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a valiant or mighty act, fruit.

Profeteggiáre, to prophesy, to strength.--ja futio gran pro-Proemiále, adj. Proemial. prophetize, or foretel. dezze in guerra, he has done Proemialmente, adv. by way Profetessa, a prophetess. wonders in war. Uono dil of proem.

Profetizzáre, v. Profeteggiare. gran prodeza, a mighty va. Prvémio, s, m. proem, preface, Profeticamente, adv. propheliant man.

or entrance into a discourse. tirally, in a prophetical manProdicélla, s. f. dim of Proda. Profanamente, adv. profanely, Prodiéro, s. m. a prow-man, unhallowedly.

Profético, adj. prophetic, prohe that rows at the prow of Profinare, to profane to abuse phetical. a boat or galley

holy things, to pollute or Profetizzáto. v. Profetato. Prodigalità, s. f. prodigality, unhallow.

Profetizzáre, to prophetise, to profuseness, lavishness. Profanáto adj. profaned, abus- prophesy or foretel. Prodigalizzáre, to be prodigal, ed, po'lu:ed.

Profezia, s. f. a prophecy, a to spend lavishly, to squander Profanatöre, a profaser. prediction. away.

Profanatrice, feminine of Pro. Profferáre, o. Profferire. Obs. Prodigaméate, adr. prodigally fanatore.

Proferénte, u. Profferitore. wastefully, lavishly. Profanità, s. f. profanity, pro- Proilerénza, il pronouncing or Prodigio, s. m. prodigy, a faneness.

uttering.--Broberturu, profor preternatural Profáno, adj. profane, impious, fer, an offer or offering. thing.

irreligious.-- Projáno, profane, Prosferimento, s. m. a proProdigiosamente, adv. prodi- not sacred. – Autore profuno, nouncing, speaking, or uitergiously. profane author.

ing of words. Prodigióso, adj. prodigious, Profénda, s. f. provender, that Proiferire, to utter, to propreternatural, monstrous, ex- quantity of hay or oats that nounce, to speak.--Pruderire, cessive, wonderful, extraor the ostler gives to the horse, to offer, to present.-Chi si dinary.

horses, or oxen of the pas pru crisce e peggi il terčo, profPródigo, adj. prodigal, lavish, sengers,

fered service stinks. profuse. -Var du printia, to Profendáre, to give food to Profferico, adj. uttered, prolive prodigally or riotously the horses or oxen of pas. nounced, offered, presented. -Un prodigio, s. m. a prodi- sengers.

-Projferito, s. m. porphyry. gal man. Proferire, t. Proiferire.

Obs.--Iroferito, a prolfer, an Prodótto, s. m. product, fruit. Proférta, v. Proiserta.

offer, or offering: -Prodotio, product, the num- Proférto, v. Profferto. Protferitúre, he that proffers, ber arising from the multi- Professáre, to profess, to ex offers, or gives. plication of several numbers ercise publicly a particular Profferta, s. f. offering, offer, given.

study or calling, to make one's oblation, profler, proposal. Prodótto, adj. produced. self known of such a religion, Prolérto, 5. m. offer. Obs. Producente, adj. producing, sert, or party.

Proffiláre, to flourish the edbringing forth.

Professatore, o. Professore. ges of any thing with gold, Producere, v. Produrre. Professatrice, feminine of Pro- silver, or the like. Producibile, adj. apt to pro


Proiliato, adj. pursled, flouduce, or bring forth. Professione, 3. f. institute, sta rished with a needle. Producimento, s. m. produc- tute, order, or decree.-Pro- Proffilo, s. m. protile, outline. tion, a bringing forth, pro- Jessione, profession, calling, -Ritrarre il profilo, to draw, duct, work.

condition, trade, or art.--Pro in profile or side ways. Producitóre, a producer, mak- fessione, profession, the en. Proficuo, adj. proficuous, ader, performer.

teringintvany religious wrder. vantageous. Obs. Producitrice, she that produ- --Fur professione d'una reli- Protiguráto, adj. assimilated, ces or brings forth.

gione, to profess a religion. compared. Obs. Prodúrre, to produce, yield, or Professo, adj. professed. -Un Profiláre, u. Proilláre. bring forih, to beget.- Proel frate profes:0, a professed inonk. Profilato, v. Profliláto. durre, to cause or o casion, --Una mora u profissų, a pro- | Profilo, v. Proflilo. to be the cause or the oc: fessed nun.

Protirtábile, adj. profitable, casion of.- Procurre, to pro. Professóra, she that professes, beneficial, useful, advantaduce, to shew.

as a professor. A burlesque geous. Produttibile, adj. that may be word.

Proittáre, to profit, to make a produced or brought forth. Professore, s. m. a professor. progress, to be a proficient, Produttivo, adj. producing Preféia, s, m, a prophet.

improve.--Propitture, to productive, bringing forth. Profetále, adj. prophetical, profit, to be profitable or Produtto, u. Prodotto. prophetic.

usefu'.- Prifittare, to make an Produttore, he that produces, Profetánte, adj. prophesying, adv. ntage or gued use of begets or engendereth. prophetic.

a thing Produttrice, a mother, she that Proteráre

, to prophetise, to profitievo'e, adj. profitable, produced or causes.

prophesy, to foretel ----Pro useful, beneficial, advantaProduzione, s. f. production, fere to, adj. prophesied, fore geous. a bringing forth, product or told.

Profittevolmente, adv. profit





ably, usefully, advantageous. hold perfumes.

Prólogo, s. m. prologue, a Profummiére, v. Profumiere. speech before a stage play. Profitto, s. m. prosit, adyan. Profúmo, s. m. perfume, scent. Prolongacióne, t. Prolungazi. tage, gain, interest.-—Tuar Profusamente, adv. profusely, óne. proftto d'una cosa, to get by, lavishly.

Prolungamento, prolongation, to be beiter for.-i rofillo, Profusióne, s. f. profusion, pro- delay. progress, advancement, pro- fuseness, lavishness, squander- Prolungare, to prolong, to ficience, improvement.-- Far ing away,

lengthen out, to defer, to profitto, to improve, to make Profúso, adj. profuse, lavish, delay, to make a thing last a progress.

rasteful, prodigal, extrava- longer.-Prolungare la cua, to Proslúvio, s. m. an inundation, gant.

prolong life.-- Prolungata, adj. overflowinig, a gushing or Progénie, ș. f. progeny, off. prolonged, lengthened, destreaming out. -Proflivio, spring, issue.

ferred, delayed. abundance, plenty, proflu- Progenitore, progenitor, an- Prolungazióne, s. f. prolonga. ence, store. cestor, fore-father.

tion, delaying, lengthening. Profónda, 6. f. profundity, Progenitrice, feminine of Pro- Prómere, to tell, to speak out, deepness, depth. genitúre.

to disclose, to lay open. Obs. Profondamente, adv. deeply. Progetto, s. m. project, design, Promessa, s. f. Profondamente, seriously.

Promessione, purpose, intent.

a promise. Dornir profondamente, to sleep Progiudicáre, v. Pregiudicare, Promesso, adj. promised. goundly.- Profondamente, ex and all its derivatives. Promettente, adj. that processively, very much.

Progredire, to proceed, to go mises. Profondamento, s. m. a sink on, to go forward, to ad- Prométtere, to promise, to ening, a forcing down.

gage or give one's word. Profondáre, to sink, to go to Progressione, s. f. progression, Promettere in matrimonio, 'to

the bottom, to perish.--Profon a going on, or advancing. promise or betroth -- Promét. dáre, to go deep, to dive into, Progressivamente, adv. pro- tersi

, to promise one's self, to to search into, to sift, to exa gressively, by degrees. hope.- Promittere, to assure, mine

Progressivo, adj. progressive, or promise. Vi prometto che Profondataménte, adv. deep, which proceeds or goes on. ello è cosi, I assure you it is

deeply-Profondato, adj. sunk, Progrésso, s. m. progress, a --Prométiere per altrui, to or sunk down.

proceeding or going forward. bail, to be bail for one. Profondazione, s. f. a digging. Progrésso, progress, advance- Promettitore, one that proProfondità, s. f. profundity, ment, proficiency, or pro- mises. deepness, depth.

science.-In progresso di tempo, Promettitrice, she that pro. Profondo, adj. deep.-Lago in time, in progress of time, mises. profondo, a deeplake.- Vallone in s!cceeding times. Prominente, adj. prominent, profondo, a deep valley.- Pro- Proibire, to prohibit, to for- jutting out or standing forfondo, profound, high, emi. bid, to bar or keep from. ward înent.-- Pru'onda noite, a very Proibitivo, adj. prohibitory, Prominenza, s. f. prominence. dark night.--Il profondo mez that prohibits, forbids or Promissióne, 1. Promessione. 20 di, noon, or noon day. hinders. -- Irab to, adj. pro- Promontoriétto, s. dim. of ProProfondo sonno, a profound, hibited, forbidden.

montorio. dead, or sound sleep.-- Pro- Proibitore, s. m. he that for- Promontório, s. m. promon. fordo silenzio, a profound si- bids.

tory, a mountain, hill, or any lence.--Irofonda scienza, pro- Proibizione, s. f. prohibition. high ground running out found learning.--Profila rinProlagáre, v. Prologáre.

into the sea. terenzu, profound reverence. Prólago, v. Prologo. Promósso, 'adj. moved higher, a very low bow. -- Projanda | Prolato, adj. pronounced, ut removed to a higher post or qilizione, anxious grief.--Pro- tered, spoken. Obs.

rank. Minulo, i dv. deep, deeply, pro Prolatóre, he that pronounces, Promotore, promoter, one who foundly. - Porondo, s. m. pro-speaks, or utters. Obs. carries on any thing. fundity; deepness, depth.- Prolazióne, s. f. pronunciation. Promotrice, she that promotes. Dal prifo.do del cuore, from Obs.

Promovente, adj. promoting. the bottom of the heart. Prole, s. f. progeny, offspring, Promóvere, v. Promuovere. Profumare, io perfume, to give issue.

Promoviménto, s. m. promo. a sweet scent to.--Infumito, Prolífico, adj. prolific, apt to tion, preferment, advance adj. perfumed, scented. breed.

ment. Prolumico, s. m.perfume,scent Prolissamente, adv. tediously, Promovitore, promoter. Obs. with rolixity:

Promovitrice, she that proProfumiéra, s. f. a perfuming Prolissità, s. f. prolixity, te- motes. pan

diousness, length in discourse. Promozione, s. f. promotion, Profumiére, "perfumer, one Prolísso, adj. prolix, long, te advancement, preferment. who makes and sells per-| dious, large in speech. Promulgáre, to promulgate, to fumes.

Prologáre, to speak out or at publish, or proclaim.-ProProfumino, s. m. a case to length, to tell a long story. mulgáto, adj. promulgated,


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hold, hardy.

thing. Promulgatore, promulgator, Prónubo, s. m. a match-maker. Propietário, s. m. proprietor,

publisher, proclaimer. Pronúncia, v, Pronunzia, and proprietary, owner. Promulgazione promulgation. all its derivatives.

Propina, s. f. the sees that are Promuovere, to promote, to Pronunzia, s. f.


pro- paid in universities by the advance or prefer, to farther | Pronunziamente, s. m.

students when they are proor carry on-Pronrótere, lo cia:ion, utterance of speech, moted to the degree of docmove or begin.--- Prontaner delivery. guerra contro a qua'chen".id, io Pronunziáre, to publish, to de- Propináre, to driok the health declare war against one ciare, to pronounce, to pass of a person, to drinks a toast Promovere, iv spur, t: incite, one's judgment. - Pronunciare, given. to induce. ----Britt utre's to io prognosticate, to foretell. Propinquaméate, adv.ncar, by. grow, to thrive.

- Pron msiáre, to pronounce, Propinquità, s. f. propinquity. Promúla, s. m. permutation, to utter, to speak.

nearness, nighness. Pronunziato adj. pronounced, Propínquo, adj. nigh, nearPromutáre, to parte, to ero published, declared.

Propinquo, relation, related, change.-- Prvom stats, adj. per. Pronunziatore, he that pro- kin, allied. muted, exchaned.

nounces, declares, or fore- Propio, adj. proper, peculiar, Promutazione, s. f. permuta- tells.

particular, own, self-Il diso tion, exchange.

Pronunziazione, s. f. pronun corso è propis dell' uomo, reaPronepó:e, s. m. 3 a grea: ciation.

soning is peculiar to man.“ Pronipóte,

grand- Propagare, to propagate, to Mia propia figliuoke, my own child, a nepher's son. multiply, to increasc,to spread daughter:- Amor propio, selfProno, a dj prone unto, in- abroad.

love.—Di sua propia testa, of clined, apt, given unto. Propag«tóre, propagator, he his own head.- None propio, Pronóme, s. m. pronoun. that propagates.

a proper name.- Propio, proPronomináto, adj. renowned, Propagatrice, feminine of Pro- per, fit, convenient. Própio, famous. pagatore.

fit, good, apt.- Propio, proPronosticaminto, s. m. prog- Propagazione, s. f. propaga- perty, natural quality, or virnostication. tion, encrease.

tue, natural disposition.--La Pronosticánza, u. Pronosticazi- Propagginamento, s. m. the risibilità è propia dell' uomo, ri

plaating of many young sibility is the property of men, Pronosticáre, to prognosticate, vines.

- Possedere in propio, to be the to foretell, to conjecture, to Propaggináre, to provine, to right owner. guess.

lay a vine-stock or branch in Propiziatore, a favourer, a me. Pronosticatóre, one that prog- the ground to take root. diator, an intercessor. posticates, that foretells or Propaggináre, to breed, to in- Propiziazione, s.f.propitiation, forebodes.

crease, to multiply.- Propag- atonement. Pronosticatrice, fem. of Prog- gine, a torment which was Propizio, adj. propitious, fanosticatore.

anciently appointed for high-vourable, kind, merciful. Pronosticazione, s. f. prognos- way robbers or murderers, Proponente, adj

. proposing.tication, foretelling.

which was, to bury them Proponente, s. f proposition. Pronóstico, s. m. prognostic,/ alive, with their heads down. Propónere, u. Proporre. a boding sign, or token of wards.

Proponimentáccio, s. m. bad something to come.--- Pronos- Propagginazióne, s. f. the intention, wicked resolution, lico, prognostication, conjec. planting of young vines or brutal deliberation, knavish ture. branches of trees.

purpose. Prontamente, adv. readily, Propággine, s. f a layer of a Proponiménto, s. m. intent, quickly, nimbly.

vine, or tree, a provine.-- intention, resolution, delibeProntáre, to press, to urge, to Propa gine, vsfspring, issue.

ration, purpose. importune, to trouble. Not Propaláre, to publish, to de- Propórre, to propose, proused. -- Prontáre, to quicken, clare.

pound, speak, declare, or set to hasten, tò dispatch. Not Propaláto, adj. published. forth, to make a motion.-used. Prontursi, to endea- Prope, adv. near, by, at hand. Proporre una questione, to pro. vour, to procure, to strive, Obs.

pose or move a question. to do one's best. Not used. Propensáre, to premeditate, to Proporre, to intend, to delibeProntézza, S. f. readiness, think upon or contrive be- rate, to make a resolution, to quickness, speed, haste. fore-hard, Obs.

resolve, to determine, to inBrontesta, importunity. Not Propensato, adj. premeditated, tend, to design, to purpose. used in this sense.

thought before. Obs. Proporzionale, adj. proporProntitúdine, v. Prontezza. Propensióne, s. f. propensity, tional, of like proportion. Pronto, adj. ready, in readi- inclination of mind, readiness, Proporzionalità, s. f. proporness, at hand, prepared. proneness.

tionality, a likeness of proFar pronte sembianze ad uno, to propriaménte, adv. properly. portion. look pleasantly upon one. Propietà, 8. f. property, na- Proportionalmente, adv. proPronto, quick,sudden, speedy tural virtue or quality. -- Proportionally, with proportion.

- Pronto, fierce, passionais, pietà, property; right to a Proporzionáre, to proportiona



ate, to make answerable, to back.

how to accent right, and to commensurate.

Procuójo, s. m. kine, black cat distinguish syllables either Propo zionataménte, adv. with tle. Obs.

long or short. convenient proportion. Prora, s. f. the prow, the fore Proselita, a proselyte, a stranPiopo zionáto, adj. propor part of a ship.

ger converted to any relitioned, commensurate, fit, fit- Proroga, s.f.prorogation, put- gion. ted.

ting off

Prosóne, s. m. one that talks Proporzionatore, he that uses Prorogóle, to prorogue, to put very slowly and much. proportion.

ott, to prolong.

Prosuntuosetto, adj. dimin. of Proporzióne, s. f. proportion, Prorogativa, s. f. insolence, ar Prosontuoso. agreement, answerableness. rogance. Obs.

Prosuntuosità, s. f. arrogance, À proporzione, in proportion, Prorogato, adj. prorogued, pro- rashness, presumption. proportionably.


Prosuntuoso, adj. presumpProporzionévole, adj. propor- Prorogazione, s. f. prorogation. tuous, arrogant, rash. tionable, of like proportion. Prorompere, to break forth, to Prosoponéa, s. f. prosopopeia, Proporzionevolmente, adv. burst out.--Porompere, to speak, a rheiorical figure, wherein proportionably, with pro to utter suddenly.- Proruppe the speaker addresses himself portion.

in queste parole, he uttered sud to things inanimate:-- ProsoPropósito, s. m. purpose. de denly these words. ---Porom- popía, arrogance, boldness, sirn, resolution.Cambiar pro pere in qualche follia, to be impudence, gravity. poato, to change one's mind or guilty of some folly.

Prosperamente, adv. prosperresolution. -Con proposito, Prorótto, adj. broken or burst ously, favourably, fortunatewith a design.- Proposilo dis

ly. course, subject, talk.---A pro- Prosa, s. f. prose.

Prosperáre, to prosper, to posito, adv: to the purpose, Prosaico, adj. prosaic, belongmake prosperous, to give opportunely, seasonably, in ing to prose.

success.---Prosperare, to prostime, patly.-Fuor di proposito, Prosápia, s. f. progeny, race, per, to thrive, to succeed, or improperly,unseasonably,pre- lineage, blood, family. be successful. posterously-Con proposito, Prosare, to write or 'speak in Prosperáto, adj. prospered. designedly, purposely, for the prose. - Prosáre, to speak Prosperazione. s. f. prosperity,

slowly with affectation, to thriving, success. Propositúra, s. f. the office of a love to talk much.-Prasáre, Prosperévole, adj. prosperous, chief, such as a provost, a she to joke, to laugh at, to ridi-favourable, fortunate. riff, and the like.

cule, to jeer or banter. | Prosperevolmente, adv. prosProposizione, s. f. proposition, Prosástico, v. Prosaico. perously, successfully. proposal,motion.- Proposizione, Prosátóre, a writer in prose. Prosperiià, s. f. prosperity, proposition, saying, or maxim. Proscénio, s. m. stage, the place success, happiness. -- Proposizione, proposition,pre- where the comedians act in Prospero, adj. prosperous, mise, one of the parts of a the play-house.

thriving, favourable, fortu. syllogism.

Prosciogliere, to absolve, to nate, lucky. Propósta, s. f. proposition, pro- forgive, to pardon.-- Proscio- Prosperosamente, adv. prosposal, motion, a thing pro- gliere, to loosen, to free, to set perously, successfully, happosed to be proved, made out at liberty

pily. or demorstrated. -- Proposta, Prosciogligióne, s. f. absolu- Prosperóso, adj. strong, lusty, purpose, design, resolution, Proscioglimento, s. m. $ tion, stout. setting at liberty:

Prospettiva, s. f. perspective. Proposiáto, s. m.? a title of Prosciolto, adj. absolved, un- Prospetto, s. m. prospect, á Propostía, s. f. 5 dignity bound, set free.

view or sight afar off. given to churches, as Abbey, Prosciórre, v. Prosciógliere. Prossimamente, adv. next, Priory, or Rectory.

Prosciugare, to dry, or dry up. Prossimanamente, Š lately, Propósto, a rector, or provost. Prosciutto, s. m. gammon of just now. -Proposto, a provost, a she- bacon, ham.

Prossimáno, adj. near, nigh. riff. - Proposto, purpose, in- Proscritto, adj. proscribed, ba- Prossimano, kindred, allied, tent, design, resolution. nished.

related. Proposto, adj. proposed. Proscrivere, to proscribe, 10 Prossimánza, s. f. proximity, Fropréso, s. m. compass, cir- out-law, to banish.

ncarness, kindred alliance. cumference, inciosure. Obs. Proscrizione, s. f. proscription, Prossimità, s. f. proximity, Propriamente, adv. properly, banishment, outlawry.

-Prossimità, próxi. in a proper manner, with Profeguimento, s. m. prosecu- mity, kindred, alliance. propriety

tion, pursuit, continuance. Prossimo, adj. next, near, nigh. Prop ieta, 0. Propietà, Proseguire,

? to prose

--- Prossimo, kindred, allied, Proprietário, Propietario, Proseguitáre, Obs. S cute, to related. -Prossimo, s. m. a Próprio,

Propio. pursue, to carry on or go on, neighbour.—Amate il vostro Propugnácolo, s. m. fortress, to continue, to follow. prossimo, love your neighbour,

bulwark, rampart, defence. Prosodia, s. f. prosody, that love thy life, love all men.Propulsáre, to repel, to drive part of grammar which teaches Ama il tuo prossimo cume te





stesso, love thy neighbour as Protettoráto, s. m. patronage, (Provativo, adj. that proves.-thou lovest thyself.

the office or dignity of a pro- Argomento provativo, an arguProstendersi, to prostrate one's

ment that proves. self, to cast one's self flat on Protectóre, protector, defen- Prováto, adj. tried, attempted. the ground. der.

-- Prováto, experienced, exProstérnere, to overthrow, to Protettrice, protectrix, defen- perimented. Amico provato, cast or strike down, to van dress.

a known frie:1d. quish or defeat.

Protezióne, s. f. protection, de Provatóre, he that tries, proves Prostéso, adj. prostrated. fence, shelter.

or a:tempts. Prostituíre, to prostitute, to Proro, adj. chief, first, prime, Provatúra, s. f. a kind of new expose to every one that principal. Obs.

cheese. comes, to make common. Protocollo, s. m. protocal, a Provazione, v. Provagione. Prostituito, adj. prostituted. book wherein notarics regis- Provecciare, to make one's own Prostituzione, s. f. prostitu. ter their deeds or writings. profit. tion.

Protonjártire, s. m. protomar-|Provéccio, s. m. profit, advanProstráre, to prostrate, to lay tyr, the first martyr, who tage. flat down.--- Pro trarsi in gi suffered death in testimony Provedenza, c. Providenza. nocchione, to fall upon one's

of the truth, as Abel in the Provenimento, s. m. success, knees.

Old Testament, and St. Ste- issue, event, hap. Prostráto, adj. prostrated, laia phen in the New.

Provenire, to thrive, to grow. flat down.

Protonotariáto, s. m. the dig- Provento, s. m. revenue, rent, Prosumére, v. Presumere. nity of a prothonotary.

income, profits. Prosumitore, a presumptuous Protonotário, prothonotary. Proverbiále, adj. proverbial, man.

Prototipo, s. m. prototype, belonging to a proverb. Prosuntuóso, v. Presuntuoso, first pattern or model. Proverbialmente, adv. proverand its derivatives.

Protrárre, to protract, to de- bially. Proteggere, to protect, to de lay, or prolong time, to draw Proverbiáre, to abuse, to jeer, fend, to maintain, to coun out in length.

to taunt, to scoff. Prorria tenance, i* patronize. Protratto, adj. protracted, de-| biare, to use or speak proProteggitóre, s. m. protector, layed, prolonged.

verbs.-Proverbiato, adj. abudefender.

Protrazióne, s. f. protraction, sed, scoffed. Protendersi, to stretch one's putting off, deferring or de Provérbio, s. m. proverb, a self. laying:

common or old pithy sayo Proténdere, to spread, to Pro tribunáli, er. Seder pro ing.

stretch, or stretch out, to tribunali, to sit in judgment. Proverbiosamente, adv. in anopen, to extend.

Prova, s. f. proof, trial, ex. ger, disdainfully, scornfully, Protervamente, adv. frnward- periinent, essay. Frotu, contemptuously. ly, waywardly, peevishly, proof, testimony. -Prora, Pro crbico, abusive, outraperversely, impudently. witness.--Pruva, contention, geous, offensive, spiteful. Protérvia, s. f. stubbornness, strife.---Nor isbigottire che io Proréito, adj. aged, full grown, Protervità, S perverseness, vincerò la prora, don't be disa advanced in years.--.proprotervity.

couraged, for I'll get the tilta, old age.-Provetto, exProtérvo, adj. proterve, fro- better of it.----- Prova, effect. pert, skilful, experienced. ward, wayward.

- Prova, action, way, man- Provevolmente, adv. probaProtéso, adj.protended, stretch

bly. Obs. ed, extended

Provábile, adj. that may be Providamente, adv. wisely, Protesta, o. Protestazione. proved.

advisedly, prudently, circumProtestagione, Protesta- Provagióne, s. f. } proof, spectly, carefully. zione.

Provamento, s. m. S trial, ex- Providenza, s. f providence, Protestante, s. m. a Protesta periment, sign, token, mark. foresight, forecast.- Prusiliaria

Prováno, adj. obstinate, stub za, Providence, God's mind. Protestúre, to protest, to make born, opinionated, wilful,.- Providenza, provision, a protest.- Protestáre, to pro- stiff, self-willed, heedy. Obs. Providigione, Obs. b. Provitest, to affirm, to declare. Provánte, adj. proving, that sione. Protestato, adj. protested. proves.

Provido, adj. provident, cirProtestazione, s. f. protesta- Provánza, s. f. proof, argu- cumspect, careful, wise, tion, a tree and open decia ment. Obs.


hcedful. ration of one's mind, a so- Prováre, to try, to attempt, to Provinca, s. f. periwinkle, an lemn declaration.

essay.- Provarsi con quatchedu- herh so called. Protésto, s. m. protestation.- no, to come to a trial of skill Provincia, s. f. province, a conProtésto, pretence, show, co

witb one. - Prováre, to taste. siderable part of a kinglour. Obs.--Sotto protesto, - Proráre, to prove, to make dom. under pretence or colour. good, or to make out.--Pro- Provinciále, adj. provincial, Protétto, p. p. of Proteggere. cáre, to feel, to be sensible of, belonging to a province -Protettorále, adj. of or be to find. Prováre, to thrive, Provinciale, s. mn. a provincial, longing to a protector, to grow.

a chief of all the religious



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