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Pallidità,s . pallidity,poleness, Pola'sio, a shoot of the palo.' Paláde, s. w.amarsh or Darahy

tree worked which is blussed place, a še, z ft. Pallido, adj. pale, wan, wbi on I alın Survisy, and given l'aiddlt, s 1. a kind of uptisl.-looked. to the peole

per vest u cloak vsod quis by Pallidáre, s. m. pa!'or, pale Palosuo. t. 17. spas. pre!23. Pailidume, $ cokus, pale-Palmoc 5. 10. ang brngh Palude-o, xdj marshy, feny, Dess, wanness.

to which they stick rrall mooris. Pullma, s. f. a little ball, bowl ros daubed will bird-fie, Pavesir, 5 f. a target. Iesce, or bullet.

2. wderneath is hidden 2 when the front held their Pallino, s. m. smallshot to man, who insirates with a stre orer was bords case Pallini, s. m, pl. are at birds. whistle the voice of the owl, terbertaker uit te enePalui), s m. a mutie or cloak, so that all the birds that hear try's ATTRS, 2. prois de.

2. Palio. Páliu, palliation, it come upon that tree, and advice,s 7.parece, et prise, disguise. Not in use.

are catchcorhexicks d:ab-a te pre strelil kuch covers Palloncino, s, m. ditio. of Paled with the bird-line. the her tone.

Palo, s. r. a pale, a stake of Paló ere ae; zeshy, itody, Pallóne, & m. a great wind wod.-Vallure sa pelos ir iTARR, rourisli, baggy. lall to play with.

20 digtems from the waiter, Paluzzo, . n. . Bile pele, or Pallóre, s m. pallor, paie co. to make a rambirag digresa stake of wood. lour, paleness, wann 33


Panonijo, s m.

a yorug Paulóira, 5. f. a smali ball. Plomisáro, o direr or swim- brzuch, springing out of the Pallóttoia, s. f any brail made mer *nder water.

Hock of 2 vine, that beareba of any thing hard.--dut una Palfimo, s. m. a kind of dog nothing but leares be first faccia di pallotto.c, to be bra- tisk Pulóinbo, s. m. a kind year. zen-faced. of wiki pigeon

Pampamáta, s. 1. 2. way of Pallottolétta, s. £. a little howl Palpabile, acti. palpable, thai mering a horslerd or a pipe oz ball.

may be felt. Palpabile, pal- of wine, when it grows musy, Palottoliéra, the place of the pable, manifest,piain, evident by barning it in vipe-leaves. bow where the stone of the Palpáre, to feel, o louch, to Pampano, š m. vine-leaves,

bullet is fired to shoot it. handle, to grope - Palptre, io tendril. Pallottolina, s f. dimin of Palo tlatter, to cajole, to coax, or Poinpinário,s m.avino-branch bottola. wheedle.

fult of leaves. Palma, s. f. a palm or date-tree. Palpativo, adj. feeling, cliat Pampinésk), adj. fall of leaves, - Patina, bosour, glory, reCan fect.

speaking of the vine. comperce.-Palma, palin, the Palgathre, a feeler.--Palpitiir, Panáccia, & f. a kird of mir. inner part of the band --Palol a fiarierer.

fure put into wine to premaz, hand. Senere uno in patra Palpai rice, femin. of Palpatore. serve it. di mano, tu value and cherish Paipébra, s. f. the eye-lid. Pance, s. f. panacea an herb one very much.

Palpebro.s.m. v. Palpebra.Obs. Panacea, $ of which there Palmita, 'f. a blow given Palpeggiárc, to fecl, to handle, are divets kinds, dl-heal, with the palm of the land. to touch, to grope:

wound-wort. Dar palmita, a sea-term, and Palpitánte, adj. panting, throb- Pani gio, s. in. provision of said of a sai’or shaking hands bing.

Panatica, 3. f. § broad. with his captain as soon as Pupitore, to pant, to throb.-- Panastiíria, s. f. a pantry, a taken in the service of the 1 cuot mi puputa, my beart soon or closet where bread ship.--Palmúla, we call those throbs.

and coidaneat are kept. presents that are taken by a Palpitazione, s. f. pepitation, Pauatriére, a manter or pantier, magistrate as bribes. throbbing

an oficer who keeps the bread Palménto, s. m. a wine-press, a Paltonáto, adj. got by begging in a king's court, or houses of place where formerly they Paltóne, s. m. a beggás, a palery nullemen; also a bker. pressed the grapes to make fellow, a dodging varlet, a Panca, s. f. a bench to sit upon. wine.- Palmento, the frame wandering rogue.

Pancaccia, s. f. a public place, that contains the millestone.- Paltoneria, s. £. dissoluteness, a place of rendez vous, where Macinare a dne pxementi, to eat lewdness.

fxople meet io sit and chat on both sides of one's mouth. Paltoniére, a paltry fellow, a together.

- Marinare a due palimenti, to prailigate krave, a wander Pancacciere, *n idle fellow, gain two ends at once. ing rugue, a sordid fellow

one that will sit all day prat. Palméto, s. m. a grove of palm- Pulioniere, a dissolute, lewd thing in a public pace, as trees. follow.

some do in the coffee-houses, Palmiére, s. m. a pilgrim. Paludáccio, s. m. a nasty-mas- Pancacciuolo, s. m. a kind of Pálmite, s. m. shoot or young shy place.

fower that grows amongst branch of a vine; the shoot Paludale, adj. marshy, fenny, the wheat. of the palm-tree on which its; moorisi.

Pancale, s. M. a carpet, or any fruits hings; bough or branch Paludaménto,s. m. paludament, cloth to cover a berch with. of any tree. Obs.

a military dress in the time of Pancata, 5. f. a bench full of Balmiaio, c.m. sbe palm-tree.-- the Roman

people.--Puncáta, two or three

rous snares,

Yows of vines.

Panegirien, s, m. panegyric. Pannicello, s. m. a little cloth, Panceróne, s. m. that part of Panegirista, s. m. a maker of a child's clout.--Pannicelli,old the armour that covered the panegyrics.

poor clothes. belly.

Panellino, s. m. a little loaf of Pannicólo, s. m. a little cloth, Pancetta, dim. of Pancia. bread, a halfpenny roll. or child's clout.-Panniculo,

Panchétta, s. f. a little bench. Panello, s. m. a bundle of rags diaphragm, midriff. * Pancia, s. f. a paunch, a belly. oiled or greased over, which Panniere, s. m. maker or seller

Grattarsi la pancia, to look at upon festival days are set on of cloth. the sky, to be ille.- Pancia, fire in the evening on the top Pannilini, s. m. plur. linen, the skin of the belly of an of the highest buildings or linen-cloths. animal.

towers of the city.

Pannina, s. f. all manner of Panciéra, s. f. the belly-piece Panereccio, s. m. a whitlow or woollen-cloth in store. of an armour

felon on the finger's end. Panno, s. m. cloth.-- Panni, s. Panciólle, adv. ex. Stare in Panerina, s. f.

a little

m. pl. clothes. Però oltre, panciolle, to live at one's ease, Panerúzzola, s. f.

chest or io ti verrò a' panni, go on, I'll to want for nothing - Tenere Panerúzzolo, s. m. basket. follow you.-Panno, a pearl a panciolle, to make one good Panétio, s. m. a little loaf, a or web' in the eye.-Panno, cheer, to treat him well. halfpenny loaf,

nap or white matter that Panciúto, adj. big-bellied, that Pánfano, s. m. a kind of ship grows on the top or superhas a great belly. Obs.

tices of wine or any other Pancóne, s. m. a board, a thick Pánia, s.f. bird-lime.---Lapania| liquor. -Pigliare il panno pel plank,

non tenne, the thing did not vero, to take the right way in Pancreas, s. f, pancreas, one of succeed. Pánia amorosa, amo- doing a thing.--tari ne soi the glands of an animal.

pany to be contented with Tancreático, adj. pancreatic, Paniaccio, La piece of what one has.-In questo game belonging to the pancreas.

Paniácciolo, 8. m. S leather no non ci è taglio, it is an affair Pándere, co manifest, to declare, wherein fowlers keep their beyond our capacity or skill. to publish, to make known, lime-twigs.

-1 panni rifanno le stanche, to spread abroad. Obs. Paníccia, s. f. paste, stationers fine feathers make a fine bird. Pandétte, s. f. pl. Pandects, a paste.

-Panno lino, linen cloth. volume of the civil law. Paniccio, s. m. a fine bread. Pannóchia, s. f. the ear of InPane, s. m. bread.--Render pan cake, a flawn, any thing made dian wheat, millet, panic,

per focaccia, to be even with like bread, or in the shape of and the like. one, to be revenged on him.- a loaf.

Pannocchiúto, adj. that has a Pan di zucchero, a loaf of sugar. Panicciuolo, s, m. a halfpenny head, that grows with a head, -Pan di cera, a cake of wax. loaf.

like the ear of Indian corn. -Pane di piombo, a pig of lead. Panichina, a strumpet, a com- Panóro, s.m. a measure of land, Pane, the stem of a young mon whore; but is, rather a the twelfth part of an acre, olive tree.--Pane, the mother, word of endearment than of or thercabouts. or the earth that sticks to the abuse.

Pan porcino, s. m. sow-bread, roots of plants.—Mangiar il Panico, s. m. a panic, a grain swine or hogs-bread; a plant pane a tradimento, to eat one's like millet. Pánico, panic, so called. bread idly.-Alegrezza di pan and it is only said of fear. Pantalóne, s. m. pantaloon, a caldo, a joy that does not last Panicuócolo, baker. Obs. kind of mask on the Italian long-Un pan perduto, a lazy Panicra, a basket.

stage, representing the Venefellow, a man that is good for Panierajo, a basket-maker or tian. nothing ----Euli è meglio deli seller.

Pantanáccio, s. m. a dirty miry pane, he is the best man in Paniére, s. m. a basket.- dver place. the world.--Fan fresco, new le budella in un paniere, to be in Pantáno, s. m. a marsh, a mar, bread. - Tun ca ulingo, house a panic fear.

shy place, a fen, a bog. hold bread.Tire a pan pane, Panicrino, 2 a little bas. Pantano, marshy, fento speak one's mind freely, to Panier úzzo, s. m. Š ket. Pantanáso, adj. S ny, moory, speak as one thinks.- Pan Panificarsi, to become bread. miry. larálo, bread cut in slices, then Panione, s. m. lime-twig.-1 Pantéra, s. f. papther, a fierce 'toasted and dipped in water, panirsi amurosi, the snares of beast so called. -Pantera, a and seasoned with vinegar, love.

fowling-net. sugar, or the like.--Tencre e Paniýzza,

} lime-twigs. Panter

Panterána, s. f.or adj. a kind of panc. to maintain, to keep, to Paniúzzola, s. f.

lark, ex. Ailódola panterána sourish.--Pin del dolore, bread Pannáccio, s. m. bad cloth. Pan tcrréno, v. Pan porcino. got with the sweat of one's Pannajuhlo, a woolien-draper. Pantofola, s. f. slipper. brows.--Riucir meglio a pan Panneggiáre, to paint the dra- Pantráccola, s. f. an old woche a farina, to be better than pery in a picture.

man's story. it was thought to he.--Pun Pannello, s. mn. a piece or bit Pantúfola, ó. Pantofolo. buffelto, a French roll.--Essere of cloth.

Panza, v. Pancia. come pane e cacio, to be hand Pánnia, s. f. a kind of herb Panzáne, s. f. pl. silly words and glove.

that grows in marshy plaçes.D«r panzane, to give bair words



with an intention to deceive. Pappagallesco, adj. belonging parapherna. Panzeróne, 6. m. a great coat to a parrot, of the nature of Parafrasáre, to make into a of mail. a parrot.

paraphrasis. Panzeruóla, s. f. a little coat Pappagalléssa, s. f. a hen-par- Parafrasáto, part. passive of of mail.

Panzétta, s. f. small belly. Pappagállo, 6. m. a partot, a Paráfrasi, s. f. paraphrase.
Panziéra, s. f. a coat of mail. sort of bird.

Parággio, s. m. comparison, Paolino, s. m. a kind of bird Pappalárdo, 6. m. an hypo- equal, match.--Non o' è il pas

like a sparrow, with a blue crite, a puritan.--Pappalardo, raggio a lei, she has not her neck, and a long bill. a glutton, a greedy-gut. equal. Paolo, s. m. a silver piece of Pappalécco, s. m. a rare bit, a Paragonabile, adj. to be commoney at Rome, which is choice- bit.---Pappalécco, a lu- pared. worth about six-pence En- dicrous word for food. Paragonáre, to compare, to glish money.

Pappardelle, s. f. a kind of equal. Paonázzo, v. Pavonazzo. paste meat boiled in the Paragóne, s. m. a touchstone, Paone, v. Pavone, and all its broth of a hare.

-Oro di paragone, pure gold. , derivatives.

Pappardo, 6. Papavero. Obs. - Paragóne, a comparison, a Papa, s. m. pope, the head of Pappáre, to devour and con match. -Far paragóne, to

the Roman Catholic church. sume, to gormandize,'to eat compare, to put in competiPapále, adj. papal, belonging up greedily.


--Mettere in puragune, to to the pope.

Pappatore, s. m. a glutton, a compare, to set against. Papásso, s. m. a general name greedy-gut, a great eater, a Parágrafo, s. m, paragraph. for a priest of the Oriental devourer.

Paraguánto, s. m. inoney given religions. Pappo, s. m. bread, a childish

out of kindness, drink money. Papático, u. Papato. Obs. word, when they call for Paralásse, s. f. parallax, the Papáto, s. m. papacy, the dig- some bread.

difference between the true nity of a pope, and the time Pappoláta, s. f. a bash-mash. and apparent place of a plaof his reign.

- Pappolata, a silly story. Papavero, s. m. poppy. Pappóne, s. m. a glution, a Paraléllo, adj. parallel, equally Pape! an interjection of ad- great eater, a greedy-gut, a or every where alike. miration. devourer

Parallelipipedo, s. m, a solid Paperello, s. m. a gosling: Para, s. Parata. Obs.

figure contained under six Paperina, s. f, a kind of herb. Parábola, s. f. parable, a con- parallelograms, the opposite Paperino, s. m. a gosling. tinued similitude, or compa

sides of which are equal and Paperino, adj. of or belonging rison.--Parábola, parabola, parallel. to a gosling

one of the three sections Parallelogzámmo, s. m. paral. Pápera, s. f. greenor young which arises from a cone. lelogram, a plane figure, Pápero, s. m. S goose. Parábola, fable, invention, bounded by four right lines, Paperótto, s. m. a fat goose. tale, story.

which are opposite and paPapésco, adj. papal, belonging Paraboláno, s. m. a great talk-rallel one to the other. to a pope.

er, a prattler, a babbler, a Paralisia, s. f. palsy, a disease Papilione, s. m. a butterfly. blab.-Duraboláno, adj. false, which causes a slackening of Obs. vain.

the nerves. Papilla, s. f. the nipple or teat Parabolico, adj. parabolical, Paralítico, adj. paralyticals of a breast.

belonging to a parable. sick of a palsy.-Un parali. Papilletta, s. f. a little nipple Parabolóso, adj. talkative, tico, s. m. a paralytic, one or teat of a breast.

prating, full of talk. Obis. troubled with the palsy. Papiro, s. m. a flaggy shrub -Un paraboloso, a prattler. Parallásse, t. Paralasse. growing in the marshes and Paracuore, s. 'm. the lungs. Parallelo, v. Paralello. standing waters Obs.

Paralogismo, s. m. paralogisen, Nile, upon whose leaves an- Paradiso, s. m. paradise. error in ratiocination. ciently they used to write, Mele paradise, a kind of golden Paraménto, s. m. paraments, papyrus.-Papíro, paper, a pippins.-Uca paradi,a, a kind sacerdotal ornaments.---Panda, sheet of paper:

mento, paraments, furniture. Papista, a papist, a contemp- Paradócco, s. m. a kind of – Paraménto, rich clothes or tuous word for a Roman Ca- game that was so called.

dress.- Paraménto, caparison, tholic, used by other Chris- Paradósso, adj. paradoxical. ornament for a horse. tians. Paradósso, s. m. a paradox.

Paramósche, s. m. a kind of Papizzáre, to be pope. Paraférna, s. f. parapherna, large fan to drive Pappa, s. f. pap, crumb of paraphernalia, those goods flies. bread boiled in water for which a wife brings her hus- Parapétto, s. m. parapet, a children.

band, over and above her breast-work. Pappacchione, s. m. a glutton, dower.

Parapiglia, . f. confusion, a greedy-cut.

Parafernále, adj. of or belong- crowd, trouble, hurly-burPappafico, E. m. a hood. Pup- ing to parapherna.---Beni pa-ley, disorder. pafico, topgallant-sail, rafernuli, paraphernalia or Paráre, to adorn, to dress, to

near the

of grape.

away the


trim, to deck, to embellish. mous, are such fleshy parts Parésole, adj. seeming, thesut -Parare, to present, to offer, as fill up the intersticos beor tender.Purársi, to op tween the vessels.

Pargolarisi, 5. f. inlanıy, child pose, to set against, to meet Parentado, s. m. parentage, hood. Oba with.) onario a ciascuno, Parentaggio, kindred, Pai goleggse, to play the ele dimanzi lor si parima, che relacious.--Parentido, paseir child, to do ekildish things, buga fare:se, he told every age, stock, family.----Far pas to grow boyista. body ihat was ia his way to rentarlo, to match to soinc fa- Parrot te, adj. young, chill make room--Paráre, to par- mily, to ally to sumc baraily, ish, infantise - Un pargoletto, ry, to keep off, to ward oil, Parentale, adin Déiermal, par a ciule, a yoong boy, or into stop.-- Parare un colpo, to rentai.

fant.-line polema, a Foung parry a blow.--Perorsi aldrei Parente, adj.relation, kindred girl. a aanzi alama cosa, to remen ir parente, a kiusnaa. ---Pargalczza, s. I.? bes, to come in one's me Una parete, a kaswomaa.- Poulua,

youlle mory.

Panade, parent, father or childwood. Parasce parasol, or wobrella. motber.

Pergolo, s. 2. a joung child Parasiticcio, * m. an impu- Parerxéla, s. 2. parezcage, kili or infant. dent parzite. died, relation.

Pari, atij. exinal, alike, or like Pasassto, S. m, parasite, a tren- Parenteria, « Parentado, or ---Cost brutto e' pari me is chier-friend, a smell-feasi, a Parentale Obs.

it so that you deal with mes flattering spunger.

Parebicaco, adj paterial, be- of my rank?--Pur Wed 78970), Paráta, s. $ parrying. longing to parents.

peer of a kingdom-o-insi Paráta,parade, i he place where Paréntesi, s. s. parenthesis, a adv, equally, as weil.-- Pria troops askinble os draw to ciause put in the middle of a farlo al pur di pi, I can do as gather.clear la malu putut- sentence, and it is thus mask well as pon.-Fuele andas di te, to see the danger, ed ( ).

pari coi poi richi di paese, be Paratío, a partizion.

Parénicvok, adj. bedevcient, wil vie with the richest mese Paráto, tenee, helge, of in- | kind, affectionate.

of the country-Pari, %, . closure

Parentevolmente, adj. bene au even anber.--b'morar e Paráto, adj. adorned, trimmed, volently, kindly, friendly pori s cujo to play even or dressed, decked. Via! prera- affectionately.

odd.-t te pse pari, co live to, ill-dressed.-Parrila, pre. Parentezza, & f parentage. well, co want for nothing. pared, ready, in seadincs. kindred. Obs.

Parietaria, v. Pasitaria.. Paravento, s m. a large screen Pareniørin. s. m. a peremp. Par iete, s. Varese. to keep the air or the wind tory action.

Parigino, s m. an old French oft

Pazénza, . . appearance, out cuin so called. -Parise, a Paraúla, s. f. word.' Obs. side show, likelihood, proba- beau, a fup, 2 coxcorsb, Parca, 8. n. death, dessiny. bility. Ons

lover of dress Farcamente, adv, sparingly, Pasere, lo scem, to appeas, to Pasiglia, s. f a double point ravingly, frogally. look.--ui, excusa, it appears

at dice.-Rrutier la perigke, io Fárcere, to forgive, to spare. 50 to me.--Mercanti pucano requite, to rseder like for Parcità, s. f. parsimony, spa al era"o masnarlier, they looke like to be even with one. singness, thriftiness, guod ed like mezcliants, and they Parimeste, adv. Hkewise, in husbandry.

were rogues

- Partre, to like manner. Perpari, very Barco, adj. parsimonions, sav seem, to cink, or fancy.-equal os even micésima perio ing, thrifty: Parco, s. m. Che se ne prire? what do you Dari, we are even. park, a piece of ground think of it - Viper nill' anni Parita, s. f. pauity, cquality. enclosed and focked with 1 10.1g, 1 an in paiient

Cien)?58 wild beasts of chase.

se se tai quella se ne furre chor Paritala, si pellitory of the Pardáo, s. m. a kind of Indian a me ne parebbe, I don'! kuon wabi, 20 herb so called coin.

if you are of the saine of i'arlaccio, s. 1. an od game Pardo, 4. m. a leopard. nion as I ain.-larere, to ap at dice what was so calice. Pare, u Pari,

pear, to be plain, clear, Tarlacóse, t. Parvatóre. Parecchi, adj n. pl. sandry, manifest.-Paire, s. m. opi Parlacuito. Parlazura. Farécchie, adj. f. pl. s divers nion, esicein, judgurent: arlagiin 3. n. a place where Parecchio, adj. liké, equal il parer mio, to my o;inio, he ancient Florentines as. alike. Olis.

Paretájo, .m.the place where sembled to treat of state afPareggiamento, *. m. equality foulers ser thuir pets.

fairs. Pareggiáre, to equal, to com Paríte, ja fa partition-walle arlagióne, s. k. speaking, talle pare..

a room, house or building -- Obi Paréglio, 2. m. parelium, or Dinne come rh fui eu is puuride arl.imennire, to confer er Parélio, sparhelion, a tell us where yon shelte: ut brusipess in a parliamock sun, a meteor, some yourself.----- Porite, obstacio ment, cuncil. or assembly. tincs appearing on casa side hindrance.

---- Purkomentáre, to pasley, is of the sun.

Parerélla, s. f. a double net. come to a parleyPuuencuias, % £. parenchy Paretello, s, in. dim, of Parite. Parlamintos m. parliament

-Parte, parts

In assembly of the chief men|Paróla, s. f. word.—Perder la Parrucca, s. f. periwig, wig, o of scate, met together to con marida, to lose one's speech.- perruque. sult and treat of public af Cheiler parola, to ask leave. Parrucchétro, s. I. a kind of fairs.--Pario ni sto, session, or Dar la parola, to pass one's parrot. term during which the par- word.---Det putola, to pro- Parrucchino, s. m. a sta diament sits.--Parla noite din mise. - Vomu di parola, a man wig. Rhilterra, the parament or of his word-Ander sopre la Parsimónia, s. f. parsimony, England, the lords spiritual pole, to rely upon mie's sparingness, thriftiness, good and temporal, 2pd commons word or honourmo Parole tor husbandry. essembled.--- . fcrlnénte, dis- ta,aa ill word.--Par la trouxa, Parso, adj. seemed, appeared. course, conversssion.

half a word. For delle prerole Parte, s. f, part, share, porPagliate, edi speaking, that fange, to break one's word, tion.-'i farò parte di quel che speaks, discoursing.com -UR not to be as good as one's ko, I will give you part of tema bem parlante, a man that wond----Rumper le parole is what I have. - Derdla purte ming talks weli.---L'ai persona rral boceto interrupt one that for my part, as for me.--Pio pertoaxe, an ! congue, a per speaks, 10 take one up-Verl givare in buone o in malo paris, $02 dat onders or speaks. nire a paruke, to come to hard to take in good or in part, to ilt of somebody

words. Pealegre in parole, to take well or ill..lo non ho Parlamentissi, s, in the name catch one in saying things parte in quest' afferre, I have of these who sided against contrary to what he had said no hand in this affair.--Parte, Charles the Erst, a round before. -Pesar le parole, to side.---Tiras da parte, to talk head, a wig:

weigh and consider well what aside.--In ogni parte, on all Parlantina, 6. f. loquacity, one has to say.---Parole da sides, every where ---in qali talkarisenese

vecchio, old stories.-- Vox re lunguze parte, wherever.--12 Parlán ra, s. f. speech, talk, far parola, not to mention nessuna parte, no where.—Daze discourse. Olis. Se me sen any thing of it'llasticar le parte a parte, through, or the. tite druna parlarta, datenere parole, to think before one rough.-Parte, fruni, in che perte, if you hear any thing speaks, to reflect upon what name-De parle di vostro gin$21d, let me know of it. one has to say.-- Vanylursi dre, from your fatherDe Pastire, to speak, to talk. le parole, not to speak plain. parte di tutti, in the name of Partar fræ i centi, to speak Parolaccia, s. f. an immodest, all.--Disegli da parte mia, tell with one's teeth shut; pot to lewd word.

bim from me. speak plain. -farlere villu mm- Parolajo, a talker, a talkative side.--Pigleur la parle di qual &, co speak or express one's! man, a prolix prater. che:lune, to take one's part, to Incaning by signs. Perlur Parolécta, e. f. a pretty little side with one.-lo son parte fitur discenti, to speak plain, Parolina, word. ir gresto negozio, I am con. as we say, downright En- Parolíne, s. f. a long wurde cerned in this affair --Parir, glish-Perler ir itim, to speak Parolózza, & f. a rougk unci- part, cue- - Patie, place, to the air, tbat is in vain.. vil word.

country, parts --Fro ir parte Parlure, s. m. a speaking, a Parolúzza, s. f. a litrle word. doce non potero ceder niente, I talk, a discourse, à conversa- Parosiino, s. m. paroxysm, the was in a place where I could tion--Scorcio parlure, idle access or fit of an ague, or see nothing. --Fare, n nur parta leurd discourse. other distemper.

a qualchwilä nu di qualche cosa, 10 Parlasía, s. f. palsy. Obs. Parótide, s. f. parotides, a impart an affair to one, to Parlán, s. m. a prelate. Obs. swelling of the glandules be- acquaint him with it, to com

- tepla, talk, speaking:---hind the ear, mumps. municate it to him.-- Porte, Pillo, adj. spoken, talked. Parpaglióne, s. m. a butterfly. adv. whilst. - Parte che to kroParlatóre, a cer, a weh. Parricída, parricide, lare questu eccoli, la micra dome spokou man, a speaker, as derer of his or her father na piangeva, whilst che schoor mother.

lar said this, the poor woman Parlatório, s. 17. v. Pariágio. Parricidio, s. mn. parricide. cried.--Prirle per parte, one

Purriatório, the parlour of a Parrocchetto, I. Parrucchet- after another, one by one.com monastery.

A parle, adv, aside, apart, by. Parlatrice, fem. of Parlacóre. Parricchia, s. f. parish church, one's self, hy itself, by them. Parlatura, 3. f. way of talking, parish.

selves.- Metiere piattrini a speech, discourse.

Parrocchiale, adj. parochial, parte, to lay up money. Parlético, s. m. palsy...Parl- of or belonging to a parish. Partecipainénto, 6. m. partici

titn, adj. paralytic, struck --Chiesa parrocchiale, parish pation, a taking part of. with a palsy.


Partecipante, adj. that partie Parlévole, ad that talks. Parrocchiano, s. m. the parish- cipates. farliére, talker, prattler, a priest, or the minister of a Partecipárr, to participate, to talkative min parish.

partake of, to have a share Parlottáre, to prate, to talk. Parrocchiani, s. m. pl. the peo-in.--Partecipare, to impart of Obs.

ple that live in the district of let know, to acquaint, i Paróffia, s. f. 2

à parish, parishioners. communicate. Parrota,

& parish oben
Obe. Párroco, s. 1, a part 2

Partecipe, adj. parimet, sharer.




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