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carriage.-- Portamento, beha- creature's young production, Stare a posa, to be quiet.-senviour, demeanour, comport- fruit.— Portato, s.

m. beha

50 alcuna posa, without inter. ment, carriage. viour.-Ad un portato, at one

mission. Portamorso, s. m. the rein of a brood.-Portátó, adj. carried. Posamento, s. m.? bridle. Portatóre, , porter, a carrier, Posánza, s. f.

rest, quiet. Portánte, s. m. an amphibious bearer.— Portatóre, a bearer, Posáre, to lay, pui or set down. fish found in the Nile; a kind a patient man.

-Fosare, to rest, to get rest. of hippopotamus.

Portatrice, fem. of Portatore. -Fosáre, to rest, to stop, to Portánte, adj. carrying, bear. Portatúra, s. f. a burden.- Por- take breath.---Tosare, to dising, bringing wearing: tatúra, clothes, apparel, fash- continue, to give over. Cavallo portante, an ambling ion, mode.---Tortutura, be- Posáta, s. f. rest, quiet, ease. horse. -Andar di portante, to haviour, carriage, way of Posata, a knife, fork, and amble.

proceeding. -l'ortutúra, a spoon. Portáre, to carry, to bring, to product, a child.

Posataménte, adv. softly, genwear.- Portáre, to bear, to Portavento, a wind-pipe. tly, easily, leisurely, without breed, to go with child or Portélla, s. f. a little gate or haste. with young.-Portáre, to bear, door, postern-door, a wick- Posatézza, . f. tranquillity, to bring forth, to yield, or

mildness, quiet, repose.Poproduce - Portáre, to hold, to Porténto, s. m. a prodigy, a sato, adj. laid, put or set down, keep.- Portáre, to

monstrous strange thing, a rested, discontinued. -iosito, Portar parrucca, to wear a wig. sign of some good or ill sober, stayed, grave. -Portáre, to signify.--Che luck.

Posatójo, s. m. a set, a restingporta a me, what is that to me. Portentóso, adj. portent- place, a stick in a cage, where -- Portáre, to bear, to suffer, ous, monstrous, prodigious, the bird rests itself. to endure, or abide.-- Porture strange, betokening some Posatúra, s. f. dregs, settling: affecione, odio, speranza, amore, future good or ill luck. Posca, s. f. a liquor made with to conceive friendship, ha- Portevole, adj. tolerable. water and vinegar. tred, hope, love.-lo porto Porticato, 6. m. a porch. Póscia, adv. after, then, afteropinione che non verrà, I am of Porticciuola, a little gate or wards. opinion that he will not come. Porticella, 3 door. Posciachè, adv. since, since -Porlar pena, to suffer for.- Pórtico, s. m. portico, a walk- that. -Portar in palma di mano, to ing place with pillars, a piaz. Poscrái, adv. the day after toesteem, to value, to make

morrow, much of.- Portar pericolo, to Portiéra, s. f. a piece of tapes-! Obs. run in danger.-Portare, to try or any other sort of silk, Posdománe, adv.) the day aflead, to guide.- Portare in hung before a door.- Portie- Posdománi, S ter to-inorpace, to bear patiently.-Pur-ra di carrozza, the door of a tar la fede in grembo, to be apt coach.

Positivamente, adv. positively, to break one's faith or word. Portiére, s. m. porter, a door- certainly, assuredly. Porlar ben la coce, to sing keeper.

Positivo, adj. positive.--Leggi well.— Porlar il basto, to be Portinajo, s. m., an usher, a positive, positive laws, that are the drudge.--Portare in collo, Portiniéro,

porter, a

neither divine nor natural, to carry upon one's back.-door-keeper.

but can be altered.-- Positivo, Portar credenza, to believe.- Porto, s. m. haven, a .port, S. m. the positive, or positive Porlar, to bear.- Questo vino harbour.--Venire a porto, to degrce. nun porta acqua, this wine bears come into harbour, to land. Positúra, s. f. posture, situano water.-Portare, to have. - Condursi a buon porlo, o mal tion, disposition. --Portar di peso,

carry any porto, come to a good or bad Posizione, s. f. position, maxim, thing by one's self, at once. end. -- Porto, any place of assertion, proposal, proposi. -Purta la fama, it is said, it shelter. Porto di lettera, poit- tion. is whispered about.- Portare, age.

Poso, s. m. pause, rest, quiet. to allege.

Porto, adj. given, presented. Posola, s. f. the crupper of a Portársi, to carry or behave Portoláno, s. m. a porter, a horse. one's self. door-keeper.

Posolatúra, s. f.2 Portáta, s. f. import, value.- Portolano, s. m. a book where Posoliéra, s. f.

a crupper. Portáta, the brood or litter of harbours or ports are de- Posolino, s. m. a beast. —-Portáta, service, scribed.

Pospórre, to postpone, to set course of dishes.-—-Portáta, Portolátto, s. m. the first row behind, to make less account, reach, ability, capacity.-er in a ship or boat.

to leave or neglect. -Un uomo di portata, a man of Portuláno, s. m. r. Portolanc. pósto, adj. postponed, ne.

great capacity or learning, Porzioncélla, s. f. a small por- glected. Portátile, adj. portative, por- tion or share.

Possa, s. f. puissance, power, table, that may be carried Porzióne, s. f. portion, share, Possánza, Ší might, force, from place to place. part.

strength. Portátó, s. m. that which is Posa, s. f. rest, quiet, pause, Possedere, to possess, to have, brought forth, a child, any peace--l'ar posa, to resi.- to enjov, to be master of. VOL. 1.








Fhesedere una lingic bene, to packet bokt.---Posta, post - Pasto, s. m. post, Station, be master of a language. Josta, post-house, post office standing.Posto, post, st2 Possedimento, s. m. possession, - hiriari per la nute, to be tion, place, employment. enjoyment.

going; to be in full gallep for -Foro, adj. put, set, Posseditore, possessor, master. the cther worli-Dip, placed. Poseeditrice, mistress, she that adv. at once.--10:17, 'dbe. Posto che, adv. suppose that, possesse? -- Pussedi to, adj. Id perta, adv. on purpine, pare supposed. possessed.

posely.--))a su" po ta, of cne's Posto il caso, supposed. Possénte, adj. powerful, puis. cwn accord. - Orni una da cun, Posto ciò, this being granted,

sant, mighty, potent, strong, posta, every one by himself. or supposed. Justy.

Postéma, s. f. an impos hume Postreuro, adj. last. Possentemente, adv. puissant- an abscess.—Positna, a purse Postribolo, s. m., a brothel, ly, mightily, powerfully. full of money.

Postribu!o, $ or battdy Possessioncélla, 6. f. a little Postemáto, adj. imposthumed, house. possession.

grown into an imposthumne. Pristumo, adj. posthumous, Possessione, s.f. possession, the Postemazióne, s. f. imposthu- born after the death of the

possessing or absolute enjoy- mation, an imposthume. father-Fósturo, published ment of any thing.--Po; és. Postemóso, adj. full of impost after the death of the author. siune, possession, lands, an in-hunes, imposthumated. Postura, s. f. postare, situaheritance, an estate, a farm. Postergare, to cast or throw tion, state of affairs.Postura, Possessivo, adj. possessive.- behind one's shoulders or a secret complot, a fraudu.

Pronome possessivo, a possessive back. - Postergáre, to despise, lent convention. pronoun.

to contemn, to neglect, to Postútto, ei. Al postutto, adv. Possésso, s. m. possession. cast behind.

in ail, quite, entirely. Possessóre, possessor.

Postergato, adj. cast or thrown Potábile, adj. potable, drink. Possessório, adj. pertaining to behind one's shoulders or able, that may be drunk. a possession.

back, despised, contemned, Potagióne, s. f. 2 a pruning Possévole, adj. possible. Obs. neglected.

or lopPossibile, adj. possible, likely, Pósteri, s. m. pl. successors, ping of trees. that may be done, or may posterity, those that succeed Potáre, to prune, to lop, to be. Farò il possibile per seruir

dress vines.-- Fotáre, to cut, vi, i'll do whatever lies in my Posterióre, s. m. postcriors, to cut off.-- Potulo, adj. prunpower to serve you.

the part on which we sit.- ed, lopped, cut. Possibilità, s. f.


Posteriire, adj. posterior, that Potatójo, s. f. a pruner, a Possibilitade,

comes after, latter.

pruning-knife. Possibilitate,

Posterità, s. f. posterity, off- Potatóre, a lopper, a pruner Posta, s. f. posture, situation. spring, issue, children. of trees, a vine-dresser.

- Posta, planting, or setting. Posticcia, s. f. fights, the waste Potatúra, s. f. pruning or lop-- Po ta, place, station, post cloths which hang round ping-Potatúra, twigs or

-Stare alla posta, to lay in about a ship in a fight, to sprays of trees, branches of ambuscade.-- Posta, will, plea- hinder the men from being vine cut off. sure.--E' in vostra posta de res. seen by the enemy.

Potazione, s. f. pruning or lop, tire o partire, you are at liber- Posticcio, s. m. a nursery of ping. ty either to stay or to go. young trees.---Vino di posticcio, Potentáto, a potentate, a sotepate u vostra posta, do as you a thin wine. - Postictio, adj. reign prince, one that has please. ---Posla, a rendezvous, borrowed, false. Capelli pns- great power and authority. assignation, appointment, à ticci, false hair.-Denti postic. Poténte, adj. poteni, powermeeting, or meeting-place. ci, set teeth, false teeth. ful, mighty. ---Darse la posia, to make an Postiére, post-master, one that Potentemente, adv. porently, assignation, to give one a keeps post-horses-- Postréni, powerfully: rendezvous.---Posta, request, adv. before yesterday. Obs. Poténza, s. f. potency, power, instance, entreaty, solicita Postierla, s. f. postern, a back- might, force, strength.-- Pos tion.- f'osta, footstep, track, door. Obs.

tenza, potentiality, potentialprint of the foot, footing.-- Postiglione, s. m. postillion. ness, the power of acting -Pusta, occasion, opportu- Postilla, s. f. the image that a nity:—Posta, an imposthume, man sees of himself in the Potenziále, adj. potential, hat. or abscess.---- }'osie, watch, or looking-glass, or ing a power or possibility of scout, centinel.-Far la posta any other transparent body. acting or being - Modo polenod úno, to guard one, to be Obs.- Postilla, postil, or short ziále, the potential mood, a centinel for one, to watch for note or explication of any, mood in grammar signifying one - Posta, a 'stake. --Ris. book

i possibility, or probability. Bronekere alla posta, v. Rispon- Postilláre, to make postils or Potenzialmente, adv. potendere.- Posta, post stage.--Ca. notes upon any bouk--Pos- tially:- Potenzialmente, powervalli di posta, post-horses. tillato), adj. that has notes or fully. Andar per le posto, to ride or explications.

[Obs. Potenciáln, adj. that has a go post.-Naviglio di posta, a Postióne, s. m. the back parts. potentiai virtue.


any thing


Ja dinner.




Pocére, to be able to have a dinner.

in pl. prati, s. m. anciently power to do. -Pro essere, it Práadio, s. m.

Prata, o pratora, s. f. may be...Non posso, I cannot, Pranzo,

Pratolíno, s.

m. a kind of I can't.- Voi urete potuto die, Pranzáre. to dine.

mushroom. you might have heard per- Prasma, s. f. a kind of pre- Pravamente, adv. wickedly, haps.-Eino nun prù umar se-n cious stone of a green colour, lewdly, shrewdly: pre la meilema cora, one can't which placed near poison Pravità, s. f. pravity, corruplove always the same ching will glitter with sparkles like tion of manners, lewdness, -lo non la posso con roi, l fire.

wickedness, perversity, can't withstand you.-Chi Prassine, o. Prassio.

Pravo, adj. wicked, lewd, cornon può avere quel che vuole, s" Prassino, adj. of a leek-co- rupt, depraved, naughty. abbia quel che pilo, who can't lour.

Prè, s. m. pricot.

Olis. have what he would, must Prassio, o Prássine, s. m. hore- Preamboláre, to make a prehave what he can.

hound, an herb so called. amble, to preface or proPotére, s. m. power, authori- Pratajuólo, adj. belonging to logue. ty, might. Potére, posses a field.--- Fungo prutug'rolo, a Preambolo, s. m. prea:nble, sion, keeping:

kind of mushroom.--Gallina Preambulo, Spreface. Potére, power, interest, credit. pratojuulu, a wild hen. Prebénda, s. f. prebend.Potest, s. f. authoritative Pratello, s. m. a little mca Prebenda, provision.---Prer power. dow.

benda, that measure of cats Potestà, s. m. u. Podestà. Pratería, s. f. meadows, fields. which is given to a horse at Potestáci, s. m. pl. a hierarchy Prática, s. f. practice, usage, of ange's.

custom, way.- Prática, prac. Prebendatico, s. m. prebend. Potissimo, adj. chief, princi- tice, use, experience. --Prá. Prebenuato, adj. that has a pal, only, solc, singular. tiru, converse, intercourse, prebend. Poto, s. m. drink. Obs. familiarity, conversation.- Precauzione,

s. f. precau. Poveráccio, a poor mi. Prática, practice, or practic' tion. Poveráccia, s. f. S serable cal part.--Pritica, practice, Prece, s. f. a prayer, or en

intrigue, device, plot, design. treaty. Poveráglia, s. f. poor people. -Fa pratiche, to carry on Precedente, adj. precedent, Poveraménte, adv. poorly, mi- secret or clandestine designs. foregoing, former. serably, meanly.

-] vostre pratiche mi son inola, Precedenza, s. f. precedence, Poverélio, s. m.? a poor per- to ben conosciute, I am not ig- precedency, the first place --Poverélla, s. f. S son, a beg- dorint of all your designs. Dar lu preelenza un uno, to gar.

Far d practica, tirur di pructica, give one the precedency. Poverettamente, adv. poorly, to act or deal freely.--Ertror Precédere, to precede, io go miserably.

di pratica, to go in ficely.-- ; first or before.-- Precedere, co Poveretto, s. m., a poor man Fur le pratiche, to lay secret excel, or surpass. Poverétta, s. f. S or woman. designs, to contrive, tu de Preçessére, ancestor, or forePoverézza, s. f. poverty. vise, to piot.--Prútan, affuir, father.--Processore, predeces. Poverino, s. m.7 a poor man business, matter, design.--- sor, he that was before in Poverina, s. f. S or woman. Superire la pratica, to discover the place. Póvero, adj. poor, needy, one's designs.-Porre in pratie Precuttare, to send summons, wanting: -Poveru in canna,

ca, to put in practice. ---- to subpæna. A law term. very poor. - Terra povera, gliur pratiu, to have duresa io Precettivo, adj. that contains barren ground. -Uomo di any part:

precepts or rules. povero (uore, vile man, Praticabile, adj. practicable.-- Precétta, s. m. precept, coma coward, a man of mean Praticabile, easy to be done, mand. heart.


Precettórc, preceptor, tutor, Povertà, s. f. poverty, need, Praticarnénie, adv. practicaliy, master, instructor.

in practice.

Precidere, to cut, to cut off, Pozióne, s. f. potion.

Praticáre, io practise, to exer to shortca. Pozza, s. f. a plash, a slough cise or put into practice.- Precinto, precinct, compass,

full of standing waier. Praticáre, to treat, to consult, circumference, inclosure. Pozzánghera, u. Pozza. to manage or handle.-- Pra- Precipitamínio, s. m. precipiPozzétta, s. f. dimple, or hol- ticáre, to frequeni, to con tation, ruin.

low pit in the cheek. verse, to keep company with. Precipitáate, adj. that preci. Pózzo, s. m. a well.. Mostrar l'ralicato, adj. praciised. pitates or casts down head. la luna nel pozzo, to make one Praticéllo,s.m. a little meado.v. lons:

believe that the moon is Praticliezza, s. f. practice, use, Precipitánza, s. f. precipitamade of green cheese. experience

tion, ruin. Pozzolána, s. f. a kind of sand Prílico, adj. practised, skilful, Precipitáre, to precipitate, to used in building expert, experienced.

throw, to cast down head, Prammática, s. f. a pragmati. Praticore, s. m. a man of great long.—Precipitáre, to precipi. cal law, act or sanction. experience.

tatc, to hurry, to overhasten, Prindere, to dine, tu cac at Prato, s. fli. meadows, fields; to do in haste. ---A'recipiure





g? indugi, to hasten, to preci- ' Preda, s. f. prey, booty, spoil, dicant friars, or the Dominipitate, to hurry, to do in pillage, plunder.-Darsi in can friars. haste. Precipitärsi, to preci- preda, to addict one's self, to Predicánza, s. f. a sermon. pitate, or fall headlong down.' give or abandon one's self Predicáre, to preach.-- Predi

- Precipitare, to incite, to over.-Darsi in preda al dolore, cáre, to entreat, or beseech. spur on, to egg, to stir up. to abandon one's self to grief. - Predicáre, to preach, to cry Precipitamente, adv. with pre -Darsi in preda al vizio, to

up, to praise or extol.--Prés cipitation, hastily, in haste,' give one's self up to vice.--- dicare a' porri, talk to a piece rashly.--I recipitato, adj. pre- Dare in predla, to expose, to sa of wood. l'redicólo, adj. cipitated, thrown or fallen' crifice, to deliver up, to give, preached, entreated, praised headlong into a precipice.- Predamento, s. m. a preying or extolled.—Predicáto, s. m. Prec piláto, s. m. precipitate. or pillaging.

predicate, the latter part of Precipitazione, 3. f. precipi- Preçáre, to prey, to rob, to a logical proposition. tation, fall, ruin.--- Precipita- forage, to spoil, to prowl, to predicatore, a preacher.-Frati zióne, precipitation, too great pillage, to pill. I'redáto, adj. predicatori, the predicant friars, haste, rashness.

pillaged, robbed, preyed. or Dominican friars. Precipite, adj. ruinous. Predatore, a robber, a pillager, Predicatorello, an ignorant, Precipitosamente, adv. with a planderer.

silly preacher. precipitation, hastily,in haste, Predatrice, s. f. she that robs Predicatrice, shcthat preaches, rashly. or seeketh for prey.

declares or makes known. Precipitósu, adj. precipitous, Predecessore, predecessor. Predicazione, a preaching, a overhasty,inconsiderate,rash. Predélla, s. f. a stool, a footPrecipiziáre, u. Precipitare.


Poner mano alla pe. Predicere, o. Predire. Obs. Precipizio, s. m. a precipice, della, to make one's elf master Predicimento, s. m. a predica steep', a down-place.- lan- of an estate.----Fredell, the tion, a foretelling things to dare in precipizio, to dissipate, reins of a bridle. — Fredella, to waste, to ruin, to destroy: a seind or range for barrels Predire, to predict, to foretell Precipuamente, adr. princi-l in a cellar.— Predella, a close things to come. pally, particularly, chiefly, stool.

Predizićne, s. f. prediction, a above all.

Predellíno, s. m. a little stool fore-telling things to come. Precipuo, adj. chief, principal. or foot-stool.

Predominante, adj. predomiPrecisamente, adv. precisely, Predellóne, s. m. a large or nant, over-ruling, fore-sway

succinctly, exactly, determi- high stool, a foot-stool. ing: nately, in a few words. Predestináre, to predestinate. Predomináre, to predoninate, Precisione, s. f. distinction, pre- - Predestináre, to determine, to over-rule, to bear chief cision.

to resolve, to deliberate, to Preciso, adj. precise, concise, destine, to appoint.-- Predes- Predomináto, adj. predominatexact, determinate, short.- tináto, adj. predestinated, re- ed, over-ruled. Precisn, adv. precisely, exact. solved, determined, destined. Predomínio, s. m. predomily, concisely, shortly. Predestinazione, s. f. predes

nancy, superiority, domiPreclaramente, adv. excellent-Predestino, s. m. Stina- nion, lordship. ly, nobly, bravely.


Predóne, a robber, a plunderer, Preclaro, adj. excellent, sin- Fredetto, adj. foresaid, fore a pillager.

gular, noble, renowned, fa- mentioned, foretold, appoint- Precléggere, to choose before. mous, brare, gallant.


Preelezione, s. f. pre-election, a Preco, s. m. prayer, entreaty, Prédica, s. f. a sermon.---- Pi- choosing before-hand. Obs.

gliare il luogo alla predica, to Prefáto, adj. mentioned, forePrecónio, s. m. the publishing i prevent.--fulare alla predica, spoken, foresaid. or proclaiming of any thing, to go to the sermon. Prefazio, s. m. preface, a

proclamation, manifestation. Predicabile, s. m. predicable, Prefazióne, s. f. / speech prePreconizzáre, to precognize, a common wordorierm which paratory to

a discourse or to make a report in the pope's may be attributed to more consistory, that the person than one thing.

Prefénda, s. f. 0. Prebenda, presented to a benefice is Predicamento, s. m. a preach Obs. qualified for the same. ing, a sermon. ---Predicaminto, Preferénza, s. f. preference, a Preconoscenza, s. f. foreknow- prediction, a foretelling.--- choice made of a person or ledge.

Predicamento, one of the ten thing before another. Preconéscere, to know before- predicaments in logic, viz. Preferimento, s. m. preferment, hand, to foreknow.

substance, accident, quantity, advancement. Precorrente, adj. forerunning. relativn, action, passion, the Preferíre, to prefer, to make Precórrere, to forerun, to gol situation of bodies as to the more account of, to esteem, before, to over-run.- Precór place, their duration as to the or set more bý.-Preferito, Tere, to prevent.

time, and their habit or ex adj. preferred. Precursore, a forerunner, a

ternal appearance.

Prefetto, s. m. prefect, a ma. precursor, a messenger sent Predicanic, a predicant, an gistrate among the Romans. before.

orator.--Frali predicanti, pre- Prefettura, s. f. prefecture.

sway or rule.


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to esteem more.


Prefiggere, to fix, to limit, to Pregiudicativo, prejudicial, preme più, I should wrong mypretix, to appoint, to limitate. Pregiudiziale, offensive, self, and perhaps her too, Prefisso, adj. prefixed, fixed, hurtful.

which concerns me most. determined, limited.

Pregiudicio, prejudice, Che ciò non vi prema, don't Pregacióne, s. f. praying,crav- Pregiudizio, s. m. damage, trouble yourself about it. ing, beseeching. 'Obs. hurt, harm, detriment, loss. Preméssa, s. f. premise, one of Sture in pregagione, to pray, Pregnante, adj.pregnant, being the two first propositions of to bescech. big with child.

a syllogism.---- Premesso, adj. Pregánte, adj. praying, be- Pregnézza, s. f. pregnancy, preferred, sent, or set before. secching.

the state of being pregnant Premétrere, to prefer, to value, Pregare, to pray, to beseech, or big with child. to entreat or beg, to desire.- Pregno, adj. pregnant, big Premiáre, to remunerate, to Pregare, to wish.---Vi prego with child.-Far pregna, to recompense, to reward, to tutte le felicità che desiderate, 1 get a woman with child.-make amends, to make up. wish you all the happiness Pregno, pregnant, full as a Premiatívo, adj. remunerating, you can desire.- Vi prego ogni bud, seed, or kernel which is rewarding.

-Premiato, adj. bene, I wish you well. ready to sprout.--Aere pregno, remunerated, recompensed, Pregaría, v. Pregheria. a cloudy air.-Io son pregno rewarded. Pregáto, adj. prayed, beseech- del suo discorso, I am tired with Premiatóre, a rewarder, a reed, entreated, desired.

his discourse.- Occhi pregri di compenser. Pregatóre, a beseecher, a de- lagrime, eyes full of tears.-- Premiatríce, feminine of Premander, a desirer, a requester. La mia mente è pregna di d'versi miatore. a beggar.

pensieri, my head is full of dif- Preminénte, adj. pre-eminent, Pregévole, adj. of worth, wor

ferent thoughts.

superior. thy, deserving worth, va- Prego, s. m. prayer, entreaty, Preminenza, s. f. pre-emiluable.

request.-Muoviti a prehi nence, advantage, prerogaPreghería, s. f. a prayer, a re

mie, hearken to my prayers.

tive. quest, a desire or entreaty. Pregustáre, to taste before. Préinio, s. m. guerdon, recomPreghevole, adj. entreating, Preláto, s. f. a prelate, a dig- pense, reward.

suppliant, submissive, hum- nified clergyman, a cardinal, Premitúra, s. f. a pressing or hle.

bishop, abbot, and the like. sf. Preghiero, s. m. Obs. } a praya Prelatura , s.f. prelature, pre- Premízia, v. Primizia. Obs

. supplication.--Preghiera, pray- prelate. — Entrare in prelatura, Premostráre, to foreshew, or er, entreaty, request, humble to commence a prelate. demonstrate. - Premostráto, suit, desire, petition. Prelazione, s. f. prelacy, pre- adj. foreshewn, demonstratPregiabile, v. Pregevole. lature, prelateship.

ed. Preciáre, to prize, to value, to Prelibáre, to taste.

Preli- Premúra, s. f. importance, conesteem. - Pregiáre, to estimate, báre, to treat, to mention, sequence, moment, concernto value, to prize, to rate. to touch upon.-Prelibáto, adj. ment, concern.--Questo è un Pregiársi, to boast, to brag, to tasted, mentioned.-Prelibáto, negozio di gran premura, this is glory, to pretend to a thing. choice, excellent, exquisite, an affair of the last conse— Pregiato, adj. prized, va rare, singular, special.

quence. lued, esteemed, estimated. Prelimináre, s. m. preliminary, Premurosamente, adv. eat. Pregiatore, s. m. he that va the first step in a negociation. nestly,vehemently:-Miprego lues.

Prelúdio, s. m. prelude. premurosamente che dovessi andaa Pregiatrice, feminine of Pregia- Premática, 'u. Prammatica. rio a vedere, he entreated me

Premeditáre, to premeditate, earnestly to go and see him: Prégio, s. m. price, value, es to think upon, or contrive Premuróso, adj. important, ma

teem, worth, rate. --- Tenere before-hand, to design.--Pre-terial, main, of great concern in preg zio, to prize, to esteem, meditáto, adj. premeditated, or importance, of great contovalue.- Pregio, value,price, designed.


- Premuto, adj.
worth, rate.--Diamante di gran Premeditazione, s. f. preme- pressed, squeezed.
pregio, a diamond of great va ditation, a thinking or con- Prenarráre, to tell before-hand.
jue.- Vendere a pregrò contene- sidering of a thing before- Prence, s. m. a prince, a hero.
cole, to sell at a reasonable haud.

A poetical word.
Preménte, adj.pressing, earnest. Prencéssa, fein. of Prence.
Pregióne, v. Prigione, Obs. Prémere, to press, to squeeze.

Pregióso, adj. precious, much -- Premere, to press, lo crowd. Préncipe, t. Principe, and all
esteemed or valued.

-Premere, to press, to tread its derivatives.
Pregiudicánte, adj. prejudicial

, upon.-- Premere, to oppress, Prendere, to take, to lay hold hurtful.

to depress, to humble. ---Pré- of.----Préndere, to seize, or Pregiudicáre, to prejudice, or mere, to concern, or touch, to

come upon.

-La febbre mi be prejudicial to, to be hurt-import.-Farei gran torto a me prende a quest ora, the fever ful or offensive.

medesimo, e forse a lei che mi comes upon me at this bour.

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