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own foot.

»} aclj. carved.


the breech-Sculacciata, a scure in sul pie', to cut one's' carne, a picked! bone. sustling, cracking ur screak.

Scusso di darari, without ing.

Scurétto, adj. darkish, rather money. Sculaccióne, v. Sculacciata. dark.

Sdarsi, to grow lazy, Nothful Scuimáto, s. m. a disease in a Scurézza, s. f. darkness, gloo or sluggish. Obs. horse, that puts his hip out of miness.

Sdebitársi, to grow out of debt, joint.

Scuriáda, e Scuriáta, s. f. a lash, to pay off one's debes. Scultáre, to carve in marble.

a whip.

Sdegnamento, s. m. 2. Sdegnc. Sculráto, Scurisciáre, v. Scudisciáre, and

sità Sculto,

all its derivatives.

Sdegnánte, adj. angry, pasScultúre, a carver in marble, a Scurita, s. f. darkness, gloomi- siocate. sculptor, a statuary.

ness. Scurità, paleness.- Sdegnáre, to disdain, to scorn, Scultúra, s. f. sculpture or carv- Scurità, difficulty.-Scurilà, to despise.Sdrgnársi, to

ing. ----Scultura, a carver's calamity, misery, trouble, grow angry, to fall into a pas. work, carving:

misfortune.-Scurile, obscu sion -Sdegrure, to die, iu Scuojáre, to tiay, to flea, or rity, private life. -SCR wiiher. skin,

rità di nascita, meanness of sdegnálo, adj.disdained, scornScuojáto, D. p. of Scuojare. birih.

ed, despised. Scuola, sa school.--Scudia, Scuro, adj. dark, full of dark- Sdegnatrice, female disc an assembly of scholars, an a. ness, gloomy.- Scuro, pale. Gainer. cademy or college.--Scuola, -Scirn, dark, difficult, hard Scégno, s. m. anger, wrath, fraternity, brotherhood, so to understand, obscure. passion ----Avere a sdegno, ciety

Scuro, obscure, private, re tonere a sdegno, to despise, tu Scuótere, to shake off.-Scuo- tired.-Menare una vita scu scorn, to loath, to abhor,

tere la polvere, to shake oft! ra, to live an obscure or re- sdegnosaggine, v, "degnosità. the dust.--I vizi nostri noi li tired life.-Nascila scura, of Sdegnosamente, adj. disdain omiamo, li difendiamo, e più obscure or mean birth. fully, scorntully, contemptutosto li vogliamo scusare che Scuro, cruel, barbarous, in ously, with a scornful ey..-scuotere, we delight in our human. -Scuro, frightful, Slegnosaminte, bitterly, sourvices, we stand by them, and terrible, horrible. -Ocche scu ly, sterrly, Grabbedly. we are more willing to excuse ri, wild eyes, a wild look. Slegnosetto, adj. somewhat them than to be rid of them. Suono scuro, a dull sound.- disdainful, scoinful, contemp

Scuotersi il un failo, to Scuro, s. m. darkness glo mi. tuous, forsake or leave off a vice. ness.—Per lo scuro della not. Scegnosità, s. f.disdain, scorn, Scuotare, to deprive, to strip, te in the darkness of the contempt, anger, wrath, pasin bereave.----Scuotiti pur se night. --Esser allo scuro, to sion. sai, you may shake yourself. be in the dark.

Sdagnóso, adj. disdainful, -Tu puoi scuotere, you may Scurrilità, s. f. scurrillity, buf- scornful, contemptuous. say and do what you will foonery, scandalous language. Sdegnoso, passionate, soon Scuotersi, to start. Scusa, s. f. an excuse

angry, violent, furious, Senra, s. f. v. ·cure.

son.Scusa, excuse, cloak, Sdegnúzzo, s. m. something Scuraménto, v. Scurazione. Gr pretence. Scuráre, to grow dark or over- Scusábile, adj. excusable, to Suentatc, adj. toothless, thac cast, to be obscured or eclips- be excused.

has lost one or more teeth. ed.-Poco dinanzi scurè la Scusaménto, s. m. excuse, Sdicérole. adj. unbecoming, luna nel segno del Tauro, a Scusánza, s. f. Obs.) the aci unscemly litele before the moon was of excusing.

Sdilacciáre, to unlace, to uneclipsed in the sign Taurus.- Scusáre, to excuse, to justify tie. Kurdre, tu dim, to dazzle. -Scusare, to excuse une, to Sdilacciáto, adj. untied, unScurare la gloria di qualche dispense with him für not laced. stunn, to obscure, to cloud, doing. ----Scusare, to excuse, Sdilinquaménto, to eclipse, to darken somebo- to admit one's excuse. swoon, fainting away. dy's glory.t-Scuráre, to blur Scusare, to excuse, to bear Sdilinquire, to liquify, to grow or blemish mu's reputati- with or pardon.

or become liquid. -Sdilanon. --Sourire, to darken. Scusarsi, to excuse or justify quire, to faint, to Scuráto, adj. darkened. one's self.-Srusarsi, en desire away. Scurazione, s. f. obscuring, to be excused or dispensed Sdimenticanza, s. f. forgetfuldarkening, or dimming. with.

ness, obliviin. Scure, s. f. hatchet.-Bruto us. Scusáta, s. f. excuse. Obs. Silimenticált, to forget. cise i figli aderenti a Tarquinio Scusato, adj. excused.

Sdimenticato, adj forgotten. con iscure giusta, Brutus kill- Scusatore, an excu er. Sdiméntico, adj. forgetful. ed, with a joss cause, or justly, Scusazione, s. f. excuse or rea- Sdipignere, to blot out the pichis sons siding with Tarquin. son.

ture inat one has made. --Gittare il manico dietro alla Scuscire, v. Scucire.

Sdincciare, io unhusk ches. * : scure, to throw the heke Scusso, adj. stripped, bereaved, after the hatchet.-~-Darsi la deprived.--Un asso scusso di Scoganále, to take from the

a rea

like anger.






custom-house any commodi. Sdrucito, adj.unsewed, ripped, self. -Egli parla di se, be ty by paying the usual turv. unstirched. Calzette sitrus speaks of himself. Elle ho Sdonnáre, 10 forsake one's cite, stockings full of holes. cura di se, she takes care of Sdonneåre, love, to grow Nave sarucita, a dan agert herself.--Ad istanza di se, at cool, to love no more.

ship.--- Alilo su rucilo, an old his or her request.Ese ad Scoppiare, 10 single, io part

tittered suit of cloaths. ogni suo seri igio offerse, and Sdormentare, to awake. Nou Súrucito, s. m. acui, a hole, he oficred himself to his set. used.

a chop, crack, Split, cleft, riit. vice.- Apertamente co!ofesseSdurmentiri, to awake one's Sdruscire, z. Sarucire.

TONO, se essere stati coloro che self. Not used. Sdruscito, ». Sarueito.

Totaldo Elisei ucciso areans, Sdormentato, adj. awaked. Not Sdurare, to soften, to take off they openly confessed that used.

the hardness, lo mollify. Sel- they had killed Terialdus Eli. Sdossáre, to lay down, to un

dom used.

sei. Da se, naturally, of him load.

Se, if, suppose, in case, provi or herself.--La quale in rero Suottoráre, to degrade of the ded.--Anderemo insieme se da sopra l'ellissima, who was degree of a doctor.

volete, we will go together, if indeednaturally very beaguful. Sdottorato, adj. degraded of the you will.----Jon lo farò se --Pigro da se, ma il graz degice of a doctor.

credessi norire, I would not piarer in sprma, naturally Strajarsi, to lay or sit down. do it, if I thought to die for lazy, but the great pleasure Strajúlv, adj. laying down. it. Se, as, s0.-Se m' ajuta spurs him on-Da per se, by Surajone, adv. in a lying down Iddio disse il cavaliere, io il bimor himself, alone.--Andò manner, as siothtui or sleepy vi credo, as I hope to be sa a casa da perse, he went folks do.

vedl, said the knight, I believe home alone, or by himself.Sitrucciolamento, s. m. a slip what you say: -Se io non sia Da se a lui, between him or slipping, å sliding.

impiccato per la gola, che egii and he. --Glidisse i suoi senScirucciolúnte, adj. slippery. m' è stato imlolato, I wish I timenti da se a lui, he told Sciruccioláre, to slip, to slide. may be hanged if it has not him his sentiments between Sdrucciolure, to err,

been stolen from me.-Se m him and he..----Ester fuor de c. mmit a fault, to stumble, ajuti Iddio tu sei povero, ma se, to be out of one's wils, to trip. ---Ogni uno è soggetto egli saredil'e mercè che tu fossi to be beside himself.- Restù u sdrucciolare, every body is molto più, you are very poor fior di se çuanilo in izde, he apt to err.

indeed, but faith you deserve was surprised when he saw Sdrucciola:o, adj. slipped or to be more so.. Se, if, since, him.----Far sopra di se, to slidied.

-A che serve che egli allia work for one's self, to be Sdrucciolente, v. Scirucciolan- ricchezze se non se ne serce master.---Contro di se, against te. --Sdrucciolente, swilt, what signifies it to him to one's self, against one's own transitory, momentaneous. have riches, if he does not interest.---Andare sopra se, Sdrucciolevóle, adj. slippery. make use of them?

-Sc, to walk straight.-Se, used beSdrucciolevolmente, adv. in a when it is placed before the fore particles in the following slippery manor.

particle, Ve, either jointly or manners.---Il Resel fere chiaSdrucciolo, s. m. a slippery separately, which accompa

71 art,

the king caused him to ----Scrucciolo, snares.! nies the verb, signifies, Si, come to him.-- Se li mise in cratty wiles, ainbuscades, himselt'; but in English is saccoccia, he put them in bis treacherv.--Strucciolo, a slip, sekdom expressed. E tanto pocket.- Se ia porij 219, she or slipping, a sliding.

tempo che non se ne ricorda, carried her away.--Se la mise Sciucciolo, adj. slippery. it is so long ago that he does in tein, be put it upon luis Suraccioluso,

---Versi not remember it.--Fin-| head ---Ne loterete tutto, le sdruccioli, a kind of verses gendo di non avvelersene, pre- drank every drop of it. that, after the accent of the sending as if he did not see it. Se bene o Sibbene, although. last word, have two sylia Dopo aver dimorato qual. Secare, lo siw.---Colla miz bies.

che tempo se ne andò, atter soata la qual punger sere, Sdrúcio, s. m. the act of break he had staid some time he with my sword which cuts ing, and the place broken. It went away.-Si, as inuch. -- and thrusts. is genera ly said of cloth and Pura se sai, che 20 ve orec- Secca, s. f. a shelf, or sands.Jiuen.

chia di inercante, say as much Sopra l'isola di Cefalonia Sitrucire, to unsew,

as you will, it goes in at one percosse in un secca, he ran stitch, to rip.----Strucire, to car and out at the other.-Se', upon the sands of the island brak open, to cut, to break thou art.---Che se tu se' 'l cor of Cefalonia.- La gran secchi, of dash to pieces - Sitrucire mio, come se' pur malgrado the earth.Rimanere salle un esercita, to rout or defeat el cielo e della terra, because, secche, to be at a stand.an army.-Sdrucirsi, to be if thou art my beart, as thou Lasciare in sulle serche, to biohen or dashed to pieces.- art in spite of heaven and leave une to his last shifts, to Altro non si ode che noivi earth-Si', if the.-Se' cos. forsake him entirely, to abansurucire, they heard not ing) tri prieghi, if your prayers.-- don hin, Glue but ships cashing to se, a pron. one's seif, him - Seccabile, adj. apt or subject picccs.

self, herself, themselves, it- to dry up.


to Un

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Seccaggine, S. f. drought, Secchitúdine, v. Secchezza. lies of Apollodorus arid Ermadryness.--Seccaggine, sterility, Obs.

goras scerned

to be great barrenness, unfruitfulness. Séccia, s. f. stubble.-Seccia, things. Seccagginóso, adj. dry, wither a stubble field.

Secéss, s. m. recess, a solitaed.--Seccagginoso, weari. Secco, adi. dry, without moist Ty corner, solitude. some, tiresome, when talking. ure.—Tu m' hai secco afatio Seco, with him or with her.-Seccágna, s.f.a shelf, or sands colle tu' sole, thou hasa wea Seco, within one's self-Se. Seccamento, s. m. drought, ried me to death with thy ço medesimo, seco stesso, with dryness.

nonsense.-Secco, drv, dead, him or herself, within him Seccánte, adj. tiresome, te withered. --Secco, lean, all or herself.--Con seco, along

dious, that makes you lose skin and bone.--Secco, dry, with him or herself, with your patience.

barren, empty, poor, low, hini or herself, within him or Seccáre, to dry, to dry up. flat, thin.---Mangior del pan herself. Seccure, to trouble, to be

secco, to eat dry bread. Secolare, s. m. a secular man troublesome, to tire, to im- | Rogna secca, a dry scab. or woman.--Secolare, adj. seportune or vex.

Camlio secco, common in- cular, lay, temporal ---SecoSeccáta, s. f. a teazing long terest.--Secco, stingy, spar- lare, worldly.

story.-_Dare una seccute, to ing, saving-Secco, s. m. Secolarescamente, adv. worldteaze by telling a long tedi- siccitv, dryness, drought.- ly, like worldly men. ous story

In Piglia fu gran secro, che Secolarésco, adj. temporal, seSeccatíccia, s. f. dry wood, that prie d'otto mesi stette che non cular, world!y. burns easily.

provve, in Apulia there was Sécolo, s.m.an ageur century. Seccativo, adj. apc to dry such a drought, that it did --Il secolo d'oro, the golden

up, siccific, causing siccity. not rain for seven months. age.---Secolo, ase, time.--A Seccáto, dried, dried up. le secco e l". umido, diynes nostri secoli, in our times or Seccatójc, s. m. a drying-place, and moisture.---Secco, adv. age--Secolo, age, world.--a shade.

dryly, dry, coldlv.- Vurure La foce uscire dei moistero è Seccatóra, v. Seccatrice. & secco, to build without dispensò in lei che ella potesse Seccatóre, he that teazes you mortar.-Chi mura a serro, essere al secolo e usare il ma. with tedious nonsense, that

spesso, who builds trimonio, he took her out of will tell you of what you without morcar must build the nunnery, and gave her a already know, and whom often.-Murare a

secco, to

dispensation that she might you are sick of hearing. make a sheep's meal, to eat live at her house and marry.-Seccatrice, s. f. fem. of Secca- without drinking -Rimanere Esser fuor del secuilo, to be out tore.

a secco, to be dried up.-ki of his wits, to have lost his Scccatúra, s. f. a tedious talk, manere in secco, to be at a sense-Cavur dal secolo, to that makes ont lose his pati-stand, not to know what to make one mad.

say.--Ansare a secco, to Seconda, s. f. after-birth, Seccazione, s. f. exsiccation, a labour in vain, to dig the wa- Secondina, secundine.---drying up.

ter. - Saper di secco, to taste Andare a seconda de' fiumi, Scochereccio, s. mn. siccity, or smell of the wood, speak. w go down the stream ---drought, dryness.

ing of a cask.--Dite o fare Adare a seconda ad uno, to Secchericcio, a.;. dry, wither che che si sia di seccu in sfc. humour.-Anlure scconila, ed.


to say or do any thing tv thrive, to prosper.--Tutte Secchézza, s. f siccity, dry- suddenly, in cold blood.. le cose vi vanno il scondu, you ness, drought.---Secchezza E' le cominciò di secco in sec thrive in every thing. stiffness in painting.----Src. co a dire eneste lette cose, all Secondamente, asiv, secondly, chézea, stingiress, sordidness, of a sudden he began to in the second place. niggardliness

tell her these fine things.- Sroondamentechi, adv. as, acSécchia, s. f. a pail or bucker. Porrei che di secco in secco cording. Oos----Scrconia---Far come le secchic, co be gli arrimasse su, I wiah he menteche, because. Obs. always going up and down. would catch him in the fact. Secondanaménte, adv. v. ScRipescar le secchie, to repair Seccomórc), s. m. sycamore condamnente. Obs. or inake amends for a moic.

Secundare, to second, to baek, Secchiara s. f. the quantity of Seccóre, s. m. drought, dry- to help, in assist, to favour, lo water contained in a pail or bucket.

Seccúme, S. m. all the dead Secondariamente, adv, second Secchiello, S. a small branches and leaves thac arc ly, in the second place. bucket. upon a tre or plant.

Secondario, adj. secondary, the Sécchio, c.m. properly the pan Secénto, six hundred. --Then same with the second.which is put under the cow, in tien, pon rena, laryo, ecco ? Cause secondarie, secondary milking her. secento, the great m

causes --Fine secordarlo, a Secchióne, s. m. a large pail or make way for him.--E trille particular view, or intere:i-bucket.

quodle sciarchezze di Erme Secondario, ary, secondly, in Secchita, s. f. siccity, drought, gora e di .Apolinduro-parer:a- the second place. dtimers Obs.

ma il screto, and all the fol. Secundálo, pn.of Secondáse.




roar .


Secondo, adj. second, next the undisturbed.

mation, mutiny, insurrecs first.--Lesua bellezza a null' Sede, s. f. a see.--La Santa tion, popular' tumult, upallra è seconda, her beauty is Sede, the Holy See. inferior to none.--Sondo, Sedécimo, the sixteenth. Not Sedizióso, arij. seditious, facfavourable, propitivus, graci- used.

tious, inutinous.-Un srelizioous, kind. Seconulo, adv. Sedentário, adj. sedentary, sit $0s. m. a seditious, facuous secondly, in the second place, ring. besides. ----Secondo, after. Sedénte, adj. sitting. Sedótto, adj. seduced, misled, Secondo, prep. according to, Sediére, to sit down. ---Sedere abused, deceived. atter,agreeably,answerable to, a mensa, to sit at table.- Seducénte, seducer, deceiver, pursuant to. Secondo l'opi- Sedere, to stand, to live, to corrupter. nione comune, according 10 be in a place --Sedere, to lie, Seduciménto, s. m. seduction, the common opinion.-Se. to stand, to be situated seducing, misleading, deceiscondo il suo cuore, to one's Siede Parigi in una gran piring, corruption. liking.-- Ecco una giorane se anura, l'aris is situated on Sedúrre, to seduce, to mislead, condo il mio cuore, there is a a large plain. -Londra siede to abuse, to deceive, to cheat. young woman to my lihing. sopra il Tumigi, London ties -Lasciarsi sedurre, to sufar

Secondo una contadina si on the Thames-Porsi a se. one's self to be seduced or comporia assai civiin.pne, for dere, to sit down. Sedere misled. a country-tonian she behaves pro tribunali, to holl a'court Serúto, adj. seating, seated. Very weil ---Sccordo suoi pa- of just.ce.Sedere a scranna, Ero seduto, I was sitting. ni, assai costumata era e l'en to judge. Or til chi sci che Sedutto, v. Serlotto. parlante, for a woman of her vuoi seclere u scranna who Seduttóre, serducer, deceives, Station, she was very civil, are you that pretend to judged corrupter, debaucher. and spoke very well. Sedere, to reign.-Fue eletto Seduttrice, fem. ot Seduttore Tondo, s. m. a second, the six e seulette papa mesi cinque, Seduzione, s. f. seduction, core tieth part of a minute. he was chosen pope, and ruption. Secondoche adj. as, according. reigned five months. --Sedere, Sega, s. f. saw. -Sega piccola,

- Sezonulucire vi piacerà, us to govern, to rule, to ma a hand-saw. you please.

naye.--Sedere, s. m. a seat, Segåbile, adj. that may be easiSecondugénito, s. m, a second a chair.-Sedere, the part on lv sawed. son, a younger son.

which wesit.

Segáce, adj. v. Sagace. Obs. Secretamente, adv, secretly. Sédia, s. t. a chair, a seat. Segaceménte, adj. v. SagaceSecretáno, adj. intimate, fami- Sedlia, a see, a throne.---La mente. Obs. liar. Obs.

sedia apostolica, the aposto- Segacitá, v. Sagacità. Obs. Secretário, 7:. Segretario. lic see. -Se n' anılò in Con- Ségala, 5. f. iye:--Ségals Secréto, 7. Segreto, and all its stantinopoli e di fece sua Ségale, bianca, amel com, derivatives.

sediu, he went to Constanti French rice. Securamente, adv. r. Sicura- nople, and there he resided. Segaligno, adj. slender, lean,

-Sedia, a seat where one dry.- Caval segaligno, a sken. Securinza, S. f. assurance, lives. -Roma pra la sedra der dry horse. pledge,surety or security. Obs. dell' imperio, Rome was the Segalóne, s. m. a kind of bird Securáre, to secure, to make Seat of the empire.- La Fian so called. sure, to assure, to warrant, cita è stata la sedia della guer. Segamento, s. m. sectious, diObs.

ta per molti anni, Flanders vision, sawing.–Segonienia Securálo, adj. secured, assured, has been the theatre of war di tena, the opening or warranted. Obs.

for many years.--Scdiu, prin- breathing of a vein. Sectire, s. f. an ax.- -Questa cipality, kingdom.

Segante, adj.sawing, that saws. conchesion fie la secure, che sedicésimo, the sixteenth. Segáre, to saw.

-Segare, to il capo a un colpo gli lerù del Sédici, sixteen.

cut, to cut to pieces - Segáre collo, this sad conclusion was Sedile, s. m. chair, wooden & vena, to open a vein.like an ax that struck bis head chair, seat.-Sedile, a gaun- Segare, to cut down corn, to off at one blow.

try or stilling for bugsheads to mow.Segare l'acqua, Securità, s. f. security, v. Sicustand on.

part or cut the water-Tosto Sedimento, s. m, sediment, che'l duca ed io nel legno fui, Secúro, v. Sicuro.

that which subsides or settles, segando se ne va l'antice proSecurtà v. Sicurtà. at bottom,

ra, no sooner the guide and I Secucióne v. Esecuzione. Sédio, s. m. seat. Obs. had steppect into the boat, but Sedano, s. m. a kind of herb. Sedlitúre, he that sits.-Prese' she began to cut the water. Seaáre, to appease. te pacify, Gesù il pane e benedissclo, dan- Segariccio, adj. good to be

to quiet, to calm, to compose. do a Dio grazie e distribuillo sawed. Sedataménte, adv. tranquilly, a seditori, Jesus took the bread Segato, adj. sawed. peaceably, calmly.

and blessed it, gave God Segaróre, a sawyer.- Segatore Sarlate, adj. appeased, pacified, thanks, and distributed to di liude, a reaper.-Segature quired, calmec!, composed. those that sat.

I di fieno, a mower. Sedulo, sedate, composed, Scdizione, s. f. a sedition, com- Segatúra, s. t, saw-dust-S:







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gatúra, that part of the wood | 'a veiri. Farsi segnare; to bel sogno delle ragione, without that is sawed.----Segatúra, let blood.

passing, in any manner, the harvest, crop, hay husvest.egnatamente, adv. with a bounds of reason.----Segro; Segatúra, harvest-time, hay- sign. Segnataménte, ex a spot, mark, print, bruise. harvest-tiine.

pressly, plainly, in plain -Far stáre a segno, to keep Segavéne, s. m. blood-sucker, terms, positively, explicitly. one in awe or fear.--Tenere a oppressor, extortioner.

Segnéto, adj. signed, ruted. segno, to bring one to reason. Seggétca, s. f. a chair, a sedan. marked.Segnato, printed, -Tornare a segno, to come --Seggétta, a close-stool. stamped.Segnato, drawn, to reason. Dar nel segno, to Séggia, s. f. a chair, al painted.-Calle segnato, grea'

hit the mark.--Dar nel segno, Seggio, s. m. )

road, beaten road.-Segrato, to hit the stail on the head. Seggio giudicale, a court of prescribed, fixed. Segnato, Le sun arroganza giunse 4 judicature.

assigned, said, abovesaid, ci tal segno, che fui forzato di Seggiola, s. f. a little chair ted, quoted.-Segnato, s. m. mandarlo via, his impudence Seggiólo, s. ms or seat sign, mark, token.

was come to such a pitch, Seggiola, cantalivres, a kind Segnatore, s. m. he that signs ihat I was forced to turn him of modilions, which are care or marks.

out.Segno per segno, cxacta ved,

Segnatrice, fem. of Segna. ly, individually, word fok Saghétta, s. f. a little saw, a

word. hand-saw. Seghetta, an old Segnatúra, s. f. sign, mark. Sezapráccio, . Signoraccio way which women used in Segnétto, s. m. a small sign. Obs. dressing their heads.

Segno, s. M. sign, mark, to- Segnore, v. Signore. Obs. Segnácolo, s. m. a sign, mark, ken. Segno, signal, sign Segnuzzo, a little sign, mark, or token, counter-signal

or appearance. Egli era un Segnalánza, s. f. excellence, print or impression. --Segno, certo giovane nel cui del volto notableness. Obs.

a sign, wonder, or miracle. appena appariva aitun sega Segnalare, to signalize, to Segro, a sign or constellatioz MeZ 20 di baria, he was a make famous.Segnalársi, in the heavens. Segno, a

young man who had starces to signalize one's sell. sign.--Parlar con segni, to ly any appearance of beard Segnalatamente, adv. remark-speak by signs.--Fur segno upon his face.

ably, notably, principally, cogli occhi, to twinkle, to Sego, s. m. tallows grease to singularly, especially, particu-l wink with the eyes.-Far seg make candles with.Sego, v. larly.

no-colla mano, to beckon with Seco. Obs.
Segnalato, adj. signal, notable, the hand.Far segno colla Ségola, s. f. rye;
special, famous, remarkable. tesla, to nod with the head. Ségolo, s. m. a kind of cutting

- Segnalato, signalized. Il segno della croce, the instrument.
Segnále, s. m. signal, sign, sign of the cross.-Fure il seg. Segóne, s. m. a large saw.

token. -Segnale, sign, omen, no della croce, to make the Segone, a bill, a hedging-billo
presage.--Segnale, urine, wa sign of the cross.-Farsi il Segregare, to separate, to part
ter.-Segnale, a sign or con segno della croce, to cross or divide, to sever or put
stellation, -Segnale, mark, one's selt. Se lo vedeste, ve asunder.
print.--Segnale, arms. ne fareste il segno della croce, Segregáto, adj. separated; se-
Segnalétto, s. m. a little you would be amazed or sur vered.

sign or sigral. prised to see him.Segno, Segrénna, si f. a lean woman ;
Segnáre, to mark, to sign, to will, pleasure, disposition, or said by way of reproach.
put a sign or mark upon-der, command. Tenere una Segréta, si fi a secret place,
Segnare qualche cosa nella persona o un luogo a suo seg. lurking hole.Sextela, dun.
memoria, to print something no, to hold or keep a person, geon.-Segreta, that part of
in one's memory, to remark or a place, at one's devution. the mass which the priest
Oi take notice of.Segnúre, -Segno, the urine or water reads to himself. Segréta, a
to shew, to direct. Segnáre, which is shown to the physi- helm, or helmet.
to assign, to prescribe. cian, that he may guess by it Segretamente, adv. secretly,
Quando venimmo a quella fou at the nature of the distem- privately.
ce stretta ov' Ercole segnò li per. Segno, colours. Seg. Segretariáto, S. m. the office of
suoi riguardi, when we ar no, a guide or leader. Or a secretary, secretaryship.
rived at that narrow passage con si chiara luce e con tai Segretariésco, arij. belonging to
where Hercules prescribed his seyni errar non dessi, one can a secretary:
bounds.-Segnare, to mark, not miss bis way with such a Segretariéss, a female secre-
to stamp.--Segnare, to cross, bright light, and such lea- tary, a confident.
to bless one by making the ders. -Segno, a butt, a mark Segretário, a secretary: -Sed
sign of the cross over him.- to shoot at.-Io tivolsi i per- gretário, confident, deposito-
Segnáre. to make a sign, to sieri tutti ad un segno, all my ry of one's secrets.-Segreto
shew by signs.-lo me ne seg. thoughts were directed to one trio, a secret or private placa
no, i am amazed or sarpri. thing. -Segno, terms, to keep things in.
sed.--Segndre, to lee blood, bounds, limits, end. --Senza Segretarióne, a stress or. able
to bleed, to breathe ur open trapassare in aloun atto il sectolary.
You. 1.



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