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semper conto, to give a ing against, skittish, jadish, again. 5250n, oric give an account. resty:

Repetitire, a requirer, a de come reche, to assure or Renitenza, s. t. skittishness, mander of a thing again. testify.-Remarler frutta, to yield resistance.

Repetizione, s. f. a repetitica, fruit.Render grazie, to thank Renosità, s. f sandy quality. a rehearsal. fender vrore, to honour. Renúso, adj. sandy, full of Repetríto, adj. the same Rendere il cambio, to requice, sand, that has a sandy qua- Repetito. to render like for like, to be lity.

Replezióne, s. f. repletion, sureven with one.-Rendere il s1- (Rensa, s. f. lawn or cambric. feit. luto, to salute again.--Render Renunziare, to renounce, to Réplica, s. f. reply, cenno, to answer one with a forsake. to disown.

Replicamento, s. m. S answer, siga.Rendersi certo, to be Renunziato, adj. renounced, repartee. certain or sure.-Render lume, i forsaken, disowned. Replicáre, to reply, to anto give light.-- Rendersi mma- Reo, adj. wicked, bad, ill, im. swer, to make a reply.- Reco o frate, to enter in a reli- | pious. -Reu, guilty, culpa- plicare, to contradict, gainsay, gious order - Render l'anima, ble.-Re di lesa maestà, guilty or speak against.--Voi mi state render il fiato, render la spiroto, of high treason.-Un reo, a sempre a replicare, you are alto give up the ghost.--Render criminal.

ways contradicting me. ragione, to give an account. Reobárbaro, s. m. rhubarb. Replicatamente, adv. again,

Non ko nessuno a chi render Reparáre, to repair, to re over and over. ragione, I have nobody w con. trieve, to restore or recover,Replicato, adj. replied, controul me.---Render versi per to make amends. --Reparare tradicted. versi, to answer directly and una perdita, to retrieve a loss. Replicazione, s. f. replication, to the purpose. -Rendere, to -Reparare l'onore a qualchedu-l second answer. yield, bear, or produce.- no, to repair one's honour, to Repluére, to rain again, to Render colpo ter colpo, to re make one a reparation. fall. Obs. quite, to render like for like. Reparato, adj. repaired, made Reprensibile, adj. reprehensi--Render voce a coce, to an up.

ble, worthy of blame. swer exactly.-Render diletto, Reparatóre, a restorer. Reprensióne, v. Riprensione. to please. -Render merito, to Reparatrice, fem, of Repara- Reprensório, adj. that repremake amends for.--- Render

hends. capace, to convince.--Render Reparazione, s. f. repair, re- Représso, adj. repressed, ia aria, to be like.Rendere la paration, satisfaction. strained, kept, or held in. penna, to write..-luesta fenná Repatriáre, to return to one's Reprimento, s. m. repression. rende grosso, this pen writes country again.

Reprimere, to repress, to re thick. -Render sospetto, to give Repatriazione, a returning to strain, to keep back, to curb suspirion.-Renuler avvertito, one's country again.

or quell. to let one know.Render fo- Repentaglio, 8. m. hazard, dan- Reprimúto, adj. repressed, re. cile, to facilitate - Render gra ger, peril.- Mlettere in repenta- strained, curbed, quelled. vida, to get with child.-Ren- glio, to hazard, to expose, to Represso is better. der forte, to fortify, to make risque.

Reprobáre, to reprove, to restrong.–Render stonn, to have Repente, adj. sudden, hasty, ject, to condema. a good sound. - Rendere, to swift, quick, unexpected, Reprobazióne, s. f. reproba. answer.--- Rendersi, to yield, coming unawares.com

Rpénte, tion, condemnation. to surrender, to submit. very steep

Reprobo, adj. reprobate, wickRendimento, s. m. reddicion, Repenie,

adv. sud-ed, lewd.--- Un reprobo, s. the surrender.Rendimento di Repentemente, denly, up- a reprobate. grezie, thanks.

Repentinamente, on a sud- 'Repromissióne, the act of proRéndita, s. f. revenue, income.

den, unawares.

mising again. Rendicóre, a restorer.

Repentino, adj. sudden, uo. Reprováre, v. Reprobáre. Rendicúzza, a poor income. luoked for, unforeseen. Reprovazione, s. f. reprobaRenduto, adj. rendered, re

torte repentina, a sudden tion. stored. death.

República, e Repubblica, reRene, s. f. pl. che reins, the Répere, to creep, to crawl, as public, conimonwealth. loins, the back, che kidneys. reptiles do.

Republicóne, a republican, a Renélia, s. f. small gravel or Reperire, to find, to find out, commonwealth man. A sneersand-Renelta, gravel, or gra to meet with

ing word. vel stone in the reins.

Repério, adj. found, met with. Repúbrica, v. Republica. Obs. Reni, s. f. pl. the reing, the Repertoriu, s. m. an inventory, Repudiánte, adj. repudiating, Joios, the back.-Dur le reni, a register, an index.

rejecting or divorcing. to run away, co turn back.- Repétere, to repeat or re. Repudiare; to repudiate, to Volgere le reni ad uno, to for. hearse, to say again, to speak reject or put awry, to disake one, to leave him.

again. Reníschio, e Renisto, 6. m. a Repetio, s. m. dispute, quar- Repudiáto, adj. repudiated, sandy place. Obs. both.

rel, debate, contest. Obs. rejected, divorced. Kenicénte, adj. resisting, striv- Repetitu, adj. repeated, said Repudio, s, in. repudiation, di


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contrary opinion.

Respítto, e Rispitto. Repugnánte, adj. repugnant, Residente, adj. residing, dwell Responsúra, s. f. answer, Obs. contrary to.

ing, living. --Residente, s. m. Pesquitto, s. 81. ease, rest, quiet, Repugnantemente, adv. repug a resident, a minister sent to

peace. Obs. nantly, with repugnance. the court of a foreign prince Ressa, s. f. importunate suit, Repugnánza, s. f. repugnan or state.

an instant or earnest request. cy, aversion, opposition, con- Residenza, s. f. residence, --Fur ressa, to desire, to crare trariety, reluctance, averse dwelling, abode, dwelling- or ask importunately.-Ressa, ness.

place. -Far residenza, to make a strife, a quarrel, a dispute. Repugnáre, to repugn, to be one's residence, to reside.- Obs. contrary or against, to clash Residenza, sediments,grounds, Resta, s. f. the beard of corn. with, io oppose or with-settlings. Residenza, athrone. -Resta, bones or prickles of stand.-Ciò repugne alla ra- Resíduo, s. m. residue, remain-| Gisb.-Restit a rope of onions gione, that is contrary to, or der.

0. ga, lic.lesta, taes est of clashes with reason. Resizza, s. f. resin, gun.

a lance.--Metter la larja in Repugnazione, o. Repugaán- Resinóso, auj. full of resin or sesla, to couch the lanct.-gum.

Resla, rest, pause, quiet, peace. Repúlsa, s. f. repulse, refusal, | Resistente, adj, resisting, op --Senca restu; continually, indenial. posing

cessantly, without rest. Repulsáre, to repulse, to re- Resistenza, s. f. resistance, op- Rest inte, adj. remaining.“ ject or deny.

position, difficulty.---Resistén- restante, s. m. rest, remainRepulsazione, u. Repulsa. za, fortification.

der, what is left. Repulsivo, adj. rejecting, de- Resistere, to resist or with Restáre, to remain or be left. nying stand, to be gairst, to op

Non mi resta altro a dire, I Repúlso, p. pass. of Repulsare, pose.fucistore, to resist, to have nothing else to say.repulsed, repelled.

Restar d'accordo, to agree.Reputánza, o. Reputazione. Resistito, adj. resisted, oppos Restare, to cease, to leave off, Obs. ed.

to finish or make an end.-Reputáre, to repute, to think, Reso, rendered.

E poichè le parole sue restare, count or look upon.--Repis Resolutamente, adv. with re and when he had done speak. ture, to ascribe, to attribute solution, in a resolute man ing.--Restüre, to stay, to taror impute.

ry, to remain.--Non resterà Reputáto, reputed, thought Resolutivo, adj. that resolves, per me, it shall not be my upon, looked, accounted. fit to resolve.

fault. Reputazione, s. f. repute, re-Resoluto, u. Risoluto. Restáta, s. f. end, rest.

putation, fame, repori, cre- Resoluzione, s. f. resolution, Restauramento, s. m. restauradic, name.

determination, full intention. tion, re-establishment. Réquia, v. Requic. Obs. -Prender resoluzione, to take Restaurare, to restore or reRequiáre, to rest, to lie at rest, a resolution.-Resoluzióne, so- pair, to re-establish..-Reto lie at ease, to be quiet, to lution, decision.

stauráre, to restore, to give sepose one's self. Obs.- Non Respettivamente, adv. respec up again, to return, to make reyno infinattanto che non l'ebbe tively, mutually, in respect. amends for. sospinto a muover guerra ad (t- Respettivo, adj., respectful, Restauráto, adj. restored, reIntiano, he had no rest till he buinble, submissive.

paired. had prevailed with him to' Respignere, to push, to force, Resiauratóro, restorer, re-esta

declare war to Octavian. - i Respingere, s to thrust ordrive blisher. Requie, s. f. rest, repose, quiet, back, to repel or repulse. Restauratrice, s. she that reease.

Respinto, p. p. of Respignere. stores or re-establishes. Requisito, adj required, de- Respiramento, s. m. breath, Restaurazióne, s. f. manded, requisite, necessary, respiration.

tion, re-establishment. convenient.--Requisito, s. m. Respirare, to breathe, to fetch Restauro, s. m. restauration, a requisite, a thing requisite. ! one's breath.---Respirar l'aria re-establishment. Requisizione, s. f. requisition, fresca, to breathe the fresh Resticciuolo, s. m. a little res demand, instance.

air.--Hespiráre, to rest, to re- remainder, or remnant. Resa, s. f. surrender.

fresh one's self.---kespiráre, Restio, adj. restive or resty, Kescritto, s. m. a rescript, a to breathe, to live.----Piespirure, drawing back.---Cavallo restio, writing which is in answer to infuse, to communicate,

a restive horse. to a writ, or petition. tu impart.-Papirare, to Restituiménto, u. Restituzione Rescrivere, to transcribe, to breathe out, to evaporate, to Restituire, to restore, to recopy out.- escrivere, to an.

turn, to give back again. swer in writing

Respiráto, p. p. of Respiršíre. Restituito, p: p. of Restituire. Kesegare, to cut, to cut off. Respirazione, s. f. I respirati- Restitu!ore, he that r turns the Reserváre, to reserve, to keep. Respiro, s. mn. Son,breath, thing stolen, taken, or leat. Reservazione, s. f. reservation. breathing.

Restituzióne, s. f. restitution. Résia, s. f. heresy ---Résia, dis- Responsione, s. f.

Resto, s. ni. rest, remainder, : sension, discord, division, Respónso, s. mn.

remnant, residue, remains,



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an army.


Datemi il resto, give me the Retrocedimento, s. m. retro-Rettórico, s. a rhetorician zemainder.-N resto della mia cession, going backward. Rettórico, adj. rhetorical. eta, the residue of my life.- Retrocédere, to retrocede, to Rettorici colori, rhetorical orFar del resto, to lay all at a go backward.

naments. stake, to venture all, to make Retrocésso, p. p. of Retroce- Rettrice, s. f. governess. one's last push. -Nel resto, as dere.

Reva, s. f. a custom they pay for the rest, finally, now. Retrogradáre, to retrograde,

in France for the exportaRestóso, adj. bony, full of to turn back, to go back tion of their commodities. Ivones, speaking of fishes. ward.

Reveláre, to reveal, to lay Restringente, adj. restringent, Retrogradazione, s. f. retro open, disclose or discover.

of a binding quality, gradation, backward (in as. Revelato, adj. revealed, laid Restringere, o. Restrignere. tronomy.)

open. Restrizione, s: f. restriction, Retrográdo, adj. retrograde, Revelatóre, he that reveals: restraint, limitation, stint. going back.

Revelazione, s. f. revelation. Resuscitazióne, s. f. v. Risusci. Retroguardia, s. f. the rear of Reverberáre, z. Riverberare. tazione. Obs.

Reverberazione, o. Riverbera. Resultaménto, S. m. result, Retrospígnere, to push back. zione. conclusion.

Retrórso, prep. backward. Revérbero, v. Riverbero. Resultare, v. Risultare.


Reverendo, adj. reverend, wor. Resurgere, v. Risúrgere. Retta, s. f. resistance, opposi thy to be revered'or honour. Resurréssi, s. m.

tion.-Far rett, to opposc,


ed. Resurrésso, ) tion. Obs. withstand.-Dar relia, to lis- Reverénte, adj. reverend, te Resurressione, 2 s. f. resurrecten, to mind.

verential, respectful, awful. Resurezione, Štion, a rising Rettamente, adv. rightly, well. Reverentemente, adv. reve. again from the dead. Rettánigoletto, s. m. dim: of rently, humblý, modestly, Resiiscitáre, t. Risuscitare. Rettangolo.

respectfully. Retà, s. f. wickedness, malice: Rettangolo, și m. a rectangle Reverénza, si f. reverence, Obs.

or rectangular figure. respect.Con reuerenza par: Retárgio, s. m. heritage, inhe Rettérza, 7. Rettitudine. lando, under favour, please ritance.

Rettificamento, s. m. the act of you, begging your pardon. Rete, s. f. a net, snare. -Cascar rectifying.

-Referenza, bow, curtesy Thella rete, to fall into a'snare. Rectificáre, to rectify, to set to Far la reserenza, to bow, to Arete, like a net.--Rete, a rights; with chymists, to die curtesy.--Recréma, rever.

caul for women's stil any spirit over again to ence, a title to religious peoheads. -Tendor le reti, to lay make it purer.---Rettificáre, in ple. snares.Rete, the caul.

astrology, to rectify, to equa- Reverenziale, adj. reverential. Retentívo, adj. retentive.--La lize, to parallel, to level. Reveríre, to bonour; to revere, fuculla rétentiva, the retentive Rettificato, p. p. of Rectifi. to respect.-La reterisco, your faculty. care.

servant, sir. Rericella, s. f. a small net. Rettificatóre, lic that rectifies. Reveríto, p. p. of Reverire. Reticino, Reticilla, a cut- Rettificazione, s. f. rectifica- Revisione, s. f. a revisal, a rework, a kind of bonelace. tion.

view. Retico, s. m. an heretic. Obs. Rettile, s. m. a reptile, a creep-Revisóre, a reviser. Reticolato, adj. made like al ing animal, any animál that Réuna, s. m. o. Rheumo.

crawls upon its belly. Reumático, adj. rheumaric. Reticolazione, s. f. a net-work Rettilineo, adj. rectilineal, com- Reumatismo,s. m. rheumatism. or lettice work.

posed of right lines. fievocabile, adj. revocable, Retificagióne, s. f. ratification, Rectitudine, s. f. rectitude, up that may be repealed, or reconfirmation. Obs. rightness.

versed. Retificáre, to ratify, to confirm Retto, adj. ruled, swayed, go- Revocare, to revoke, to call or establish a public act. verned, reigned.----- Keito, back again, to repeal or make Obs.

right, straighe, upright, even, void. - Revocato, adj. revok. Rétina, s. f. one of the mem just. Linea reta, a right ed, repcaled. branes of the eye.

line.---Tomu reto, a just ho- Revocazione, s. f. revocation, Kétore, s. m. a rhetorician, nest man.r- Intestino teltu, ibe repcaling. one skilled in, or a professor straight gut.

Revoluzione, s. f. révolution, of, rhetoric. Rettore, rector; governor,

a notable turn of affairs or Retribuíre, to retribute, to re ruler, the principal of a cold change in government.-Recompense or rquite. lege.

volrrione, a revolution, reRetribuíto,p.p.of Retribuire. Rettoría, s. f. rectory, a pa volt, rebellion or rising. Retribuitore, Retributóre, s

rish church, parsonage, or Reupóntico, s. ni. rhubarb, a s. m. rewarder.

spiritual living; a govern- | kind of dock root. Retribuzione, s. f. retribution,

Rezza, s. f. a kind of fishing recompense, réquital. Rettcrica, s. f. rhetoric. ner.-Rezza, a caul for woRetro, prep. behind.--I pie di Rettoricamente, ady, rhetori men's heads. Tetro, the hind feet:

cally, cloquently.

Rezzo s. m. a shade of grees

In rete,




boughs or trees.-Far rezzo, versi d'una malattia, to recover fluttering of the wings. to shade.- Ed io tremuco nell' from a sickness.

Ribattitúra, s. f. the act of eterno rezzo, and I trembled Riavúto, adj. gotten again, re- striking back, repercussion. in the eternal darkness. covered.

Ribbattuto, adj. beaten back, Riabbassáre, to bring down, Riavútosi, having gotten his Ribéca, s. f. rebec, a musical to abate. health again.

instrument so called. Riabbattere. o. Rabbattere: Ribaciare, to kiss again. ---Ri Ribéca, s. f. a musical instruRiabbellíre, v. Rabbellire. baciare, to join close.

ment with three chords. Riabitáre, to inhabit again. Ribaciato, adj. kissed again. Ribeccáre, to peck again.-Riacc-ndere, to kindle or light Ribadíre, to rivet or clench.- Ribeccáre, to reiterate, to tell again.

Ribulire, to back, to support, over again. Riaccéso, adj. kindled again. to strengthen, to confirm. Ribecchino, s. m. a small reRiaccettare, to accept again. Ribaditu, adj. rivetred.

bec. Riaccoccáre, v. Raccoccare. Ribadacúra, s. f. the act of ri- Ribellagióne, s. f. Obs. rebelRiaccolta, s. f. refuge, shelter, vetting.

Ribellamento, s. m.

slioa, sanctuary. Obs.

Ribagnare, to wet, or bathe Ribellánte, a rebel, one who Riaccottonáre, to card, pick, again,

rebels against the prince or or comb again,

Ribaldaccia, a wicked female. Riacquistáre, to recover, re- Ribaldaccio, a great rogue, a Ribellánte, adj. rebellious, disgain or retrieve. scoundrel.

obedient. Riaddomandáre, to ask again. Ribaldaglia, s... mob, rabble, Ribelláre, to cause a rebellion. Riadirársi, to fall in a passion rascally people.

Ribellársi, to rebel, to rise up again.

Ribaldeggiare, to play the in arms against one's soveRiadornáre, to adorn, trim, rogue, to do base things. reign.

deck, or embellish again. Ribaldello, a rogue, a rascal. Ribelláto, adj. rebelled. Riaffermare, to confirm again. Riba dería, s. f. ribaldry. Ribellazióne, s. f. rebellion, Riale, s

m. a little rivulet, a Ribáldo, S. m. a ribald, a Ribellione, revolt, insurbrook. Obs.

rogue, a rascal, a vile fellow; rection. Riálto, s. m. a height, a high 'tis used also adjectively.--Ribello, adj. rebellious, displace, an eminence. sinulur ribuldo, to rove or ram

obedient.-Un ribello, s. m. a Rialzamento, s. m. a raising. ble about.

rebel. Rialzare, to raise again. Ribaldóne, a great ri- Ribendétto, adj. blessed again. Riamante adj. loving, who Ribaldonaccio, bald, a ras- Ribenedire, to bless again. loves, being loved.

cal, rogue, or varlet.

Ribenedizione, s. f. a blessing Riamáre, to love him that Ribálta, s. f. an instrument to again. loves you, to love again. overturn any thing.

Ribére, to drink again. Riamicáre, to reconcile, to Ribaltáre, to subvert, to over- Ribes, s. m. curranis, a kind of make friends aguin.

grape. Riandáre, to go back again.-- Ribalzáíre, to toss again. Ribóbolo, s.m. a saying, a word Riandáre, to examine again. Ribálzo, s. m. jump, bounce, or phrase of low Tuscan. Riannestáre, to ingraft again. toss-libálso, the reflection Riboccare, to overlow or run Riapparire, to appear again. of the rays of the sun. over. -Ribuccare, to abound Riappiccáre, to hang again. Ribandimento, s. m. revoca with a thing, to swim in-it. Riaprimento. s. m. the act of tion from banishment. -lo ribocco d' allegrezza, I am opening again.

Ribandire, to revoke from ba- overjoyed. Riaprírę, to open again.

nishment.-- Riband re, to ba- Ribócco, s. m. overflow, inun. Riaperto, p. p. of Riaprire. nish again.

dation. Riaráre, to plough again.

Ribandito, adj. revoked from Ridolliménto, s. m. fervour, Riárdere, to blast or burn banishment, banished again.

heat, passion. again.

Ribarbáre, to root again, to Ribollire, to boil again. -Riardiménto, s. m. a blasting take root again.

bullire, to agitate, to toss, to or burning again.

Ribárbero, m. rhubarb.) scir, to trouble. Riarmáre, to arm again, to re


Ribbollito, p. p. of Ribollire. Ribastonåre, to cudgel again. librézzo, s. n. chillness, qui-* Riarrecáre, to carry or bring Kibáttere, to beat back again. vering or shivering for fear, again.

Ribútlere, to confute, to a sudden fear, an horror. Riárso, adj. blast or burnt combat or answer.-Ribiltere Ributramento, s. m. repulse, again.

un' opinione, to confute an rebuil, denial. Riassetáre, v. Rassetare. opinion.

Ributtare, to drive back, to Riassumere, to re-assume, or Ribattezzamento, s. m. a re push back-Ritutiáre, to vo

take upon one's self again. baptizing, or baptizinçagain. mit. Rebultire, to drive one Riassuinto, adj. re-assumed. Ribattezzáre, to rebaptize, or from our presence, refusing Riavére, to have again, to re- baptize again.

rudely to hear what he has Ribattiménto, s. m. repercus to say, and denying to com. Riavérsi, to recover, to get sion, a striking back. -Ribat-ply with his demands. gne's strength again.---kia- tinento d'uli, a fiapping or Ributtáto, p.p. of Riduttare.


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fit again.



return to.



Ribútto, s. m. repulse, denial, | Ricamo, s. m. embroidery. are kept. vomit.

Ricangiare, t. Ricambiare. Riccio, 8. p. the husk, or the Ricacciare, to expel, to turn Ricantáre, to sing again, to rough prickly shells of ches ont again.-Ricaciáre, to sing over and over.

outs.-Riccio, echin, orchin, thrust or put in again. Ricapitáre, to send, to direct. or hedge hog.–Riccio marino, Ricadénte, adj. falling again -Ricapitáre, to remit.—Rica a sea urchin, which is a kind relapsing, falling or hanging pitáre, to arrive or come at. of crab-fish-Rücio marino, down.

Ricapitato, p. p. of Ricapi- sea fennel, rock camphireRicadére, to fall again, to re tare.--Essere ricapitato, to be Riccia, curled or frizzled lock lapse.--Ricarlere nel male, to well settled in a good post or --Riccio, shaggy velvet. fall sick again, to have office, to be provided for. Ricciolino, s. m. a little curled lapse, to relapse. -Ricader nel Ricápito, 8. m. direction.--Ri- or frizzied lock. peccato, to relapse into the capito, recourse, refuge, ad. Ricciutéllo, adj. somewhat same fault or sin.-Ricadere, dress. Ricápio, an accom curled or frizzled. to lie, or lie down, to lodge, plishing or finishing a per- Ricciuto, adj. curled, crisped, said of corn in the fields. formance.--Mi pare mill' anni frizzled. Ricadere, to fall or hang over di dar ricapito al mio negozio, I Ricciuto, s. m. lie that has his or down.-Ricadere, to fall or long to make an end of my hair curled or frizzled. --Pa

affair.-Dur ricupito, to send, pol ricciuto, base, impudent, Ricadia, s. f. vexation, trouble, to direct well.--l'omo di rica- untractable, unruly people. anguish, adversity, misery.- pile, a man of importance.-- Ricco, adj. rich, wealiby, opuAcadia, tediousness, wcari S'ella s'adesse cento innanti, ri- lent ---Rico, rich, costly,

capito darebbe a tutti quanti, magnificent.---- Ricco, rich, Ricadimento, s. m. a relapse, had she a bundred lovers, p'entitul, copious.-Rieco, a

second fall or recidive. she would nicely dispose of rich man. Kieadióso, adj. sad, heavy, sor them all.

Riccóne, a very rich man. rowfal, afflicted, cast down. Ricapitoláre, to recapitulare, Riccóre, s. m. riches, wealth - Ricadinso, tedious, weari.

to sum up, to rehearse brief. Obs. some, tiresome.

ly what has been said before. Ricénte, adj. t. Recente. Obs. Ricaduta, s. f. relapse, second Ricapitolazione, s. f. ricapitu- Riceniemente, Recente fall. lation, summing up.

Obs. Ricaduto, adj. fallen again, re- Ricardáre, to card again. Ricerca, s. f. search, research, lapsed. Ricaduto, weak, Ricardáto, adj. carded again. enquiry, perquisition, quest feeble, faint.

Ricaricáre, to charge again, to or seeking after.-Fare ricer. Ricagnato, adj. flat-nosed. load again.

ca d'una cosa, to enquire after Ricaláre, to decline or fall Ricarminare, to card again.-- a thing. again.

-Ri armináre, to turn, to han- Ricercáre, to seek again, to Ricaláto, p. p. of Ricalare. dle about.

look for a second time-Ria Ricalcáre, to tread again. Ricascáre, to fall again. cercare, to search or enquire Ricalcáto, adj. trodden again. Ricascáta, s. f. a relapse. into, or after.--Ricercare, to Ricalcitraménto, s. m. a kick- Ricattáre, to rescue, to re demand, to ask, to require, ing or wincing. dcem, to recover.

to request. Ricercare, to reRicalcitránte, adj. kicking or Ricattáto, adj. rescued, 1c quire. Ciò ricerca molto tem. wincing deemed, recovered.

po, that requires a great deal Ricalcitráre, to kick or wince. Ricattatóre, he that recovers a of time. Ricalcitráre, to resist, to op thing that was lost.

Ricercáre, s. m. / search, re. pose, to kick against the Ricátio, s. m. redemption, ran- Ricercáta, s. f. } search, per. spur.-Realcitrore, to reply, som.

quistion, enquiry. to answer, to make a reply Ricavalcáre, co mount or ride Ricercato, adj. sought, looked or repartee.-lo tel rol dire,] again, to remou!t.

for. m. non mi sture a rica'ritrare, Ricaváre, to draw, to take, io Ricercatore, s. m. a secker, one I'll tell it you, but don't con ferch or get out again.--Ricao that requests, an enquirer. tradict me.

vále, to copy, to transcribe.--- Ricercatrice, sem. of RicercaRicalcitrato, p. p. of Ricalci Ricaráre, to draw profit from.

Ricavaio, p. p. of Ricavare. Ricerchiare, to put new hoops. Ricamaménto, s. m. embroi. Riccaccio, a rich fellow thae Ricerchiáto, adj. hooped dery.

makes an ill use of his riches. 1 again. Ricamare, to embroider,

Riccamente, adv. richly. Ricérco, adj. sought or Ricamato, adj. embroidered. Ricchezza, s. f. riches, wealth. quired after, searched into. Ricamatore, an enibroiderer. - Ricchezza, riches, sumptu- Ricérnere, to sift again.-Ri. Ricamatrice, fem. of Ricama ousness, grandeur.- Richés cernere, to expound, to ex

zn, plenty, store, abundance, plain or declare better. Ricamatúra, s. f. embroidery.

copiousness, great quantity. Ricessáre, to stand still, to Ricambiáre, to requite, to re- Ricciaja, s. f. a head full of make a halt, to be at a stay, compense,orreward. --- Ricum curled hair.--Rrcciju, a place -Rices áre, to repulse, to bore, to exchange again. where the husks of chesnuts push, to beat, to thrust or





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