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hoie, to rush out.-Slučari expelling:

Scaglia, a spill ot shard of fuori, te tell, to speak out Sciccciác, to put away, to marble, or other stone, that Slucúre, to draw out of the turn, ou drive out orawi comes off in working with hole.

Un chiodo scaccia l'altro, the chizzel. -Sciglia, a sling. Sbucchiare, to skin, to peel. one nail drives out another.-a --Sciglia, scales, small bits Sbucchiáto, adj. skinned, peel- Scucciar il freddo, to keep off of metals. ed.---Tu se d'ogni lontà sbuce the cold.

Scagliamento, s. m. a fossing chiato, e netlo, you are be- Scacciata, s. f. v. Scacciamen or fringing. reaved of all goodness.

Scagliáre, to scale a fish. Sbucciare, tu peel.-Slucciare Scacciáto, adj. put, turned, Scagliáre, to cust, to fling, Un pomo, un pera, to pare an drivers out or away.--Questi to hurl.-Scagliure un dardo, apple or a pear.- Stucciarel scacciato il dubitare, he hav. to shoot, to hurl a dart delle mandorle, to blanch al- ing laid aside all doubts. Sengliire, to shake off.-monds-Sbucciar delle fave, Scacciatore, an expeller, a Scagliáre il giogo della ser, to shell beans. driver.

viti, to shake off the yoke of Sbucciato, adj. peeled. Scacco, s. m. the little squares servitude.-Scagliare, to fib Shudellare, to draw the bowels of a chess-board.

or tells fibs, to lic.-Seugliere by opening the belly with a Scacchi, s. m. pl. chess; a le parole, to talk rashly, no wound.

play so called. Scacchi, at random.-Scagliársi, to Sbudelláto, adj. that the bow chess-men - Dare o ricevere struggle, to strive, to toss. els come out.

lo scacco, to hurt to da- Scagliársi ade'osso od urio, to Sbuffánte, adj. fuming, puff- mage, to receive harm or in run, to fall, to rush upon one. ing, blowing. jury.

---Scegliúrsi, to promise more Shuffare, to fume, to puff and Scaccomátto, S. m. check than one can do.

blow, to fret, to chate. inate.-Scaccomátto, check, Scagliáco, p. p. of Scagliare. Sbuffáto, p. p: of Sbuffare. loss, fatal blow. misfortune. Scaglićtta, s. f. dimin. of. cag. Sbugiardáre, to belie, to give Scacciaio, adj. excluded, de- lia.

the lie, to show one a liar. luded, baffled, deceived.- Scaglione, s. m. stairs.--Gid Sbugiardáto, p. p. of Sbugiar- Rimanere scacciato, to be de montaram su per gli scaglion dare.

luded or baffled, lo be dash- santi, we were going up the Sbusáre, to strip one of all his ed out of countenance. holy stairs.-Cader giù per

money at gaming. Not in use. Scadénte, adj. inferior, less, gli scaglioni, to fall down Scábbia, s. f. scurt, scab, itch. of a lower degree or merit. stairs.--Scaglioni, iushes of Scallia, leprosy.

Scadére, to decay to fall off.- tusks of a horse. Scabbiáre, to cure the itch.- Scadere della sua grandezza, Scaglioso, adj. scaly, rough, Scal·liáre, to clean, to cleanse, to fall from one's greatness. rugged.--Scagliosa pelle, a

Scadére, to devolve, to fall, to rough skin. Scabbiáto, p. p. of Scabbiare.

come from one to another. Scagliuola, s. f. dim. of ScaScabbiósa, s. f. scabicus, a sort Di tutto ciò che a lui per cre- glia.- Scagliuóla, s. f, a kind of herb.

dità scaduto era il fece sig- of plaister used in making arScabbioso, adj. scabby, man norc, he made him master chitecrural ornaments.

gy.-Scallióso, rough, rug of every thing he had in- Scagliuolo, s. m. a kind of ged, knotty.

herited. I beni scadono a lui, alum. Scabro, adj. rough, rugged, the estate devolves to him.- Scagnárdo, adj. of the dog uneven, knotty. -Ramo sca Scadére, to be light.

gish kind, with a doggish bro, a knotty rough branch Scadimento, s. m decay, fall, look. of a tree,

diminution, devolution. Scala, s. f. a ladder or stair. Scabrosità, s. f. roughness, Scaduto, adj. decayerl, fal case.---Salir le scale, to go up

ruggedness.-Scalrosilà, dif- len.-il pagamento'è scadu. stairs.-Scala, order, dispoficulty, hardness, crabbed to, the money is due.--Sca- sition, rule.--A scala, adv. ness, intricacy, perplexity. dito, dejected, cast down, in order. -Scala di colori, a Scabroso, adj. rough, rugged, dispirited. ---Scarúto, poor, shadowing of colours from

knotty. ---Scalróse, low, in bad circumstances. the lightest to the darkest.--afficult, hard, intricate, per-| Famiglia scaduta, a reduccd, Scala, a scale to measure displexed. -Un negozio scaliro a ruined family:

tances. --Scala a step.-L' $0, an intricate husiness. Scafa, s. f. a cock-boat.

amor della virtù è scala alla Scacazzáre, to dissipate, to Scaffale, s. m. a shelf.

glotia, the love of virtue is a waste, to consume or spend, Scaffäre, to draw the game. step to glory;--Scala, a sea. to squander. Low word. Scáfo, S. m. the bulk of a

port town.

Fare scala, to Scaccáto, adj. chequered, lo- ship.

arrive, to put to shore, to zenged.

Scaggiale, S. a girdle. put to. Scacchiáre, to die. Vulgar. Obs.

Scalaménto s. m. scaling or Scacchiere, 1 s. m. a chess- Scagionáre, to excuse or jus. scalado, a scorming with Scacchiero,

board. tity.--Scagionársi, to excuse ladders. Scacciagióne, s. f. expul. or justify one's self. Scalappiáre, to escape one's Scacciamento, s, m.] sign, Scaglia, s. f. scale of fishes.- snares. VOL. I.


to scour.



$. m.


Scalappiato, p. p. of Scalap-Scaletta, s. f. narrow stairs, a Scalzáto, adj. whese shoes and piare. little ladder.

stockings are off, bare-legged, Scaláre, to scale, to storm or Scalfire, lo scarifv.

bare-tooted.--Scalzatomi ancarry hy scalado.

Scalfiro, adj. scarified. dei a letto, having pulled off Scaláta, s. f. a scaling or sca. Scalfittura s. f. scarinication. my shoes and stockings 1

lado, a stormning with lac-Scalino, s. m. a step of the went to bed. i ders-Dare la scalata, to stairs.

Scaizatore, he that takes off scale, to storm with ladders. Scalmána, Scalmanare, the stockings or shoes of anScaláto adj. scaled.

Scarmana, Scarmanáre. other. Scalaróre, he that scales or is Scalogno, s. m. a shalot or Scalzatúra, s. f. v. Scalzamenemployed in a scalado. scallion, a kind of onion. *Scalcagnáre, to tread upon Scalóna, s. f. a large stair. Scalzo, adj. bare footed.-10 one's heels.

Scalóne, s. m. } case, a long vorrei innanzi andare cogti Scalcáre, v. Calcare. ladder.

stracci indosso e scalzo, I Sualcheggiáre, to kick, 10 Scalpedra, s. f. a ninny, a dolt. had rather go naked and barewince, to jerk.-Duro è scal- Scalpicciamento, s. m. a tread-footed. -Scalzo, poor, abcheggiare contra lo sprone, it ing upon.

ject. Vacci scalzo, take is hard to kick against the Scalpiccáre, to tread or to care, becautious. Scalzo, spur. - Scalcheggiúre, to walk upon, to break by walk s. m. a poor wretched felresist, not to obey, 10 with ing upon, to stamp under low. stand, to oppose.--Schalcheg- one's feet.

Scamaráre, to beat wool or gire, to carve at table. Scalpicciáto; adj. trodden, cloth, w takс the dust out of Scalcheria, s. f. the art or of- stamped, pressed.

it. fice of a carver.

Scalpiccio, s. m. stamping, a Scambiamento, Scalciráre, to take off or pull noise that one makes in walk. change, change, alteration, down the plaister or parget of ing.

vicissitude.-Soggetto a scam. a wall.

Scalpitamento, s. m. the acı lianiento, changeable, mutaScrico, a carter. of trea'ing upon.

ble, inconstant, variable. Scaldaléith, s. ml. a warming-capitáre, to tread, to walk, Scambiáre, to mistake a thing, pan,

or stamp upon, to go hea to take one thing for anuScaldamáne, a kind of b yish vy.---Le rugiodose erle con

ther. -Scamlidre, to change play, called hot cockles. lento passo scalpilando, walk- or make an exchange, to barScaldamento, s. m. the act of ing gently upon the dewy ter. --Scamlidre, to succeed, making hot or warm. grass.

to come next or after.--ScaniScaldáre, to warm, to heat. Scalpitáso, adj. trod upon. viare la guardia, tu relieve a Scaldársi, to grow warm or Scalpóre, s. m. complaint, ex- guard. hot.-Scaliliite, to inflame postulation.

Scambiato, adj. mistaken, or heat the passions. --Quel Scalteriménto, v. Scaltrimen- changed, bartered. sol che pria d'amor ini scil

Scambiettáre, to play or shew dò il petto, thai sun (woman) Scalteritamente, v. Scaltrita- gambols, to caper or cut cathat first kindled my heart

pers.- -Scamliettárs, to with love.- Scaldursi, to Scalteríto, v. Scaltrito. change or shift cften.-Piagrow hot or angry, to fly in- Scaltrimento, s. m. cunning, cendo a soldati questo scam20 a passion, to chafe or trick, slight, wile, subilety, biettar capitoni, the soldiers fume. ---Non mi fale scaldar crafriness.

being pleased at this often la bile, don't provoke me, Scalorire, to teach wit, to in-changing of captains. don't make me angry, -Scal- struct.

Scambiério, .s. m. gambol, darsi d allegrezza, to be over Scaltritamente, adv. cunning- capriole, caper. -Scamliitto, joyed.-Scaldarsi al fuoco, ly, slily, subtly, craftily. frequent change or alterato warm onc's self at the Scaltritu, 2 adj. sly, canning, tion.

Scalero, subtle, shary, craf. Scambiévole, adj. mutual, reScaldato, adj. warmed, heated. ty.

ciprocal, interchangeable. Scaldatore, he that warms. Scalzaménto, s. m. the taking Scambievolézza, s. f. change, Scaldavivande, s. m. a chafing- off the stockings or shoes. alteration, vicissitude. dish.

Scalzamento, the act of dig- Scambievolmente, adv. reciScalés, s. F. the steps that are ging at the root of a tree or procally, mutually.-Samabefcre churchs or other ecii- vine, to give the roots a seamlipool mente, they fices

love one another. Scalella, s. f. a snare, g'n, Scalzáre, to pull of one's Scambio, s. n. an exchange, pring, or noose.

shoes and stockings.-Scal a barter.-Fure uno scambio, Scaitno, s. m. scalenum, a záre, to open a tree or a vine to make an exchange. scaloneous triangle, that has at the root, to dig about it, to Scambio, instead. Iniscamits orice sides waequal to one bare the root of a tree or l'io di quello, instead of that. 25.0:her.

vine-Scalzdire, to pump) Corre o toglict in iscamlio, Solo, 5. mis soirs, a stair- 9x, to pump a thing out of to mistake, to take one fuz

another-Voim arete tolto










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in iscambio, you mistake the remainder of an army - zato. me.

Lo scampolo della mia vita Scandalizzatore, v. Scandalez Scameráre, to take out of the voglio passarlo in quiete, III zatore.

treasury, to take off the con pass in peace the remainder of Scándalo, s. m. a scandal, bad fiscation. my days.

example. --Scundalo, scapScamerita, s. f. that part of the Scamúzzolo, s. m. a bit, a little dal, hurt, shame, infamy, loin of pork that is near the bit.

dishonour.---Scandalo, disgammon.

Scana, s. f. tusk. Obs. pute, quarrel, debate, contest, Scamiciáto, adj. without a Scanalare, to chamfer, to make difference. shirt.

channels in timber or stone. Scandalóso, adj. scandalous, Scamojáre, to run away. Scanalato, adj. chamfered, offensive. Scamojáto, p. p. of Scamo channeiled.

Scandélla, s. f. a kind of barjare

Scanalatúra, s. f. chamfering, ley: -Scandilla, little drops Scamonéa, s. 'f, scammony, channelling, small furrows of oil Aoating upon water of purging bind-weed.

made in timber or stone. any other liquor. Scamonéato, adj. mixed with Scancelláre, to deface, to bloc, Scandere, to go up, to mount, scammony.--Medicina sca to raze, to scratch out to ascend. Obs.---Scandere moncata, a medicine that has Scancellare le macchie de' pec- un verso, to scan a verse. got some scammony in it. cali, to wash away the spots Scandolezzánte, v. Scandilez. Scamosciáre, to tan.

of sin.-Scancellare dalla meScamosciáco, adj. lanned. moria, to forget.

Scandolezzáre, r. Scandalez. Scampa, s. f. v. Scampo. Obs. Scancelláto, adj. defaced, blotScampamento, s. m. flight, es ted, razed, scratched out. Scandolezzato, v. Scandalezcape.

s. f. a shelf. Scampanére, to chime, to make Scandia,

Scandolezzatóre, v. Scandaa music of bells.

Scancio, adj. oblique, sloping, lezzatore. Scampanáta, s. f. chime, music slant, slanting. -Di scancio, Scandólo, v. Scándalo. of bells.

adv. slanting, sloping a-slope, Seandolóso, v. Scaudaloso. Scampanio, s. m. chime, great a-cross, averthwart.

Scanfardo, adj stinking at the ringing of bells.

Scandagliáre, lo sound. nose; an injurious cpithet Scampare, to save, to defend, Scandugliare mare, 10 given to any body. 10 deliver, to escape, to shun sound the depth of the sea.- Scanicáre, to fall, and it is pro-Scampar la vita ad una, lo Scandogiiure, to calculate, to perly said of the plaister on a save one's life. La madre balance, to measure.-- Scun- wall. Obs. -Scaricare in

per iscampur vergogna alla dagliare un conto, to cast up gruppolo d'ura, to pick up a figliuola trozò uno bella da.

-Scandagliare bunch of grapes. Obs, inigella povera, tbe mather, una pe: za di panno, lo mea cannafó so, s. m. a kind of to save her daughter's repu sure a picce of cloth.

fortification so.called. tation, found out a handsome Scandagliáto, adj. sounded, Scannáre, to cut the throat. girl, bu: ponr.-Scampáre, to calculated, balanced, mea Scarnúre, to oppress, to cut escape, to get away, do get sured.

one's throat.--Che volete voi Joose.-La paura del morire Scandáglio, s. m. plummet, fare per un Re che ralla pace « il desiderio dello scampare, sounding-lead ----Scaruldglio, vi scanna e uella guerra vi the fear of.death, and the de- reckoning,computation.--tar torina ? what will you do site of making his escape. lo scandaglio, to calculate, 20 with a king, who in time of Non veggio ore scampar mi balance, to cast up, to mea peace cuts your throats, and posia, I cannot see where I

in war ruins you ? may shelter myself.--Scam Scandalozzáre, to scandalize Scannáto, adj. whose throat is pare dolle mani di qualchedu. or give offence.--Scandaltz- cut, that has his throat cut.740, to get away from some zare, to raise a scandal on Tutte questo tuo dire non è body's hands.---Scampare dal one.

che una filz'ı di iugie scan. furore de' nemici, to get away Scandalezzarsi, to be scaoda- rale, all this talk of thine is from the fury of the enemy. / lized, or offended at a thing. but a string of damned lies. Scampáto, arlj. saved, escaped. Scandalezzáto, adj. scandaliz. Scannatújo, s. m. a slaughterScampo, s. m. safety, deliver- ed, offended.

haust.- Seannatójo, a bawance. -A te sta il trovar mo- Scandaiezzature, a scandalous dy-house, a cut-throat place. do allo scampo della lua vila

Scannellare, to wind off the e della mia, it is in your Scandalézzo, v. Scandalo.

thrcad.--Scannelláre, power to save your life and Scandalizióso, Obs. adj. sluice or gush out, to squirt. mine.---.Non v'è scampo, candalezzánle, scanda. Scanvelláto, adj. wound off, there is no hope, there is no

sluiced, gushed out. remedy for it.

Scandalizzante, v. Scandalcz- Scannello, s. m. a small stool. Seampoléilo, s. m. a little rem

---Scannello, a particular kind nant.--Scampolétto, a little. Scandalizzáre, v. Scandalez- of desk. Scampolo, s. m. a remnant

Scanno, s. m. a bench, a scat, Lo scampolo di un esercito, Scandalizzáto, v. Scandalez a stool.

an account.







Scinonizzáre, to scratch out one's hair about.-Scapigli- Scappelláto, adj. having pulled of the number of szints. arsi, to addict one's self to all oft one's hat, without a hat. Scansáre, to move to stir. manner of vices, to icad a li Scappellótt», s. m. a blow or Scansarsi, to stir, to move. centious life.

stroke upon one's head. Scansare. toeschew, co shun, Scapigliato, adj dishevelled, Scappináre, to new-sole books. or avoid. -Scorsate un peri- whose hair hangs loose, - Scappináre delle calze, to cuin, toshun a danger.-- Scapigliato, dis olute, licen new-foot stockings. scansare walizog', to leave a tious, de bouched.

Scappináto, adj. new-soled. Potce behind.

Scapigliatura, licen'iousness, Scuppino, s. m. a sock, che Scansáu, a ij. moved, stired. licentious life.

leet of the stocking. Scansia, s. I. a shelt for books. Scapiturnénto, s. m. loss, de- Scapponása, 1. Capponata. Scanborare, to break the cor maze, detriment,

Scappo.ico, s, m, a rebuke, a ners.--Scuntorar.i da qual. Scapilase, to lose, to be a !nser, rprimand. A vulgar word. Cheduno, to go away from to sestan a loss. Non v' Scappuccials, to pull otř one's somebody.--lo mi sono pur impacciate in questo negozin hood. ora con gran futica scantona che potreste scamtare, doni Scappucciare, to run one's foot to da lei, I came away from meddle yourself in that affair, against a stone in walking, her a little while ago and with because you may have the so as to stenible. -Scappuç. niuch ado.-Scantonirsi, to wordt on't --Scapilar dr ri ciáre, to commit a inisiale or grow licentious, to take too

putazione, to lose reputation. blunder. much liberty, or too great a Scapiáto, ads. lost.

Scappucciato, adj. without a latitude ---Scantonarsi dalla Scapito, s. m. loss, damage, hood. schiera, to disband.

detriment.- lare scipiio, to Scappuccio, s. m. an overScapecchipe, to card flax.-- sustain a loss, to lose by. sight, mistake, or blunder, Scapecchiarsi, lo disintangle, Scapitorzare, to lop or cut off Scappuccio, the act of stum. to clear or free one's self, to the branches of the trees. bling.-- Fare uno scappuccio, disintricate, to disengageone's Scapoláre to free, to set at li to commit a fault or inisbelf; said in a proper and fi berty, to let go, to release.- take. gurative sense.

Scapolare uno ili prigione, to Scaprestáre, r. Scapestrare. Scapecc. iáto, adj. carded, dis pet out of prison.--Sconoidre, Scaprestato, v. Scapestrato. entangled, disengaged, disin 10 fly or run away, to make Scapriccire, l to cure one of tricated.

one's escape. ---Scapoláre, s. scapricciáre, his whims or Scapecchiatbjo, s. m. an in m. a hoodi.

whimsies. struinent to separate flax from Scapoláto, adj. delivered, freed, Scapriccirsi, to please or satow.

set at liberty, released, got tisfy one's fancy, in grality Scapestrare, to untie or take off out.-Scapolálo, freed, inde one's sell.-Scapriccirsi di the halter. pendent.

qualche cosa, to have one's Scapestiársi, to pull off one's Scápolo, adj. not married. - belly full of something haller--Porchè l'alma dal Scipolo, free from suhjerrion. Scapriccito, adj. pleased, saCanz non si scapestru, since -Ścápolo, s. m. a bachelor, Scapricciato, } tisfied. the soul is not separated from a man not yet married. Scapulare, s. m. a monkish the body.- Scapestrárse, to Scaponire, to remove one from, hood. lead a licentious or dissolute or overcome one's obstinacy, Scarabáttolo, s. f. a glass, or life.

stubbornness, or headiness. glass box, such as shopkeepScapestratamente, adv. licenti. Scaponito, adj. removed from ers use to keep their things in Ouly, dins utciy.-- -Vivere one's obstinacy.

for shew. trapestritamente, to live licen- Scappáre, to e:cape, to get Scarabilláre, to scrape.--Sca riously, or a licentious life.-

away or out, to make one's Talillare un violino, to scrape Parlare scapestratamente, to escape.--Scappare dalle ma a fiddle. talk bawdy.

ni de' birri, to get away from Scarabocchiare, to scribble or $cipestráto, adj. loose, whose the bailiffs.- Non mi fate sciawi. hulter is taken oft.--Scapes- scappar la pazienza, don't Scarabocchiáto, adj. scribbled, lrdin, louse, dissolute, lewil, tire my patience. -Scappure, scrawled. licentous, debauched, cor to be as bold.ac.--Tilerio Scarabócchin, s. m. a scrawl, jupted.--Uno scapestrito, s. fece lanto giulilo, che in so Scarabóne, v. Scarafaggio. in rake.

nulo scappů a vurlarsi, &c. Scaracchiásc, to moek, to jeer, Beapezzare, to lop or cut ofi liberius was so pleaserl, as to to ridicule, to scoff ur deride, the branches of the trees.- boast in the senste, Bi. to laugh at. Not used. Neapox adre to cut, to cut off, Scappára, s. f. a flight or es. Searacchiáto, adj mocked, sito cut to pieces.-Scapezzare cafe, -Srappáta, an esca diculed, derided, laughed at. una casa, to pull down a pade or fling of horse. Not used. house

Scappita, a mari prank, an Scarafággio, s. m. a beetle. Feapezzato, adj. lopped, oversight, a mistake, error, Scarafaldóne, s. m. a kind of capexzone, s. m. a blow given blunder.

bum-bailiff. Obs. won one's head.

Scappáto, adj. escaped. Scaramázzo, adj. bunchy, Baupigliars, to dishevel, to pull scappelláre, to pull off one's hat. bossed, not quite sound.


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S. m. a stonecutter.

Perla scaramazza, an irre arco o la lalestra, to shoot nascialare. gular pearl.

with a bow ---Scaricáre, to Scarnatino, arlj. pink colourScaramuccia, s. f. a skirmish accomplish or fulfil.-Scari. ed.

Scaramuccia, ascaramouch, car il roto, to accomplish or Scarnáto, adj. sacrificed, lean. an Italian zani, a sort of his fulfil a vow.-Scaricare il Scarnificáre, to take or cut off trions.

a entre, to ease one's belly: the flash. Scaramucciare, to skirmish. Scaricar la tesia, to purge Scarnificátu, adj. whose fiesh Scaramucciato, p. p. of Sca the head.Scaricrirsi de frum, has been taken off. ramucciare.

to discharge, to emply, 10 Scarnire, v. Scasnificare.Scaramuccin, l a skirmish. disburden, to disembogue it- Scarnire, to diminish, to Scaramúgio, jobs. both. self, as a river doth.

growless, or to make less. Scaraventáre, to fling, lothrow Scaricato, adj. unloaded. Scaruito, adj ican, scarified. wich yiolence.

Scaricitójo, s. m. a place to un Scarno, adj. lean, thin, lank. Scaraventáto, adj. thrown with load.

Scarpa, s. f. a shoe.-- Scarpa, violence, flung.

Scaricazione, s. f. 0. Scarica-l the scarp of a wall.-Muro a Scarcáre, v. Scaricare, and all

scarpa, a wall that has its derivatives.

Scarico, adj. unloaded.-Scá-scarp. Scarceráre, to get one out of rico, free, freed, exempi..- Sc mácia, s. f. a thin ill shapprison,

Scarico di pensieri, free from ed shoe. Scarcerátn, P. p. of Scarcerare. caies.-Scarico, pleased, con- Scarpe!láre. to cut stones.com Scarco, adj. unloaded.-Scarco, tented, satisfied.--Parendogli Scarpellure, tu grave or envoid, free.--Cielo scarco di aver fatto una bella prova, grave, to cut or edge, to carve. nebbia, a clear sky, or with se ne tornò tutto scaricu al-Scarpu ire, in scratch. out clouds, Ma poichè furon dormire, thinking he had Scarpelláto, adj. cut graved. di stupore scarche, but after done a very tine ching, he Scarpellatore, a stone-cutter. their surprize was over.. went to bed again very con- Scarpelléito, Scarco, 4. m. a discharging tentedly.--Scuirico.clear.---- Scarpellino,

or unloading. --Cosi prenden Vino scarico, clear wine.- - Scarpello, s. m. a chissel. ·mo via giù per lo scarco di Scarico, well made.--Carallo Scarpétia, s. f. dim of Scarpa.

quelle picire, so we went scarico, a well made horse.- - Un pajo di scarpelte, a pais down through a great many Scorico, s. m. a discharge, of shoes. stones that were scattered here justification, or defence. Scarpettáccia, an old shoe. and there.

Scarificáre, to scarity, to cut Scarpettuccia, a bleak or whiScardassare, to card wool.- superficially,

ting, a fish so called. Scardassúre, to slander, to Scarificato, adj. scarified. Scarpettina, s. f. 1 dim of rail, to speak ill, to revile, Scarificazivne, s. f. scarificati. Scarpetrinn, s. m. ) : carpeita. to backbite, to detract or tra on.

Scarpino, s. m. a pump.' duce.-Scardassdre, to rebuff, Scarlattino, s. m. a scarlet Scarpióne, s. m, a scorpion.10 reprimand. ---Scardassire, Scarlátto, cloth. ---Vestito Scarpióne, a kind of trout. to call one to strict account di scarlalio, dressed with Scarriera, ex. Gente di scari. and review all his ill doings ri scarlet or scarlet cloth. era, vagrant fellows, Tagagidly.

Colore scarlatto, scarler. bonds. -Scarriera, counterScardasáto, p. p. of Scardassare. Scarmáns, a pleurisy.

band.--Per iscarriera, adv. Scardassiére, s. m. a carder. Scarmanáre, to be seized with secretly, underhand, in hugScardásso, s. m, an instrument a pleurisy.

ger-mugger.--Comperare o to card wool.

Scarmigliare, to tumble or vendere per iscarriera, to buy Scárdine, s. m. a kind of rumple, to rutie.

or sell any thing secretly, no Scardóne, s. m. fish so call- Scarmigliársi, to worry, to hand. Ccárdova, s. f. Sed

struggle, to wrestle, to fight. Scarruculante, adj. running on Scarferóne, s.m.a kind of boots Scarmigliáto, adj. rumpled, the pulley. lined with fur.


Scanruculáre, to loose, to let Scaricabaríli, s. m. a kind of Scarmiglione, s. m. the name loose, to run on the pulley. play which children


of a devil so called by Dante. Scarsamente, adv. scarcely, when two twisting their arms, Scarmo. s. m. a round piece of hanily, sparingiv, moderately, being back to back, they wood at which the oars hang | Vi:xre scarsamente, to live lift one another upon their by a piece of leather.

sparingly. backs.

Scarnamento, s. m. scarifica. Scarseggiare, to pare, to save, Scaricalasino, s, m, a kind of tion or scarlying.

to be saving. play at draughts.

Scarnáre, to scarify, to pick Scarsélla, s. f. a purse.-ScarScaricamento, s. m. a discharge off the flesh superficially.-- sella, a pocket.----Scarstila, ing or unloading.

Scurnure, to grow lean, thin that opening or slit which a Scaricáre, to unload or disbur. or lank.

crab-fish has in its belly. den, to case. ---Scaricare ar- Scarnáto, p. p. of Scarnare. Scarsellóna, s. f. la large chibusa, artiglieria, to dis- Scamasciuláre, to feast, 10 Scarsellóne, s, m. S pocket. charge or shoot off a gun, banquet, tu junquet. Scarsétto, adj. din. of Scarso. And the like.---Scaricar i Scarnascialíto, p. p. of Scar- Scarsezza, want, lack, dearth,

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