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with ropes.

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Rincóntro, s. m. a meeting orl to stuff.

strengthen, to confirm, to rencounter.-— Rincóntro, a Rinferrajoláre, 10 cloak, to co fortify.--Il riposo rinfranca kick, hit, or push.-Rincón ver with a cloak.

le stanche memlra, tro, signal, sign, token, or Rinferiáre, to mend iron in- strengthens the weary limbs. mark. ---Rincóntro, prep. op struments.-Rinferrure, to --Rinfrancúre, to embolden, posice, over-against.–Di rin order, to set in order again. to make bold, to encourage. contro, opposite, over-against. Rinfiammagióne, s. f. a new -Rinfrancare il cuore, 10 ---Arincontro, opposite, over inflammation.

take up one's heart again. against.

Rinfiammáre, to infiame, tu Rinfrancáto, encouraged again, Rincuraménto, s. m. encou infiame again, to kindle again. made bold. ragement, courage.

-Rinfiammurši, to kindle Rinfrancescáre, v. InfrancesRincuráre, to encourage, tol again, to break out again.give courage, to incite. Intanto la battaglia si rinfi- Rinfrangere, to break, to beat" Rincurársi, to take courage. ammò asprissima tra i Tro- in pieces, to split. Rincordáre, to string, to tie jani e Greci, in the mean Rinfrangersi, to break.

while the combat grew very Rinfranto, adj. broken, beaten Rincórrere, to run swiftly - fierce and bloody between the in pieces. Rincórrere, to run over. Trojans and the Grecks. Rinfrenáre, to bridle.---RinRincórrere,to diappen, to come Rinfiancáre, to fank, 10 for- frendre, to bridke, to keep to pass, to betal, to fall out. tify the flanks (in fortifica- under or keep in, to restrain. Rincréscere, to be tired or fa tion.)

--Rinfrenare la lingua, to tigued.-Quinto mi rincresce Rinfiancato, adj. flanked, for contain one's self. lo stare a letto, how tired I tified in the Aanks,

Rinfrenáto, a dj. bricoled, curbam to be in bed.- Non vi rin-Rinfiláre, to thread or string ed, contained, refrained, cresca d' aspettare un poco, again.

Rinfrenazióne, s. f. refraining, stay a little I desire you.- Rinfocáre, to set all in a bridling, or curbing.

flame, to set Rinfrescamento, s. m. a coolcompagnia, how wearied I on fire.--Rinfocarsi, to be ing ou refreshing. -Rinfresca. ain of his company.

-Mi inflamed, to be vehemently ménto, refreshment, provisimuncresce molto della vostra in love,----Rinfocolúrsi, to ons, a supply. disgrazia, I am sorry for your grow hot upon a thing, to be Rinfrescare, to cool.–Rinfresa misfortune.

morc eager at it.----Rinfoco. rúre, to recreate, to refresh.Rincrescévole, adj. tedious, lársi, to catch fire, to fall Rinfrescúre, to refresh, to rewearisome, tiresome.

into a passion, to grow angry. new, to revive.-Rinfrescar Rincrescevolmente, adv. tedi- Rintóndere, to infuse or steep la pena, to renew or revive ously, in a tedious manner. again.-Rinfóndere, to foun one's grief.-Rinfrescare la Rincrescimento, s. m. weari- der a horse.-Rinfóndere, to memoria, to rcfresh or n ness, vexation, trouble, sor furnish, to find, to providie, to one's memory, put him in row, disquiet.-Far rinctes- supply, to give, 10 affo.d.- mind, 10 remember.-Rina cimento, to trouble, tu vex, Rinfundere, to refund, to pay frescare un luogo di soldati, to disquiet.--Venire a rincres- back.

e di provrisioni, to supply or cimento & una cosa, to be Rinfondimento, s. m. an in furnish a place with men, wearied or tired of a thing. fusion.-Rinfondimento, wea provisions, and ammunition. Rincrespáre, to frizzle, to curl. riness, vexation, trouble, sor -Rinfrescrirsi, to cool, to Rinculáre, to gh, to fall, to row, disquiti.-—-Rifondi- grow cool.--Il tempo cumindraw back.-Rinculáre, ménto, the foundering of a ria arinfrescarsi, the weather recoil, to draw back. horse.

begins to grow cool.---RinRinegáre, r. Rinnegare. Rinformare, to reform, to re- frescursi, to rest, to take a Rinegáto, v. Rinnegato. dress or improve.-Rinfor- little rest, to refresh one's Rinettáre, to clean or scour mure, to form, to frame or

self. again. make again.

Rinfrescativo, adj. cooling. Rinfacciaménto, s. re- Rinforzáre, in strengthen, to Rinfrescáte, adj. cooled. proach.

reinforce or fortify.--Rinfor. Rinfrescatójo, s. m. a cooler, Rintacciare, to reproach, to zure, to gather strength, to a cirern in a dining-room to upbraid, to charge. recover one's former vigour,

rut bcutes in. Rinfalconársi, to be overjoyed, to grow stronger.

Rinfresco, s. m. refreshment, to leap for joy.

Rinforzato, strengthening.-comfort.--Rinfresca, prouisia Rinfamáre, in repair one's ho- Rinforzo, } Rinforzo di sol- ons, sefreshment, supply, nour.A miei parenti tu lien duti, a supply, a recruit, re. Rinfronzire, io bring forth new mi rinfama, give my relations lief, or succour of men. leaves.-Rinfronzirsi, to a. a good account of me. Rinforzo di danari, a supply dorn, po deck, to trim, to set. Rintantocciare, 2. Rimbam or recruit of money.

off. bire.-Rinfantocciare, to pro- Rinfoscarsi, to grow dark. Rinfiso, adj. full, crammed, vide with new cloaths, to set Rinsrancáre, lo tree, to defend, stuffed. Vorio rinfren, the in good order again.

10 sure, to fortify.-Rin. foundering of a horse.--Rin. Rutarciáje, to fill to cram, frumoase, to corroborate, to fuso, conotunded, mingled,



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mixed together.-Alla rinfu- augmevt, to improve, to ado) -Rinnovar nella mente, to sa, adj. confusedly, without vance, to prefer.-Ringrun. remember, tu call to mind, to order in a jumble.

dire, to make or grow proud, refresh or renew the memory Ring gliardire, to grow strong to swagger, to brag, to glory of a thing.--Rinnoversi, to again to gather strength.

renew il-la luna si rir. Ringaliu zirc, to shew Ringrassare, to make fat, to nova ogni mese, the moon is Rengaliuzzolare, one's joy farten again.

new every month - Rinzo. by gesture of body, to skip for Ringravidamento, s. m. get- vársi, to provide, or furnish joy, to be extremely glad. ting with child again. one's self with. Ringangheráre, to set up the Ringravidare, to get with child Rinnováta, s. f. a renewing or hing's again, to hookagain.- again.-Roigravidúre, to be setting on foot again. Ringangherire, to find. with child again.

Rinnovatóre, a renewer or reRingavarnáre, to retake, to Ringraziamento, s. m. thanks, viver. take again, to recover -Rin- acknowledgment.

Rinnovatrice, she that renews greugnire la speranza, to Ringraziare, to thank, to return or revives. bone again, to have sonie or give thanks, w acknow. Pinnovazione, s. f.

setboper again. ledgea kindness.

Rinnovellazione, s. f. ing Ringeneráre, to regenerate, to Ringraziato, adj. thanked. Rinnuvellamento, s. m. bejet again, to cuuse to be Ringrossáre, to increase, to foot again, renewal.

auginent, to enlarge, to Rinnovelláre, to renew, to reRingentinte, to nobilitate, to strengihen with.-Ringros- fresh, to revive. make noble, to enroble, to sare la l'attagliu, to renew the Rinnuováre, v. Rinnovare, and Cukier more renowned. battle.

its derivatives. Ring tilito, adj. nobilitated,' Ringrossáto. adj. increased, Rinocerontáccio,s.m.augment, ennobled, rendered more re- augmented, enlarged, ad of Rinoceronte.

Vanced, strengthened. Rinoceronte, s. m. rhinocers, Rin hiare, ingrinlike a dog.-- Ringuiggiáre, to mend the up a large African animal, with Kingardre, to frown, or look per leather of a slipper. a horn on his nose. suriy.--Sari Vinos orrelil. Rinnailiire, to water again. Rinocerontessa, fem. of Rinomeille e tinghou, there stands, Rinnalzare. to raise, to raise ceronte. the frigluful Minos, and higher.--Rinnalzáre, to in- Rinománza, s.

f. renown, frowns it every body ---Ring cicase, to advance, to grow fame. hivre, to scoli, io sami, to grcater.

Rinomáre, s. f. to mention, to make a noise.

Rinnamorarsi, to fall in love talk of.—Non son cose da riRinghiera, s. f. a place of agun.

romare, they are not things common pleas, a pleading-Rinnegamento, s. m. abjura-worthy to be mentirneel. place.

Rinomáta, s. f. renown, fame, Ring!:10, s. m. a grinning'Rinnegáre, to deny, to for- reputation. runt.

| swear, tu abjure, to tum a re- Rinomato, adj. renowned, fa. Rin, sióso, adj. that grins, negado.

mous, nuted. sidiy.

Ruinegaráccio, s. m. a very Rinoméa, s. f. renown, reputaRrugicire, to sejoice, to leap or wickert, fellow.

tion, name, fame, note. Xip for jiv.

Rinnegáto, adj. forsworn.- Rinominánza, s. f. renown, Ringier idnite, ea grow young' Un rinnegato, s. m. å rene fame, note, name, reputation. 25.01.--!iquario poi ringio- gado, an apostate.

Rinomináre, to name, to menimier: l*:42.), and atter. Rinnegheria, s. f. forswearing, tion.-Rinominure, to praise wards when the springcomes abjuration.

or commend. again.

Rinnestáre, to graft, to ingraft, Ririomináto, adj. renowned, fakuziare. to carn round. Ob wu grit again. - Rinnestore mous, noted. - Riner ise, co chcai, to to re-unite, to join together Rinomo, s. m. fame, renown. Ols. again, to re-annex.

Rinovare, t. Rinnovare, and its Ringargamenw, s. m. a swell,' Rinnestátó, adj. grafted, graff. derivatives. os precipitous rise of the wa ed, re-united, re-audexede Rinovellamento, s. m. a reters through a narrow chan. Rinnovagione,

tlewing, reviving, or setting nel, which makes then go! Rinnovazione, s.f.renewal. on foot again. dhough with dimculty. Rinnovamento,

Rinovelláre, to renew or revive. Biugorere, to rise up, to 'Rinnovante, adj. renewing, re -Rinarellare il dolore, to resweil. ! viving.

new or revive one's grief.-Hintergato, adj. swollen, Risincovánza, s. f. renewal. Rinovellure, to remember, to

Rinnovúie, to renew, co begin refresh or renew the memory N:origo, s. fil. swell of the again.-flinnorare le risa, to of a thing, to call it to mind.

begin in laugh again.-Rinno- Rinovellazione, s. f. a reuew11 212, lasare, to zov a tiek vere, to renew, to revive, to ing, reviving, or seluog da • with core several years toge Scaie aguin.--Rinnovare una foot again.

questione, to renew, to pro- Rinsaccáre, to put in a sacks ar Handile, to incluide, w pose or stalt ajan a question. bag again.


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to dam up.

Rinsanguináre, to make bloody, nr obstacle.

Obs. Rinvertire, to happen, to imbrue with blood again. Rintórto, adj. writhed, wrested, to fall out, to come to pass. Rinsanguinare una ferila, to crooked.

Obs.-Rinderiire, to contest, renew a wound, to open it Rintracciamento,s.m. a search to change. Obsoleie -Rix again.-Rinsanguináre, to ing or seeking out.

vertire l'amore in odio, to supply with money. Rintracciare, to seck, to search change love into hatred. Rinsavire, to grow wise again. or find out, to trace, to inves- Rinverzicáre, to become or Rinsegnare, to teach again. tigate, to enquire.

Rinverzíre, } to grow green Rinscivarsi, to wax wild again, Rintracciálo, adj. found out, again. Riaver zicáre, co to grow into woods or bushes investigated, searched, sought make green again, to revive. again.-Rinselvársi, to enter

-Rimernicure, to revive, to or hide one's'self in the wood Rintronáre, to resound, to cheer up, to comfort, to fose again, to go very far or a great make a great noise.

tify. way into the wood.

Rintuz taménto, s. m. the act Rinvescáre, to daub with birdPinselváto, adj. waxed wild of blunting or taking the edge lime again.-Rincescure, to again, grown into weeds or away.

allure, io draw in, to intice bushes again, run into the Rintuzzáre, to blunt, to dull, again. wood again

or take off the edge or point. Rinvestire, to invest or vest, to Rinserenire, to clear up, to -Rintuzzúre, to push, 10 put in possession of, to give grow serene and clcar.--Rius beat or force back, to sepel the investiture.----Rinvestire serenire, to pacify, to an. or repulse.---- Rintu rúre, to un cosu in un'altra, to cucs, pease.

lessen, to make less, to dimi. to barter, iu exchange. Rinsignorire, to become mas nish, to abate - E pur lu Rinviáre, to send back. ter again.

granuozza dell' an'mo silo, la Rinvigoramento, s. M. CUTTO Rintanársi, to hide or conceal quede la porerà non avera po- Rinvigorimenio, } borsing,

one's self, to run into the den, tuto ni polera riuature, confirmation. speaking of wild beasts. multo sero mcdesz mo nommen- Ri ovigorare to gather Rintasáre, to stop, to shut up, dò, he highly commended in Rinvigorire, strength

himself the greatness of his again, to take hreart or courage Rintegráre, to reintegrate, to soul, which poverty could not a un. - Rinrigorire, restore one to his own.

oppress.--Rintzire, to ali. strengthen, to curroborate, to Rintenerire, to soften, to move enate, to estrange, to draw Te-animale, to revive. again to pily.

away.-Rintuzziitsi, co hum- Rinvigorito, adj. corroboratod, Rintenerirsi, to be moved again ble or abase one's saf. sitengthened, re-animatod. to picy or compassion, to re- Rintuzzáto, adj. blunt, blunt Rinviliárt, to undervalue, co len

ed, dull.--Runtuzzalo, stupid, Rinvilire, I vility, todespite Rintagamentu, s. m. redinte-blockish, dull.-Ingegno rin --Rimiliare, to dimicist in gracion, a making whole again, tuzzalo, thick brains, or skull. price, to lower the price ut.a renewing. Riutt ramchio | Rinvenire, to come to one's Rinciliù al STO!O sene ed us di salute, a recovsy of one's self, to recover one's senses. carlino, he brought dut health.

- Poi in miglior senno assen the Coin 10 a six-perke. Rintorzare, to triple, to fold do rinvenuto, diaving after re- Rinviluppare', tu wrap eps to three times, or make thue covered hus senses.--Rinvenire, involve, lo insclupeto tuld. fold.

to sevive, to take heart again. | --Riniluopuid, toimricate, Rintiepidžre, to cool, LO STOW --Kinzeuire, to grow fresh ti entroii, w contund. Rintiepidire, s cool, or luke- again, to revive. - Rimvenire, Rinvitare', to invite a gun. warm.-Rintiepidire, to cool, to find, to find out again.

Pirriture, to ocz 2 410W SWhe to lessen, to slacken, to abate, Rinveuito, adj. con lo onc's while playing. or retard. - całtiri successii seli asain.

Rinvitire, cu sevive, to COIT rintiepidiscono il coraggio, il Rinvéicio, s. m. Teverse. Obs. life again, to come to one's successes stacken or abate and they said it of a medal. stl.-70 irudzume, to was one's courage.- riredi nii- Rinverdire, 10 became or wax

io life again. tiepidiscono il dolore, reme green again.--kinrerdure, to Rinunzia, s. f. dies allay ox mitigate the pain. make green again.---Rimes. Rinunziagiune, s. f. Rintiepidire l'ira, to allay or dire, to renew or revive,-- Ruikaminto, s. m. relent one's anger.

Mia s' en rutal giovinezzi una a)n.--thmandunuta, Tejeri, Rinexcáre, to codi a bell. colta si perde moi più non sź tale, story. Obs. Rinconacure, to plaister again. rinverde, but it our youth Rinunziare, tu renomTKT, MO Rintoppamento, s. m. an ob. once tades away, it will neser 4.114, 2') turshe or giveawra stacle, an impediment. be fresh again.

a thisis. hinuine, to Xinsoppáre, to cacet wich, to Rinverrane, to find, to foud tune, u duy-Ritirziuza

light upon, to find.-Rintup- i vut, to discover ---Pererurentre 10 totci, to zcla, to spot, pure, w mend, tu pece, to 2010 maiusli, iu discuianglea tutell. patch.


Rinunziatu, adj. carpoi, Hintóppo, s. m. a meeting or Rinversáre, to overturn. quiet, for-ahen. sincovoier, au impediment Rinv200 to letum or go back,' RowWig

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mle-celler, a delator, an infor- dita, to repair, to make up, Ripertitore, reperitant, mer, or accuser. Obs. or retrieve a loss. -Riparare that repe=ts. Not used. Rinunzi zióne, s, f. renuncia. un darno, to make amends Ripercard, adj. repercussed. tion, a renouncing or forsak or give satisfaction for a da. bcaten or struck back; or ins.

mige.--Riparare, to hinder again. Rinvogliáre, to give a uew de to forbici, to stop.--Riparire, Ripercotiménto, s. m. repera sire.

10 vivify, to comfort, to re cussion, bearing of drising Rinco'cere,

store.-Riparársi, te shelter, back.--- Ripercoriménto, Rinoltare,' to wrap up again.

to Ay for shelter or refuge.fiexion. Rinvorato, adj. wrapped up, Raporirsi, to frequent, to Ripercuotere, to repercuss, to Rinvólio, involved or in hauni, lo resort often to. drive or strike back, to beat veloped. Riparát, adj. repaired

against.-Ripercuntere i denRinvoltúra, s. f. the act of Riparatóre, a restorer.

ti, to chatter one's teeth.wrapping and folling. Riparatúra, s. f. reparation, I denti gli ripercuotonn, bis Rinzaiare, to cram, to fill Riparazióne, ) restauration. teeth charter.--Ripo cuotere, Hi zeppure, with cotton, Rparlare, to speak again. to strike agrin. mortar, or any thing else.- Riparo, s. m. repair, sbelter, Ripercus ivo, adj. repercusire, Rinzenpure, 10 stop

with detence, remely:-.11n r'which strikeih ur rebriunden wedges. riparo, there is no remcdi

back. Rio, s. m. 1 brook, a rivulet.- for it.--Far riparo, to defend Riperdere, to love again. Rio, a crunc, a sin. Obs.-10l one's self, to withstand. -- Far Riperduro, adj. lost again. sun rinulio, enor per alır:) riparo intorno a qualche luogo, Riperélla, s. t. dimn. of Ripa. rin il ripi perdei, I am Virgil, to assemble, to meet together Ripesáre, to weigh or consider and for no other sin I have in a place.-liparo, means, again.-Ripesure, to weigh lost Heaven.-Rio, adj. wick way, subterfuge.

2 rain. eri, biad -Uomo rio, a wicked Ripartigióne, s. f. division, Riperáto, adj. weighed, coaman. ---Fortuna ria, adverse Ripartimento, s. m. > separa- sidered again. fortune--Vita ria, a miserabiel tion, repartition.

Ripescaménto, s. m. the act of litc.---Ciò mi far moito tio, Ripartire, to part, to separate, fishing out again. that vexes me very much. to divide,

Ripescáre, to fish any thing Riobárbaro, s. m. rhubarb. Ripartitamente, adv. separate out of the water.--Ripescóre, Rióne, s. m. one of the parts ly, respectively.

to remember to call to mind.-or wards, in which a city is Riparuro, adj. parted, separat Eyli avea tre nomi s'io tipes divided, a ward, ed. divided.

cassi il primo gli altri due anRiordináre, to re-ordain, to Ripartorire, to bring forth dreblono come le ciricge, he com; ose or set in order again. again, to lay in again. had three names ; if I could Riordináto, re-urdained, com- Ripáscere, to feed or eat again but remember the first, the

posed or set in order again. Ripassare, to repass, to pass, tu other two I should remember Riordinatore, s. m. he thatcom go, or cross again.

of course. poses or sels in order again. Ripassato, s. f. repassing, pass- Ripescato, adj. fished out of Riosservare, to observe again, ing or crossing again.

the water. to examine a second time. Ripassato, ads. repassed, pass- Ripestáre, to repound or beat Riúita, s. f. quarich, dispute, el, or crossed again.

again in a mortar. controversy, contentiun, rio, Ripau áre, to come to one's Ripetere, to repeat, to tell orer tumult. own country again.

again, to say over again, to Riot'áre, to quarrel, to dispute, Ripeccáre, io sin again, to reherree.

to contend, to wrangle. commit the same sin again. Riperiminto, s. m, repetition, Rivetosamente adv. tumultu. Ripensamento, s. m. conside- saving the saine thing over oulv, liugiously. rations, thoughts.

again, rehearsal. — Ripetime's Riottuso, adj. litigious, quar- Ripensáre, to re-consider, to to, relapse. relsome, briwling.

think again about the same | Ripetio, s. f quarrel, debate, Ripa, s. f. bank, shore-side, thing,

dispute, difference. coat, water-side. Ripa, a Ripentaglio, s. m. risque, ha- Ripetitøre, an usher or under rock, a hill, a high down-fall

. | zari, peril, danger.- llettere master in a school, a private Riparanrínco, s. m. a shelter or o porre a riprentaglio, to ven. master that teaches in pridefence.

ture, to hazard or expose. Riparáre, to remedy, to cure Ripenténza, s. f. Obs. re- Ripetitúra, s. f. v Ripetimen

or help.--Hiparare ad un Ripentiménko, s. m. pent-1 to. male, to remely an evil. ance, sorrow, penitence. Ripetúto, p. p. of Ripétere. Non ri si jorù riparare, that Ripentirsi, to repeat, to be sor- Ripezzáre, to piece, to patch. can't be helped.-Riparare, ry. Ve ne ripentirete un gi. Ripezzato, adj. pieced, parehito defend, to protect, to main. orno, you'll love to repent it. ed.

r support, to shelter.-- -e ne foiù ripentire, I'll Ripezzatore, a patcher, a cobler. Riparúre, to repair..- Ripu. make you repent it.

Ripezzaúra, s. f the act of fare una casa, to repair a' Ripentito, house..Riparare una per. Ripentúlo, s

paiching, and the state of be-24;. repented.

ing patched.- Un abi'o piens



di ripezzature, a coat full of mand, to rebuke, to check, to quiet. pieces and patches.

blame, to chide, to reprove. Riposáre, to rest one's self, to Ripiácere, to please again. Ripigliare uno, to win one, get rest.-Ripostire, to sest, Ripiacimento, s. m. a new. to draw one in, to captivate. or refresh. ---Andale a ripopleasure or delight.

Ripiglio, s. m. apprehension, sare, go to bed. - Riposarsi Ripiágnere, to cry or weep rebuke, reproach, reprimand. sopra uno in una cosa, 10 leagain.-Riniagnérsi, to com- Ripignere, to push, to beat, to ly upon one about an affair, plain, to lament, to bewail force, to thrust, or drive back, to trust, or intrust himn with . again, to make new com. to repel or repulse.---Ripig. it.-Riposarsi, to cease', to plaints.

un colpo, to parry a discontinue.-Riposossi il 10Ripiantáre, to replant, to plant stroke.

more, e que' che avevano (ro' again.

Ripinto, pushed, beaten, pas valcato si tornarono a Firenze Ripiantáto, adj. replanted, ricd.

me, the tumult was appeased, planted again.

Ripiovere, to rain again. and those that had ridden out Ripicchiare, to knock again. Kipire, to climb, or clamber returned to Florence.--EriRipicchire, to begin again up Obs.

posando le guerre di fuori, wnat was left.--Avendo pic- Ripitio, s. m. grief, pain, sor and the foreign wars bing at chiáto e ripicchialo, having row, affliction, torment, an an end.- Riposare, s. m. rest, knocked many times. guish. Obs.

quiet, peace. Ripidézia, s. t. the steepness Riplacáre, to appease, to pa- Riposatamente, adv. quietly, or sloping of a hill upwards. city, to calm, to compost, in contentedly, peaceably ---Ri. Ripiilo, adj. steep, uphill. quict.

guardat uno riposatamente, Ripiegare, to plait, to fold. Riporgere, to give, to present to look ujon one smiling. * Ripiegar dil panno, io fold up azan.

Riposáto, p. p. of Riposare. cloth.--Ripiegare una lellera, Ripórre, to put or set again. Non ho len Tiposato stanotle, to fold or make up a letter:- Riporre, to put, to set, to I did not sleep last night, Ripiegarsi, to bend, to bow, place.-- Ripórte, to bury.-- Riposalóre, he that gives rest, or sink.-Ripiegarsi, to en- Ripúrre, iu hide, to con a comfortes.--Riposatúre, ha tangle one's selt.-Ripiegarsi ceal.---Ripérre, to plant, ou that rests, or takes his resi. ne' vizi, to sink into vice or set again.-Rizérre, to make «ipojévole, adj. quiet, stül, wickedness.-Ripiegúre, to up again, to restore, to se- tranquil, peaceable.--Una viblunt, to dull, to make blunt build, or build again.-hi ta riposerole, a quiet life.-or dull.-Ripiegúre, tu bend, pérre, to reckon, to put in Sono riposerole, sweet slcepr. or bow.

ine number, to ascribe ---Ri- Ripositório, s. m. place to Ripiego, s. m. a remedy, cure, porsi, to begin, ur set about lay up, or hide things in, a help comfort. — Vonvè ripie- a thing.

repository. go, there is no remedy,-- Riportamento, s. zn. the act of Kipuso, s. m. rest, repose, Bisogna pigliare un altro ri- carrying back.

quiet, peace, quietness piego, I must go anaiher way Riportántc, adj. carrying back, Vivere in riposo, to live in 10 work. referring, relating.

peace.---Lasciatemi in riposo, Ripienezza, s. f. repletion, sur-Riportáre, 10 carry back:- lee me alone, or be quiet. teit.-Ripienézza di stomaco, Riportúre, to reiate, to refer, O caro bene, o solo mio mi. indigestion.

to tell --Riportar grozio, 10 poso, my dear, my only comRipiédu, adj. full, filled, re thank, to give thanks plenished. - Ripiéno, replete, Riportáte, to defer, to delay Ripósta, s. f. a putting apart.-fat, big.-Ripióno, s. I. stufa or put oti-Riport ire, to ac far ripasta, to lay apari, 10 fing, any thing that serves to quire, to get, to gain.--Ni

reserve, to put by; or aside. stuff, or fill up. — Ripieno di riporterele grande onore, Ripostáglia, v. Ripostiglio. cappone, the pudding of a you'll acquire great honour Rijstamente, arv, in secret, capon.-Servir pi ripieno, to by it.-Ho riportato degnol secretly. under hand. stand for a cypher.-Ripieno, premio delle mie fatiche, 1 Ripastiglio, s. m. a repusireimbursement.

have been fully rewaded for Ripo, time. I tory, a place Ripigliamento, s. m. the act of iny pains.

where things are laid up and retakine. - Il ripigliamento Riportáti), p. p. of riportare. kept, a lurking hole. d'una città, the retaking of a , Riportatúie, he 1110 carries Riposto, adj. put, laid, placed, towi. Ripigliamento, re back.---liporiutóre, a telli v. Riporre-Riposto addietri, morse, sting of conscience. tale, a tale-teller, an intornier, hidor hidden --Tener tiposto, Ripigliare, to retake, to take! a delator, or accuser.

to hide, to conceal.--Luogo again, to recover.--Rizigireus, Ripório s. m. report, account, riposto, a lurking hole. ach se swa carile e sul figura, he will relacion, information. or secret place, a hidden corIr-assume his fish and his pório, embroidery. shape. ----Ripigliare le sue, Riposaniénto, s. m. Test, quiet, Ripiegare, to pray, to desire or forze, one's į peace.

intreat again. strength.--Ripigliare il suo Riposánte, adj. resting, that Ripremere, to press, to repress, cammino, to continue oue': 1 rests.

10 Squeeze.--Riprimere, torce joumey.--Ripiglire, to repri- Riposanza, s. l. rest, peace. press, to curb, to stop or stay,




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