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- For partecipe, to impart, to Partigianaccia, s. f. a long and fire-brand of sedition. communicate or impart with heavy partisan.

Partitúzzo, s. m. dimin. of Par. Partéhice, adj. v. Partecipe. Partigianetta, s. f. a small par- tito. Parteggiamento, s. m. division tisan.

Partizione, s. f. partition, diinto parts or parties. Partigiáno, s. m. a partisan, a vision. Parteggiáre, to be partial, to favourer, an abetter of a Parto, s. m. birth, child, infant.

side, to follow one's party. party; used also adjectively. - tu manifesta di cui questa Partegnenza,s.f.appurtenance, Partigianóne, s. f. a large par- parto si generasse, o lu morrai appendix,athing that belongs tisan.

senza indugio, you must either 10, or is appendant of au- Partigióne, s. f. partition, declare who is the father of other.

Partimento, s. m. I division. this child, or you shall die Partenére, to appertain, to be- Partire, to share, to divide. presently.-Esser a mal de pare long to one.

Partirsi, to go away, to set out, io, to be in labour.-- Vorir ah Parténte, adj. parting, going to depart.

parto, to die in child-bed.away, departing, ready to go Partire, to end, to make an Donna di parto, a woman new

end, to finish.-Partir l'amici- ly brought to bed, a woman Partenza, s. f. departure, going zia, to break friendship. that lies in, or in child-bed, a away.

Partita, s. f. departure. -Par woman in the straw.-D'un Partevole, adj. separable, di- tita, part, share,portion, party. parto, at one birth.-Parto Partibile, ; visible, par

-Partita, devise, colour. effect, production, product, tible.

Partita, an article of an ac work. Questo è parto della sua Particélla, s. f. particle, a little count.--Partila, a match, a generosità, this is a mere effect part, small shaic.

set.-Ciuochiamo una partita a of his generosity. liome parto : Particina, s. f. a small part, al picchetto, let us play a game del suo ingegno, as a produce ginall share.

at picquet.-Fare una partita, of bis wit.Stare in parto, co Participále, adj. partner, shar to play a ganie.

enjoy one's self, to live at one's Partitamente, adv. distinctly, case, to want for nothing: Participare, to participate, to severally, particularly, atten Fare il parto, to lie in state, as partake of, to have a share tively.

women of quality do, after in, to be interested in.- Par-Partito, s. m. way, means, they have been brought to ticipáre, to impart, to commu manner.- Per niun partito, by bed some while.--Morir sopra nicate, to let know, to dis- no means.-- Partito, bargain, pario, to die in child-bed. cover, to acquaint with. condition, convention, agree- Partoriénte, adj. lying in. Participatóre, a partaker, or ment, contract. --Recare a par- Donna partoriente, a woman in sharer.

tito, to hazard, to risk.----Par- labour,or ready to be brought Participazione, s. f. participa- rito, resolution, choice, course. to bed.

tion, a taking part of. -In ho già preso partito che Partorire, to bring forth chil. Participio, s.m. participle, one farne, I have already disposed dren, to be delivered, to be

of the nine parts of speech. what to do with it. È così brought to bed.-Partorire, to Particiuola, 8. f. particle, a tral'l si el nu vinse il partito di produce, yield, or bring

small parcel, a little part. non andarci, and so, in this forth. Partícola, s. f. particle, a small irresolution, be resolved not Partorito, adj. brought forth, undeclined word.

to go.-- Indine o mundure a brought to bed, produced. Particolare,adj.particular, pro- partilo, to gather the votes. Partoritrice, a woman that per, peculiar, singular, inti- Partito, danger, hazard, peril. lies in child-bed, a woman mate, tamiliar.--ol'n partico- Non voglio mettere a partito la lately delivered, a woman in lare, s. m. a private man. mia vila, I will not expose or

the straw.--Partoritr.ce, cause, Particolareggiare, ö. Partico- endanger my life.--I rielotto principle,occasion.-L'ubbrina larizzare.

a mal partito, he is reduced to chezza è parturitrice di molta Particolárit.i, s. f. particulari. an extremity, he is low in his mali, drunkenness is the cause ty, a particular matter, an circumstances. Metlere il cer. of a great many mischiefs. individual thing.

tello a purtito, to puzzle one. Parvénte, adj, apparent, clear, Particolarizzáre, to particu - Prender partito, to list one's manifest, known. Ohs. jarize, to enlarge upon pare self a soldier.-Ingamarsi a Parvénza, s. f. appearance, riculars, to give a particular partito, to be quite out, or be shew, outside. Obs.--account of.

grossly mistaken, —Prender mostrare in purverzn, to shew, Particolarmente, adv. partici- partito, to resolve.-Donna dil to make known. Obs. larly, distinctly.--Particolare partito, a strumpet, a merce- Parvificáre, to lessen, to dimiménté , particularly, especial. nary woman,

nish, to debase or vilify: ly, in particular.

whore. Parcito, adj. divided, Parvífico, adj. ungenteel, illi. Particolétta, s. f. a little pare parted.. Partito, departed, beral, sordid, base, unlike cicle, a very small part. gone away:

a gentleman, niggardly, vila Particula, v. Particola, and all Particóre, a distributer, a divid-lainous, servile, mean. its derivatives.

er, or divisor in arithmetic.- Parvità, s. f. parvity, small Partigiáva, s. f; partisan, a Partitére, a boutefeu, a sower weapon like a halberd. of distension, a make-bate, a Parvo, adj. little, small

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Parvolino, adj. very young, Pasquale, adj. paschal, of or run one thi'ough, to pierce.

little, or small.-Un parcolino, belonging to the Passover or Pasáre, to go further or bea young child, an infant. Easter.-L'agnello pasquale,the yond, to penetrare.--Pas are, Parvolo, adj.little small young paschal lamb.

to pass, or go for, to be re--Trett i suoi figli'noli sono par- Pasquáre, to keep Easter. puted, accounted, or looked voli, all his children are young: 055,

upon.---Pa sule, to pass.-Un parcolo, a young child, Pasqueréccio, adj. paschal. Passarsi, to be contented or an infant.

Pasquináta, s. f. a pasquinade, satisfied. - Je li passo con un Parúta, s. f. appearance, shew, a satirical invective or libel. bicchier di vino, I am contented outside.

Passággio, s. m. a passage, a with one glass of wine. Paruto, adj. seemned, appear- going from one place to an Pas.ct offizio di condoglienza, ed.

other. -Puszággio, passage to condole with Passare una Parziale, adj. partial, biassed money, or coll.- -Passiggio, buona parola per uno, to speak to one's party, or interest. passage, way, avenue.--Iar in some body's behaif.--PasParzialeggiare, to show par passaggio da questa vila, to de sure agli ordini, to be admitted tiality, to be partial. part this life, to die.--Passag to orders. Passarp un tiure a Parzialità, s. f. partiality, a gio d'un autore, passage, place! grazzo, to ford over a river. siding too much with a party, of a book.Di passazhi),

- Passar la banca, to pass a being more of the one side transitory, transient.--Esser muster.-Prescere un suplica, than the other.

di passaggio, to be a passenger. to grunt one's request. Parzialmente, adv. partially. -lo son qui di passaggio, I am Passi+2, s. f. a pássge, or pacsa Parzionale, adj.

only a passenger:- Vogare il ing by.-Fare una asyali con Parzioníbile,

partie. All

passagrio, to stop one's way. for 10 a qualche ne ozio, to Parzionévole,

Passamáno, s. m. lace for live- talk of a fair with onc.

words. Parzioniére, ries,

Dar passati, 13 skip or leave Páscere, to feed, to pasture, to Passamento, s. m. a passing out a thing, to pass over it, to graze, to browse - Páscere, or going by:---Pas.menilo, omit ii.-i'r pesseta negli onoto feed, to keep, to nourish, passage, way.---Passamento, an ri, to be advanced to honour. to support.--Przscer di cune avoiding:

--Fur tassuta nel lellire, to speranze, to feed with vain Passante, adj. passing, or going improve in one's learning. hopes.

by.-- Passarite, s. m. a leather Passaténipo,s.m.1. pastime,sport, Pascérsi, to feed upon.


recreatior, diversion, Pascibiétola, s. 2 block- Passapórto, s.m. a pass, or pass- Passato, adj. past, passed.head, a dunce, a silly gull, a port.

el passat), before, before loggerhead.

Passúre, to pass, to come or go i now, in the time past.---La Pascimento, s. m. grazing, through, to come, or go by, notte passota, last night. feeding, or pasturing: to come or go over.- Passur Passati, s. m. pl. parents, prePascióna, s. f. pasture, pasture in un luogo, to go to a place.-- decessors. ground, abundance of food Passar la strada, il fiume, to cross Passatójo, s. m. a little bridge or meat.--- Trovar buona pas over a street or a river, to go made of stones or wood.ciona, to find a good dinner,

to a river.---Passare il coineita Pussatájo, an easy way to get or good things to ea t-- Pas. da nento d'uno, to transgress out of a dificulty.-Possutócióna, a good profit, or bar- one's command. -- Passare, to 10, adj. easy to be passed, to gain.

pass, go, or run away.--'ll be got over. Pascitóre, a feeder, he that feeds tenpo passa, time passes---La Passatóre, a passenger. Not or grazes.

porgia è passla, the rain is used. ---Passitore della legge, a Pasciúto, adj. fed, grazed, nou-l over.Ne posiar mullo di, nor transgressor of the law. rished-Poichè dirigardier pa was it many days after.--Nun Passavogére, to row a-main. ciuto jui, after I looked a long ka pa sato d eci anni, be is not Passarolante, s. m.

a small while.

above ten years old.---Passer piece of ordnance.---PassaroPasco, s. m. pasture, pasture- il tempo, to pass away one's lánte, a pass-volant, a lagot, ground.

time. Passare il tempu, to pass,

a false muster. Pascoláre, to feed, to graze, to spend, or employ the time-- Passeggiare, to walk. - Passos

pasture.--Ment le pecore a P:s rola notte a tere, to pass giáre un croallo, to walk a pascolare, to lead the sheep to the night in drinking ---Pas- horse. --Passergiáre, a way of the pasture.

sar la nju, la malinconia, to swimming, by casting over Páscolo, s. m. pasture, pasture dissipate or drive away one's the water sometimes one and

ground.-Pácolo, food, mcat. melancholy:-'ume ve la pas sometimes tho other arm. Pasmo, v. Spasimo. Obs. sate? how goes it with you? Passeggiata, s. f. walk, er.. Pasqua, s. f. Easter, or Pass --Passare, to skip or leave minucliamo a fare una pussevgiata, over,--ster la pasqua in dome out.-Pusar sotto silenzio, ty let us go and take a walk. nicu, to have one's intent.

pass over in silence: --Passut' Passeggiato adj. willed. Dur la mala pauqua, to vex, to di sapere, to surpass, to go be- Passeggiatore, a walker. trouble, to disturb, to teaze. yond, to exceed, to excel in Passeggié:e, a passenger.com Pasqua rusata, Whitsua knowledge.--Pas ar di vita, to passeggiero, S Passer ricre, a tide.

die or expire.--Passar uno, to custom-house officer. VOL. I


Passéggia, s. m. a walking-| gliare i passi innanzi, to make the earth for planting vines, place, a walk.

hay whilst the sun shines, to or any other tree, to delve, to Passera, s. f. Pássere, s. m. a lay up a thing against the pastinate. sparrow.

time of need. - Pusso, a sort Pastinato, adj. dug, delved, Passerájo, s. m. a multitude of of sweet wine made of grapes pastinated. sparrows together. —Passe- withered in the sun.- - Passo, Pastinazione, s. f. the opening ráj, a confused talking of adj. which has suffered, en and breaking of fine carth, many people together. dured, or sustained. --Passo, and laving it loose, in order Passere, v. Passera.

dry, or dried up, withered, to be planted, pastination. Passerétta, s. f. a young seared with the heat of the Pástino, s. m. a bed of earth L'asserino, s. m.

sparrow.. sun.- I've passe, raisins. that is new dug, made fine, Passerótto, s. m. Lire un pas Pilsso passo, adv. softly, gent and fit for planting vines. serotto, to talk inconsiderate ly.

Pasto, s. m. food, meat, vic. ly, to blunder.--- Fare un fus- Passúro, adj. that is to suffer, tuals.- Digerire il pasto, to diseroito, to do a foolish thing. or pay for. Obs.

gest one's victuals.--Pusto, a Passetto, s. m. a measure of Pasta, 's. f. paste, dough.- feast.-Far pasto, to feast, to about an English yard. - Mi- Pasta dambra, pomanders, am treat, to entertain, to regale. surar gli altri col suo passetlo, to bergrease-Uomo di grossa -A tullo pasto, adv. contimeasure another wan's corn pasta, lumpish feliow, a dunce, nually, always.—Pasto, meal, by one's own bushel.

a blockhead.---Pasto, consti-, repast, dinner or supper.Passíbile, adj. passible, capable tution, temper.-E un uomo Mangiare a pastu, to eat at an of suffering.

di buona pasta, he is a good- ordinary, -Far ire pasti al gio Passibilità, s. f. passibility. natured or honest soul or orno, to make three meals a Passino, s. m. a measure about man.--- Vetter mano in pusta, today.-- Pasto, the entrails of

three feet long.--Passino, the meddle one's self in some any beast that is good to eat. length of the loom.

affair, to undertake an affair. -Dar pasto, to feed one with Passionáre, to amict, to tor --Trar le murin di pasta, to slip vain hopes. ment.

Obs. Pasionure, to one's neck out of the collar. Pastócchia, s. f. story, fib, flam, sufler. Obs.

Pastácciv, s. m. a sot, a block- idle story, tale of a tub, lic. Passionato, adj. grcedy, am head, a good-natured foolish Pastocchiere, s. m. a fibber or bitious, desirous.- Pussion ito, fellow.

shammer. afficted, tormented. — Pussio- | Pastareále, s. f. a kind of food Pastója, s. f. a pastern, a shacnito, passionate, aflectionate, so called.

kle for a horse.- Pastoje, a fond, amorous, passionately Pasteggiare, to feast, to treat pastern, the hollow of a beast's in love.

at diner. ---Pasteuziálu, adj. head, that part of a horse's Passione, s. f. passion, suffer- feasted, treated, regaled. foot under the fetlock to the ance, afliction.--La passione Pastelliére, a pastry-cook. heel. di nostro Signore, passion, suf- Pastello; s. m. a little bit of Pastóne, s. m. a big lump of fering of our Saviour.-Musl paste.

dough or paste. sióne, passion, love. Passión, Pastetto, s. m. a little meal, Pastorale, adj. pastoral, becompassion, pity.----- Portur or fcast.

longing to a shepherd, or passione al uno, to pity one, Pasticca, s. f. pastille.

church minister.-Una postoto have pity on one. Pasticciámi, s. m. pl. all man rale, a pastoral, a sort of poem Passivamente, adv. passive ner of pasties, pies, or paste where shepherds and shepPassive, ly. meats.

herdesses are introduced. — Passivo, adj. passive. - Serbo Pasticcetto,s.m.? a little pie, Pastorale, s. m. a: crosier, a Aussivo, passive verb. Pasticcietto, Spetty-patee. bishop's staff. Passo, s. m. pace, step.---Cam- Pasticcere, s. m.] a pastry- Pastoralmente, adv. like a good nim:re a pian passo, to walk Pasticciire, S cook. pastor. with a slow pace, or slowly, Pasticcio, s. m. a pie ---Pas- Pastoráre, to feed. softly, or gently:--Perder is licoro vi piccioni, a pigeon-pie. Pastore, a shepherd, or herds. pussi, to lose one's labour.- --Pasticcio di mele, an apple- man.-- Pastúre, a pastor, a miCurállo che va di pas:0, a pac-l pie,

nister of a church, as the ing horse. Andiamo a farr, Pastiglia, s. f. pastil.

pope, a bishop, or curate. quattro passi, let us go and Pastillo, s. m. a trochisk, or Pastoréccio, adj. shepherdly, take a little walk.--Passo gio- medicine made up in a little pastoral. metr.co, a geometrical pace. round ball.

Pastorella, a shepherdess. Passo, a passage, a stile, ford, Pastinácı, s.f. parsnip, a kind Pastoréllo, a shepherd. ferry: -Serrare il passo ad uno, of carrot.--Ficcar pristinuche, Pastorizia, s. f. the shepherd's to stop one's way.--Pusso, a to make one believe for truth trade. Obs. passage, a place in a book, an idle and false thing.--Pa- Pastóso, adj. soft, plump, fat. Il passo della soglin, the step or tinaca, puthin, the sharp-snout. -l'in pastoso, a good-bodied threshold of a door.--Il più ed ray. Indie pustinicu, an wine. duro passo é quel silu' soglia, imaginary country, named in Pastricciáno, s. m. a wild pars. the beginning of every thing Boccacio's novels.

nip.-- Pastricciano, a simple is always the hardesto Pastináre, todig up and loosen ton, a dunce, a loggerhead, a



Patiménto, S. m. sufferings, Patriziato, s. m. patriciaté, a Pastume, s. m. all manner of trouble, alliction, grief. patrician's dignity pastemeats.

Patire, to suffer, to endure.- Patrizio, s. m. a patrician, a Pastúra, s. f. pasture, pasturel Petire, to suffer, endure, bear, nobleman or lord. -- Putrizio, ground, food, meat.-Tenere or abide-11 mio onore non adj. patrician, noble. uno in pastura, to feed one with putisce ch'io fucria tul cosa, it is Patrizzáre, to take after one's hopes. -Pastura, the ordure not conforınableto my honour father. or dung of any beast that is to do such a thing:

-Siffrire Patrocinante,adj.that protects. hunted.

dolore, to suffer or endure pain. Patrocináre, to patronize, to Pasturále, s. m. the pastern, Soffrir fredlo, fane, to suffer protect or defend.

that part of a horse's foot cold, hunger.-11 (nor ini Patrocinatóre, he that defends under the fetlock to the heel. patiser di vedersi in questo státu, a cause as an advocate or Pasturáre, to lead the cattle to my beat bleeds to see you in counsellor. the pasture.- Past rúre, to this condition. -Pruire d'una Patrocinatrice, femin. of Pahave the care of souls-Pas cosa, to want.--Pulir di dunari, i trocinatore. viráre, to feed.

to want money.--.Non patico Patrocinio, s. m.patronage, dePastúro, u. Pastura. Obs. di niente, I want for nothing: fence, protection. Patacca, s. f. a patacoon, a Non poter patir uno, to hate one. Patia, s. f. the epact of the Patacco, s. m. S Spanish coin. - fon posso patirlo, I hate him, moon.— Parta, drawn game.

Non vale une patacca, it is I can't abide or endure him.-- Pattáre, to equal, or make not worth a groat.

Patire intere se, to pay interest. equal or even in number. Paténa, s. f.the patten or cover - Pretire, to digest.-—-Patire una Patteggiamento, s. m. bargain, of a chalice.

disgrazia, to undergo a mis-l convention, agreement, coPaténte, adj. patent, evident, fortune, to have a misfortune plain, lying open.-Patente, s. befallen to one. -Putire d'una Patteggiáre, to bargain, to f. a patent, or letter patent. malatia o altro male, to be sub covenant, to contract, to agree Patentemente, adv. evidently, ject to a disease or other evil. upon.--Paltagiáto, adj. bar• plainly, clearly, openly. --Patisce di mul di pietrai, he gained, agreed upon. Patéra, s. f. a goblet or broad has the stone, or he is af. Pattezgiatore, he that makes piece of plate, to drink in, ficted with the stone.--Patito, or strikes the bargain. used at public feasts and adj. suífered, cucured. Pattegiatrice, femin. of Patsacrifices. Patitore, a sutierer.

teggiatore. Pateréccio, s. m. / felon, whit- Pátria, s. f. country, one's na- Pattino, s. m. patten, a kind of Paterécciolo, slow, a sore tive soil.

shoe. Obs. under the root of the nails. Patriárca, a patriarch, a chiet Patto, s. m. compact, bargain, Paterino, s, a sort of heretic. father.---Puiriarca, patriarch, covenant, agreement.--Paito, Paternále, adj. paternal, father or national primate.

condition.-Conpattuche, upon iy, belonging to a father. Patriarcále, adj. patriarchal, condition that.-Palto chiaro, Paternità, s. f.paternity, father belonging to a patriarch. amicizia innya, short reckoning hood, quality of a father. Patriarcılménte, adv. in a pa- makes long friends.-Di bel Paternità, paternity, a title to triarchal maner.

pallo, with one accurd, unani. friars.

Patriarcáto, s, m.patriarchate, mously.-- Tinersi di patli, to Paterno, adj. paternal, fatherly, the state, dignity, or juris- agree, to consent, to grant.

belonging to a father. diction of a patriarch. Pittona, s. f. a pudding made Paternostráre, to say a great Patriarchia,s.i. the place where of the nour of Turkey corn. many times the Lord's

's prayer,
a patriarch reside;.

Paitovire, { to covenant, to as some good wonien do out Patrice, s. m. a patrician. Obs. Patiuire, 3 bargain, to agree. of devotion.

Patricida, a murtherer of one's Pattuíto, adj. bargained, agreed Paternostro, s. m. Paternoster, fathe?

upon, covenanted. the Lord's prayer.--Prternis- Patricídio, s. m. a father's mur- Partúglia, s. f. patrole. tro, the largest bead of a pair der.

Pattume, s. mn. dust, sweepings. of beads.- Paternostro delviber- Patrigno, s. m. a father-in-law. Pave, be or she fears, or is turia, impious words, angry Patrignomo, s. m. my father- afraid. Poctical. words. in-law. Obs.

Pavefátto, adj. frightened or Pateticamente, adv. pathetical- Patrimonále, adj. patrimonial, terrified. Poet. lv.

belonging to an estate or in Paventáre,to fear,orbeafraid of. Patético, adj. pathetic, pathe- heritance.

Paventévole, adj. frightful, tertical.

Património, s. m. patrimony, rible, hideous. Patibolo, s. m. a gibbet, a an inheritance, or esiate left Pavento, s. m. fear, fright.gallows, a place of execution by a father to'a son.-

--Pa-l frer paren!o, to be afraid. Patibile,adj. patible, suflerable. trimónio, a family estate. Paventosamente, adv. fearfulPático, adj. hepatical, bepa. Patrino, s. m. godfather.-Pa- ly, with fear.

tic, that is of the colour of tríno, a second in a duel. Paventóso, adj. fearful, timothe liver, or belonging to the Pátrio, adj. paternal, native. rousfraid. Pacentoso,dreadliver.- Alor puticu, a kind of Patriótta, of the saine country. ful, horrid, frightful, terrible, aloes. Patriótto, a patriot.



Paresajo, s. mn. 2 a soldier arm- to do foolish things. Chi pecora si fa, il lupo se la man Pavesaro, sed with a pa- Pazzerello, v. Pazzarello. gia, make yourself a sheep, vese or pavice.

Pazzerésco 0. Pazzesco. and the wolf will eat you... Pavése, s. m. é pavese, or pa e Pazzericcio, adj. fcolish, mad D'una pecora, he is a poor vice, a large shield whiclo dish.

harmless feilow, cover the whole or the body Pazzeróne, one that is halt Pecoráccia, s. f. a rotten theep. P.vido, madj. fearful, timorous, mad.

-- Pecuráccia,anignorani blockafraid.

Pazzescaménte, adv. foolishly, head. Parininto, s. m. a pavement, like a fool.

Pecoraggine, s. 'f. foolishness, a causeway, a paved floor. Pazzesco, adj. foolish, like a silliness, a foolish or silly Paronazzivio, adj.? fool.

thing Ponazriccio, s thing Pazzía, s. f. folly, madness. Pecorajo, s. m. a shepherd, near the purple colour. Pazziáre, z. Pazzeggiare. Pecoreccio, $. m, confusion, Javonázzo, adj. ? of a viclet azziccio, c. Pazzericcio. disorder.-Lutrar nel pecorecPaonázzo, 3 or purple Pazzo, adj. med.--Pazzo, fool-cw, to be at a stand, not to colour. ish, whimsical, siFange, ex

know what to say: Pavoncélio, s. m. a young travamani.--Un puzzo, s. m. Pecorélia, s. f. slicep, an ewe. Paoncino, 5 peacock. a madman.---Un pato a pun Pecorile, s. in. a sheep-foid, a Pazóne, s. m. a peacock. diere, a raving macnun.--Es- house for sheep. Pavone' giarsi, to strut, or go ser pazzo : d’unu cosu, to love a l'ecorina, s. f. a young sheep, strutting along, to walk after thing extremely.

Pecorino, s. m. a lamb.- Pe. a proud and stately manner, Peána, s. f. Paan, an hymn or corino, adj. of or pertaining to to give one's self airs, to ad- song of praise made to Apollo. a sheep.--Caciopécorino,shcep's mire one's self.

Pecca, si f. vice, fault, defect, cheese. -Pecorinu, s. m. sheep's Pavonessa, 8. f. a pea-hen. default, blemish, imperfection, dung; Paúra, s. f. fear, terror, dread, ill quality.

Pecoróne, s. m. a dunce, a frighi.--deer paura, to be Peccaminóso, adj. sinful. blockhead, a loggerhead, a afraid, to fear.-Far paura, to Peccinte, adj. faulty.--Umor silly gull.- Entrar nel perorone, frighten, to put in fear, to peccante, a peccant humour. to be obstinate, or stubborn. terrify.-E brutta da für paura, Peccáre, to sin, to do amiss, to Pecúglio, 3. Peculio. she is frightfully ugly. swerve from right, to tres- Peculiáre, adj. peculiar, parPaurévole, adj. frightful, hor- pass.--Peccáre, to commit a ticular, singular. rible, hideous, dreadful,ghast- fault, to go against the rule. Peculio, s. m. a flock, a herd, ly.

Peccatáccio, s. m. a gross sin. a sheep-fold, cattle.-- Perúlio, Paurosamente, adv. fearfully, Petráto, adj. sinned, done that which a slave or a son timorously.

amiss, trespassed.-- In che ho holds of his own, under a Pauróso, adj. fearful, timorous, peccato iv. what am I guilty master or father, distinct

fruintheaited.-Crvallo puroso, of? what have I done!--Puces from either of their flocks.com a starting horse. --Pauron, to, s. m. sin, trespass, ofience, Peculio, a sum of money. frightîul, horrible, dreadful, crime-kuli è peccata che sia Pecunia, s. f. noney. hideous.--Ponirose, suspicious. morto, it is a pity that he is Pecuniúle, adj. pecuniary, of Pausa, s. f. pause, a resi, a

dead. - ftcre 706o peccato in or belonging to money.---Pena siop, an intermission ---Far une 00:0, to be a novice at a pecuniale, a fine, or amercepauci

, to make a pause, to thing, to have no grcat exrest a little

perience of it.

Pecunialmente, adv. with moPruáre, to pause, to make a Peccatorc, s. m. 2a sinner or pey.--Soutenire ad un pecue op, to rest.

Peccatrice, s. f. § transgres- mualmente, to assist one with Paziente, adj patient, enduring,

money. suffering:

Peccatúzzo, s. m. peccadillo, a Pecuniario, adj. pecuniary.I'azientemente, adr. patiently, listle sin, fault or crime, a Pena pecuniaria, a pecuniary with patience. pardonable sin.

mulct. Puzićnza, s. f. patience, suf- Pécchero, s. 711. a kind of large Pecunióso, adj. pecunicus, mpserance, endurance finner drinking-glass.

nied, full of money.--Pecilgut la perjenza, to be impa- Pecchia, s. f. a bee.

pióso, covetous, stingy, that cient.---Prienza, a friar'shood, Pecchiare, to suck a; bec do. - loves money. through which he puts his Pecchiire', to drink much. Pedággio, s. m. pedage, toll,

Péccia, s. f. paunch, belly. A Fazzácio, in great fool. vulgar word.

Pedagiére, s. m. a toll-gatherer. J'azamente, adr. foolishly, Pecciata, s. f. a kick or blow Pedagiuolo,s.m.a stake or prop 1.dly:-Pinzerente, fondly, given in the belly:

made of the trunk of a little prodigiously, very much. rece, $. f. 1ar, pitch.--Tullil trec. Pazzarillo, s. m. din. of Paz siano macchiati una pere, we redagoghessa, a she pedant.

re all in the same fault. Pedagógo, pedagogue or inI l'azzarélli, an hospital for Pécora, s. f. a sheep.-- Lecar le strucior, or teacher of youth, road people.

pre ore dal sule, to take or put pedant. Puzzelzáre, to play ihe fool, a thing out of one's reach... Pedagra, s. f. for Podagra, the





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