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Ritemperáre, to temper, to mo-Ritenutézza, s. f. moderation, strike or bite again.-Ritoc

derate again.-Ritemperáre, wariness, discretion, caution, care un opera, to revise a to temper, to quality, to mo circumspection, reserved piece of work, to correct, in derate, to appease.--Ritempe

alter it.-Ritoccure, to weary, tar lira, to appease one's Ritenuto, adj. kept, detained.- to tire out, to dun with tedi. anger. Ritenálo, cautious, wary, pru

or repetitions. Ritendere, to bend again.- dently, sly.--Andar- ritenuto Ritoccare, to trim, to dress, Ritendere, to spread, to in un affare, to proceed or to adorn one's self. stretch, or stretch out, to ex act cautiously in an affair. Ritocco, s. m. the act of retend.

Ritenzióne, s. f. detention, touching.-Ritócco, adj. reRitenénte, adj. retaining. keeping or detaining -Riten- | touched. Ritenenza, s. f. detention, a zione il urina, a retention of Ritógliere, to take away again, retaining or keeping. - Proces urine.

to retake. der senza, ritenenza, to act Ritéssere, to weave over again. Ritólto, adj. taken away again, rashly.

Ritesser novelli inganni, to retaken. Ritenére, to detain or keep contrive, to plot or hatch new Ritondamente, adv. foundly. again.-Ritenére, to keep, to tricks.- -Ritéssere, to repeat Ritondáre, to sound, to make detain or stay, to stop.—Com' to say over again.

round. egli voleva partire lo ritenni, Ritignere, to die again. Ritondáto, S. m. circumfeas he was going away, i Ritimo, v. Ritmo. Obs. rence, roundness, rotundicy. stopped him.-Ritenere, to Ritinto, adj. dyed again by a -Ritonato, adj. rounded, forbear, to keep.--Appena dyer.

made round. posso ritener le lagrime, I can Ritiráre, to draw again...Riti. Ritondétto, roundish, somehardly forbear crying.--Rite- rúre, to draw, to take, to fetch what round. nuere, to retain or keep, to pre or get out, to get or take off -- Ritondezza, s. f. roundness, serve, to retain.-Ritenere, to Ritiráre, to draw or pull back. Tulundity. keep, to detain or withhold. - Ritirúre, to get, to recover, Ritondità, rotundiry,roundness. -Riterto questo per me, I'll to get again.--Rirar danari, to Ritondo, adj. round, circular, keep this for myself.-Rite receive money.--- Ritirure, to -Ritondo, s. m. rotundiry, nete, to restrain, to curb, to contract or shorten.-Ritirii-l roundness. bridle, to keep in or contain. re, tu shoot again.-Ritirarsi, Ritórcere, to retort. Ritor-Ritenere, to forbear, to con to withdraw. -Ritirarsi, to care, to write, to turn tain one's self.-Ritenere in draw, to fall, or go back, to throw back, to report.-Ri. rita, to keep alive.--Ritenersi retire. Ritirarsi, to re torcer gli occhi da una parte, con uno, to converse, to keep tire, to go home. • Riti to turn one's eyes on one side, company with one, to be tarsi, to shelter one's self... to squint.--Ritorcere il mio friends with one.-Ritenere, Ritirarsi, to fly to a church conmino, to take another to remember, to keep in one's for refuge, to take sanctuary. rout, to go out of the way.-memory.-Ritenere una cosa, Ritirarsi, to desist, to Ritorcere il senso d'una pa. to keep a thing secret, not to retire, to withdraw from a rola, co misinterpret die reveal it.-Rilenere, to ac- thing, to forsake it, to leave it meaning of a word. cept again.-Ritenere il dono, off, Ritirarsi dalla sua pa- Ritorciménto, s. m.

retoit. to accept of a preseni.--Rite-rola, to call back one's words. Ritoicitúra, s. f. nere, to entertain, to keep.-Ritiráta, s. f. a retreat. Ritornaménto, s. m. a rerura In ragionamenti piacevoli li Ritiratéz.za, s. f. retreat, retire or coming back, an arrival. Titenne, he entertaineil them ment, privacy, private life. Ritornánte, adj. returning or with pleasant stories.-Rite Ritiráto, adj. drawn out. coming back, that returns. nere, to govern, to rule, to Uomo ritirato, a solitary man. Ritornánza, s. f. return or take care of.

-Vita ritirata, solitary life, coming back. Obs. Ritenimento, s. m. detention, private life.

Ritornáre, to retum or go back. a keeping or detaining, mode- Ritiro, s. m. a solitary place to -Ritornium acone a c125a, let ration, discretion, caution, retire to.

us return home. - Vi ritorneo circumspection, restraint.-- Rilnico, adj. measured, bara domattina, I'll go there Ritenimento, a receptacle, monious.

again to-morrow morning shelter.

Ritmo, s. m. measure, ca Ritornare alla fede Cristiana, Ritenitíva, s. f. retention, the dence, harmony.

to come back to the Christian retentive faculty.

Rico, s. M. custom, use.- --Rito, religion.-Ritornat bello, to Risenitójo, s. m. obstacle, im- rite, church-ceremony. grow fine again.--Ritornar pediment, hindrance. Ritoccarnénto, s. m. retouch- fano, co gross well again. Ritenitore, he or she that de- ing a picture.

Ritornare in vita, to come to Riteatrice, tains or stops. Ritoccare, to touch again.--- life again--flitornare in se, Ritentáre, co tempt or try again. Ritoccare una pittura, to re to come to one's scli azain.--Ritenáta, s. f. v. Ritenimentu. touch a picture, to mend it. Ritornare in se, to corre ta Ritenutamente, adv. cautious. -Ritorcare in un luogo, to one's scil, toreficctapon one's ly, reservedy, soberly, wari- couch at a place again, iu gass self. ---Ritomnite, to give back

by again. Ricoccare, to os agad.



Ritornáto, adj. returned. nate la ritratta, to beat the mouth or entrance of a net Ritornáta, s. f. return, or retreat or tattoo,

Ritrovamento, s. m. an inverRicorno, s. m. S coming Ritrattáre, to treat or handle tion or device, an inventing. back, arrival.- E' di ritorno, again, to discourse of or up- Ritrováre, to find, to meet or he is returned or come back on again.---Ritrattáre, to re meet with.Ritrordte, to again.---Far ritorno, to re tract, or recant.

find, to find out, to invent, tum, to come or go back.-Ritrattazione, s. f. retractation, to contrive or devise.RitroFar un ritorno, to take a recintation

vure, to find out or again. turn.--Caval di ritorno, a Ritrattista, a portrait-painter. Ritrovarsi,to be, or be present. horse that returns back, after Ritrativo, adj. easy or good to Vi ritrovai per una selva having left somebody in a be drawn.

oscura, I found myself in a place.

Ritratto, s. m. a picture.-10 dark forest. Ritórre, v Ritogliere.

fo ritratto da quello onde na. Ritrovata, s. f. an invention or Ritóita, s. f. a band, a green lo sono, I live or act as a man device. Ritrovato, adj.

branch that is used to tie any of my character..-Ritrutto, found. thing.

product, profit or price.-Ri- Ritrovatóre, inventor, author, Ritórto, adj. crooked, bowing trilto, adj. drawn out. contriver, forger. in and out.

Ritrecine, s. f. a kind of fishing Ritrúvic, s. m. the act of peoRitórtola, s. f. a band of a fag-net.-Ritrécine, a kind of en. ple that find themselves too fut.--Tu hai più fasci che io gine for the use of a mill. gether. 2014 ho ritorlole, you have a Ritrécine, ex. Andare a ritre- Ritróvo, s. m. an assembly, a cure for every sore.

cine, to go fast to ruin. company. Ritortúra, s. f. c. Ritorcimento. Ritremáre, to tremble again. Ritruopico, adj. hydropick, Ritosáre, to sheer again. Ritribuire, v. Retribuire. dropsical, that has the dropsy. Ritraggere, r. Ritrarre. Risrinciáre, to cut or to carve Obs.-Un' ritruopico, s. m. Ritraiménto, s. m, retraction, again.

an hydropick or a dropsical revoking of one's opinion. Ritritáre, to beat, to pound, to

Obs. Ritrángola, s. f. usury, inte bruise or bray again. Rittamente, adv. directly.-lo Ritrángolo,s. m.) rest. Obs. Ritrogradále, io retrograde. vo rittamente a casa, I'll go Obs.

Ritrogradagióne, s. f. retro home directly or strait.--Rit. Ritranquilláre, to make calm, Ritrogradazione, / graslation. taménte, righteously, upright

inild, or gentle, to pacify, to Ritrógrado, adj. that goes back- sincerely. appease, to calm, to allay. wards, retrograde, backwards. Ritto, adj. up, upright, standRitranquillaio, adj.calmed, pa- Ricrombáre, to sound

the ing.-Levarsi rilto, to get up, ciñed, appeased, allayed. trumpet again.

or stand up.--Ritto, right, Ritrárre, to draw, to take, to Ritrópico, adj. hydropick, | strait, direct.-Ritto, right, fetch or get out, to get or dropsical. Obs. -- Un ritro- oprosition to left.--Man tittake off.-Ritrarre, to draw, pico, s m. an hydropick, a ta, the right hand.-Ritio, s. to draw one's picture. Ri- dropsical man. Obs.

m. the right side of any thing, trar profitto d'una cosa, to Ritrósa, s. f. a net or snare to as cloaths or the like.-Ogni draw some profit from a catch birds.

ritto ha il suo, ravescio, there thing.--Ritrarsi to retire, to Ritrosággine, v. Ritrosía. is no pleasure without some go away.---Ritrarsi, to fly to Ritrosamente, adv. peevishly. bitterness, there is no rose a place, or to one for shelter. Ritrosáre, v. Ritrosire.

without some thorns.-Ritto, Ritrarsi, to repent.-Ritrarsi, Ritrosério, adj. a little peevish, adv. directiy, strait.-lo men dall' impresa, to forsake or stubborn, froward.

vo ritto a casa, I go directiy abandon an enterprize or de- Kitrosia, s. f. peevishness, stub or strait liome.--Andar ritto, Sign.-Ritrarre uno da qual-| bornness, fınwardness. to deal honestly.- Aritta, to che mala pratica, to take one bjcrosire, to grow peevish, fro- the right hand. off or from an ill course.- ward, stubborn, or shy. Rittorovéscio, the wrong way, Ritrarre, to take off, to divert Ritrosità, s. f, stubbornness, fro- cross, quite the contrary.from.---Ritrarre, to take out wardness, peevishness, shy. Volgere rillorovescio, to turn or away, to carry away.-Ri

a thing the wrong way, the trotte, to draw or pull back Ritróso, adj. peevish, stubborn, inside outwards. or in-Ritrarre, to describe, froward, shy, self-willed, wil. Rituale, s. m. a ritual, a book to relate, to tell.–Ritrarre, ful, obstinate.--Ritróso, back containing the ceremonies of to comprehend, to conceive, ward.--Nuotare con acqua ri a church. to understand. Ritrarre, to trosa, to swim against the Rituffare, to dip or duck again. Teceive.Ritrarre da alcuna stream.-Ritroso, contrary, -Rirufiärsi, to dive again. cosa, to take after a thing, to oblique, crooked, awry.-- Rituraménto, s. m. the act of be like it.—Egli ritrae dal ritróso, adv. contrary Fare stopping up. padre, he takes after his father, una cosa a ritroso, to do a Rituráre, to stop, to shut up or he resembles his father. thing the wrong way, quite dam up again.Rituráre, to Ritrascórrere, to peruse or run contrary:- Ritraso, s. m. a stop, to shut up or dam up. over again.

whilpool, a turning ronnd of Rituráto, adj. stopped, shut up. Bitrátta, s, f. a retreat. So

the water.

Ritroso, the Riturbáre, to trouble, to dis



turb, to vex, to disquiet again. broker.

vesiire, to dress one, to trim Riva, s. f. bank, shore-side, Rivenditrice, femin. of Riven him up with his best cloaths. water-side.-Sospirantlo vodi ditore.

Rivestito, adj. dressed, cloathriva in riva, I carry my com- Riven:luto, sold again.

ed again. plaints every where.-Riva, Rivenire, in come again, to Rivétro, s. m. a brouk, a rivuan end or period.--Ella fia come back or come back let. tosto di suo corso a rita, she again, to return bauk.--Rive-Riviéra, s. f. a bank, shore, a will be soon at the end of her nire, to come to one's self water-side.-Riviéra, a coun

again, or recover one's self. try.-Riviéra, a river.- Un Rivággio, s. m. a bank, a Rivenú to, come back again, uomo da l'osco e du riviera, a shore or water-side. recovered.

man fit for all things. Rivále, adj. rival.-Un rivale, Riverberamento, s. m reverbe- Rivilicáre, to vivify, to call to s. m. una rivale, s. f. a rival. ration, reflection, repercus- life again. Obs. -Rivilicare, -Rivále, s. f. a draw-net, a sion.

to seek unto, to search tha casting net.

Riverberánte, adj. reverberat- roughly, to make diligent or Rivalicáre, to pass over, to ing.

narrow search, Cross over.

Riverberáre, to reverberate, to Rivincere, to overcome, Rivalità, s. f. rivalry.

refect. Riverberire, to ring, vanquish again, to recover, to Riudire, to hear again.

to echo, to resound.

regain. Rivedére, to see again. ---E Riverberáto, adj. reverberated, Rivinta, s. f. a new victory. quindi uscimmo a riveder le reflected, rung, echoed, re Rivinta, a recovery, recoverstelle, and from thence we sounded.

ing, regaining or re-obtaincame up to the world again. Riverberazione, s. f. reverbe- ing. -Riveder le ragiori, to get- Riverbero, s. m § ration, Rivisitáre, to revisit, to visit tle the accounts.Ri:edére, reflection, repercussion. again, to review. to consider again, to revise, to Riverdire, to grow green again. Rivista, s. f. a review. review. A rivederci, till we Riverénte, adj reverenced, ob- Riviráre, to revive, to bring to meet again. sequious, civil.

life again. Rivediménto, s. m. review, re- Riverentemente, adv. reverent. Rivivere, to revive, to come vision. ly, obsequiously.

to life again.-Far rivivere, Riveditore, a reviser.

Riverénza, S. f. v. Rive. to revive, to renew. Rivedúlo, adj. seen again, rc- Riverénzia, }

renza. Riumiliáre, to humble, to viewed, revised.

Riverenziáde, adj. reverential, cast drown, to depress or abase, Rivelaménto, s. m. revelation, obscquious.

tu bring low, discovery.

Riverire, to reverence, to re- Riunimento, s. m. a re-uni. Riveláre, to reveal, to disco vere, to honour or respect. Riunióne. s. f.

on, reuniRiveríto, adj. revered, reve ting or re-annexing. Rivelato, adj. revealed, disco- renced, respected.

Riunire, to re-unite, to join vered.

Kiversáre, to pour out, to pour together again, to te-annex. Rivelatore, a revealer, dis out again.-Riversurc, to Riunito, p. p. of Riunire.

overset, to throw, to pull, or Rivo, s. m. rivulet, brook.Rivelatrice, s. f. she that re lay down.

Rivo, a river. veals or discovers.


overset, pulled versible, which may be rerevealing -Rivelazione divi or thrown down.-Rirérso, s. voked, or recalled. na, a divine revelation. m. the wrong side.-Alla ri. Revocagione, s. f. 1 revoczRivellino, s. m. a ravelin, a


the wrong side out- Rivocamento, s. m. Štion, a piece of fortification so call- ward.--Tal fece riverso, made revoking or repealing, ed. such a havock.

Rivocáre, in call back, to call Rivendere, in sell again, to sell Riveriére, to return, to turn up to one.--Rivocare te forze,

by retail.–Rirendere uno, 10 and down, to fall upon. to recover one's strength. refuse.-M harirenduto per Rivesciáre, to pour out, to dis- Rivocare a mente, to call quattrino, he did let me gol charge.--Rivesciare, to over back to one's memory, to for a farthing.–Rivender 160, throw, to ruin, to undo.- call to mind.-Rivočare, to to cheat, in cozen one.-Ri- Rivesciare, to lay upon, to revoke, to repeal, to reserve 7:endere, to seil. Not used, charge with, to give the care or make void. Rivenderia, s. f. truck, barter

Rivocáto, adj. called back, rem ing, exchange.-Fare una ri- Rivéscio, s. m, v. Rovescio, voked, repealed, reserved, venderia, to make an ex- Rivescione, adv. backward. made void. change, to barter.

Rierscione, s. m, a box on the Rivocatório, adj. a revoking, Rivendicáre, to revenge again. eur.—Ti darò un rivescione repealing, reserving.

-Ri endicarsi, to be reveng I'll give you a box on the Rivocazione, s. f. á revoking, ed, to be even with one, to re

revocation, repealing. turn like for like.

Rivesire, to dress again, to Rivoláre, to fly again. Rivenditore, s. m. a hucks. cloath.-Rivestire, to vest, to Rivolére, to have a mind fou Rivendúgliolo, ter, setail invest, to give passion.--Ri- a thing again, to wish for it




Rivelazione, s. f. a revelation of Riversályo, }adivpoured out, Rivocábile, adj. revokable, re






turn sour.

again. ---Rivolére, to ask for or Riuscibile, adj. easy, that may Robóne, s. m. a mantle,* 3 demand again any thing that be done, that inay coine to gown, a garment worn m is or has been yours. -Mel' pass.

ancient times by nobleinen urete dato, ed adesso lo rivo. Riuscimento, s. m. success, and doctors. lele, you gave it to me, and issue, end.

Roborato, adj. corroborated, 110w you will have it again. Riuscire, to succeed, to succeed confirmed. Rivoléico, s. m. a small brook, well, to thrive or prosper, to Robustamente, adv. strongly, a rivulet, a rill,

come to a good issue, lo have lustily, valiantly. RobustaRivolgere, to tum.-Rivolge a good and.-Riuscire, to be- mente, earnestly, eagerly. tevi a me, turn yourself to come.-Riuscire, to come out Robustezza, s. f. robustness, me.-Rivolger animo ad again.-Riuscire in un luogo, strength. una cosa, to fix one's mind to to lead, to go.--Questa stad 1 Robústo, adj. robust, strong. a thing, to apply one's self to riusce al giardino, this street Rocaggine, s. f hoarseness. it.—Rivolgere ad uno, to fa- goes to the garden.-Riuscire, Rocca, s. f.a fortress, a citavour one, to stand for him, to dispatch, to expedite, to del.-— Rocca, a rock.–Rocca, to be of his side.-Rivolgersi make an end. Essendo cias a distaff. alla fede di Cristo, to turn (uno della brigata dalla sua Roccáta, s. f. a full distaff. Christian. Rivolgere, novella riuscito, every one of Roccata, a blow with a dischange, to alter, to pervert. the company having made an

taff. Rivolgére, to revolve to cast end of his novel.-Riuscirsi Rocchetto, s. m, a surplice, a aboutin on's mind to consider, d'una cosa, to part with a church white to reflecı.--Rivolgere, to in-thing.-Riuscire, to conclude, Rocchello, a quill to wind volve, to engage, to intan to come to a conclusion, to silk. gle, to wrap up or fuld in.- aim at, to come to.- Non so Rocchietto, s, m. a little piece Rivolgersi irai vizi, to sink doze noi vogliale riuscire, 1 of wood or stone, a little in vices.--Rivolgere, to settle, don't know what you would stick. -In forma d'un rocchăto appease.-Rivolgersi, 10 be at.-To voglie riuscire a elto piegato in mezzo

questo, my meaning is this. chio, as a little stick bent Rivolgiménto, s. m. a revolu- questa casa mi riesce bene, 1 like a bow. lion, a great change or turn like this house.

Rócchio, s. m. a piece of in affairs,

Riuscita, s. f. success, issue, wood, a branch, a stone, a Rivolo, s. m. a brook, a rivu. end.-Far buona o mala rius- piece of rock.–Rocchio, a let.

cita, to prove or become good piece or slice of sausage. Rivolta, s. f. na turn or bad. --Il suo figlio ha fatto Róccia, s. f. a rock or hill, so Rivoltaménto, s. m. / or turn tuona riuscita, his son has steep that one cannot well ing.---Rivolta, change, alte proved a good man.

climb it, a high downfall. ration, vicissitude-Rivolta, Riuscito, adj. succeeded. Roccia, nastiness, dirtiness, *sevolt, rebellion, rising or in- Rizzamento, s. m.

filthiness. Obs.--- Roccia, surrection.

tion, erecting or raising. peel, the thinnest rind of Rivoltáre, to turn upside down, Rizzáre, to set up, to erect or to discompose, to invert, to raise.-Rizzare un edificio, to Rocco, S. m. a crosier, a disturb, to pervert, to change. set up or erect a building.- a bishop's staff. Rocco, a Rivoltássi, to revolt, to rebel, Rizzúre, to make strait, to rook at chess. to raise against, to mutiny. make strait again.-Rizzátsi, Rochézza, 5. f. hoarseness. Rivoltar per la memoria, to tv stand up.Rizzursi di Roco, adj. hoarse.Rims revolve in one's mind.

nuoro, to set up again. roche, jarring verses. Rivoltáso, adj. turned upside Rizzáto, adj. erected, raised Rodente, adj. gnawing, nib. down, discomposed, inverted, up, set up, strait.

bling-Rodénte, sharp, tart, disturbed.

Roba, s. f. things, goods, poignant. Rivolto, adj. turned.

estate, merchandise.-Cosi i Ródere, to gnaw, to nibhle, or Rivoltoláre, to humble, to ciechi o cui la rola falla, so pick.- Ródcre, to eat.-Le'

turn round, to wheel about. the blind who have nothing donna disse l'ene sta, andata i Rivoltúra, s. f. a revolution, to live upon.-Che rola è dategli len da rodere, the wo

great change or turn of affairs. questa ? what is this?-Far man said 'eis very well, go Rivoltura, a tum or turning. role, to get money.--Roba, and give him plenty of food. Rivóivere, to tuin, or turn gown, robe. Obs.

Ródere, to eat, to eat up, to about --Rivolvere,to revolve, Robáccia, s. f. nasty things, consume, to wear out.

- Di 10 cast about in one's mind, old goods, poor stutt.

di in di d'ora in ora amor m' to consider, to think.

Róbbia, s. f. madder, where ha roso, love has consumed Aivoluzióne, s. f. rev. lution, with they colour skin or dye me every day and every hour. revolt, a change in great woul.

--Ródere, to bite.-Róderi, aflairs.

Róbbio, adj. red. Not used. to fret, to vex, to torment, to Rivomitáre, to vomit, to cast, Rubbicciuúla, a little gown, a gnaw.-Rodere il freno, to to spew up again. robe.

fret inwardly. Riurtáre, to knock, to hit, to Robbo, s. m. jelly, juice of Rodersi l'un l'altro, cash, or run against again. fruit congcaled. Obs. Rodersi il baslol'un l'altro, to





to marmur.

tenil, to tear, to pull one mur, an uproar.

a noise, to be talked of-Far another in pieces, to revile, Rombo, s. m. a humming, Tomore d'una coso, to be an to defame one another.--Ró- buzzing or buzz. murmur, gry at a thing. - Mchtere nrda dere, s. m. vietuals, provisi- whistling, hissing, whizzing trore, to raise an uproar, to

- Rombo, a nule.-Il rombo put in confusion and disorder, Rodimálo, s. m. a gnawing, de' destrieri, the noise of Romoreggiante, adj. noisy, a nibblis.g, a biting, a grip- horses.- Rombo, a turbot (a that rakes a noise. ing-Hodiminto, vexation, fish so called.) Romlo, Romoreggiare, to make a noise, troubla, anguish.

rhombus, a parallelogram, to hustle, to rustle, tu mutter, Rodidóre, that gnaws, wastes, that has all its sides equal, wares out, or consumes. Il but got its angles.

Romoroso, adj. noisy, rustling, tempo é roditore di ogni cosa, Romboidále, adj. rhomboidal, rattling, clattering. ---Roncotime consumes all things. of the shape of a rhomboides, Tóso, lumous, renowned. Roditúra, s. f v. Rodimento. belonging tw the rhomboides. Rómpere, to tweak.--- Rome Rólfia, s. f. a tog or mist. Obs. Romboide, s. f. rhomboides, a pero una gamlir, to break a Rngare, to sign, to subscribe. quadrilateral firure, whose op- leg.-Rompere esercitinimirt, A law term.

vosite sides cod angles are to break, 40 mout, to put to the Rogáto, adj. signed, subscribe equal.

joule enemies armies --Róm. ed.

kombola, s. f. a slir.g. Obs pere,tocut.- Rúmpcte, lo maul, Rogatóre, a subscriber, he that Romboláre, to sling or fling. to boat black and blue.--Diesigns or subscribes. Obs.

dergti tointe iusse che tinto Rogazioni, s. t. pl. Rogation- Rombolátn, adj. slung, Aung, ruppero, they beat him so week, Gang-week, or Grass- Romboiatore, s. m, a slinger. unm rotally, that he was all week, before Whitsunday. Obs.

over black and blue.- Róin. Róggio, adj. red. Obs.--La Romeággio, s. m. pilgrimage. pere, to debilitate, 10 enercittà roggia, hell. Obs. Obs.

vate, to weaken, to weary, to Roggio, rusty, blasted, mil. Roméo, s. f. a pilgrim, and tire or faiigue ---Il trottur dewed.

particularly he that goes 10 forte rompe e sienta altrui; Rógito, s. m. a signing or sub- Rome.

a hard tie ties and fatigues scribing. A law woid. Romice, s. f. the herb sorrel, one.--Roito dagli anni, e dal Rogna, s f. a scab, the itch.- monks rhubarb, dock. cammino stanco, oppressed

Gruttar la rogna, to beat, to Remire, to fret and chafe, to with, and fatigued by the bang one. A vulgar phrase. make a noise, to grumble, to journey Rognáccia, s. f. the worst sort roar like the sca.


Rómpersi, to be angry, to fall • of itch.

Romitaggio, s. m. an hermi into a passion.--kumpiersi a Rognetta, s. f. the small tage.Rumitággio, a solitary far una cosa, tu begin to do a Rognúzza, ) sort of itch. lite.

thing, tu fall upon.---- Rom. Rognóso, adj. scabby.- Unrog. Romitánn, adj. anchoretical, persi a riuere, to fall a laughnoso, s. m. a scabby boy or hermit-like, heremitical.- ing-Rompere, to hinder, to

Vrati romitani, Anchorites, a interrupt, to disturb.-Róma Rognúzza, s f.dim. of Rogna. religious order offriars. pére, to atvii, tu shun, 10

-- Rognuzza, lictle anger, Romuano, solitary, desart, re escape or eschew.--Rompere small spire.

rised, lonely, lonesome. un pericolo, to shuns a danger, Rogo, s. m. a funeral pile, a Romiléilo, s. m. a young hei. -Romper le inimesi to break, great fire wherein icad bo mil.

to vivlate ur infringe the laws. dies were buried.-Rogo, the Romitico, adj. hermit-like. -Romper la feule, to be unblackberry bush.

Romito, s, m, an hermit. faithful --Romper l'amicizill, Rogumáre, v. Rugumare. Obs. - Romito, adj. solitary, re to break or fall out with one. Komagnuolo, s. m. a kind of tired, lonesome.Luogo To --- Romper la terra, to break coarse cloth.---Romugnuolo, mito, a sulitary place. the ground.-Rompere il adj. of the country of Rome. Romitónzolo, s. m. a poor fil-patto, contravene the Romajuólo, s, m. a lad.e. thy hermit.

agreement.-- Romper il proRománo, s. m. a steel-vard, a Romitório, s. m, an herni- ponimout, tv change or alter sort of weight.-- Romuro, adj. Romitóro,

tige. one's mind.-- Rompere il sona a Roman, of or belonging to Romóre, s. m. a noise.--Ro no, to breal one's sleep, to Rome.

more d'armi, the rustling or awake.- Rompere il digiuno, Romanzatore, s. m. a com ratting of arms.--Romore di to breah fase, to eat.-- Romper Romanzi re, s poser of ro sparie, the cla hing of's words. le parole, to interrupt one in mances, a romancer.

-Romóre, a tumult, uproar, his peech.-Romper l'uoro Románza, s. m a romance. sedition or insurrection.-Ro in lotca to break one's mca. Romba, s. f. v. Rómbola.

móre, noise, fame, naime, re sures, to batile or disappoint, Rombáre, to buzz or hum. pure, reputation, renown.-- - Aier tolto lo scilinguagno. Rambúre, to whistle, biss or Non el mondan romore al lo, to pratile, to chat, tu talwhizz.

teo che un fiato, worldly ap- the.- Rompersi il tempo, ta Rombázzo, s. m. a noise, hum- | plause is nothing else but change, said of the weather, ming, buzzing or buzz, mur- smoke. Far tomore, to make - Rompersi il collo, co brevis

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