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Duke merry:

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lute, rintous, licentious, lewd, Sciarramento, s. m. defcat, having hroken the silence, he loose.

overthrow, slaughter, ruin, began to say.
Sculacqurtóre, s. m. a prodi- destruction. Obš. Scilinguáre, co lisp, to stutter,
gal vs wasteful man.

Sciarrare, in fout, to defeat, or slam:ner.
Scalacquatrice, s. f. fem. of to ruin, !o destroy. Not Scilinguálo, adj. lisping, stut-
used. Sciarrare ui esercilo, tering, stammering.-

Soialacquaruia, s. f.

prodi to rout or defeat an army. scilinguato, s, m a lispilig Scialácquio, s. m. gality, Sciarrare un' armata, to dis min --in tutto 'l tempo della Scialacquo, s.

pro- perse a feel.-Tutto il suo ile è stalo scilingualo, tuseness, lavishness, waste navilio scarrò in più parti, he lisped all his life-time. fulness.

his ship was dashed to pieces. Scilíva, s. f. spittle. Scialaménto, s. m. high mer- Sciarráso, adj. routed, defeated! Scilla, s. f. onion, squill. riment with good eating and destroyed, dispersed. NiScilitico, adj. wherein onions drinking. Uveit.

are infu ed. - Acely sciliitice, Scialáre, w eat and drink and Sciática, s. t. sciatica, the hip vinegar of squills.

-Srialure, to gout.--Passione scialice, the Scirocco, 3. m. south-east exhale, to cast fortk, to eva sciatica, or hip-gout.

wind. porate. Obs.

Sciático, adj troubled with the Scilóma, s. f. a long tedious Sciałato, p. p. of Scialare. sciatici.-Vene sciatiche, cru di curse.

Finisci ormari Scialoáre, co plaister, to white- ral veins. -Sció ico, s. m

quella tua sciluma, pr’ythee wash. Obs.

troubled or atidicted with the make an end of your chiriere Scialbáto, adj. plaistered, sciatica.

ing--Che bisognan tarie sciwhite-washed Obs. Sciálto, adj. undressed, careless. iome, what signifies making Sciálbo, plaistered, white-wash--Scintto, languishing, slow. so many words. ed. Obs, - Scialbo, pale, Sciaúra, Sciaurito, v. Sciagura, Sciloppáre, to give a syrup. bleak, wan, sallow. Obs. and all its derivatives.

Sciloppáre, to fatter, to cuax, Scialiva, s. f. spittle. Obs. Scibile, adj. that can be known, to wheedle, to cajole.- lu lo Scialo, s. m. great eating and Sciénté, arg. learned...Uomo scilopperò colle speranze, I'd drinking,

sciénte, a learned man, a good feed him with hopes.--- Però Sciatrannito, adj shabby, beg- scholar.

il renne ço' raci sciloppando; garly, aukware. -Uno scia- Scientemente, ady, wittingly, therefore she began to caress mannuto, s. m, a shabby fel knowingly.--Non l'ho fatto and kiss him. low. --Scrivere alla sciaman- scientemente, I did not do it Sciloppálo, adj. fed with syrups, nata, to write negligently, wittingly or on purpose. flattered, coaxed, wheedled. carelessly. Operare alla sci- Scientificamente, adv. scienti-Scilóppo, s. in. a syrup. amonata, to act in a negli- fically, learnedly.

Scimia, s. f. an ape, a monkey. gent or careless manner. Scientifico, adj scientifical, Dir sorazione della scio Sciame, s. m. a swarray of scientific, learned.

mic, in grumble, in curse and bees-Sciame, a crowd ur Sciénza, s. f. science, know swear between one's teeth. multitude of people. Sciénzia, ledge founded up. Scimiático, adj. like an ape, Sciámico, s. m. calimanco on ckar, certain and self-evi-l apish.

Sciumito, amaranth, or flower dent principles. - Scienze, Scimitto, s. m. a young ape, gentle.

learning, erudition, know- Scimitá ra, s. f. a scimitas. Sciamo, s. m a swarm. ledge.

Scimmin, 2. Scimia. Sciarpiáre, to enlarge or ex- Scicnzián, adj. scientific, Scimmióne, s. m. a large ape

tend, to widen, to make wi- learned, scientifical.-Per- -Vro scimmimne, a fool, a dar. Obs.

sone scienziate, learned peo- blockhead, a dunce. Sciuncito, adj. hippet!, hip- ple.

Scimunitággine, s. f. foolish, that, whose hip or kaunch is Scienzuála, s. f. dimin. of Sci- ness, dullness, stupidity. out of joint.

Scimunicamente, adv. foolish.
Sciancato, lame.

Scificáre, to pragnosticate, $oly, simply, sillily.
Sciarappa, s. f. jallop, a black presage to forecel, to conjec- Scimunitéilo, adj. dim. of Sci.
West Indian root, purging


munito - Uno scimunitello, se waterish humours.

Scificáto, adj. prognosticated. m. a fool, a simploion, a
Sciarpelláre, to stare.

Sciarpellaco, adj. blear-eyed, Scignere, to untie, to loose, or Scimoníto, adj. sottish, silly,
whose lower eye-lid being re undo. --Scignórsi, tu undo i simple, foolish, dull.--Scimu-
versen, leaves that part of the one's cloaths, to undress one's nita che io sono, m'era di.
white altogether uncuvered. self.

menticata il più bello, fobl Scarpellino, adj. who has the Scigrignáta, s. f. a cut or gash. that I am, I had almost fore lower lid of his eye uncover Obs.

gutten the best. ed.

Scilingnágnolo, s. m. the string Scindere, to part, to cut asun: Scrárra, s. f. quarrel, dispute, or thread under the tongue, der, to separate, to divide, to

contention, strife, wrangling. which ties and hinders one share--Che da ogni creala .. --Fare sciarra con uno, to from speaking.---Rolto lo scia cista è scisso, who is deprived

pick a quarrel with one. linguugnolo cominciò a dire, of the sight of creatures.




Scindere, to untie, to loose, toy mento, dissolction, melting. / sacco, to begin to speak free unlace ---Scindersi, to get -Scioglimento, the act of un-ly one's mind.--Sciorre il clear, to get out, to disentan- tying, of letting loose. volo, to accomplish or fulfil a gle, to disintricate, to rid of or Scioltaménts, adv. with free- vow.--Sciorsi, to free or deli from, to disengage. Tre vol dom, freely, without impedi- ver one's self.--Sciarsi, to diste il cavalier la donna strinse ment.

solve, in part, or scparate colle robuste lraccia ed altret. Scioltózza, s. f. freedom, op- one's self. Sciorre, to extante da quei nodi tenaci ella posite to impediment. plain, to expound, or explisi scinse, three times the Scióito, adj. untied, let loose. --cate a doubt.--Spronò l' ar." knight took hold of her with Sciolto, free, independent.-dire e la vergogna scialse, he his strong arms, and every Sciolto di memlira, agile, plucked up his heart and overtime she disengaged herself. quick, nimble, aetive, easy, come his shame. Scintilla, s. f. a spark of fire swift.-Libro sciolto, a book Scipáre, v. Sciupare, which is *Ma tu più che mai dura, scin. in sheets. Versi sciolti, more in use in every signifitilla di pietà non senti ancora, blank verses.-- A briglia sci- cation than Scipare---Che la but you, more cruel than ever, olta, full speed. Correre a memoria il sangue ancor mi have not the least pity on briglia sciolta, to run full scipa, the memory of it still speed.

freezes the blood in my veins. Scintillamento, s. m. spark- Sciolvere, &. m. breakfast. Scipidézza, s. f. insipidity, unling,

Scionáta, s. t. whirlwind, savourinees. Scipidésze, Scintillante, adj. bright, spark-storm, tempest.

foolishness, a silly thing. ling:

Scióne, s, a sudden blast of Scipidire, to grow insipid. Scintilláre, to sparkle.

wind, a whidwind. Scipido, adj. insipid, unsavouScintilláto, p. p. of Scintillare. Scioperaggine, s. f. idleness, ry, tasteless, that has no taste, Scintillazione, s. f. sparkling, sloth, laziness,

---Scipido, silly simple, foolsplendour, light.

Scioperáre, to take one from ish, sottish.--Uro sci prido, s. Scintillétta, s. f. dim. of Scin his work. Scioperársi, to m. a simpleton, a silly man, a tilla leave off one's work.

fool, a blockhead. Scinto, adj. undressed, untied, Scioperatágzine, s. f. v. Scio-Scipire, v. Scipidire. loose, in a dishabille or home peragine.

Scipitézza, s. f. insipidity, undress.- Ella era tutta scinta, Scioperatóne, v. Scioperone. savouriness. she was in her dishabille. Scioperáto, adj. idle, lazy, Scipíto, adj. insipid, unsavouScioccaccio, adj. foolish, silly, slothful, sluggish-Uno-sci- ry:-Scipito, sottish, foolish,

sottish, simple - Uno spioco operato, an idle, lazy man, a silly --Uno scipito,s m. a sot, édecią, a greai simpleton, fool, lazy-bones, a sluggard. a fool, a silly fellow, a simor sot.

Scioperio, s. m. idleness, lazi. pleton. Scioccaggine, s. f. simplicity, ness, sloth, slothfulness, slug- Scivigna, s. f. syringe. foolish simplicity, dullness, gishness.

Seiringáre, to syringe. Scicccamente, adv. foolishly, Scioperóne, s. m. an idle or Scirúcco, s. m. a south-east simply, sillily, idly.

lazy man, a sluggard.Scio- wind. Scioccheggiare, to act foolish- peróne, foolish, silly, sottish, Sciroppo, s. m. a syrup. ly, to do foolish things, to simple

Scirro, s. m. schirrus, a hard, dote, to raye, talk idly. Sciorinaménto, s. m. a display. livid swelling that resists the $cioccherello, adj. silly, sim. ing, mustering, of setting touch, and is without pain. ple, sottish, foolish. --Uno forth.

Scisma, s, m. schism, a separ3. scioccherello, s.m. a silly man, Sciorináre, to display, or open tion or division from the á simpleton,

to air.--Sciorindre, to disco- Christian church, -- Scisma, Scioccheria, 's. f. folly, silly ver, to disclose, to open, to a division or party. thing, impertinence, silliness. declare or reveal.---Sciori. Scismático, adj. schismatical, Sciocchézia, s. f. foolishness, náre, to bang, to beat, to flog. inclined to or guilty of schism. silliness, a silly thing, imper- Sciorindrsi, to rest, to take - Uno scismatico, s. m. a tinence. some rest, to recreate, to re-schismatic, one

guilty of Sciocco, adj. sottish, şilly, sim. fresh one's self ---Sciorinársi, schism. ple, foolish.

to undress one's self.--Scio-Scisso, adj. cut, parted. Sciocconáccio, adj. very soc. Tinare un discorso, to begin Scissúra, s. f. a scissure, a cut tish, foolish, simple, silly.- a discourse.

or cleft, a rent or chap. Uno sciocconaccio, s. m. a Sciorinato, adj. displayed. Sciugøre, to wipe, to wipe off, great silly man, a great fool or Sciorinata che tu hai uną pro to wipe away.--Sciugáre, to simpleton, a blockhead.

fumata riverenza, after you dry. Scioccone, s. m. a great fool, have mape a very low courte- Sciugáto, adj. wiped, wipedoff, a dunc, simpleton or black-sy:

dried head.

Sciórre, in untie, to loose or Sciugatójp, s, m, a towel, ? Sciogliere, v. Sciorre. undo. ---Sciorre il rentre, to napkin. Scioglimento, s. m. a tumult, purge. ---Sciórre, to absolte.-- Sciupáre, to dissipate, to con seditiori, commotion, insar- Sciórre la lingua, to begin to sumie, to waste, to squandes fection,uproari Obs.--Sciogli- speak..-Scorre le locca al away.

Sciupáto, adj. dissipated, con. Scodeltétta, s.r. dim, of glue ---Scoiláre, to leave the sumed, wasted, squandered Scodeina, s. f.

neck uncovered, and that is away.

Scodellino, s. m.

Scodella. only said ofihinge. Sciupatóre, s. m, a waster or Scofacciato, adj. Hat like a Scollato, adj. hytowe, cut or destroyer. cake.

made hollow, cui stangi. Sciupináre, v. Sciupare. Scoffina, s. f. a kind of file. vards, so as to leave is neck Sciupinio, 5. m. a dissipating, Scoffinato, adj. filed, poundel. uncovered -Scoiluto, uilj. un.

wasting or destruction. -- Agarico scoffinato, pounded glue. Sciupio, v. Sciupinío.


collatúra, s. m. a hollow ruta Sclamáre, to cry out, to roar Scoglia, s. f. the slough or cast Scollegare, to piwo break an out, to exclaim Sclamare skin of a serpent.

alliance. contra 'l vizio, to exclaim Scoglietto, s. m. a little rock in Scollegálo, adj. parted or seza. against a vice. the sea,

rated from an alliance. Sclaináto, adj. exclaimed, Scóglio, s. m. a shelf, sand or Scollináre, to go over moun. cried out or aloud,

rock, by or in the sea --Scóg tuis or hills. Sclamazióne, s. f. an exclama- liv, the bask of a tree, the skın Scolo, s. m. running, course, tion or outcry.

or peel of any fruit.--Scoglii, said of waters. Scocca 'l fuso, such a une. the slough or cast-skin of a Scolupéndia, s. f. scolopendra, Monnu scocca 'l fuso, mistress serpent.

a venuous worm, having such a

one, mistress lazy. Scoglioso, adj. sandy, rocky, cight feet and a forke 1 fail. bones.

full of rocks or shelves. Scolorare, tu discolour or tarScoccare, to fly, to shoot Scogliúzzo, s. m. a little rock nish.-La par le scolorù il Soccuire, to shoot - Il giorno or shelf,

viso, she grew pale for fear comincia a scoccare, the day Scojáre, to flea, to flay, or skin. Scolorársi, to lose or change begins to peep.-E attendi -Scojure, to gall, to peel off. its colour, to fade away.com de ulir quel che or si scocca, Scojalo, adj. fayed, fleaed, Scoloruitsi, o be eclipsett og prepare yourself to hear what galled.

darkened, to be in an eclipse. they are going to say.-Scoc- Scojáttolo, s. m. a squirrel. Scoloráin, discoloured, colour, care un loccio, to give a Scolajo, s. m. a scholar, a less. smacking kiss.

learner, a student.

Scoloriménto, s. m. discolora. Scoccaro, adj. fled, shot. Scolaménio, s. m. a running. tion. Scoccatójo, s. m. a bow to Scoláre, s. m. v. Scolajo. Scolorire, to lose or change ite shoot with.

Scoláre, to drain, to drain dry. colour, to fade away ---Ella Scocco, s. m, shoot.--Alio -Scolire, to run, to flow ott. tutta scolori a queste parole, scocco delle due ore, upon the Scolarsi, to run or flow out. she grew pale as death at these stroke of two.- quali in Scolareggiare, to play student's words.--Scolorir nel riso, to sullo scocco della sentenza tricks.

grow paic. contro s'appellaruno al prin- Scolaretto, s.m. dim.of Scolare. Scolorito, adj. discoloured, cipe, who no sooner the sen- Scolástico, adj. scholastic... that has lost its colour, faded. tence was given, but they ap Quistioni scolastiche, scho away. pealed to the prince.

lastic questions.--Uno scolas. Scolpáre, to justisv, to excuse. Scoccobrino, v. Sconcobrino. tico, s m. a school divine, or Scolpársi, to justify or excuse Scoccolare, to let go with im school-man.

one's seif, to vindicate one's petuosity,--Scoccolar burla. Scolativo, adj. that has a run seli.-.-lo non ho lungo da tismi, to blunder, to shoot a ning quality.

sco. parmi con tol I have no-volley of blunders,

Scoláto, adj. drained, thing to say for myself to Scoccolato, adj. clear, evident, flowed.-Lardo scolato, lard you. open, known to every body. or hog's grease. Ma alia per Sculpáto, adj. excused, justi.

E una scoccolato lugia, it fine scolate le lagrime con pi-, fied. is a great lye.-Ho ricevuti il ora di piantó, but át last hav- Scolpire, to carve, to grare miri clanari tretti scoccolati,l ing shed a torrent of tears. to engrave.--Scorpire qualche I have received all my mo- Scolatojo, s. m. a drainer. 105" heila minoria, to im. ney, and am well payed.- Scolatúra, s. f. the thing that point in thing in one's mind. Scoccoluto, shot.

has been drained - Scolaturn Scolpire, to pronounce well Scoccoveggiáre, to jeer, to ban di rino, the bottom of a cask and distine.ly - - Egli scola ter, to ridicule, to laugh at. of wine.

pisce bien le parole, he speaks Scoláre, to deprive of the tail, Scolazione, s. f. a running. or pronounces very deuinct to cut it off.

Scoliáste, s. m. a scholiast, one ly. Scodáto, acij. cropped.-Caval. who makes notes upon an au- Scolpitamente, adv. distinctly, lo scodato, a cropped horse. thor, a cimnentator.

clearly, plain Scodélla, s. fia porringer. Scollacciare, to uncover one's Scolpito, adj. carrer, goved, Scodellare, to put the soup in neck,

en naved imprinted.-Par. the porringer.

Scollacciato, adj. that has the lare scolpito, io peak distincts Scodelláto, adj. served up in breast or neck uncovered. ly. porringers.

Scollare. to break or dizidle Sc Ipitúra, s. f. sculpture, or things that were united with carving --- Scolpitára, an ef.




fiev, ete picture or portrait' uproar, tom motion, bastie, self-Scambisciársi, to have of a person

It, l.surrection, rebellion, a greai mind so piss.com Scola, f. a uprine!, sentry.' Sort! 2. Satin use. P:3177 $1 di paure, ta be pass Of #zucima

Dis. Susée, in case an in-. 0..c's si turital.com 250 Sro áre, toisten. Obs. 33tecta, lo stes up a lekcie !** dudle risa, to bcpiss Scomissáre, to nie ower.

wie's scit with laughing. Scorn 452:0, adj. slavere. sc inmovérsi, to take ur so.pórte, watcmpore. to

į arms, to nie in aren,, to re asida, tu troube-on. Scomb ccherise, to dawb 07

porre i vurilu, to break ine sou!, to scribble, to waste Scomodáre, to incommoie enemy, to put him in disose papci.

to trouble, to tire taugue.' der. Scorr.bicchere'o adj. scribbled, - Von se scomodi, don't aus. Sccm; ósty, adj. discomposed, daubet, ?uled with ink. ble yourselt.

wisutne ut, troublei-Sim. Scomúgio, s. m. disorder, Scomudézza, s. f. inconveni- posto izzu, uoubled, disa confusion, a burly-buriy se molita, 3 ence, toubic- turbed in mind -Scogsposis, Obs. something

ill-shajari, auswart. Scorbujáre, to dissinate, to Scómodo, s. mn. incoavenience, Sconiseeri:e, to bestink. scanter, to disperse, w dispei, troublesome thing.---- Scómo- -coin-uzzolare, to revive one's to rout, to deteat.

do, adj. troublesome, incon stomach. Ous. Scombujáto, adj. frona Scorn- venient, incommodious, unca. Scor ware, ou break up an bujare. sy, grievous.

assetaoly, to bitak up. Scombussoláre, to dissipate, Scompagnamento, s. m. sepa. Samunato, adj. parted, sepas to scatter, to soal, to break. ration, disunion.

rated, broken up. Scommessa, s. f. a wager, bet, Scompagnáre, to part, to sepa comúnica, s. f. or lay-Fare una scommessa, i rale, to disunitc.

Scomunicagiøse, s. f. to lay a wager, to bet or lay. Scompagnato, ad;. separated, Scomunica ménio, s. m. Scominésso, p. p. of Scommet- parted, divided - Scompag-l communicacion. tere.

náln, solitary, single. Scomunicare, 1 excommu. Soummertére, to dicoin, to Scomparire, to lose its value nicate. past or divide, to break, toi when compared.

Scorgunicato, adj. excommibreak to pieces.---Scommit.. Scompartimento, s. m. parti- nicaied. Srooiniculo, ex, tersi, to fall to pieces. tion, division.

ecrable, abominable, detestaScommittere, to sow discords Sc impartire to share or di- ble, cursed odious, hateful. or divisions, to set at variance, vide.--Scompartire, rodis. -- Lingue scomaricata, to set together by ine cars. tribute Scompartire gli al damned satyrical tongue.Sconméltete, to lay a wa loggramenti, to distribute Viso Comunicato, ger. the quarters.

lok. --Uno scomunicato, s. Scommettitore, he that disjoins, Scompartito, adj. parted, shar m a man that is excommu. parts or dirides.--Scommet ed, divided, distributed, dis nicated. iitóre, a bou!e'ew, a make-' posed.

Scomunicatúre, he that cr. Late, a firebrand of discon scompigliamento, s. m. disor communicates. on division.-Scommettitúre, der, disturbance, out, de. Scomunicazione, s. f. excomhe that lays bets. fcat.

munication, Scommezzáre, to part or cut in Scompigliáre, to trouble, to Scomuzzolo, s. m. a very small (wo, to break asunder.--Srom- disturb, to embroil, to con part or bit of any thing. mudaure, to part, to divide or found, to put in disorder, or Sconcacare, lo leshit. Vulgar. dingin.

confusion, to entangle.--- Sconcacato, adj. beshit. Vulgas, Scornmiatare, to dismiss, 10 Scompigliare una matassa di Sconccruatamente, adv. un

discharge, to send away. seta, to entangle a skain of handsomely, aukwardly, ilScommitársi, to take one's silk..--Scompigliure, to dis- decently.

Icave of, to bid farewell. quiet, to trouble, to vex, to Sconcertamento, s. m. consu. Scommiatáta, s. f. leave, per- perplex, to disturb, to make sinn, disorder, disturbance.

missina ---E fatto questo si uneasy,to putin pain.-Scom-Sconcertáre, 10 put out, :0 fece aprir la porla e fece pigliere, to rout, in deleat. make a discord in a tune. grande scommialala dalla re- Scompigliatamente, adv. con Sconcerlure, to disorder, to Fun, and this being done he fusedly, in disorder, disor- disturb, to trouble, to conbir somebody open the door, derly.

found. and with great ceremony took Scompigliáto, adj. troubled, Sconcertato, adj. disordered, his leave of the queen. disturbed.

disturbed, troubled, contounds Srominiatáto, adj. dismissed, Scompiglio, s. m. trouble, con ed.

discharged, sent away. fusion, disturbance, disurder, Sconcerto, s. m. confusion, Scommodare, v. Scomodare. huriy-burly, tumuit.

trouble, disorder, disturbance. Scommodo, v. Scomodo. Sconipigliúme, s. m. a heap of Sconcézza, s. f. unhandsome Scommosso, p. p. of Scom- things in disorder.

pess, aukwardness,ungraceful Scompisciáre, to bepiss.

ness. Sconmovizióne, s. f. tumult, Scompisciársi, to bepiss one's Sconciamente, adv. ünhand


snmely, aukwardly, urgen- che le dette parti non facesson Scongiaraménto, s. m. conjuteelly.--Sconciamente, shame Tilellar la terra a sconcio di ration, exorcista. fully, disgracefully, ignominio parte Guelja, the Florentines, Scongiuráse, to conjure, 1001ously.-- Fiaminghi che erano for fear the said parties hould orcise, to lay spirits.-Scongia oste sopra Ternai, se ne pa. cause a rebellion in the town uráte, to conjure, to intreal, tirono, sconciamente, che Fle to the prejudice of the Guelfs. to beg, to abjure.---Tanto mish army, that besikged | Sconcobrino, s. m. a meny ali disse e tanto scongrutù che alle Tournay, quitted the siege drew, a merry grig.

fine acconsentì, he desired very shamefully-Sconcia. Sconcordante, adj. dissonant, and begged so long, that at mente, immoderately, intem discordant, jarring, untunea length he consented. perately, excessively.---Man-, ble, disagreeing.

Scongiurato, conjured, exor. giare sconciamente, to eat im- Sconcordanza, s. f. a false con cised, intreated, desired. moderately.Battere scon Curdance.

Scongiuratore, an exorcist, ciamente, to beat unmerciful- Sconcordáre, not to agree, to one who casts oul devils, a ly.-Sconciaménte, badly, ill, be discordant.

conjurer. not well, extravagantly.--Ho Sconcórdia, s. f. discord, divi- scongiurazione, s. f. conjurapassato la nolte sconciamente, sion, disagreement, variance, tion, exorcism ScunghuraI have passed the night very strise, debate.

ziune, an entreaty or prayer, badly. Skondito, adj. rot seasoned, in

an earnest cntrcaty or desire. Sconciáre, to spoil, to marr, to sipid, unsavoury.---Scondito, Sconziúro, s. m. conjuration, Gorrupt.--Le troppa pioggia foolish, silly, simple, deprived exorcism.--Scongiuro, an ensconcia i frutii, excessive of sens.

treaty, an earnest prayer or rain spoils the fruits.--Scon. Sconfessáre, to disown wha: desire. ciáre, to disorder, to put in one had first confe-sed. Sconocchiare, to spin that disorder, to trouble, to dis- Sconficcare, tu unnail, to break quantity of fiax cr wool that turb, to embroil. Le divisi-l open.

is upon the distaff. oni sconciano lo siato, partics Sconficcáto, adj. unnailel. Sconocchiato, adj. spun off.-disturb and embroil a state.- Sconfidáoza, s. f. mistrust, Sconoceriuto, without a top. Sconciare, to incommode, to diffidence, distust, suspicion, Sconocchiatúra, s. f. that flag binder to disturb.--Sconciure, jealousy.

or wool that is left upon the to stop,to hinder.--Scoucidre, Scorfidáre, to be diffident, to distatt. tu hinder one from doing a trust not. '

Sconoscente, adj. ungratetul, thing because he can't do it Scontiggere, to rout, to defeat, unthankful. Sconoscénte, himself.-Sconciarsi in piede, to ruin, to destroy or over clownish, common, ordinary, to put a foot out of joint.. throw.

unpolite, unpolished.-scoSconciarsi, to miscarry, Sconfiggitrice, she that routs, noscenie, obscure. Obs. Sconciataménte, adv. v. Scon- dcfcats, or dispels.

lila sconoscente, an obscure ciamente.

Sconfitta, S. f. rout, defeat, vile life. Sconciáto, p. p of Sconciáre. overthrow.-Mettere in iscon- Sconoscenternénte, adv. uqSconciatore, s. m. disturber, fitta, to rout, to defeat. gratefully, unthankfully. perturbator.ap-Sconciature, Sconfitto, adj. routed, defeated. Sconoscenza, s. f. ingratitude, 9 second at tennis.

- Sconfito, unnailed. unthankfulness, ungrateful Sconciatrice, fem. of Sconci- Sconfitcára, s. f. rout, defeat, ature. or overthrow. Obs.

Sconoscére, to forget good reSconciatúra, s. f. an untimely Sconfondere, to confound, to turns, to be ungrateful. child or birth, one born out disturb, co trouble or disorder. Sconoscimento, s. mn. ingratiof due time, abortion. Scontortamento, s. m. discou- tude, unthankfulness. Sconciaturina, s. f. a little abor- ragement, disheartening, dis- Sconosciutaménte, adv. tion.

cretly, privately. Scórcio, adj. unhandsome, in. Scontortáre, to dissuade, 10 Sconosciuto, adj. unknown. decent. iminodesi, shameful, advise the contrary.

Sconosciuto, unknown, oba odd, ill.--. Parole sconce, in- Scontortársi, to be discouraged scure, of no reputation. decent, lewd words or expres or disheartened, to lose cou- Sconquassáre, to dash, to síons..---Scorcio, enormous, rage, to despond.

break or split to pieces, to de great, heinous, grievous. Sconfortáto, adj. afflicted, dis- stroy. Peccato sconcio, an enormous com torted, sad, melancholy, Sconquassáto, adj. dashed, or great sin.----Sconcio, auk. dejected.

broken, or split to pieces, de. ward, ill-shaped, deformed Scontorto, s. m. displeasure, stroyed. disproportionate.-Sconcio di discontent, vexation, trouble, Sconquásso, s. m. disorder, corpo, ill shaped, deformu griet, sorrow, afriction. ruin, destruction. ed. --Braccio sconcio, an arpi scongiugnimento,s. m. dis- Sconsentimien, s. r. a dif. out of joint.-Scoglio sconcio, Scongiuntúra, s. f. junc ference, or cuotrary opinion. a steep rock. ---Sconcio, s. m. tion, separation.-Sconging. Sconsenure, to be again i, or inconvenience, detriment, pre- uimento d'affezione, an aver- contrary to, to be of another judice, hurt, harm, damage, sion, averseness, abhorrence, opinion.lo non lo sconSET boss. Florentini per tema hatred, antipathy

tisce, I am ast against il.


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