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Sacconcéno; } Sackor Bateri

as the thief.-Sciorre il sacco, consecrated things. Sacrato, Saettáto, adj. darted, shot, to slander, to rail, to vilify, adj. consecrated. ---Sacráto, pierced with an arrow. to speak all the ill things one sacred, holy.

Saettatóre, archer, bowman, knows.-Essere alla peggiore Sacrestia, v. Sagrestia. Saettatrice, bow-woman. del sacco, to be at odds one Sacrificánte, adj. sacrificing, Saetrévole, adj. of or belonga with another.---Tornar colle consecrating, that consecrates. ing to an arrow.--Arte saettetromle nel succo,

to come Sacrificare, to sacrifice, ede, she art or skill of shootback with one's pockets emp- offer up in sacrifice. Sacri- ing a buw. ty.—Non dir quattro se tu ficáre, to dedicate, to conse- Saettia, s. f. brigantine, yatch, non l'hai nel sacco, don't

light frigate. count the chickens before they Sacrificato, adj. sacrificed, of- Saettoláre, v. Saeppolare. may be hatched.

fered up in sacrifice, dedicated, Saéttolo, v. Sacppolo. Saccóccia, s. f. a pocket. consecrated.

Sactiúme, s. m. all manner of Saccománno, s, m, a soldier's Sacrificatóre, a priest, a sacri

arrows, a great quantity of boy, a blackguard.-- Far sac- ficing priest.

arrows together. comunno, to sack, to pillage, to Sacriticatrice, feminine of Sa- Saettúzza, s. f. a little arrow. plunder. - Andare a sacco crificatore.

Saféra, s. f. saphena, the cru. manno, to be plundered, sack-Sacrificazione, s. f. a sacrifice, ral vein, a vein which goes ed, or pillaged.--Mettere o por or offering up.

down under the skin of the Te a saccomanno, to plunder 10 Sacrificio,

s. m. sacrifice.

thigh and leg, and tums tie pillage, to sack. Sacrifizio,

wards the upper part of the Sacconáccio, m. an old Sacrileguménte, adv. in a sa font where it sends forth sevenasty sack

crilegious manner.

ral branches. Sacconcello, s. m. a little Sacrilegio, s. m. sacrilege, pro- Sagace, adj. sagacious, cunfanation,

ning, sly, wary, prudent, Sacconcello, a little pillow. Sacrilégio, sacrilege or church discrect, confederate, circumSaccóne, s. m. a straw bed, a robbing.

spect, wise. matrass full of straw, a Sacrilego, adj. sacrilegious, Siguceménte, adv. sagely, prustraw bag. suilty of sacrilege.

dently, discrectly, consideSaccúccio, s. m. satchel, bag, Sacristáno, a sexton or vestry- rately. small sack.

keeper, a sacristan.

Sagacézza, v. Sagacità. Obs. Sacerdotále, adj. priestly, sa- Sacristia, s. f. the sacristy or Sagacità, s. f. guile, craftiness, cerdotal, vestry.

subtlety, slyness, wile, sagaSacerdotalmente, adv. religi- Sacro, adj. sacred, holy, hal. city. ously, in a priestly manner.

lowed.--Sacro, execrable, Sagaréno, s. m. sazapenum, Sacerdotático, s. m. the priest- cursed. ---Sacro fuoco, St. An. the gum of the plant called hood.

thony's fire.--Sacro murlo, fennel-giarit. Sacerdote, a priest.

the falling sickness. Saggézzi, s. f. wisdom, sageSacerdotéssa, a priestess. Sacrosánto, adj. hallowed,

ness, prullence, Sacerdóro, v. Sacerdote. Obs. holy, sacred, inviolable. Saggiaménic, adv.sagely, wiseSacerdócio, s. m. the priest-Saeppo áre, to prune the vine. ly, discreetly, prudently. hood.

Saeppolátu, adj. pruned. Saggiare, to try, to essay or er. Sacra, v. Sacra.

Saéppolo, s. m. a bow to shoot periment.--Suggiare qualsie Sacramentale, adj. sacranien- with.-Soéppolo, a layer, a licore, to taste a liquor.

tal. ---Sacramentále, mysteri- shoot, ewig or sprig of a Saggiatore, an essayer, or asous, mystical. vine.

sayer. --Saggialóre, s. m. a Sacramentalmente, adv. sacra- Saérta, s. f an arrow.-Sallia, pair of scals. mentally.

a thunder-boit.-Saltta, rays Saggina, s. f. a lind of millct. Sacramentáre, to administer or beams of the sun --Saétia, Sagginále, s. m. the stalk or the sacraments.--Sacramen a rabbet plane.---- Saétla, a sem of millet. idre, to take the oath, to triangular candlestick nude Sagginato, adj. bay, sorrei, swear, to swear to.-Sacra- of wood, which the Roman chesnut colour.Cardio mentársi, to receive the sa Catholics use at the vespers sagginato, a bay horse.craments.

of the Holy Week.Saitta, Saggináto, mixed with mil. Sacramentato, adj. that has a lancet.--Sulia, rage, poe lei.---Saggiuito, cramined,

received the sacraments. vishnesss, fretfulness, anger. fatted. Sacramento, s. m. a sacra Saettáme, Ja great quan- Sayginélla, s. f. millet of the

ment.--Il suntissimo sucre- Saettamento, tity of arrows. mento, the consecrated host. -Saettaménio, a disting, or Siggio, s. m. escay, proof, -Sacramérto, a sacred thing. shooting with arrows. trial, experiment, atteapta --Sacramento, an oath.- Saettáre, to dart, to shoot with i'oi maite dato seggio de Ricevere il sacramento, to a dart of arrow --Saettdre, to wostro armore, you have gives take the oath to."

dart, to shoot, or sling out. me a prout of your love.-Sacráre, to consecrate, to de- Saettáta, s. f. an arrowshot Siggio, warning, advertise dicare.

Saettuta, a bow shot, the anent, advice, caution.ee Sacrário, s, m, a place to keep length of it

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Saggiuolo, s, m, a small bottle Sajo, frock for men.

saggio dell' oro o dell arge!-! close, hidden. Obs.---Sa-l ménto, cure, healing.–S to, to essay or try gold or sil- i gréto, s, m, a secret. Obs. damerto, the balance of an ver.-Saggio, a taste or touch Sagriticáre, to sacrifice. account. of a thing, to know it by, Sagrificato, adj. sacrificed. Saldáre, to solder, to cure, to also a grain.--Sliggio, a Saguisício,

bcal, to close.- Suldare wid

s. m. a sacrifice. taster, a little tasting cup. Sagrifizio,

pentola, to solder a pot. Surgio, adj. sage, wise, dis-Sagro, s, in a saker, a hawkso Saldare una ferita, to heal or creet, prudent, considering.--called.-Sagro, a piece of ord cure a wound. --Saldare rau Súggio, conscious, privy to hance, a ficId piece.

gioni o conti, to balance or - l'ar saggio, to impart, to Saja, s. f. say, a kind of woollen make up accounts. -Saltell.- Dizostra condizion fo- cloth.

dáre, to stop.-Saldáre il contenc saggi, tell us who you Saime, s. m. lard or hog's to dell'imprese, to close one's srcase.

enterprises. Saldáre, to de? s. m. a cassock, a

fend, to protect. --Suggiuolo, goldsmiths Sajone,

Salcláto, adj. soldered. scales.

Cajórna, s. f. a kind of long Saldatura, s. f, a soldering, Sagina, s. f. possession, enjoy. robe.

cure, or healing up.-Salda. Obs. Sajótto, v. Sajone.

túra, cicatrice, a scar, a scam Sagire, to give or put in pus- Sala, s. f. a hall.

os mark of a wound.-Salda. session. Obs,

Sala terrena, s. f. a parlour. túra, solder, the matter used Sagito, adj. put in possession. Sala bassa, S ----Gidar la in soldering Ous.

salr, to pray to God. Obs. Saldezza, s. f. firmness, steaSagitário, an archer, a bow. Salamándia, s. f. a spotted diness, constancy, resolution, man.--- Sugittario, Sagittary, creature like a lizard, said to courage, stedfastness. --Salthe name of one of the signs live in the fire, and to quench dizza, firmness. in the Zodiac.

it without being burnt. Saldo, adj. sound, whole. Sagliente, adj. ascending, go- Saláine, s. m. sausage:-Sa- Saldo, solid, thick.-Saldo, ing up:

irme di Bologna. a Bologna solid, massy, hard, strong.-Saglimento, v. Salimento. Obs. sausage.

Un sim:lacro d'oro saldo, a Saglire, to ascend, to go up. Salamisura, wise, witty. Iro- statue of massy gold.-Saldo, Obs. nically.

firm, secady, constant, duraSagra, s. f. consecration, dedi-Salamistráre, to play the learn- ble, stedfast, unshaken, setcation.--Sagra, the feast of ed, although full of igno- tled.-Saldo, bold, resolute. conseciation of a church...

Star saldo, to stay, to Sugra, a multicude or crow Salamoja, s. f. brine, to pre- stand. Sia saldo, non serrar of people.-La sua casa par serve things in, such as fish, l'uscio, stay, don't shut the che atbia la sugra, his house ulives, mushrooms, and oiher. door.--Saldo, hold, stop.looks like a thoroughfare. - Saláre, to salt, to powder or Saldi signori, hold gentleSagra, s. f. a saker, a piece season with salt.

men, stir not.-Saldo, sete of artillery so called. The same Salariáre, to give a salary, to tled, balanced.-Saldo, s. m. as Sagro.

the balance of an account. Sagramentále, adj. sacramen-Salariáto, adj. having a salary. Far saldo, to balance, to sec. tal

Salário, s. m. salary or wages. tie the account.--Saldo, adv. Sagramentalmente, adv. in a Saássc, s. m. a letting of blood, strongly, deeply, firmly, re

sacramental manner or way. blood letting out of a vein. solutely, constantly, Sagramentáre, to administer Saláto, adj. salted, powdered. Sale, s. m. salt.--Säl minerale, the sacraments.-- Sugronien- -Donde salate, the brinyi mineral sait.- Sole, chymical kere, to take the oath, to main, the sea. -Saluto, s. m. salt.-Sale, the sea. Anim-Sagramentarsi, to salt meat.

proper word.--Metter potete receive the sacraments, Salávo, adj. nasty, foul, dirty, bon ull alto sale zostro naSagramento, v. Sacramento filthy. Obs.

riglio, you may set sail.-Sagráre, to consecrate, to de- Salavóso, adj. dirty, nasty, fil- Sale, wit, acuteness, sprightdicate, thy, foul. Obse

Tiness --Sale, wisdom, learnSagrátu, adj. consecrated, de- Salce, s. m. willow, willow ing.-- Ha poco sale in zucca, dicated. -Sagrito, sacred, tree.

he has not a great deal of holy --Sagrulo, s. n. a $a-Salceto, s. m. a place set judgment. Pigliure sale, cred place, as a church or with willous.-Salcito, in to acquire judgment or skill churci yard. Sugráta, a tricacy, trouble, confusion, in any thing.- Dolce di sale, sanctuary or refuge, an altar embarrassment.

insipid, unsavoury, not sallof refuge.

Salcio, s. m, a willow-tree. ed enough.- Dolce di sals, Sagrazione, v. Sagra. Salda, s. f. guin, starch, glue. insipid, flat, witless.--Mani-Sagrestáno, s. m. a sexton or Saldaménte, adv, firmly, stea. carsi l'un l'altro col sale, to vestry-keeper, a sacristan. | dily, constantly, stedfastly. be at daggers drawing with Sagrestia, s. f. the sacristy or Saldaménto, s. m. soldering, one. ---Apporre al sale, co find vestry.

gumming, starching–Sal fault with any thing, be it Sagréio, adj. secret, private, daménto, a stopping. - Salda ever so good. - In questa parte


pay a fee.


fan de Saliscéndi, s a door.--La you to such violent pains? balans, fortuna fa de' saliscendi, for- Salsamento, s. m. sauce. ki bo Salita, S. f. ascent, rising rilla, the rough bind-weed of uno, to take or cut off one's - Salitore, s. m, climber, he that salsiccia d'una cosa, to cut in parte, like the rays of the sun

ci farebbe il sale, salt could I giare.

| Salso, adj. salt, brinish, brackgrow in this country, this Salmeggiatúre, a psalmisi, 1 ish.--L'acyua salsa, the bricountry is prodigious fruitful. that sings psalms.

ny main. Saleggiare, to throw a littleSalmeggiatrice, fem, of Sal- Salsizgine, s. f. saltness, a sale salt upon, to salt a little.


humour. Salente, adj. ascending, that Salmería, s. m. baggage, lug- Salsuggináso, adj. that has ascends, going up. gage, goods.

salt, brackish. Salétta, s. f. dim. of Sala.

Sal mi sia, adv. as I hope to be Salsúme, s. m. all sorts of Salgémma s. f. mineral saved.

salt meat, or fishes csnis Salgémmo, s. m. S salt. Salmista, psalmist, one who sume, salıness, salt humours. Salicále, S. m. a place set

makes or sings psalms.

Saltabeecáre, to hop or skip, with willows, a willow-plot. Saimista, the psalter, a book Saltabelláre, s to frisk, to Salicástro, s. m. wild willow, of psalms, a collection of trip along or about. 'sallow-tree.

David's psalms.-Salmista, Saltamartino, s.m. a kind of Sálice, s, m, a willow tree. learned, witty. Ironically.-field-piece of ordnance. Salicone, s. m. a kind of willow. Un gran salmista, a great Saltambárco, s. m. a jacket. Suliéra, s. f. a salt-seller. scholar.

Saltamindósso, s. m. a poor, Saliéra, a salt pit.

Salmo, s. m. a psalm.--Ogni ragged coat. Saligástro, s. m. wild willow, salmó a gloria torna, each Saltanséccia, s. f. a kind of sallow tree.

psalm ends with the usual little bird. -Saltanséccia, Salimbácca, s. f. a little piece words, gloria patri & filio, adj. light, fickle, uncertain, of wood to seal with.-Sa &c. metaphorically said of inconstant. limbácca, a seal-case. one, who, ugh ever so in- Saltáre, to leap, to jump, to Saliménto, s. m. an ascent.- terrupted, will again come to skip.--Saltare un cavallo, to Salimento di superlia, great speak of a thing he has much vault on a horse --Saltare ad. pride. -Saliménto, affront, at heart.

dosso ad uno, to fall apon one. injury.

Salmodia, s. f. psalmody, -Saltare in collera, to fly in. Salina, s. f. a salt pit.-Salina, singing of psalms.

to a passion.--Non mi fate salt.

Salnitro, s. m. nitre, saltpetre. saltare il grillo, or la mosca, ple. Salincérbio, s, m, a kind of Salóne, s. f. a great hall or don't provoke me,

don't play which children use by room.

make me angry..Sulilo vi jumping over one another. Salótto, s. m. a little hall or salta la mosca, you soon take Pri , Salire, to ascend, to go up.-parlour.

pepper in your nose Far Salire a cavallo, to mount on Salpáre, to weigh anchor. saltare in ario colla polvere, horseback.--Salire le scale, Salpáto, adj. weighed anchor. to blow up with gun-powder. to go up stairs -A cader va Salsa, s. f. sauce.-Salsa di -Vifaro saltar le scale,I shall chi troppo in alto sale," hasty San Bernardo, stomach, ap- kick you down stairs.- l'ar climbers have sudden falls. petite.--Salsa, pain, torment.

sa tare le cervella ad uno, to Salire, s. m. an ascent. -Ma chi ti mena a pun. dash one's brains out of his Saliscéndo, s. m. the latch of genti salse? but who brings head.--Saltar di palo in fras.

ca, to digress from the matter,

to make a rambling digressitune is very inconstant. Salsapariglia, s. f. salsapa-on.Far sailar la testa ad ground. Peru.

head.--Saltáre, to reflect of Salito, adj. ascended, mounted Salsédine, s. f. saltness,

beat back Come quando Salsózza, / salt humour. dall'acqua o dallo specchio Salitójo, s. m. ladder, steps. Salsiccia, s. f. sausage.--Far salta lo raggio alli opposita goes up.

small pieces.--Le vigne vi si when it reflects upon the wa. Saliva, s. f. spittle.

legano colle salsiccie, par ter or upon a looking-glass.Salivale, adj. of or like spittle. tridges are found in the streets Salt re, to wander, tu stray. Salivazione, s. f. salivation. ready roasted.

-Ed un pensier in altro sale Salma, s. f. burden, load. Salsiccie, sausages, saucissons, tando s' addorment), revoly

-Una salma di legna, a faggots or fascines made of ing several things in his head load of wood.---Corporea sal- great boughs of trees bound he went to sleep.-Saltdre, ma, one's body.--Salma, together, to cover men, or to to leap, to jump, to skip.

a twenty-five pound weight. make epaulements, in sieges, Salldre un muro, to jump Salmástro, adj. salt, brackish, &c.

over a wall. ---Saltare, to brinish.----- Acqua salmastra, Salsiccióne, s. m. a kind of omit, or skip a thing, to pass brackish water. sausage.

it by.--Saltáre, to dance. Salmeggiamento, s. m. psal- Salsicciotto, s. m. a thick and Saltdre, to pass over, to go

mody, singing of psalms. short sausage.--Salsicciolto forth. --Saliare, s. m. dance, Salmeggiare, to chaunt, to sing di Bologna, a Bologna sau- a jumping or leaping, a leap. psalms.


Saltáto, adj. leaped, jumped. Salmeggiato, pip. of Salme - Salsicciuolo, s. m, a sausage. Saltacóre, a leaper or jumpes. Yob. I.


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Sale, dp, raised.

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Saltatrice, fem. of Saltatore. ly into a place. ---Andate in mi credo salvo qui, I don's Saltatrice, a dancer, a woman salamento, God speed you.

think I am safe here -Salro dancer. Salvánza, v. Salvezza.

safe, preserved, without harm. Saltazione, s. f. jumping, the Salváre, to save, to keep, to Salro, s. m. agreement, conexercise of jumping.

deliver, to preserve or detend. tract.--Mettere, o Porte in Saltelláre, to hop or skip, to -Salváre, to save, to spare. salro, to assure, to put in frisk, to trip along or about. Salváre, to save, to bring to surety --Salvo, adv. save, Saltelláto, p. p. of Saltelláre. salvation.- Dho vi satri, God saving, except, but.-Salro Saltellino, a little leap, jump save you-Si Dio mi salzi, che, salvo se, except, save, or skip.

as I hope to be saved.--Sal- saving, but, if.-Salvo, Saltellone, 1 adv. leapingvársi, to fly, to make one's vided.--Sako prep. save, savSaltellóni, S jumping or escape, to get away.

ing, without prejudice. skipping. Andar satellone, Salvatélla, g. f. salvatella, that Salvocondótto, s. m. safe-conto jump or skip about. veint, which from the veins duct, pass, passport. Salterellare, to skip, to hop, to of the arm is terminated in Salvo il vero, if I am not mistrisk, or trip along or abcut. the liale finger.

taken. Saltsrello, s. m. cracker, squib. Salvaticamente, adv. rustically, Salutáre, to salute, to greet. Salterio, s. m. a psalter, a rudely, clownishly, boorishly. Salutáre, to salute, to reveSaltéro, '} book of psalms, a Salvatichetto, adj. a litile rus. rence, to worship.--Salutire, collection of David's psalms. tick,boorish, clownish, home to salute one, to recommend -Saltéro, a cris-cross row, ly, unsociable.

one's self to him, to rememor christ-cross-row.--Saltéro, Salvatichezza, s. f. wildness ber one's love of service to a psaltery, a kind of musical Satrutichezza, rusticity, him.--Me in-stati eta parte instrument with ten strings. clownishness, chullishness. mio, present my service to Saltétto, s. m. a bucsle jump, a Salvatieina, s. f. venisor, game.

him.-La saluta cara mente, short Icap.

Salvático, adj. wild, fierce, sa I kiss your hands. - Salutors Salto, so mi leap, jump, skip. wage, untamed. - Luogo sal alcuno re, to salute, to proFare un salto, to take a vatico, a wild place.-- Fera claim one king_Salutáre, s. leap.Orx'inarsi per sallo, to sabusiea, a wild beast.---Er- m. civility, compliment, duty. be admitted to the superior la salvetica, to weed.-Sal. -- Nullo bcl salutar tra noi si orders before the minors.- rático, savage, unsociable. tacque, we shewed one anoSalto, a dance.-- Salto, high Salvatico, s. m, a grove or ther all the civilities imaginawood, forest, thick wood. thicket.

ble.-Salutáre, adj. salucifeObs.

Salváto, adj. saved, delivered. sous, salubrious, wholesome, Salva, s. f. volley, discharge. Salvatore, Saviour.Sakra- healthful, good, useful,sound. Unu salra ďarchilusate, a tore, deliverer.

Consiglio salutare, whole. volley of musquet shot.-- Fare Salvatice, fem. of Salvatore. some advice.--Dottriqa satir. una salva di tutti i coroni, Salvazione, s. f. salvation. bare, sound doctrine.-Rimeto make a discharge of all the Saluberrimamiénte, adv. most dio salutare, a good remedy. cannon, to give a broadside. wholesomely, most hcalth-Salutáto, adja saluted, pro. Far la salva, to taste before, fully.

claimed. as a taster does to a prince be- Salubérrimo, very wholesome, Salutazione, $. f. salutation, fore he eats.

healthful, sound, good. greeting Salvandanájo, s. m. a box for Salúbre, adj. wholesome, Salute, s. f. safety, preserva

children to keep their little healthful, good, sound, salu: tion, welfare.--Salute, txealth. monies in, mostly produced brious.

-Stare in buona salute, to be at Christinas,

Salubreménte, adv. healthful- in health or good health, 10 Salvadóre, 7. Salvatore. ly, wholesomly.

be well.-Bere alla salute Salvaggina, s. f. venison, game. Salubrità, s. f. salubrity, di qualcheduno, to drink one's Salváygio, adj, wild, savage. wholesomeness, healthful- health.--Alla rosira salute, Untamed, uncultivated. Obs.

my service to you.-Salute, Salvaggiúme, s. m. game, wild Salveregina, s. f. a prayer di a salute, salutation, saluting. birds meat.

rected to the Virgin Mary by Render salute, to salute of Salvagione, v. Salvazione. the Roman Catholics.

bow again. Salvaguardia, s. f. sateguard, Salveaza, s. f. safety, preser. Salutevole, adj. wholesome, protección, shelter, defence.-- vation, weltare, salvation. healthful,gool, useful, scund, Sairaguórdiu, safeguard, a Salvia, s. f. sage, a plant so profitable. trooper employed for the se called.

Salutevolmente, adv. wholecurity of a piace.

seasoned with Salutiferamente, somely. Salvamente, adv. without dan- Salviáco,

sage. Salutifero, adj. wholesome, ger, with a safe conscience. Salviétia, s. f. a napkin.. healthful, sound, good. Salvamento, 5. m. safety, pre- Salvigia, s. t. asylum, refuge, Saluto, s. n. a salute or salu. servation, welfare.-Arriro a a place of refuge. Obs. tation, saluting. - Render it sutramento, a safe arrival.- Salume, s. m. all kind of salt saluto, to salute again.---Hidurai o arrirare a salva meat or fish.

Sumbra, s. f, a room in a house punto, lo scrive or come safe- Salvo, adj. safe, sure. Non Qbs.



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m. a senate.

Sambuca, s. f. sackbut a' (a, ly. Far sangue, to bleed., leech. -Sanguisnga, blood Imusical instrument).

Far sangue del naso, sucher, oppressor,extortioner. Sambucato, adj. måde of, or to bleed at the nose.-Fur Sanicáre, to mend, to recover, mixed with the flower of the

sangue, to have the power to or to recover one's health. elder tree.

condemn one to deaih.-Res. Obs.--Sanicure, to free, to Sambuchino,adj.made of elder.

tar senza sangue, to remain set free or at liberty, to save, Sambúco, s. m. elder-tree. bloodless. -- Andare a sangue,

to release. Obs. Sampiéro, s. m. a kind of fig to like, to have a fancy for Sánie, s. f. corrupted blood, or plum.

one, to please.-Ella mi va matter coming out from soses. Sampógna, s. f. pipe, fiagelet. molto a sangue, I like her Obs. San, prep. withoet. Obs.- mightily.-Voler trarre o ca. Sanicáto, adj. cured, recoverSan faglia, without fail. Obs. vare della rapa sangue, to

ed, well. Obs. San, adj. a saint. -San Pio draw juice from a stone.- Sanióso, adj. full of corrupted' etro, Saint Peter.

Comincið o lollirmi il sangue, blood. Obs. Sanábile, adj. curable, that can

my blood began to rise.- 11 Sanità, health. be cured.

sangue dell' we, the blood of Sanna, s. f. tusk. Sanamente, adv. wholesomely, the grape. -Buon vino fa Sannúto, adj. that has tusks, healthfully, soundly-Sana- vuon sangue, good wine tusked. ménte, soundly, aright, right makes good blood.--Sangue, Sano, adj. sound, healthy, ly, rationally, judiciously.

complexion. Sangur di healthful Ritornare sano e Intendi sanamente, reason

dragone, sangue di drago, salvo, to come home safe and justly. sandarack.

sound, or sate and well. Sanare, to cure or heal.-Sa-Sanguificáre, to produce blood. Sano, wholesome, healthful, nare una ferita, to

cure a Sanguigno, adj. having much healthy, sound.-Aere sano, wound.–Sanure, to geld or blood, sanguine, of a sanguine wholesome, healthtud air... castrate.

constitution. - Sanguigno, Sono consiglio, wholesome fanativo, 'adj. healing, that bloody, full of blood. -San- advice.--Luogo mal sano, an heals.

guigno, sanguine, red as unhealthful or unwholesome Sanáto, adj. cured, healed, blood.

place. --Sano, sound, heal. gelded, castrated.--Sanato, s. Sanguináccio, s, m. blood-pud-thy, healthful, whole, entire. Obs. ding, black padding.

'Intelletto suno sound judge Sanatóre, s. m. a senator. Obs. Sanguináre, to bleed. --La fe- ment.–Pane sano, a luaf.

Sanatóre, he that cures, Tita cominciò & sanguinare, Mandar sano uno, to send Sanatrice, fem. of Sanatore.

the wound began to bleed. one about his business. Sanazióne, so f. recovery from Sanguináre, to make bloody, Sane, s. m. a wholesome, sickness. to imbrue with blood.

good thing. Von è sino il Sánzio, a dotard. Quando il Sanguinária, s. f. blood-wort: mangiar troppo, it is not lescio sanzio udi questo, tut- Sanguinário, adj. cruel, blood-wholesome to eat too much. to svenne, when the silly dot


Sansa, s. t. vlives, after they ard heard this he fainted away. Sánguine, 's. m. a cornel-tree. have been squeezed. Sándalo, s. m. a kind of date-Sanguinélla, s. f. blood-wort. Sanséna, s. f. pressed or squeez

tree ---Sandalo, a pinnace, a Sanguinénte, adj. bloody, full ed olives. Obs. small sea-vessel. ---Sindalo, of blood.

Sansúco, s, m, marjoram. slipper used by bishops in pro- Sanguinco, adj. sanguine, of a Santà, s. f. health.-Far sanid, cessions.-Sundulo, a sandal, sanguine constitution, full of to shake daddy.-- Farncticare an open shoe.

blood.-Sanguineo,sanguine, a sanià, to complain without Sandaráca, s. f. sandarack, red as blood.-Sanguineo, a Sandrácca, } red arsenick, relation or kinsman.

Santamaría, s. f. spearmint, found in mines of gold and Sanguinitá, s. f. kindred, con an herb so called. silver.

sanguinity, relation,family.- Santambárco, s. m. a ridingSanéa, s. f. the coast, sea E congiunto neco di propin coat. coast or shore. Obs.

quissima sanguiniling he is my Santamente, adv. holilySangiovannita,s.m. of the order near relation.

V'lere santamente, to live of St. John.

Sanguinolénte, adj.blood-thirs- holily, to lead a holy life. Sangue, s. m. blood. - Brut- ty, bloody, cruel, sanguinary. Santerello, s. m.

adv. Santerélla, s. f. saint. imbrue one's hands in blood, Sanguinosamente,

church-warden, to kill, to murther.-Metter ly, cruelly.

Obs. tutto a sangue e a fuoco, co de- Sanguinósó, adj, bloody, im- Santificaménto, s. m. sanctifistroy all with fire and sword. brued or covered with blood. -Un uomo arido di sangue, --Piaga sanguinosa, bloody Santificáre, to sanctify, to make a bloody-minded or thirsty wound. -Mlani sanguinose, holy.-Suntificare le fesie, to man.---Sangue, blood, race, hands imbrued with blood.-keep the holy days. -Santifiextraction, parentage.---Prin Sanguinóso, sanguine, red as core, to canonize. cipi del singue, princes of blood.

Sanrificato, adj. sanctified, halthe bloud, of the royal fami- Sanguisúga, s. f. leech, horse-| lowed.


a little

care le mani nel sangue, to sanguinolentemente,} bloodi

: Santése, a


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