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Rigidezza, sikeness, Severity, Rigonfiátu, adj. swelled again.

comfort, ease.

rigidity, cerice Rigon fare, to swell angw. Ritriggére, to fry again. Rigidit, Rifritto, adj. fried again. sternness, rigour

s. m. rigour, severity, Rifrondire, to send out new Rigido, adj. ngid. strict, cerere, hanines, Sternness.-Rigor leaves, to bloom,

rigorous, stern.-- Rigido, se. di sclire, the cold or violent Rifrustare, to rake up or into, vere, rough, hard. ---Inverno | shaking which accompanies

to search, to rummage. rigido, a sharp winter, Pre an ague.-- higúre, hardness, Rifrustáto, adj. raked uporinto, tra rigida, a hard stone. substance. Il rigor del r'er. searched, rummaged.

Alpi rigide, russed Alps. no, the sharpness of winter. Rifrústo, s. m. plenty, abun. Rigirare, to go round about, to Rigoro, s. m. a brook, stream, dance, store, copiousness.--| environ. ---Rigirire, to de or rivulet. Obs. Rifresto di pugila, a storm ceive, to cheat, to cozen. Rigorosamente, adv. rigorousof blows.

Rigirure, to manage, to con ly, severely, hardly, sternly. Rifuggire, to fly to a place, or duct.

Rigorosità, s. f. rigour, severi. to one, for shelter or refuge, Rigiráto, adj. gone round ty, steruness. to shelter one's self. about, environed.

Rizoróso, adj. rigorous, severe, Ritusgito, adj. sheltered, flet Rigire, to return, to go again. hard, stera.

to a place for refuge. Un ri. Rigiro, s. m. a whirling ortum- Ryóso, adj. irrigated, waterfuggito, s, ii. una rifuggita, ing round, a turning or wind- el. Obs. s. f. a refugee.

ing about Rigiro, a bye Rigoutá:o, adj. curled, and it is Rifúgio, s. m. refuge, shelter, way, a cunning: hifi, evasion, only said of hair Obs. sanctuary.

subterfuge.--Rigiro, a com- Rigovernáre, to wash, to scour. Rifulgénté, adj. refulgent, pass of words, a going about -- Rigorernára, to gover, to shining, glittering, bright. the hush, a ferch about manage, to rule. Rifulgere, to shine.

Rigiro, a trick, cunning, Rigradiáre, to divide in several Rifúlso, p. p. of Ritulgere. slight, wile, crailiness, device, degrees. Rifusáre, to refuse, to deny. subdety.

Rigrésso, s. m. an action in Obsolete.

Rigittáre, to reject, to cast off, jaw. Riga, s. f. a linc.-Righe della to refuse, to slight or de pise, Rigridáre, to cry again, to scold mano, the lines of the hand. to disapprove-Rigittore, 10 again. --Riga, a stroke or dash. slight, to scorn, to contemn, Rigridáto, p. p. of Rigridare. Rigaglia, s. f. profit.

to undervalue.--Rigiltiire, to Dopo d'ouer gridato, e rigri. Rigágno, s.m. brook, stream, cast up, to vomit.

dato, aficr having scolded and Rigagnolo, J rivulet, a ken- Rigitráto, adj. rejected, vomil scolded again. nel in a street.

ed, cast up, slighted. Riguadagnare, to regain, to Rigáligo, s. m. mall.wort or Rigiciatore, he that rejects. win back, to get again.

confrey, an herb so called. Rigiucáre, to play again. Riguadagnáro, adj. recovered, Rigano s. m. origan, origany, Rigiúgnere, to overtake, to join regained, gotten again. wild or bastard marjoram, or again, to rejoin.

Riguardamónio, s. m. look, wild miut.

Rignáre, (to neigh like a view.- Riguardaménto, the Rigare, to water, to wet..-Elle Ringhiare, horse.

act of shunning, escaping and rigaran lor di sangue il volto, Rigno, s. m. the neighing of a avoiding. they bedewed their faces with horse or mare

Riguardánte, a looker on, a blood.-Rigare, to streak, to Rigo, s m. a line.

spectator. make streaks or lines.

Rigodére, to enjoy again. Riguardáre, to look upon, to Rigáto, adj. watered, wet, Rigóglio, s. m. pride, haughti to see or behold, to stare at, streaked.

ness, vanity, presumption, ar to look fixedly. ---Riguurdúre, Rigattiére, regrater, huckster. rogance.-Rigóglio, rankness to look, to face, to front, to Rigeneráre, to regencrate, to of plants.--Rigógliu, cvapo- bc situate against.-- La mia beget again. ration, vent.

rasa riguarda sopra il fiume, Rigeneráto, adj. regenerated, Rigogliosamente, adv. proudly, my house looks on the river. born a second time.

haughtily, arrogantly. Riguardure, to look, to mind, Rigenerazióne, s. f. regenera. Rigoglioso, adj. proud, haugh. to consider, to concern, to

ty,arr: gant, presumptuous.-regard-Riguardare una Rigermogliáre, to but or shoot Rigoglioso, lively, brisk. (050, to spare, to manage, to again.

Rigogliuso, vigorous, impe-save a thing. Rigettamento, s. m. rejection. tuous, strong.-Rigoglioso, Riguardársi, lo forbear a thing, Rigertáre, to reject, to cast off, flourishing, prosperous. to abstain or keep from a to refusc, to slight or despise. Rigógolo, s. m. a wilwall, or thing, to refrain or keep one's Rigettúre, to cast up or vo- woodwall, a bird so called. self from it. mit.

Rigoletto, s country Riguardálo, adj. looked upon, Rigettato, adj. rejected, slight- danci, a dance.--Rigoletto, cen, beheld.-Niguardato, cd, despised, cast off.

a young witwall, or wood. considerable, estimable, ho. Higidamente, adv. rigidly, wall.

nourable, qualified. strictly, severely.

Rigonfiamento, s. m. a new Riguardatore, a. looker on, a swelling

spectator.--Riguardature, a


m. a



keeper, a guardian. Riletto, adj. read again, read | ing against. Riguardatrice, fein. of Riguar over again:

Rima, s. f. rhyme, the likeness datore.

Rilevamento, s. m. a raising up of sound at the end of words. , Riguardévole, adj. respectable, again.

-Rims, poetry - Un dicitore for whom we ought to have Rilevánte, adj, important, ma in rima, a poer.-Rima, verse. a regard or respect.

terial, of great concern or Rispondire per le rime, to Riguardevolmente, adv. consi- importance, of great consc answer to one's questions... derably. quence, considerable.

Dire in rima, to make verses, Riguardo, s. m. look, view, Rileváre, to raise, to get or to write in verse.

cye-sighe ---Riguurdo, aspect. take up again.-Rilevure, to Rimandáre, to send back again. -Aver il riguardo, to look, raise, or erect--Rilevirsi, to -Rimandáre. to send away. to face, to front, to be situace get up --Rilcveire, to assist, to Rimandáre, to cast up, to va against. Riguardo, look, help, to give assistance. mit. countenance. Di feroce ti- Rilevíre, in comfort, to give Rimandáto, adj.

sent back guardo, of a surly or doggish comfort, to consolate, to ease again. look. Stare a riguardo, to one's grief.----Rilevare, to Rimándo, s. m. a sending back stand upon one's guard, to be concern, import, matter, or or returning --Risponder di vigilant. -Riguurda, care, signify.--Rilevure, to spell.- rimondo, to answer presently. trouble, vexation.--Riguardo, hilerúre, to cast up or cóm. Rimaneggiare, 'to handle or regard, consideration, respect pute.-- Rilevure, to bring up. treat ag iin. account.--In riguardo, --Rileváre, to rise. --Rileváre, Rimanente, s. m. a remnant, far. as to, in respect.-Ri. to carry back.

that which remains or is left guurdo, interest.

Rilevato, adj. raised, lifted, of any thing. --Il timonenie Riguardóso, adj. cautious, cit. high.-Rileuito, great, consi del giorno, the re:t of the day. cumspect, prudent. derable, of great consequence.

-Alrimanente, adv. In short, Riguarire, to be well again, to ---Rilcuito, high, famous, tio but, now. be cured again of a distem- ' ble.--Rilerato, s. m. a rising Rimanenza, s. f. permanence,

ground, a height.---Rileráto, staying. Obs. Riguiderdonamento, s. m. re the brink, brim, side, edge. Rimanére, to stay, to remain, compence, requital, reward. -Rileválo, adv. magnificent or continue.-limanére, to Riguiderdonáre, cu recompense, ly, greatly, splendidly. be left, to remain, to be cxto requite, to make amends, Rilevatore, he that helps or tant.---Rimanére, to become. to remunerate. assists,

-Rimanére, to hinder. Rilasciáre, to release, to let go, Rilevo, s. m. remnants, frag. Non rimarrò da questo, this to set at liberty.

Rilievo ) ments, or scraps ci| shall not hinder me-RimaRilascio, s. m. a releasing or dinner --Pascersi di rilico, netevi in pace, good be to you setting at liberty, relay. to feed upon words.-Cosa di - Rimanersi, to leave off, to Rilassamento, s. m. laxity, re rilievo, a thing of conse abstain, to for bear.- Non mi laxation, slackening.

quence or moment.-Figura rimarrò d'amarri, I shall als Rilassare, to slacken, to loosen di rilievo, a statue. --Rilino, ways

love vou. or unbend, to relax.-Ridas-imbossed work. - Basso rilie-Rimangiare, to eat again. sáre, to tire, to fatigue.-Ri- vo, basso relievo, when the Rimánte, s. m. a rhymer. lassáre, to leave, to let go, to work is but little raised from Rimáre, to rhyme, to put in release. Rilassarsi. to yield its ground. or give over, speaking of the Riliberáre, to free again, to set Rimargináre, to heal. ground, to fall away. at liberty again, 10 deliver Rimaritár to marry again. Rilassatézza. v. Rilassamento. again.

Rimaritursi, to marry again. Rilassato, adj. relaxed, slacked. Riligióne, v. Religione. Obs. Rimantata, adj. f. married Rilásso, adj. wearied, slothful, Riligiosamente, adv. Religio again. weak, sickly:


Pimrása, s. f. a staying. Rilaváre, to wash again. Riligióso, adj. 2. Rcligioso. Rimáso, s. m. semnant, that Rilaváto, adj. washed again. Obs.

which remains of any thing. Rilegamento, s. m. a eving or Rilogáre, to place, to place --Rimiso, adj. remained, binding fast again.--vilegiire, . again.

stayed, left behind. tu tic or bind again.--Rilegare Riluccicáre, tu shine.

Rimasticáre, to chew again. un libro, to bind up a look. Rilucente, adj. shining, glitter- Rimisin, adj. remained, left Rilegáre, to forbid, in dc- ing, glistening.

behind. ny, to prohibit ---Rilegure, to Rilucentezza, s. f. brightness, Rima-úzlio, s. m. remnants, banish, to cxile, to confine shining, splendour.

bits, crums. to a place at a distance. Riluccre, to shine, to glitter, or Rimáto, adj. rhymed, in Rilegáto, adj. tied again, r. Ri-i glisten.--Gli riluce il pelo, rhyme. legare. he is very fat.

Rimatúre, s. m. a rhymer, a Rileggere, to read over again. Rilustráre, to polish, or set a poet. Rilénte, ex a rilente, adv. cau.

gloss upon.

Rimbaldanzire, to chear up, tiously, advisedly, prudently, Rilutáre, v. Lutare.

to take courage again. with precaution. Not veed. Rilustárte, adj.reluctant, siris-Rimballéra, s. f. an affected



recepiony. A low word. Rimbroutie, to 'mutter Or? nera:e. Kira cire, to 1c oice, to bej mumble-Rimiroliarc, to te Rimer:ato, adj. recompenset, g

pah, to charge.

| Itwarde, required, remuncRisonalzáre, to jump up, to Rumbrottati:e, he that up.' sited. 14. up.liníutzirl, W IC- braids, reproaches, or charges Rimescolamento, s. m trou. tim, to resalt.

Rinoruiciule, ad;. mumbling, be, coniu-ion, disturbance, Himbalzo. 5, m. rehand. reproaching.

disonier.-ekimescolamento, Ribivirc, 10 576w a child Rimbrulio, s. m, reproach, terror, consternation, great kain.

Rimbróttolo, ) imputation. fear, inghi. Kunbami), adj. childi-h, Rimbrollú:0, adj. v. Rimbrut- Rimescolanza, s. f. v. Rimesfo-h.-Irricchio timlum-i te ole.

colamento. lilo, an old fool.

Rimbrottire, to beccme or Rimescolare, to mingle, to Rimbambogito, a li, senseless make ugly or homely. mix, or blend, to put togelike a child, and it is said of Rimbucare, to hide one's self. ther.-- limescolare le carte, peole that line their intel-Rimbucalo, ailj. hidden, con to shuttle the cards again. lect through aç .


Rimescolussi, to medale or inRim.rajcáre, u stip, to re-im- Rimburchiare, to tow, to haul. termejdie, to be meddling bark. Remdatenisz, to re-im-| Rimediabile, adj. that can be Remescolarsi, to be frightert burk or go on board again. remedied, or cured.

or teritied. Nii tento tutta Rimbarcáto, embarked agun. Rimediare, to remedy, to cure ri mescolare, I am frightened Rimbccáre, w beat or drive or lielp.

out of my wis. brk, to repel.--Kivuleerde Rimettiáto, p.p of Rimediare. Rimé-sa, s. f. forgiveness, re

Ilu, to send bath the ball. Riniediatore, he that recuifies mission, pardon.-- Rimessa, Rinnaeco, s. m. reboun 1. a thing that was wrong. a recalling from banishment. Rinjenuler dinamo, to give Rimédio, s. m. Temedy, phy. -Rinuessa, a remitment or an out of the way ani wc.

sick, cure,

remittance of money, a reRimbellire, u ankur, to em mal senza rimedr), an incu. tum of money, a return.bellish or be .utify.

rable disease.-Rinidis), re Rimessa, a coach-houseRitraixilirsi, to giow hand-, medy, help, comfort, shifts. Carrozza di rimessa, a hired

somer and handsem r. Rimedire, to redeem, to buy or hackney coach. Rimburciáre, to patch, to piece. uff, to recover. Obs.--Ri- Rimessamente, adv. submisRinbionilise, to go w fir. medire, to lay up, to gather sively, humbly, modestly, Rimboccare, to turn down, to

or pick up.

respectfully. turn upside down.-Rimkur Rimeggiante, a versifier, a ma- Rimessibile, adj. remissible, cure, to turn up.- Rimloc- ker of verses, apmet.

pardonable. cure, to discharge, to empty, Rimeggiare, lo versity, to make Rime-sivne, s. f. remission, to disburden, to disembogue

pardon, forgiveness.--Rimesa itself, as a river does. Rimeggiato,adj.versified, made sione, a committing or inRimboccato, adj. turned up in thymes.

trusting one with his reasonsg. side down.

Rimembranza, s. f. remem an appeal. Rimboccatúra, s. m. a turning brance, memory.

Rimessiuccio, 4. Rimettiticupside down.

Rimembrare, to remember, to cio. Rimbombamento, Rim- call to mind, to have in me- Rinésso, adj. hurable, mean, bombo. mory:

meak, dispirited, pusillaniRimbombánte, adj. resound- Rimemorare, to put in mind. mous, negligent.-Rinusso, ing.

Rimenare, 10 carry back again. languishing, faint, weak, fagRimboinbáre, to cchio, to re -limeilure, to handle, to ging, poor.--Stile rimesso, a sound.

low stylc.-timesyo, remitRimbombevole, ringing, re- Rimendáre, to mend, to patch, terl, pardoned. sounding. | to piece.

Rimesta, s. m. mixture. Rimbombio, s. in. sound,' Rimentáln,adj. mende:1, patch- Rimestáre, to handle, to medRimbón:bo, S noise. ed, picced.

die. Rimborsáre, to reimburse, to Rimendatúre, a mender, patch- Riméttere, to put, to place or be pawi again. (r, or botcher,

set again.--Rimetier la spaula Riniborsazione, s. f. rcim- Rimendatrice, fem. of Rimen. nei fodero, to put the sword bursement. datore.

into the scabbard.Rimetlere Rimboscáre, to go back again Rimendatúra, s. f. a mend in possessione, to restore or in the wood.

Riméndo, s m.

ing put in po session.--kimetier Rin: bottare, to put into the' patching, or piecing. nelle coipe, to fall again into Caskagain.

Rimenio, s. a carrying one's bad way of living.-kiRimbottito, adj. put into the back.

mellere, to pardon, to remit cask again.-Rimbottito, re- Rimeritaménto, s. m. recom or forgive.-Rimettere. to remembered, called to memo pence, reward, requital, re mic, to return money, to ry. Not in usc, muneration,

make a return of money. Rimbroccio, s. m. reproach. Rimeritáre, to recompense, to Riméiiere, to deliver, to put Rimbrulta, s. I. Obs. reward or requite, to remu into one's hands, to commit



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or entrust with.--Nel vostro rimondo qui la vita ria, 1 am) since my entreaties and my arlitrio time to l'andare e lo of Siena, and here with these advices are in vain. stare, you are free either to - I suffer for my wicked life. Rimotamente, adj. in a remote go or stay.-Mi rimetto nelle Rimondato, adj. cleaned, place. vostre man, I put or commit Rimondo, 5 cleansed, emp-Rimuto, adj. remote, far dismyself into your hands.com jed, pruned.-Un ramo riRiméttere, to grow, to buro mondo di foglie, a branch Rimovére, to move again.. geon, to shoot or bud again. without leaves. Rimondo, Rimovére, to take away, tu reRimettere in ordine, to put bald.

move, to set or carry away. in order or settle again.-Ri. Rimontáre, to get up again, Rimucete un dubtio, to re- , mellersi in carne, to grow

-Rimontare a cavallo, to move or clear a doubt. ---Ri. well again, to grow fat again mount on horseback again. movere, to dissuade, to divert, -Rimértete, to repress, 10

Rimontare un orologio, to to avert.-Non ho potuto ri. curb, to stop, to quell, to re wind a watch up again.-Ri. moverlo dal suo proponimenstrain.--Rimétiere il conto, 10 montare un reguimento di ca 1o, I could not divert him give an account.-Rimettere valleria, to remount a regi- from his resolution. a taglio di spada, to run ment of horse.-Rimontáre, Rimovimento, s. m. 2 remo. through with a sword again, to rise or grow dear again. Rimozione, s. f. s val, to kill, to slay.-- Rimettere un Rimontato, adj. gone or got upl change of place or of abode. taglio, to set, to sharpen.- again.

Rimpalmare, to caulk a ship. Rimetter il taglio ad un ra- Rimorchiáre, to tow, to haul. Rimj-astare, to knead again. sogo, to set a razor.-Rimet-Rimorchiato, adj. towed, haul. Rimpatriáre, to return inwone's der muno, to begin again, or ed.

country again. anew. - Rimettere le fosse, to Rimorchio, s. m. the taking in Rimpatriato, returned to one's clean or empty the ditches or tow.

country again. graves.-Rimettere, to beat Rimordénte, adj. biting, tor- Rimpeduláre, to new-foot. back.–Rimelter una cosa in menting, gnawing.- Coscien-Rimpedulare caizette, to new. uno, to refer, to leave, or put za rimordente, a guilty con foot stockings.-Tu hai date a thing to one's judgment. science.

le cervella a rimpedulare, you -Mi rimetto al giudizio vo- Rimórdere, to bite again.-Ri- have lost your senses. stro, I leave it to your judg. mórdere, to sting, to feel re- Rimpennare, to put on new ment.-Rimettersi, to yield, morse.-La coscienza il ri- feathers.Rimpennare, to to submit.- Finalmente gl' morde, he feels the sings of his prance, to stand or rise upon Impúriali cominciarono a ri. conscience.

his two hind feet, as a house mettersi, at last the Imperial. Rimordimento, s. m. remorse, does.mtar rimpennare un ca. ists began to grow more ren check, sting of conscience. vallo, to rear up a horse. sonable.-Rimetter su, to re- Rimore, s. m. a rumour, an Rimpétto, prep. overagainst. establish, to renew - Parve uproar. Obs.

Rimpiágnere, to complain, to rimessa su alora questa legge, Rimormoiare, to murmur, to lament, thac law seemed to be in force grumble or mutter again. Rimpiastrare, to plaster or par. again.-Rimetter un tallo sul Rimorsióne, s. f, ? remorse, get. -Rimprasiriire, to make Pecchio, to grow strong again Rimorso, s. m. S check, or up as patch ap a difference. in one's old age.

sting of conscience.-Rimor- Rimpiattare, to hide, to conRimetuiménto, S. m. remis. so, adj. bitten again.-Rimor. Ccal.

sion, pardon, forgiveness 80 della coscienza, feeling the Rimpiattát, adj. hid, conceal. Rimetticcio, s. m. a graff, a checks or stings of his con ed, kept secret and close. shent, or young set of a tree. science.- Mi parea da se stes. Rimpiatto, adj.contracted from Rimirare, to look upons, to see, so rimorso, he seemed as if he Rimpiattáto, concealed, hidor behold.

was conscious of is crime. den. Rimiro, s. m. look, view, eves. Rimorto, adj. stone-dead, quite Rirspicciolire, to grow less. Rimischiare, io mingle, to mix dead.- E l'omlite che purean Rimpinzare, to ciam, to fill, again, to put all together. cose rimorie, and the ghosts to stutt. Rimissjóne, sa f. remission, which looked pale as deach. Rimpoi páre, to grow fat, to pardon, forgiveness. --Rimis- Rimósso, removed.

grow well in tesh.-Onde la siúnte, a subrussion, a yielding Rimostrante, adj. that semon- jaga mia upi mnoy rimpolpa, or condescending.

50 any wound revives in my Rimisurare, to measure again. Rimostránza,s.f.remonstrance, heart, Rimolláre, to dip, to soak, or advice, counsel, admonition. Rimpostemire, to suppurate, to steep again

Rimostrare, to remonstrate, to mutter, to draw to a head Rimondare, to clean, to empty, show by reasun and instances, again. to prune.

Rimoware un to make appe:1v, to lay before. Rimpozzáre, to stagnate, to pozzo, to clean or empty a -Gli rimostrai il pericolo nel lie still. to want a free course, well --Rimondare un albero, quale era, I remonstrated or speaking of the water. to prune a tree.-Rimundare, ma e him sensible of the dan- Rimprigionáre, to imprison to purge or clear.-lo son Sa ger he was in.-Poiche pre- again. nese, rispose, con questi ultri Kare o rimostrare non vale, Riniprccaiaméntn, s. m. 1cm

Yol. 1.


proach, upbraiding, imputa- Rimutaménto, s. m. imputa. Rincappellare, to put thing tion. O's.

Rimutánza, s. f. Štion, a upou thing. Rimprocciare, to reproach, to changing or altering.-Rimu. Rincappelláto, adj. heaped up. Jav to one's charge. Obs.- Cinza, charge, accusati n.Obs. Rinciare, to grow dear.-RinRimprocciare, to blame, to tind Rimuráre, to change again or carare il fitto, to do one's fault with. (bs.

often, w alter. -Rimutar worst. R!mpróccio, s. m. reproach, consig io, to alter one's mind. Rincarnále, to grow fat again.

imputation. Ons.-Rimpróc- Rimulálu, adj. changed again. Rincartárc, to wrap up in a cio, contempt, scoin, a slight. Rimutazione, s. f. mutation.

paper. ing or despising. Ohs --Pir R muiévoie, adj. murable, Rincavalláre, to buy or proTimproccio, out of contempt, changtable, inconstant. vide one's self wil lew hordisdainfully, scornfully. Ob- Rinarráre, to tell again, to S:s, to itilount. RincavalSolete. relate again.

lársi, to set up again.-RinRimprocciúso, adj. scolding, Rinascente, adj. new-bom, cavallure, to set one on horserebuking. Obs. springing up again, reviving.

back again. Rimpromesso, adj. promised Rinascere, to bu born again, 10 Rincavalláto, adj. provided again.

grow or spring up again, to with new horses, remounted. Rimprométtere, to promise revise.

Rincerconíre, to be spoiled. agiin.

Rinasciménto, s. m. new-birth, Rincèrconirsi, to trouble, to Rimprottáre, v. Rimprocciare. sezentration, revival.

vex, to fret, lo disturb or dis. Obs.

Rináto, adj. born again. quiet one's self, to quake for Rimprótto, V. Rim proccio. Rincacciare, to beat or push fear.–Che io possa morire se Obs.

back, to repulse, to chase, lo quanilo rien l'ora di tornarci Rimproveraménto, s. m. re put to flight.

io non mi sento rir.cerconite proach, charge, imputation. Rincagnato, adj. flat-nosed tutto il sangur, I wish I may Rimproveránte, adj. reproach l'isu rincugnaio, a flat face. die if I am not vexed at the ing.

Riucalciáre, to chase, lo repulse, very thought of going there Rimproveráre, to reproach, to to beat or push bac's, to put again. upbraid.--Rimproverure, to

to flight, to pursue. Rinchináre, to humble, to reproach, to tax, to charge. Rincalciálo, repulsed, beaten abase, to cast down, tó deRimproveráto, adj. reproach back, pursucd, chased. press or debase. ed, upbraided.

Rincalzaménto, s. m. prop, Rinchinato, p. p.ofRinchinare. Rimproverio, s. m. reproachi, defence, pursuit.

Rinchiudere, to shut in, to Rimprovero, ) imputation, Rincalzáre, to prop, to sup- inclose.--Rinchiudere il pascharge, upbraiding, disgrace, ' port, to uphoid, to keep or 30, to stop the passage.shame.- Parole di rin pro bear up.----Rincalzare una Rinchirdere, to include, convero, reproachful words. vite, to lay new earth abou tain or comprehend. Rimugghiare, to low, to bellow, the root of a vine.--Rincul- Rinchindimento, s. m. a shutor roar again.

zare una crepatura, to stop a ting in or up: Rimugináre, to make a dili gap or a chink.-- Rinculzare Rinchiuso, adj. shut up, ingent or narrow search, 10 wi' escrciio di danuri, lo sup- cluded, contained or compresearch thoroughly.

ply an army with money.- hended. Rimurináig, adj. diligently or Rincalzire, to charge or pur- Rinciampare, to fall or sumthoroughly searched.

sue the enemy.-Rincalzure, ble agxin.-Rincumpare nel Rimuneramento, v. Rimune to urge or press, to inipor

medesimo errore, to commit tune.--Non resiò di riurala the same fault again. Rimuneráaza, v. Rimunera zarni jin che io couriescendessi Rincignere, to get with child zione.

alle sue richeste, he did not again. Rimuneráre, to remunerate, to cease pressing me, tiil I com- Rincinta, adj. fem. big with recompense, or reward. plied with his demand.

child again. Rimuneratóre, a remunerator, Kincalzálo, adj. propped, sup- Rinciprignere, to be angry Tewarder, or requiter.-Ri- poned.

again, to exasperate or fret muneratrice, lemin. of Ri- Rincãizo, s. m. stay, prop, one's self again. muueratore.


Rincirconirc, v. Rincerconire. Rimmunerazione, remuneration, Rincintuce áre, to drive in a Rincoltáre, to glue again. recompence, reward.

corner, to shut up in a corner. Rincominciare, to begin again, Rimuovere, v. Rimovere. -Rincanticcisa, to rctire Rincomincial, adj. begu! Rimuovénio, v. Rimovimento. tu a hole or corner.

again. Rimuráre, to wall about again. Riucantucciais, aij. hidden, Rincóntra, prep. prep.

Rimurire to wall, concealed in a hole or com. Andare alla rincontra, to go mure up.

| Rincaroning to be ot'stinaic or Rimuráto, -adj. walled, walled slubom again, to lie wosci- Rincontráre, to meet, to meet up or about.

natily resolvei, to be suit vi with, to fiod.o-Rincontrare, Rimuichiare, to tow. firm in a purpose.

to bit os guess. -Riinurchiáto, adj. towed. Rincopáre, to fall in again, to Rincontráló, adj. met, met Rimorchio, s. m. a towing. be whiched again.

bath, hit, guessed.


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