. obstinate, wile Ossequioso, adj. obsequious. tonte, notwithstanding, in ful, stubborn, resolved. Osseréllo, s. m. small bone. spite, though, although. Oscinazioncélla, dim. of Ostia Osservabile, adj. observable, Ostáre, to withstand, to op- nazione. worthy to be observed. pose, to gain stand.

Ostinazione, s. f. obstinacion, Osservagióne, s. f. 1 obser- tiste, s. m. an host, an inn- wilíulness, stubbornness. Osservaménto, s. m. Š vation, keeper or landlord.-Fire il O'strica, s.

oyster. observance, keeping.

conto sensa l'oste, to reckon 'Ostrichéita, dim. of Ostrica. Osservánte, adj. respectful.. without the host.--Oste, a Ostro, s. m. scarlet colour, Religiosi Osserianti, Observan- guest.--Oste, s. m. f. an host, Poetical.--.tru, the southtines, a branch of the order

an army.---'enire ad oste, to west wind. of the Franciscans.

engage in battle.---- Andure ad Ostruire, to obstruct, to hisOsservanza, s. f. observation, oste, ponersi ai o te, to encamp.

der. observance, keeping.--Osser-1 -Oste, a farmer.

Ostruttivo, adj. obstructive, vanza, observations, the rules Osteggiare, to encamp, to lie hindering. or customs of a monastery.

in the field.

Ostruzione, s. f. obstruction, Ossercanza, observation,' re- Ostellággio, s. m.

hindrance. mark.Osserránza, obsequi- Ostellagióne, s. f.)

Ostupefátto, adj. stupified. Olm. ousness, reverence,obedience. Ostelláno, s. in. an host or inn- Otre, s. m., a bag of leather, Osserváre, to observe, to keep, I keeper. Obs. !

Otro, S a budget of leaor follow.--Timo che non me Ostelliére, s. m. a tavern, an ther, to put oil or wine in. l'osserrverai, I am afraid you inn.

Otréllo, s. m. / a little bag, a won't be as good as your Ostello, s, m. a tavern, inn, Otricello, s budget of lea. word. -Osserrare, to observe, lodging, house, habitation, ther. to consider, to contemplate place.

Otriaca, s. f. treacle. Obs. on.---Osserváre, to observe, to Ostentamento, s. m. ostenta. Otriáre, to grant. Obs. mark or take notice of, to tion.

Otriáto, adj. granted. Obs. mind, to heed, to watch. Ostentáre, to boast, to brag, to Otro, t. Oire. Osservato, adj. observed.

Otta, s. f. hour, time. A un Osservatore, observer. Ostentatóre, vaunter, hoaster, otta, at one time.--I otto di Osservatrice, femin. of Osser- braggard, or braggadochio. de irare, it is dinner-timevatore.

Ostentazione, s. f. ostentation, Olla per vicenda, now and the Osservazione, $. f. observ- vain glory, excessive boast --Otta catotta, adv. now and -Osservaz.one, obser- ing.

then, sometimes. vation, remark.--Osserouzióne, Osteria, s. f. a tavern, an inn. Ottaédro, $. m. octaedron, a observation, contemplation. Ostéssa, hostess, the mistress of solid geometrical figure, con Ossiacánta, s. f. the name of a a tavern or inn.

sisting of eight equal sides. plant,

Ostia, s. f. host, a sacrifice.- Ottagesimo, adj. tlic eightieth. Dssicino, s. m. a little bone, an Ostia, host, the consecrated Ottagonale, adj. octangular, Ossiele.

bread at the mass. -0.tia, s. f. having cight angles, Ossidióne, s. f. a siege.

a wafer.

Ottalnia, s. f. blear-eyedness, Ossiméle, s. m. oxymel, a po. Ostiário, s. m. hostiary.

or blood-shot of ile eye. tion made of vinegar, honey, O'stico, adj. lure, harsh, in- ; Ottalmico, adj. blear-eyed, sand and water, boiled together. sipid.---Oʻstico, strange, peev- blinded, dim-sighted. Ossizzácchera, s. f. a drink ish, morose, dugged, surly-- Ottangolare, adj. octangular,

made of vinegar and sugar. Luogo ostico, a frighitul place. having eigiit angles. Osso, s. m. bone, pl. Ossa, s. f. ilma em via e w.tico, a wicked Outángolo, s. m. oetayon, a

- Aver l'osso del poltrone, to be cruel soul. Poet.--- }'u zo os- figure consisting of cilit annaturally lazy.

| tico, a madinan that is fu- gles. Ossocrózio, s. m. a kind of rious.

Ortánta, cighty, fourscore. plaister good for bones out of Ostiere, s. m.a tavern, an Ottantésimo, adj. the eightieth. joint.

Ostiéro, sinn, a lodg-Ottárda, s. f. a kind of bird of Ossóso, adj. ? bony, that has ing, a house, a dwelling-place. prey. Ossúto, s strong large, -Ostiere, an hust, an ina- Ottáre, to wish, to optate. bones. keeper, a landlord.

Obs. Osta, o, Ostessa,

Ostile, adj. hostile, enemy-like. Ottativo, s. m. the optatire Ostácolo, s. m. obstacle, hind- Ostilità, s. f. hostility.

mood. rance, opposition.

Ostilmente, adv.


like. Ottato, adj. desired, wishod, Osiaggio, s. m. bustage, a per. Ostinársi, to be obstinate or covered.





Ottáva, s. f. octavé, the eighth triumph for a tictory, won Pacchione, s. m. a gluttori, a day after some peculiar testi- without the spilling of much greedy-gut, a gully-gut. val of the year. Oláta, oc blood.

Pacciama, s. m.] sweeping3 tave, an eighth, or in trral! Cve, adv. where. Ove siete, Pacciume, S of a house, • of eight sounds. -Ottiva di where are you? Ore, pro- nastiness.

Pasqua, the first Sunday after vided provided that. --Ove, Pace, s. f. peace.-Con vostra Easter. whenever, when.

buona pace, by your leave.Ottávo, adj. the eighth. Oreché, adv. wherever, in Dar i pace, to quiet one's self. Ottemperare, to obey. Not whats ever place.

- Dutli pace, be easy.-- Dar used.

Orerárs, t. Operare. Obs. del buon per la pace, to be more Ottenebráre, to darken, to oh. Ovéro, e. Ovvero.

reasonable, to hearken or to scure, to dim, to overcast, to Ovidutto, s. m. the passage of come to an agreement. — Dar obtenebrate.

the eyeg when it comes out of pace, to ease, to give eise or Ortencbráto, adj. darkened, the body of a bird.

rest.---Dar la pace, to kiss., obscured, dimmed, overcast. Ovile, s. m. sheepfold.--Ovile, -Dar la pace il nernico, to Ottenebrazione, s. f. obtene an habitation, a dwelling- make peace with the enemy. bration, darkening, or mak- place.

-Porre in pace, to make friends ing dark, overcasting. Ovra, s. f. v. Opera.

again, to pacify.--Djar ke puce Oztenére, to obtain, to get, to Ovrágrio, 9. m. work, work- vinta, to give up the gamegain or have. Ho ottenuto il manship. Obs.

Pace, drawn game.---Siamo mio intento, I have obtained | Ovráre, i. Operare.

pace, 'tis drawn game--forwhat I desired.Non ho po. Ovrero, o. Operajo. Obs. ture i pare, to bear patiently. tuto ottener da lui, I could not Ovvéro, adv, or, or else. Va in pace, God speed yon. prevail with him. Ovviáre, to obviate, to prevent

-Rimani in pace, good by: – Ottenuto, adj. olained. or hinder.

Esser pace, to be even, io be O'ttico, adj. optic, belonging Ovviatére, he that prevents, quits.---- Siamo puce, we are to the sight.

l obviates, or hinders. Ortimamente, adv. perfectly Orriatrice, she that prevents, Paceficáre, r'. Pacificare. well. obvintes or hinders.

Paciare, . Paciere. Obs. Ottiináte, s. m. ? the chief no- Oviinque, adv. wheresoever, Paciáre, to pacify, to make Ottimáto, s bleman, al ally


peace, to appease. Obs, derman, senator, governor, Ozéna, s. f. ozena, an ulcer in Paciáro, t. Paciere. Obs. counsellor, or other great the inside of the nostrils. Pacibilmente, adv. peacefully,

Oziáco, adj. unhappy, unfor- peaceably, in peace, quietly, O'ttimo, very good, perfectly tunate, unlucky. Obs.--Di calınly: Obs. good.

osiachi, unlucky' days. Obs. Paciénzia, . Pazienza. Obs. Otto, eight.

O’zio, s. m. idleness, sloth, lazi. Paciere, s. m. paciticator, a Ottobre, s. m. the month of

ness.---Sture in ozv, to be idlc. / peace-maker, a mediator. October

Oziosággine, s. f. 3. Oziosità. Paciticábile, adj placable, that Ortocentésimo, the eiglit hun- Oziosamente, adv. idly. may be pacities or appeased? dredth.

Oziosetto, adj. a little idle, Pacificamente, ad . peaceably, Ottocento, eight hundred. somewhat lazy.

peacefully, in peace, calmly, Ottonájɔ, s. m. a brasier, a tin- Oziosità, s. f. idleness, lazinesa, quietly. ker, a copper-sinith. sloth.

Pacificamento, s. m. the act of Ottonário, adj. belonging to Oziíso, adj. idly, lazy.-Oziose pacifying. the number eight.'

pirme', ense, idleness. A poe. Paciticáre, to pacify, to make Ottóne, s. m. brass, yellow tical phrase.----- Parole oziose, peace, or appease. brass.

vain, indecent words. Pacificáco, adj. pacified, ap. Ottriáre, v. Otriare.

Ozzimáto, adj. full of basil, peased. Ottriato, v. Otriato.

that has a sm li of basil.

Pacificatore, pacificator, peaceOttuagenário, adj. octogenary, O'zzimo, 5. IN. sweet basil. maker, mediator. that is eighty years old.

Pacificatrice, femin. of PacifiOttusi:ì, s. f. obtusity, blunt. ness. Metaph. heaviness, duil

Pacífico, adj. pacific, peace. blockishness, stupidity.


able. -Mare pacifico, the PaOttuso, adj. obruse, blunt

cific or South-sea. Angolo otti o, an obeuse an

Paco, s. m. a beast in the Westgle, any angle which is great

Indies, like a sheep. er than a right one.-

PACCA, s. f. stroke or a Padella, s. f. a frying-pan.-obtuse, heavy, dull.-Ingego wound give 1. Avulgar word. (der della padella nella braci, ott?!', an obtuse wit.

Pacchi inénio), s. im. gluttony, w fall out of the frying-pan Ovája, s. f. the roe of birds, gormardizing, immoderate into the fire. ovaria.

eating ard drinking Vulgar l'auélla, the under part of an Ovale, adj. oval, of the shape Pacchia:e, *o banquet, to feist. alembick, an alembicki-Puc Ovätó,

Vint.--; i comme, io gor- dedia, the whirl-bone of the Ovazione, s. f. oration, a petty ni slavio Vulgar.


man in a state.



-Ottú o,

of an egg

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of straw.

Padelláso, a maker or seller of) I Paesi Bassi, the Low-coun. master or agent of a regiment. pans.

tries, the Netherlands.- Ber Pagatorello, s. m. a poor sorry Padelláta, s. f. as much as a paesi, to judge of the good paymaster. frying-pan can hold at a time. ness of wine by the country Pagatrice, s. f. she that pays. Padelletta, s. f.? a little frying where it grows.--- Faese che Pagatúra, s. f. v. Pagamento. Padellino, s.m.) pan. vai, usanza che trnovi, when Paggetto), s. m. ? a little or Padiglione, s. m. a tent, a pa you are at Rome, you must Paggino, S young vilion.

do as they do at Rome.Tut- page. Padre, s. m. father. Puri,l monulo è paese, one may Pággio, s. m. a page.--Paggio

forefathers, ancestors. live everywhere.--Tanti paesi, d'onore, a page of the backPadreggiáre, v. Patrizzare. tante usanze, every country

stairs. Padróna, mistress, kandlady, has its customs.-Scoprir paese, Pagina, s. f. a page or side of lady. VE

to observe, to view,or to take a leaf. Padronággio, 6. m. patronage, a view.--Scoprir paese, to Páglia, s. f. straw, chaff.-Col the right of presentation to a sound, sift, or pump.

tempo e colla paglia si maturan, benetice.

Pacséllo, s. m. ? a little coun le nespole, time brings every Padronanza, s.f. the command, Paesétto,

thing to pass.-Acer la paglia mastery, lordship.

Paffúto, adj. plump, fat, well in becco, so have some design. Padronático, s. m. patronage. fed.

---Fuoco di paglia, a sudden Padronato, s. m. patronage, Paga, s. f. pay.- Egli è una cal blaze, a dash of fire-yomo the right of presentation to a tiva paga, he is a bad pay. di paglia, a man of straw, a benefice.-Padronata, patron. master.-Puga morta, a dead mean, pitiful fellow. age, protection.


Pagliaccia, s. f. bad straw, Padroncino, s. m. a young Pagábile, adj. payable, to be nasty straw. master. paid.

Pagliaccio, s. m. minced straw,
Padróne, 6. m. a master, a lord. Pagaménto, s. m. payment. chaff - Pagliáccio, a straw-bed.

- Padrone di casa, a landlord. Paganamente, adv. like a pa- Pagliájo, s. m. a rick of straw,
-Padron di vascello, the mas gan.-Parlare, o vivere pagana- --Pagliájo, a rick of reaped
teror captain of a ship.-mente, to talk or live like a corn-Cun da pagliájo, a vile
Ella è padrone, doas you please. pagan..
-Se volete il mio carrello siete il Paganésimo, s. m. paganism, Pagliajuólo, a seller of straw.
padrone, if you will have my Paganésmo, S the prin Pagliarésco, adj. of straw, made
horse, you are welcome to it. ciples or practices of the pa-
- Padrone, patron, one who gans..

Pagliariccio, 9. m. small straw.
has the right of presentation Paganicamente, v. Pagana--Pagliáricio, a sack bed.
to a benefice.- Padróne, pa-

Paglietána, adj. fem. aggiuuto tron, protector, powerful Pagánico, adj. pagan, heathen d'una razza d'anguille, ex.friepd, advocate. ish.

Anguille paglietane, silver eels. Padroneggiáre, to command, Paganizzáre, to live like a pa- Pagliolája, s. f. the dewlap of to domineer, to have the do- gan. minion over.- Prdroreggiáre, Pagáno, adj. pagan, heathen- Paglioliére, he that has the to patronize, to protect, to ish.-Un pagano, a pagan, an keeping of the biscuit-room defend. heathen.

in a ship. Padronesia, s. f. patronage, Pagáre, to pay, to pay off.- Paglione, s. straw cut, protection.

Pagare, to repay, to be even broken, or pounded small. Padronéssa, s. f. mistress, land- with one, to be revenged. — Paglióso, adj. full of straw.lady.

Mein pagherai, I shall pay you Poglioso, vicious, defiled, pol-
Padúle, s. f. a marsh, a fen, a off for it, I shall be even with luted, spotted, stained.
bog, a pool, a puddle. you, I'll be revenged on you. Pagliúcola, s. f. a little bit of
Padulesco, adj. marshy, fen- Pagarsi di ragione, to be rea straw, a fescue.
Padulóso, Š ny, moorish. sonable, to understand rea- Pagliuola, s. f. spangle.
Paesáno, adj. of the same coun son.--Non si pagar di ragione, Pigliuolo, s. m. small straw
try, native of the same coun not to be satisfied.---Pagar that remains when the corn
try - Figli è mio presano, he is d'ingratitudine, to repay with is threshed, chaff.-- Pagliuolo,
my countryman.--I paesuni, ingratitude, to be ungrateful. the biscuit-room in a ship.
the natives, the inhabitants. Pagare il fio, to be punished. Nettare il pugliuolo, to
Paesáre, to live in one's coun - Pagare lo scotto, to be punish-

try, to remain in the country, ed for a crime. -- Payar di con- Pagliúzza, s. f. a little bit of
to encamp. Obsolete. tanti, to pay ready money.-
Paése, s. m. country, land, re Pagare i roti, to fulfil or ac- Pagnotta, s. f. a penny-loaf.
gion.—Paese, country, one's complish one's vows.-Fursi Pago, adj. contented, pleased,
own country, native land. pagare, to get one's money, to satisfied.-- Jver pago, esser pago,
Jo me ne voglio andare al paese, force payment.-Pajuto, adj. to be paid in full. -- Payo, pay-
I'll go to my own country paid, paid otf.

ment, pay.--Paga lei, pago i! again.-Di che paese siete voir Pagatore, payınaster.com Pago- mondo, if she is pleased, ald what couatryman are you?--- tore ad un reggiment), a pay- the world is pleased.


an ox.





in a pan.

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7.goontzien, -- P:wonazzi - Palazzátio, & in a pretty lile wade of lambs wool, whick


the pope bestows on metro Paniaisvo a. Pave aur. taloncio, s. m. a szety ugly poliians-Plio,a pall,a cloth Fagocen, sin. of parme. Sage or waitoid.

or velvet chat covers a coffin Pacino, z. Ha sonczo. Dalcheted, s. m. a little stage or at a funeral.-- Mandırla al ePagine, :. Bruse.

scatid-rakenets de teciding, a o, to see the end of a thing. Przypoegiarsi, I. Pavcoenz-lax in a play-house. Palinio, s. m. a little mantle

Falchisturia, s. m. a little co or cloak, also an altar-piece. Pazzessi, d. Paronex2. ver, a cilug

Paliscálmo.s.m. a litrle boat, Po so. a raji, a brne, pl. Pako, s. w. a floor.--Curse e Palishermo, Saskiff,asbipo

fajo, s 1. seja de jurkcia uwe salti, à bouke two stories, boat. 2 pair of sc758358.

high-las, a slave, a scal-Palizzáta, s. f. palisade, Pajiciáza, s. I. ste maatisyu wide-Prica, the head. or Palizzato, s. mn. fence of any thing that is comiziad ferus of a deer--Pilco.a sop, paies or sharp-pointed stakes,

children'stay - }'zica, hounds, set up in the ground to keep Pauila, s. f the quantiir of the 14, dog's voor.it.

of the enemy thrad this is said aspon the Pales; s. ma top that bove(Paila, s. f. a ball, or bowi, a · loom, to make ihe cloid wider play wal-lo ti faro girar bullci.- Palia a bruto, a wind

on nain co, I shall whirl you ball, a foot-ball-stuer la palla Pajuólo, s. m. a keule, a pot, arou like a top, I shall use in mano, to have any thing in a seething pot.

Osre's power.-- Aspektur la pelle Pala, s. 1. shovel, spade ---Pin Taiesznento, s. m. a declara- a batza, te watch an oppor.

the ladies of a water mill tion, deciaring or revealing. tunity...la palla batail stine vheel.-da di ren, the fic Palisse to deciare, to rercal, teio, fortune smiles upon you. ar blade of an 2.- --Pwa dal co pulvlish, lo discover, to ict letare ale la ruta di 110, colice, a syuare pasie-brand know.--Pule dto, adj. declar to encroach opon another covered with a white cloth wo ed, revealed, published, dis man's power.-minant la puitio Lay upon the civalice. covered.

bu za ria cun sa darle, a man in Paladiao, s. m. paladia, peer Palesacure, s. m. Jeclarer re- prosperity is always esieened. of Francefaludin, S. m. Palesatrice, s. f. veater, pul-Eisere in palla, to succeed or a low fellow that goes about! lisher, discoverer.

thrive in one's affairs — Fare the streets collecting horse Palise, adj. public, manifest, alla fal d', to use one like dnog. Said vulgarly, and known.--d dutie perse, every 2 soundrel. with a quibble on the word body knows.---Pause, adv. Pavajo, the nuaster of a tennisPala, a shorel.

publielv, manifestiy. Palariita, s. f. a fence of pales. Paieseménte, adv. openly, pub- Pallare, to play at tennis, or Palafreniére, 2 a groom of the licly, manifestly.

howls ---Paláre,to foss up and Palafreniéto, s stable. Palestra, s. f. wrestling, wrest - down.--Pallire, to brandish. Palafréiw, s. n. paitrey, a pac- ling-place.

Palleggióre, to play at tennin ing horse.

Palétta, s. f. a little shovel, a ony for diversion.--Fallega Palagétto, s. m. a little palace fire-shovel.-Pa'elte exlla sta o cure, to stamp with the feci, Palizio, s. m. palan!

la, the shoulder-blade Pa- as horses do. -Palziuolo, s. m. he that works Irite « suziake, spatele, or Patiente. adj. pale.-Fior pelo wich the shovel.

spatule, used by apothecaries ionti, withered flowers Palaménto, s. m. all the oars to mix or spread their oint- Pallerino, s. m. a player at of a'ship. ments with

ball. Palúnca; s. f. a board. a lacki. - Paletto, s. 2. a little pale.--- Pallécta, s. f. a small ball. Paliuca, palanca, a defence Palillo, a bar or bolt of a Palliamento,s.m.a palliation, a made of great poles or stakes. door,

disguise. Palancarico, s. in. palauca, a Paleitóne, ".M. a bird that fol-Pallière, to palliate, to disguise, Palancato, $ defence lowch water fowls.

to cloak.-Palliare una malul m-de of gisat poles or stakes. Palicciara, s. i. a palisade. tia, to palliate, to patch up Palandrana, s. s agresscoat, 1 Palicciuolo, s m. a little pale. distemper, to cure it but imPalandráno, s.n. a riding! Pilido o Pallido.

perfectly. Palificata, o. Palizzata. Palliativo, adj. palliative, that Paláre, to pale, to fence, or Palificáre, to palisade, to fence mitigates or allays, but dom prop with pales.co-Paláre, to witha palisades. ----Palificato, not cure. fence or fortify with a pasin adjpalisaded, fenced with Palliáto, adj. palliated, dissade, to palisade. padisadves.

guised. Palóca, s. 1. palisade, a fence of Valinodía, 5. I. palinody, a re- Pallidáccio, adj. very pale.

pales on the river side.--! r- cautarion, an unsaying what Pallidétto, adj. palish, someléto, adj. paled, fenced with onellid saidor writien before. what pale. pales. -- auto, s. m. the pa- Palio, s. I. prize.-Correre il Pallidézza, s. f. pallidity, pale late, the roof of the mouth pilio. --o run a race.- Pátio, ness, wanness.

Paluto, palate, taste. canopy.-- Pália, a 'mantle. Pallidiccio, adj. palistas como Palico, s m. palace,

Palio, a pall, an orgaments what pales




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