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will you have any more of it? Piuvico, adj. public. Obs. Plasmáre, to make, to form,

Uchineno, some more, Pizzicagnolo, s. m. a cheese. or fashion. some less di piis, the most, monger.

Plasmáto, adj. formed, fashion.' --cissai più, much more. Pizzicáre, to pinch, to peck.-- cd. 7. :zi, inuch more.

.-Suonare uno strumento piziran- Plátano, s. m. a plane-tree. tonto, rather.--Cone il più, d, to twang upon an instru- Patta, s. f. plain, ground-plot, as I generally do, or for the ment.--Piciuiri, to itch, to -Platía, pit. moist part.- Fer lozzi, for the smart.-Pizaráti, to bitc.- Plaudente, adj. c'apping hands most piirt.--E' piis ii'nin ann, Il pwpe pizzica la lingua, pepper in token of applause or joy, it is above a year. --Sono po hites the tongue.--Gruttare applauchng. delic tre, it is at three o'clock. doujizica, to scratch where it Plaúso, s. m. applause.

--Soui qui fru wa mese al più itches.--Pizziare di che che si Plzústro, s. m. a cart, a chariot. he will be here in a nenih ant $12, to savour.- Questa propo- Pléadi, s. f Pleiades, the seven farthest.--Ha pu di dieci ari, sizuma pizzica il croia, that pro stars in Taurus's neck. he is above ten years old, or position savours of heresy.--- Plebüglia, s. m. mob, rabble, of age.--} più ricco di ine, he de pizzica un poco di poesia, the inobility, rascality: is richer than I.-Essor da pise he has a little tincture op Plebe, s. f. mob, the dregs of to exceed or excel, to be su sinattering of poetry.

the people, the common sort perior.--Io sono da più lui, Pizzicáta, s. f. a particular of people. i am above him, I am pre manner of fingering an in- Plebáccio, s. m. a low-born ferable to him.-l'iu, many strument of music.

rascal. times.- ?anni, many years. Pizzicheruolo, s. m. v. Pizzicá. Plebeamente, adv. in a very - E conosciuto da più signuri, gnolo.

Plebejamente, Obs. I vulgar, he is acquainted with several Pizzico, s. m. a pinch, what low, or rascally manner. gentlemen ---Più oltre, farther. is taken with two fingers. l·lebejo, Obs. adj. Z plebeian, -Fiù presso, ncarer.Più tar- Pizzico, a pinch, a pinching, a Plebéo,

of the di, latcr.Pio giuso, lower. snipping.

common sort of people, vul. --Di più, furthermore, more. Pizzicóre, s. m. itching, ticklgar, mean, base. -Un plebeo, a over,besides, again.-- Più preso ing, itch, smarting.- Non el plebeian, one of the com. to sooner, faster.--Il più preso pero maggiore che in vecchie mem monalty. to che potri, as soon as I can. bra il pizzior d'amore, there Plenariainénte, adv. fully.

Andlare tra i più, to die. cannot be a greater torment, Plenário, adj. plenary, fullPiva, s. f. a pipe, a bas-pipe. than for an old man or wo

Indulgenza plenaria, plenary Piviale, s. m, a church-man's man to be in love.

indulgence. cope.

Pizzicótto), s. m, a pinch, a Plenilúnio, s. m. the full of the Piriere, s. m. a plover.-1 pinching vitre, the precinct or juris- Placabile, adj. placable, easy Plenipotenziário, s. m. plenidiction of a parish.

to be pacified or appeased. potentiary. Plúma, s. f. down, soft fea- Placabilmente, adv.contented. Plenitúdine, s. f. plenitude,fullthers-Lieve come una piuina, ly, peaccably, quietly. light as a feather.-iwa, a Placamento, s. m. an appeas- Pleonasmo, s. m. pleonasm, a feacher bed.-Puma, hair.-- ing or pacifying, an atone figure in grammar, and in firma, s. f. bed.---La gola el ment.

rhetoric, so called. sonno e l'oziose piume hunno dal Placáre, to pacify, to appease, Plettro, s. m. a bow, a fiddlemond) ogni virtù sbandita, luxu to calm, to quiet, to content

stick. Poetical. ry, laziness, and the slothful or reconcile.

Plico, s. in. a certain number bed, have banished all vir- Placato, adj. appeased, atoned,

of letters enclosed in one tues from the world.

pacified, pleased. - Var plaPiumaccetto, s. m. a small pil-l rato, calm sea.

Ploja, s. f. rain. Obs.-La larga low filled with down, a downy Placazióne, s. f. an appeasing ploja dello Spirito Santo, the pillow. or atoning.

plentiful grace of the Holy Piumáccio, s. m. a bolster. Placébu, s. m. flattery.

Ghost. Piumacciuvio, s. mn. a little bol- pacidamente, adv. quietly, Ploráre, to weep, to cry, to

greatly, calmly, patiently. shed gears. Obs. Piumáta, s. f. handful of down Placidózza, s. 81 mildness, Ploro, s. m. weeping, crying, or feathers.


Piumátu, adj. downy, full of Placido, adj. pleasant, gentle, Plúmbcı, adj. of lead.

kind, pleasing, quict, still. Plurále, adj. plural, belonging Piuolo, s. m. a peg-Forre, Plecido mare still or calin sea.

Il pliiralt, the meidere pirolo, to make one wait --Pla ulo sonno, sweet sleep.

plural number. for a long time.----Scala a pivo. Playa, s. f, a climate, or coni- Pluralita, s. f. plurality, greatli a ladder.

try, a part or quarter of the er part, or greater number. Piuvicamente, adv. sublick, or world, a space or tract of Pluralmente, adv. in the plural publickly. Oo. ground, a coast.

number. Piuvicáre: to plabilisi, de Plasırra, a. f. a kind of green Plusóre, many. Obs. clide. Obs.

Pò, s. f. Po, a river in Italy. ?

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to mv.


the poet.




Po', little.-Un qu', a little. | Poesía, s. f. poesy, poetry.

to the poles of the world. Pocánza, s. f. littleness, small- Poéta, s. mn. a poet.

Poledro, v. Puledro. Dess. Obs.

Poetaccio, s. m. poetaster, a Poledrúccio, . Puledruccio. Póccia, s. f. a pap, or teat. paltry poet, a pitiful rhymer. Poleggio, v. Pileggio. Porciare, to suck, to suck the Poetánte, s. m, a sonnetteer. Polenta, s. f. clic aut fiour, breast.

Poetárc, Poeteggiáre, to poet- boiled in water, like our Puccióne, s. m. augmentative ize, to make vei ses, or play English pudding. When made of Poccia.

of Turkey corn-four, it is Poecióso, adj. Nat, plump: Poetástro, s. m. poetaster, a

called Paitonu, by the Tus-, Pochettino, dim. of Pochetto. paltry poei, a pitiful rhymer. Pochétio, dim. of Poco, a Poetésco, v. l'oetico.

Poliárca, s. m. a city goverlittle.

Poetessa, poetess, female poet. Poché za, s. f. scarceness, scar- Poetevolmente, adv. poetically, Poliarchia, s. f. a city governcity, fewness.

in a poetical manner. Pochiao, s. m. a little. Poética, s. f. the art of poetry. Poligamia, s. f. polygamy.. Pochita, s. £. v. Pochezza. Poeticamente, adv. poetically, Poligono, s. n. pulygon, á ginObs. after the manner of poets.

inetrical figure. -Poligono, 'Poco, adv. little.--Parlar poco, Poeticárc, v. Påetare. Obs. blood-wort,swine-grass knotto speak little.---Puco, adj. Poético, adj. poetical, poetic, grass. ferv.-Pochi uomini, few men. belonging to a poet or poetry. Pólio, s, m. a sort of herh s!'ocre donne, few women.-- Poetino, 5. in. poetaster, a pi whose lcares appear white in l'ucle rolle, few times, or sel- titul poet, a paltry rhymner, the morning, of a purpie dom.---Puco, s. m. little. Poetizzare, to poetize, to make colour at noon, and blue wien Duterwene un po:o, give me at verses or play the poet.

the sun sets; poljun. little of it.- Poco ducenti

, l’oco Poétria, s. f. poetry, the art of Pólipo, s. m. polypus, a lump fii, adv. a little while ago. poets, or of making verses. of spungy flesh, arising in Porotila, an idle woman that! Obs.

the hollow of the nostrils. does not love spinning. Poezúzzo, s. m. poetaster, a Polipídio, s, in, polypody,oak. Poco anzi,o Poco innanzi, adv. paltry poet, a pititul rhymer. ferm ; an herb so called a litile while before. Poggerello,

Polire, ü. Pulire.
Pocolino, adv. very little.

a little hill, or Politeraa, . Puliterza. Puro slinie, adv. a little after. ! Pogiritto,

hiltock. s

Política, s. politics, the art --Poco tempo fi, a litule while Poggia, s. f. starboard, a rope of government. 280.

in a ship so called, the right Politicamente, adv. politically, Podigra, s. f. the gout. side of a ship.

civilly: Podágrico, adj.

Poggiare, to steer, to sail, to Politicástro, s. m. a bad or Pueda rúso, gouty.

ascend, to mount, to go up, silly politician. Podere, s. m. power, autho 10 point.-iki pensieri sen- Politico, adj. political, belong. rity:- Pullere, a farm, a manor, pre poggiano u roi, my thoughts ing to politics or policy.---' an estate.--pulire adv.with are always directed to you, I politico, s. m. a politician, a all one's might.---Fure a las- always think of you.-P-sentesnan. cia portiere', to do one's worst. giar,tv lean upon.--10:gra, Polico, c. Pulito. Poderetto, s. f. din. of Po a sea term, io steer to the Pulitrico, s. 11. Venus hair, or Poderino, dere. starboard.

maiden-hair, an herb

so callPoderosamente, adv. power- Poggiatu, adj. steered, sailed, ed. fully, strongly, mightily.

Pólizza, s. f. a note, a schedule, Poderoso, adj. strong, lusty, Poggio, s. m. hill, hillock, a bill, a receipt in writing. powerful, puisant, mighty cliff, ascent.

Polizzétta, s. f.


a little bill Poderuzzo, S. 11). dim. of Po. Poggiolino, s. m. ? a little, hill Polizeina, s. f. or receipt a dere.

Pumunuola, s. f. S or hillock Polizzino, s. r. Podestá, s. m. a mayor, a go- Poi,adv.then, after afterwards. Polizzotto, 5. m. a large bill, vernor, a magistrate so call- -Poi ia pochi giorni, few days or receipt, a scliedale. ed.

after. -in pri, except.-D. Polla, s. I. a spring of water. * Podet?, s. f. power, authority, ogni in poi, except this day.- Pollajo, se mi hen's roost, a dominion.

Poi, since.- E precollo poi ver o coop.- clar da! pullin jo, to Podestáli, pl. powers, a name

Tosama anda:"i, ali parese il

die, to be reduced to wani. of the second hierarchy of ervere in sur comprrznia, and he scopur polli, to shilt, cu more angels.

desired of him, chat since he one's lodgings very oftcn. Podestería, s. f. the oflice, was going towards Tuscany, Stir bene « polluje, to sit at power, authority, or juris- be would be pleased to bear one's cose.

--Tenete i popoli a diction of a Podestà. him company.

polaj, to lean one's feci npoa Podlesiessa, s. £. the wife of the rochi, since.--Priche vi picie a chair, to be more at casc. Podest.

cosi, since you will have it Pollajóne, s. m. iuginent. of Forma, s. fig. a poem, a piece 50.Poichè, after, since that. Pollajo. of poeiry.

Pula, s. f. a chough, a daw. Pollajuelo, š. m. a poulterer, a Puem itu, s. m. a little puem. 'Poláre, adj. polar, belonging poultry-mad.







Pollame, 8. m. poultry, fowls. | Polpáccio, s. m. the calf or shake off one's dust, to maul Pollanca, s. f. a young turkey. brawny part of a man's leg. or bang him, to beat him Pollanchetta, s. f. a young Polpacciúto, far, fleshy. soundly -- Polvere d'archibuso, turkey.

Polpastrello, s. m. the pulpous gun-powder. Polláre, to pullulate, to spring part of the top of one's Polverezzáre, v. Polverizzare. or come up, to bud forth. fingers or toes.

Polveriéra, o. Polverio.- Polve. Pollastra, fem. of Pollastro. Po pétta, s. f. ball of minced riéra, s. f the place where Pollastrello, s. m. dimin. of

gun-powder is made. Pollastio.

Poipo, s. m. a fish called pour-Polverino, s. m. a powder or Pollastriére, s. m. a pimp. coutrel, or many feet; it sand-box.--Polverino, priming · Pollastriéra, s. f. a bawd. changes its colour like the powder, Pollastríno, s. m. a young or

place where it is.

Polverio, s. m. dust in the air, little chicken.

Polpóso, adj.) puipous,fleshy. raised by the wind, a cloud Pollastro, s. m. a pullet, a Polpúto,

- Polnúto, of dust. chicken.

strong, full of substance. Polverista, a gunpowder-makPollastróne, s. m. a large chick. Vino polputo, strong rich en.-Pollastróne, a young wine.

Polverizzabile, adj. that can be simpleton, a silly gull, a block- Polso, s. m. pulse, the beating pulverizede or reduced into head.

of the arteries.-Holso,strength, powder or dust. Pollebro, a good for nothing vigour, force.

Polverizzamento, s. m. a pulfellow.

Polta, s. f. pap, hasty-pud- verizing or reducing to pow. Poileria, s. f. a coop. Tollería, ding.

der or dust. a poultry shop.

Poltiglia, 8. f. a kind of food Polverizzáre, to pulverize, to Pollézzota, s. f. the top of a made of meal and water, reduce any thing into powder sprout or shoot.

water-gruel, hasty-pudding, or dust. Póllice, s. ma the thumb of pap, or the like, batier, Polverizzáto, adj. pulverized, the hand.

poultice. - l'otti,lia, mud, reduced into powder or dust. Pollina, s. f. hen's dung. slime, gravel inixe with wa- Polverizzazione,s.f. pulverizaPollináro, o. Pollajuolo.

tion, a reducing to powder or Pollino, s. m. hen's louse. Poltracchiello, s. m. / a colt, a dust. Pollo, s. m. pullet.---Pollo Poltracchino, Ś horse- Polverizzévole, adj. that can Incha, a turkey.- Come i polli colt. Obs.

be pulverized to powder or. di mercato un buono ed un catlivo, Poltrácchio, s, m. a colt. Obs. dust. like market pullets, one good, Poltrire, to be idle, to loiter, Polveroso, adj. dusty, full of or and another bad. - Conoscere to sit still, to do noihing: covered with dust. i polli sum, to know people's Poltro, adj. idle, lazy, sluchful, Polverázza, s. f. very small ways.-Essere o stare a polo sluggish.

dust. pesto, to be very ill.--!'igliare Poltronaccio, s. a great Polzélla, s. f. a girl, a maid. il pullo senza pesture, to be well poltroon,acoward,a cowardly Obs. or in good health.--Portar man, an icle man, a lazy Pomário, s. m. an orchard of polli, to be a pimp. fellow.

apple-trees. Polioncello, s. a young Poltroncione, s.

a great lomáta, s. f. ponado, an ointsprout or shoot. slochful rascal.

inent of fat pertumed, and Pollóne, s. m.a sprout or shout, Poltrone, s. in, a poltroon, a

of apples. bud or sprig.

coward, a dastard, an idle or Pomato, adj. full of apples. Polluto, adj. polluted, defiled. lazy fellow.---Potróne, a base Pome, u Mezzo pome, a kiud Polluzióne, s. f. pollution. rascal, a lout, a scoundrel. of wrestling formerly used in Polmentário, s. m. it kind of Poltroneggiare, to be idle, to Florence pot to drink out of,

loiter, to sit still, to loll and Pome, s. m. u. Pumo. Polmonaria, s. f. lung-wort, or

wallow in sloth and idleness. Pomellato, adj. dapple grey. lady's wild-wort.

Poltroneria, s. f. laziness, sloch, Pometo, 's. m. an orchard of Polmoncéilo, s. m. dimin. of slothfulness, cowardice, cow fruit-trees. Polmone.

ardliness, a cowardly act, Pomfog'lie, s. f. pompholyı, Pulmóne, s. m. lungs, lights.- Poltror.esco, adj. idle, lazy, the sniall sparks of any metal Polmone marinu, a kind of sea cowardly, vile.

which fly upwards, and stick fish, that gives undoubted Poltronia, v. Poltroneria. Obs. to the roof and walls whilst tokens of a storm to come. Poltroniére, v. Poltrone. it is trying in the workPolo, s. m. pole.-- Pulo de la ca- Poltrúccio, s. m. a young colt, house. lamita, the points of a sea or horse colt. Obs.

Pomice, s. f. pumice stone. compass. Polve, s. f, dust.

Pomiére, s. m. Polpa, s. f. the fleshy part or Polveráccio, s. m. sheep's dung Pomiero,

an orchard.

-} brawn of any meat, a piece dried.

Pomituro, adj. fruitful. --- Alof flesh without hones or fat. Pólvere, s. f. dust, powder. bero pumilero, a fruit-trec.

Polpa della amb., the ca f Gittar polvere negli occhi, to cast Pomo, s. m. 2 any sort of fruit or brawny part of a mans a mist to one s eyes, to blind Pome, § in general, also leg.

him.- Scuvtere la polvere, to an apple.- Pomo della spada, o


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della sella, the pommel of the Ponitóre, a planter, he that the common people, the vulhilt of a sword, or of the plants.

gar, the mob, the rabble. saddle bow. l'omo salvatico, a Ponta, . Punta.. Obs. Popolésco, adj. popular, popucrab. Pomo d'Adamo, Adam's Poptáre, to push, to thrust, to lous, bit, pumum Adami, so called shove.-- Pontare i piedi al muro, Popolézza, s. f. ignobility, by an opinion, that a piece to be obstinate.

biseness of birth, of the forbidden apple stuck Ponte, s. in. a bridge.--) ne- Popolino, s. m. the name of in his throat.- Pomo cotouro, mico che fugge il ponte d oro, an ancient coin of silver. a quince.-Pomo granato, make a bridge to the enemy Pópolo, s, m. people, a great pomegranate --Pomo,a mond, that flies away.- Punte lezato- number of people, the whole or a mound, an imperial on- ji, a draw-bridge.- Ponta, a body of persons who live in sign of a golden globe worn scaflod. Tenere in ponte, to a country by emperors and kings. keep one in suspence.-- Far Popolo, the common people. Poino, pl. f. the breasts of pavaare uno sotto un parte di -Revuersi a spolu, to have a

young girls. Poetical, deyno, to heat or bang one popular or democratical goPomóso, u. Pomífero.

Ponte Sisto,' the name of a vernment.-bar popow, to goPompa, s. £ pompe state or bridge at Rome.-Visuali punte vero one's self in a popular grandeur,pageantry.--Pompa, sisto, a brazen face.

or tumultuous way - topolo, anibition, ostentation, shew. Pontífice, s. m. pontiff, the parishioners.--- 4 popo! perzió - Pompa, pride, haughtiness. pope.

firele spirainlo, to a rogue, a -Montare in pompu, to grow Poniicello, s. m. a little bridge. rogue and a half.- piez proud.-Pompa, pomp, vanity Ponticitá, s. f. sharpness, tart- popolo, publicly, before a of worldly things. ness. Obs.

great many people.- Popolo, Pompeggiáre, to brag or boast, sóntico, adj. sharp, tart. the common people.--Hir to vaunt, to live pompously, Pontificá e, adj. pontifical, be- popolo, to raise people, to reto flaunt it.

longing to a high-priest, pope, cruit.--Popolo, poplar-tree. Pompeggiarsi, to set off, to set or great prelatc.

Popoloso, adj. populous, peoout, to deck, io adorn, to Pontificalmente, adv. in a pon- pled, full of people. trim, to embellish one's self. ritical manner, pontiuca!'y. Poponcino, s. m. a little mePomposamente, adv. pompous- Pontificáro, s. m. pontiticate, lon. ly, magnificently, stately popedom.

Popóne, s. m. melon. Pomposità,s.f.pomp,grandeur, Pontificio, v. Pontificale. Poppa, s. f. breast, a woman's pomposity

Pontonájo, s. a bridge breast.--- Poppe, breast, pap, Pompóso, adj. pom pous, statekeeper. Obs.

teai.--!'oppa, poop, the stern. ly, glorious, magniticent, Ponzamento, s. m. the act of Poppáccia, s. f. a contemptulofty.

straining and making efforts vus augmentative of Popp2. Ponderáre, to ponder, to poise, in laying in.

Poppánie, adj. sucking.-- Punto weigh. Ponderúte,tv coun- Ponzáre, to strain or force bino pop; anté, a sucking child. terpoise, to balance, to coun. one's se:f, as a woman in la- Poppare, lo suck. terbalance, to countervail. bour.

Poppatójo, s. m an instrument Ponderúre, to ponder, to weighi Popillo, v. Pupillo. Obs. to suck che mill out of a in the mind, to consider af. Popói, adv. at last, at the woman's breast when the tentively. end.

nipple is too short. Pooderazione,s. f. ponderosity, Popoláccio, s. m. the common loppatóre, he that sucks. ponderoumess, weightiness, peop.e, the mob, the popu- Poppellina, s. f. a little breast. heaviness.

Poppése, s. f, the shrouds that Ponderoso, adj. ponderous, Popoláno, adj.) popu'ar, in belong to the poop of a ship. weighty, substantia', inassy. Popolare,


request Porca, s. f. a sow.- Porcu, a Pondi, s. in. pl. a boody flux. among the people.-- Popolino, nasty slut, an impudent jade. Pondo, s. m. pondus, a load, s. m. a parishioner.- Popola --Porca, a ridge of land lying puise, or weight.--. Po do, a no, adj common, mean, low. between two furrows wherepound weighs.-- Puesto è im Popo áre, to people, to stock on the corn grows, a balk of affure di gran pondo, this is an with people.

land. affair of great consequence. Popolarescamento, adv. popu- Porcáccio, s. m. a contemptum Ponente, s. m. the west.- Po- lariy, inean'y, common y. ous augmentative of Porco. nénie, the west wind.---10-Popo'arésco, adj. popular. { , nenie gurbino, the south-west | Popolarità, 5. f. popiasily. wiod. - Ponente liboccio, the Popolarmente, adr. popularly, Porcastro, s. m. a shot or shote, wesi-and-by-south wind. commonly

a young pig or young porker. l'onente maestro, the north. Popoláto, auj. peopled, full of Purcella, s. r. a young sow. west wiod. Ponente trumon people.

Porcellana, s. f. porcelane, the Luna, the north-west wind. Popolatóre, he that peoples. earth of which china is made. Pógere, u. Porre.

Popolatrice, feminine of Po-! ----Porcellana, china, csiva Pobiménto, s. mn. a putting po atore.

ware ---Porcellina, purs zia. L'unimento del sole, the sun-set- Popolazione, s. f. population. - Porcellina, the sea snal or ing

Popolázzo, s. m. the populace, l'enus shell, the purple fi. la.


Porcico;} a swine-herd.

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Porcellétta, s. f. a little or state of being porous or full ? -Porre le mani ned, so ar und, young sow. of holcs.

to lay hands upon onePurcelletto, s. m. a little boar Poróso, adj. porous, full of porre le mani ai oraruna, to pig, a jacky-pig: pores.

meddle with everything Porceliino, S. m. a shot or Pórpora, s. f. purple.-- Tórpo- furre runte, to set one's mind shote, a young pig ---Porcellini "purple cloth.-d'orpura, pur- upon, to mind.-- Purri mo, the cheeslip or sow, an ple, the dignity of a cardinal.! to conceive haired against.insert.

Porporato, adj. clad in pur- | Hurre uriine, to prepare, to Porcello, s. m. a young porker, ple.

set in order.uite orerch o, a shote or shot.

Porporeggiare, to incline to to listen 10.--lone, to prePorcellótio, 5. m, a little boar. the purple colour. cuesto scribe, to assign.--/ urre, to pig, a jucky-pig.

fiore porporeuia, this flower land.--- Perre, to meddie, to Porchereccio, actj. swiny, be- incines to, or is like purple. keep company with.-- 10 nurz longing to swine.

Porporino, adj. a purple co mi 02. con lui genti, I will Porcheria, s. f. nastiness, fl-lour.

have nothing to do with such thineas, nasty thing.

Pórporo, s. m. é. Pórpora. pe ple.--torre, to suppose, Porchetty, s. m. a pig, a small! Obs.

or grant, to take for granted, pig

Porráceo, adj. of or like leek to put the case- Pomur che Porcile, s. m. stye, a hog-stye.! blades, green, greenish. sia cosi, put the case that it -Porcilie

, a nasty, lewd place, Porráta, s. f. a leek-soup or is so.- Torre, to resolve, to a bandy-house. pottage.

determine, to come to a rePorcino, adj. of or belonging Porre, to put, to lay down, solution. -- l'orre, to constia to a sivine.---Curve 9.0141117, to set, to place --Porsi tute, to appoint, to establish. hog's flesh.- Porrinn, a kind a selere, to sit down.- ---Torre, to impose, to comof mushroom about the roots Porsi a lello, to go iv bed mand, iv lay, to charge, to of oaks.

Porsi in cmmnino, to set out for injoin, to bid.- torre silenzio, Porco, s. m. a hog, a swine a journey.- Porte a corpo, to to command silence-Porsz poren, pork, or pork ilesh. - encamp.--Porre ngusti, to lay con uliri, to go to servicePurru spinose), a porcupine.- ambushes.- Porre a cimento, Por nulu, to set one's hands spettareid porco alla querid, to to put in a trial, to pose, to i upon a shing, to begin it.-wait or watch the opportu-hazard --Porre amore, to set Burro a bucet', to speak of nitv.-Porco, a kind of fish. tle love upon, to place one's somebody.--I or mano ed una

turr l'occhio del porco, to casi affection upon.-- Forreamurte, boite, to tap a barrel or a pipe. a sheep's eye to one. I'oro, to put to death.-Puric a pe- ---Porre û seine, io tit land iur na-tv, dirty, stosen.-loico, rivolo, to endanger, to expose, sowing--porre al sole, to nasty beast.

to put in danger.com]urre a ruin, to demolish, to destroy. Porcóne, s. m. a large hog! ? , to unhorse, to set on foot. -- Por la chioccia, to set a hen Metaph. a nasty fellow. --Pulie a rubi, to plunder.--- to brood. Pórrido, s. m. porphyry, a kind Pare u zburah, to pilt to Porrétta, s. f.) a leek. Obso. of fae reddish marble spotted out.-- Porte usato, io be- Porrina, Slete both. with white.

siege; 10 lay siege unto --

- Perio, s. m. a leck - Dcre un l'orgénie, adj. giving, afford. Purre avanti, to set before -1 Larro orl uno, to put a jest 1:n reaching,

jorra locii, io medule with. upon one, to laugh at him.Porgere, in ciler, to profier, Porte (!!!,20ne ad uno, to jorter purri a leznu, to carry

to give, io itlord, to reachi, blame, to charge or tax al water to the sea.--Italicije to present.

Porter ajuto a man with any thing: -Pori a forri, to speak to a wall.qualchetro, to assist or give curl, to take care ui.--Porreiungiare il joro riallo coita, io her to one.---Porgeir ardire, che conto, to lay aside.--Irrel begin by the tail.-- !orro, a to embolden or make buid. dujo, to apply one's seif, co wart, a little hard knob on jorger froh, to pray, to set one's thoughts pon.-- the skin. beseech.- Porier orecchi, to Por fine, to make an end. Porta, s. f. a gate, portal. hearken, co give ear.-Purger Por gil:0, lay doin.--!ure Porta, a door.caturta, s. m. a gli occhi, to fix one's eyes in burlo, to banish. — Purre in

porter. upon, to look attentively:- «mpo, to lay forth, io repre- Pertjbile, adj. portable, that Porter le pipito stre:ch out

sent, or propose. -- Porre in may be borne or carried.-one's hands, to lend one's curie, to set down in writing Portúdir, tolerable. banes.- Iririomi quod skupo pls Prire in tguru, to dispose Portacippe, s. m. v. Portamaqbui, reach me that hat.--La to: cia order.-?orre i mie, telo. Obs. w* non è così come la orgono, W!!, to paint.-Pure Portatiárchi, s. m. hamper, or the thing is not as they re ), to forget.-durre in banaper. prezent it to be.

ic!!!), tu !iiy up safe.-lo Portamantéilo, s.'m. portmanPorquinanti, s. in the ax: of in soro, io establish-Irrte in teal. Iriding or giving a thing ceuta, to set to sate.-- Borrei Portamérto, S. m. bearing,

in zoti, to put in rout.--- 1077 carrying, bringing, wearing. Tui m. pore. kergr, tes inipese a law.-

-- Foriuménto, gait, presence, Horovià, s. f. porosity, the l'orreiwiiti, to lay cun's lite look, micn, ruanner ot going

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