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or muster.

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assegnatóre, s. m. a muster- Rastiatúra,s.f.the act of scrap- sly, wary.--Andur rattenuto in ing, the scrapings.

un a'fare, to proceed cautiousRassegnazione, s. f. a review, Rastrelláre, io rake with a ly in an atlair.

--Rassernaziónere- rake.-Restrelláre, to rob, to Ráttestáre, to join or put tosignation, demise.--Rassegna- steal.

gether. sione alla volontà di Dio, resig- Rastrelliéra, s. f. a rack, to put Rattezza, s. f. swiftness, nimnation or subinission to God's hay in for horses to feed on. bleness, quickness. will. Rastrellino, s. m. a little rake. Rattiepidáre,?

to cuol. Rassembramento, S. m. re- Rastrello, s. m. a rake---Ras Rattiepidire, S semblance, likeness, simili trillo, stile, rail, postcollis.- Rattiepidito, adj. cool, slacktude.

Rastrélo, racks, whereonened, relented. Rassembránza, s. f. c. Rassem- shoemakers dang their shoes. Rattizzáre, to make up the bramento.

--- Sinar atti a rastrello, to fire that it may burn the Rassembrare, to resemble, to use all alike.

better.—-Rattizzáre, to probe like. Non vi rassembra, he Rastro, 3. m. a rake.

voke, to stir up, to incense, is not like you.

Rasúra, s. f. tonsure, a priest's or urge, to exisperate again. Rasserenare, to clear up, to

Ratto, s. m. rapine, robbery, grow fair again.-Rasserenáre, Rata, s. f. rate, portion, share. pillage.--Viver di rutio, to to rejoice, to cheer up, to re- Ratificamento, s. in. ratifica- live isy hook and crookvive, to exhilarate. tion, confirmation.

Rulto, rape, ravishment. Passerenato, cleared up, se-Ratificare, to ratify, to con Rutto, che channel of a river. rene, rejoiced. firm.

-Patio, adj. quick, nimble, Rassettáre, to settle, to regu- Ratificato, adj. ratified, con swift, speedy, velocious. late, to fix or determine.- firmed.

Ratio, adv. quickly, nimbly. Rassettáre, to restore, to re- Ratificazione, s. f. ratification, swifily, in haste. --Ber dirti la pair. confirmation.

cagione dei mio tenir u le siratRassettáto, adj. settled, regu- Patio, adv. ex. Andar ratio, to to, to tell you the reason why lated, fized, determined, re go about, to wander, to rove I come to you in such haste. stored. up and down,

--Rilio, quickly, very soon, Rassicuráre, to encourage, to Rato, adj. ratified, confirmed. in a moment, as soon as. hearten, to put in heart Rattacconamento, s. n. the Railo come imbrunir vidi la again.

act of patching up, or menda as soon as I saw that it grew Rassicurarsi, to take courage ing shoes.

dark.Rutto che, as soon as. again, to cheer up again, to Rattacconíre, to patch, to att ratio, adv.quickquick, pluck up a good heart, to piecca

make hasie.-Rulo rotto che come to one's seif again, to Rattacconáto, parched up, liento non si perda, quick recover one's self.

pieced up, mended by means quick, that we may act lose Rassodare, to consolidate, to of one or more patches. time. strengthen, to fasten, to make Rattamente, adj. speedily, Ratioppáre, to piece, to patch. more fast, to harden, to make swiftly, quickly.

Raitoppåto, adj. pieced, patch, hard. Rassoláre, to esta- , Rattemperáre, to tenperate, ed. blish, to confirm, to secure, to moderate, to mitigate, to Rattárcere, to twist, wrest, to corroborate, to fortify. alleviate, to appease.--Rat-wring, writh, or wrewh. Rassomigliamento, s. m. v. Ras- te aperare il pianto, io stop one's Rattóre, a ravisher, an extorsomiglianza.

tears.--Ritteniperare il dolore, tioner. Rassomigliánte, adj. like, alike, to mitigate one's grief. -Rai- Rattorniáre, to environ, to equal.

temperare la collera, to relent surround, to encompass about. Rassomiglianza, s. f. reser one's anger.---- Rattemperarsi, Rattório, adj. ewisicd, wrested,

blance, likeness, similitude. to restrain, to contain one's wringed, writhed, or wreathe Rassomigliáre, to resemble, be self, to forbear, to refain ed. like or favour.- Questo ritratto one's self.-Rattemperarsi dal Rattrappársi

, to have lost the wi rassomiglia molto, this pic- piangere, to forbear crying, use of his limbs. Rattrappárture is very much like you. to cry no more.

, to shrink, to grow less. -Si rassomigliano molto, they Rattenére, to keep, detain or Rattrappáto, adj. shrunk up are much alike, they resem stay, to hold back.-- Putienere contracted, impotent.-ble one another.

il passo, to stop.--Kotlenérsi, uuele la nun molto r..ttrappala a Rassottigliáre, to sharpen, to to stop, to stay, to pause, to dare, you are very close-listmake sharp.--Russottigl'ére, to rest, to stand still.

ed in yiving.

2 decrease. Not much used in Rattento, s. m. detain-tract. this sense.

ment, moderation, discretion, Raztrátto, adj. contracted Rastiamento, s. m. a scraping caution, circumspection, re shrunk Ruttratto di freddo or grating. servedness,

benumbed with cold. Rastiáre, to scrape or grate.

Rattenuto, adj. kept, detained, Rattristare, to ter, to grieve Rastiatójo, s. in. an instrument. hindered.-Rittenido, reserv. or trouble. to scrape with,

ed, circumspect, cautious, Rattúra, s. f. rape, ravishment

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Pavaglione, s. m. measles. again, to recover.

right, sincere, true.- Reale, Ravanello, s. m. ?

Ravvivarsi, to revive, to grow

$. m. a fori, a bastion.-Obs. Raváno. bold and courageous.

Roule, rial, a Spanish coin so Raucédine, s. f. hoarseness. Ravvolgere, to wr p up, to

called Rauco, adj. hoarse.

cover or envelope, to fold Realçale, s. m. realgal, red Raveggiullo, v. Kaviggiúolo. up.-Ratuó/geri, to wander, arsenic. Raverústo, s m a wild vine. to rove up and down, to go Realmente, adv. rovally, like Raviggiuolo, s. m. a kind of about.-- Ravcoigers, in qualche a king, magnificently, sump

cream checse so called. aj are, to entangle one's self tuously, generously:-!'estito Raviuoli, s. m pl. a paste-meat in a business,

realmente, inagnificently drest. filled with green herbs, cheese Ravvolgimento, s. m.? in. Realmente, reaily, indeed. — and eggs, then boiled and Ravvolgitúra, s. f.

Per dirvi la coa realmente, to laid on dishes, with fresh ing, involving.- Rarrolyimén- tell you the plain truth. butter and grated cheese upon to, to:sing up and down.- Realtà, s. f. reality, real existit.



--Reuità, loyalty, sinRaumiliáre, to appease, to about, a turning.

cerity, uprightness.-Realti, mitigate to pacify. Not used. Ravvolto, adj involved, wrap- rea'ity, ded-in realtà, in Raunaménio, . kagunamento. ped up, covered. Ravbóllo, reality, really, indeed. Raunánza, v. Ragunanza. twined, i wisted, woundabout. Reáme, s. m. realm, king. Raunáre, v. Ragunare, and -- Ravválto, crooked.-Gambe dom. all its derivatives.

ravvolte, crooked legs. Reamente, adv. wickedly, imRauncináto, adj. crooked, Raziocináre, to ratiocinate, to piously, falsely. hooked.

Reato, s. m. a crime, a fault Ravvalorare, v. Avvalorare. Raziocinio, s. mn. ratiocination. or offence. Ravvedersi, to grow better in Razionabile, adj. rational, Rébbio, s. m. the branch of a morals, to be reformed. Razionale, s done with fork, prong: Ruureder: i, de' suoi j.eccuti, to reason, reasonable, that hath Rebéllo, v. Ribello. repent one's sins.

the use of reason.

Recamento, s. m. a bringing, Ravvedimento, s. m. repent- Razionalità, s. f. power of fetching or carrying. ance, amendment of life. reason, rationality.

Recapitare v. Ricapitare. Ravveduto, adj. repented, Razza, s. f. race, family, stock, Piecapitálo, v. Ricapitate. mended, reformed.

generation.-- - Razza, race, Recapito, v. Ricapito. Ravviamento. s. m. a setting sort, kind, people. - Razza, Recapitoláre, t. Ricapitolare. on again.-Ravviamento, re race, breed, strain, kind. Recapitolazione, u. Ricapitolasipiscence, repentance. Razzáre, to irradiate, to dart zicne. Ravviare, to put one in the or cast forth ams. Obs.--- Recáre, to bring, to carry, to

good way.--Ravviarsi, to go, Razzare, to stamp with the fetch.--- Recure, to dispose, to take one's way, to begin' foot as horses do.

to prepare, to persuade, to one's journey, to set forward. Razzato, adj. radiant, bright, induce, to engage.-Recáre, Ravviare, to set to rights.- shining, sparkling.

to ascribe, to attribute or imRauriare i capelli, to comb one's Pazzeggiare, to irradiate, to pute.--Recarsi una ingiuria a hair.-Ruvuare una scuoli, to shine.

danno da uno, to look upon set a school on foot again.- Razzénte, adj. sharp, tart, one to be the cause of some Rovviare una boitega, to get poignant.---V'in ruscente, brisk injury or harm done to one. customers again. wine.

-Recarsi addosso, to take upon Ravvicináre, to draw or bring Razzése, s. m. a kind of wine one's self, to undertake to do Dear again.-Ruzvicinárse, to so called.

a thing:--Recarsi a monte, to draw ncar again, to approach Razzimáto, adj. well settled, remember, to call to memory. again.

| well ornamented, cleaned. -Recare ad effulto, to effect, Ravvilire, to discourage, to Razzo, s. m. a ray, a beam. to perform, to bring to pass, dishearten, to dispirit. Razzo, 2 squib.

or put in execution.- Recare Ravviluppaminto, s. m. the Razzoláre, to scrape as hens adstruzione, to annul, to

act of folding up.--Rurvilup; do -- Riazoláre, to examine, abrogate, io ruin, to destroy, pamento, confusion, disorder. search or enquire into.--Chi to bring to nothing.-Recare Ravviluppare, to involve, to da gallina nasce comien che rás in uno o in una, to join togewrap in, to entangle. --- Rave' zoli

, such father, such son. I ther, to reduce to silupparsi, to confound puz- Razzuolo, s. m. a little beam Recarsi a crore, to take a heart, zle or perplex one's self. or ray.--Razzutlo, spoke of a to undertake. -Recarsi ad Ravviluppato, adj. involved,' wheel.

onore, to take as an honour. wrap ed in, eniangled, con- Re, s. m. a king,

Recair. į ad inguria, a disonore, founded, puzzled, perplexed." Réale, adj. royal.-Casa reale, to take as an affront, a dis. Ravvincidire, to grow flabby. a royal house:-Suu altezza grace.-Recarsi a mele, to take Ravvisare,to remeinberathing, reaic, his royal highness. ill.- Pecarsi in braccio, to take to call to mind, to know it Erle reali di Francia, he is of in one's arms.- Recarsi in cola again.

the royal house of France.-lo, to take on one's shoulders. Ravviváre, to come to life Roale, real, true.- Reále, up -Recarsi, a noja, to begin to



be tired.-Recarsi le mani all receive the matter which

Reensante, adj. refusing, that petto, to examine one's con raised or forced over the refuses! science.Recarsi sopra di se, e helm by che tire.

Recusáre, to refuse, to deny. in se stesso, to think, to consi. Reciprocamente, adv. reci- Recusáto, retused, denied. der, to reflect, to recollect procally, mutually.

Recusazione, s. I. refusal, deone's self. In se stessa teca- Reciprocazione, s 1. reciproca nial. lasi, quel che dove, se dire comin. tion, returning like for like. Reda, s. f. ası beis. Obs. ciò a pensare, recollecting her- Recíproco, adj. reciprocal,mu Funi rida, to inberii, to be self, she began to think what tual, interchangeable.

one's heir.-Rrda, posteriry, she was to say.--Recarsi in Reciso, adj. cut, cut off.---Come offspring, issue, childrea. guurrdia, to put one's self in chi irova suo camin reviso, like

Obs. guard. Herare il una lingua in him that finds ap obstacle in Repággio, 1 s m. heritage, isun' altra, to translate from one his way.--Reciso, shurt, com- Retaggio, berliance. language to another.- Pecare pendious, or concise. Redare, lo inherit. a un di, to squander away, to Recitamento, s. m, narration Redarguire, to rebuke, or to dissipate, to consume.-Re- Recitante, an actor, a come prove, io disprove. carsi ubbia, to loath, to nau dian.

Redarguito, p. p. of Redarseate or abhor.

Recitáre, to recite, to relate. guire. Recáta, s. f. a bringing, fetch. -Reciture, to act, to repre- Redatrice, a female heir. ing or carrying

Redazione, $. f. redaction. Recáto, adj. brought, fetched, Recitativo, s. m. recitative, or

Olys. carried. recitative music.

Reddiménto, s B. reddition, Recatore, a reacher, a fetcher, Recitáto, adj. recited, related, surrender. a bringer.

rehearsed, acted, represent. Reddire, io come back. Obs. Recatrice, s. f. she that car ed.

Reddita, s. f. ret urd. Ols. rieth, bringeth, or .tcheth, Recitatóre, s. m. he that re Rede, v. Reda. Recatúra, s. f. carriage, por- cites or rehearses, a relator.

Redento, adj. redeemed, rabterage, bringing.

Recitazione, s. f. recitation, somed, recovered, rescued. Recchiáta, s. f. a bor on recital, relation, account, re- Redentore, redeemer, savioar. Recchione, s. m. S the ear, a port.

Redentrice, she that redeemus blow, a slap.

Reciticcio, s. m. that which is Redenzióne, s f. redemption Recédere, to recede, to go back vomited out of one's mouth. La relenzione dei cristiani talor retire, to recoil, to depart Reclinatória, s. m. rest, repose. tivi, the redeeming of christfroin. Obs.

ian slaves-Rederciine, reme Recedimento, s. m. retiring, Reclamáre, to expostulate, to dy, help, assistance. -- wasi going back.

implore, to beg for, to call sercza alcuna tendenzione fatti Recente, adj. recent, new, fresh, upon.-Reclamár, to claim, mojono, all die almost with lately done, or happened of challenge, demand or sue. out any remedy or assistance. Late.

Reclamare, tomakecomplaints, Redificáre, lo sebuild, to build Recentemente, adv. recently, to complain.

again. of lite, newly.

Reclináre, to rest, to repose. Redificatóre, s. m. he that Recepere, to receive. Obs. Reclúta, s. f. a recruit. builds again, rebuilder. Récere, to vornit, to spew.-- Reclutare, to recruit, to fill Redificazione, s. f. building Recer l'anima, to expire, to np.

again, the act of rebuilding die, to breathe out one's last. Reclutáto, adj. recruited.

Redimere, io redeem, to ranRecesso, 4. mn. recess, reces. Recogitáre, to think much, to som, to recover, to rescue. sion, retreat, withdrawing-ponder.

Recimire, to crown. Obs. Rrcesso di febbre, the increase Recogitáto, adj. much thought Redimíto, adj. sedeemed. Di or redoubling of a fever, a about.

seconla corona rediinita fa pet paroxysm. Recesso, part. Recouciljáre, t. Riconciliare.

Onorio, she was crowned pass. of Recédere.

Recóndito, adj. secret, hidden. again by Honorius. Recettacolo, v. Ricettacolo. Recreáre, to rejoice, to glad- Rédina, s. f. the rein of a Recidere, to cut.

den, to alleviate from labour Rédine, } bridle.Averin mano Recidiva, s. f. a relapse, fall or trouble.

le redini del governo, to bold ing again into a disease. Recreazione, s. 1. recreation, the reins of the empire, to Recidivo, adj. recidivous, fall. diversion after labour, re reign. ing back or again.---Morbo freshment, pastime.

Redintegráre, to reintegrare, Tecidivo, a relapse, falling back Recriáre, z. Recreare.

to restore, to make new. into the same distepiper. Recuperáre, to recover, to get Redintegrazione, s. f. reinteRecinto, o. Ricinto.

again. --Reruperes salute, to gration, making whole again, Récipe, s. m. a recipe, a phy- recover health.

renewing. sician's bill to an apothecary. Recuperáto, adj. recovered. Redire, to come back. Oba Recipiénte, adj. that receives. Recuperazione, s. f. recovery. Redita; s. f. return Obs

Recipiente, a recipient, a re- Recusabile, adj. that may be Rechtà, s. £. heritage, inberit. ceiver, a vessel made fast to refused, that ought to be rethe back of an alembic to fused.

Reditá g'o, s. m. heritage, in YOL. I.


Y y


queen at chess.




geratory--Un refrigeratorio, ment, rule, sway. - ReggiRedito, adj. returned, refrigeratory.

ménto, support, help, assistReditúro, that is to return, Refrigério, s. m. refreshment, ance, defence.-La pecunia è that will return. comfort, ease.

reggimento di tutte le cose, moRedivívo, adj. that is come to Refúggio, s. m. refuge, a ney is the support of all life again.

Refúgio, 3 place of safety. things.--Reggimento, a regiReducere, o. Ridurre.

Refuggire, v. Rifuggire. Obs. ment of soldiers. Reducimento, s. m. reduction Refulgere, v. Rifulgere. Poet. Reggitáre, a ruler, a comman

- Rerlílto, adj. reduced. Refutánza, u. Rifutanza. Obs. der. Reduzione, v. Riduzione.

Refutáre, to refute, to dis- Reggitrice, s. f. a female ruler, Reedificáre, v. Riedificare. prove.

a directress. Reedificáro, adj. v. Riedificá- Regaláre, to present, to make Régia, s. f. o. Réggia.

a present.--Regalare, to re- Regiamente, adv. royally. Reedificatore, he that builds gale, treat, feast, or entertain Regime, s. m. diet, a course of up again.

-Reyaláre, to adorn, to em diet Reedificazione, building up bellish, to trim, to deck. Regina, s. f. a queen.-Regina, again.

Regaláto, adj. given as a preReezza, s. f. wickedness. Obs. sent, presented, regaled, treat. Peginuccia, s. f. diminutive of Refajuolo, he that sells thread. ed, adorned --Rega'áio, ex Regina; used as a word of Refe, s. m. thread.---Cucire a quisire, excellent, extremely endearment for a little girl. rese doppio, to cheat both par- / good.

Régio, adj. rayal, majestical, tics at once.

Regále, adj. royal, o. Reale.- princely.-Reg so tetto, a king's Referendário, referendary, an Regale, s. m. rigols, a musical palace. officer in chancery.--Rferen- instrument so called. Regióne, s. f. province, coundario, a tell-tale or tale bearer, Regalmente, adv. royally, no try.Regió"re, region.- Le tre a spy. bly, magnificently.

regioni dill

' aria,

the three re. Referimento, s. m. the act of Regálo, s. m. a present, a gift. gions of the air. referring, report.

Regalúccio, s. m. a sma 1 pre Registrare, to *register, to Referire, to refer, to report.

record, to enter in a regis. Referito, adj. referred, re-Regátta, s. f. a race run on ported

water in boats.

Registrato, adj. registered, re. Reférto, 3. m. a report. Rege, s. ni. a king, a sove corded. Refettório, s. m. refectory, a reign.

Registratúra, s. f. a register, room in a monastery where Regeneráre, to regenerate, to Registro, s. m.


arnemori, friars or nuns eat together. beget again.

al or book of public records. Refezióne, s. f. refection, re- Regenerato, adj. regenerated. Regnámę, s. m. realm.

Regenerazione, s. f. regenera- Obs. Reflessione, s. f. reflection, a tion.

Regnamento, s. m. sule, doheating or returning back. Régge, s. f. a gate. Obs. minion. -Rofessione, reflexion, medi- Regyénte, adj. regent, that Regnánte, adj. regnant, reign, tation, consideration.-Far re governs.-Un reggente, a re ing, principal, chief, governfiessione sopra una cosa, to make gent, one who governs a ing: -l'n rignante, s. m. a a reflection, or to reflect upon kingdom, during the minori- prince, a king:- Il re regnante, a thing

ty of a sovereign prince. the present king. Reflessivo, adj. reflexive, that Réggere, to support, to bear Regnáre, to reign, to rule as a reflects.

up, tv prop.-engere, to go-king-Renare, to reign, to. Reflésso, s. m. reflection, re vern, to rule or reign over, sway, to predominate.-Rez. turn back

to sway.--Reggere, to resist, nulo, adj. reigned. Keflésso, adj. reflected. to withstand, to be against. Regnatore, ruler, governor, Refléttere, lettere. --Keugersi, to stop, to stay, to king, lord, master. Refússo, s. m. reflux, ebb or stand still.--- Re gere, to main Regnicolo, adj a native or inebbing

tain, to uphold, to keep up, habitant of a kingdom; most Refrángere, to break.--- Re

to nourish.– Re gete, to com commonly said of the Neapofrángersi, to break, to break ply with one, to give him litans. itself.

what he demands.-Rrugere, Regno, s. m. a kingdom, a Refratto, adj. refracted, bro to suffer, to bear.--Rrugere il realm.-Vuoituregno? datiene uri ken.

tormento, to bear tbe rack, grande, reggi te medesimo? will Refrazićne, s. f. refraction. without owning the crime.-- you have a kingdom? I'll Refrenáre, r, Raffrenare. Regger con uno, to agree, to give you a large one; rule Refrigerante, adv. cooling, live in peace with one.--Non yourself.--- Regno, reign

that cools or refrigerates. possono reggere un' era insieme, Regno,the pope'striplecrawn. Refrigerare, to refrigerate, to they cannot live together an Régola, s. f. rule, order, precool Refrigerare, to comfort, hour in peace.

cept, method, pattern, mo. to ease, to alleviate.

Reggia, s. f. a royal palace or del, example.-Réva, an orRefrigerativo, adj. refrige-seat.

der of friars.-- Régola, rule, Refrigeratório, S rative, reiri-, Reggimento, $. m. govern- statute, or institution of a se


past, meal.


the way.

ligious order.----Regola d'oro, over again.

Remáre, to row. Tegola del tre, the golden rule, Reiteráto, adj. reiterated. Remático, adj. rheumatic.the rule of three, in arithme- Reiterazione, s. f. reiteration, Remático, cross, peevish, hu. tic. repetition.

moursome, morose, hard to Regolánte, adj regulating, go- Relassamento, s. m. v. Relassa- be pleased. verning, directing, guiding. zione.

Remáto, rowed, pushed on Regoláre, adj. regular, done Relassare, to relax, to slacken, with oars. according to the rule. Rego to weaken, to enfeeble. Rematóre, a rower. kúre, exact, punctual. Rego- Relassáto, adj. relaxed, slack-Reméggio, s. m. the oars of a láre, regular, distinguished ened, weak, enfeebled. ship or boat, the number of from secular.-Un regolare, a Relassazióne, s. f. relaxation, regular, a monk.--Regolare, release, discharge.

Remigánte, s. m. a rower. to regulate, to govern, to or- Relativamente, adv. relatively, Pemigare, to row. der, to direct, to guide, to in relation.

Remigáta, s. f. the act of row. frame, to prescribe.- Rego- Relativo, adj. relative, having ing. - Andiamo a fure una reláre, to rule, to decide, to de relation or nearness to some migáta per pussalémpo, let us termine, to settle.- Regolare other thing.--Un relativo, a go to divert ourselves a while un orologio, to set a clock right. word which in concord an by rowing - Re olarsi, to imitate one, to swers to some word foregoing, Remigio, s. m. v. Remeggio. go by his example.

called the antecedent. --Pro- Reminiscenza, s. f. reminisRegolarità, s. f. regularity, nome relatiro, a pronoun re cence, the faculty or power exactness, strictness. lative,

of remembering. Regolarmente, adv. regularly. Relatóre, relator, he that re- Renuissibile, adj. remissible. --Regolurménte, punctually, lates a thing.

Remissione, s. f. remission, exactly

Relatrice, s. f. a female rela- forgiveness, pardon. Regolatamente, adv. regular- tor, she that relates. Remitu, v. Romito. Obs. ly, strictly, constantly, al- Relazione, relation, account, Remitório, o. Romitorio. Obs. ways. narration.

Remo, s. m. oar, Regolato, adj. orderly, sober, Relegáre, to relegate, to ba. Remolino, s. m. a whirlwind. moderate.-Regolato, set, cer nish or exile, to send away, Remóra, s. f. a kind of fish. tain, regular.-- Regolato, exact, to confine to a place at a Remoráre, to retard, to hinpunctual. -Vento regoluto, distance, to remove out of der the progression of. trade-wind.

Renóto, adj. remote, far disRegolatore, a ruler, a director, Relegátó, adj. relegated, baa guide. nished, exiled.

Remozióne, s. f. the act of Regolatrice, she that rules, go- Relegatóre, he that banishes, going or carrying from one verns, directs or guides. exiles, or sends away.

place to another. L'anima è regolatrice di tutto il Relegazione, s. f. relegation, Remuneraménto,s.m. reward, corpo, the soul is the guide of banishment, confinement. recompence, remuneration. the body.

Religióne, s. f. religion, wor- Reinuneráre, to remunerate, Regoletto, s. m. a petty king. ship, godliness, devotion. to recompense, to reward. Regolizia, s. f. liquorice. La reugione cristiana, the Remuneráto, adj. remunerata Régolo, s. m. a petty king. christian religion.---Religióne, ed, recompensed, rewarded. Régolo, a prince of the royal a religious order of monks or Remuneratóre, remunerator blood. -Régolo, a basilisk, or

rewarder. cockatrice. — Regulo, a rule or Rel giosamente, adv. religi- Remunerazióne, s. f. remune. ruler to draw lines with. ously, godly, piously.--Reli- ration. Regolúzza, s. f. a little rule or gwaménte, religiously, strict- Rena, s. f. sand. Fundure in precept.

ly, cxactly, punctually: rena; to build in sand, in the Regolúzzo, s. m. & petty king. Religioso, s. m.

a friar or air.-Zuppáre in renu, to sow Regrésso, s. m. regress. Religiosa, s. f. S monk, a nun. in the sand. Reina, o Regina.-Reina, a -Religioso, adj. religious, Renáccio, s. m. a sandy place.

pious, devout, godly. Renajo, s. m. sands. -Renáj), Reintegráre, to reintegrate, to Relinquere, to relinquish, to a place so called by the river restore, to make new, to be- forsake.

Arno in Fiorence. gin again or afresh.

Relíquia, s. f. relics or re- Renajuólo, s. m. he that carReintegrito, adj. reintegrated, minders. Reliquia, relic or ries sand. begun afresh, or renewed. cliques.

Rendente, adj. rendering, reReintegrazione, s. f. reinte-Keliquiário, s. m. a shrine or turning

gration, making whole again, Reliquiére,' place for re- Rendere, to restore, to return, renewing. Tics.

to give back again, to repay. Reità, s. 1. crime, fauli, guilti- Relitto, adj. relinquished, for- --Rendre, to render, to make.

saken, abandoned. Obs. La musica mi rende allegro, Reiteráre, to reiterate, to do Rema, s. f. a rheum or cold in music makes me gay.-enthe same thing over again. one's head.

der testimonianza, to witness, Reiteratamente, adv. over and (Remajo, s. m, a maker of oars. -Render buon' odure, to smeli



kind of carp.


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