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or pierce through.

muscles lie.

Pel lo méno, adv. at least. Perforato, adj. perforated, bor- Perimetro, s. m perimeter, the Perlíne, 8. m. a dunce, a blocked, or pierced through. compass or st: ni of all the head, a stupid fellow, a silly Perforazione, s. f. perforation, sides which bind any body fool. a piercing or boring through. or ligure.

Per lo più, adv. for the most Per forza, by force, forcedly. Per in ii, zdv. by that place. part. Per furto, by theft, clandes- per Innanzi, adv. heretofore, Per l'oppósito, adv. over atinely. for the time past.

Per l'oppósito, s gainst, Periodicamente, adv. periodi- opposite, on the contrary. Pérgamo, s. m. pulpit.


Per lungo, adv. long-wise. Pergiurábile, adj. false.

Periodico, adj. periodical, be- Perlucente, acij. through-shinPergiurare, to perjure, to for- longing to, or that has its ing, or glittering.


Perlura, s. f. the bur of a deer's Pergiúro, s. m. perjury, for- Período, s. m. a period, a per- head. swearing, taking a false oath. fect sentence, or close, a full Permaguénte, v. Permanente. Pérgola, 5. f. à vine arbour.– stop at the end of any sen- Permaloso, adj. morose, sullen, Pergola, a kind of winter. tence.--- Periodo srlare, the sna ill-humoured. grapes.-Esser pergola, to be lar period. ----Il periodo della Permanente, adj. permanent, in company without under- febbre, the period or return constant, durable, continuing, standing what they say, to of an ague.

lasting, he like a mute.

Perióstio, s. m. periostium, a Permanenza, s. f. continuance, Pergoláto, s. m. a vine-arbour. thin membrane immediately perseverance, duration. Pergolese, s. f. a kind of

grape. wrapping all the bones in Permanére, to persevere, per. Pergoléto, i. Pergolato. the body, some few excepted; sist, continue. Pergolo, s. m. stage.

by reason of which membrane, Permanevoie, adj.) durable, Peri, s. m. pl. peers, paladins. and not of their own nature, Permansivo,


the bencs are supposed to nent, continuing, remaining, Pericárdo, s. m. pericardium, | feel, and to have feeling. lasting: a double membrane, which i'erire, to perish, to go to ruin, Per mei, adv. near by, oversurrounds the whole compass to be cast away, to decay, to against. Obs.-Per mi qui, of the heart. die.

adv. in this very place. Periclitáre, v. Pericolare.

Per isclíva, ex. Aver per is. Permesso, adj. permitted, sufPericolamento, s. m. pericli- chiva, to loath, to abhor. fered. nation, hazard, jeopardy, Per istráforo, adv. secretly, Permettente, adj. permitting, danger. clandestinelv.

sullering, giving leave.- Dio Pericolánte, adj. jeopardous, Per istrazio, adı: in jest. permettente, if God pleases.

dangerous, in danger. Peritánza, s. f. bashfulness, ti-Permettere, to permit, to sutPericolire, to be in danger or morousness, tinidity, faint- fer, to let, to allow, to give peril.-- Pericoláre, to ruin, to

leave.-L'onestà non mel perdestroy, to undo, to lay waste. Peritáre, to be ashamed, to be metie, it is against my honour. --- Pericoláre, to be ruined or timorous or fearful, to be - lli permetla ch'io le dica da destroyed, to run into a pre bashful.

amico, let me tell you as a cipice.

Perito, adj. expert, skilful, friend.-- Perméltere, 'to suffer, Pericolato, adj. lost, ruined, de- learned, versed.

to wink at, to tolerate.- Per stroyed, undone.

Peritóso, adj. ashamed, bash- minúto, adv. by retail. Pericolatóre, an attorney. A ful, timorous.

Permischiamente, s. m. mix. burlesque word instead of Perjuri), v. Pergiúro.

ture, medley, huriy burlyProcuratore.

Perizia, s. f. skill, experience, Permi chiamento di terra, Pericolo, s. m. danger, peril, art, science.

whirlpool of dust. hazard, risk. Perla, s. 1. a pearl.

Perinischiare, to mingle, to Pericolosamente, adv. peril. Per l' addietro, adv. for the mix. ously, dangerously.

heretofore. Permissióne, s. f. permission, Pericolóso, adj. perilous, dan- Per la entro, adv. there with allowance, leave, toleration. gerous, hazardous.

in.--Per la non pensula, adv. Permissivamente. adv. permisPerífrasi, s. f. periphrasis, a cir- suddenly, unaware.

sively, by permission, with cumlocution of words. Per l' appunto, adv. exactly. leave. Periglio, s. m. peril, danger, Per la qual cos:1, adv. there- Permissivo, adj. permissible, risk, hazard. fore.

which can be permitted. Perigliosamente, adv. danger- Perláto, adj. of a pearl co- Permistióne, s. f. pomission, ously, with danger. lour.

or permixtion, a thorough Periglioso, adj. perilous, dan- Per l'arvenire, adv. hereafter, mingling together. gerous, hazardous. for the future.

Per modo che, adv. so that. Pericranio, s. m. pericranium, Per lo continuo, adv. conti- Permovimento, s. m. an emo. a menibrane which infolds nudliy.

tion of the mind, the putting the scull, and covers it all, Per lo contrário, adv. con the mind into any great except where the temporal tray-wise, on the contrary. concern or passion.


time past,



Permút2, s. f.
permu-l tuity.

Perseguizione, s. f. persecuPerniutaménio, s. m. tation, Perpetuale, adj. perpetual, con. tion, oppression. Obs. Permutánza, s. f.


, unintcrrupted, never Perseo, s. m. a kind of tree changing, alteration, remov ceasing, everlasting, endless. like a pear tree, laden with ing


, s. f. perpetuality, fruit good for the stomach. Permiutábile, adj. that may be perpetuity.

— Iersco, Perseus, a constelmoved or changed.

Perpetuamente, adv. / perpe-lation in the northern hemiPermutare, to permute, to ex- Perpetualmente, Stually, sphere. change, to alter, to remove. continually.

Perseveránté, adj. perseverant, Permutativo, adj. permuting, Perpetuánza, s. f. perpetuity, persevering, constant, stedexchanging, altering. perpetuality. Obs.

fast. l'ermutáto, adj. permuted, ex- | Perpetuarsi,to perpetuate one's Perseverantemente, adv. per

changed, altered, removed. self, to become perpetual.-sveringly. Permutatóre, he that permutes, Perpetuire, to perpetuate, to Perseveranza, s. f. perseverexchanges, or alters. . m: ke perpetual.

ance, constancy, firmness, rePermutatrice, she that per- Perpetuazione, s. f. perpetu- solution. mutes, exchanges, or alters. ation, the act of making per- Perseveráre, to persevere, to Permutazione, s. f. permuta


continue, to be stedfast in a tion, exchanging, alteration. Perpetuità, s. f. perpetuality, thing. Pernice, s. f. partridge. perpetuity.

Perseveratamente, adv. perse. Pernicióso, t. Pernizioso. Perpétuo, adj. perpetual, ever- 'veringly. Perniciótto, s, m. a young par- lasting, endless.

Perseverazióne, s. f. v. Persetridge.

Perpignano, s. m. a kind of Pernicóne, s. m. a sort of plum. fine cloth.

Pérsica, s. f. a peach. Per niente, for nothing., Perplessamente, adv. perplex- Persicária, s. f. an herb so call. Pernizie, s. f. hurt, mischief. edly, doubtfully.

ed. Pernizioso, adj. pernicious, de- Perplessità, s. f. perplexity, Pérsico, u. Pesco. structive, mischievous, hurt- doubtfulness, irresolution, Persistere, to persist, to perful.

trouble, anguish of mind. severe, to abide or continue Perno, s. m. pivot, hinge, or Perplésso, dj. perplexed, con in an opinion or demand. axis.-- Perno di pietrada mulínu, founded, troubled, irresolute, Perso, adj. bluish grey.--Perthe trendle of a mill-stonc.- ambiguous.

so, adj. lost. Perno, a large nail.

Per poco, adv. yet, almost. Persóna, 5. f. a person, a body, Pernottáre, to pass the whole Per rata, adv. in part.

a man, a woman.--Egli è una night, to continue or tarry all Perrucca, . Parrucci. buona persona, he is a good night long, to lodge, to lie. Pérs, s. f. marjoram

body. ---Fersona, any body, Lungo'i peculio suo qucto per- Per se, adv. by one's self. somebody --Vedete se c'è: pernotta, he lies all night content- Persecutóre, a persecutor or 50:12, see if any body is there. edly by his treasure. pursuer.

--- Non c'è persona, there is noPer novello, adv. newly, mo- Persecuzióne, s. f. persecution, body.---- | 'crsonu, life. --Torre derniy. oppression.

la personu ad uno, to take one's Pero, š. m. a pear-tree.- Pero, Perseguire, to persecute, to op life, to kill him.-lapu la adv. therefore, whereupon.

press.--- Ferse zuire, to prose- persona ad uno, to save one's Per obliquo, adv. obliquely, cute, to purse, to carry on, lite.- Persona, shape.--Eben indirectly.

to go on with. — Persezuire, fatto di persona, he is well shapPerocchè, adv. because, for. to ellectuate, to put in exe ed. --Star in pello ed in per ona, Per oppósito, Per oppósto, cution.

to stand stiff in a place like a adv. against, on the contrary. Perseguitáre, to persecute, to statue.- Persona, a great man. Per ora, adı, at present, now. oppress, to vex, or trouble.- La persona slel cavallo, the body Peroráre, to make an end, or terseguitarr, to prosecute, to

of the horse. In persone, in draw to an end of speaking, pursue, to crry, or yoon person, personally. to conclude, close, or wind with.- Perseguitato, adj. pro- Personiccia, s. f. a great deup a speech. secuted, pursued.

forned body Perpendicoláre, adj. perpen- | Perseguitatóre, a persecutor, Personaggio, s. m. an illustridicularLinen perpend:colure, an oppressor, a troublesorne

0:13 min, a great personage. a perpendicular line.

man.--. l'erseguitatóit, an ob- - Personaruiu, a person reprePerpendicolarmente, adv. per servator.

sented in a play. pendicularly.

Perseguitatrice, fem. of Perse- Personále, adj. personal. Perpendicolo, s. m. a perpen- guitatore.

Personalità, s. f. personality, dicular, a level, a plumb-line. Perseguitazione, .s. f. Persé- the property of being a diPerpero, s. mn. a kind of coin. guity, s. m. persecution, 0;Obs. pression. Obs.

Personalmente, adv. personPerpetráre, to perpetrate, to Perseguitóre, a persecutor, an ally, in person. elect, to perform, to com opressor.

Personcina, s. f. a little per. mit a crime.

Perseguitrice, fem, of Perse son or body: Perpetuagióne, s. f. perpe- guiture.

Perspettiva, s. f. perspective.


stinct person.



- Perspetiva, landscape. Perturbáre, to perturb, to dis-' Pesánza, s. f. weight, heaviness.

Perspettivi, prospect, visto. quiet or disturb.- l'erturbuto, - Pesanza, trouble, vexation, Perspicace, adj. perspicaci-l adj. perturbed, disquieted, anguish, sorrow, grief. cus, quick-sighted, quick- disturbed.

Pesare, to weigh, to be heavy. witted.

Perturbatore, perturbator, a - Questo mante lo mi pesa molto, Perspicaceménte, adv, perspi- disturber.

this cloak lies heavy upon my caciously, with perspicui- Perturbatríce, fem. of Pertur- shoulders. -Pesure, to weigh. ty. batore.

- }'esáre, to be sorry.--Mi pese Perspicácia, :. Perspicacità. Perturbazione, s. f. perturba- molto di non poteria seruire, I Perspicacità, s. f. perspicacy, tion, disquiet, disorder, trou am sorry that I can't oblige quickness of sight, of wit, or ble of mind.

serve her.

- Pesare, to apprehension.

Pertusáre, to bore, to make a weigh, to ponder, to examine Persuadére, to persuade, to hole.

or consider.-Pesure, to coun. convince, to satisfy, to make Pertúso, s. m. a hole.

terbalance, to weigh one believe.

Per tutto, adv. every where.-' against another. Persuadevole, adj. persuasive, Per tutto ció, o per tutto questo, Pesatamente, adv. judiciously,

that is apt to persuade. adv. however, yet, for all cautiously, considerately, dePersuasione, s. f. persuasion, that.

murely. a persuading

Pervegnente, Pervenénte, adj. Pesato, adj. weighed, c. PePersuasii o, adj. persuasive, apt arriving, or coming to, atto persuade. taining unto.

Pesatore, he that weighs. Persuiso, adj. persuaded, Pervenimento, s. m. a coming Pesca, s. f. a peach.--- Manca brought to. or attaining unto.

male che el'e non furon pesche, I Persuasore, he that persuades. Pervenire, to arrive, to come, am very well off, or I am glad Pertanto, adv. therefore, how to get, to attain, or icach.- that it is no worse.--I'oler le ever, yet, nevertheless. Perienire a notizia, to cume to pesche monde, for a man that Pertempissimo, adv. very early one's ears or knowledge. would have the profit withPertimpo, adv. early.

Pervenire al suo intento, to at. out work.-Pesca, s. f. a fishPeitenénte, adj. pertaining, or tain or get one's aim.

ing-Anılare alla pesca, to go belonging to or unto. Per ventura, adv. by chance, a tishing. Pertenére, to pertain or belong / accidentally.

Pescagione, s. f. the act of fish. to or unto.

Pervenúto, adj. arrived, come. ing. Pértica, s. f. a pole, a pearch, Perversamente, adv. perverse- Pescaja, s. f. a flood-gate, a or perch.

ly, frowardly, untowardly. sluice, a lock in a river. Perticire, to beat with a pole Perversare, r. Imperversare. Pescare, to fish.--Pescure, to or pearch.

Perversáto, t. Impei versato. seek or look for.-Pescar per Pertiećne, s. m. a long pole ; Perversióne, s. f. perversion, se, to seek one's own advanand metaphorically, a long depravation.

tage. - Pescar pel proconsolo, gangrel, a tall slim fellow. Perversità, s. f. perversity, per- to work in vain. - Pescare a Pertinace, adj. pcrtinacious, verseness, frowardness, wick-fondo, to know a thing perobstinate, stubborn, wiltul. edness, malice, depravation, tectly well, to be sure of it.-Pertinacemente, adv. pertina- | ill-nature, crossness.

E' non sa quel che si pesti, he ciously, obstinately, wilful- Perverso, adj. perverse, wick- doth not know what he says.

cd, froward, untoward, cross - l'escare, to draw. nesto Pertirácia, s. f. pertinacity, grained.

ornscello pesca tropp acqua, this pertinacy, stubbornness, ob- Pervertere,? to pervert, tol ship draws too much water. stinacy:

Pervertire, turn upside Pescatello, s. m. a little fish. Pertinacità, s. f. the same as down; to put in disorder or Pescato, adj. tished. Pertinacia.

confusion, io confound.---Per- Pescatore, a fisherman. Pertinente, adj. pertaining or vértere, to pervert, to deprare, Pescatorello, s. m. a poor fisherbelonging unto.

to spoil, o debauch, or sePertinenza, s. f. appurtenance


Pescatrice, s. f. a fisherwoor dependency.

Peruggine, s. m. ą wild pearPer torto, adv. cross-way.

Pesce, s. m. fish.Pesce nuoro, Pertrattáre, to treat, to ma- Per vicenda, adv.by turns. a simpleton, a silly man...

Pervinca, s. f. perwinkle, or Non si prej pigliar pesci senza imPertrattáto, adj. treated, ma periwinkle, a sort of herb. mollarsi, there is no rose with. naged. Obs.

Perúzza, s. f. a little

pear. out thorns, there is no sweet Per travérso, adv. cross-way. Pesa, s. f. weight, burden. Obs. without some sweat.---Che Pertugétto, s. m. a little hole. Pesánte, odj. heavy, weighty, pesce piglia costui? of what Perrugiare, to bore. ----Pertu- ponderous, unwieldy:-Pesina trade is this man ?-Pese argato, adj. boreri.

te, considering, disgressing, gentino, the silver fish.- Pesci, Pertúgio, s. m. a hole. examining.

Pisces, a sign in the Zodiack. Perturbaménto, s. m. perturb- Pesanteniente, adv. heavily. Pesceduóvo, s. m., an omelet,

ation, disorder, trouble of Pesantezza, s. f. wcig. heavi. Peseeduvva, s. f. } a kind of , mind.

| pancake made of eggs.




nage, Obs.


ing gum.



hair grows.

Pescetto, s, m. a little fish. Pesta, slaughter.
Pescheria, fishery, fishing -- Pestamento, s. m. the act of Petrenciána, s. f. la prim-

Pescheria, a fish-market. beating, pounding, or bruis. Petronciano, s. m.] pion.
Peschetta, s. f. a small peach. ing:

Petróne, s. m. a large stone. Peschiera, s. f. a fish-pond. Pestáre, to beat, to pound, to Petrosellíno, s. m. a kind of Pesciáccio, s. m. a large urly bruise, or bray.- Pestáre, to parsley that grows among

fish. - Pesciaccio, a stupid, trample upon, to tread under gross fellow.

the feet.

Petrosello, s. m. a kind of parPesciajuolo, s. m. a fishmon- Pestáta, s. f. v. Pestamento.

sley. ger.

Pestato, adj. beaten, bruised, Petrosémolo, s. m. parsley. Pesciarello, diminutives of pounded, trampled upon. Petrosillo, s. m. v. Petrosello. Pesciatello, s Pesce.

Pestatójo, s. m. a pestle. Petróso, adj. stony, full of Pescina, s. f. a fish-pond. Peste, s. f. pest, plaguf, pesti- stones, Pesciolino, s. m. a sinall fish. lence.

Petruccióla, s. f. dim. of Pietra. }'escióne, s. m. a large fish. Pestellino, s. m. a small pes- Petrúzza, s. f. a small stone. Pescivéndolo, s, m. a fishnion- tle.

Pettabótta, s. f. a breast-piece. ger.

Pestéllo, s. m. a pestle. Pettáta, s. f. a shock of a breast Pesciuolo, s. m. a small fish. Pestífero, adj. pestilential, against breast.-Patláta, a Pesco, s. m. a peach-tree. pestiferous, bringing the steepy, hard, or difficult asPeso, s. m. weight, load, burol plague. den.-Peso, weight, what is Pestilente, adj. pestilent, pes- Pettégola, s. f. a strumpet, a put in one of the scales to as tiferous, plaguy, destructive, wench, a vile woman, a vain certain the weight:-P0, mischievous, dangerous. chattering woman. weight, care, angieļy.- Pe. Pestilenza, s. f. the pestilence, Pettegoleggiare, to follow sare una cosa a peso d'oro, to sell the plague, a disease arising strumpets, to seek for the a thing very dear.Far buon from an infection in the air. conversation of silly women peso, to give good weight.- --- Pestilenza, mischief, de- Pettiera, s. f. u. Pettorale. Far le cose con peso e misura, to

struction, ruin, calamity: Pettignone, s. m. the place do things with weight and Pestilenziale, adj.? pestilen- about the privy parts where measure, to go by rule and Pestilenzioso, Stial, pesticompass.--- Peso, weight, in- ferous, pestilent.

Pettinagnolo, s. m.

a combportance, moment, consider- Pestio, s. m. a stamping or maker. ation.--Un uomo di gran peso, trampling npon.- Pesto, adj. Petrináre, to comb.--Pettináre, a man of great quality. beaten, bruised, pounded. to scratch, to abuse. Peitia Pésolo, adj. hanging down, Pestóne, s. m. a pestle. nare, to cat quick, and a long Pesolóne,! dangling. E'lcapo Petacciuola, s. f. plantain, an

while.--Pettinare col pettine e tronco tenea per le chiome, pesol herb so called.

col carilo, to eat and drink a con mano i guisa di lanterna, Petardo, s. m. petard.

great deal.--Pettinare il lino, o and with his hand he held Perécchie, s. f. pl. small stains la lana, to comb or card Nax by the hair, the head hang- that sometimes come out upon or wool.----Pettinato, adj. ing down like a lantern.

those that have a malignant combed, carded. Pessário, s. m. pessary, any


Pettinatóre, s. m. a carder. oblong medicine to be thrust Petitóre, a demander, he who Péttine, s. m. a comb.-Petinto the neck of the womb. demands.

tine, the stay of a weaver's Pessarizzáre, to thrust into Petitório, adj. petitory, belong-loom. the neck of the womb the ing to a petition or demand. Pettinella, s. f. an ecl spear. pessary-Pessarizzáto, adj. Perizione, s. f. petition, de-Pettiniera, s. f. a comb-case. thrusted into the neck of the mand.

Petrirósso, s. m. a robin redwomb. Peto, s. m. a fart.

breast. Pessimamente, adv. most Petonciano, v. Petronciano. Petto, s. m. breast. wretchedly.

Petrája, s. f. a heap of stones, mind, heart.--Sogare il petto, Pessimità, s. f. utmost wicked a quarry of stones.

to ease one's mind.--Petto, a ness, malice, roguery. Petrarchevole, adj. after the man..--Avere a petto il bambino, Pessi:10, most wicked, villain manner of Petrarch.

to suckle a child.l'omo di ous, infamous, or wretched. Petrarchevolmente, adv. Pe- peito, a man of courage. Pesta, s. f. the track, print of trarch-like, after the man rrere a pello, to have a thing the foot, the footing: -Segui ner of Petrarch.

in one's heart.-Pello a botta, tar uno alla pesta, to trace one, Petrella, a little stone.

avant-plate of a corslet fac to follow him by the track. Petrelle, s. f. pl. moulds to cast shioned like the back of a -Pesta di cervo, the struin or things in.

toad.--d petto, adv. in comview of a deer.-Pesta di lepre, Petricciuola, a small stone. parison, to.---Dar di petio vid the prick of a hare.-Inciure Petrigno, stony, like a stone. umo, to hit upon one, to meet uno nelle peste, to leave one in Petrina, s. f. a small stone. him.--'ello a juetto, head to the lurch.-Andar per la pesta, Petrino, adj. siony, like a head, face to face. to go on in the old way, to stone, hardi as a stone, Pettorale, s. m. a poitral or do as one was used to do.-- Petrólio, s. m. a kind of burn-' Lreast-leacher ----Pettorili,

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- Petto,

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adj. pectoral, good for the Pezzolo, s. m. a little bit, or lexsa lo farò, because you are breast.--Giudicio pettorule, an morsel.

good humoured I'll do it. empire's decree or sentence. Piacente, adj. pleasant, pleas- Piacevolino, t. Piaceroletto. Pettoreggiare, to shock or hiting, entertaining, delight- Piacevolmente, adv. pleasantbreast against breast.

ful, affable, courteous. ly, merrily, in a pleasant Pettorúto, adj. high-breasted. Piacentemente, adv. pleasant- manner, Petulánte, adj. petulant, saucy, ly, affably, courteously.. Piacevolóne, adj. very plea

wanton, malapert, impudent. Din:centemente, willingly, rea sant, agreeable, entertaining, Petulanza, s. f. petulancy, sau- dily.

Piacimento, s. m. pleasure, ciness, malapertness, wan- Piacentería, 9. f. adulation, delight, satisfaction, tonness. flattery.

---Piacimento, pleasure, Petúzzo, s. m. dim. of Peto. Piacentero, s. m.a flatterer, humour, will. Peucedano, s. m. hog-fennel, Piacentiero, a cogger, a Piaciúto, adj. pleased, delight

sulphur-wort, maiden-weed. soother-up with fair words. ed, Pevera, s. f. a wooden tunnel. Piacenza, s. f. grace, beauty, Piága, s. f. a wound, a sore.Peverada, s. f. broth, meat- agreeableness. Obs. -Piaga, wound, trouble, af. broth.

Piacere, to please, to be ac fliction.-laga antivedula Pévere, . Pepe.

ceptable or agreeable.---Pia assai men duve, a trouble Pevero, s. m. a kind of sauce. cére, to be pleased with a which is foreseen is less Peziente, v. Pezzente.

thing, to like or love it, to grievous.-Rinfrescar le piaghe, Pezza, s. f. a piece of rag: delight, to take pleasure or renew or revive one's Pezza di tela, a piece of linen delight in.-- Qresto luogo mi grief, cloth.--Pezza di punno, a piece piace molto, I like this place Piagare, to wound, to hurt. of cloth.— Pezzo di formag very well.- Piace se a Dio, Piagáto, adj. wounded, full of gio, a cheese. --- Tezca, a re would to God.Piacére, s. m. wounds. mainder.--Pezza, a stripe.- pleasure, joy, delight, satis- Piagentáre, to humour, to say Pezza, ex. Buona pezza , a faction, content. Prender as he saith, to comply or good while ago.--Grun pezza, piacere in qualche coa, to be agree with one, in order to buona pezza, pesza , adv. a pleased with a thing, to love make him easy. Obs. great while ago. A queste it, is delight or take pleasure Piagenteria, s. f. Battering, pezza, at present, now.-Uomo in.-piacere, pleasure, diver-i cogging, soothing, qcompiaidi pezia, a great man, a man tisement, pastime, diversion, of great esteem.

recreation, sport.---Pucere, Piagentiere, s. m. a flattering Pezzaccio, s. m. a large clum. pleasure, will, humour, fan knave, a claw-back, a picksy bit of any thing.

cy:--Vivò contro al mio piacere, thank, one that cogs and Pezzame, s. m. a large num I go there against my heart humours one in every thing. ber of bits.

or will.----tracere, pleasure, Obs. Pezzato, adj. dapple.

favour, kindness, good turn, Piagére, o. Piacere. Obs. Pezzéndo, ér. Andar pezzen- friendly office, courtesy.-- Piaggerella,

dim. of Piaggia. do, to go a begging.

Caro voi, fatemi questo piacere, Piaggetta, Pezzénte, a beggar.

pray do ine this favour. Piaggia, s. f. a hill.-- Piaggia, Pezzétta, s. f. Pezzettino.

Piaceruzzo, $. f. a little favour, a strand, or high shore.- 4xPezzétto, s. m: a little piece.- service, or kindness.

dar piaggia piaggia, to go close Pezzella di levante, Spanish Piacevolare, v. Piacevoleg- by the shore, or strand side. clout, or painted cloachs to giare.

-Piaggia, a place. Andur di rub womens faces with.

Piacevole, adj. pleasant, goed- piaggi in piaggi, to go from Pezzo, s.m. a piece, or morsel, huinoured, courteous, affa-l place to place, to ramble a bito-Pezzo di pane, a piece ble, grateful, acceptable, about. of bread.-- Tagliare in pezzi, te agreeable. ----Piacevole, face- Piaggiáre, to go or stand by cut in pieces.- Pezzo, ex. tious, humorous, witry. Ap- the strand or shore.- Piagbuon peczo fi, a great while plied to poetry, it is the con giare, to comply, to humour, ago. E' un pezzo che non l'ho trary of serious; something to please, to flatter. teluto, I have not seen him a between serious and bur- Piaggiatore, a ilaiterer,a soothgreat while. -Pezzo d'asino, a lesque.

er, a cogger. great ass.--Pezzo di ribalrlo, a Piacevoleggiáre, to jest, to Piaggióne, s. m. a large strand, great rogue.-Levare i pezzi di joke, to droll, or banier.

or shore. elcuno, to revile, to slander, Piacevoleggiare, to sooth up, Piagnénte, adj. weeping, wailto rail, to speak ill, to vilify, to flatter, to allure, to give ing, whining. to detract. -- l'ezzo d'artiglie fair words.

Piagnere, to weep, to'cry, or riu, a piece of ordnance, a Piacevoletto, adj. pleasant, shed tears.--Piayner di dolce:agreeable, graceful.

za, to weep or cry for joy.Pezzolina, u. Pezzetta, Piacevolezza, s. f. pleasant- Prágnere, to weep, to lament, Pezzolino, s. m. a little piece. ness, good-humour, graceful. to bemoan, or bewail.- PianPezzuola, s. f. a handkerchief. noss, cumeliness, sweetness, go la mia sventura, I lament -Pezzuola, a little piece, or gentleness, sweet temper.- for my misfortune.-Cominrag.

ter umor della vostra piacevo- ciare a piagnere, to fall a cry


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