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Radice, s. f. a root-Radice, Raffinare, to refine, to fine. | girl.-Ragazzino, v. Ragaze root, cause, principle, begin Kaffinatezza, s. f. v. Raffina-izetto. ning.

Ragazzo, a lacquey, a scullion, Radificare, to rarify, to make Raffinato, adj. refined. a kitchen drudge, a servant thin.

Raffio, s. m. a drag, a hook, a boy.-Ragazzo, a boy, a lad. Radimédia, s. f. a baker, al pole with an iron hook at Ragazzone, a great boy or lad. tool which bakers use the end, to stay or bold fast Ragavignársi, to creep, scrape their kneading troughs a ship.

crawl, to lay fast hold with clean.

Raffondare, to sink or go to the hands. Radioso, radiant, casting forth the bottom again.

Raggeláre, to congeal, to rays, bright, shining, spark. Rafforzare, to strengthen, to freeze.-Raugelare il picnio, to ling. Obs. reinforce, to fortify.

cease weeping or crying. R. ditúra, 5. f. scraping, shav. Rafforzáto, adj. strengthened, Ragghiare, to bray as an ass. ing.

reinforced, or fortified. Rágghio, s. na. the braying of Rado, adj. thin, rare, scarce, Raffreddamento, s. m. cold, an ass. uncommon.--Case rarle, houses cooling.

Raggiante, adj. radiant, casting that are distant one from the Raffreddare, to make cold, to forth rays, bright, shining, other.-Kade volte, seldom.- cool.-Raffreddare, to grow sparkling. Rado,rare, excellent, singular, cold, to cool.

Raggiáre, to irradiate, to illuhard to be got.-Rádo, adv. Raffreddarsi, to cool, to relent, minate, to dart or cast forth seldom, rarely-Di rado, adj. to lessen, to grow colder or beams, to enlighten. seldom, rarely.

less.--Raffreddarsi, to catch Raggiata, s. f. ray, a kind of Radunamento, s. m. cold.

sea fish. Radunánzi, s. f. s sembly, Raffreddáto, adj. ? made or Rággio, s. m. a beam, a ray.congregation, meeting. Raffreddo,

S grown cold, raggi dei sole, the beams or Radunáre, to assemble toge- cooled.- Sono molto raffred- rays of the sun.-Un raggio ther, to draw or join toge- dato, I have got a great di speranza, a ray or beam of ther, to meet, to gather, to cold.

hope. come, to get together. Raffrenamento, 8. m, restraint, Raggiomare, to grow light Ráfano, s. m. radish.


again, speaking of the day.-Raffacciamento, s. 71. reproach, Raffrenáre, to refrain, to re Pensa, che questo de mai non imputation. Obs.

strain, to curb, to bridle or raggiorna, think that this day Raffacciáre, to reproach, to repress, to keep short. never comes back twit, to charge, io upbraid, Railrenato, adj. refrained, re- Raggióso, adj. radiant, full of to lay to one's charge, to tax. strained, curbed, bridled, or casting forth rays, shina Obs. repressed.

ing bright. Raffardelláre, to pack up to- Raffrettáre, to hasten, or quick- Raggiraménto, s. m. a by-way, gether.

en, to press.-Raffrettare il an excuse, a cunning shift, Raffazzonáre, to trim, to deck, passo, to mend one's pace, to an evasion, or subterfuge. to set out, to adorn, to em go fast or make fast.

Raggiráre, to go or run about. bellish, to beautify.

Raffrontare, to invade, to en -Raggirare una persona, to iead Raffazzonáto, adj. trimmed, counter again, to set upon, one by the nose, to confound adorned, embellished, beauti. to attack again.--Roffrontar --Raggirare cun belle parole, to fied.

l'inimico, to go against the give one fair words. Railerma, s. f. a confirmation. enemy.--Raffrontáre, to meet Raggirato, adj. led about, conRaffermare, to confirm. again. -Raffrontare, to con founded. Raffermato, adj. confirmed. front, to agree with, to ac- Raggiro, s. m. leading about. Raffibiare, to buckle.

cord, to suit, to say the same Raggiugnere, to overtake one. Paffidare, to confide, to trust. thing.

-Raggrúgnere, to join again, Raffiguramento, s. m. the act Raffusoláre, to adorn, to em to rejoin.-Raggiugnete, to get of recalling to mind.

bellish, to trim, to deck again. together again.-RaggiugnerRaffiguráre, to call to mind, Ragána, s. f. a sea-fish, so si, to come together again, ta to know one again, to re called.

meet again. -- Io mi ruggiunsi member.

Ragátta, s. f. t. Regatta. colla scorta mia, I overtook Rafliguráto, adj. called to mind, Ragazza, a lass, a wench, a my guide. known. girl.

Raggiugnimento, s. m. a joinRaffiláre, to pare, to clip, to Ragazzáglia, s. f. a parcel of ing again, a rejoining, a meetcut, to shred. buys or footmen.

ing again. Raffilato, adj. pared, clipped, Ragazzàta, s.f. puerility, boy- Raggiunpo, adj. joining again

ishness, childishness, a child rejoined. -kaggiúnto, very Raffilatú-a, s. f. the parings or

ish thing shreddings ofcloth or leather, Ragazzétto, a boy, a lacquey. Raggiuolo, s. m. a little beam shavings.- Ratsilatura, a par- --Ragnzoétto, a young boy, a

or ray. ing, clipping, cutting, or lad.

Raggomicelláre, to glomerate, shredding

Ragazzina, a wench, a kitchen to wind round as thread Raffinamento, s. m. a refiniog drudge.-Ragazeina, a little a bottom, to join togecher,


cut, shred.


concern us.





zo heap together.-Raggomi-| upon.-Roggrardire, to be an account.-Far la ragione, celláto, adj. glomerated, join- long to, to concern.---Non to make'up accounts, to recko ed, assembled, heaped toge occorre impacciarci di quelle cose on to compute, to calculate.-ther.

che non ci ragguardano, we must Render ragione, to give an ac. Raggomitoláre, to glomerate never trouble ourselves about count.-Chieler

, ragione, to call again.

those things which don't to account.Pinder ragione, Raggranelláre, to gather, to

to pay for..Suldar la tayior _heap up, to pick, to glean. Ragguardatore, a by-stander, to settle one's accounts. --SaRaggraváre, to aggravate, to a spectator.

per di ragione, to understand make greater in weight. Ragguardatrice, a spectatrix, accounts.-- -Far ragióne, to Raggraváre, to increase, to a woman beholder.

think, to consider, to supposé. makc worse, to exasperate. Ragguardévole, adj. considera- Fa ragione ch'io ti sia sempre Raggricchiare, to wrinkle.- ble, remarkable, notable, not allato, suppose that I stand Raggricchiársi, to shrink in ed, of note.

always by you.--Regióne, 10 one's neck, to draw in one's Ragguárdo, s. m. regard, con article, an account.-- Nettera legs for cold.-Raggricchiáto, sideration, respect, account. a ragione, to put to ao acslirunk, shrivelled. Nervu Ragguazzáre, to mingle, to count.-Dannare la ragione, raggricclüuto, contracted mix, to mix together.

to discount.--Racine, prenerve.

Rágia s. f. rosin, a juice that tention, action, right, jurisRaggrinzamento, s.

runs out of some trees. diction, Ragione, civil shrinking

Rágia, a fraud, a cheat, trick, canonical law.-Ragione, Raggrinzăre, to wrinkle. crastiness.-Conoscere o scoprir court of judicature.- 4ndar

Ra grinzár.i, to be discou- la ragia, to discover or know sene olla ragione, to go before raged, or disheartened, to de- one's tricks.Stare alla ragia, the justice.-Far regione, to spund. to be over-reached.

pledge in drinking --Ragione, Raggrottáre, to frown again. Ragionále, r. Ragionevole. company, partnership.-Raggruppáre, to assemble, to Ragionamento, s. m. reasoning, Creure una ragione, to make a reunite, to join together again, discourse, speech.

company.---Esser di ragione, to to get together again.-Rag- Ragionáre, to reason, to dis- belong to some company.-gruppáre, to tie up together. course upon or about, to talk, A ragione, at the rate.-Å ra. Raggrúppo, s. m. the act of to speak.-Ragionársi, to dis. gione di dicci per cento, at the

knotting up again.-Raggrun- course, to converse with. rate of ten per cent.-Ragione po, the state of being knotted. Ragionare, to talk, to con di stato, politics. Raggruzzáre, to shrink, to fer with, to communicate:- Ragionévole, adj. reasonable, shrivel.

Razionáre, to compute, to sum, just, right, conscionable.-Raggruzzoláre, to hoard, to to cast up.--Ragionáre; s. m. Ragionevole, reasonable, com

talk, prating, long discourse. petent, moderate. Ragguagliamento,s. m. ? the - Non mi state a romper la testa Prezzo ragionevole, a modeRagguaglianza, s. f. mak col vo tro ragionare, prithee rate price.

ing of a thing level, or equall don't teaze me with your Ragionevolmente, adv. reason. with the other. prating:

ably, justly.--Rugionevolmente, Ragguagliáre, to make even, Ragionatamente, adv. reasota reasonably, moderately, com

or equa!.-Rugguaglure teably, with reason, deservedly. petently, pretty well. partiti, to confront the books Ragionativo, adj. reasonable, Ragioniére, s. m. an accompand bills.---Ragguagliare, to ad- that reasons.-Ragionálo, adj. tant, an officer so called in vise, to let know, to give an reasonable, discerning, wise, corporations. account of.

that reasons well. E una don- Ragioso,adj.that produces rosin Ragguaglio, s. m. notice, ad na ragionata, she is a woman Ragliáre, to bray as an ass. vice, relation, account.--Rag of good understanding. Ráglio, s. m. the braying of guuglio, proportion, rate. Ragionatóre, s. m. a discourser, Ragguaglio, a making of one, a talker.

Rágna, s. f. a fowling net.-thing equal or even with Ragioncélla, s. f. dim. of Ra- Ragna, a cobweb.--Ragna, another.

Ragioncina, 5 gione. fraud, guile, soare. Dar nella' Ragguardamento, s. m. look, Ragione, s. f. ie:son, reasoning ragna, to fall into a spare. face, countenance.-Rugguar-| faculty. Ragione, reason, Tender le ragne, to lay snares. danénto, consideration, think. cause, matter, account. mu. Ragnája, s. f. a fit place to ing.---Sema altro raggvardu- tive. Ragióne eason, right, catch birds with a net. mento, without considering justice, equity:-Eben tagione, Ragnáre, to catch birds with

it is reasonable.-Far ragione Ragguardánte, a by-stander, altrui, to do one justice. Ragnatélo, s. m. a spider.auditor.

Tener ragione, to judge.--dver Ragnatélo, a cobweb. Ragguardáre, to look and exa razione, to be in the right.- Ragnateluccio, s. m. a small mine attentively, to view Di ragione, adv. I reasonably, Ragnatelúzzo, spider. over and over.--Razguardáre, | A ragione, justly, de- Ragno, s. m. a spider, also a to weigh or ponder in the servedly, by justice.-Rágióne, Rágnolo, cobweb. mind, to consider, to reflect quality, sort, kind.--Regióne, Ragnuolo, Ragno, a kind

hoard up

an ass.

any further.

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of crab or lobstcr.

slower.----Rallentar lo sdegno, used. Ragunamento, s. m.? an as

to mitigate one's anger.-- Rammantáre, to patronize, to Raunamento, s sembly, Non voglio rallentarne siente, 1 protect or defend. Obs.

or company.---Kosaninto,' won't bate an inch on't. Rammanzina, s. f.2 a repriquantity, heap.

Rallentare, to fall, to grow Ramn ánzo, s. m. S mand, a Ragunanza, s. f. asserili!y, slack or remiss, to remit or rebuke. company, meeting -ture ra

slacken, to abaie.-Rudientare Rammargináre, to join togegunania, to assemble.-hugu- l'ardore, to grow less passion ther again. nánza, quantity, heap.

Rammaricamento, s m. grief, Ragunare, to assemble toge- Rallignáre, to take root again. pain, torment, sorrow, com

ther, to get, to bring, to draw --Rallignursi, to fix or settlul plaint.
or join together, to lay or
in a place.

Rammaricarsi, to complain, to heap up.

Railumináre, to enlighten or lament.-Nanmaricarsi digamRagunáta, s. f. an assembly, or illuminate again, to give lighil ba sana, to complain without multitude, band, riot, com- again. pany, a hcap or great quan- Rallungére, to lengthen, to Rammaricazione, 5. f. comtity:

stretch out, to make longer. plaint, lamentation, sorrow. Ragunaticcio, adj. collcctane- Rama, s. f. a branch of a tree. Rammarichevole, adj. moan, ous, gathered up and down. Ramáce, adj. an epithet given ful, dolcful. Ragunatúre, s. m. he or she to birds of brey that we have Rammarichio, s. m. co??Ragunatrice, s. f. Şthat as- flown, and proved good for Rammárico, Splaint, sembles, ge!s, brings, draws, hawking.

lamentation, grief, sorrow. or joins together.

Ramajuólo, s. m. a composer Rammaricóso, adj. moanful, Ragunazione, s. f. an

inventor of romances. doleful. Raguno, s. m. Obs. S sembly, Obs.

Rammassåre, to gather, to get a meeting, company, coilcc- Ramanzina, r. Rammanzina. together, to collect. tion, a gathering together, a Ramánzo, c. Romanzo. Obs. Rammattonárę, to pave with heap, a great quantity: Obs. Ramárro, s. m. a lizard, a bricks again. Rai, s. m. pl. rays, beams. newt-drer occhio di ramarro, Rammembránza, s. f. remem

Poet.I rai del sole, the beans to have fine eyes.-Rundrro, brance. or rays of the sun.

a leader of processions. Rammembráre, to remember, Rajáre, to irradiate. Obs. Ramáta, s. f. an instrument to call to mind. Rallacciare, to lace again. like a spade, made of oziers, Rammemoráre, to remember, Rallargamento, 8. m. enlarg- to kill birds with ly striking to ommemorate, to speak of, ing, or widening;

Ramatáre, to strike down birds to mention. Rallargurę, to widen, to make with the instrument called Rammemorarsi, to have in wider, to extend. Rullurgure Ramata.

memory: il vigore, to redouble one's Ramatélla, s. f. a litile bouzh Rammemorazione, s. f. comstrength.--Rallurgursi, or branch.

memoration, remembrance. Ramáto, adj. fasioned with Rammendárc, to mend, to Rallargatóre, he that widens brass, soldered. or extends.

Ramacci, s. f.? a contrivance Rainmentaménto, S. Rallegranento, s...? a re.Ramazza, s made of a membrance, coinmemoration. Rallegranza, s. f. Sjcicing branch of a tree, to kill birds Rammentáre, to commemnoRallegrare, to rejuice, to di- at night.

ratc, to remember, to make vert, to chcer up, to exhila- Rame, s. m. copper, brass. one remember.

---Rrezrársi, to rejoice, : Ramélia, s. f. a niitle bough or Ramnientatore, a remembranto be glad or overjoyed, to branch.

cer, one who puts in mind. chirup, to take one's plea- Ramerino, s. m. rosemary. Rammezzare, to divide into sure-hapurarsi con 1'0), to Rainicoll, s. f. 7 a litt.ebranch two, to cut in the middle. svish one joy, to congratulate. Ramicéilo,

for bough. Rallegraivo, rejoicing, that Ramiere, a workman in cop- Rammollire, awakcus joy, that brings per, brass, or other such | Ramnollirsi, to grow sost. gladness. metal.

Rammontare, to gather, or Killegratóre, he tha: rejoices Ranificáre, to issue out or help together. or diverts. produce branches,

Rammorbidáre, to mollify, to kulegratrice, fen, of Ralle. Ramificaziónc, s. f. samifica soften. giatore.


Ranimorbidire, to effeminate, Källecare, to relent, abatc, or Ramingo, adj. that can hardly ETO'" less. Obs.

ily; said of birds --humingó, Rammorbidativo, adj. mula Frientamento, s. 1. reitnting, joving up and down. ------ liene. sleeping

duraning0, to wander, to rove Rammorbidire, r. RammorbiRullegiare, lo slacken, tclocsen up and down.

care. Pelend, to abuic or re- Ramino, s. m. a kind of pan Rammucchiáre, to pile or heap Card Hontare il curs to

. incuencesc's pace, io with famiello, . Ramicelio. Not Rummusicáre, to heap up.


grow liberal.

corre t.



Rammollire;} to make soft.

to onervate.

made of copper.




a lion.


Not used.

Rancióso, adj. rank, musty, Rapimento, s. m. a rape, the Ramo, s. m. a branch, a bough. mouldy, stale.

carrying away a virgin with - Ramo di un fiume, branch of Ránco, adj. lame.

an intent to ravish her. a river.-Romo, progeny, off- Rancore, rancour.

Rapína, s. f. rapine. Rapina, spring or issue.

Rancúra, s. f. trouble, grief, fury, impetuosity:--Da rapiRamógna, s. f. a happy suc vexation, pity. Obs. na, through madness or fury. Obs.

Rancur.irsi, to be vexed. Obs. Rapináre, to rob, to extort. Ramoláccio, s. m. radish. Randágio, adj. errant, wan- Rapinatóre, a raptor, a rob, Ramorúto, adj. full of dering.

ber. Obs. Ramóso,

branches. Randellare, to tie fast. Rapinóso, adj. ravenous, greeRamoscello, m. a small Randelláta, s. f. a blow with a dy.-Rapinó o, rapid, swift, branch. cudgel.

impetuous. Obs. Rámpa, s, f. the paw of a beast. Randello, s. f. a packing-stick, Rapíre, to ravish, to take or Rampante, adj. rampant.

a short cudgel.

snatch away.-Rapire, to raRampante, s. m. á hook, a Randióne, s. m. randel-hawk. vish, to commit a rape ---Reflesh-hook.

Rángola, s. f. care, trouble, so- pire, to ravish, to charm, to Rampare, to ramp, to paw like licitude, disquiet, chagrin. please exceedingly.


Rapitore, a ravisher, one that Rampicáre, to creep or crawl. Rangoláre, to look after. Obs. hath committed a rape, a Rampicóne, s. m. a hook. - Rángolo, s. m. v. Rangola.

robber or extortioner. Rampino, Andur ram- Rangolóso, adj. very careful Rapitríce, she that ravishes, Rampo, picone, to and diligent. Obs.

charms, or pleases, a charncreep along

Ranguláre, . Rangolare. ing woman. Rampórzaa, s. f. 2 re Rángulo, v. Rangolo.

Rapóntico, s. m. rhubarb. Rampognaménto, s. m.) pri- Ranino, adj. marshy, moorish. Rappa, s. f. a kibe-hçel in a mand, rebuke, reproof, ill Rannéta, s. f. lye to wash with. horse. language, injury.

Pannatáccia, s. f. bad, nasty Rappaciáre, to pacify, to Rampognáre, to abuse, to treat lye.

Rappacificáre, } make peace, ili, to reprimand, to rebuke, Rannestáre, to graft.

to reconcile, to appease. to reprove.

Rannichire, to contract, to Rappagare, to satisfy, to con. Rampognóso, adj. contumeli-shrink in.--- Rann.chiarsi, to ous, reproachful, injurious, cringe, to shrink.

Rappallottoláre, ? to make up abusive.

Ranuiérc, s. m. a lye pot. Rappallozzoláre, $ into balls Rampollamento, s. m. source, Ranno, s. m. Iye to wash with. or pills. head, spring, fountain. ---Furgire il ranno caldo, to Rapparecchiare, to set in order Rampollinte, adj. fullofsprings avoid all disputes.

again. Rannodamento, m. the act Rappareggiáre, to equalize or Rampolláre, to stream, to gush of tying up.

make equal. out, to flow:-Po:npolláre, to Rannodáre, to tie again. --Pan- Rapparire, to appear again. proceed, to spring from, to no láre, tó reunite, or join Rappattumáre, to pacify, to rise. Ranp»liüre, to sprout, again.--Rannodure in eserc 10, make peace, to appease, to or sprout forth.

to get togethera routed army. reconcile. Rampóllo, 5. m. a source or Rannuvolare, 1 to grow cluu- Rappelláre, to call back, to spring.--kampállo, a sprig, a Rannugoláre, dy.

recall. Obs. sucker, a slip. Ranocchia, s. f.

Rappezzamento, s. m. patchRampóne, s. m. a hook, a Ranocchio, s. m.

a frog.

ing, mending cramp iron.-- Rampóne, the Rántolo, s. m. a rheum which Rappezzáre, to piece, to patch frost nails of a horse-shoe. distilleth

upon the uvula,

to mend. Ramúcio,s.m. a small bough and often hinders speech. Rappezzatore, he that pieces, Ramucello, S or branch. Rantolóso, adj. hoarse. patchesor mends.— RappeziaPana, s. f. a frog

Ranúncolo, s. m. crow-foot, tore di scarpe, a cobler. Rancáre, to walk in a Ranunculo,

butter- Rappezzatríce, fem. of RapRanchettáre, s crooked man flower.

pezzatore. Ranúzza, s. f. dim. of Rana. Rappianáre,tolevel,to smooth. Ranciáto, adj.orange-coloured. Rapa, s. f. a turnip.

Rappiastráre, to plaister again. Rancidézza, s. f. mustiness, Rapace, adj. rapacious. Rappiccare, to hang up again.

mouldiness, rankness. Rapacità, s. f. rapacity, rapa- Rappiccarsi, to join or meet Rancidire, to grow rank or

again. musty.

Raperino, a kind of small bird. Rappiccinire, to lessen or maks Ráncido, adj. mouldz, musty, Raperonzo, s. m.rampion, a less. stale, rank.

Raperonzolo, 5 salad root. Rappigliamento, s. m. coagu. Rancidume, s. m. rank, musty, Raperúgiolo, a kind of bird. lation, thickening.

strong smell or taste. Rapidamente, rapidly. Pappigliare, to coagulate, to Ráncio, s. m. orange colour. Rapidità, s. f. rapidity. congeal, to curdle, to thicken. -Rancio, rank, mowldy, maus- Rápido, adj. rapid. --Rápido, -Roppighare, to make use of

rapacious, ravenous, reprisals.

Or sources.





ty, stale,

satten or sattin.

Ramotagihne. s.1.)port, ! serta - Person or close tric.
Papourtanto, acct 10, < 14193 comed', ihe act. Rasérie, peitor,
se ating, in6na: on.

152 or play.

dse 1:0,

-7 space a: 25 Rapportarte, ac a reactores, ad coazulared. Its re:** i krise atre re 100g, toa: report, or re raccomando, fcrcder from the ground-terr!? krem

ed, pezóne of a borse. Kazportác, to rec? 527, te!", Rappressist, to crax nea: to sa: acog or core to be relne, or give an acon of ara'a.

shore. -144porló", to brisy, toi Rappressárs., . approach or Rasitta, s f. a scraper, a 72. cause, to breed, to procure araw ncar atann.

te:-Ru270,2 ancie, stract. La boi? csenen tu ru or. Rappuntíre, appoint, to less, or stricte, a rocad stick to gra drvene, your ab erns, baie, to pomissie aain to strike to the ore-DELgrieret me very iruchem, Respunéts, adj apcied, sure of corn or the te. pirare, to represent, to kex, L.med again.

Rámso, s. ms. Rabbis. Obs. to let see

Roma, s. r. rhapsody, a te Rasc, adi shared -R:04:4, Rappo tato, adj. reported, re feitica of 77.5 Iunters of even, equailed, ecuz!- fix lated.

a tedicus and imper-! re rusa, an eventura, hxt Ra, porta:ére, relator info: trent discourse.

does not exceed the brits of tr, 20? 1807, te.l-tale, tale. Rasarnésie, adv. seklom the measure, as of a buste, teller.

Rarefire, to tarefy, to make peck, and the like. — Ra; pertarrire, she that re thin.

para resa, an open fieldports, renca, says, or gives Rare:atto, ad; rarefret Ta lat ras, io cut clerer ott,

ai.count of-LI 52m2 i Rarefarii ne, 5. f.rarcfaction, to cut off clase.-Rezo, s. m. qaposledice zi , fane' à Taking or becoming thin. Temos or reports everything. karétio, adj. somewhat rare, Rasorsa, adr. grazing, bear, Raportacićne, s. 1. I repori, Azrce and ihin.

close unto, very nezr. Lapporto, é. m. S account, Rarézza, s. 1. rarity, thinness, Racco, s. m. a 13:0:. an is

scation, information.---Limpi opposed to density or thick strurnent to share with. pórto, relation, cherence, af. Dess.

Paspirte, adj. carp, tart, finity, likenea, proportion, Pariscire. . Rarefare. 1 poignant.

- l'iro Fa parte, Tesemblance, concrmity, an. Farificativo, adj. rarefying. brink wine. swerablenes,agreeableness -- Rarificáto, e. Rareíatto. Raspáre, to rasp, to scrape, to Rupporto, the report or rela- Rarita, s t. rarity, thinness, claw, to rake. Raspute, to tion of case-s juicially de- opposed to density or thick. rob, to steal.- Rofare, to bated in courts of jiletice.

Rrrità, rarity, rare roar, speaking of the sez. Papprendere, c Ripigiare. ness, scarcity:--Rurità, a ra Ob: - Come tratagli Rapprendimento, $. m. a re-! rity. a rare thing, a curio- raspi, how it works and roars. newing, a confirmation. | sity.

Raspáto, adj. rasped, scraped, Rappreságlia, s. f. reprisals. Raro, adj. rare, thin, not com- clawed, raked, robbed, stoRappresentarćnto, s. m. re pact.--!'amminare a passi rari, len.-Ruspito, s. m. a kind of presentation.

1 to walk very slow. --fiaro, thin wine, rape-wine. Rappresentante, adj. represen rare, scarce, hard to be got- Rasperélla, s. f. wild broom, a tative-C'n ra presentante, a ten.-Raro, rare, excellent, plant so called. representative, a proxy. extraordinary, good, exqui- Raspo, s. m. a bunch or clusRappresentanza, s. f. request, site. - Raro, rare, uncommon, ter, the rape or stalk of grapes.

petition; the act of exhibit, unusual, extraordinary: Raspolláre, to glean grapes ing to corporal or mental Raro, adv. seldom.-Di raro, after vintage. view. adv. seldom.

Raspólio, s. m. a little cluster Rapprezentáre, to bring forth, Raschia, s. f. the itch.

or bunch of grapes. to produce, to lay before. Raschiare, to scrape or grate. Rassalire, to assault again. Rappreseiature, to represent, to Raschiato, adj scraped, grated. Rassegna, s. f. resignation, the describe or express, to shew, - Rasch éto, 5. f. what has been act of resigning.--Rassegna, a to lay before, to let see.sira ed off.

muster or review of soldiers. Rappresentáre, to represent, to Rascia, &. f. serge, a sort of -Far la rassegna, to take a signify or denote ---Ruppie- stuff so cal ed.

review, to review, to muster, sentire, to act. -happresenture Rasciugire, to dry, to dry up! Rassegnamento, r. Rassegna. m' opurpurú commedia, to act again.---Rus iuzursi gli occhi, Rassegnáre, to resign, to yield an opera or a play.--Ruppre- to wipe one's cyes.

up, to surrender or make sentare, to represent one, io Rasciugato, adj. dried, dried over.--Rassegnáre, to review, be hi representativeor proxy, Rasciutto, s up again.--Credi to muster soldiers.--Rassegto bold or be in his place. tu di saper più di me, tit, che non nursi, to appear, to come. Rappresentúrsi, to fancy. hai ancor raciutti gli occhi, you --Rassegnarsi a lin, to resign Rappresentativo, adj. repre are but just born, and you or submit one's selt to God's sentative.

pretend to know better than l. will. Rippresentato, represented. Rasentáre, to graze or glance Rassegnato, p. p. of Rassers Rappresentazione, 5. f. repre as a bullet dous, to slide by nare.


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