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kouses of the same order in af ed which is necessary for the make public, to spread province.

subsistence of life. - Proccia abroad. --Pubblicáre to confis. Ficviacétta, s. f. dimin. of sióne, provision, pension. Provincia

Provviso, s. m. extempora- Pubblicato, adj. pulslished, Provocamento, s. m. provoca- neous, telling or singing of confiscated.

tion, incensing, inciting, or verses; and the composition Pubblicatóre, a publisher, one wirring up.

itself that has been inade ex who makes public. Provocáre, to provoke, to tempore.

Pubblicatrice, femin. of Pubanger, to exasperate, to urge, Provvisbre, r. Provveditore. blicatore.

to move, or stir up. Provvisto, adj. provided, fur- Pubblicazione, s. f. publicaProvocativo, adj. provocative, nished, ready prepared. tion. apt to provoke or stir up. Prúa, s. f. prow, the fore-part Pubblicità, s. f. publicity. Provocato, adj. provoked. of a ship.

Púbblico, s. m. the public, Provocatóre, a provoker, one Prudente, adj. prudent, advi- the generality of the people. that provokes. sed, discreet, wise.

-Pubblico, adj. public, comProvocazione, s. f. provoca- Prudentemente, adv. prudent- mon, belonging to the peotion.

ly, advisedly, discrcerly, ple. Pubblico, public, maProvvedenza, s. Provvidenza. wisely.

nifest, known by every body. Provvedére, to provide, or Prudenza, s. f. prudence, wis- Púbertà, s. f. puberty, the age furnish with, to assist, or dom.

of fourteen years in men, purvey:- Prosvedére, to pay, Prudenziale, adj. prudential, and twelve in women. to satisfy.---Prowedére; to wise, advised, discreet. Pubescente, adj. that has atprovide, to order, to see, to Prudere, to itch, to smart tained the age of puberty. take care.-- Provvedire, lo with itching.

Púbblico, o Publico, and all its foresee.- Proxedere, to con- Prudóre, s. m. 1 itching, smart derivatives. sider, to see, to reilect. Prudúra, s. f. S caused by Pudicamente, adj. chastely, Provvedigióne, s. f. provision, itching.

modestly, honestly. a thing provided.

Prugna, 5. f. prune, plum. Pudicizia, s. f. pudicity, chasProvvedimento, providence, Prugno, s. m. a plum-tree. tity, modesty. fore-cast, fore sight, wari- Prugnóla, s. f. bullace, wild Pudico, adj. chaste, honest, plum.

modest. Provveditórc, s. m. purveyor, Prugnolo, s. m. bullace-tree, Pudore, s. m. shame, shameprovider. wild plum tree.

facedness, bashfulness, moProvveditrice, she that pro-Prugnuolo, s. m. a kind of destv. vides, furnishes with, or takes mushroom.

Puerile, adj. puerile, childish. Care of.

Pruina, s. f. hoir-frest. -Etii puerile, puerility. Provvedutamente, adv. cau-Pruinéiso, adj. frosty.

Puerilità, u. Puerizia. ciously, prudentiy, warily, Prunu;a, s. f. Prunun, s. m. al Puerilmente, adv. childishly, with circumspectiou, wisely. place set with plum trees, a like a child. Provveduto, aaj. provided. thorny place, full of bullace-, Puerizia, s. f. puerility, childProvoedilu, provident, wary, trccs.

ishness.- Puerra, simplicity, prudent, circumspect. Prunáme, 5. m. a place full of childish action. Provvidamente, adv.cautious! plumb-trees.

Pugillo, s. m. pugil, a handful, ly, prudently, advisedly, with Prunéto, r. Pruraja.

a mcastire so called. circumspection, carefully. Pruno. s. in. a dog-briar, a Pngna, s. m. fight, fray, skirProvvidente, adj. that pro- blackberry-bush, bramble, mish, or battle.--Pugna, s. f. vides, providing for. briar.

pl. blows, cuffs. Provvidenza, ». Providenza. Prunóso, adj. full of briars, Pugnáce, adj. fit for war, warProvvido, v. Provido. thorny:

like. Provvigionáto, adj. that is in Puovi, r. Prova.

Pugnalita, s. f. a blow, stab or pay, or receives wages or Prurigine, s. f. v. Prurito. wound with a poniard, or provision, pensioner. Prurigin ise, adj. that causes dagger. Provvisante, s. m. that tells, itching.

Pugnále, s. m. poniard, dage or sings verses extempore, Prurito, s. m. itching, itch. ger. extemporaneous poet. Pruzura, s. f heat. Obs. Pugnalétto, s. m. dimin. of Provvisare, to make or sing Psilio, or P'sillo, s. m. fleawort, Pugnale. verecs extempore.

ficabanc, herb so Pugnáre, to fight, to combat, Provvisätóre, b. m. an extem called.

to contend, to bicker, to pore poet.

Pubblicaménte, adv. pulvlic- strive. Provvisionáre, to take into ly, mar: estly.

Pugiato, adj. fought, combatpay, to entertain into service Pubblicamento, s. m. publica ed, contenied. for pay, to give a pension. tion.

Pugnatóre, a tighter. Provvisionato, adj. that re- Pubblicano, publican, a farmer Pugnatrice, a she combatant.

ceives a pay or pension. of public sents and re-Pugnázzo, s. m. a little the Provvisióne, s. f. provision

gagement, a skirmish. Ons any thing guiten, or procus- Pubblicáre, to publish, io Piguéllo, s. m. a handful.





Pugnénte, adj. pricking, sting. Pulcesécca, s. f. a pinch given ing. ing, nipping -Puynénte, in any part of the body. Pulsazióne, s f. pulsation, a sharp, biting, satirical, keen, Pulcina, s. f. chick,orchick knocking or striking partipoignant, abusive, bitter. Pulcino, s. m. 5 en.---- Auer i cularly the beating of the Púgnere, to prick or sting: - pulcini di gennajo, to have chile pulse. Pignere, to ver, to aiflict, to dren at an advanced age.- Pultiglia, s. f. c.

Pultiglia, s. f. t. Poltiglia.

. touch to the quick, to tor E' più impaccato che un pulcin Pulzeila, s f. meid, virgin. ment, to 'nettle, to exaspe nellu sioppa, he is so puzzled, Pulzellétta, s. f. a young maid rate.- Págnere, to abuse, to that he does not know what or virgin. offend. - Púgnere, to wound, to say or do.--Tu mi prendi Punga, s. f. fight, strife, batto strike.-Pugnersi, to make per un pulcin nel capecchiv? dotle.

Obs. haste.-l'erò algruanto più te you take me for a dunce? Pungéllo, s. m. a goad. stesso prgni, therefore inake a Pulcro, adj. fine, beautiful. "ungente, adj. pricking, stinglittle more haste.-- Pugnersil Obs.

ing, sharp, pointed, tart. in qualche affure, to grow hot Puledrino, s. m. a little smart Pungentemente, adv. sharply, upon something, to be eager colt.

smartly. at it.

Pulédro, s. m. colt, a horse Púrgere, to prick, to sting, to Pugnereccio, adj. sharp, prick-colt, the colt of an ass. ing, pointed.

Puleáróccio, s. m., a tight Pugetto, S. 2. spur.P ngotPugnétto, s. m. a prick, a Puledrocco,

5 colt.

10, a little handful. - Hungetto, goad. ---Pugnétło, a spur, a Puledrúccio, s. m. a little colt. a.goad. motive, an incentive, incite- Puléggio, s. m. an herb so Pungiglióne, s. m. a spur, a ment, inducement, encou called. -- Pigliur il puleggio, to goad.- Pungiglione, the sting ragement. - Pugnétto, a go away.

of a bee or wasp. little fist, a little blow with a Púlica, s. f. a notch in the Puugimento, s. m. pricking, fist. glass, a flaw.

stinging.--- Pungimento, comPugnimento, s. m. pricking or Pulicária, s. f. fleawort, flea- punction, remorse of constinging.--Chi vuol entrar per bane, an herb so called. science. la siepe si dispone a ricever forte Puliménto, s. m. polish-Puli- Pungitivo, adj. sharp, biting, pugn mento di spine, who will mento, punishment. Obs. nipping, cuting, satyrical, go through the hedges, ex- Pulire, to scour, to cleanse, to keen, poignant, abusive, bitposes hinself to be pricked make clean, to clean.-Pu- ter. by the thorns.

lire, io polish, to smooth.- Pungitójo, s. m. spur, goad, Pugniticcio, s. m. a spur, a Pulire, to polish, to finish.- sting: motive, an incitement, in Pulire, to punish, to chastise. Pungoláre, to prick with the ducement, incentive.

Obsolete in this sense. goad, to stimulate. Pugnitójo, u. Pungitojo. Pulitamente, adv.

cleanly, Pungolo, s. m. a goad. Pugnitópo, s. m. a plant so neatly, finely.

Punigióne, s. f. punishcalled.

Pulitézza, s. r. politeness, neat- | Puniménto, s. m. S ment. Pugno, s. ness, gentleness.

Puníre, to punish, to inflict a Acer qualche cose in pugno, Pulito, adj. clean, neat.- Puli- punishment. to have a thing safe, or in to, polished, smooth.-Pulito, Punicivo, adj. punishable. one's power. Ivere in pugno, neat, handsome.-Far pulito, Punito, adj. punished. to hold in one's hand. - Dare to put in execution.

Punitore, punisher. dove un calcio e dove un pugno, Pulitore, s. m. a polisher, he Punitrice, fem, of Punitóre. to do sometimes one thing that polishes.

Punizione, s. f. punishment. and sometimes another.- Pulitúra,s.f. polishing,smooth- Punta, s. f. point, the sharp Pugno, hand. -Scrita di suo ing, trimming.

end of any thing, the top: proprio pugno, written by his Pulizia, s., f. cleanness, neat La punta d'una spada o d'un own hand.--- Púgno, a blow, a

coltello, the point of a sword, cuff.Fare alle pugna, to box Pulizióne, s. f. punishment. or of a knife.-La punta d'un one another.-- Fure un pugno Obs.

campanile, the top of a steein ciel, to kick the air. --Pug- Pulloláre, v. Pullulare.

ple. -- Punia, thrust given Pullulaménto, s. m. germina- with any sharp weapon.Pugnuolo, s. m. a little fist. tion, sprouting, Ludding Far punda falsi, to make a Pula, s. f. husk, hull.


fiint.--Star punta punta, to be Pulce, s. m. a flea.- Metlere un Pulluláre, to pullulate, to bud at odds with one another. pisce nell'orecchio ad uno, to forth. Pulluláre, to stream or Io l'hu sullu puntu della lingua, put a fea into one's ear. gush out.

I have it at my tongue's end. Pulcélla, s. f, maid, virgin. Pullulativo, adj. pullulating, - Punta di soldati, a troop of Pulcellaggio, s. m. maiden- germinating forth.

soldiers.---Punta di best ame, head, virginity.

Pullulazione, s.f.germination, an herd or drove of cattle, Pulcellona, s. f. an over-grown! sprouting, or building forth. La punta d'un eserc to, tho maid.-Star pulcellona, for a Pulpito, s m. pulpit.

head of an army. Punta, girl to out-stay her time Pulsáre, to knock, to beat. stitch in one's side, pleurisy. without marrying

Pulsátile, adj. knocking, beat - Punta, battle, fight.- Pin VOL. I.


a fist.


no, a handful.



gliur la punta, to grow sour. sophistical argument. Di Punzóne, s. m. a great cuff or Puntáglia, s. f. fight, battle.- quanti punti sono le vostre scorpe? blow, a box on the ear.

i ener la puntaglia, to cope what size are your shoes of? / l'unzine, coin to stamp mowith the enemy, to resist him. Punto, point, ruff. A term Puntagúto, adj. sharp, pointed. used by players.—Quanti punti Pupilla, s. f. the apple, ball, Puntale, s. m. tag, point, agiet. avete? how many are you? sight of the eye. -Il puntale, the chape of a how many points have you?- Pupillare, adj. of pupil, besword. — Puntate d'un macellajo, Punto, a point or prick upon longing to a pupil. a Lutcher's skewer.

dice.--- Punto, a whit, a crum, Pupiilo, s. m. a young man Puntalınénte, adv. particular- the least in the world, a bit. not yet of age, a pupil. ly, individually, precisely, di l'oi non urete punto di coscia Purainente, adj. uprightly, stinctly, punctually.-- ---Pun. enza, you have no conscience honestly, sincerely. talménie, directly.-- Puntal at all.-Punto, adv. at all, a Purchc, adv. provided, only, if. ménte, in the same point, or bit.-Sensa punto pensare, with- Pur, o Pure, yet, albeit, al. degree.

out thinking a bit.-toi non vil though, moreover, however, Puntáre, to point, to mark ricordate punio della vostra pro- besides; but generally speak. with points or stops.-- Puntiire, messa, you don't remember at ing it is not expressed in Ento push, to thrust.--Puntáre, all of your promise. -- punto, glish, though in Italian it is to criticise, to tax, to find adv. in time, in the nick of of great force.- Pure, in case. fault with.

time, exactly - Di punto in -Purey only, at least.-Prer Puntáta, s. f. a thrust.-- Pun punto, exactly, to the full, dans, just now-Lo so pozer táta, the depth of a shovel, or distinctiy, precisely.- Armato troppo, I know it but too well. as far in the ground as a di tutto punto, arnied from top -Pur rolete andare? then you shovel can go at one thrust. to toe.-Vettere in punto, to are resolved to go?- Dite Puntatamente, adv. punctually, get ready: -Essere in punto, pur quel che volete, say what exactly.

to be ready.— Vettere al punto, you will. Nu pure? but Pilitato, adj. pointed. — l'arole to irritate, to incense, to stir what?- E pure ardite negario?

nuntanle, serious, grave words. up, to urge, to provoke, to dare you to deny it? P.intatura, s. f. punctuation. exasperate or anger.

Puréllo, adj. ? Puntázza, s. f. an iron poini, Punto, adj. pricked, stung.- Puretto, s

pure, clean, neat. put at the sharp end of a Punto, provoked, incensed, Purezza, s. f. purity, innocence, pole, that it may be fixed in stirred, urged, exasperated, uprightness. the ground. angered.

Purga, s. fi.

a purge, Puntázzo, s. m. a point of land Puntolino, s. in. a little point, l’urgagiine, s. f. hutting out into the sca. or stitch.

Purgamento, s. m. cleansing Punieg ciaménto, s. m. punc- Puntóne, s. m. a prop.----}'m- or seouring. tuation in writing:

tone, point.---ll purtune delle Purgånte, adj. purging, cleansPunteggiáre, to point, to make spava, the point of the sword. ing, scouring. the points or stops in writing. Punióne, adv. with the Purgare, to purge, to cleanse, - Punteggiato, adj. pointed. point.

to scour, to expiate, to atone. Punteggiatura, s. f. pointing, Puntuale, adj. punctual, exact. -Pugar gi indiri, to clear punctuation.

Puntualità, s. f. punctuality, one's self by proofs and torPuntelláre, to prop, to sur

ments, by which one shews port.-Punteliálo, adj. prop- Puntualmente, adv. punctual- hinıself innocent of that ped, supported. ly, exactly.

whereof he is accused and Puntéllo, s. m. a prop, a sup- Puntúra,s. f. puncture, a prick, charged.-Purgúre, to modeporter or underset.

a wound made by a point rate, to lesser, to abate. Punterélla, 6. f. a little point. ed instrument -untuia, an- Purgativo, adj. purgative, that Punteruolo, s. m. a bodkin. guish, trouble, pun, distress, is of a purging quality, apt Puntiglio, s. m. punctilio, ca alliction.unturi, a stitch vil.--ar sul puntiglio, to stand in the side.

Purgato), adj. purged, cleansed. upon punctilies.

Puntúty, alj. pointed, sharp. Purgatóre, cleanser, expiutor. Printerlieso, adj. punctilious Punzecchiáie, to prick, to Puigaiure, a

of cavilling, carping, captious. spur, to gcad.

clothes. Puntice, adv. ex. A puniino, Punzellanıcnto, s. n. pricking, Purgatorio, s. m. purgatory. exactly.

spurring, goading. Obs.--|-ju gatorio, metaph. any Puniv, s. m. point.---- Pinto, Funsentimeni., instigation, sol greai pain or trouble. point, instant, moment. licitation, encouragement, era Purgatoria, adj. purgative. Ha un punto, in an instant, it ging, or setting un. Obso. Purgitíio, v. Purgatorio. Obs. - Punto, point, part, leie.

Puigatúra, s. f. blih coning out head.---Purtis, point, subject, Punzelláre, to prick, to spur, a thing that is cleansed. La matter business.--Punta, point, to guad. Obs.--!'rnzellare, to purgatura (lei ned, snot. stop.---t'ar punto, io stop seduce, to instigate, to in- Purgazióne, s. f. purge, purgaPinto, point, pass, state, con tice, to spur, to egg, to set tion. dition, Hrinto,btitch.-Punto, on, to encourge. Obs. Purglcita, s. f. a sarall purge, cavillarion, wrangling, a false Punzióne, s. f. puncture. a light purge.


to purge.


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of paper.


Purgo, s. m. a fuller's work-( Putridáme, s. f. rotten things. I way, this side.Venite di qua, house, or mill. Putridíre, to putrefy, to rot,

come this way.--Di qua di Purificáre, to purify, to make to grow rotten.

monti, this side of the mounpure, or clean. Putridíto, adj. putrefied, cor

tains.- In qua, this way, toPurificato, adj. purified, clean- rupted, rotten.

wards here.-Falevi in qua, ed. Pútrido, adj. putrid, corrupt,

draw near this way. Purificatójo, s. m. a small piece rotten.-Febre putrida, a pu

Da indi in qua,

since of linen used at mass by the trid fever.

Da quel tempo in qua,

that priest that celebrates. Putta, whore, wench, harlot, time, from that time.Non Purificazione, s. f. purification, strumpet.--Putta, a pie, a

l'ho visto da quel tempo in qua, the act of purifying and magpie --Putta scolata, a craf

I have not seen him since that cleansing.--- Purificatione, Pu- ty cunning man.

time. rification, Candlemass-day. Puttáccio, š. m. a plump boy, Quadernáecio, s. m. a large Purità, s. f. purity, pureness, a wicked boy, a tall boy. quire of paper, or book on cleanness, honestly, sincerity, Puttana,whore, strumpet, pros

which merchants and tradesinnocence, uprightness. titute, hallot.

men set down their accounts Puro, adj. pure, simple, chaste, Puttanáccia,

a vile, nasty

without method, and by way clean, meat, mere, upright. whore.

of memorandum. Per dirvi la pura verità, to tell Puttaneggiáre, to whore, to Quadernile, s. m. tetrastic, you the plain truth.

wench.- Putianeggiare, to be Quadernário, or epiPurpúreo, adj. purple coloured. a whore, to play the whore. gram of four verses. Pusignáre, to eat after supper. -Puttaneggiáre, 'to feint, to Quadernétto, 5. m. a smallquire Pusigno, s. m. 'a collation after dissemble. supper.

Puttaneggio, s. m. whoring, Quaderno, s.in. a writing-book, Pusillanimamente, adv.with ti-l wenching, harlotry.

a pocket-book.--. Vladérno, midity, pusillanimously. Puttanella, a vile, násty wench. the mind.-- Quaderno, a quarter Pusillanimità, s. f. pusillạni- Puttanería, s. f. whoring, har- upon dice.- Quaderno, a bed mity, faint-heartedness, want lotry, wenching.

in a garden.---Quaderno, of courage or generosity. Puttanesco, adj. whorish.

quire of paper. Pusillanime, adj. pusillani- Puttanía, the trade of a whore. Quadernúccio, s. m. a little mous,

faint-hearted, coward- Puttaniére, s. m. a whore writing-book. ly.

master, wencher, or fornica-Quádra, s. f. one part of the Pusiilo, adj. little, small,

quadrant,containing six hours Pústola, s. f. pustule, blister, Puttello, ?

or ninety degrees. Dar la Pústula, s little wheal on Puttino, s

a boy.

quadra, to jeer, to laugh at the skin. Putto, a young boy.

one, to play the fool with one. Putativo, adj. putative, re- Putto, adj. whorish, of or be-Quadragesima, the same puted, supposed, commonly longing to a whore.

Quaresima, s. f. the time of taken for

Puzza, s. f. pus, corruption, Lent. Putente, adj. stinking.

thick matter which issues Quadragesimale, adj. v. QuarePutidore, s. in. stink. out of a wound or sore.

simale. Putiglioso, adj. stinking. Obs. Puzza, stink, stench, ill or Quadragesimo, adj.the fortieth. Putire, to stink, to smeil strong smell.

Quadramento, s. m. quadrastrong.--Potrei farvi qualche Puzzáre, to stink, to smell ture, square, a squaring of cosa che vi putirebbe, I could strong.

any thing. do you someihing that you Puzzévole, adj. stinking. Obs. Quadrangoláre, adj. quadranwould not like.

Puzzo, s. m. stink, stench, ill gular, of the form of a quaPutito, adj. that stinks. or strong smell.

drangle. Putoleate, adj. stinking. Obs. Púzzola, s. f. a pole-cat.- Quadrángolo, s. m. quadranPutrédine, s. f. putrefaction, Pizzola, a sort of pismire. gle, a figure in geometry,

corruption, rottenness. Puzzolente, adj. stinking, having four angles, and as Putredinoso, adj. putrid, cor strong ---Puzzolente, stinking, many sides. rupt, rotten. nasty, dirty, filthy:

Quadránte, s. m. a quadrant. Putrefáre, to putrefy, to rot, Puzzóso, adj. stinking. Quadráre, to square, to make to corrupt.--Putrefársi, to Puzzúra, s. f. stink, stench, ill square.--Quudráre, to like, to putrefy, to corrupt, to rot, strong smell.-- Puzzára, approve of.-La vostra opie to grow rotten.

nastiness, dirt, lilthiness. nione non mi quadra, I don't Putrefattévole, adj. corrupti

approve your opinion, I am Putrefattibile, ble, apo

not of your opinion.- Que te to putrefy, corrupt or rot.

cose non qualrano bene, these Putrefútto, adj. putrefied, rot


things don't answer well. ten, corrupted.

Quadráto, s. m, a square piece, putrefac

a quadrangle.

Quadráto, adj. quadrate, fourtrescence, corruption,' tot- Qua, adv. here.—Qua e là, square, square. -Quadrato,

here and ibere. -Di qua, this strong, well-set, lusty, well




Putrefazione, s. fi}

tion, pu





you are.



suited, well proportioned.--- giuso, the things or affairs of honourable.- Persona qualifiQuirati, the fore-teeth of a this world.

cuta, a person of quality. horse Quaglia. s. f. a quail.

Qualificatore, qualifier, he that Quadratúra, s. f. quadrature Quagriamento, s. m. curdling, confers qualification on anthe squarirg of any thing: qualing.

other. Quodiello, s. m. ariow, beli, Quigliare, Quagliarsi, to quail, Qualità, s. f. quality,condition, square dart shot out of a

to curcle as milk.- Mi signage nature, kind.--Qualità, quality, cross bow, p. Quadiello, s. f lici il sangue ne le cene, the noble birth.--duer le qualita te--Le quadrellu d'umore, Cupid's blood froze in my reins. qu'stle per qualche cosa, to bequadarts.- Quadrello, a kind of Quagliato, adj. quailed, cur lified for some thing - Ealser. weed so called.- Quadrello, a died.

vizio a'un tale in qualità di magpack needle. Quadreliv, Quagliére s. m. a quail-pipe. brordomo, he is at the service square stories or bricks. Qualio, s. m. rennet to cur

of such a one as Quadiétto, s. m. a little pic-1 dlc milk.

ard. ture.--Quadrello, a square bed | Qualche, adj. some, any. Qualitativo, adj. qualifying, in a garden.- Quadretti di ferro, Qualche giorno, some day or ihat qualities. valificativo, square iron, dice-shot.

other.-Supete yuut he cosa di qualified, noble, excellent. Quadriennie, adj. quadrennial, nuovo ? do you know any Qualmente, adv. how, that, belonging to the space of four news ?-? wolche parte, some how as, so as. years.

where.- Qualche, what, what-Qualóra, adv. when, when. Quadıága, s. f. four horses soever, whomsoever. --Qual ever.-Qualora vi piacerà, when, drawing any carriage. che sieno le vostre ragion, what or whenever you please. Quadrígiia, s. f. a troop oi soever your reasons may be. Qualsisia, adj. , who, or whathand of nien. In gtruk he luogo si toglia, Qualsivoglia,

soever, who Quadrilátero, adj. quadrilate any where. -- Qualche voi siate, Qua únque, soever, ral, having four sides. whoever

Qualúnche, whoever. Quadrilúngu, adj. long and Qualched úno, adj. somebody, Qualunque ora, adv. when, quadrangular. some one, some.

Qualunque otta,

ŚwhenQuadrimestre, adj. of four Qualche fiata, adv.? months.

Qualche volta, times. Quando, adv. when, whenever. Quadripartire, to put into four Qualcuno, adj. some, somebo- Quando tempo farà, when it paris. dy, some ore.

is time.---- Quando, since.Quadripartito, adj. divided in Quale, which.-Quale, (with- Quindo, if.Quando, some

out the article) such, as, like.times. Quando in un luogo, Quadrivio, s. m. a cross, a - E' quale roi lo roleunde, it is quando in un altro, sometimes place where four streets or such as you would have it.- in one place, sometimes in anroads meet.

Voi parlute quole ignorante, you other. -Di quando in quando, Quadro, s. m. a square. talk like an ignorant.-- Quule, now and then. Quadro, a picture. -La: oror what.--- Quale strada bi ogna Quando, s. m. when, the time, di quadro, to work upon llane tenere? what road must we the hour.-La morie è certa, work.

keep ?- Del quale, of whom, ma il quando è incerto, death is Quadro, adj. quadrate, four of which.- di quale, to whom, certain, but the hour is unsquared, quine-auro, to which.-Leqreb, of whom, certain. sot, foolish, sottish, silly, wit of which.- Quale, what. Quandochè, adv. when, if. less.

Qui grazia è questa ? what Quantiochè, though, although. Quadróne, s. m. a large piciure. farour is it?-- uale, some, he - Quando che sia, adv. when, Quadruccio, s.m square brick; that, whosoever.- Qual sen' whenever, at any time. and also a small picture. andò in contudo e qual qui, e Quandúnque, adv. } when, Quadrupede, adj.? quadru e qal , some went into the Quandúnche, Quadrupedo, dal, hay country, and some here, and

ever. Obs. ing four feet. ---In qualu some there. - Quale se' ? Quanquam, ex. Fare il quan. pede, a quadruped, à four who are you?- Qual ruol quam, to be proud, to brag, to footed beast.

brazivi, bisogna che la comandi, take too much upon one's Quadruplicato

, adj. quadru he that wants a favour must seif. plicate.

ask it.- Tale quale, such. Quantità, s. f. quantity, bigQu: druplo, adj. quadruple, Orale, s. m quality.

ness, extent, number.-in four times as much, four Qualésso, adj. cbs. who. gran quantità, in abundance, in folie

Quales se fulu mal Christiano, che great quantity, a great many. Quaestro, adv. here within -- mi furà la urustar who was Quantitativo, adj. of or belongDi quaentro, from hence, from that wicked Christian that

ing to quantity: this place.

stole my pot away? Quanto, adj. how much, how Quaggiii

, adv. here below, Qualificáre, to qualify, to gire many, as many.- uanto costa dowo here.-Qaggiù, here one a qualification, to wake questo libro? how much does below, in this world. bim fit.

This bock costuanto ne coQuaggiíso, adv. here below. Cualificato, adj. qualified. -- lete? how many will you down here.-Le cose di quag Qualificato, of quality, noble, have?- Ne ho quanti no wglo,

four parte.

} when

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