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Or rencounter.

Sconsiderán.za, s. f. inconsi Scontraménto, s. m. a meetoy Scoardigere, to persuade,:r. deration, imprudenci, tool mg or rencounter.

advise, to put one upon, to ishness wint of discretion, Scontráre, to meet, to mett induce. rashu's, la diviseintss. with, to find.

Sconvolto, adj. out of joint. Sonsideradamente, inconside- Scontráta, s. t. meeting, ca sprained.com ólio, crockJalvingia hly, fooliptily, indis-sual meeting.

ed, bent. creetly, unadvisedly, impru- Scontrato, adj. met, met with Scopa, s. fa a birch-tree.diny.

Scont: ázzo, s. m. a rencoun Scopa, a broom.-Scopar a Sconsidigarezza, s. f. sashness, ter or accidental fight. cudgelling or whipping. imprudencia

Obs. Scontrózan, a mecting Scopare, to sweep, to clean Sconsideráto, adj. inconsider


with a broom.-Scopare, to att, rash, foolish, unadvised, Scontro, s. m. a rencounter or lash, to whip. Scopáre, to unwise, indiscice', impru- meeting -Scontro, a push or ramble about, to run cver. dent.

shove. ---Scontro, a sign, Scopare, to whip at a cart's Sconsigliáre, todissuade, to ad- mark, or tuken. Scontro, a tail, as the hangman does vise to the contrary.

book in which merchants rogues doomed to it.-ScoScoasigliato, adj. dissuaded, kvep u duplicate of their ac

páre, to cry down, to dispao oivised to the contrary. counts.-Scontri d' una ser.


to disgrace, to dis. Sconsolamenio, u. Sconsolazi. ratura, the wards of a lock

credit.-Uno scopa chiassi o Sconturbáre, to disturb, to bordelli, a whore-moager, a sconsoláre, to discomfort, to disquiet ur trouble.

whore-master, a wencher. a ict, to be cast down. Sconturbársi, to be grieved, Uno scopa chiese, a bigos. Sonsolatunénti adv. discon Vexed, or troubled.

Scopato, adj. swept. tentedly, miscrublv. Sconvenenza, s. f. inconve- Scopatóre, a sweeper.---Scopes Scoyola!o, adj. disconsolate, nience, tauble, cross acci tóre, he who scourges and illiciel comfortess.

dent.----Sconvenéreza, a dis- disciplines himseif out of deScholaz one, sif. sorrow, proportion, incquality, votion, and by way of atcne

57li, aidiction, discontent. Scontenevoie, adj. unbecom ment for his sins. Scontare, to eluci, io abate ing, indecent, unhandsome. Scopatrice, fem. of Scopatore. or subtract, to make goud, -Scorecnérole, excessive, Scopatúra, s. f. a whipping of speaking of an account. innaderute.

scourging. - Scopatüra, Scontentamento, s. m. dison- Seorvenevolezza, s. f. inde- sweepings, the dirt or dust

tent, sorrow, afiliction, grief. ceney, indecorum, unbecom- swept with a broom.-ScoScontentare, not in be con In ness. Sconvenevolezza, putúra, a rebuke, check, res tunted or satisfied with.-- extravagances impertinence, proof, or reprimand.-Dare Scontentuire, to disgust, 20 folly.

una scopatura ad uno, to redisplease, to make uneasy. Sconvenevolménte, adv. inde- primand onc.--Toccare un Scoutentico, p. p. of Scouten- cently, unhandsomely, un- scopatueret

, to be rebukert, seemingly, misoccomingly, clined, or reprimanded. Scontentezza, s. f. discontent, extravagantly, impertinent- Scoperchiare, to uncover.

sorrow, grief, atdiction. ly, foolishly.--Scoutenevol- Scoperchiáto, adj. uncovered. Sc intento, adj. discontented, inénte, excessively,exceeding- Scoperta, s. f. an opening or adicted. stisquieted, grieved, ly, immoderately.---Cural- uncovering, a discovery not satisfied with. - Vita scono care un cavallo sionvenerol- Far la scoperta, to get inteltenta, a discontentcr, miser. mente, to ride a horse to ligence of the enemy.--Alla able life.--contento, s. m. death.

scoperta, adv. openly. displeasure, discontent, sui- Sconveniente, adj. unbecom-Scopertamente, adv. openly, row, guer.

ing, indeceni, unhandsome.-- publicly, in the face of all Sconto, s. m. deduction, a- Sconvenienten immoderate, the people. Watement, subtraction, detal extravagant, excessive, exor. Scoperto, adj. uncovered.bitan.

Si convien guardar i onestà Scontorcere, to wrest, to wrig, Sconvenientemente, alv. in- min, si che io ?ossa andar coli to writhe, to wreath, to throw convcmently, with inconve allre donne a fronte scoperta, or wind about. nie:10.

I must preserve my honour. Sconta reimento, m.extor. Sconvenićnza, v. Sconvenenza. that I may not be ashamed Scontorcio, tion, ai.tor- Sanvenire, to misbecome.- 10 converse with other wo tion, a sesung or wreathing, Troppo si scon: vize indosso men.--Scoperto, known, pube 2 wrv face.

ad iin uomo viie il porture o- lic, open.Pare guerra sro Scontorto, ariji twisted, twin 10 o argenio, it is very unbe- perta ad uno, to shew one's

ed. wreathed, wiung.--Bac coming an ordinary man to self on open enemy to me, - GQ scoatonia a wry mouth.- Meas zeld or silver.

Scopérto, s. m. the open air, Corpo scontorto, a crooked Sconvenuto, adj. misbecom

or an open place. - Dormire body.----Gunde scontorte, ing, unbecoming.

allo scoperlo, to lie abroad crooked legs. Sconvolgcie, to confound, to

all night.--kinanere allo Scontraffalo, adj. deformed, overtuin,

upside scoperto, to be cheated of his Wi-lavoured, ugly.

down, or topsy-turvy. money.





to com



Scopertúra, s. f. an opening. | Scoprire, to uncover, to bare. -- the affair draws to an end-Scoperino, $. m. a grove of Scoprire, to discover, in see, Lo scuccio del mese, the latter Scopéro,

birch-trees. to perceive, to find out, to end of the month. Scopćeta, s. f. a brush. detect. -- Indi un altro valion Scordaménto, s. m. forgetful Scopo, s. m. aim, scope, end, mi si scoperse, then I peror design.

ceived another valley. --Sco-Scordánte, adj. dissonant, disScoppiamento, s. m. noise, prite, to discover, to disclose, cordant, jarring, untunable, cracking, or bursting. to open, to declare, to re disagreeing ---Senza nulo. Scoppiáre, to burst, to breakout. veal. Scoprir paese, to see scordante, unanimously; vicdi - Mangiù tanto che scoppiò, new land.-Scoprit paese, to

one consent or accord. he eatso much that he burst, try one, to feel his pulse, to Scordánza, s. f. difference, disScoppiar delle risa, to burst know his mind.-Scoprire la sension, disagreement, strift, with laughter.--Ma io scoppio lepre, to find out a hare.variancē. dentro a

un dublio, buc I Scoprirsi con alcuno, to dis- Scordáre, to be out of tune, to have a great mind to know ; cover or impart any thing to put out of tune, to, untune. but I long to know. So one --Scoprire un altare per ll liuto è scordato, the lute is ben che io parlo a sordi, ricoprirne un altro, to rob out of tune.--Scordare, to ma io scoppio tacendo, 1 Peter to pay Paul.

disagree, not to agree.---ll know that my speaking sig- Scopritóre, a discoverer, he liuto scorda col violino, the nifies nothing, but I shall die that first discovers.

lute does not agree with the if I don't speak-Scoppidre, Scopritríce, fem. of Scopritore. violin. to proceed, to come to rise, Scopritúra, a discovery or Scoriársi, to forget. E come un pen- finding out.

Scordato, adj. out of tune, sier dall' altro scoppia, and Scópulo. 3. m. a rock in the untuned, forgot, forgotten, as one thought draws on an.


out of one's memory. other. Che fuor degli occhi Scoraggiáre, to discourage, to Scordéo, s. f. scordion, water-, gli scoppiava il pianto; the put out of heart, to disheart germandes. tears came out of his eyes. en, to dispirit.

Scordévole, adj. forgetful.. Scoppidre, to crack, as fire- Scoraggiársi, to lose courage, Scordévole, dissonant, disarms do when they are fired, to despond.

cordanc, jarring, disagreeing, to bounce.<Scoppiire, 10 Scoraggiáto, adj. discouraged, uncunable. uncouple.c--Mangiare a scop- disheartened, dispirited, des- Scórdia, s. f. 1 discord, divipiacórpo, to eat until one ponded.

Scórdo, s. m. $ sion, odds.. bursts.

Scoraggire, v. Scoraggiare. disagreement, variance, yrite, Scoppiarsi, to part, to scparate, Scoraggito, v. Scoraggiato.

Obs. buch. to burst.

Scoráre, te discourage, to dis- Seoreggia, s. f. a cord or lash Scoppiára, s. f. a cracking or heartea or dispirit.

made of a leather thong, a ratling.

Scoráto, adj. discouraged, dis- scourge. Scoppiáto, adj. bursted - Egli heartened, dispirited. Scoreggiare, whip, to non e di quercia, o di grotia, Scorbacchiare, iu defame, to

scourge, to lash. o di pura pietra scoppiato, he traduce or slander.

Scoreggiata, s. f. a lash, a blow is not come out of a piece of Scorbacchiáto adj. defamed, with a leather strap. I. . wood or hard stone.

traduced, slandered.

Scorgere, to sec, to perceive, Scoppiatúra, s. f. a bursting, Scorbiáre, to daub with ink. to discern or discinguish.cracking, rattling noise. Scorbio. s. m. a spot of ink. Cosa non fu dolli tuoi occhi Scoppiutúra, a rupture or Scorbutico, adj. subject to the scorta più notabile, your eyes

sourvy, having the scurvy ; never saw a more remarkable Scoppiettáre, to crack, to crac. also ill-humoured always dis- thiog.-Scorgere, to guide, to kle.

contented ; crabbed with re bring; to lead or conduct Scoppiettáta, s. m. a cracking, gard to the mind.

Scorgere la voce, to distinė or crackling noise, a gun. Scorbúto, s. m. the scurty or guish one's voice.-Farsi shot. scorbute.

scorgere, to make one's self Scoppiettjére, a fusileer. Scorcáre to rise, to get up. ridiculons, to make a fool of Scoppiettio, s. m. a cracking Scorciaménto, s. m. a shorten- one's self.

-Farsi scorgere, or crackling noise. ing, curtailing.

to shew one's self - Farsi Scoppiétio, s. m. a little crack- Scorciáre, to shorten, to make scorgere per nubalordy, ignoing or crackling noise. short, to abridge, to cut off, rante, tristo, e simile, to strew Scoppiétio, a fusee or light to clip.

one's self a foolish, ignorant, gun.

Scorciátn, adj. shortened, mgue. &c. Scoppio, s. m. a cracking or made or grown short. Scorgitóte, spectator, behold. crackling noise, the report of Scorciatója, s. f. a by-way. er, locker-on. Scorgitėte, a gun, or any other fire. Scórcio, s. m. fore shorten- guide, leader. arms -Scoppio, a fuset, a ing.--Scorcio, the end, the Scória. s. m. dross of metals. light gun.

latter end.---Lo scorcio del --Scoria di pionio, dross of Scopriménto, s. m, a discoveryl giorno, the evening.-L'af- lead. or finding out.

fare è condotto ello scorcio, Scornacchiamento, s. m, praca Vol. I.



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ing, prattling, chat, chatting, [ pillaged, ravaged. Obs. Scorrubbiato, 1 adj. angry, talk, talkativeness.

Scorrente, adj. running, flow- corrubbioso, passionate. Scornacchiare, to defame, to ing.

Scorsa, s. f.course, run, excur. traduce or stander, to deride, Scorrenza, s. f. looseness, lask. sion.-Scorsa, an incursion

to joke, to banter or ridicule. Scórrere, tu run.--Scórrere, or inroad.- Andiamo a fare Scornacchiata, s. f. 7. Scor to go, to slide, to slip away. una scorsa, let us go to take a nacchiamento:

- lempo scorre, the time short run.-- Dare una scorsa Scornacchiato, adj, defamed, runs away.-Scórrere, to run ad un libro, to run over a, traduced, standered, derided, overot-Scorrere un paese, to book. ridiculed.

run over a country.-Scórre Scorso, artj. past, over.-IL Scornáre, to break the horns. re, to go or come down. mese SLOTSO, the last month. Scornár, to defame, to tra Quando 'l i el parto gtà nel! -Scorso, vitiated, corrupted.

duce, to slander.-Scorndre, mondo scorse, when the Son --Scorso, p. p. of Scorrere. to deride, to joké, to banter, of God came down into the -Scorso, s. m. licentiousto ridicule, 'to laugh at.

world.---Scórrere, to go, to ness.-Scorso di lingua, Scornársi, to be ashamed, tu reach. L'inondazione scor. slip of the tongue, a fault or blush

se fin alle mura, the inunda- mistake. Scornito,-adi. that has lost his tion reached the walls. Scorsójo, adj. running, flowhorns. -Tenerse scornato, to Scórrere, to spoil, to waste, ing. -Cappio scorjojo, a runtake a thing as an affrent, to ravage, to pillage, to plun- ning knot. Scoreggiare, to

punch or

der-Scórrere una terra, to Scorta, s. f. a guide, a leader. gore withi his horns.

plunder a town.-Scórrere, Far la scorta, to guide, to lead Scorniciáre, to tile away the to run over or survey, not to or conduct.-Srorta, a guard, frame.

sead attentively.. Scorrer la a convoy --Scorta, proviScomo, s. m. shame, disho. (araliina, to gadw and sions, victuals. nour, disgrace, infaniy, igal down.

- curta ménte, adv. wisely, sagenemins--tare uno srarno ad Scorreria, s. f. an excursion, ly. prudently, warily ---Scor. mo, to shame or disgrace incursion, or intoad.

taménuc, clearly, distinctly. ene-evere a senrun, totes. Scorrettáccio, actj. quite full Scontáre, to shorten, to make pise, to flight,' to scoro, to of faults, quite depraved. short, to abridge.-Scorture, contemn, to undervalue, to Scorrettamente, adv. incor to conduct, to guide, to lead. make no account of.


Scortáto, adj. conducted, guid-
Scoronáre, to lop, to prune, to Scorreito, adj. incorrect, full ed, led.-Scortato, shortened,

cut off the branches of trees. of fauits.----- Lil ro scorretto, abridged.
Scorpacciata, 7. Corpacciata. an incorrect book, a book Scortecciare, to bark, to take off
Scorpáre, to fill, io glut, to full of faults.-Gente scorret the bark.
cloy, to cat one's belly-full. ta, peuple not instructed or Scortecciato, adj. barked.
SCópio, S. a scorpion disciplined.-Scorretio, deprat- Scortése, adj. discourteous, un-

ed, corrupt, spoiled, vitiated, kind.
Scorpioncino, s. m. a little marred.-Un uomo scorretto, Scorteseménte, adv. discourte.

a vicious, profligate man.- ously, unkindly. Scorpióne, Scorpio, one of the Parolc scorrette, immodest, Scortesía, s. f. discourtesy, unneliesiems of the coriack.- lewd words.

kindness, rude manners, russcorpióne, a kind of sca-fish, Scorrevole, adj. running, flow- ticity. scorpion fish.

ing, fluid.Scorrévole, frail, Scorticamento, s. m. excoriscorporáre, to extract, to se- fragil, briedle, weak.Score ation, the place where the

purate from the main body revole è la nostra natura, our skin is off. in corporite, to take out of the nature is frail.

Scorticâre, to flea, to flay, to expital stock or cash. Scorrezione, s. incorrectness, skin, to take the skin offSpurporáto, p. p. of Scorpo a fault in writing or print- Tanto ne ra a chi tiene quaning.

to a chi scortica, the accomSiriporo, s. m.' separatinn Scorribanda, 1 $. f. a little plice is as bad as the actual tum the main body, or the Scorribandala, or short in- criminal.--Scortic re, to exranitat ock.

cursion, an inroad or irrup- act upon, tu cut one's throat. Sroviazzante, adj. warrdering, tion.

-- Chi non sa scotticare intactoving, fugitive,' rambling. Scorridore, a scout:

ca la pelle, every one to his Oh. Seconiméntel s. m.

trade.---Scorticirsi, to die. Sorrazzáre, to ramble, to ning or flowing.--Scorrimen- Scorticária, s. f. a drawing.net.

sove, to wander, to go up and ta, a fall di tumble.--Scorni. Scorticato, adj. skinned, feaed. -down. Obs.--Sarm uire, - mento, inroad, irruption, in- Scorticatójó, s. m. & sharp stoupaake an ineusion, to pion cursion.

knife to skin with. --Scortica. der, to pillage, to ja vaze, to Scorritójo, adj. running. ex. tójo, a slaughter-house. ridsack, to lay waste, to Nodo scarritojo, a running Scorticatojo, an excoriation, 118brodestroy. Otus? knut.

scratch. Scossazzuto, ar rambled, 'Storrubbiarsi, to grow augry, Scorticatiive, a flayer.- Scoile *iatry: USBttu phunleserta wafado passioni caióit, an extortioner, a great

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exarter, unreasonable Scostarsi dal suo soggetto, to Scováre, to huni a wild beze man.

ramble from one's subject, to out of his cave or den.--ScoScorticatória, v. Scorticaria. make a digression.

vare uno, to find out or discoScorticatrice, fem. of Scortica- Scostálo, asij. removed. Şcos ver one's proccedings or sen, tore.

túto, remote, far distant-Lauments Scorticatúra, s. f. a scratch, a cilta è scostata due miglia das Scováto, p. p. of Scovare. place where the skin is oft, marre, the city is distanc owo Seoverchiare, w. Scoperchia. excoriation.

miles from the sea-shore. re, and all its derivatives. Scorte, adv. wary, circum- Scostumatamente, adv. inde- Scozzáre, to part or single the speci, wise, prudent, cauti-cently, clownishly, rudely, cards, ous, experienced Scorlo, unmannerly... Scostumata- Scozzonáre, to tame or break seen, perceived.

ménte, immoderately, intem a horse. -Scozzondre, to in. Scorza, s. f. bark, the rind of perately, excessively.

struct, to teach. trees and plants.---La terrena Scostumatézza, s. f. incivility, Scozzonáco, adj. tamed, broscorza, the body.---Scorza, clownishness, rudeness, un-ken, taught. -Scorzondto, colour.-A scorza di custaymannerliness.

.sharp, cunning, experienced, na, of a chesnut-colour, bay. Scostumáto, adjo uncivil, sly. -Scorza, outside, outward clownish, rude, ill-bred, un- Scránna, s. 1. a chair, a benchi show, appearance. mannerly.

a stool. Scorzáre, to bark, to take the Scostume, s. m. inscivility, Scredénte, adj. incredulous, bark off.--Scorz'trsi, to cast rudeness, unmanneliness. upbelieving, hard of belief, off the slough, as serpents do. Scotcnnáre, to take of the Scredente, distrustful, mis -Scorzúrı, to strip, to de sward of bacon.

(rustful, diffident. Scredime prive or take from.--Deh per- Scotennáso, adj. without sward.ie, disobedient, undutiful, che me del mio mortal non --Scotcrouto, s. m. that part froward. scorza, why does he not make of the fat which sticks to the Scrédere, to unbelieve, to disan end of my life.

sward of the bacon. : Scorzára, p. p. of Scorzare. Scotimento, s.m. a shaking, Screditárs, to make one lose Scorzón, s. m. a snake, a tossing, jolting.--Scalimento his credit, to disparage, to dis kind of serpent.

di terra, an earthquake. grace, to discredit, Scorzóne, a rough, clownish, Scotitójo, s, m, a strainer. Screditáco, adj. that has lost rustic min.

Scotitore, he that shakes. his credit, cried down, dispa. Scoscéndere, to break asunder, Scotitrice, fem. of Scoutoie. raged, disgraced, discredited. to cut off, to cleave.

Scotola, s. f. a spattle or slice, Scrédito, š. m. discredit, disSco.cendimento, s. m. a break a wooden instrument to beat grace. ing, cutting, or cleaving. fax or hemp.

Scrémento, 7. Escremento. Scosceso, adj. steep.- Sc Scocoláre, to beat or mash Screpoláre, to crack, to split, céso, broken, cut, or cloven. flax or hemp.

to chap, to chink, to gape. Scosciáre, to break the thigh, Scotolato, adj. beaten, mashed. Serepolato, adj. cracked, chop

to put it out of joint. Scotomático, adj.giddy, subject ped, chipked, gaped. Scosciato, with his thighs hurt, to giddiness, troubled with Screpolatúra, s. I. chop, chink, or out of joint ; also), rieprived giddiness.

crevice, gap, of one or both thighs. Scotomía, s. f. scotomy, a diz. Scrépolo, s. m. crevice, chink, Scóscio, s. m. a steep place, a ziness or swimming of the chop, gap. downfall, a precipice.

head, causing a dimness of Scréscere, to grow less, to die Scossa, s. m. shake, loss, jolt, sight, vertigo.

minish. sudden pull, jerk. Scossa, Scotia, s. f. whey or butter-Scrézia, 2. Screzio. Obs. vexation, sorrow, grief. milk.----Scolta, one of the Screziáto, adj. speckled, spot. Scossa, a shower of rain. ropes of a ship

ted. Scossécta, s. f. a little shake, a Scotráre, to burn, to scald.Scrézio, s. m. a dispute, quare small fill, or pull.

Scottáre, to bum, to nip, 10 rel, difference, variance, Scosso, adj. shaken, jogged.--- vex, to scotch, to neule, to wrangling, falling out.me Scosso, stripped.Scusso d' lie heavy upon one's mind. nire in iscrezio, to fall out. arme, unarmed, stripped of Scoutato, adj. scalded, burnt. Mettere, screzio, to set at vari. his arms.-Scosso di carne, Scottatura, s. f, a scalding or ance, to set together by the picked, lean, thin, lank. burning Scosiare, 10 remove, to pul Scotto, s. m. a reckoning.--Pa- Scriato, adj. thin, slender, lean, awav, to drive away, to avert, gare lo scotto, to pay one's weak. to dispel.--Scostursi, to re-l reckoning. Stare a scotto, Scriba, s, m, scrivenes, transmove, to go from, to go away, to board, to be a boarder.-

criber, copyer.

Scrila, 10 swerve.--Scostarsi dalla Scotto, a club, every one's scribe. zerilù io swerve from truth share of reckoning.- Pagar Sericchiolare, to rattle or clar

Scostarsi dal costume degli lo scotto, co pay dear for a ter, to rustle or crackle. altri, to part from other peothing-Pagherai lo scolto di Scricchiolára, s; f. railing, ple's customs.-Scostarsi dal- quelche hai fatto, you shall pay clattering, rustling, or cracktu virtil, to forsake virtue.- dear for what you have done. ling.

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5:1-d's, 5 2 2 ***, 2 Sersees, s. . sbarpeg, spong.' may be searched &cus, sitre 6.11 $ 1:3, scartes

+92, searcher, nice enscrocci-t, s. m. a sbarzer, a 13:55. SC62.5.! Sermon. Oos. sprens, one that supa tte Scut rare, to scrutinize, to

e teh, Der s te.

| Late : 07409 TV into, su scrota 5.1.26.-Geofa, a tuam:ic bucoughly. S. 57. 5.0.2 bonch on the orocebise, astupa: -106, QUIGG, s. m a scrutiny, a tsi-segno, a caktı, a fa, a svel! T3 is te Deck, searca, or di..gent cacaso o dos, a chet. | the king's ev.

quire into a thing -Sritis Sorg1', $. m. cooked. Scroscc a. s. m. 3 large rasty! 26. i scruiny, a perusai of

crop, sow. Metapt. 3 nasty ** sufraze of votes, at the elecbirch,cret man or Woman, a nie prostite.

opa of ma strates. man.- Crazrito, arh. arch. 'Sc:!m!a, 6. 1. the site's evil, a Scuosos: 2, s. f. a feignet edicionka -- N 25o strigruto,' sveiling in the neck. Scuocumeura, name, that *3 cred brist.

Scrolamento, s. m. a shaking: h:s no sinification. • Soros, $. f. v. Scher. O'toos ng.

Scuone, to ansew or vnstitch, Scrimi 'ins ma.

I scroláre, to shake with vio torid what is sewn. bormare, to unue, to extend, lence, to pull.

Scoc:o. adj. anstwed, ripped. the hiir.

Scrolá:0, adj. shaken with vio- Soutá:9, s. m. a bucklas or Sctinát's, loose, under-Ca-l lence.

shield maker. Piscrimali, hishevelled hair. 'Scro:19, s. m. shake. i Scurtáre, to cover or defend Srita, s. f, a writing.In is. Scróprio, s. m a scruple, a, with a shteide Obs.-Se per

critta, in writing.--Serirta, weight, the third part of a lo monte mi trasse alle cima *an inscription, post bill. dram.

che de le arte Gerusalem schScrittz, an obligation or Scropuloso, adj. rough, rugged, de, he carned me up to the hond.


tep of the mountain which is Scritto, s. m. a writing. - Per Scrosciáre, to crack, to crackle opp site to Jerusalem. iscritto, in writing --Scritto, between the teeth.-Scros Scuráto, adj. scutiferous, armadj. written,

ciate, to boil very fast. ed with a sbield. Scrittojo, s. m. a study, or Scrosciata, s. f,' a cracking, Scuderésco adj. belonging to counting-house, a scrutore. crackling

an esquire of old. Scriuóre, s, m. a writer, an au-Scrosciato,

adj. cracked, Scudésto, s. m. a little shield thor.--Scrittore, a transcrib crackled.

or buckler er or copyer:

Scróscio, s. m. the noise which Scudcciuolo, s. m. a little Scrittúra, s. f. writing ---Tutle the water or any other liquor buckler or shield.--Scudiedle voolte parole mi sono in is makes in boiling, or the rain uolo, weepers, that women crittura, all your words are when it pours hard, a heasy formerly wore. Soudiccina printed in my memory:shower.

bio, the boss or srud of a briSrritthera, the Holy Writ, the Scroscio, a noise, rattling, or die...Soudicciuvio, a scuiBible. Scrittúry, an ac rustiing, a bustie. Scroscio cheon of a grait -- Annestare compt.---Scritture, papers.

di risa, a loud laughing. a scudiccirolo, to graft by a Scritturále, s. m. v. Scrivano.-- Scrostare, to chip bread, to'peel scrutcheon. Scritturile, a j. belonging to a plant or tree.

Scudiere, s. m. an the Scripture, or to any writ- Scrostáto. p. p. of Scrostare. bearer to a knight, an esquire, ing.

Scrunáre, to break the hole of squire, or attendant. Scriváno, s, m, a scrivener, a a needle.

Scudisciáre, to whip, to lash. notary:

Sorunáto, p. p. ex. Agn scrun 2- Scudisciárn, adj. whipped, Scrivente, adj. writing, that lo, a needle whose hole has dashed, struck with a whip: writes. been broken.

Scudiscio,s. m. a rod, a switch, Scrivere, to write. -Scrivere; Scrupoleggiáre, to scraple. a wand. to list or enroll.--Scrivere, to Scrúpolo, s. m. a scruple or Scudo, s. m.a shield or buckler. write or compose.--Ścrivere, Scrúpulo, } doubt. -Fare Scudo, an escutcheon, 4 to write or ser down.

serupolo di qualche rosa, to coat of arms.--Scudo, shield, Seriziálo, v: Screziato.

make scruple or conscience of protection, buckler, defence. Bcroccáre, to sharp, to sponte, a thing ---Scrúpolo, a dificul. Scudo, a tortoise shell.-to trick, io chouse one out of ty.--Scrúpolo, a smell, scent, Souco, a crown, a crown a thing. or sign

piece. Scroccáto, p. p. of Scroccare; scrupolosamente, adv. scrupu- Scuffia, s. f. a coif, a hond. Scroccatóre, s. m. v. Scroc-Jously.-- Scrupolosamente con Scuffiáre, to devour, to gluttocone.

troppa esattezza, too nicely / nize, to eat greedily. Scrocchino, s. m. a sharp, a or curiously,

. cuffióne, s. m. a coif, a sharper or spunger. Ja a joke Scrupolosità, s, f. scruputosity, Scutiórro, ß hood. only. scruple, scrupling.

Sculacciare, to flog, to whip.Scrócchio, s. m, usury; *un- Scrupolóso, adj. scrupulous, Sculacciare uno, to use one lawful interest.

Scrupulóso, } full of scruples. | like a child. Scrocchióne, s. m. an usurer. Scrutábile, adj. serutable, that Sculacciata, s. f. strokes upan


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