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again. Obs,

to quell, to kecp under, *to, Riproniésso, adj. promised Ripurgare, to purge again, and sestrain. again.

also to purge well. Ripremútc, adj. squeezed, re- Riprométtere, to promise again. Riputaménto, v. Riputazione.

presned, curbed, quelled, kepe -Riprométtersi, to promise | Riputánza, Obs. s. f. reputa. under.

one's selt, in expect.--- Non so Riputazione, tion, reRiprendere, to retake, to take che riprometlermi dei mio ne. pute, fame, report, credit, es. again, to regain, tu recover.. gozio, I don't know what to Riprendere ardire, to take think of my affair.

Riputáre, to repute, to think, courage again.--Riprendere Ripróva, s. f. demonstration, to count or look upon..

fiato, to fetch breath again..- clear proof, trial, experiment. Riputaio, adj. reputed, looked Riprendere, 10 rebuhe, to Riprovagióne, s. t. reprobation, upon, thought, counted. check, to chide, tu reprimandl rejection.

Riquadráre, to quadrare or or reprove.-Riprendersi, to Riprosáre, to prove, to try square. mend.-Riprendersi d'un viol again.-Riprováre, in repro- Riquadráto, adj. squared. 210, tó forsake 3 vicc, to re bate, to rejeci or cast off. - Riquadratura, s. f. quadrature, claim one's self froin it.-ni Riprovúre, 10 confute, to dis a square, or the squaring of praruesi dal vino, to leave prove and overthrow the ar any thing off wine.

gument ot one's adversary. Risa, v. Risata. Obs. Riprendevole, adj. reprehensi- Riprováto, adj. proved, tried a- Risaettáre, in throw darts at ble. gain.

those who throw darts fin, Riprendevolmente, adv. repre- Riprovazióne, s. fo the act of or to throw darts at one anohensibly.

trying again, reprobation, re ther. Riprendimiento, s. m. repre-jection.

Risagire, to restore, to re-estahension, rebuke, reproach, re- Riyrovédere, to view or blish, to put in possession primand.

Riprovvedére, consider Riprenditúre, s. m. reprover, again.-Riprovvedere, to pro- Risaldáre, to solder again. controller, corrector, adno- vide, to look or take care Risaldáre, to cure or heal. nisher. again.

Risuldare una ferita, to heal Riprenditrice, s. f. she that re- Ripruova, v. Riprova.

a wound, primands, rebukes, or chides. Ripu liáre, to repudiate, to di- Risaldáro, adj. solderel again. Riprensibile, adj. reprehensivorce.


Ri alimento, s. m. ascending, ble, reproveable.

Ripudiato, adj. repudiatcd, di going or climbing up again. Riprensióne, s. f. reprehen vorced.

Risaliic, !o ascend, to climb, sion, reproof, reprimand. Ripudio, s. m. divorce, ripudi to go up again, to rise or Riprensore, s. n. reprover, ation.

mníunt up again.-Risalire, to controller, faull-finder, he Ripugnante, adj. repugnant, tu jump up again that repriniands, rebukes, or

Risaltáre, tu lcap, to skip, or chides.

Ripugná iza, s f. repugnancy, start back again, to rebound, Riprésa, s. fi a renewing, re- aversion, opposition, contra 10 jump, or rerire back again. iteration.-Ripresa, time. riety, reluctancy,

Risaltare di muoro a carallo, Per più riprese, in severai Ripu znáre, to ripugn, to go to leap or get on horseback times.-Ripresa, reprise, ? azaroscor contrary tó, to clash again.-Risullore, to jut out. repetition in dancing.–Ri-with, to resist or withstand. Risalto, s. mn. a jutring or leanprésa,admonition, reprehena -l'iò ripugna alla ragione, ing out in a building, a prosinn, reprimand.

that is contrary to reason, this jection.-Dare un risalto, 10" Ripreságlia, s. f. reprisals. clashes with reason.

start, to be surprized. Kipresentáre, to present again. Ripuznazióne, v. Ripugnanza. Nısalutáre, w salute again, to

--Ripresentdre, to present, to Ripúgnere, w prick or sting sesalule.
shew, to lay before.

Risalutato, adj. saluted again. Ripresenáto, adj. representer, Ripuliménto, s. m. the act of Risanábile, adj. curable. brought tonih, produced. furbishing.

Risaváre, lo cure again.--Risa. Ripresentatore, he that pre- Ripulire, to furbish, to clean, nare, to recover, to be well senis, shews, or lays forth. to cleanse. --Ripulire, to start again. Ripresentatore, imitator, mi or put up again the game in Risanáto, adj. cured, recovered!. mick. ---Ripresentatore, dis- hunting.

Risapére, iu know, to be told sembler.

Ripulito, adj. polished, cleans of, -So I' mio marito risoposRipreso, adj. retaken, taken ed.

se, it my husband should again, reprimanded. Ripulluláre, to repullulate, to come to know. Ripréstare, to lend again. bud forth, to spring up again. Risachiáre, to weed again. Riprézzo s. m. a shivering or Ripúlsa, s. f. repulse, reusal, Risarcire, to mend.-Riscarcia cold fil.--Mirien ripre:2.0 al vienal.-Dare una ripulsa, tu re una pérdita, to make good, pensarci, my hair stands on refuse, to deny.

or make amends for a les.endi when I think of it. ipuláre, to repulse, to reject Risarcire la ripulazione ad Riprot átv, adj. tried again. or deny.--Ripuisare una len. una donna, to repair a woPiprofondáre, to sink, to im. tazione, to repel a templa

man's honour or repulation, merse ur plunge again.

in make lier reparation.

condly ).



Rista, s. f. laughter, laughing] Andare a rischio, to be in trre, to fetch a thing out of

at, derision, mockery.---Se ne danger.-Male di rischio, a pawn, to redeem it.-Rischio feceunarisata, he laughed at it.1 dangerous distemper.

térsi, to escape, to get awav, Risbadigliáre, to gape or yawn Richioso, adj. dargerous, ha. to get loose -Riscueagain

zardous, perilous.-Pericolo térsi, to recover, or regain. RisbalJire, to rejoice or over-rischioso, imminent danger. Foglio riscuotermi, Ull have joy. Obs.

Risciacquáre, to rinse, to wash. my revenge at play:--Rasa Riscaldamento, s. m. heating - Risciacyuare un bicchiere, cuotérsi, to be revenged, to or warming; a heat.-Riscal. to rinse a glass.-Risciaca return like forlike, to be erra damento, vexation, trouble, quarsi la bocca, to wash one's with one, to retaliate.-RisSorrow, disquiet, Riscalda- mouth.

cuotersi, to tremble, to quake, ménto, a pimple.

Risciacquáto, p-p. of Risciac to shake or shiver. Riscaldáre, to warm or heat quáré.

Riscuotiménto, s. m. exaction, again.-Riscaldare gli orec- Risciacquatójo, s. m. a little a receiving. chi ad uno, to make one be- channel or trough.

Riscuotitore, exactor, receiver. lieve a great many things, to Riscomunicáre, to excommu- Risdegnársi, to grow angry give him understand nicate again.

again, to fall in a passion. strange things.---Riscaldursi, Riscontáre, to requite or re- Risecáre, to cut again. to warm one's self, to get one's compense, to make amends, Riseccáre, to dry up, to exself warm again.--Riscaldársi, to discount or make up. haust -Riseccursi, co dry to stir up, to get new wrath | Riscontráre, to meet, to meet up, to grow dry. or spirit, to grow more eager with, to find.---Riscontráre le Riseccáto, 1 adj. dried up, exat.---La guerra s'è riscaldata, scritture, to compare, to col- Risecco, } hausted. the war is broke out, or kin- late.--- Riscontráre, toconsult, Risedénte, adj. that resides.dled again.-Riscaldársi, to toconfront, to compareor con Un riscdente, s. m.a resident, grow angry, to fall in a pas- fer.--.-Riscontrarsi nel favel- Risedénza, s. f. residence. sion.--Riscaldársi, to blast. lare, to agree together, to say Risedére, to reside, to stay, to Riscaldativo, adj. heating, thesame thing.--Riscontrársi, continue or abide.- Risedére, warning, apt to heat or warm. to light upon, to meet or to be lodged or placed, to fit Riscaldato, adj. heated, warm


well.-La vita dell'uomo ed.-Riscalduto, inflamed, in- Riscontrato, adj. met, met risede nel cuore, man's life is censed, kindled, stirred up.- with.

placed in the heart.-Solo a Riscaldato, mended, restored, Riscóntro, s. m, a meeting or ciò la mia mente risede, lam gotten up again.

rencounter - Riscúntro, the thinking only of thai. Riscappináre, new-foot act of comparing thing to Risedio, s. m. residence, abode, stockings.

thing, collation.-Riscontro, dwelling.place. Fare il sud Riscattare, to redeem.

sign, token, maik, probable risedio in un luogo, to reside, Riscattársi, to be revenged, to evidence.

or make 'one's residence in a be even with one, to return A riscontro, adv. over against, placé. like for like.—Riscattarsi nel opposite.

Riseduto, adj. resided. giuoco, co win again the mo- Riscórrere, to run over, to Riséga, s. t. the jutting or ney that one had lost at play. tread over again, to perusc. leaning out in a building, Riscatto, s. m. redemption, Obs.

projectiue. ransoming or delivering; re- Riscorrimento, s. m. a course, Risegáre, to saw again.--Risen covery,making up one's losses.


gdre, to cut, to cut off, lo tale to choose again.

Riscorticáre, to flea again. clean away.-Risegúre, to sea

Riscóssa, s. f. exaction, parate, to part, to divide, to Rischiaramento, s. m. making| Riscossione, ; demand, re part or cut in two. cleai, claircissement. - Ris quest.

Riseggio, s. m. residence, chiaraménto, joy, mirth. Riscossa, s. f. the back game abode. Obs. Richiarare, to clear.-- Rischia at back-gammon.-Riscossa, Riségna, s. f. resignation. Túre, to clear or make clear, recovery, rescue, deliverance. Risegnáre, to resign, to render, to explain of unfold.-Ris --Riscóssa, exacted, demand- torenounce, to yield or give up. chieráre un dullia, to ex cd, recovered.

Rise mbráre, to resemble, to plain a doubt --Rischiarúre, Riscotitore, an exactor. be like--Sirisembrano molto, to clear the voice.--Rischia. Riscritto, s. m. rescript, a they are much alike.--Ui riTurri, to clear up, to grow writing in answer to another. semitra, it seems to me. clear.-Il tempo comincia a - Riscritto, adj. writ over Risemináre, to sow again. rischiararsi, the weather be again.

Rinsensársi, to recover one's, gins to clear up.Rischia. Riscrivere, to write, to write senses, to come to one's self 'rursi, to enquire into a thing, over again.

again. Not used, to inform one's self about it. Riscuotere, tu exact, to de- Risentimento, s. m. resent. Mischievole, adj. perilous, dan mand, to receive.- Andare a meni.---Fartinentimento gerous, hazardous.

riscuotett, to go to receive d'un' ingiurid, to resent an Rischio, s. m. risque, hazard, money._Riscuuleve, 10 re

alion Risentimento, re* venture, peril, danger. dcem, to rarasom.--Riscuú.

morse, check, sting of cona Vol.de



& run.


, } to





Risguardaménto, s. m. inspec- to determine, to purpose. Risentire, to awake.-E alla tion, looking on.

Risolvere una cosa, to resolve fine fattala risentire, and at Risguardánte, inspector, over a thing, or upon a thing, to last having awaked her.-Ri

-Risguariúnte, adj. come to a resolution. -Risole sentirsi, to wake out of one's that inspects, looking narrow versi in lagrime, to melt in sleep.-Risentirsi, to recover ly into.

tears. one's senses, to come to one's Risguardáre, to look upon, to Risolvimento, s. m. resolution, self again.-Risentirsi, to re see, to behold.—Risguardáre, determination. pent.--Risentirsi de' suoi falli, to mind, to take notice or Risolutamente, adv. absolute. to repent of one's sins.--Ri-l heed, to consider.

ly, obstinately, peremptorily. sentirsi, to grow strong, or Risguardatóre, spectator, be- Risolutivo, adj. resolutive, rewell again.-Risentirsi, to re holder

solving sent an injury, to be reveng. Risguardo, s. m. look, view.- Risolúto, adj. resolved. --Risoed of it.

Risguardo, regard, considera luto, resolute, stout, hardy, Risenticamente, adv. in anger, tion, respect, account.--Aver bold. grievously.

risguardo a qualche cosa, to Risoluzione, s. f. resolution, Risentitu, adj. sensible. mind, to regard or consider a dissolving, or melting --RiComo risentito, a passionate thing.-Lo farù a risguardo soluzione, resolution, full purman.-Risentito, sharp, tart, rostro, l'll do it for your pose or intent, determination, poignanı. Vino risentito, sake.

mind, intention. brisk wine. -Parole risentito, Risibilc, adj. risible, ridicu- Risomigliánte, adj. resembling, sharp, satirical or keen words. lous.

like. Risérba, }

Risibilità, s.f. risibility, capacity Risomigliánza, s. f. resem. S. f. reservation. Riserva,

of laughing.

blance, likeness, similitude. Riserbagióne, v. Riserbazi- Risicare, v. Rischiare.

} Riservagione,

Risomigliáre, to resemble, to Risico, s. m. risque, hazard, be like.–Virisomiglia molto, Riserbáre, to reserve, to keep venture, peril, danger. he is very much like you. Riserváre,) to lay up, to save. Risicóso, adj. dangerous, ha- Risomméttere, to submit again. --Riserbure, to delay, to de- zardous, perilous.

Risonante, adj. resounding, fer.--Riserbáti alia vendetia, Risigállo, s. m. a kind of herb ringing, sounding.-Risonanlive to revenge yourself.-Ri- so called.

le voce, a resçunding voice. se vláre, to save or deliver from Risimigliáre, v. Risomigliare. Risonanza, s. f. a sound. death.Riserbáre, to con- Risino, s. m. a smile.

Risonáre, to resound, to, sider, to have a consideration Risípola, s. f. erysipelas, St. sound or ring again.-Risofor, to mind, to regard. Anthony's fire.

nare, to resound, to ring or Riserbatamente, adv. cautious- Risipolátó, adj. that is afflicted echo.---La sua fuma risuone ly, warily, prudently. with an erysipelas.

per tutto, his renown rings Riserbáro, adj. reserved. Risistenza, y. Resistenza. every where, or he is renownUomo riservalo, a circum- Risistere, v. Resistere.

ed every where. spect or wary man. Andar Risma, s. f. a ream of paper. Risorgénte, adj. rising again. riserlato in un affare, to act, Riso, s. m. laughter, smile, Al risorgenle sole, the next or proceed cautiously in an pl. Risa, s. f.-Far risa gras. day, Poct. affair.

se, to burst out with laughing Risorgere, to rise up again.Riserbazione, S. f. reserva or into laughter. -Scoppiar il sole risorge, the sun rises. Riservazione, tion. delle risa, to split one's sides Risorrésco, s. m. resurrection. ,

with laughing. --Morire delle Obs.--Pasqua di risotresco, S. m. v. Riserva.

risa, to die with laughing.- Easter. Obs. Rise rráre, to 'shut again. Riso Sardonico, Sardonic Risorto, s. m. tribute. Obs. Riserrato, adj. shue again.laughter, an involuntary shew Risúrto, dependency, juris

Riserráto, closed up again. of laughter, occasioned, as diction. Obs.--Esser di ri. Risérva, s. f. reservation.--Ri-l they say, by earing of a cer sorlo d' un principe, to desérva, reservation, proviso.-taln venomous herb growing pend on a prince, in be under Riserva, reserve, reservedness, in Sardinia, from whence it or subject to him.-Risorto, discretion, caacion, circum- takes its name.--Riso Sardo- adj. risen. i spection. ---Parlar con riserva, nico, a false smile, a treach- Risospígnere, to push, to beat,

to speak cautiously, or with erous smile.Riso, s. m. to force, to thrust, to drive caution.-Dar seuza riserva, rice, a sort of grain.-Riso, back again, to repulse, or reto give freely or prodigally.- adj. laughed,

pel. Far riserva, to lay up. Risoffiare, to blow again. Risospinto, adj. pushed back, Riserváre, v. Riserbare. Risolare, to new-sole shoes. repelled, repulsed. Riservato, adj. reserved.-An. Risolino, s. m. a smile. Risotterráre, to bury, to hide, dar riservato in un affare, to Risolvere, to resolve, to dis to put in the ground again. proceed, act, or deal cautious- sipate, or melt,~Risolvere, to Risovvenire, to remember. ly in an affair.

resolve, to reduce, or turn Far risorvenire, to make reRisgaráre. to overcome again. one thing to another.Risólmember, to put in mind. Obs.

vere, to resolve, to deliberate, Risparmiamento, s, m. savings


an an




ness, husbandry, parsimony.s to explain, to expound, to this window looks into the Risparmiare, to spare or hus- explicate, to interpret, to un- garden.--Rispondere, to obey, band, to be a saving or good fold, to open.

to be obedient, to yield, to husband. - Risparmidre, to Rispianato, adj. smoothed, submit.--Come ogni membro spare, to save, or exempt. made smooth or even, ex

ullanima risponde, 'as every Non risparmia nessimo, he plained.--Rispianato, s. m. limb obeys the soul. spares nobody.---Risparmia- a plain, a smooth or even Risponditore, a surety, he that Te, to forgive, to pardon. ground,

answereth, undertakes, or proRisparmiáto, p. p. of Rispar- Risparmáre, to spare, to save, miseth for. miare.

to husband, to be saving or a Risponsióne, s. f. Risparmiatore, a money saving good husband.

Rispónso, s. m. swer, reman, a miser, a parsimonious Rispiarmamento, s. m. sav. Risposta, s. f. sponse. fellow.


ingness, Risposto, adj. answered Risparmio, s. m. savingness, parsimony, husbandry. Risprangáre, to sew broken parsimony, husbandry. Rispigoláre, to glean or lease, vessels with wire. Rispazzáre, to sweep, to clean to gather ears of corn. Risquittire, to set out again the again.

Rispingere, to push, to beat, to feathers to a bird. Rispegnere, to extinguish, to thrust or drive back, to re- Risquitto, s. m. respite, rest, put out again. pulse.

time, delay. Rispéndere, to spend or lay Rispinto, adj. pushed, thrust, Rissa, s. f. a strife, quarrel, out again.

driven back, repulsed. dispute, noise. Rispênto, adj. extinguished, Rispiráre, v. Respirare. Rissante, adj. litigious, quarrelput out again.

Rispirazione, v. Respiro. Rispectáre, to respect, to ho. Rispárto, s. m. rest, quiet, re- Rissáre, to brawl, to scold, to nour, to regard to show res. spite. Prender rispitto, to quarrel. pect.

Test, to pause, to breathe.- Rissoso, adj. quarrelsome, liRispettato, adj. respected, ho Dammi un di rispitto, let tigious. noured, regarded.

me breathe, let me rest a lit- Ristabilimento, s. M. repairing, Rispettivamente, adv. re te, let me consider awhile. restoration, re-establishment, tively, in respect, recipe isplendente, adj. shining, re recovery. Rispettivo, adj. respect splendent, glittering. Ristabilire, to repair, to re. of respect, submissis

Risplendentemente, adv. clean- store, to re-establish, to recopettivo, respective 1, ly, gayly, triinly, neatly, fine-ver, to renew. reciprocal.


Ristagnáre, stanch Rispetto, s. m. resim ard, Risplendézza, s. f. the effu- stop. -- Ristagndre il sangue, reverence, vene -Por- sion of light, light.

to stanch or stop the blood. tar rispetto a uno, to Rispléndere, to shine, to'glis- Ristagnáre, to form a pond.shew respect

-Aver -Rispléndere, 'to live l'acqua vi ristagna in diverse rispetto per la sacre, to splendidly, magnificently, no parti, the water forms there have a vend for holy bly, sumptuously.

several ponds.-Ristagnare, things.Pe rispetto ad Risplendévole, adj. shining to solder with tin. uno, to be upon the glistening, glittering, bright, Ristagnativo, adj. stanching, respect de one, to be noble, fine.

apt to stanch or stop. saucy or rtinent before Risplendiénte, adj. shining, Ristágno, s. m. stagnation. one. -Cof, ispetto vostro, glittering, glistening. Obs. Riscampáre, to reprint. with your favour, by your Risplendiménto, s. m. glitter, Ristampáto, adj. reprinted. leave, un correction or fa- brightness.

Ristánza, s. f. the act of stopvour.–Arisspetto, adv. in Risplendore, s. m. splendour, ping, of lying still. Obs. comparison to.-Per rispet- brightness. Obs.

Kistáre, to discontinue, to leave to, in consideration, on ac- Rispogliáre, to strip naked off, to intermit, to give over. count, for the sake.—Per ria again.

Ristaurare, to restore, to respetto vostro, for your sake. Rispondente, adj. that an establish, or repair.-RistauPer rispetto di lui, upon his swers.---Rispondente, answer Tare le forze, to recover one's account. Per buon rispetto, able, proportionate.

strength. for a good reason, upon a good Rispondenza, s. f. confarm- Ristaúro, s. m. restauration, re. account -Di rispetto, more ableness, proportion.

establishment.--Dar ristausover.-Con due mesi di risa Rispóndere, to answer, to te. petto, with two months grace. ply,to make answer.-Rispón. Ristecchire, to dry up, to grow -Caval di rispetto, a ma dere, to answer, to correspond, dry. naged horse.-Rispetto, a pne to make a suitable return.- Ristecchito, adj. dried up, dry. etical composition so call. Rispondere al pagamento, to Ristilláre, to distil again; v. ed.

pay punctually.-Rispondere, Stillare. Rispettoso, adj. respectful, full to look, to face, to front, to Ristio, v. Rischio, of respect, submissive.

be situated against, to lead, to Ristituire, z., Restituire. Rispianáre, to smooth, to make go, or strike into. Questa fi- Ristoppáre, to stop with cow, smooth or even, Rispiandre, nestra risponde al giardino, to stop.




To, to restore.

m. recom



Ristoppiáre, to glean, to gather constrain. Ristrignere, to to proceed.-Risultare, to reears of corn.

strcighten, to make streight, dound.-Ciò risaltereble in Ristoraménto, s.

to make narrow or narrower. mio danno, this would turn pense, reward, requital. ---Far --Ristrignersi, to grow streight or light to my prejudice. ristoramento, to make a or narrow, to grow streighter Risultato, s, m, the same as mends.-Ristoramento, resto or narrower, to shrink. Risultaménto.

ration, re-establishment. Ristrignere, to stop, to curb, Risuonare, v. Risonare. Ristorâre, to recompense, to to restrain, to keep in, to re- Risupino, adj. sapine, turned

reward, or requite, to make frain. Ristrignere il ventre, with the belly upward:amends, to give satisfaction. to bind the belly._Ristrig- Cader risupino, to fall back. Ristorare un danno, to repair, nersi con uno, to contract a ward or upon one's back. to make up, to retrieve a great friendship with one.-Risurgénte, adj. rising up loss.-Ristorare l' onore d'una Ristrignersi nello spendere, to again. donna, to repais a woman's re retrench one's expenses, 10 Risúrgere, to rise up again. putation.—Ristoráre, to re

live within compass.

Risúrgere, to raise, io rise from store, to repair, tore-establish, Ristrignimento, s. m. restric the dead. ---Risárgere, to proto renew.-Ristortire, to sup- tion, limitation.--Ristrigni-ceed, to spring. ply, to furnish with, to af. ménto, bridling, checking, Risurrezione, s. f. resurrection,

ford --Ristorúre, to refresh, curbing or holding in. a rising again from the dead. to comfort.

Ristringere, 2. Ristrignere. Risuscitare, to resuscitate, to Ristorarsi, to refresh one's sell, Ristringimento, v. Ristrigni raise from the dead.-Risus. to take some retresiimont, to

citáre, to rise again from the comfort one's self.-Ristorrir- Ristuccáre, to plaister with, to dead.-Risuscitáre, to spirit, si, to cat, to feed or live up- stick again.-Restuccure, to to encourage.

Joach, to nauseate, to abhor. Risuscitáto, revived. Ristorativo, adj. strengthen- Ristúcco, adj. surfeited, out of Risuscitatóre, a reviver. ing or healing cordials, conceit, weary of.-lo sono Risuscitazióne, s. f. revival, the Ristorato, adj. restored, Tistucco del vostro discorso, act of reviving. Ristorätóre, restorer, re-esta I am weary of your discourse, Ritagliáre, to cut again.-Riblisher.

-Rstucco, full, crammed, tagliare, to cut, to take away, Ristoratrice, she that restores glutted.--La vostra gola non

to abate. or repairs.

è mai ristuura, you are never Ritagliatore, a retail merchant, Ristorazione, s. f. restauration, satisfied, you are insaciable. a clothier. re-establishment.

Risucciare, to suck out, to Ritaglio, s. m. shreds.-VerRistoro, s. 13. reward, requital, | drink up, to dry up.

dere a ritaglio, to sell by rerecompense, or amends.- Risucitamento, resurrection. tail.-Mercante a ritaglio, a Dunque, che render possi per Obs.

retail merchant, a shop-keepristoro? then what amends Risucitáre, to raise from the can one make? - Ristóro, dead, to revive. Obs.--Risu- Ritardamérito, s. m. stay, stop, comfort, release, ease. citare, tu raise again trom the delay, hindrance. Mistrettaménie, adv. in a con dead. Obs.

Ritardanza, v. Ritardazione. tined manner ; compactedly, Risucitáto, adj. risen, raised Ricardáre, to retard, to hinder, shruggishly, with constraint. from the dead. Obs.

to stop, to keep or put off, to Ristrécto, adj. bound, confin- Risucitazione, s. f. resurrec- delay. - Ritardáre, to stay.-ed, stinted, abridged --Starsi | tion, raising from the dead. Ritardare, to go too slow, Tistretto, to stand still.Ris. Obs.

Ritardáto, adj. retarded, hins trétto, s. m. an abridgment Risudaménto, s. m. new sweat, dered, kept off, put off, stopor abstract._ll rispetto del sweating again. - Risuda-ped, delayed. quegozio, the general, princi- ménto, vapour, fume. Ritardatore, he that delays, pal, the main or chief points Risudáre, to sweat again.---Mi- puts off, retards, or stops. of a business -- Nel ristretto sudáre, to evaporate, lo sweat Ritardazione, s. f. stop, stay, di poche pagine, in a few

Ritardo, s, in. } delay, hin pages.in tisitetto, in short, Risvegliamento, s. m. excita- drance. to cut short.

sion, stirring up, provocati- Ritegno, s. m. moderation, som Ristrignere, to bind or tve up,

briety, discretion, caution, to hold hard. Ristrignere, to Risvegliáre, to awake again.- circumspection, reserve, mojoin, to unite, to compact, to , Risvegluire, to wake or awake, desty. Ritégro, defence, progather together. --Ristrignersi to rouze or break one's sleep. tection, prop, support, obsta in un luogo, to shelter une's -Risveglidre, to wake, tostir cle.-Ritigno, any manner of selt in a place.-Ristrignersi up, to excite, to provoke, to thing wherewith another is: nelle spalle, to shrug up one's revive.

stayed and holden back, 1, shoulders.---- Ristrignersi, to Risvegliato, adj. awaked. string or tie, a stay..Spender draw nigh, to approach, to Risugelláre, to seal again. senza ritegno, to spend pro

-Ristrignere, to Risultaménto, s. m. result. fusely, to squander away.. shut up, to inclose-Ristrig. Risultánte, adj. resulting. Riteménza, si f. fear. nec, to oblige, to force, to Rişultáre, to, result, to follow, Ritemére, to fear, to be afraid of



come near

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