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to toy.

scarcity.--Scarsezza, s. f. hrcak forth, to sally oiit, to in- perately, handover bead, with sutringness, savingness, con veich.

precipitatior, hastily, in haste, sony, housewifery, th: ifrine s. carenato, adj. unchained, let rashly. Scuve:zecóllo, a SC1151ta, 5. f. nicgardliness, co louse.

rogue, a villain. veroasa(55, $?vingness, spar. Scaiola, s. f. a box.- Dire Scavezzare, to break, to bruise, in ness. ----Scarsiti, want, ana 0057 lettere di scatola, to bear in pieces.-Ti scare:lack-Arere scarsità di qua! 10 tell a thing piain, or in plain ziro) le lrarcia, I'll break your che cosa, to lack, to want English,

bones.---Sca: ezzure, to preci. something,

pitate, to hurry, to over hasScar-o, adj. scarce, rare, hard catolino. s. in. } a littie bos.

ten, to do in haste.-Chi to be gotten.-Scarsa fortuna, Scatolone, s. m.

trondo l' assothgira la sra. a poor fortune. -Tenere scar. Scatolóna, s. f.: a large box.

vezza, who straus a thing so uno di qualcie cosa, to keep Scatráre, to slacken or grow will break it. one short of any thing --Scar-| loose. Not in use. — Scal- Scavezzáro, 80, liglit, said of money.--Un túre, to pass, skip, or omit. Scavézzo,

tj. broke, ghinea, scarsa, a light guinea. Not in use.

Scav.), s m. a vale, pit, holScarso, sungy, sparing, sav- Scattato, adj. slackened, loose, low, holowness, cavity. ing, niggardlv, penurious, passed. Not in use. Scazzellare, to play, to wag, close-fited. --Copo scarso, a Scattatújo, s. m. the hook of blow that has not fallen fall.- a cross-bow.

Scazzonte, s. m. an iambic Scarso, 9. m. rarity, rareness, Scatto, s. m. passage, going verse of three metres, whose scarcity, want, lack.--Scars from one place to another. last half metre is spondee. di vettovaglia, scircity, want Obs.

Scébran, s. f. a kind of herb. of provisions.

Scaturigine, s. f. source, head, ceda, s. f. raillery, bantet, Scartabelláre, to run over a spring, fountain. -Scaturigi- bantering, jeer, jest - farsi book in haste, to read it with me, the spring, root, cause, scelta di qualcheduno, to out application, to turn and occasion, beginning, princi- jeer, to rally, to barter one.tum the leaves of it. pie.

Farsi sceda delle cose sacre, Scartabólio, 25. m. nld writ. Scatorire, to spring, to rise, to to drol or play upon sacred Scartafáccio, } ing or look jege, as waters do.

things. of little worth.

Scaturío, p. p. of Scaturire. Scetato, adj. gamesome, wag. Scartáre, to discard, to lay out Scavalcáre, to alight. --Scarala' gish, wanton. one's cards. ---Scarlóre, to re- curf, to unhorse or dismount. Scederia, s. f. foolishness, imject, to slight, to despise, to

-Sarin'cure uil cannone, to pertinence, nonsense. Set aside.

dismount a piece of ordnance. Sceglimento, s. m. election, Scartáto, adj. discarded, re. --Scaraierre wo, to sup- choice. jected, slighed, despised, ser plant or undermine one, to Scégliere, to choose, to make aside.-Dar nelle scartate, to trip up his heels.

choice of, to pick out, to pitch commit extravagant or im- Scavalcato, adj, alighted, un upon to elect. propen things.

horsed, dismounted, supplant- Scegliriccio, s. m. Scarzo, adj. nimble, agile, ed.

mainder, remnant, leavings quick, active, swift.

Scavalcatóre, a supplinter. or refuse. Scuáre, to turn out of the Scavalcatrice, fem. of Scaval- Sceglitore, he who chuses. house.


Scelerázgine, v. Scelleraggine, Scasimodéo, adv. for example, Scavalláre, to unkorse or dis and all its derivatives.

for instance. Alow word. mount.Scarallare un con- Scellerággine, 1 s. f. wicked. Scassare, to draw out of the none, to dismount a piece of Scelleranza, ness, a heichest or trunk.-Scassure, ordnance. Scavallare uno,

nous offence. to destroy, to ruin, to break to supplant or undermine one. Scellerataménte, ads, mischieto pi?ces, to split in pieces.--| --Scavallore uno dalla sua vously, wickedly. Srassdre, to grub up an un carica, to turn one out of his Scelleratózza, s. f. wickedness, tilled piece of ground. post.--Scavollare, to run up a heinous offence. Scassáto, adj. drawn out of and down, to play the liber- Scelleráto, adj. bad, wicked, the chest, destroyed, ruined, tine.

rascally. hroken to pieces.

Scavaláto, adj. Unhorsed, dis- Scellericà, s. f. wickednes, Scassináre, to destroy, to ruin, mounted. Scaralluto, vili. malice, heinous action. to break open.


Scelleroso, adj. wicked, asScassiná:o, adj. destroyed, Scavaménto, s. m. digging or cally. Obs. ruined, broken. diching.

Scelo, s. m. iniquity, wickedScasso, s, m, the ground pre- Scavále, to dig up, to ditch or ness. Poctical. pared to be planted.


Scelta, s. f. choice, election.Sestelán, adj. conquered, Scaváty, adj. dug, diggert. Fare scelta d'uno, to valus overcome with shame and Scavezzacóllo, s. m a sudden of estceni one, to distinguish hurt. Obs.

and great fall--Scarez acóllo, bin from the resto--Å Sub Scatenáre, to unchain, to let or a fault, mistakes or blunder. scelta, to one's mind or inelibreak doose .--Scuterársi, 10 -A ratezzacúllo, adv. des. ration-Essendosi elle du

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giovinetto bello e leggiadro a silly, simple, dull, sottish. Scerpáre, to break, to break 10 sua scelta innamorata, she Scenpiézza, s. f. 30!tishness, picces, to ruin, m destroy, iu falling in love with a hand silliness, blochishness, imper-| pluck out or away, to pull some beautiful young man tinence, silly thing.

ost. of her liking ---Sceira, the Scémpio, adj. single, simple.- Scerpasoléa, s. f. a kind of whoice, the best, the flower. Prima era scempio e ora è small bird so called. Scelto, adj. chosen, made fatto doppio, first he was sin- Scarpellaco, adj. reversed, choice of, pitched upon, gle, and now he is become Sceipellino, s said of all eje elected.---Scelto, the best, double-Scempio, sottish, wren the eye-lashes are not the choice.

foolish, silly, simple, sull. placed the right way.-0cSceltume, s. m. pickings, bad Uno scempio, s, m, a sot, a

chio scerpellino, an eye, things separated from the fool, a silly man, a simpeton, whose lower lid being reversgood.

a blockhead.E non vorrei ed, leaves chat part of the Scemaménto,s. m. diminution, però parere uno scempio, and white altogether uncovered. decrease, abatement.

I would not look like a fool Scerpellóne, a great mistake or Scemánte, adj. diminishing, neither.-Scempio, s m. tor-1 blunder. lessoning, decreasing.

ment, rack, torture:-Soem. Scerre v. Scégliere, Scemare, to diminish, to lessen, pio, slaughter. - Fare scem- Scervelláto, aij, u hose brains to impair, to abate.------Sce-l pio, to slaughter.

have been dashed out.-E mare, to lessen, to diminish, Scena, s. f. a stage or scene. quello incordanenie sterzellato to decrease, to fall to decay. Scena, a scene, part of an act. allalis, and be presently - Scemar di rpurazione, to -Scena, has exactly the same kaochedhim down.-Scervel.. fall or sink in one's reputa- signification in Italian, as luo, huc-brained.coxch-brain. rion.-Scemar l'amore, to scene in English.

er, a sash fool.--Uno scervetcool one's love.

Scenário, s. m. a paper in lui, s. in. a hair-brained tvol. Scemaco, adj. diminished, les which are described ine ac- Sce57, s. t. descent, sicep side sened.

tors, the scenes, and the places of a bill.-Siesa, deflux, deScenatóre a diminisher, he from which the actors are o fluxion of humouis-Prene

that diminishes or abates. come on the stage when they | der una cosa a stesa di testa, Scemo, adj. diminished, les perform a play.

to be obstinate, wo be obstisened, not full, wantog Scendere, to descend, to go, to matcly resolved, to be stiff and Misura scema, noc fuil mca come or step down.--Stender fim in a purpose in order to sure. Luna scema, the di cavallo, to alighi.-Scen- obtain it. moon's decrease. ---Quando der di carrozz11, to alight out Sceso, adj. descended. io m'accorsi che 'l monie cra of a coach.-Come il ziso mi Scérrico, adj. sceptical, belong. scemo, when I perceived that scese in lor più lusso, as i liap- ing to the Sceptics, a sect of the mountain was cut. Dante. pened to look down upon philosophers who doubted of -Poco oltre veggio in sulla them.-Scéluere, to go down every thing, and would adTena gente seder propinqua al a river.-Scindere, to go - ait of no deterinination. luogo scemo, a litile farther Scéndere,to descend from one, Scettro, s. m. a scepter. I saw some people sitting up to draw une's origin from.- Sceveramento, s m. separaon the sand, in the farther-| Egli scende d'una buona fa- tion, parting or partition. most part of the place.--Dia miglil, he comes of a good Sceveráre, to separate, to sever, mante non iscemo, a diamond family - Scindere, to grow 10 part, to divide, to put that has been cut. --Sceno cheap, to fall in its price. asunuer-Chi Dio congiunse, sottish, silly, simple tool. Scendimento, s. m. descent, womo won sceveri, whom God ish, foppish, dull. Creo going down, declivity. has joined, no

man shini dete voi che so allia dello Scénico, adj. of or belonging to part. scemo do you take me for a a play, scenic, scenicii. Sceveráta, s. f. a separation or foo! ?--Egli ha un poco dello Scenográfia, s. f. scenography, parting. Noi in use. scemo, his brains are a little the representation of a body Sceveratamente, adv. separatetouched.-Scemo, s. m. di- in a prospective, with its sha-iy, asunder, sevesally.

minucien, iessening, decrcase. dows and dimensions. Sceveráto, adj. separated, se Scempiázgine, s. f. silliness, Stenográfico, adj. scenographi- vered, parted.

foolishness, blockishness. cal, belonging to scenography. Sceveratáse,s. m. be that parts Scempiáre, to single, to make Scenopigia, s. f. the feast of ta. or severs single.---Scempidre, to ex bemacies kept by the Jews. Scévero, adj. separated,severed, plain, to expound, to inter- Scirnere, to discem, to ciis in- paried. pret. 10 unfold or open. Obs. giush, to know disunctly, to Scevsárc, pretical, r. Sceverance -Srempiure, to torment, to see plain. Scérnere, to jscévso, axdj. separated, parcering tartart, to sack.

Not in choose, to pick out, to pitch severed Beatice che eye upoa, to elect.

un puco 'sreita, and Beatris Sceinpiaticeine, . f. foolish- Scernimento, s. m. the dis who was a little distant.

sess, silliness, blockshniss. cerning facully, discretion, Scheggia, s fashiver, a splinAcempiato), adj. single, not judgment.

les of wood, or a shasd of dwabie, Scumpiuto, foolish, Scenite, z. Scérnete. Obs. SioUC.-- Schugging, the sgunka

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in jest.

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słump, or sten of a tree. Schermitóre, v. Schermidore. ously, pleasantly, merrily, in Scheegie, s. f. p.. thin piedes Schermitrice, femin. of Scher a pleasant or jocose manner, of wood to make baslieis, and midore. other such things.-Scheggia, Schermo, s. m. a defence, a Scherzo, s. m. play, sport, a steep rock.-Chiha de'ceppi protection, shelter or support. wantonness, toying, pleasant può fu delle scherge, who has --Altro schermo non trovo che jests.-Da scherzo, adv. in wood can make splinters mi scampi, I find no other jest. Le schresia ritrae dal ceppo, way to save myself.----Fare Scherzosamente, ado. jestingly, such the father such the son, schermo, to defend or keep merrily, facetiously, pleasanta chip oi the old block. one's scit from, to resist or ly. Scheggiale, s. m. a leather gir-withstand.

Scherzóso, adj. jocose, merry, dle.

Schermúgio, S. m. a skirmish. pleasant, jovial, facetious. Scheggiáre, to split or shiver, Obs.

Schiaccia, s. f. a trap-Rimeto make chips.

Schérna, s. f. mockery, laugh nere alla schiaccia, to be Scheggiato, adj. splitted, shi ter, abuse, contempt. Obs.- catched in the trap.--Schibevered.

Far scherna, to laugh at, to ri-ria, a wooden leg. Schéigio, s. m, a mnek, a brow,! dicule.

Schiacciaménto, s. m. a squasha chi Notu-. Schernevole, adj. contumeli- ing, crushing, or bruising. "échegióne, s. m. a large rock ous, affrontive .- Parole scher-Schiacciare, to squash, to

the brigh brow of a stony hill. wroli, contumelious lan- crush, to bruise.-Schiacci. Scheggio, adj. bruker), cras guage.

are noci, to crack nuts. V, roigh, atcep.

Scherevolménte, adv. disdain- Schiacciare con isferm, to Schegginóli, s. f. a little fully, reproachfully.

whip cruelly, to lash with a Schesgiúzza, splintcr. Schérnia, 2. Scherna. Obs. whip.-Schiacciure, io resisi, Scheietro, s. m. skeleton car- Scherniánu, s. m. a scoffer, or to make resistance, to withca:e, or anatomy.--Scheletro,


stand.--Schiacciare lo stimo. a skeleton, alean person. Schernimento, s. m. mockery, In della coscienza, to be harScheneire, 10 go slanting or raillery, jest, banter.

dened at the stings of consioping. Obs.--Schenire, to Schernire, to laugh at, to ridi- science. shun, to eschew. to avoid. cule, to mock, to scoff, to de- Schiacciáta, s. f. a cake, a Obs.

ride, to jeer, to banter.Scheráno, s. m. a rufiian, an Schernére, to scorn or make Schiacciato, adj. squashed, assassin, a villain.

nothing of, to laugh at, not crushed, bruised.-SchiacciScherán zia, s. 1, a quinsey, a to care for.

áo, flat.-Naso schiacciato, sore throat.

Schemnito, adj. laughed at, ridi a flat nose. Schéretro, s, m.a skeleton. culed, derided, scoffed. Har Schiacciatúra, s. i. a bruise of Schericato, adj that has been restare schernito, to make a contusion. degrailed of his dignity spcak- fool of one.

Schiaffeggiare, to box, to cuff. ing of a priest-Prele tu toc- Schernitére, a scoffer, a scorn- Schiaffeggiato, p. p. of Schiafcherai di schericato, reverend er, a leerer, a banterer.” teggiare. sir, you shall be degraded one Schernitrice, s. f. a mocher, a Schiatto, s. m. a box, a slap, day or other, you shall geti scoffer, a jeering woman. a cuff or blow on the ear. your paie broken. Pima Scherno, s. f. mockery, raillery, Schiamazzáre, to cackle, as a schericala, a lopped plant. bunter, contumely, affront. hen does, when she has laid Scherma, s. f. fercing. -Far Alere e scherno, to scom, to an egg.-La gallina che schi. di schermo, lo fence.--M2-3-| laugh at, not to value or care amaz'a è qiella che ha fatto troli scherma, a fencing mas for.--Prendere a scherno, to l' uolo, the man that is too ter.----Perder la schermai, to be laugh at, to ridicule, to scoin. earnest in jusufving himself at a loss, or at one's wits ends. Schevucla, s. f. a skirret or skir of a crime, is guilty of it. -Questo affare mi ha fatto wort.

Schiamazzáre, to make a perder la scherm, that aflair Scherzamento, s. m. a jeer, noise, to bawl, to clamour, has put me out. jest, joke or banter.

to scold. Schermázlia, s. f. a fight, bal- Scherzánte, adj. joking, jesting, Shiamazzáto, p. p. of Schiatle or fray.

baniering. Schermare, v. Schermire. Scherzare, to play, to toy, to Schiamazzaróre, s. m. a noisy Schermidore, s. m. a fencer, a wag--Scherza sempre come man, clamorous fellow. sword player, a glarliator.-- m funciullo, he is always Schiamazzatrice, a clamorous Schermidure, a fencing-mas playing like a child.-Scher- woman. ter.

zárt, in jeer, to banter, to Schiamazzio, s. m. noise. Schermigliáto, adj. disordered,! jest, to be in jest.

Schiamazzo, intangled, as hair when noi Scherzáto, p. p. of Scherzare. zo, a bird in a cage, by which combed for a long white Scherzatóre, s. m. a jesier, a the bird catchers making it Schermire, to clice.-SeherBierry fellow.

squeak catch other birds. mire, to parry, to heap off, to Scherzévole, adj. facetious, Schianciána, s. f. the diagonal ward off-Schermato de- pleasant, merry, jocose. line of a quadrilateral figure. fend or keep one's seli iron. Scherzevolminte, adv, faceti- Schiancio, adj. oblique, sløp.





Ihs, thwart, wry.- Sguardo schiera degli Spagnuoli, King, Schiêncire, to avoid, to shung di schiancio, a wry look: Charles, seeing that the squa

lo parry or eschew. Obs. *A schiundo, adv. biass, dron of the Spaniards grew Schienélla, s. f. a kind of sore slanting, sloping, or sloping-thin.

which comes upon the fore ly, a-slope, across;

over- Schiatta, s. f. tace, family, legs of a horse. thwart.

stock, generation, issue. Schienúto, adj. strong of Schiancire, to strike in an ob. Schiatta, race, sort, kind. broad-backed. lique manner.

Schiattire, to yelp; bark, or Schiéra, s. f, a legion, an'army, Sehiantáre, to cleave, to cut whilk. Schiattire, a battalia or battle array.. asunder, to rent, to tear. squeak.

Schieta; a band, set compaSchiantáre un ramo d'un al. Schiattóna, s. f. a lusty young ny, or gang.Una schiera s bero, to tear off a branch of a girl.

ucrelli flight of birds.-Fare tee.-Il cuor mi schianti ri. Schiáva, s. f. a woman slave. schiera, to set in array cordandomi cið, thou strikest Schiaváre, to unlock, to break Schiéraa row.-- Unaschiera do me to the very heart by puts open a lock, to unnail. alberi, a row of trees.-Aschie's ting me in mind of that. Schiavare una porta, to break ta, adv. by bands or compaHo una tossa che mi fa schi- open a door.

nies. Aochiéra a schiere, by antar le budella, I have such Schiaváto, adj. unlocked, bands. a cough that I am ready to opened.

Schicramento, si mi order of burse with it.--Schiantáre, to Schiavelláre, v. Schiavare barile, disposition, order. gather, to reap.--Ahi morte Schiavelláto, v. Schiaváto. Schieráre, to set the battle iu. ria, come a schiantar se' pre- Schiaváccio, s. m. a vile slave. array, to draw up an army sta il frutto di molti anni in Schiavésco, adj. of or belong in bartalia.-Schierársi, 10 poche ore, ah, cruel death, ing to a slave.

range one's self in array. how quick thou art to reap in Schiavétto; S. m. a young Schiermo, adj. ranged; set; a few hours the fruit of so slave.

drawn in battalia. many yeus.

Schiavina, s. f. a slave's gar-Schiettamente, adv. uprightly, Sehiantáto, adj. cleaved, cut ment or frock, also a long sincerely, honestly, candidly. asunder, rent, torn.

robe which pilgrims wear.- Schiettezza, s. f, uprightness, Schiánto, s. m. cut, cleft. Schiavina, a coarse sort of sincerity, integrity, honestys Schianto, torment, grief, ftet, cioth.

candour, frankness, opennesso anguish.

Schiavíno, 9. m. the name of Schietto, adj. candid, sincere, Schiánza, s. f. scarf or scab of a magistrate anciently so cale frank, free, open upright; a wound, ani ulcer. led. Obs.

ptain-dealing.--.--Schiello; Schiappáre, to cleave, slit, Schiavitù, s. f. slavery, pure, mere, unmixed. --Vino split, or cut.-Egli è si grasso Schiavo, s. m. a slave.-Schi. schietto, paie, unmixed wine. che schiappa, he is so fæt that avo, adj. obligeel. -- lo voglio - Schietto; pure. cleary, neat, he is ready to burst.

essere schiavo in vita mia a fair.-Uomo schietto, a comes Schiarare, to clear-Schia questa donna per questa no ly handsome man-Abito ráre, to clear, to make out vella, as long as I live I shall schietto, a plain suit of or plain, to explain, to un be obliged to this woman for cloaths. fold, to resolve. --Schiarare, her story. --Schiavo, Sclavo Schifalpóco, adj. shy in things to clear, to clear up or grow nian, of Selavonia. —Venti of no importance, but eager clear.---Il tempo si schiara, schiavi, south-east winds. of those th: { ought not to be the weather begins to clear Schiavolino, s. tit. a little boy sought after. up...Schiarando il giorno, that is a slave.

Schitamente, adv. filthily, soro allo schiarar del giorno, by Schiavone, s. m. a lustý slave. didly, direily, niggardły. the break of day.-Schiarére, Schiazzamágia, s. f. rabbles Schifamento, s. M. shun. to be cleared of a doubt or mob, rascally people. Schifanza, s. f. sing, and question.

Sctric heraménto, s. m. scrib- voiding. Obs. Schiarátu, adj. cleared. bling. blotting-paper Schifaménto, disdaing scorns Schiaratóre, he that enlightens Schiccherare, to daub with contempr. or clears up, an expounder. ink, to daub or foul.

Schifáre, to strun, to avoid, to Schiaratrice, s. f. she that en- Schiccheráto, adj. daubed, eschew.-Schifëre un colpo, lightens. foul, full of ink.

to parry a blow.Ogni uomo Schiaréa, s. f. wild säge. Schidóne

deve schifare la mala compags. m. a spít.

nia, every body ought to to grow clear. In sullo Schiéggia, v. Scheggia. shun bad company.--Schia schiarir del giorno, by break Schienanzia, s. f. a quinsey. | fare, to disdain, to scorn, to of day. -Schiarire, to ap. Schiéna, s. f. the back.---La despise --Schifáre, to loath, pear.

Poscia tra esse in schiena d'un monte, the ridge, to abhor, to detest.-Schia luewe si schiario, afterwards of a hill.Schiená, the top. fore, to rise, to deny. there appeared a light amongst Per schiend, adv. sideways. Schifáto, adj. avoided, shutthem. -Schiarire, to make a schiena d'asino, sharp! ned. thin, to grow thin.--Il Re raised.

Schifatóre, one that carefully Carlo veggendo schiarire 14 Schienale, s. m, the back. avoids or shuns to do a thing


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Schifatrice, fem. of Schifatore. Schiomare, to cut all the hair his eyes red like fire, seeinet Schiférto, s. m. a small skift, off.

ready to come out of his a kind of ship's boat. Schiomáto, po p. of Schio- head.-Schizzére, to sketch, Schitérole, adj. kuathsome,

to make the first draught. distasteful, unpleasant, nau- Schioppétro, $. a little Schizzát, adj. gushed ovi, seous.

rausquet, a small fowling spouted, squirted, splashed, Schifezza, s. f. nastiness, fil- gun.

sketched. thiness, a nasty thing. Schioppo, s. m. a musquet, a Schizzatójo, s. m. a syringe. Avere schifezza, to loath, ab- gun.

Schizzeccáre, to wet with a syhor or detest.--Egli area fete Schippire, to escape, to get ringe. e non volea bere per ischifez-) away, to make one's escape. Schizzétto, s. m. a small sysu di lui, he was dry and Obs,

ringe. would not drink, because he Schippíto, adj. escaped, lost. Schizzinosamente, adr. in a toathed to drink after liim. Obs.

disdainful manner. -Schifezza, caintiness, Schisa, ex. per ischisa, in is. Schizzinóso, adj. shy, disdainsqueamisliness.

chisa, adv. cross, a-cross, ful, scornful. Schifiltà, s. f. modesty. CTOSS-wise.

Schizzo, s. m. the dirt Of WaSchifilià, shyness, coyness, Schisáre, to find the broken ter une is splashed or dashed hnicalness:-Schufiltà, filthi number in arithmetic. with.--Schizzo, a little bit.-

ness, nastiness, a nasty thing. Schiso, s. mn. the finding the Schizzo, a sketch, a rude Schifiltóso, adj. shy, coy, fini- broken number in arithmetic. draught, the first draught. cal.

Schiváre, to shun, to avoid. Sciábica, s. f. a kind of net. Schifo, adj. nasty, filthy, Schivátı), adj. shunned, or Sciabla, s. f. a sabre, a kind of Joathsome, nauseous.-- Schi.! avoided.

weapon. fo, shy, coy, disdainful, Schiudere, to open, to set Sciacquare, to wash, so rinse. scornful. Egli è molto schi- open. -Schisiersi, to get Sciacquáto, p. p. of Sciae to di partire, he is loath to out or away, to run out or quare.

go. Mi fa schifo il vederio, away.---Schiuders, to ex- Sciaguatiáre, lo shake, to jog, it makes me sick to see him. clude, to debar, to shut or to toss, said of liquors in rezton solamente non lama keep from.

sels not full. Not used. , se ne mostra sehifu, he Schiúma, s. f. froth, foam, Sciagúra, s. f. misfortune, misnot only does not love her, scum.-Schiuma, dregs. chance, ill fortune, disaster, but he seems to hate her.-- | La schiuma del popolo, the mischiet. Schifo, reserved, ciose, wasy, dregs of the people, the riff- Sciaguránta, s. f. wickxhy, cautious.--- Fenire a sahi- ratt of the people, the rascali- Sciaguratággine, šedness. fo, avere a schifo, to loatia, ty, the mob.----Egli è la Sciaguratamente, adv. wiekedto hate, to abhor, to detest. schiuma de' rilaldi, he is al ly, maliciously.-SciaguraSchifo, s. m. a skiff, a kind hang-dog, a newgate-bird. taménte, unhappily, unluckiof ship's boat.-Schito, a lo sono la schiuma de' scia- ly, unfortunately, wretchedplaisterer's trough, tay, or gurati, I arn the most mise-ly, miserably. hod.

rable in the world. Wenir la Sciaguratello, adj. dim. of Schifosamente, ads.nastily, fil- schiuma alla locca, lo foana Sciagurato. thily.

and fret, to be in a great pas- Sciaguráto, adj. nnhappy, unSchifóso, adj. nasty, filthy, sion.

fortunate, i unlucky, miseraloathsome, nauseous. Schiumáre, to skim.---Schiu-ble, wretched.- Sciagurato, Schimbescio, adj. wry, cross, mare, to froth or foam. vile, wretched, pitiful, sorry.

a-cross, cross-wise, achwart, Schiumátr, adj. skimuned. -Sciagardto, wicked, fagiawry, askew, aslope. Schiumoso, adj. frothy, toam-) tinus, villainous. Schinanzia, S, f. the quin- ing.

Scialacquaménto, s. m. prosey

Schivo, adj. shy, close, wary, fuseness, profusion, lavishSchinchimúra, s. f. a word in- reserved, cautious, modest. ness, prodigality.--Sciolacvented by Boccace, signifying Schivo, tedious, wearisome, quaniento della lingua, licensome monstrous beast.

tiresome. Vita schiva, a tiousness of speech. Schiniéra, s. f. greaves,an

tiresomne life. -Pensieri Scialacquánte, adj. profuse, Schiniére, s. m. armour for schi'i, melancholy thoughes. lavish, prodigal. the legs.

Schiuso, adj. open.-Villa Scialacquáre, to consume, to Schiodare, to unnail.-- to cost schiusa, an open town. lavish, to waste, or squander vene m'ho legato a rodo nella Schiuso, excladed, debarred, away, to be prodigal or lae mia mente ciò che dello avele, l shut out, or kept from. vish of. che a pena una parola non ne Schizzánte, adj. gushing out, Scialacquataménte, adv. pro schiodo, I have so well printed spouting.

fusely, lavishly, prodigaily. in my memory cry indivi- Schizzáre, to gush or spout Parlare scialacqualanente, to dual word you have said, that out, to squirt, or splash. talk licentiously.

I shall not forget a syllable. I suoi occhi infiammati di lu- Scialacquáto, adj. squandered Schiomáre, to undo the hair, cila rossezza, pareva che del- away, wastec, prodigally to uatie it, to intangle it. ta testa schizzar gli volessero, spent. Scialacardio, dimas

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