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to mountainous, Pianterélla, s. f. } a little plant.

or sore.

ing, to burst forth into tears. | 29. di cosciens, purity of con torment formerly used for --Págnere, to drop ---Piar-science.--- Pianeza, smooth traitors and ruffians, who nere. to groan, to roar as the

were set in the ground with sea does.

Piangente, v. Piagnente. the head downwards. -Piana Piagnévole, adj. moanful, dole- Piángere, u. Piagniere.

tare, to set, or set up.--Piante ful, lamentable, mournful, Piangévole, v. Piagnevole. tare u piedi in un luogo, to set a whining:

Piangevolmente, adv. lament foot in a place. Piantar la Piagnevolmente, adv. doleful- ably, sadly, sorrowfully, cry-l bandiera, to set up the standly, moanfully, with tears. ing, in tears.

ard.--- Piantare, to forsake, to Piagniménto, v. Pianto. Piangimento, s. m. lamenta- leave.--Mi piantò senza dirmi Piagnistéo, s. m. a weeping tion, weeping, tears.

adio, he left me without Piagnistéro, $ or crying Piangitóre, a weeper, one that bidding me adieu.--Piantor weeps.

le corna ad uno, to make one a Píagnitore, one that weeps. Piangitrice, a female weeper.

cuckold, to fit him with a Piagnolente, adj. weeping, Piangolénte, adj. crying, pair of horns. that weeps.

Piagnolénte, weeping, Piantáta, s. f. a set of trees. Piagnolóso, adj. weeping, sor- Piangóloso, miserable, -Piantato, adj. planted, set. rowful.

Piagnolóso, doleful. --- Piantatore, a planter or setter, Piagnóne, mourner, one that Trarre una vita piingolosa, to

- Piantatore di dudli, a sharper accompanies the dead to the lead a miserable life.

a: dice. grave.

Pianigiano, adj. of the plain, Piantazióne, s. f. a plantation. Piagnucoláre, to weep a little. opposite Piagúccia, s. f.asmall wound low-landish. Piagúzza,

Piáno, s. m. a plain.---Pano, Pianto, s. m. tears, lamentaPialla, s. f. a carpenter's plane. adj. plain, even, smooth, tion.- Il luogo dell'eterno pianPiallaccio, s. m. a board, a equal, flat.------ Piano, plain, to, hell.-- Piagrere a pianto plank half sawed.

clear, intelligible.Paro, dirotto, to shedor melt in tears. Pialláre, to plane, to make submiss, calm, modest, hum- -Fure il pianto ili che che sia, smooth with a plane.

ble, gentle, benign, favour to give over a thing, to think Piallata, s. f. a stroke with a able, humane.--Pinno, adv. 1 of it no more. plane —Dure una piullata ad softly, gently, low.-- Purlale Piantoncello, s. m. a sinall aina tacala, to plane a board a piano, speak low-Pro, plant, shoot, bud or sprig: little.

gently, slowly, leisurely. Piantone, s. m. a shoot, sucker, Píamente, adj. piously, de Camminar piano, to walk gent or sprig. youtly, godly.

ly or slowly.--Il piano d'una Pianura, s. f. a plain, or even Piana, s. f. a plank, a board. casa, the story of a house.ground.

Piana, one of the broad fore Al primo piano, at the first Piáre, to chirp, as little birds teeth of a horse. floor.

do. Pianamente, adv. softly, gent- Pian pianissimo, adj. superla- Piastra, s. f. a thin plate of !y, quietly.- Pinnamente, spar- tive of Pian piano.

any metal. -Pastra, a dollar. ingly, niggardly, poorly, mi- Pian piano, adj. low, with a - Piastra, scurf, a dry scab. serably.

low voice, as within one's Piastrella, s. f. a small thin Pianáre, to make plain, even, self-Pian piano si va ben ratio, plate. Piastrella, tile to cover or smooth. fair and softly goes far.

roofs with.Piastrella da muPianella, s. f. slippers, pantofles. Piano, non anlate in collera, lino, the flasts of the wheel of -Pianella, slates, or tiles. prithee, be not angry.

a. water-mil.-Piastrilla, a Pianellájo, s. m. a slipper- Piánta, s. f. a plant. - Pianto, battledore.

maker, nd a tile-maker. shoot, bad, or sprig. ---Pianta, Piastrello, s. m. a piece of Pianelláta, s. f. a blow given nephew, offspring, posterity. cloth or leather to spread with a slipper.

- Pianta, the sole of the foot. plaisters on. Pianellétta, s. f. ? dimin. of -Piantar le piante in un luogo, Piastretta, s. f. a small thin Pianellina,

Pianella. to set a foot in a place. plate. Pianerotto, s. m. a little plain, Pianta, plan, draught, model, Piastriccio, s. m. a confused the landing-place on the top ground-plot.--- Fanta di leone, and ill-made medley, a hodge of the stairs. sanicle, or seiter-grass.

podge. Pianerottolo, s. m. that little Piantadóso, adj. full of plants Piastróne, s. m. a large plate.

fat space that is on the top or trees, cultivated. Obs. --Pärstrone ii maestro di scieof buildings.

Piantággine, s. f. plaintain mer} lastron, the breast Pianeta, s. m. a planet.--Pinel rib-wort.

quited leather of a fencing ruta, s. f. a cope, a priest's Piantagióne, s. f. ? planta- myster. cope.

Piantamento, 3. m. $ tion. Piata, s. f. pity, mercy. Des. Pianettaménte, adv. softly, Piantanimale, s. m. a living Pratunza, o. Pieianda. with a low voice.

creature that partakes of the Piateggiare, to plead, to suz, Pianétto, adj. very low; speak quality of animals and piants. Piarire,

1:0 ing of speech or song, Piantare, to plant, or set.

Pratire co' cimiteri, to run iull Pianézza, s. f. a plain. ---Pianes- Piantáre, to plant, a kind of gallop to the grave.

goes to law.




Piatitore, pleader, he that sues, \ Pica, s. f. a pie, a magpie.--| tame pigeon--Piccione saluze that

Pica, a woman, à chattering tico, a wild pigeon. Piáto, s. m. a plea, a law-suit.

Picciolétto, adj. little, small. --Pinto, dispute, difference, Picca, s. f. a pike, a spear.

Picc uolo, s. m. the stalk or quarrel, contest, debate.--- Piccante, adj. sharp.-Vino stem of fruits. Piato, trouble, care, incum- piccante, sharp wine. Piccolamente, adv. little. brance.--Non mi pielio piuto di Piccare, to prick or sting.

Piccotamente, meanly, poorly. queste cose, I don't trouble my Piccáre, to be sharp, tart, or Piccoléllo, adj. ? head about these things. poignant.--Ficcare, to spur Piccoletto,

little, small. Piato, affair, business, con stir up, encourage or ani- Piccolézza, s. f. littlenēss.

mate.---Piccarsi, to pretend to, Piccolezza di giorno, the shortPratóso, u. Pietoso. Obs.

to set up for.Si picca d' esser ness of a day:---Piccolezza d' Piatta, s. f. a barge, a litter. un grand' uomo, he pretends to animo, faint-heartedness. Piattaforma, s. f. a plat-form. be a great man, or he sets up to Piccolezza d' invegno, shallowPiattánza, v. Pietanza.

for a great man.

ness of understanding. Piatiellino, s. m.?

a little dish.

Piccaro, s. m. rascal, beggar. Pičcolino, adj. little, small, slenPiattello,

Piccáta, s. f. a blow, a stroke der. Piattellóne, s. m. a large dish. or thrust given with a pike. | Piccolo, adj. little, small, slenPiatteria, s. f. a large number Picchétto, s. m. picket, a gamei der.-In piccolora, in a little or a set of dishes.

at cards so called.--Pichétto, time.-Uomo piccolo di persona, Piatto, s. m. a dish. Piatto, piquet.

a little man.--Da piccolo, from dish, course, service.- Piatto, Picchiamento, s. m. a knock one's infancy. ineat and drink allowed to an ing.

Picconájo, s. m. a bailiff, ofofficer or servant of a lord or Picchiante, adj. knocking. ficer, a bum-bailili, a catchgentleman.-- Dar il piatto ad Picchiapetto, s. m. a dissem- pole. uno, to give one the table, to bling fellow, an hypocrite. | Piccóne, s. m. a large pike.board one, to entertain one Picchiare, to knock at the Piccone, a pick-axe. at one's table.- - Piatto, adj. door.Picchiere, to knock, to Picconiére, s. m. a digger of sqnat, hidden, hid, concealed. beat.--E se medesino colle pala stones in a quarry. ---Star piatto, to lie or sit me picchia, and he beats him- Piccoso, adj. that grows easily squat.---Piatto, flat.--Viso pi- self with his own hands. angry or displeased. atto, a flat face.

Prechiare le panche dietro ad uno, Picéa, s. f. the pitch-tree. Piattolo, s. f. a crab-louse. to whistle after one in scorn Pidocchiáccio, s. m: a large Egli è una pattola, he is a and derision.

louse. stingy fellow,

Picchiáta, s. m. a knock, a Pidocchiería, s. f. stinginess, Piattolo, s. m. a kind of fig. blow, a stroke. Picchiata, sordidness, niggardliness, coPiattolóne, s. mi a large crab muistortune. -Picchiato, adj. verousness. louse. And metaph. a great knocked.---Picchiato,speckled, Pidocchino, s. m. a small louse. miser. of several colours.

Palocchino, a petěy miser. Piattonáre, to strike or beat Picchiere, s. m. a soldier arm- Pidócchio, s. m. a louse.—Piwith the flat of the sword or ed with a pike.

docchio, a miser.---Scorticare il other such weapon.

Picchierélla, s. f. a bit or blow. pidocchio, to be quite stingy, Piattonáta, s. f. a blow or hit Picchiettáto, adj. speckled, of to be pettily covetous. with the flat part of a sword. several colours.

Pidocchioso, adj. lousy. Piattune, adj. a large plate. Pacchio, s. m. a wood-pecker. Pie', s. m., a foot.- A pena può

Piattone, s. m. a crab-louse. Picchio, a blow, a stroke, a hit. Piede, 5 metter pievie innanci Piazza, s. f. a square.---Piazza, Piccia, s. f. a row of four or piece, he can hardly walk.a market, or market-place.- more loaves.

Camminare piede inanzi piede, Piazza, place, room..-Fate Piccináco, s. m., a dwarf, a to walk gently or slowly.piacza al signore, make room Piccinácolo, s shrimp. Teme che 'l mondo gli venga meno for the gentleman-t'he fa la Piccino, adj. little, small. sotio i piedi, he is always afraid piarn how goes the ex- Picciolézza, S. f. littleness of wanting -- Lerarsi in piedi, change? how goes the maket? | Obs.

to get up ---Stare in piedi, to -- Far belle le piazze, to quarrel, Piccioléllo, adj.

little, small.

stand up upon one's legs.-to be quarrelsome, to pick a Piccioletto,

Sono restito in piedi uutta la quarrel.-Fare il vello in mazza, Picciolózza, s. f. littleness. notte, I sat up all night.iu pick one's nails, to be idle. Picciolino, adj. dim. of Pic Questo va co' suoi piedi, that - Piazza, a fortified city or ciolo.

goes in course. Piede, the toun, a fortsess, a place.- Picciolo, s. m. a kind of small' trunk, stump, stem, or body l'hozta l'urme, a place of arms.

mis. coin once current in Florence, of a tree.-- Far piede, to grow lezza di mercanti, the ex less than a farthing.

thick, speaking of a tree.-change.

Picciolo, adj. small, little. Picile, foot:-Mto sei piedi, six Brazzey giáre, to walk about Piccioncello, s. in. 2 a little pi- foot high.--Piede, foot, a the square. Piccioncino,

measure of syllables in verses. Piazzetta, s. f.? a little square, Piccione, s. m. a pigeon

Da capo a piele, from head to Piazi lola,

s or place. Ticcione casalingo, a house or foot, from top to tocela

S geon.

to a stone.



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fere piede a terra, to land. --|Pieghevolmente, adv. pliably, throw. Otlicia!i in pier?, an offics in flexibly.

Pietrella, . Pietruzza. in full pay --- Essere in piedie', Piego, i. Plico.

Pietrificáre, to petrify, to grow to be in being, or standing. Piegolina, s. f. a little fold, or -limanere in piede, to con- plait.

Pietróso, adj. stony, full of tinue.-- Pigiar in pierde, togro'v Piena, s. f. a flood of waters, strong.-- Wettersi la vin tro i overflow of wat:rs.-- najn:- Pietrúzza, s. f. ? a little or pie, tu sei flit, to go away.-- enn di popolo, a throng or press Pietrúzzola,

small stone. Stur a pie pari, to live welí, co of people.--- Andursene colla Pietruzzolina, want for nothing --For picke piena, to be of the strongest Pieve, s. f. a parish, a paro'a!!! forma, to surmount all part, or side.

chial church, a vicarage. diffcilites. -Fur piede, to pienamente, adv. fully, com- Pievale, s. m. v. Pivile. Obs. strengthen, to support, to pletely, entirely, altogether, Pitani, s. f. twelve days, Epic give sirength.--A ori pe sos- totally.

pany. piuti, Very often.- - Mettersi Pienezza, s. f. plenitude, ful- Pillerína, s. f. a little fife. ne' pie di uno, to be of one

Pilfero, s. m. a life. mind or opinion.- Piedi di ta- Pieno, s. m. plenitude, fulness. Pifferónc, s. m. a large fifc. vola, de leito e simili, the feet Nel pieno della notte, in the Pigamo, s. m. bastard rhubarb, of a table, of a bed. --Saltare middle of the night.--Nel pic or wild rue. co' piè giunti, to jump with eno dell'interno, in the heart Piggiorare, u. Peggiorare, and both one's feet at a time of the winter. - Itere il suo all its derivatives. Obs. Dar piede ad una cosa, to make pieno, to have one's due.-- Pighertà, s. f. slothfulness, laa thing heel a little. -Aver Preno, adj. full. Una bor a ziness, sluggishness. Obs. messo due pitii in una sempu, to pienu ili chinee, a purse full of Pigiare, to trample, to tred be with child.- Piede di leone, guine1s. --Luna pieno, full! grapes, to press. an herb, called pated-lion, -- Pieno, loaded.--In Pigiito, adj. trampled, treaded, good against the biting of uomo pirno d' ann, a man in pressed. serpents. Piede colombino, a years, an oid man. -?!en, Ligiatore, a treader, a presser kind of herb.

satistied.----Siete preno? have of grapes. Piedestallo, s. m. the pedestal you your belly full?---Setao, Pigiatura, s.f.trampling, treadof a pillar.

luna piena? silk or wool that ing, or pressing on grapes: Piedica, s. f. a snare. Obs. is high coloured.

Pigionáte, a lodger, whose Medistállo, v. Piedestallo. Pienótto, adj. pretty full.

house is not his own. Piéga, s. f. plat or fold. Grance pienutte, plump cheeks. Pigióne, s. f, house-rent.--P:Piega, vileness, craftiness. Un uomo pienotto, a pretty full glire una casa a pigione, to hire Prega, ply, habit, or custom. or fat man.

a house. Stare a pigione, to Le cose hanno preso una cuttica Piéta, trouble, grief, anguish, live in an hired house or ledelse prega, things go very bad. vexation, misery

ings, to be in lodyings -Siera Ha preso una cattiva pieza, he Pietà, s. f. pity, compassion, « pozione, to be in disorcier, has got or contracted an ill; commiseration, concern. not well placed. Wiper ride ply or habit.- dvere ma cosa llbiate pictà di me, take picy slinie a pigure in questa murrio, in pick'ı, to have a thing at

Muovere a pie, to incieed you do not deserve to one's disposition or move one's pity-Ir pietà,' live.-olla um ab to che par cie mand.-Du piega, to resist, for God's sake.

si stiu a poizione addisie, he to withstand, to oppose..

Pietánza, s. f. pity, compas- has a suit of cloatio that dues Piegamento, s. m. folding, or sion, commiseration. Obs.- not become him at all.

Pietunca, pittance, a portion Pigliamento, s. m. seisure. Piegare, to fold or fold up, to or allowance of victuals for a' Pigliáre, to take, to lay bold bend or bow.tipar le gia' meal.

of, to seize.-- Pigliar fuiicu, to nocchia, a terra, to kneel. Pietos:ıménte, ad:. pitcously, take pains.- l'iglure, to catcir. Piegére una lettera, to fold or mercitully, compassionately, Pigtare in buona parte, to make up a letteringere, to Pietosu, adj. piceous, pitiful, take in good part.-i'igiea incline, to hend.-- Picgure, to' compassionate, merciful.. ir male parte, ou mur, to take more, tu stake, to persuade, Piétra, s. f. stune --Pittra viou, it ill.-Pigl vir sono, to sleep, to induce. - Pientare, to con

flint-stone. -Pietra focaja, a to get asicep.--Pig?are urezi, sent, yield, approve, agree, Mini-Pietra precoili, a pre to churm, to ravish. Pizlire ! to grant, condescend.--'ie cious stone. ------ Pietru dinara-flamire, to take one's seit "o galo, adj. bent, yielded, mor

fane, i touch-stone --Pietru ilight.---Plivre aniinc, to take ed, inclined.

:: 07.1, 2. grinding-tone. courage - Auliar considla, io Piegatúra, $. f. fold, folding, Pietro inuice, a punice, a pu resolve, to determine, to de

mice-stone. Pictru, stone liberate.--Poliursi, to fill in Pieghurta, s. f. t. Piegolina.

grave-stone.---Trar lie pretiu, love --La febbre mi pigi a, the Pieghevole, adj. pliant, pliabie, ?:ssorder la vra?), to do the ague comes upon me,oriales flexible. that ber.ds easily - mi chief, and denv it. me.o-tigiiure mure, tu conPie revile, docile, £exible, plin Pierátz, s. f. a blow given ceive love or affection.--?with a stone dironn; a stone slut arial, to take the air.


on me.


folding up



Vol. I.

*. } a pilot.

Pigliare a vettura, to hire.-- Pignátta, s. f. | apot,an earth- a kind of ball-game. Pigliar diletto, to take delight Pignatto, s. m.) en pot, or Pillottáre, to lard, to drop or pleasure in.-- Pigliar diporto, pipkin.

burning lard upon roast meat. to divert one's self. Pigliare Pignattino, s. m.? a little pot Pilo, s. m. a javelin or dart, all imprestito, to borrow. Pignattello, s or pipkin. five feet ard a half long. Pigliare il monte, to fly into the Pinere, co push, 'to thrust, or Pilórcio, v. Spilorcio. mountain.--Pigliure' il pendio, shove.- Pigmere, to shut the Pilóro, s. m. pylorus, the lower to be almost to an end. door against one.-- Pignere in orifice of the ventricle, which P.gliur la colla, Pigliar la punta, terra, to throw down.-Pig-lets the meat out of the stoto grow sour or stale, speak. nere in un luogo, to cast away) mach into the intestines. ing of wine or any other li upon a place. Picnerii o tre, Pilóso, adj. hairy, full of hair. quor.--Piuliar medecina, to take to go farther, to advance.- Pilóta, s. m. physicPigliar mira, to aim. lipnere, tv jut, or stand out, Piloto, Baglar moglie, to marry.- to shoot forth.-- Pignere il diso Piluccáre, to pluck off the Pouliar ombra di qualcuno, to o'santi, to look odt.

grapes one by one, and eat suspect or mistrust, to take Pignéta, s. 1. a grove or wood them, to pick up ---Prluccáte, umbrage of any body.ma Piel of pines.

to devour, to consume, to gliar parola, to get intelligence. Pignoncello, s. m. a little dike. squander away, to eat up. -Piglior partito, to go to ser- Pignone, s. m, a dike. Piluccóne, a rogue, a knave, vice.---Pigliarea credito, to take Pignoramento, s. m. a scizing a pilferer. upon tick or upon trust. a seizure, sequestration. Pimáccio, s. m. a bolster. Pigliare il partito di soldato, to Pigoláre, to chirp as chickens Pimacciuolo, s. m. a little bolslist one's self a soldier. - Pi or little birds do.--Pigoláre, ter or pillow. gliar pena d'uno, to punish one, to complain.

Pimméo, s. m. a pigmy, a to see one punished. - Pigliar Pigolone, adj. complaining. dwarf. per il verso, to take by the right Pigramente, adv. 'idly, lazily, Pimpinella, s. f. pimpernel, an grain,speaking of any woollen siowly, slothfully.

herb so called. stuff or cloth. Pigliar porto, Pigrézra, s. f. sloth, idleness, Pina, s. f. a pine-apple. to come to haven, to come to laziness, sluggishness, sloth- Pinacolo, s. m. pinnacle, batharbour.- Pigliar priora, to fulness.

tlement. make trial, to make proof of. Pigrire, to grow idle or lazy. Pinca, s. f. a kind of cucumber. -Pigliar querela, to pick up a Obs.

Pincérna, s. m. a cup-bearer. quarrel.---Pigliur piede, to take Pigrizia, s. f. idleness, laziness, Pincio marino, s. m. a kind of footing - Pigliar sesto, to take sloth.

animal that partakes of the a right course.- Pryl are sopra Pigro, adj. lazy, idle, slothful, nature of the animal and of di se, to take upon one's self, sluggish, sluggard.

the plants. to undertake.--Pigliur terra, Pila, s. f. a pillar.-Pila, a cis- Pincióne, s. m. a chaffinch.to land, to come to shore. tern of stone to hold water- Meglio è pincione in man, che Pighiar veleno, to poison one's Pila dell'acqua santa, a holy- torlo in frasci, a bird in hand self.-- Pigliur venuletta, to take water-stock or pot.--- Pila bál- is worth ewo in a bush. revenge, to be revenged tesimale, a font.-Pila, a pile, Pincóne. s. m. a blockhead, a Pigliar vento, to sail near the an engine to strike money, fool, a booby. wind.-Pigliarsipenad'una cosa, Pilástro, s. m. pilaster, pillar. Pinéta, s. f. ( a grove or wood to trouble one's self about a - ivere buoni pilastri, to have Pineto, s. m. 5 of pine-trees. thing --Pigliarsi a capelli, to good thick legs.

Pingere, to paint.- Pingere, to take a hold of one another by Pilatro, s. m. a kind of medic paint, to describe, to set forth, the hair.- Pigliursi, to take cinal herb, pellitory.

-Pingere, to push, to spur root-Pigliarla con uno, to Pileggio, s. m. passage, way,

on, to thrust. be angry with one.-Pigliuria road. Obs.

Pingue, adj. fat. per unv, to take one's part, to Piliciano, v. Pellicano. Obs. Pinguédine, s. f. fatness, fat. side with one. Piliére, s. m. a pillar, post.

Piniera, s. f. of French faPigliáto, adj. taken.

Pillacchera, s. f. diri, a spot shioned building, a kind of Pigliatore, he that takes. made by dirt.

gallery. Obs. Pigliutor d'anini, a fawning Pillare, to bruise, stamp, pound Pinna, s. f. the fin of a fish.

or bray as in a mortar. Pinnacolo, s, m. pinnacle, batPigliatrice, s. f. she that takes,a Pillato, adj. bruised, stamped, tlement. tawning woman.

pounded, or braycd. Pino, s. m. a pine. Piglievole, adj. chat may be Pillicciajo, s. m. a skinner, fur- Pinocchiáto, s. m. paste or taken. rier, or tell-monger.

conserve of pine kernels. l'iglio, 5. m. Por di piglio, to Pillicciónc, s. m. furred coat, Pinocchio, s. m. pine-kernel. take hold.-lur di piglio alla or petticoat.

Pinta, s. f. a push. spoda, to draw the sword.-- Pillo, 3. m. a pestle, to pound Pinto, adj. pushed.--F'into, Piglio, face, countenance. or stamp with in a mortar. painted, described. Pigméo, s. m. a piginy, a Pillola, s. f. 2 Pigméa, s. f. S

Pintére, a painter, a limner. dwari, a Pillora,

a pill. S

Pintúra, s. f. a picture, painsshiimp.

Pillótta, s. f. a little ball, and ing.


a man








or snout.

Pinzo, adj. full, crammed. Piováno, a parson, a curate, a Piscióso, adj. full of piss.
Pinzéchera, s. f.

Pisellétto, s. m little pease. Pinzóchero, s. m. woman Piována, adj. ex. Acqua piovana, Pisello, s. m. pease. dressed in a religious habit, rain-water.

Pispigliáre, to murmur, to without the vows.---Pinzáche- Pioveggináre, v. Piovigginare. mutter, to whisper, to talk ro, an hypocrite, a bigot. Piovente, adj. raining, shower- privately: Obs.--Che ti fa Pinzocheróne, s.' m. å great ing.– Acqua piovente, rain ciò che quiri si pispigli, what is hypocrite.

that to you if they murinur Pio, adj. pious, religious, de Pióvere, to rain. - Piore, it there. yout, godly-Pio, merciful, raias.--Póvere, shower Píspola, s. f. a small bird so bountiful. down, to Rock.

called. Pioggécta, s. f., a small rain, Piorevole, adj.raining, shower- Pispolétta, 3. f. dim of Pispola. Pioggerella, or Scotch ing, or pouring down. Pissasfalto, s. m. pissasphaltus,

Pioviggináre, to mizzle, to a kind of bituinen. Pioggia, s. f. rain.-Andar per drizzle, to rain gently.

Pissi Pissi, s. m. murmur, a la pioggia, to walk or go in the Piovigginóso, adj. rainy. buzzing or huniming noise.

Tempo piuvigginoso, rainy Písside, s. f. pyx, a vessel in Piombággine, s. f. a kind of weather.

which the host is kept in Camineral stone; plumbagine. Piovitúra, s. m. a shower of tholic churches, Piombáre, to be perpendicu- ' rain.

Pistácchio, s. m. pistacho, a larly over, to look perpendi- Piovóso, adj. pluvious, rainy. pistache nut. cularly down.-Piombare, to Piováto, adj. rained.

Pistágna, s. f. a wringle, a put or place any thing per- Pipa, s. f. a tobacco pipe. plait, a fold. pendicularly:--Piombáre, to Pipistrello, s. m. a bat. Pistilenziale, adj.) pestilential, fall down plumb or perpen- Pipíta, s. f. pip.

Pistilenziévole, pestifedicularly.--Piomb.áre, to lead. Píppio, s. m. a little hill, beck, Pistilenzioso, rous. Obs. Piombáta, s. f. a leaden bullet.

Pistola, s. f. an epistle, a letter. Piombáto, adj. leaded. Pippionáta, s. f. trifles, toys, -Ptoa, s. f. pistol, a fire-arm. Piombo, heavy.

nonsence, impertinence. Pistolenza, Pistolénzia, s. f. Piombatojo, s. m. a place where Pippioncino, s. m. a little pi- pestilence, plugue. Ohs. any thing may fall plumb or geon.

Pistolenzioso, adj. pestilential, perpendicularly.

Pippióne, s. m. a young pigeon. pestiferous. Obs. Piombatúra, s. f. a leaden bul- Pira, s. f. a funeral pile, a heap Pistolése, s. m. a kind of cutlet.

of wood made for burning ting weapon. Piombináre, to empty a vault dead bodies.

Pistolétta, s. f. a little epistle Piramidale, adj. pyramidal,

or letter. Piombino, s. m. plummet, an pyramidical, in the form of a Pistolótto, s. in. a pretty long instrument to find the depth pyramid.

letter. of the sea, a plumbline used Pirámide, s. f. pyramid. Pistóre, s. m. a baker, by carpenters and masons.-- Piráta, pirate, one who lives Pitáffo, s. m. an epitaph. Obs. Piombino, a bucket to cleans by pillage and robbing on Pitagorista, s. m. a Pythagovaults or sewers with.-- Piom- the sea.

rean, one of Pythagoras's bino, a crayon, a pencil. - Pi-Pirománzia, s. f. pyromancy, a ombíno, adj. of the colour soothsaying by fire.

Pitále, s. m. a close-stool pan. or quality of lead.

Própo, s. m. a car buncle stone. Pitétto, adj. small, little, petty. Piombo, s. m. lead.Fa che ab- Piscia, s. f. piss, urine.

Obs. bi sempre il piombo a' piedi, be Pisciacáne, s. f. a sort of herb, Pitiúsa s. f. an herb so called. always cautious in your un. broom-rape.

Pitizione, s. f. v. Petizione. dertakings.--Andar col calz'ır Pisciáre to piss, to make water. Obs. del piombo, to act or proceed Pisciadúra, s. f. v. Pisciatura. Pitoccáre, to beg, to go a begwisely in any thing.Piombo, sicer piciato in più d'una ging., plummet, plumb-line, or le neve, to be a man of expe- Pitocchino, s. m. beggar's vel.

rience.-- Piscia chiaro, e fullil cloak. Piombóso, adj. heavy, lump- beffe del medico, tell truth, and Pitocco, s. m. a beggar. ish, shame the devil.

Pittima, s. f. a cordial epiPioppo, s. m. a poplar-tree. Pisciarello, ex. Vin pisciarello, thema. Piorno, adj. rainy, cloudy, fog- chia wine.

Pitto, adj. painted. gy, Obs.-- Aere piorno, cloudy, Pisciatójo, s. m. á chamber-pot. Pittóre, a painter, a limner. foggy, gloomy air.

Pisciacúra, s. f. the act of Pittoresco, adj. painter-like, Pióta, s. f. the foot of a beast. making water, as much wa- picturesque. --Pióta, a.green curf.

ter as is made at once. Pirtúra, s. f. picture. Piotáio, adj. turfy, full of Pisciáncio, s. m. a kind of wine Pitturáre, to paint. turfs.

of a pule red, so caiied. Picuíta, s. f. pituite, phlegm. Piova, s. f. rain.

Piscina, s. f. a bach, a bathinga Pituitóso, adj. pituitous, full Piovanáto, s. m. the carge or place; named in scripture. of phlegm. • dignity of a curate or rector. Piscio, s. m. piss, urine. Più, adv. more.--Ne volele più !

or common sewer.


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