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Santificatore, a sanctifier. Sa del muschio, he smells of it a good smell. Santificatrice, fim, of Santifi- musk.–Sa del vino, he stinks Saporare, to tasta' to savour, to catore. Adjectively used, it of wine. -Saper buono, to relish. means sanctifying, that sanc like, to approve of.-Superne Saporáto, adj. savoured, tasted, tifies.

male, saper reo, to dislike, to relished. Santificazione, s. f, sanctifica- offend, to displease.Ha so- Sapore, s. m. taste, relish, fiation.

puto far tanto che è arrivato vour.-Mezzo sapore, neither Santífico, S. m. the Pope. al suo intento, he did so well, sour nor sweet, half ripe.Obs.

that he got his aim.-Non sa Sapóre, taste, palate. So. Santimónia, s. f. holiness, de- far altro che bere, he can do póre, pleasure, delight. voutness, sanctimony. nothing but drink - Saper Saporétio, s. m. savoury Santità, s. f holiness, sanctity, grado di che che si sia, to be sacredness.-Sua santità, his thankful or obliged to one for Saporitamente, adv. relishing. holiness, the Pope.--Santità, any thing.–Non ve ne so nè ly.--Bere saporitamente, to sanctimony, holiness, devout- grado grazia, I don't thank drink with pleasure.

you for it, I am not a bit Saporitino, adj. pretty, handSanto, adj. holy, sacred bless obliged to you for it.-Sapere some, genteel, fine. ed, godly.-La santa Trinità, a mente, to know by heart.- Saporito, adj. savoury, well. the holy or blessed Trinity - Saper a mente che che si sia, tasted, well-relished, i hat has La santa Virgine, the holy or to have a thing at one's fin a gond taste or relish.-UR blessed Virgin,- Un uomo ger's ends. Se tu sai, if you lacio saporilo, a smack, a santo, a holy or godly man.

know. -F2, se tu sai, do smacking kiss, a sweet kiss.--La santa Sede, the holy See. what you can do your worst.

-Uomo saporito, a witty -La Settimana santa, the Di pur, se sai, say what man. holy week, the passion week. you will, or you may say Saporosaménte, adv. v. Sapori.

Il Venerdì santo, Good Fri what you will.--Sii pur in tamente. day.---San Michele, Michael- fermo, se tu sai, be as sick as Saporosità, s. f. savour, taste, mas-day.-Un santo, s. m. a you please.Sa a quanti di è relish. saint. Il santo saniorum,

sun biagio, he is not a fool.-- Saporoso, adj. savoury, wellthe Holy of Holies.--Il santo Saper vivere, to understand tasted, well-relished, that has Padre, the Holy Father, the things righto-Saper di braca a good taste or relish, Pope.--A santa ragione, adv. menare, to be cunning or sly. Sappiénte, adv. learned, know. soundly, heartily, mightily. -Sapare, to have skill, to be ing, that knows. Obs.-Cecia

- Battutala adunque d' una skilled, to understand, to sappiente, strong cheese. santa ragione, having mauled know.-Sa di medicina, he Sapúta, s. f. knowledge. her soundly.- Qualche santo understands physic. --Saper Senza mia saputa, without ci ajuterà, God will help us. di libro, to be learned.-Sa- myknowledge. -Santo, s. m. the church. pere, s. m. learning, scholar- Saputaménte, adv, advisedly, Entrare in santo, to church ship, science, erudition, deliberately,

considerately, after lying-in.

knowledge. Un uomo di purposely. Santocchieria, s. f. pretended gran supere, a man of great Saputo, p. p. of Sapere.-Sepiety, hypocrisy.

learning, a great scholar. púto, learned, wise, skilful, Santóccio, s. m. a simpleton, Sapevole, adj. conscious, privy experienced. a dunce, a blockhead.

to, that knows.--lo non era Sara, s. f. a saw-fish. Santónico, s, m. wormwood, sapevole del male che mi sov- Saracinésca, s. f. a kind of lock. Santoreggia, s. f. savory, an

rastava, I not being warned of Saracinesca, a pontcullis, herb so called.

the evil which threatened me. a flood gate, a sluice, à lock in Santuária, s. f. a relick. -Essendo sapevole d'un sì a river, a stile. Santuário, s. m. a sanctuary. gran delitto, being privy to Saracinesco, adj. of or belongSantuariamente, adv. holily, such a great crine.

ing to Saracers.- Lingua Sain a holy manner. Obs. Sapiénte, adj. learned, Tacinesca, the Saracen lanSantúria, s. f. a holy thing, any good schular, full of learn- guage.-Veste alla Saracinesthing holy. Obs. ing.

ca, a gown made after the Sanza, prep. without. Obs: Sapienteménte, adv. learned fashion of the Saracens. — Sapa, s. f. must of wine, boil- ly.

Toppa Saracinesca, a lock ed half away, and kept for Sapienza, s. f. sapience, wis made after the way of the Sa.

dom.-Sapienza, God. racens. Sapére, to know, to have Saponája, s. f. fuller's weed. Saracino, adj. the Saracens. knowledge of. -Non ne so Saponájo, s. m. a maker or Un Saracino, a Saracen. niente, I know nothing of it. seller of soap.

Saracino, s. m. a wooden Sapere, to taste, to have a Saponáta, s. f. lather, froth of head or statue, to run a tilt. taste of. --Non sa di niente, soap.

Saracini, raisins, when they it tastes of nothing, or it has Sapóne, s. m. soap, or sope.- begin to wither. no taste. -Sa troppo di sale, Rader uno senza sapone, to Saramentáre, to tie with an it tastes too much of salt. - play one a dirty trick.

cath, to force with an oath, to &apére, to smell, or have a Saponétto, s. m. soap made

Obs. smell, either good or bad.with ingredients that give Saraménto, s. m. oath. Obs.





Satánasso, S devil.

a litile

Sarchiagione, s. f. a weed-Sassolino, s. m. a little stone. -Quando su satolla di pioga Sarchiamento, s. m. sing. Sassóso, adj. stony, full of note after she had cried Sarchiáre, to weed.

enough Son satollo del Sarchiáto, adj. weeded. Sassuolo, s. f. a little stone. mondo, I am wearied of the Sarchiatúra, s. f. a weeding. Sáran, "

s. m. Satan, the Sátrapo. s. m. a satrap, the

world. Sarchielláre, to weed.

Satana, Sarchiella, s. f.

chief governor of a province in Sarchiellino, s. m.

Satellite, s. m. bailiff, constaa weed

Persia.-Fur il satrapo, to set Sarchiéllo, s. m.


ble, catchpole.--Satélliti, sa up for a master. Sarchietto, s. m.


tellites, secondary planets Saturitá, s. f. saiety. Sárchio, s. m.

which are, as it were, waiting Saturnino, adj. of or belonging Sarchioncéllo, s, m. J upon other planets,

to Saturn, saturnine.-SaturSarcocólla, s. f. saicocolla, a Sátira, s. f. a satire.-Satira, a nino, saturnine, heavy, megum which drops from a tree lampoon, a libel.

lancholy, dull. of the same name in Persia. Satiráccia, s. f. a bad satire, a Satúrno, s. m. Saturn, one of Sarda, s. f. a sardine, sar vile satire.

the planets. Sardella, } del, pilcher, a lit- Satiraccio, s. m. an ugly ur Satúro, adj. full, glucted, satle sea-fish. lusty satyr.

tiated. Sardésco, adj. of Sardinia. Satireggiáre, to satirise. --Satio Sávere, v. Sapere. Obs. Sardina, s. f. sardine, sardel. reggiúre, to lampoon. Saviaménte, adv. sagely, wise, Sardónico, s. m. sardonix, a Satireggiato, p. p. of Satireg- ly, prudently, discrectly. Precious stone so called.


Saviezza, s. f. wisdom, sageRiso sardonico, v. Riso. Satiréllo, s. m. a little satyr. n.ss, prudence. Sárgano, s. m. a kind of course Satirescamente, adv. satiri. Savina, s. f. savin; a plant so cloth. cally.

called. Särgia, s. f. a coveriet. Satirésco, adj. satirical. Sávio, adj. sage, wise, disordet, Sárgina, v. Sargano. Satirétto, v. Satirello,

prudent, considerate --Sa io, Sarmento, v. Sermento. Satirico, adj. satirical, biting, wise, learned.--Vene farò seSarnácchio, s. m. a large ca cutting, tart, sharp, abusive. vio, I'll explain it to you.. tarrhous spittle. Satirino, v. Satirello.

Savio, s. m. a sage or wise Sarnacchioso, adj. catarrhous. Satiro, s. m. satyrion, man, a philosopher. Sarpáre, to weigh anchor. Satiriúne, slandergrass, rag. Savióne, a. m. a very wise Sarrocchino, S. m.

wort, priest-pintle

old man, an old prudent felcloak.

Satiro, adj. satirical, or that low. Sarte, s. f, pl. the shrouds of a makes satires.--Sátoro, s. m. Savonéa, S. f. a medicino ship.

made of sugar, sweet almonds Sartiáme, s. f. cordage, cords, Satisfazione, s. f. a security or and water, mixed together, ropes, the shrouds of a ship. pledge. Obs.

good for a cough. Sarto, s. m. a taylor. Satisfare, v. Soddisfare. Savoráre, to savour, to taste, Sartore, s Sartoré da uomo, a Satisfário, adj. satished.

to relish. Obs, man's taylor. -Sarture da Satisfazione, s. m. satisfac- Savore, s. m. savour, taste. donna, a woman's taylor. tion.

Savore, a sauce made of Sassája, s. f. a heap of stones. Sativo, adj. sown, that can be pounded walnuts, bread, and Sassajuola, s. f. a fight fought sowed, arable.

sour grapes mixed together, with stones, lapidation, ston- Satólla, s. f. a belly-full. Savorevole, adj. well-casted, ing.–Far la sassajuola dieiro Düre una satollá di basto- Savoroso, well-relished, all uno, to stone one nate ad uno, to beat one relishing. death.


Sáuro, adj. sorrel.-Cavallo Sassajuolo, adj. that lives Satollamento, s. m. ex

sauro, a sorrel horse.- Sauro among rocks and stones. Satoilánza, s. f. Obs. s cess, chiaro, a light bay.--Sauro Colombo sassajuolo, a ring- tullness, plenteousness.-Sa abbrucciato, a red bay. dove, or wood pigeon.

tollainénto, gluttony, too Saziabile, adj easily satisfied, Sassafrásso, s. f. sassafras or much eating

easily satiated. saxafras, a tree so called. Satolláre, to fill, to give one his Saziabilmente, adv. with saSassåta, s. f. a blow with a belly-full, to satiate,

tiability stone.

Satoliato, adj. filled, full, sa- Saziamento, s. m. salurity, saSassefrica, goat's-beark, a kind tiated.

tiety, fulness. of eatable root.

Satollezza, v. Satollamento. Saziáre, to satiate, to satisfy, to Sassello, y. Sassuolu.


glut. Sassetto, v. Sassuolo.

Satollitá, s. f, excess, fulness, Saziáto, adj. satiated, satis Sassifrága, s. f. saxifrage, an plentiousness. Obs.

fied, glutted. Sassifragia, i herb good for Satóllo. adj. full-glutted. Sazietà, s. f. satiety, fulness.

the stone in the bladder. Sono futollo di carne, I am Sazievole, adj. satiating, that Sasso, s. m. a stone. -Sasso, cloyed, or surfeited with meat. satiates or satisfics.-Sarića tomb.

--Salollo, surfeited, glutted, vole, tiresome. tedious, imSassofrásso, vr Sassafrasso. satiated, wearied, tired, siek. portunate, wearisome.

à satyr.


Sazievolézza, s. f satiety, ful-' astonished, to be friglated out to discomfit, to put in disota

ness, weariness, tiresomeness of one's wits, to be concernel der or contusion. Sázio, adj. satiated, satisfied.- or disturbed.Staloruire, to Sbarattársi, to disperse, to Trassi dall' acqua non sazia trouble or confound one, to scatter, to disband or disband la spugna, I took out of the put him into disorder, in a themselves. water the spunge uot quite bash or astonish, to fright out Sbarattáto, adj. defeated, dissoaked. of one's wils.

comficed, disbanded. Spaccaneggiare, to ma!:e a Sbalordito, adj. astonished, Sharazzáre, to clear up to tumult, as the audience at a troubled, disordered, dashed, take away the things that hinplay to damn it. dismayed.

der. Sbaccellálo, adj. shelled, taken Sbalzáre, to throw, to fing, to Sbarbáre, to root up, or pluck out of the shell, and it is said cast or hurt.-Sbalzare, to up by the root.--Starliare, of beans.

leap or jump, to bound. to wring, to take or get from, Sbadigliamento, s. m. a gap- Sbalzáty, adj. leaped, rebound to pull or root, tv pluck out, ing or yawning. ed, thrown.

to force out from, to take Sbadigliánte, adj. yawning. Sbalzo, s. m. a rebound. away, to lug away.-StarSbadigliáre, to gape, to yawn. Sbandáre, to disband or dis- búre, to deprive, tó bereave, Sbadigliáto, p. p. of Sbadi- miss out of service.-Standar or rob one of a thing. gliare.

un esercito, to disband an ar- Sbarbatélin, a conceited young Sbadiglio, s. m. a gaping or mv.--Sténulársi, to disperse fellow. yawning.

or scatter, to disband, or dis- Sbarbáto, adj. rooted or pluck. Sbagliament, s. m. mistake, band themselves.

ed up by the roots.-Slärbito, oversight, blunrier.

Sbandito, adj. disbanded, dis- beardless, without a beard. Sbagliáre, to mistake, to be missed.

Uno slarlato, a boy, a lad. out, to take one thing for Sbandeggiamento, s. m. ba- Sbarbazzare, to unbridle. another.

nishment, exile.

Sbarbazzáta, s. f. a pull of the Sbággio, s. m mistake, over. Sbandeggiáre, to banish. bridle.-Dare una starbazzasight, blander.- Prender uno Sbandeggiato, adj. banished. ta ad un cavallo, to curb a sbaglio, to mistake, to Sbandigióne, s. f. banish horse. Fare sbaglio, s commit a Sbandimento, s. m. ment, Sbarbazzato, reprimand, remistake. exile.

buke', reproof, lecture.-Sbagliáto, adj. mistaken.-Voi Sbandire, to banish.--Slan Dare una slarlazzıta, to re

vi siete 'stugliato, you are dáre, to recall from banish- primand, to give a lecture.-mistaken. ment.

Svartarzito, adv. very free. Sbaldanzire, to despond, 10 Sbandito, s. m. a banished ly, licentiously. Parlare lose one's courage.

man, an exile.--A casa sua sbarlazzato, to talk freely. Sbaldanzito, adj. desponded, giurò di mai non tornare, ma Sbarbicáre, to root up or that has lost his courage. per ribelle uversi e per istan. pluck up in the root. --StarDivenire standanzito, to des- dito, he swore that he would licáre, to root out, to extir. pond.

never go to his house again, pate, to destroy. Sbalestramento, s. m. missing but to consider himself as a Shareáre, to disembark to the mark.

rebel and exile.--Slasudito,/ land.-Slarcare delle mercan. Sbalestrare, to shoot or dart adj. banished.

cie, to unload commodities far off the mark.---Stales- Sbaragliáre, to disperse, to or goods.-Sbarcare, to land, trire, to mistake, to be out, scatter about, to rout, to dis to dehark. --Sbarcarsi, to to ba in an error, to blun- comfit, to defeat.

land. der.-Voi sbalestrate, la cosa sbaragliársi, to disperse, or Sbarcato, adj. un koaded, landed. non va cosi, you mistake, you scatter, to disband, or disband Sbarco, s. mn. disembarking, don't understand. -Stales. themselves.

landing - Impedire lo starcò tráre, to shoot, to dart. Sbaragliáto, adj. dispersed, ai nemici, in hinder the eneSbalestrataménte, a:lv. rashly, routed, discomfited, defeated. mies from landing. inconsiderately, at random. Sbaraglino, s. m. a kind of Svardelláre, to break or manSbalestráto, adj. shot or darted play at back-gammon. age a horse.-Slardeliar del

far off the mark.-Occhi sla- Sbaraglio, s. m. a rout, defeat, le risa, to laugh heartily. lestrati, wild looks, wander- overthrow, confusion, disor. Sbardellatamente, adv, out of ing, straying eyes.-Slales- de!.--Mettere a sbaraglin, measure, excessively unrea. tralo, s. m. a heedless, rash, to rout, to defeat.--Mettersi sonably. hair-brained man, a blun a sbaraalin, to disperse or Sbadelláto, p. p. of Sbardelderer.

scatter aboat, to disband, to lare.-Sbardellilo, adj. unStilláre, to unpack.-Slallire, put in disorder.---Motersi od reasonable, excessiie, immoto ho, to tell hibs.

ogni svarag'iu, to front any derate.--Piacere sbardellato, Sballaro, p. p. of ballare. danger, to do our utmost in a great pleasure. Shalordiménto, s. m. amaze. in order to carry a point.--- Sbaria, s. f. a bar, a rail ment, consternation, astonish- Staraglio, a kind of play at Vincer le sbarre, to force of ment, back-gammon.

break through the liges.sbalordire, to be amazed os Sbarat kre, to difat, to sout, Slarra, a gaz.


Sbarráre, to bar, to make fast Sbaviglio, v. Sbadiglio. in a very agreeable tone, an

with a bar, to set with cross Sbeffare, ? to mock, to swered -Sligottire, to bars.-Sburriire, to set open, Sbeffeggiáre, laugh at, tori frighten, to fright, to territy. to open.-Slarrare nel purto, dicale, to scoff, to deride, to Sbigottitaménte, in a frighted to die in child-bed.-Star- jeer, to banter. Tarsi nelle braccia, to stretch Sbellicársi, to burst or break Shigotuito, adj. desponding, one's arms.-Sbarrar l' occhi, one's navel.--Slellienrsi dalle frightened, astonished, amazto stare at or upon, to look risa, to burst with laughter. ed. stedfastly.

Sbendáre, to unveit, to un- Sbilanciamento, s. m inclining Sbarràso, adj. open, wide open.


tu one side. Sbarro, s. m. a bar, or spar, a Sbendáto, adj. unveiled, un- Sbilanciáre, to take out of the rail.-Sbarro an obstacle or blinded.

equilibrium. hindrance.

Sberga, s. f. Obs. the back- Sbilancio, s. m. the state of Sbasoffiare, to eat immo- Sbergo, s. m. Obs. } piece of bending downwards. derately. A low word.

the armour

Sbilénco, adj. distorted, crook-, Sbassánza, s. f. meanness, Sberleffáre, to laugh at, to ed, poorness, lowness, baseness. mock, to ridicule.

Sbirbáto, adj. deceived, bub. Obs.

Sberleffo,s.m.mockery, mouths bled. Sbastáre, to unsaddle, to take made to show contempt. Sbirciáre, to half-shat the eyes off the pack saddle.

Sberlingacciare, ti ike mer 10 see better small objects, Sbattacchiare, to dash or throw ry in carnival time.

as near sighied people do. to the ground.-Sbatlacchi - Sberretiáre, to salate one Sbiráglia, s. f. Me whole body aére per terra, to fing or Sberrettársi

, } with pulling of bailiffs, or catchpoles. throw down to the ground. off the cap or hat, to pull off Sbirreria, s. f. the whole body Sbattacchiáto, adj. thrown, the hat or cap to one. of bailitfs, all the bailitis, thrown, to the ground. Sberrettáta, s. f. a bow, with Sbiro, s mwa bailiti, a catch. Sbátiere, to beat. --Statiere le pulling off one's cap or hat. pole, a constable. uli, to flip or flutter, speak- Sberrettáto, p. p. of Sberrettare. Sbisacciáre, to draw any thing ing of birds.---Slutlersi, to Sberretrálo,

adj. without out of the waller or bag. fret or vex one's self, to strug- one's cap on one's head, bare- Sbizzarrire, to delight, or gle, to toss up and down.- headed.

Sbizzarrirsi, s take delight ia Statere, to chide, to chastise, Sbertáre, to laugh at, to mock. one's fancies. to punish.--Svittere, to bate, Sbevazzaménto, s. m. the act Sboccaménto, s. m. discharge, to abate. -Sluttere, to eat. of drinking little, but often. disemboguing, as rivers do. Non c'è niente da sbattere, Sbevazzáre, to drink little but Sboccáre, to discharge, 10 there is nothing to cat. often.

empty, to disburden, or cis Sbattezzáre, to oblige or force Sbiadáto, adj. sky blue.-Sela embogue itself, as a river

one to change his religion. sliadala, sky-blue silk. does -Sloccare, to rush or Sbattezzarsi, to renounce one's Sliadálo, without oats, that fall upon.-Sboccare i rosi, baptism.-Slattezzarsi a fare has had no vals:--- Cavallo , to throw a little of the liquor una cosu, lo do all possible stiadato, a horse that has no out of a vessed that is too full. efforts.

Sboceure, to break the gulSbattimento, s. m. a beating, Sbiancáre, to grow whitish. let or neck of vessels.--Stocshaking, shake, toss, jolt. Sbiancálo, arlj. whitish. care, to talk ra-hly or impraStattimento, a shade, in paine- Viso sbiancato, a pale face. dendy, to talk nastily. ting.

Sbiaváto, adj. pale sky-blue. Sboccatamente, adv. nastily. Sbáitito, reluctancy, averse- Sbiecáre, to wry, to be awry. filthily, licenciously.----Porness, rexation, trouble. Sbieco, adj. awry-A sbicco,

lare sboccatamente, to talk Sbattúro, tossed, agitated, trou. in islieco, adv. wrily. nastily, or licentiously, bled, disquieted, tortured. Sbiéscio, v. Sbieco.

Sboccato, adj.discharged, enp Occhi stattuti, languishing Sbietolare, to be moved with tied, disburdened, disemba. eyes.--Stattuto, dejected, tenderness, to weep for ten qued.-sboacuto, obscene, grieved, atölisted, cast down, derness. A low word. filthy, bawdy, smutty.-Cadiscouraged, broken, over- Sbietiáre, to pull off the wedge. vallo sborcato, a hard-mouthwhelmedi. -Svattáto, bated, -Svietture, to run away, 10 ed horse.-Cane sboccato, a Sbavag iáre, to uncover the pack up.

soft-mouthed dog. head.

bigottiménto, s. m. dread, Sboccatáccio, s. m. a nastu, lan Sbavagliato, adj. with the consternation, great tear, des centious, free, and stocking head uncovered. pondence.

talker. Sbavatúra, s. f. scum, foam, Shigotuire, to despond, or des- Sboccatura, 9. f. v. Sbocco. froch, slaver.

pair, to dread, to fear, to be Sbocciare, to bud out; said of Shavigliamento, v. Sbadiglia- under a great consternation, tiowers.

to be dismayed.---La donna Sbocciálo, adj. out of its bud. Sbavigliante, Sbadig- senzasl'igutter punto, con mce Sbacco, s, tn. the mouth or liante.

assai piacevole rispose, the entrance of a riser. Sbasigliáre, u, Sladigliare. woman, 2004 2:all dismayed, Sbocconcelláre, to nick, to eat



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a little, to chew carelessly, as | Sbottoneggiáre, to say some vo costume, to break one's if not hungry. thing tart.

self of an ill habit.-Non pose Şboglientamento, s. m. a boil- Sbozzacchire, to thrive again, so strattarmi di lui, I cannot ing or bubbling.Sloglienta- to grow well again.

be rid of him.-Sbraltdre, to mónto, agitation, perturba- Sbozzimáre, to wash off the pack up, to run away. tion, trouble, vexation, an starch.

Sbricconeggiáre, to play the "guish. - -Sloglientaménto, Sbozzo, s. m. sketch, the first rogue, to live like a rogue. anotion. --- Sboglientamento, draught, or rough beginning Sbriccio, abject, poor, low. disorder, confusion. of any work.

Sbricioláre, to cut very small, Sboglientáre, to boil, or bubble Sbozzoláre, to take the multure to break in small pieces up. Obsolete in all its signi- or milier's fee for grinding. Sbricioláto, adj. cut very small, fications. —Svoglientáre, to Sbraccarsi, to strive, to strain, broken in small pieces. agilate, to toss, to hurry, to to do one's best. Vulgar. Sbrigamento, 6. m. expedition, disquiet, to trouble, to torture. Sbracatamente, adv. migh- dispatch. Scoglientáre, to rumble.-tily, prodigiously, very much, Sbrigárc, to dispatch or expeSluglientarsi, to kindle, to excessively. Vulgar. dice. -Slrigare un negozio, to increase, to grow hot.- Per Sbracato, adj. without bree-dispatch an affair.Štrigatela qual cosa tra i Greci e il ches, with one's breeches vi di far tosto quello che do. Trojani sloglientò battaglia, down.------Stracáto, great, vete fare, do quickly what therefore between the Greeks large, huge.

you have to do.--Strigarsi do and the Trojans there arose a Sbracciarsi, to tuck or turn up uno, to be rid of one. -Strigreat battle.--Sioglientare la one's sleeves.--Stracciarsi, garsi d'un delito, to pay a spada nel sangue d'uno, to dip 10 turn every stone, to use debt.--Sbrigúre, to free, to or steep the sword in some all means.

set at liberty. body's blood.

Sbracciato, adj. that has the Sbrigatamére, adv. quickly, $boglieniálo, p. p. of Sbogli. sleeves tucked up.

nimbly. Sbraciare, to stir the fire.- Sbrigalivo, adj. expeditive, Sbolzonáre, to beat or strike Sbraciure, to spend prodigally quick. -Strigáto, adj. disdown.--Stolzonare la mo -Straciare u uscita, to waste, patched, ready.-La più sérineta, to coin or mint money to squander away.

gata ria, the nearest way in haste.

Sbraciáca, s. f. a stirring of Ell' è sbrigata, it is done. Sbombardáre, to fire the bom- brácio, s. m) the fire. Söngliáre, to unbridle.-Siri. bards.

Sbraculáto, adj. without bree-l glidre, to untie, to loosen, to Shombettáre, to get drunk. ches. Vulgar.

undo. Shontadiáto, adj. useless, good Sbramáre, to satiate, to satisfy, Sbrigliata, s. f. a pull with a for nothing. Obs.

to content.----Slramarsi, to bridle. Sbonzoláre, to fall down. be pleased, satistied, or con- Sbrigliato, adj. unbridled, Slonzoláre, to burst, the fall- tented.

free, at liberty, loose. ing of the guts into the scro- Sbranáre, to tear or rend in brigliatúra, s. f. a pull with tum.-Slonzoláre, to eat tool pieces.

the bridle. ---Slrigliatúra, much.

Sbranáin, adj. torn, rent. check, rebuke, reprimand. Sbonzuláto, adj. ruined, fallen, Sbrancamento, s. m. a ramble, Dare una strigliatura ad uno, down.

stepping or going aside, or to rebuke one, to reprimand Sbordelláre, to frequent hawdy out of the flock.

him. houses.-Slordelláre, to make brancáre, to take off the flock, brizzáre, to besprinkle, to a noise, many people toge to separate.-Sbrancare i ra wet, to splash.-Sbrizzáre, ther for merriment.

mi degli alleri, to pluck off to break or bruise small, to Sborráre, to take the stuffing the branches of the trees. mince or cut small.

out of any thing.--Slorrúre, Sbroncare una congiura, to Sbrogliáre, e sbrogliarsi, to to speak out, to disclose, to break up or discover a plot.— disentangle, to disentangle lay open. Vulgar.

Strancare un esercito, to rout one's seli. Sborsáre, to disburse, to pay, or defeat an army - Sbran- Surogliáto, adj. disentangled. to spend, to lay out.-Venite cársi, to go out of the stock, Sbrucáre, to unleave, to pluck doinani eri slorserà i vostri to go astray.

the leaves. sanari, come to-morrow, and Sbiancato, separated, disper- Sbruftáre, to besprinkle with l'il pay you your money. sed.

one's mouth. Sborsito, adj. clisbursed, paid. Sbrandelláre, to cut a piece or Sbrúffo, s. m. the act of sprinkShorso, s. m. disbursement. a bit off.

ling with water, that one had Mi bisogna fare un grande Sbrandelláto, adj. cut off. in one's mouth, by blowing sl'orso, I must lay out a con- Sbráno, s. m. tearing, rending, hard with the lips close. siderable sum of money. mangling, slaughter. Sbruttáre, to clean or cleanse. Sbottonáre, to unbutton. Sbrattáre, to clean, to cleanse, -Slruttarsi i denti, to clean $bottonársi, to unbutton one's to scour. -Sbraltáre, to rid or one's teeth. self.----Sloltondre, to say ease one's self of.-Strattar. Sbruttato, adj. cleaned, cleanssomething tart.

si d'un vizio, to leave off a ed. Sboitonáto, adj. unbuttuned. vice. Skrattarsi d'un catti- Sbucáre, to come out of the

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