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gout. Obs.




the Muse. Poet.

bird. Pedále, s. m. the stock, the Pegaso, s. m. 2 Pegasusa wing- Pelatina, s. f. scurf, scald on trunk, the stem or main body Pégaso, Šed horse; a the head. ---Peláto, adj. bald, of a tree.---} elale d'organo, northern constellation. 'picked, plumed, skinned, pedal, the low key of organs. Peggio, adj. or adv. worse. flayed, fleeced.--Testa peluta, Pedáno, o, Pedale. Obs. Questo è peggio dell'altro, this a bald head. Pedánte, s. m. a pedagogue, is worse than the other. Pelatójo, s. m. the place where an instructor or teacher of Andar di male in peggio, to animals are flead.---Pelatójo, youth, á pedant, a paltry grow worse and worse. ---Il $. m. an instrument to flea school-master.

piergio, s. m. the worse, or the animals. Pedantería, s. f. pedagogy, pe worst.-Ha preso il peggio, he Pelliccia, s. f. a thick, bad, or. dantry.

has taken the worst.--Aver nasty skin. Pedantescamente, adv. pedan la peggio, to be worsted, 10 Pelláme, s. m. a great many tically, after a pedantio man have the worst on't, to be skins. ner, like a pedant.

beaten ---Il peggio è, the Pelle, s. f. skin.-Pelle, apPedantesco, adj. pedantic, peworst is.

pearance, shew, pretence, dant-like.

Peggioraménto, s. m. a grow- colour. --Sotto pelle d'amicizia, Pedantúcolo, s. m., a silly pe- | ing worse.

under shew or colour of Pedantúzzo, S dant, a Peggiorare, to make worse friendship.--Non capir nella palary school-master, a con Peggiorure, to grow worse and pelle, to be extremely glad.ceited pretender to scholar. worse, to decay.

Pelle, pelle, adv. superficially. ship.

Peggiorativo, adj. that is grow - Lasciar lu pelle, to lose one's Pecita, s. f. a footstep, a track, ing worse and worse. life.--Scampar la pelle, to save the print of the foot, the Peggiorato, adj. made one's life. - Von è altro che footing ---Pedela, footsteps, grown worse.

pelle è ossa, he has nothing steps, example.-Nor segre le Perzióre, adj. worse.-11 pego but skin and bones. Ognus pedate di suo padre, he does not guire, s. m. the worse, or the c'è pel cunju, e per la pelle, every imitate his father, he does worst.

body is subject to misfornot take after his father, he, Peggiormente, adv. in a worse does not follow the steps of

Pellegrinaggio, s. m. pilgrihis father. - ledáta, footstep, Pegnoráre, to seize judicially mage. track, sign, mark.- Non se ne a ching:

Pellegrinánte, adj. wandering vede orna, ne pedata, there Pegno, s. m. pawn, pledge.- up and down, travelling in is not the least sign in the Pegno, pledge, badge, token, foreign parts. world left.

mark, proof, testimony. Pellegrináre, to travel through Pedéstre, adj. belonging to a Pegno, son, child-Metter pegs strange countries, footman or foot-soldier. no, to lay, to bate. Dar ia

abroad into foreign parts, to Solduli pedestri, foot-soldiers, fede in pegno, to engage one's go in pilgrimage. infantry.


Pellegrinazióne, s. f. pilgriPedignone, s. m. chilblains. Pegnoráre, to force one juri- mage. Pedina, s. f. a pawn at chess. dically to give a pledge or Pellegrino, s. m. a pilgrim, a ---Pedina, a common or mean pawn for the money he has stranger, a traveller.-- Felleborrowed.

grino, singular, rare. }'ellee Pedóna, v. Pedina.

Pégola, s. f. pitch, tar. grino, foreign, outlandish, rePedonággio, s. m.? infantry, Pelacáne, s. m. a tanner. mote, far off.--Falcon jellePedonáglia, s. f. Šfoot-sol- Pelacucchino, ex. non te ne darei grino, haggard, hawk. diers.

un pelucucchino, I would not Pellicano, s. m. a pelican. Pedóne, s. m. a foot-soldier.-) give you a farthing for it. Pelliccia, s.f. a pelisse, a furred Pelóné, he that travels 2-foot, Pelaghetto, s. m. a little sea. a walker. Pedine, the stock, Pelago, s. m. the sea, the main Pellicciájo, s. m. ? furrier, the trunk, the stem or main sea, the ocean.--In alto pelo- Pellicciére, S skinner. body of a tree.

go, in the main sea.--Mitruoio Pellicciería, the place or street Pedoto, s. m.? a guide, the in un pelago di guai, I find my- where the skinners live, or Pedótto,

rudder self in a world of troubles. the skins are sold.--Ariedler. guider of the ship, a steers- Peláme, s. m. the colour or ci in pelliccieria, farewell, we man, or boatswain.

quality of the hair, the hair. shall see one anothier when Peduccio,s. m. pig's petty toes, -Il lupo el cane sono simil nel dead.--Tutte le unlpi tilla fine »z trotters, sheep's-leci.-Telíc- pplame, the wolf and the dog rivengono in pelliccioria, all cio, a corbel in architecture. are like one another in the rogues at last go to the gal-For perlucio, to back or hair.

lows. countenance one, to defend Pelaçićdi, s. m. a low fellow. Pelliccióne, s. m. a furred one's reasons.

Peláre, to make baid, to pull gown or garment, a furred Pedule, s. s. the foot pare of a out or off the hair.-telure, petticoat, Uued by peapair of stockings.

to exact upon, to skin, to sants. Pegaséo, adj. of or belonging flea, to fleece.---Pelare, to Peilicélla, s. f. a little skin. so Pegasus.--Dica de ser, pick the feathers of a Pellicello, s. m. a little worm

to go







breeding between the skin Penalmente, adv. in pain, with and the desh of those that punishment.

Péndulo, adj. hanging. have the itch.

Penánte, adj. afflicted, tor- Peuduto, adj. hanged. Pellicina, s. f. little skin. mented.

Peneráta, s. f. that part of the Pellicino, s. m, the corners or Penáre, to tarry, to stay, to thread or silk upon the loom ears of a full sack or peck, put off, to delay, to linger which is left without being to take hold of them. lelli. 1 and while out the time.-Ar. woven. cino, the bag or bottom of a rivato che sui senza molto penare Penetrabile, adj. penetrable, net, where the fish taken are entrai, as soon as I was arriv- that may be penetrated. gathered.

ed, I went in presently.-- Pe- Penetragióne, s. f. penetration. Pellicola, s. f. pellicle, a lit- wire, to strive, to endeavour, Penetrále, s. m. recess the most Pellicula, tle skin, a to take great pains, to toil inward and secret place of 2 film, or fragment of a mem and moil.- Pendre, to suffer, temple or house. brane.

to endure, to be tormented. Penetraménto, s. m. penetraPelo, s. m. hair.---Felo, equali- - Penáre, to torment, to af- tion.

ty, rank, quality, condition. flict, to trouble, to put to Penetránte, adj. penetrating, ---Lasciar il pelo, o del pelo, to trouble.

that penetrates.-Penetrante, be a loser.-rlver la coda tuc- Penáti, s. m. pl. the peculiar penetrant, piercing, subtle, cala di mal pelo, to be sharp gods of any house.

quick. and cunning.- Non mi morse Penáto, adj. afflicted, torment- Penetránza, o. Penetrazione. mai cane ch'io non nuessi del pelo ed, damned.

Penetráre, to penetrate, to get suo, I was never affronted by Pendaglia, s. f. Y ahook,aten or pierce into or through.one, but I was revenged on Pendáglio, s. m. Š ter-hook. Penetrare, to penetrate, to aphim.-Rilucere il pelo, to be len láglio, belt.

prehend, to understand, to fat and jolly.-Uomo lonalo di Pendente, s. m. a jewel or find out, to discover, to dire pelo, a dunce, a thick-sculled other ornament to hang about or pierce into. fellow, a blockhead.--Esser women's necks.-—- Pendenti, s. Penetrativo, adj. penetrative, d'un pelo e d'una lana, to be of pl. a suit of bed-curtains. penetrating, which easily pethe same making, to have - Pendente, adj. hanging - netrates, or is of a piercing the same vices.-- Andare a pe- Pendente, depending, undeci- quality. lo, to please one, to be plea- ded.—Stare, o restare in pen- Penetráto, adj. penetrated. sing or acceptable to him. dente, to be in doubt.- l'en- Penetratóre, he that peneVoi mi andule molto a pelo, 1 dente, depending, subject to. trates. like you very well.mercar il - Penulente, s. m. a steep Penetratrice, femin. of Penepel nell' uovo, to seek for a place, a hill. drunken quarrel. -A pelo, Pendenza, s. f. bias, declivity. Penetrazione, s. f. penetration, adv. exactly:- Pelo, a little Péndere, to hang, to hang up: sagacity, quickness of wit. cleft in a wall.- Pelo, a hair's ---Péndere, to dangle to and Penetrérole, adj. penetrative. breadth. -Tirali in un fro, to hang danglingly.— Penetróso, adj. the same as pelo, go a little farther that l'enlere inverso una delle parti, Penetrativo. Obs. way:

to incline to. Questo panno Penisola, s. f. a peninsula. Pelosella, s. f. mouse-ear. pende al rosso, this cloth in- | Penitente, adj. penitent, sorPelosćtto, s. m. a little hairy. 'clines to red.—Péndere, to rowful, repenting. Pelóso, adj. hairy, full of hair. hang, to bend on one side.- Un penitente, s. m. Una peniPeltro, s. m. pewter.

Pembre, to depend or be sub- ténte, s. f. a penitent. Pelúria, s. f. the down.

ject to.- Pendere, to be depend- Penitenza, s. f. penitence, rePelúzzo, s. m. a little hair. ing or undecided. ---- Fendere Penitenzia, Spentance. Pena, s. f. pain, punishment. dalla bocca di qualcherhuno, to Penitenza, penance, punisk--Egli ha fatto il male, ed io ne be attentive to, or to hearken ment.-Penilénca, penitence, porlo la pena, he has done the to what one says.

one of the seven sacraments. mischief, and I suffer for it. Pendevole, -. Pendente. Penitenziale, adj. penitential. --Pena, pain, affliction, grief, Pendice, s. f. the side of a hill, -I sulmi peniténziali

, che pesorrow, trouble. -- Pena, pains, decline, or declining, the nitential psalms. trouble, toil, labour.-- gran going down, a descent of a Penitenziare, to give a pepena, with much ado.-- A ma Bill. Ricercando del mare ogni nance. la pena, adv. scarce.- Solto pendice, seeking the most re. Penitenciário,? penitentiary, pena della vita, upon pain of more parts of the sea.--Le Penitenziére. S confessor with life.--Non val la pena, it is not pendici della città, the utmost ample powers. worth the while, or one's buunds of a city, suburbs. Penitenzieria, s. f. penitentiawhile.

Pendio, s. m. steepness, decli ry, penitentiary's court or Penáce, adj. that gives pain. vity, shelvingness. — A pendio, dignity. Penále, adj. pe belonging adv. hanging down.-- Pigliare Penitenziúccia, s. f. a little to or inficting punishment. il pendio, to go or run away: penance. Penalità, s. f. penalty, a fine Péndolo, s. m. a level, a plumb- Penna, s. f. feather.- l'enne, a imposed by way of punish- line.

pen.-l'enna, pen, style, way ment,

Pendolône, adv, in a banging of writing.- Pigliar los penni,



to set pen to paper.- Penna, tormenting,grievous,irksome, reflect upon a thing In merpen, writer, author.--Penna, painful.

tre che egli anduda sopra questo the top, height, or peak of a Pensagióne, s. f. I thought, or pensiero, whilst he was thinkhill.-La penna d'un monte, the Pensamento, thoughts.- ing of this. Sto sempre sopra top of a mountain.--A penna Il pensamento della morte, the questo pensiero, I am always e calumajo, exactly.--Cavar le thoughts of death.

ibinking of this. Mentrò in penne maestre, to take away Pensante, adj., thinking, cogi- pensiero di scrivergli, a thought: from one the best part of tabund, full of thoughts. came in my head to write to what he has.-Penne maestre, Pensáre, to think, to mind.- him. the longest feathers of the Pensare, to think, to resolve, Pensieroso, adj. pensive, wings of a bird.

to design, to intend.--Che thoughtful, cogitabund, in a Pennacchino, s. m. a little pensate di fare? what do you brown study, sad, full of plume or feather.

intend to do? - Pensáre, to thoughts. Pennacchio, s. m. a plume or think, to believe, to have in Pensierúzzo, s. a little feather, a tuft of feathers. one's thoughts, to imagine or thought. Pennace, adj. full of pain, pain. suppose.- l'ensúre, to think, Pensile, adj. pensile, hanging. ful,grievous,tormenting. Obs. to reflect, or consider.Dar Pensionário, s. m. a boarder. Pennajuólo, s. m. penner or che pensare ad uno, to put one Pensioncélla, s. f. dimin. of pencase.-- Pennajrólo, a sta in his trumps.-Senza pensarci, Pensione. tioner, he that sells pens. unthinkingly.

Pensiónc, s. f. a pension, a Pennáto, s. m. a pruning knife Pensáta, s. f. thought, thoughts. yearly allowance.-- Pensione, that gardeners use, a bill, a -Pensúla, thought, meaning, a boarding-school, or boardhedging-bill. -- Pennáto, adj. intention.- Per la non pensata, ing-house. feathered, winged, that has adv. suddenly, upon a sud- Pensivo, adj. pensive, thoughtfeathers or wings.-Pennáto, den.

ful, full of thoughts. a flying bird. Io vidi volare i Pensatamente, adv. advisedly, Pensoso, adj. pensive, thoughtpennati, cosa incredibile a chi non deliberately, purposely. ful, cogitabund, in a brown gli avesse veduti, I saw the birds Pensato,s.in.thought, thoughts, study, full of thought, me flying, a wondrous thing to meaning, intention.-- Penséto, lancholy, sad. whom had never seen them. adj. thought.

Pentácolo, s. m. pentacle, a bit Pennecchino, s. m. o. Pennec- Pensatójo, s. m. abundance of of stone, metal, paper, or. chio.

sad thoughts.- Vettere nel pen-| other matter on which are Pennécchio, s. m. a distaff-full. satojo, to put a fica in one's carved written letters or Pennelláre, to draw, to limn,

strange characters, which beto paint with a pencil. Pensatore, a thinker.

ing worn hanging to one's Pennelláta, s. f. a stroke of the Pensatríce, s. f. a woman that neck, the ignorant vulgar pencil. thinks much.

formerly believed a safeguard Pennelláto, adj. drawn, limned, Pensévole, adj. worthy to against whitchcrafts, poisons, or painted with a pencil. think upon, important.

and other bad things. Pennelleggiare, to draw, to Pensieraccio, s. a bad Pentagonále, adj. pentagonal, limn, to paint.

thought, a strange thought. pentagonous, having five sides Pennellétto, s. m.? dim. of Pensieretto,s. m.alittle thought. and five angles. Pennellino,

thought, Pentáfilo, s. m. cinquefoil, or Pevnéllo, s. m. a pencil. Fatto Pensiero, 5 thoughts, five-fingered grass.

a pennello, very handsome, ex- meaning, notión. Pensieri no- Pentágono, s. m. a figure of traordinary, extremely well josi, troublesome thoughts.-five sides. done.

Il pensier della morte, the Pentametro, s. m. pentameter, Pennetta, s. f. a little feather or thought of death.-Non è a Greek or Lasin verse, so pen.

questo il mio densicro, this is not called. Pennito, s. m. barley-sugar. my meaning.-L'avevo in pen- Peccecágte, s. f. Pentecost, the Pennoncello, s. m. a little plume siere, I had it in my head. festival of Whitsuntide. or feather.---Fennoncello, dim. Pensiero, thought, thoughts, Pintere; 3. Pentire. Obs. of Pennone.

design. Quando fate pen vero di Penticosta, s. f. 5. Pentecoste. Pennóne, s. m. a flag, a stream- purtrie? when do you intend Obs.

er, a standard, a banner. to go?- !o falto pensiero di Pentiniento, s. m. repcatance. Pennoniére, the ensign-bearer, mai non vederlo, I have made a Pentirc, to repent, to be of anan ensign.

resolution ever to see him. other mind. --Pentersi, to rePennóso,adj. feathered,wing - Mi venne in pensicre di nnn pent, to be sorry.-le ne pen. Pennúto, } ed, full of fea- varlo ach: amare, it came into tirele, adj. you'll repent it. thers.

my head to send for him.- Pentitu, adj. repented. Pennúzza, s. f. a little feather Fensiero, sorrow, anguish, Péntyla, s. f. a pot, a seething or pen.

heariness, thoughtfulness, me poi.-lavar gli occhi alla pena, Penosamente, adv. painfully, lancholy, anxiety, care, vex isla, to skin a pot.-Hortare cruelly, grievously.

ation. - Andare, essere, sture, ano a pentolu, to carry somePenóso, adj. troublesome, mo sopra pensiero, to be thoughe- body cross-legged upon one's lesting, offensive, vexativus, ful or cogitabund, to think or shoulders. - Super quel che sia



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Bolle in pentola, to know what mase di farmi morire, you did pronu, I am going in the coun: one is doing.

what you could to make me try-t'er altro, however, yet. Pentoláccia, s. f.? a bad, die.-- Per me non ictarà cosa che -Sin perdre, i dare say.Pentolaccio, s. m. Sla: ze, ugly, a grado non vi sia, I'll make it Per quel che io vegia, for what, ill-shapen pot. my business to please you.

or as fur as I can see:---Per Pentolajo, a potter, he that Per, for, to, in order to.. anche, not yet.----} et appunto, makes or sells pots.

Per voi muore, he dies for you just netv. Pentolára, s. f a blow given -Venzo per sapere come state, I Pera, s f. a pear.--A peitar la by flinging a pot at one. come to know how you do.-pere gucste, to sit at table too Pentolatı, s. f. a pot-full. Per, for.--. Per l'amor di Dio, long.---foregraste, pears boilPentolino, s. m. a little or small for God's sakemler, for, by ed in wine ---D) puo' questo, " pot.

the means.--Il tutto s' è fatto vuo' delle pere, take this, or else Pentolo, v. Pentola.

per le mie mami, every thing has you shall hare nothing. Pentúta, s. f. repentance. Obs. been done by my means. Per addietro, heretofore. Pentúto, adj. repented. Per, as for. -Se ne serva per Per antico, anciently. Penúltimo, 'adj. the last but suo, make use of it as if it was Per avventúra, by chance.

one. La penultina, the pe- yours.-E ripututo per il più Per benchè, though, although. nultima.

dotto di Lonelra, he goes for the Perbio, s. m. a pulpit. Obs. Penúria, s. f. penury, extreme most learned in London.-- Per certo, certainly, for cerwant of necessaries.

Fer lo piu, for the most part. tain. Penuriáre, to be in want. Per tutto, every where. - Aver Percettibile, adj. perceivable, Penurióso, adj. penurious. per vero qualche cosa, to believe perceptible, that may be perPenzigliánte, adj. hanging, a thing to be true.- Per, for, ceived. dangling. Obs.

instead. —Pigliare una cosa per Percezione, s. f. perception. Penzigliáre,? to hang, to dan un altra, to take one thing for Perche? why, for what reaPenzoláre, sgle.

another.--Per, though, al son, how came it about?Pénzolo, s. m. appellation of though.--Per bella che sia, Perchè non siete venuto? why many grapes or bunches of though she is handsome, als did you not come? Perché, fruit hanging together on the though she be ever so hand because. -Perche sono stato amvine or the tree.

some.---Per, side.---Egh è mio mulato, because I have been Pénzolo, adj. hanging, dan- parente per madre, he is my ill.- Perthi, for what.-Pergling

relation on my mother's side. che, that, to the end that. Penzólone, adv. hanging and - Per, each.--Ci diede un bic- Perchè, though, although. Penzóloni, S moving, dingling- chier di vino per uno, he gave Perche', if that.-Che vi fa egli, dangling.

us each a glass of wine.- l'er perchè sia belin o brutta? what Peónia, 6. f. peony, or piony, giorno, every day, each day. is it to you, if she is handan herb so called.

-- Per parte, in the name. - some or ugly? il perchè, the Pepajuola, s. f. a pepper-box. Per parte, di tutti, in the name reason, the cause, the subject. P«pe, s. m. pepper.--Far pepe, of all.- Per me, for my part, -Si sa il perche', is it known to join together all the fingers as for me. Per mio avrisi, in upon what account? --Vi and the thumb, which in fros- my opinion.- Per cambio, in multrattu senca dir il perche, he ly weather is difficult to do. recompense.- Da per se, by abuses me without any man---Tu non firesti pepe di luglio, him or herself. fer, inner of reason. you can't make a hole in the Tagliar prer peczi, to cut in Perciò, adv. therefore, for watcroCome di pepe, exactly. pieces.- Per comune, altoge which reason.—Perció, howPuplo, s. in. purslain, an herb ther.-Per modo, so, in such a ever, yet. so called.

manner.--Per modo di, for. Pérciocchè, because. Der, by, through, in.- Anuar -- Per modo di diporto, for sport. Per conseguente, } conseper acqua, to go by water Per modo di parlare, by way of Per conseguenza, quently, Canım ner per i canipi, to walk speaking ---Per granto vi è care by consequence. through the fields.- Miva per la vita, for your life sake, if Per converso, adv. contrarila memoria diperlu reduto, i you have any value for your

wise. have a notion in my head life.---inlar pe fatti suoi, to go Percóssa, s. f. a stroke, a blow. · that I have seen him.---Per about one's business. --Caior Percósso, adj. struck, beaten. quindi, this way.- fer quinci, per mano, to fall in one's way. Percossúra, s. f. v. Percutituthat way.--Per, in, through. -Aver per niente, to value no

- Vi s'agghinccia il sangue fer thing, to have no value for. ler costa, sideways. le tenc, quando ci penso, it chills -la per niente la sua vita, he Per costante, for certain, for my blood when I think on it. does not value his life.- Mano granted. ler,.by, from.--2":to sasso dur per uno, to send for one.-- Percotiménto, s. m. a blowing non si potretie mietere per dirci Questro muro sta per cauete, this or blow, a stroke. coralli, ten borses could not wall is ready to fall.--Non é Percotitóre, a striker, a smit. sove this stone. ---- Non restul morto, ma è per morire, he is fer me che la cosa non si facese, not dead, but he is dying.--- Percoiitrice, fem. of Percotiit was sut my fault if the thing! lui per morire, I thought to was not done.--der roi non ri die. ---lo souw per andure in camo Percotitúra, s. f. a stroke, a






Wow, smiting:

perdita d'una cosa, to lose any Peregrinazione, si f. peregras Percuítere, to beat, to strike, I thing.

11110n, travelling into forcign to smite.- Percuotere, to re. Perditore, a loser.

parts, pilgrimage. Peregrino, flect, or beat back.--Percuó- Perditrice, femin. of Perditore. a pilgrim.---- Peregrino, adj. tere, to meet, to meet with, to Perdizione, s. m. perdition, strange, foreign, rare, scarce, find. Ma andiamo a dare una damnation, destruction, ruin. valuable. volto, e potremmo forse percuotere Perdonamento, s. m. Perdo- Perénne, adj. perennial, pera in Ser Cuppelletto, let us walk nánza, s. f. pardon, reniis- durable, lasting, durable, conabout, perhaps we shall meet sion, forgiveness.

stant. with Mr. Ciappelletto.-- -- Perdonanza, papal indulgences. Perentório, s. m. peremptory. Percuotere in una secca, to run Perdonáre, to forgive, to par- Perentoriamente, adv. perempa a-ground, or on shore, to put don.-Lu morte non la perdona torily. a.ground.

a nessuno, deach spares no. Per éntro, adv. within, in: Percuotiménto, s. m. a blow, a body.---Lei mi perdoni, excuse Pereto, s. mi an orchard of stroke, a smiting, or blow or pardon me, sir.--Perdonare, pear-trees. ing. to spare, to save.

Per fermo, adv. firmly, resoPercuotitére, a striker, a smit- Perdonáto, adj. pardoned, for- lutely, constantly, stedfastly.


Perfettamente, adv. perfectly,
Percuotitúra, s. f. a stroke, a Perdonatore, a forgiver. intirely, wholly.

Perdonatrice, she that forgives. Perfettissimamente, adv. very
Percussáre, to strike, to smite.' Perdonazione, s. f. Obs. par- perfectly.

Perdono, s. m. s don, Perfetto, adj. perfect, comPercussén te, adj. beating, that forgiveness, remission. --Per- plete, excellent, accomplishsmites.

dóno, s. m. a church, or any ed. Perfetto, perfected, Percussióne, s. f. percussion, a other place where people get brought to perfection, finish. striking or smiting indulgences by going to pray

ed.-Perfetto, s. m. perfece Percussivo, adj. bearing, strike! in it.

tion, perfectness, goodness. ing, smiting, offending. Perducere, to conduct, to lead, Perfezionaménto, s. m. the act Percussore, a striker, an hired to carry, to guide.

of bringing to perfection. assassin, a cut-throat, a bravo. Perdurabile, adj. perdurable, Perfezionáre, to perfect, to L'erdénte, s. m, a loser.

continuing, lasting very long. make perfect, to bring to Perdénza, s. f. loss.

Perdurabiliti, s. f. perduration, perfection, to finish. Perdere, to lose.--—Perder la a lasting very long.---Perilu- Perfezióne, s. f. perfection. uista, to lose one's eyes, or i rabilità, obstinacy, wilfulness, Perfezione, perfection, accumu. eye-sight.- Perder la paroir, to! stubbornness.

plishment, end. lose one's speechi. - Pérdere, Perdurabilmente, adv. perpe- Perficiente, adj, perficient, ac(consilmare in vano) to waste, tually, always, for ever. complishing, that brings to to consume, to dissipate. to Perdurare, to continue, to last, perfection. squander away.-Peritor l'oc- ! to hold out.

Perfidamente, adv.perfidiously, cusione, to lose or let slip the Perdurevole, adj. perdurable, basely, treacherously, falsely. opportunity.--Perdere,ivlose, continuing, lasting very long. Pertidezza, s. t. perfidiousPerdere la partita, to lose the Perdúrre, :. Perducere. Pertidia,

ness, bases game.-Perdere la battaglia, to Perdutzunénte, adv. licentious. ness, treachery, falsehood.--lose the day or battle.---Per- ly, madly, dissolutely, Perfidia, obstinacy, stubborndere la cuusa, to be cast.-Por- Perdúto, adj. lost --- Passar il ness, wilfulness. dersi d'unimo, to be discouraged, tempo perdito, to pass away Perfidiáre, to be obstinate, or or disheartened, to despond.! one's time without doing any stubborn, to be obstinately -Pérders, to lose one's self, thing.-- Tenersi, per perdi:tu, to resolved, to be stiff and firin to lose one's way.--Perdere di give one's self over for lost. in a resolution-Non bissant vista, to lose the sight of. Uno perduto itella persona, a Particari mai con chi puo prie di Perdere la vergogna, to become man that has lost the use of noi, ue must never withstand impudent or dishonest. all his lirnbs, ill formed, a de. one that is above us. Perdézza, s. f. loss, ruin, de formed man.--E' divenuto af- Pertidiosamente, adv. perfidistruction. Obs.

faito perduto della nienit, he has ously. Per diámetro, diametrically quite lost his senses.Sen. Pe:tidióso, adi. perfidious, treaopposite.

tinella perdita, a forlorn can churons, base, false; obstinate, Perdigióne, v. Perdizione. tinel.-- Perilitto, passionately stubborn. Perdigiorno, s. m. a lazy fel. in love.

l'ériido, adj. perfidious, treilow, a dunce, a blockhead. Per cccellenza, adv. cxcellent- clicious, bare, false.

pera Perdiménto, s. m. loss. ly, exquisitely.

frio, a pertidious, base, or ta'se Perdimento, damnation, utter Peregrinaggio, s. m. pilgri- man. loss. mage.

Pertiguráre, to compare with.
Per diritto, directly.

Peregrináre, to travel through Obs.
Perdita, s. s. loss. -----Perd'ta di serangga p!aces, to go abroad Perforamento, s, m. perfora-
tempo, loss of time. --- ferdita, into forcign parts, to go in tion, a boring through.
Guia perdita, with losedur pilgrimage.

Perforare, to persuratc, to bore



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