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one's neck, to be ruined or un see if every thing is right.- or colour of the rose. done.-Rompere il silenzio, Ronda, the soldier that goes to Rosajo, s. m. a rose tree. to break silence, to begin to visit the centries, and relieve Rosajóne, s. m. a large rose speak.-- Rompere in mare, to them.

tree. suffer a shipwreck, to be cast Róndine, s. f. a swallow.— Rosário, s. m. the rosary, that away.---Rompersi il sangue, Una rondine non fa primavera, string of beads on which the to spit blood.-Rompere il one swallow does not make a

rosary is said. prezzo alla mercanzia, to set spring.--Rondine, fly fish.-Rosato, adj. of a rose, or the or fix a price upon a commo A coda di rondine, like a swal- colour of a rose.--Acqaa rodity. -Rompere il capo ad low's tail.

sata, rose water. -Olio TO5Quno, to teaze one, to be trou- Rondinella, S. f. poetic, a to, oil of roses.- Pasqua roblesome to him.-Rompere il Rondinetta, } swallow sata, Pentecost, Whitsunghiacchio, to break the ice, Rondinio,s. m. a young swal- tide.--Giorni rosati, clear seto begin a thing.-- Romper low.

rene days -Rosáto red la guerra, to move war, to Rondóne, s. m. a martinet, a rosy.-Labbra rosate, red lips. declare war.

Romper la martin (a bird) -Andar di Rosecchiare, to gnaw, to nibpalla, to send back a ball. rondone, to succeed, to pros- ble, to pick. Rompévole, adj, fragile, brit per, to thrive.-Voi andate Rosecchiáto, p. p. of Roseco tle, apt to break.

di rondone, fortune smiles up-chiare. Rompicapo, s. m. a tiresome

on you.

Rosellia, s. f. measles, swineman or thing.

Ronfa, s. f. a kind of game at pox. Rompicólo, s. m. a dangerous cards.-Confessire la ronfa Rosellina, s.f. a damask rose. or mischievous man, a dan- giusta, to speak truth, to say Róseo, adj. rosy, of a rose, the gerous thing, a break-neck. the thing as it is.

colour of a rose.-Colore ToFara una cosa a rompicollo, to Ronzaménto, s. m. humming, seo, a rosy colour. do a thing with precipitation, buzzing, buzz, murmur. Roséto, s. m. a garden of roses, rashly.

Ronzánte, adj. humming, a place planted with ruse Rompimento, s. m. a break- buzzing. ing, fraction --Rompimento Ronzáre, to buzz, to hum, to Rosetta, s. f. a little rose. di feile, infringement of faith, hiss or whizz.-Ronzáre, to Rosetta, a farrier's buttress. or breach of trust.

roam, to rove, to range or Rosicchiare, tognaw, to nibble, Rompitórs, s. m. a breaker, or ramble, to go up and down. to bite. infringer.-Rompitore di Ronzino, s. m. a pad, a pad Rosignolo, s. m. 3 a nightin

} pace, a breaker of the peace. nag, a nag


gale. Ronpitore del suo ordine, an Ronzio,

humming, Rosmarino, s. m. rosemary. apostate, that goes away from Ronzo, s buzzing, hissing or Roso, adj. gnawa. his religion, whizzing.

Rosoláccio, s m. wild poppy, Rompitice, s. f. she that Ronzóne, s. m. a large horse. breaks,

Ronzóne, a stallion, a stone Rosoláre, to fry, FORS Rompitúra, s. f. a rupture, a

horse kept
for covering


Rosoláto, adj. fried, roasted Ronca, s. f. a hedging-bill to Rorare, to bedew, to sprinkle brown. cut bushes.

or wet with dew or moisture. Rosolía, s. f. the measles. Roncáre, to weed.

Rorário, s. m. light armed sol- Rosóne, s. m. a large rose. Roncato, adj. weeded.

diers in the time of the Ro-Rospáccio, s. m. a nasty ugly Ronchione, s. m. a great stick, mans, that made the first toad.

a large stone, or piece of a skirmish, being in the first Rospo, s, m. a toad. rock, a thick branch.


Rossástro, adj. red, red. Ronchioso, adj. rugged, rough, Rorástro, s. m. a wild vine. Rosseggiante, dish. uneven-Su per lo scoglio Rosa, s. f. a rose. - Cogliete la Labbra rosseggianti, red prendemmo la via che era ron Tose e lasciate le spine, take lips. chiosa, strella e malngevok, what is good, and leave what Rosseggiare, to be red, or red.

went through a rock, is bad.- Rosa the name of a dish, to shine.- La terra rCA which was rugged, narrow,

star Rosa, a red spot." seggiava di sangue, the earth and dangerous.

ell' è rosa fiorirà, s'elf' è spi was red with blood.-Il cirl Roncigliáre, to tear with a 10 pugnerà, time brings forth rosseggia, the sky is red.hook.

all things.---Cor la rosa, to Gli occhi gli rosseggiano, his Bonciglio, s. m. a book, a ten take the opportunity, to make eyes are red.

hay while the sun shines. Rossetto, adj. reddish, inclining Roncione, s. m. u. Ronzone. Rosa, the golden rose, a rose to red.-Color rossetto, redRonco, w. Roncone. which the pope uses, to send

dish colour.--Pelo rossetto, Honcola, s. f. a scythe, a bill. to the Roman Catholic princes reddish or carrot hair. Roncone, s. f. a vine or grape after having blessed it.-Ro-Rossézza, s. f. redness.Ros knife, an hedge-bill.

sa canina, the wild eglan. sezza di capelli, redness Ronda, E. f. a aight guard that tine.

hair.Rossetza: di visa Cues absolut visiting centries, 60 Rosácco, adjs cosy, of the kind blush, colour.


corn rose.






grow red.

} adj. reddish.


Rossicánte, adj. red, reddish.-- Roránte, adj. turning round. disheveled, and her face black

Ocche rossicanti, sparkling Rotáre, to turn like a wheel. and blue, and bruised all cyes. Rotáre, to waver, to doubt,

-Roito, interrupted, Rossicáre, to be or

to be irresolute or inconstant, discontinued, broken. Il suo viso rossicava come Rotato, adj. turned.

Quasi piangendo e tutta tresangue, his face was red as Rotatóre, he that turns about, mante con parole rotte cosi blood.-L'aurora róssica, the or round.

cominciò a dire, almost crymorning is red.

kotazione, s. f. rotation. ing and trembling, interruptRossiccio,

Roteamento, s. m. v. Rota-l ing her words, she begun to Rossigno,

mento. Obs.

Say.-Rotto, given, addicted, Color rossiccio, reddishco Roteáre, to turn like a wheel. inclined, bent.--Al vizio di lour.-Pelo rossigno, reddish Obs.

lussuria su rotta, she was or carrot hair. -Cavallo di Roteáto, adj. curned. Obs. much given to the vice of pel rossigno, a bay horse. Rottazione, s. f. turning round lechery.--Rotto, hasty, pasRosso, s. m. rod, red colour.- like a wheel. Obs.

sionate, choleric, violent, eaPanno tinto in rosso, cloth Rocélla, s. f. a shield of a ger, boisterous.–Rotto, brodyed in red.--Rosso d'uovo, round form.---Rotella, a little ken bellied. Rotto, defeated, the yolk of an egg.-Rosso, wheel. -Rotella, a little routed.-Rotto, rutten, putriadj. red.Panno rosso, honp.--Rotella, little spots.fied.--Strade rotte, deep red cloth. Pelo rosso, red Rotellina, s. f a little wheel. ways, bad roads.-Essere tra hair. Divennir rosso, to Rotoláre, to roll.-Rotolare il rotto e lo stracciato, to be blush, to colour, to be put to una botte, to roll a cask between hawk and buzzard. the blush.--La sua spada era Rotolarsi sull' erba, to roll Rottorio, s. m, cautery, issue. Tossa di sangue, his sword was upon the grass.

Rottúra, s. f. fracture, cleft, all bloody.

Rotoláto, adj. rolled, rolled gap. Rottura nella terra, Rossore, s. m. redness. -Res up.

chup, chink, gap in the sóre, red spots.---Rossáre, Rótolo, s. m. a roll.

earth.-- Rottúra, rupture, blush, colour.-Di modesto Rotolóne, adv. rolling.--An- talling out, division, disrossor tutta si tinse, she dar rotolone, to roll down. cord.Rottura di pace, breakblushed very modestly. Rotondáre, to make round. ing of peace.-Rottára, rupRosso rétro, s. m. little Rotondáto, adj. made round. lule, bursteness, burst belly. Rossorúccio, blush, a Rotondezza, s. f. roundness. Rovaglióne, s.'m. the measles. virginal blush, an innocent, Rotondità, s. f, soundness. Rovajáccio, so m. a heavy amiable blush

Rotondo, adj. round, circular. north-wind that gives much Rosta, s. f. a fan.-Rosta, a Rotta, s. f. a rout, defeat, over trouble or pain. bough.---- Che della selva throw.Mettere in rotta, to Rovajo, S. m. the northsompiero ogni rosta, which rout, to defeat.Rolla, dis. wind.-Dar de calci a rovajo, broke all the boughs or order, confusion.-Fuggire to be hanged, to kick the branches off the trees.-Ros. in rotta, to fly or run away. wind. Ed i tre masnadieri il (la d' ulivo, a branch of an -Partire alla rotta, o in di seguente andarono a dar de olive-tree.

rotta, to go away in anger. calci a rovajo, and the three Rostigioso, adj. rough, harsh, -Ratla, rupture, breaking. ruffians che next day went to rugged, uneven.

-Far la rotta ad ur muro, be hanged. Rostráto, adj. having a beak or to break a wall.-Venire alle Rovella, s. frage, mad

bill. ---Corona rostrala, a rotte, to come to blows.- Rovello, s. m.] ness, fury. crown in token of a naval Restare alle rotie, to grow Roventáre, to make red-hut. victory. ---Rostráto, corner angry.

Roventáco, adj, red-hot. ed. Cappello rostrato, a Rottáme, s. m. rubbish, crums, Rovente, adj. red-hot, burning cornered or cocked hat. bits.---Lucchero in rollame, or scalding hot.--Ferro roven Rostro, s. m. bill, beak. sugar broken in pieces.

te, red hot iron. Røstro, the trunk or snout of Rorlamente, adv. hastily, ex- Roventézza, s. f. redness. in elephant. cessively.

Róvere, Rosúme, s. m. gnawing, Rortézza, v. Rottura. Obs. Róvero,


S. m. the male oak. Rosúra, s. f.

Rotto, a crack, a gap, a Rovereto, s. m. a place plant Rosúra, bits, crumbs, frag-l cleft. Rotto, rupture,

ed with male oaks. ments.-Rosára, a glutton, burstenness, burst belly.- Rovesciáre, to throw, to spill, a greedy eater.

Uscirsene pel rotte della cuf to shed.-Rovesciare un ticRota, v. Ruota.

fia, to save one's bacon, to chier di vino, to spill a glass Botája, s. f. the track of a corne off clear.-Rolto, frac- of wine.--La pioggia si rowheel.

tion, broken number.---Rot-vescia, it rains as fast as it Rotamento, s. m. a turning to, broken.--Rotto, ill used, can pour; it pours down, 'round.--Il rotamento de cie- mauled, abused, bruised.- Rovesciure, to overthrow, to li, the motion of the hea Videro nell'1 de' çanti la overturn. vens.---Rolamento di testa, a donna scapigliata e stracciata Rovesciato, adj. thrown, spil. swimming of the head, or tutta livida e rolta nel viso, led, overthrown, overturndizziness,

they saw the woman alled. Cader rovesciate; to

} biking

fall backwards or upon one's Rovináre, to rush violently' raw linen.-Seta rozza, raw back.

down, to tumble out, to fall silk.--Rozzo,churlish, clown. Rovescio, s. m. the wrong down, to throw down.--Ro- ish, uncouth, raw, inexperiside. Il rovescio d'un olito, vinar le ciglia, to cast down enced, simple, ignorant, silly. the inside of a cont.--Tenere one's eyes, to look down. Rozzóne, s. m. a great jade, a ano u rozescio, to keep one Dante. No good phrase -- bad horse. down upon his baci.-Aro. Rovinuire, to ruin, to destroy, Ruba, s. f. a theft, robbery ? cscio, adv. the wrong side to pull jowni, to bring to de- Andar a rula, to go a thieroutwards --Alcilersi la camis cay, to undo.--Se roi terrete ing, to go upon the highway. cia a

Torfscio, 10 put on questa vita ri rorinerete, if - Andar a rata, to be plunone's shirt the inside out you live such a life you will dered or pillaged.--Mandar a wards, or the wrong way ruin yourself.--S” jo foressa rulin, to sack, to rob of every Fouerare un alto col rovescio tal cosa io mi rovinerri, if I thing. di seta to line a coat with silk. was to do such a thing ) Rubacchiamento, s. m. rob----Far una cosa a rovescio, to should be undune.

herry, theft. do a thing quite contrary. -11 Rovinariccio, adj. dismantled, Rubacchiáre, to steal to plunToresc o d'una meilnglia, the destroyed, almost ruin d. der, 19 pick one's pocket. reverse of a medal.-li ropese Rovináto, adj. ruined, destroy- Rubagione, s. f. thieving, rolunu meloglia, the con cd, undone.

theft, robbery. trary.-oliorescio, a shower of Rovinatóre, he that ruins, or Rubálda, s. f. a head-piece or 1910.--Ruroscio, a shower. serids to ruin.

helmet. Cu rovescio di sassi, a sbouer Rovinatrict, feminine of Ro- Rubattiáglia, s. f. mob, rabble, of stones.--Rovescio, baze vinátore.

rascally people. or bays (:1 kind of linen stuff.) Rovinévole, adv, v Rovinoso. Rubáldo, adj. naughty, crafie, Rovesciúnc, adv. backwards, Rovinio, s. m. crack, great mischievous, rascally.--UR upon one's back. Dislendor noise, loud shout.

rubuldo, 5. m. a knave, a rason rovesciórre sul letto, to lie Rovinos:iménte, adv. furiously. cal. a good for nothing mgue. with one's back upon the bed. impetuously, violently, vehe- Rubaldóne, s. m. a great rascal -ladere a rovescione, to fall mently,

or knave. backward.or upon one's back. Rovinóso, adj. furious, impe. Rubamento, s. m. robbing or -Rovescione, s. n. a stroke tuous, violent, vehement.- thieving with the back of the hand. Rovinoso, passionate, soon Rubare, to rob, to take away,

Rovescione, a back stirke. angry, hot, hasty.--i' vinoso, to steal.-Rulare un entore, Rovéto, s. m. a place where bold, confident, inapudent, ty steal from an author, to brainbles or blackberries grow. daring

play the plagiary. Rovigliamento, s. m. a hurry, Rovistáre, to sake cut, to tum-Ruváro, adj. robbed, stolen

confusion, or great heat. ble about, to put in disorder, Rovigliáre, to hurry, to be in to confound.

Rubutóre, a thief.-Rulatore a hurry or confusion.-Rovi. Rovístico, s. ni. privet, prime di strade, a robber or highgliáre, to rumble, to turnble. print, a sort of shrub. wayman.-Rubatore, robber, to ruffle.

Rovisto, adj. robust, strong, extortioner. Rovigliato, adj. hurried, tuni strong-limbed, lusty. Obs. Rubatrice, s. f. a woman thiet.

bleri, rumbled.-Rovigliuto, Kovistoláre, v. Rovistare. Rubatúra, s. f. a robbery, theft. juined, wasteu, laid waste, Rovo, s. m. bramble, black- Rubbio, a kind of measure for Qoiled.

berry tree. Rovina, s. f. ruin, fall, decay. Rozza, s. f. a jade, an old Rubécchio, adj. red, reddish. Non perisce troppo per rovina horse good for nothing.

Obs. chi teme la rovina, he who is Rozzáccia, s. f. an old jade. Rubellamento, s. m. a rebelaware of misfortune, very sel- Rozzamente, adv. coarsely, lion. dom comes to misfortune.- clownishly-—-Ro-zaménte, Rubelláre, to rebel, to raise up Casa che va in rovina, a house coarsely, roughly, in a coarse or revoit against. that falls to ruin.---- Rovina,

Rubellazione, s. 1. a rebellion, precipice, downfall. Ri- Rozzétta, s. f. a little jadle or revolt or insurrection.' gurdando prima i'en la cuina

Rubellione, s. f. a rebellion, indiedemi di piglio, he first Rozzézza, s. f. harshness, rug surrection or revolt. Joukerl down the precipice, getness. -Rozrózza, ugli Rubéllo, adj. rebellious, disoand therf took hold of me. ness, deformity.- Rozzézza, bedient.-Un rubello, s. m. a Rovina, ruin, destruction, churlishness, incouthness, rebel. undoing, overthrow, desola coarseness, ignorance. Ruberia, s. f. robbery, theft, tion.-lovina, fury, impetu. Rozzità, rugredness, harsh- plunder.--- tiver di tuberia, osity, vjolence, fierceness. ness, churlishness, uncouth to live by hook and crook, to Rovinaménio, s. m. ruin, le


live upon plunder. vastation, destruction, over- Rozzo, adj. rough, harsh, rug- Rubestézza, s. f. fierceness, arthrow.

ged or uneven, unpolished.rogance, presumption, imPerinánte, adj. running, Pietra rozza, a rugged, unpo-pudence. fumbling down,

lished stone. -Teli rozzo, Rubésto, adj. fierce, arrogani,

a V.

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or tares.






wild, savage, cruel.–Rulés. Rugghiáre, to roar.-.

Rugghi- Rulláre, to roll. to, horrible, frightful, horrid, áre, to grunt like a hog. Rullo, s. m. a roller. Rullo, terrible. -Rulesto, adv fierce- Rugghiare, to creak or screak. a kind of play that children iy, arrogantly, presumptu- Rugghiaio, adj. roared. use, to roll themselves down ously, impudently. Rúgghio, s. m. a roar.

trom the top of a hill. Ha Rubicóndo, adj. rcd, tubi- Ruggine, s. f. rust.-- -Rigging, farlo a mulli, he has done so cund.

hatred, grudge, spleen, ill. weiteitt he is grown mad. Rubificánte, adj. that makes will, spite.--fortare ruggine Ruminárie, adj. ruminating, red.

ad uno, to hate one.-Rug- meditating upon, that rumiRubificáre, to make red. gine, a kiad of winter pear. nates, or m: 2+1+s upon. Rubificativo adj. that makes Rugginétra, s. f. a little rust. Rumıná 4, 1 chiew the cud, to red. Ruzginénte, adj.

ruminatc. --Rumanure, to ru. Rubificato, adj. made red. Rugginoso,


minute, to ponder, to consiRubigine, s. f. rubigo, mil Denti ragginosi, nasty teeth. der, reflect opon. dew, blasting of corn, also | Rugginúzza. s. f. a little rust. Rumináto, adj. chewed again, Tust.

Ruggini: za, hatred, ruininated, pondered, consiRubiglia, s.' t. bitter vetches grudge, spite. Rugzinuzza, dered, reflected upon.

quarrel, dispute, difference, Rumore, v. Romore, and all Rubinétio, s. m. a small ruby.

its derivatives. Rubino, s. m. a ruby. Ruggio, v. Rugghio.

Runciglio, v. Ronciglio. Rubinoso, adj. of the colour Ruggire, to roar.

Ruolo, s. mn. a roll or a regisof rubies.

Ruggito, adj. svared.--Ruggito, Rubinúzzo, s. m. a small ru s, m. roaring.--Ruzgito, the Ruóta, s. f. a wheel.---La ruby.--Rutinúzzo, a small ru rumbling of the belly or guts. ota della fortuna, the wheel by worth but little.

Rosiasia, s. f. dew.--Pasqua of tertuine-Roia, circum: Rubizzo, adj. hardy, robusi, rugiada, Whitsunday, Pen ference, compass, round.--stout.---Vecchio rulizzo, a tecost.

Le stellale tuote,

the iardy old man.

Rugiadóso, adj. dewy, full of L'infiammate ruote, heaRubo, s. a bramble, a dew,--- Erberagialose, dewy vens. Ruota, a wheel geneblackberry cree.

grass.------Regiadoso, full of rally used in nunneries.-RuRubrica, s. f. a rubrick.Ru. tears.-E tutti rugiadosi gli oto, the chief court of judicaoricu, red ocre.

occhi fuoi, and hei eyes full of ture in Rome. La pia cattiRubricazione, s. f. redness.

ra ruota del carro sempre ciObs.

Rugiolóne, s. m. blow, cuff. gola, the worst wheel of the Kubro, adj. red. Poetical. box on the ear.

cart alway's creeks.-- Andare a ---Ruliro, s. m. bramble, Rugóso, adi. Ruca,

ruola, e far a ruota, to wheel s. 1. rocket, an Rugottato,


abour. Ruchétta, 5 herb so called. Rugamaie, to chew the cud, Ruótolc, v. Rótolo. Rude,'adj. rude, rustical, harsh, to ruminate.--Rugumure, to Ruotáre, to wheel about. tough, rugged, unknown. ruminate a thing, to consider, Ructársi, to roll or tumble Obs. to meditate upon.,

down or about. Ruffa, s. f. a bawd.-Ruffa Rugumáto, adj. chewed again, Ruotol áre, to roll. Taffa, ex. Fare a ruffu rafia, ruminated, considered, re- Ruotolato, adj. rolled, to strive who can get or have flected, meditated upon. Pupe, s. f. a rock, a high down the most, to plunder.- Quel Rugumazione, s. f, a chewing fall, a cliff. che vien di rufia e raffa se ne the cud, a meditating upon. Rupinóso, adj. cragged, crag. vu di lafia in vaffa, lightly Ruina, s. f. ruini, fall, decay. gy, rough or steep. come, lightly go.

-Casa che va in ruina, a Ruscellétto, S. m. rivulet, Ruffianáre, to play the house that. falls to ruins, a brook, rill. Ruffianeggiáre, pimp or the ruinous house.

Ruscello, s, m. brook, rivulet, bawd. Ruine, s. f. pl. ruins.

small stream Ruffianería, s. f. pimp- Ruináre, to ruin, to destroy, Ruschia, s. f.! petty whim, Ruffianesimo, s, m. ing, a to pull down, to bring to de. Rusco, s. m.

an herb. Kuifania, s. f.

pimp cay, to spoil, inlay waste.- Rusignuolo, s. m. a nightin. or bawd's trade.

Ruinire, to fall to ruins, to gale. Ruffiána, s. f. a bawd.

Ruspo, adj. new, new-coined. Ruffiann, s. m. a pimp, a go- Ruinát), adj. ruined, destroyed, -Doppia ruspa, a new pis-between, a pander. Spoiler

tole: Ruga, s. f. a wrinkle — Ruga, Ruinazivne, s. f. ruin, fall, de- Rus áre, to snore. the street way. Obs.

cay, unduing, loss, overthrow, Kusso, s. m. snoring. Rugghiamento, s. m. a roaring, Ruinóso, adijo ruinous, impe-, Rusticaccio, augmentative of ---Rugghiamérito,wind grum tuous, tempestuous, furious. Rústico. bliog in the belly or guis. Ruire, to rush violently, to run Rusticásgine, s. f. rusticity, Rugghiarte, adj. roaring, that i headlong, to fall upon. Not ruden55, clownishess, churroars.--Leone rugshiante, a usad.

lishness. toaring lion. Rulla, v. Rallo,

Fuscicále, adj. rural.



go to ruin.


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or top:


Rusticamente, adv. rustically, I gish, apish, merry, sport.

--Saccentemente, cunningly, rudely, clownishly: ful.

slily, craftily, sharply.-Sac. Rusticano, adj. rural, of or be- Ruzzáre, to play, to play the cenemérte, imprudenty, un longingio the country.--Uomo fool or the wag, to be full of wisely, indiscreetly, foolishrusticano, a country man. wanion trick, to toy.

isl.l;', ui advisediy. Vestimento rusticano, ordina- Ruzzo, s. m. play, sport,wan- Sacoenteria, s. f. presumption, Ty, coarse cloaths.---Opera conness, toving. -- Cavare il arrogane, bolsiness, impurusticana, country work. ruzzo del copo oduno, to keep dence, inriaperine s. Rusticano, rustick, or rustical, one in awe. -Cscire il ruzzo, Saccentino, s. m. a sinatterer, rude, boorish,

clownish, to save one's longing ---Ella a conceited fellow, one that homely.

m'a fallo uscir del capo il boasts of his knowledge. Rustichetta, adj. somewhat nu ruzzo dell' amore, she hath Saccentóne, s. m. a proud con.

ral, a little rusdick or rustical, cured me of my love. ceiied coxcomb.-Fare it rude or boorish, ill-bred. Ruzzola, s. f. a gig, a kind of saccentone, to pretend to great Rustichezza, s. f. rusticity, top.

matters, clownishness, rudeness, chur-, Ruzzoláre, to play with a gig Saccentuzzo, s. m. a penny lishness.

scholar, a presuming ignoranc Rusticità, s. f. rusticity, rude-Ruzzoláto, p. p. of Ruzzo scholar. ness, incivility of manners, láre.

Saccheggiamento, s. m. sackchudliness, clownishness.

ing, ransacking, pillaging. Rústico, adj. homely, clown

Saccheggiante, adj. plunderish, rustical, rustick, rural,

ing, pillaging, sacking.-UR clownish, boorish.

saccheggiante, a plunderer. Ruta, s. f. rue.

Saccheggiare, to sack, ransack, Rutáco, adj. of or belonging to

plunder or pillage. rue. -Olio rulato, oil of rue.

Saccheggiato, adj. sacked, ran. Ruticársi, to move, to stir, Obs.

sacked, pillaged, plundered. Rutcáre, to belch, to break

Saccheggiatúre, a plunderer, a wind upwards.--- Ruttáre, to

piliager. Cast or bring up, to vomit.- 19 Abadth, Sabaoth, the God of Sacchétta, s. f, a budget, satQuando piú rutla il mongi- Sabaoth, the Lord of hosts. che!, purse, bag, pocket. bello fiamme,when the mount Sábato, s. m. Saturday, the Sacchettáre, to beat with bags of Etna cast up torrents of Sabbato, y seventh day of the full of sand flames.

week.- Non aver pan pe' sa-Sacchettino, $. m. satchel, Rutto, s. m. a belch, or break-1 lal2, to have nothing to live Sacchetto, bag, budget, ing wind upwards.

upon.---Domeneddio non pa- pocket. Ruvidáccio, augmentative of paga il salato, vive a thief Sacciutézza, s. f. pride, vanity, Ruvido.

rope Cnough and he will hang conceit, presumption, suffiRuvidaménte, adv. roughly, himself.-Sabato saunlo, holy ciency: harshly, rustically, rudely. Saturday.

Sacciuto, adj. affected, conRuvidétto, dim. of Rúdo. Sábbia, s. f. sand.--Se- ceited, smattering, arrogant. Ruvidézza, s. f. rusticity, Sabbione, s. m. minare in -Un sacciato, s. m, a smat. clownishness, rudeness, sallia, to sow upon sand. terer in any science, boastroughness, churlishness - Sabbionóso, adj. sandy, full ing of his knowledge. Ruvidézza, harshness, rug- Sabbioso, of sand. Sacco, s, m, a sack or baggedness.-- Ruvidezza di stile, Sabina, s. f. savin, sabin-tree, Un sacco di grano, a sack of harshness or ruggedness of a shrub. ?

- Il tristo sacco, the stile.

Sacca, s. f. pouch, scrip, belly.--Far sacco, to accuRuvido, adj. rough, harsh, Saccája, s satchel. --Far sac mulate, to heap up, to gasugged, uneven.. --Rivido, caju, to gather to a matter or ther together.-Sacco, sackharsh, crabbed, sharp, rough. to a head.--Far saccaja, to ing, ransacking, pillage, plun-fino rurido, rough wine. brood, to haich one's an der.-Fare il sacco, mettere Ravido, rough, hard, se ger. A vulgar phrase. sacco, porre a sacco, dare il vere, churlish, ill-natured, Saccardello, s. m. a rascal, a sacco ad una città, to sack, to cross. --Ruvido, harsh, rug rogue.

plunder, to pillage a town. ged, ungenteel, unpleasant, Sarcárcio, s. m. a soldier's boy, l'ure un sacco, to commit a disagreeable, that grates the a blückguard.-Sucário, a great blunder or fault. Far en-Ruvido carme, an harsh rascal, a sascally fellow, a satco, to brood one's anger, to verse rugli

hide the fire under the ashes. · Ruvidulto, adj. somewhat Saccone, adj. learned, a good --Fur sacco, to gather matrough, a little harsh. scholar, full of learning.

2. Saccaja. Tenere il Kunsáre, v. Roricare. Saccante, adj. cunning, sly, sacco ud uno, to hold one the Ruvico, n. Roristico. crafiy, subtle, sharp. -Un candle, to help one in his Rimento, s.m. play, sport, ser saccente, qconceited fel- wickedaess.-.--Tunto ne va z Avantonness, toying. low.

chi rula quanto, a chi tiene il Ruzzánte, adj. wanton, wag. Saccentemente, acv, learned!y. i sacco, the receiver is as bagi



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