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Prindere, to meet, to hit.. one of the eight parts of, Prescritto, adj. prescribed.--Prenuere, to catch as, to take speech.-Preposto, adj. placed Prescritto, s. m. a prescripor lay hold of.--illi presi ad or preferred before others, tion, ordinance, precept, preun ramo d'athero, I took hold promoted.

script, order. of a branch of a tree.--Prén- Prepotente, adv. overbearing, Prescrivere, to prescribe, to dere, to begin to fall out. oppressive, using power ill. acquire the possession of any Prendere a fure una cosa, to be- Prepotenza, s. f. the act of thing, for want of being sued gin to do a thing.---Prendere al overbearing, the bad use made within the time limited by fuggire, to betake one's self to of power.

the law,- Prescricert, to preBlight.-- Prevlersi d'amore, to Prepúzio, s. m. prepuce. scribe, to limit, to order or fall in love.-—Prindere, to Prerogativa, s. f. prerogative, appoint.-- Prescrivere, to precatch, to cheat, to overreach, privilege, peculiar pre-emi- scribe, to fix, to terminate. or trick-Prendere, to thick nence or authority above Prescrizione, s. f. prescription, en, to settle or coagulate. — others.

a right or title to any thing, Prendere, to stick. ---Prendere in Prerogazione, s. f. prerogauire, grounded upon a continued fallo, o in iscambio, to mistake, pre-eminence.

possession of it, beyond the to make a mistake. Prender Presa, s. f. a taking.-Lapresa memory of men.-Prescrizione, fundo, to cast anchor.

d'un citià, the taking of a prescription, a prescribing, Prendimento, s. m. a taking town.--Presa, a prize, a ves- ordering, a determining, or

--Secondo il vostro prendinenlo, sel or ship taken.- Porsa, a limiting. according as you take it. dose.--Presa, hold.--. Presa; Presédere, to preside, to have Prenditore, a taker, he that scuffle, quarrel, bickering: - an authority or rule over, to takes.

V’enire alle prese, to fall out be the chief in an assembly. Prenditrice, s. f. a taker, she with, to fall together by the Presentagione, s. f. presentathat takes.

ears, to come to blows. tion, the act of presenting. Prenominato, adj. foresaid, Presa, game, or fish taken at Presentáneo, adj. preseni. abovesaid.

one time.--Abbiamo fatto una Presentáre, to present, to make Prenotáre, to note or observe buona presa, we have had a a present, to offer or give a

before.- Prenotato, adj. noted very good game, or fishing giit.- Presentáre, to offer, to or observed before.

Una presa di taliucco, a pinch presentor tender.-Presentáre, Prenta, s. f. a weft of a branch of snuff.-Dar le prest", to give to carry, to consign, to deof palm-tree.

the preference, to choose.-- liver, to put into one's hands. Prenunziáre, to foretell, to an Far presa, to stick, to hold ---Presentúre, to present, to

fast together.

introduce. Prenze, s. m. a prince. Obs. Presagio, s. m. presage, sign Presentarsi, to come or appear. Prenzéssä, s. f. a princess. Ohs. or token, shewing what will cuando l'occasione si presene Preoccupare, to pre-occupy, happen.

terà, when I have an oppor. to possess before another.-- Presagire, to presage, to di- tunity, or when the opporPreoccupato, adj. pre-occu- vine, to foretell or betoken. tunity offers itself.-Fresenta. pied.

Preságo,adj.divining, guessing, to, adj. presented. Preparaménto, s. m. Prepara- | apprehensive, sensible. Presentatore, he that presents. tion, making ready before- Presáme, s.n. rennet, the maw Presentatrice, femin. of Presenhand.

of a calf.- Presame, an incenPreparáre, to prepare, to get tive, an incitement, or mo. Presentazione, s. f. presentaor make ready, to provide. tive.

tion, a present. Preparativo, adj, preparative, Presbiteráto, S. m. priest- Presénte, adj. present.— Il temthat serves to prepare. hood,

po presente, the present time. Preparatório, adj. prepara- Presbiteriába, adj. presbyte- -La presente serve per notif

tory, preparative. Prepá- rian:----Un presbiteriano, a carvi, this present serves to Tatu, adj. prepared, ready. presbyterian.


know.-Lei presynle, Preparazione, s. f. prepára- Préscia, s. f. haşte. - Von siate she being present, or there. tion, a preparing or making tanto in prescia, don't be so Lel presente mi goto e meglio ready hasty;

aspetto, I enjoy the present, Preponderáre, to preponde- Prescicute, adj, that has notice and hope for better. I rerate, to ponder, to weigh in of futurity.

sente, s. m, present, gift.Di the mind, to consider. Prescienza, s. f. prescience, prevente, presently:-- Presente, Preponderato, adj. preponde- fore-knowledge.

a.lv. before.- Presente agli ocrated, weighed in the mind, Prescindere, to prescind, to ex chi miei, before my eyes. pondered, considered. ceed, or go beyond.-- ilon bi- Presentemente, adv. now, at Preponderazione, s. f. prepon- sogna prescindere di mici ordini, this time, at present, for the derance, a pondering or con you must not exceed or go present.--- Presentemente, persidering beyond my orders.

sonally, in person.-PrescaPrepúrre, to prcfer, to esteem Proscito, adj. reprobate, damn- lemente, presently, immediateabove, to advance, to pro-ed. I'n prescilo, a reprobate. ly, in a moment. I rescrie

Prescrázto), s. m. liam, a gam- mente, lefore. Preposizione, s. f. preposition, mou vi bacou.

Presentinénto, s. m. guess,










very near. presso a ot!o di 1 Pigliore in prestito, to borrow. Presentire, to smell a thing out, senzz mungiare, he was almost! - Bare in prestito, to lend. to discover or perceive, to eight days without eating.- Presto, s. m. a borrowing, a gress, to foretell, to think or Presso, in comparison 10. lending: - figliare, o dare in imag ne. -- Presenlíto, adj. Questo è in!ker presso al mio, presto, to borrow, to lend. smelt out, discovered. this is nothing in comparison Presto, adj. quick, nimble, Presenticcio, s. m., a menn or to mine.

swift, expeditious, diligent.-Presentazzo, S liale pre- Preg.ochè, adv. almost, very Presto, ready, prepared.

nigh or near.

Presto, short - Presto, sudden. Presénza, s. f. presence.--In Pressovário adj. iron-grey co Prestu risoluzion, a sudden mia presenta, in my presence, loured. Obs.

resolution.-- Fresto,adv. quick before me.--in presenza di Pressura, pressure, oppression, ly, nimbly, swiftly, soon. tuiti, before every body.- misfortune, calamity. Andnte presto, go quickly. Pre érze, presence, look, mien. Presta, t. Prestanza.

Fate presto, make haste. - Un umo di bella presenzí, a Prestamento, v. Prestanza. Presto, presto, qui kly. man of a fine presence, a Prestamente, adv. readily, Presuménza, s. f. presumption. genteel man. quickly.

Presúmere, to presume, to prePresenziale, adj. present, that Prestánte, adj. excellent, mag- tend, to be proud, to be insois present:

nificent, noble, famous. lear, to be bold, to dare. Presenzialmente, adv. before, in Prestán/a, s. f. a lending, a Presumere, to presume, to ima

the presence. -- Presenzialmente, borrowing: - Prendere m presa gine, to think, conjecture, or personally, in person,

lanza, to borrow. Dare in suppose. Presépe, s. m., a stable, a stall, prestanza, to lend.-Prestanza, Presumitore, a presumptuous Presépio,

a crib, a $. f. tax, impost, duty, cuscratch, or manger.


Presumitrice, feminine of PrePreservaménto, s. m. preser- Prestauziáre, to put a sumitore. vation, a preserving, or keep-duty, or impost. Obs. Presuntuosamente, adv. preing.

Prestare, to lend. Presture, to sumptuously, boldly, impuPreserváre, to preserve, to borrow.- Prestare, to grant, dently, haughtily.

keep, to defend, to guard. to bestow.-Prestar seue, to Presuntuosità, 5. f. presumpPreservativo, adj. preserva- gire credit, to believe.- Pres tuousness, laughtiness, boldtive, chat preserves.-Un pre tar opra, to give assistance, to serontvo, s. m. a preservative. help.-Pre tres orecchie, to Presuntuoso, adj. presumptuPreser vazióne, s. f. preserva- hearken, or give ear to, to give ous, proud, haughty, boli, tion.

the hearing-Prestar obedien- impudent, self-ronceited. Presidente, a president, a go zu, to obey, to pay obedience, Presunzióne, s. f. presumpcion,

submission, or hoinage. arrogance, impudence, boldPresidenza, s. f. presidency, the Prester la mano u che che si sia, ness.-Presunzióne, presump

place or office of a president, to help, to give a helping tion, conjecture, guess, sussuperiority, authority. hand to a thing, to assist.

picion. Presenzióne, prcPresidio, s. m. a garrison, a Non presterei alla penna la mano sumption. presidy.

per riotur ciù che erli, I would Presuppórre, to pre-suppose, Presmóne, s. m. must, that not give myself the troubley to suppose before-hand, co come out of the grapes be to write down what I saw. take for granted. fore thev are pressed. Presám, to yield.-Presiólo, Presuppósito, s. m. 2

pre Preso, adj. taken, caught. adj. lent, horrowed, granted, Presupposizione, s. f. § sut:Presontuosamente, adv. pre- bustowed.

position. sumptuously, haughtily, ar- Prestatóre, an usurer. Presupposto,adj. pre-supposed, rogantly.

Prestatrice, feminine of Pres- i cakefor granted. Presontuoso, adj. presump


Presúra,s.f. seizure.- Prevára, Prestézza, s. f. quickness, ce a taking.---La pre ura d'una Pressa, s. f. press, crowd, lerity, swiftness, expedition, città, the taking of a cown... throng, hurry. speed.

Presuta, rennet, the maw of a Pressante, adj. pressing, ear- Prestigliire, to deceive or caif. nest, urgent.

charm, to bewitch. Pres. Preta, v. Prieta. Pressáre, to prets, to follow tigiato, adj.deceived or charm- Pretacchione, s. m. an igno. close, to haunt, to dun, to be ed, bewitched.

rant priest. importunate, to urge. Prestigiatóre, a charmer, a de- Pretáccio, s.m. a wicked priest, Pressézza, s. f. nearness, neigh-| luder or deceiver.

a nasty priest. bourhood. Obs.

Prestigio, s. m. prestiges, im- Pretájo, adv. that loves priests, Pressione, s. f. pressure. postures, illusion, juggling that takes delight in their Pressissimo, adj. sup. quite tricks.

conversation. Prestigioso, adj. prestigious, Pretático, s. . presbytery, Presso, adj. nigh, near.--Pres- deceitful, cozening, juggling. Pretáto, priesthood. $0, prep. nigh, or near, hy.-- Prestita, s. f. a borrowing, Obs. Fresso a

a me, near me.-Presso, Prestito, s. n. S a lending Pretazzuolo, s. m. an ignorant







ragioni precalsero, his reasons Preziosamente, adv. preciousPrete, s. m. a priest.-Prele se prevailed.-- Prevalérsi, to take ly, choicely, charily-Predlo.

colare, a secular priest. advantage, to make use. — saménte, richly, magnificently. Pretélle, s.f. pl. moulds, where- Voglin prevalermi di questa op l'onservare una cosa preziosain things are cast.

portinilà, I'll take this oppor- mente, to keep a thing chaPretendezza, v. Pretensione. tunity.

rily: Preténdere, to claim, to chal- Prevalicáre, to prevaricate, to Preziosití, s. f. preciosity, prelenge, to demand, to expert. betray a cause to the adver- ciousness, the being precious. - Fretendere, to aim, or aspire sary. Obs.

Prezioso, adj. precious, of great at, to stand for.- Pretendere, Prevalicatóre, a prevaricator. price or value.-Pietre preto intend, design, mean, pro- Obs.-Prevalúto, adj. prevail- ziose, precious stones or jewels. pose. ed.

-Vino prezioso, exquisite Pretensióne, s. f. pretension, Prevaricamento, s. m. preva- wine. claim, aim, design.

rication, collusion, double Prezza, 6. f. value, price, es. Preterire, to forbear, to pass dealing, deceit, foul play in teem. Obs. over,to go beyond, to let pass, pleading.

Prezzábile, adj. valuable, estito let slip or pass over, to Prevaricáre, to transgress, to mable. leave out, to omit, to out sin against.-- Prevaricare contro Prezzáre, to value, to esteem, pass.

i comanulamenti di Dio, to trans to make account of, to have Pretérito, s. m. the preterper- gress God's commandment.- an esteem for.-Prezsáre, to fect, or preter tense of any Prevaricáre, to prevaricate, to prize, to value, to rate, to set verb.Parlare del preterito, to shuffle and cut, to play fast a price. —Prezzálo, adj. vatalk about what is past. and loose, to make a show of lued, esteemed, rated.

Pretérito, adj. past, fore-gone. doing a thing, and to act Prezzatóre, he that values, esPretermésso, adj. pretermitted, quite contrary.-- Precaricáre, teems, or rates. neglected, omitted.

to prevaricate, to work by Prezzemolo, s. m. parsley. Pretermettere, to pretermit, collusion in pleading, to be- Prezzo, s. m. price, value, to leave undone, to neglect, tray a cause to the adversary. -Una cosa di presso, a to omit, to pass over. -Brevaricato, adj. prevaricat- thing of value, or price. Pretéso, part. pass. of the verb ed, transgressed.

l'endere a vil preso, to sell very Pretendere.

Prevaricatore, a transgressor, cheap.--Prezzo, pay, gain.--Pretésto, s. m. pretence, or

a prevaricator, one who pre- Servire a prezzo, to serve for pretext, colour, cloak, blind, varicates and deals treacher- money. appearance, shew.--Sotlo preously.

Prezzoláre, to cheapen, to testo, under pretence or co- Prevaricatrice, fem. of Preva- haggle, to beat the price. lour. ricatore.

Prezzoláto, adj. cheapened, Pretóre, pretor, the chief ruler Prevaricazione, s. f. transgres- haggled. of the metropolis, or of a pro- sion, prevarication, deceit, Pria, adv. first, before.-- Pria, I vince in the Roman empire. double dealing

rather, sooner.--Vorrei pria Pretoria, s. f. the dignity or Prevédere, to foresee.- Preve- morir che offendere Iddia, I office of a pretor. dáto, adj. foreseen.

would rather die than offend Pretoriáno, adj. pretorian, be- Preveniente, adj. preventing. God.

longing to a pretor. Prevenire, to prevent, to come Pricissione, v. Processione. Pretorio, s. m. the house or before, to outstrip, to be be. Priéga, s. f. prayer, entreaty,

place where a pretor lives. fore-hand with.--- Prevenire, request, petition. Obs. Pretosémolo, o Pretcsémolo, to prevent, to hinder, or ob- Priemere, to press, to squeeze, s. m. parsley.

viate. Prevenire, to pre to handle. Obs. Prettamente, adr. sincerely, possess.--Prezenáto, adj. pre- Prigionáre, to imprison, to put honestly, roundly, plainly, in- vented, prepossessed. in prison or in jail. genuously.- Prettamente dirou - Prevenzione, s. f. prevention, Prigióne, s. f. gaol or jail, privi il parer mio, I'll tell you in- ' anticipation.

Prevenzióne, son, custody:--Priyzóne, s, m. genuously my opinion, prejudice, prepossession, pre a prisoner of war. Pretto, adj. pure, mere, un vention.

Prigionia, s. f. slavery, capmixed, without mixture.—Prevertire, to pervert, to turn tivity, imprisonment. Vin pretto, neat wine. Le upsidedown, to debauch, to Prigioniera, s. f. a she-prisoncose di questo mondo non sono che seduce. Obs.

er, a woman in prison. pretta vanità, the things of this Previdenza, s.f, foresight, pro- Prigioniere, s. mn. a prisoner. world are nothing but mere vidence.

- Prigioniere, a gaoler. vanity:- Purn, e pretio, very Previsto, adj. foreseen. Prima, adv. before, first.pure, true.-- lin puro e pretio Prévio, adj. previous, going Come prima, as soon as - Come furfunte, an arrant rogue, a before.--l'on previa con idera- prima lo vidi, as soon as I saw knave in grain.

zone, with a mature delibe- him.--Cume prima ebbe ricevula Prevalére, to prevail, to have ration.

la risposta si parti, no sooner the advantage over, to have Prevósto, s. m. c. Preposto. had he received the answer, the better on it, to be of great- Prevostúra, s. f. the dignity or but he went away --Irima, er force, to cafy it.--- Le sue office of the Prevosto. sooner, rather.-i orrei prima

morire ch'abbandonarxi, I would Primogenitúra, s. m. primoge- (Priorità, s. f. priority, a being sooner die, than forsake you. niture, the title and privileges first in order, rank, or dig

Prima che, before, before of an elder brother, in right nity, pre-eminence. that. of his birth.

Priscamente, adj. formerly, Primaccio, s. m.a cushion, Prince, s. m. prince. Obs. anciently Primácciolo, S a pillow, a Principále, adj. principal,chiet, Prisco, adj. former, old, anbolster.

chiefest, main. -Principale, cient, obsolete. Primájo, adj. primary, the first, first.--Il principale, the prin- Prisma, s. m. prism, a geomechief, principal.-- Frutti pri- cipal or capital.-1 principali trical figure so called. mm, hastings.- Piselli primai, d'una città, the head-men, the Pristinamente, adv. at first, angreen peas. -Frimajo, s. m. chief or topping men, the most ciently. beginning.-Dal primojo in fino eminent men of a town or Pristino, adj. formerly, past, al'c fire, from the beginning city.

ancient. to the end.

Principalmente, adv. princi- Privagióne, s. f. } privation, Primamente, adv. firstly, first. pally, chiefly, mainly, above Privaménto, s. m. Slack, want. Primariamente, adv. first of all, particularly,

Priváre, to deprive, to beall, principally, chiefly. Principáre, to domineer, to reave, to rob one of a thing, Primário, adj. primary, first in bear rule. Obs.

to take it away from him. order, principal, chief. Principáti, s. m. pl. principa. Privata, s. f. common shore. Primasso, s. m. a chief man, a lities, one of the orders of the Privatamente, adv. in particugreat man. Burlesque. angels.

lar, secretly.- Privatanénte, Primáte, s. m. primate, above Principáto, s. m. principality, privately.-Viver privatamente, the rest.

the dominions or jurisdiction to live in a private manner, Primaticciamente, adv. early. of a prince.--Irincipáto, pre- without appearing as a rich Primaríccio, adj. carly.-Fruiti eminence, superiority, advan

or noble man. primalicci, hastings. -Prima- tage:

Privativamente, adv. in a inanticcio, primary, first, principal, Principe, a prince.--- Principe, ner that deprives or excludes chief.- Primaticcia elà, youth. the first bornof a great prince. another or others. Primáto, s. m.the highest place, - Principe, principal, chief, Privativo, adj. prirative, that pre-eminence.--- T'enere il pri first.

deprives or takes away from mato d'alcuno, to be over, or Principessa, s. f. princess.

others. superior to one, to be above Principiamento, s. m. a begin- Priváto, s. m. a privy, a nehim. ning:

cessary house. --- Priváto, adj. Primavera, s. f. spring, one of Principiante, adj. beginning, | private, retired, concealed. the seasons.

that begins.-Un principiante, - Persona privata, a private Primiéra, s. f. primero, a game

a beginner, a novice. person. Priváto, hidden, conat cards.

Principiáre, to begin or com cealed.--Priváto, particular, Primieramente, adv. first, in mence, to enter upon.- Prin- peculiar.- Friváto, deprived, the first place, first of all, first cipiato, adj. begun, commence

bereft.-In privato, adv. priand foremost. ed, entered upou.

vately, secretly, in a particuPrimiéro, adj. first, former.- Principiatóre, a beginner, an lar or concealed place or

Primiero, adv. first, at first. author, cause, or promoter. Primitivamente, adv. firstly, -Egli fu il principialore di tul- Privatóre, depriver, he that anciently, in former ages.-

te le turbulenze, he was the deprives. Primititamente, early.

author or cause of all the Privatrice, s. f. she that de Primitivo, s. in. a captain of troubles.

prives or takes away. the van-guard, the eldest cap- Princípio, s. m. principle, first Privazione, privation, a detain of a regiment.-Primi :- Principio, principles, priving, bereaving, or taking tívo, adj. primitive, first.--- first rules, precepts, elements. away, privateness, want, lack, Parola primitiva, a primitive or - Principio, principle, motive. or being without. radical word.

- Principio, a beginning, com- Privigno, s. in. son-in-law. Primízia, s. f. the first fruits of mencement.-Al Principio, at Obs. the year, which are offered to first.

Privilegiáre, to give a privi- , God. - I'rimiziu, a new de- Priorático, s. m. priorship, a lege, to exempt, to free or lightful thing.---Primizia, pa name of a magistrate in discharge.-- Privilegiato, adj rents, forefathers, ancestors, Florence,

privileged, that enjoys some Ohs.

Prioráto, s. m. priorship, the privilege, exempted. - Allure Primo, adj. first.- Il primo gior. state, the office or quality of privilegiato, a privileged al. no, the first day, - La prina a prior. colta, the first time.---- Primo, Prióre, s. m. prior, president. Privilégio, s. m. privilege, pre3. m. forefather, ancestor.-) --Priore, prior, the head of rogative, a special grant. Primo, first, chief, principal. a priory.

Privo, adj. deprived, bereft, La primu giovinezza, earliest Prioría, s. f. priory, priorship. without. vouth,

Priorista, s. m. a book where Prizzátu, adj. spotted, macu. Primogénito, 6. m. the eldest all the priors names are set lated.


Prò, s, ma. good, profit, bepert, VOL. I.







-Buon prù vi faccia, much Procedimento,6. m. a proceed- tion, a begetting of children. good may it do you.-i che ing, or going on - Proceduíto, Procreánte, adj. procreacing, prj? what signifies ? to'what adj. proceeded, acted, be-begetting. purpose ?-- In prò? in behalf. haved, derived, arose, sprung Procreáre, to beget. --}arlare in prò, di quelle Procéila, s. f. a storm, a ten - Procréatu, adj. freereated, bedmo, to speak in somebody's peet. Poetical.- Pro ella, dan- gotten. behalf.- 1are il buon prò ad ger, peril.

Procreatore, a begetter, a uno, to wish one well. -- Pro, Procelléso, adj. stormy, tem

creator, a maker. e contra, pro and con--Pr, pestuous,

Procreatrice, 3. f. mother, cause. adj. valiant, bold, daring, Processáre, to go to law, to sue. Procreazii ne, s. f. procreation, brase, courageous.

- l'roce sále, to accuse, to in a hegetung of children. Proávo.s. m.great grandfather. diet or impech.

Procura, s. f. procuration, or Probabile, adj probabie, lively. Processáto, adj. sued, accused, procuracy, the writing, or - probabile, it may be, like-l indisted. tried.

deed whereby one is made a ly enough.

Proressióne, s. f. procession procurator, a letter of atProbabilità, s. f. probability, - Le be tesumie fanno core le torney: likelihood, aprearance of processioni, curses return, as Procuracióne, s. f. procuration, truth.

processions do, to the place a power by which one is en. Probabilmente, adv. probably, from which they went. A trusted to act for another. likely.

proverb that translates this Procuráre, to endeavour, to Probazione, 8. f. probation, Latin pentimeter, in pro- try, to seek, to look, to take proof, trial, or essay.

priuin redunt ipia d'cta cu care of.-Procurire, to solicit, Próbbio, s. m. villainy, wick- put. Andare a processione, to play the proctor, to defend.

edness, contumely, reproach, to go wandering about with. - trocuráre, to procure, to shame, disgrace. Obe. out having a settled place in get or help to.- Procuráre, Probita, s. f. probity, upright- view trócessione, an estate. to strive, to endeavour, to ness, honesty, integrity, good. Obs.

attempt, to strain, to do one's Proressivo, adj. proceeding,| best.--- Procurerò di servirla, l'il Probléma, s. m. problem. going on, continuing. endeavour, or use my enProbo, adj. good, honest, up- Processo, s. m. progress, pro

deavour to serve you. right.

gression, the act of proceed- Procurato, adj. endeavoured, Probóscide, s. m. proboscis, ing or going forward.--I strived. the elephant's trunk. proce:80 di tempo, in progress Procuratore, s, m. a procuraProcaccia, 8. f. Obs. 1 a get of time, in time.- Processo, tor, a sollicitor. Procacciamento, s. m. S ting, process, trial.- Fur processo al Procurazióne, s.f. procuration, or procuring

um, to sue one, to go to law a power by which one is enProcacciante, adj. diligent, in- with him, to try him.

trusted to act for another. dustrious. Prociato, s. m, a compass, a

- Procuracióne, endeavour, Procacciare, to get, to shift circuit circunference. means t'er sua procuraz one or make shift, to provide, to Ous.--"i grella Cerra ti 30!:0 la fece liberare, by his means see, to look, to endeavour to tre procivi di muru, the town he got her out of prison.get.---Trocacciarsi quale he disa is surrounded or encompassed Procurazione, the maintenance grazia, to bring upon one's with three walls.-- Essere in that prelates have allowed to self some misfortune.--Pro

prouinto, to be ready, or in them, when they are about cacciato, adj. procured, got readiness.--Sono in procinto dil the visitation of their diocese.

partire, I am ready to go. Procureria, s. f. the profession Procacciatore, a diligent fellow, Proclive, adj. proclive, in of a procurator or attorney, a shister,,a shifting fellow. clined, bent.

also procuration. Procaccio, s. m. provision, get- Procójo, . Procuojo.

Proda, s. f. shore, side, or bank ting, preparation.—Procaccio, Procónsolo, proconsul, a Ro of a river.- Approdare alla 8. m. post, courier.

man magistrate, to govern a prorla, to come on shore, to Procánto, s. m. proem, a pre province with consular power. land. -- Irur'ci,side, edge, brim, face. Obs.

fetare per il procon wło, to or brink.- Froda, prow, the Proccianamente, adv. newly, work in vain, to lose one's fore-part of a ship-Diris

not long ago, lately. Obs. labour, to make a hole in the zar la prodla verso qual le luogo, Procciano, adj. near, next to.

to steer one's course towards Obs.

Procrastinare, to procrastinate, some place. Procedente, adj. proceeding to put off from day to day, Prodáno, s. m. one of the ropes Procédere, to go to, to proceed, to delay or defer.

of a ship. to go forward-- 1 rocértere, co Procrastinato, adj. procrasti- Prode, adj. valiant, stout, hardcontinue orgco.--! roélere, ' nated, deferred, delayed, put dy, courageous.-rule, 5. m. io proceed to come from, or off.

good, beuefit, advantage, inbe derived, to spring, or have Procrastinazióne, s. f. procras. uts rise from.-- Froceder bene tination, the act of delaying Prodeménte, adv. valiantly, censo 290), to act or behave or deferring.

stoutlv, courageously. one's self well towards one. Procreamento, s. m, procrea. Prodeika, s. f. prowess, valour,





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