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Segretería, s. f. a secretary's of- mise in istato di volerlo se-Sei, six-Di sei in sci ensi, fice.-Segreteria, the secreta-| guire, whn, finding the con- every six years. vies.

trivance good, resolved to put Seino, s. m. six-deace; ' * Segretéssa, the same as Segre- it in execution.-Seguire, to term at dice, the same as two tariessa,

happen, to chance, to fall sizes. Segretérza, s. f. secrecy. out or come to pass, to befal. Selbastrélla, v. Selvastrella. Segretiére, a trusty, confident -La sua morte segui il talSelce,

a stone. Obs.

giorno, belied on such a day. Selíce, a Segréto, s. my. a secret, a secret Sopra ciò seguå una gran con. Seliciáre, to pave with stones. thing.-Tenere un segreto, to tesa, upon which there arose Seliciáto, adj. paved with keep a secret. ---Segreto, the a great dispute.Se seguisse stones. -Seliciáto, s. m. 2 bottom of one's heart.--Fingel che io non sia in casa, if it pavemento 2 amarmi, ma nel segreto suo should happen that I be not Sella, s. f. a saddle. Selle, mi vuol ogni male, hc pretends at home. -Segua quel che si throne, see.-E lascia seder to love me, but, in the botsia, happen what will. Se Cesar nella sella, and let tom of his heart, he hates me fate cið ve ne seguirá male, if Cesar te upon the throne: mortally.--Segreto, secret way, you do that some evil will be --Come Vespasiano fosse is means of doing any thing. tal you. Seguire, to follow, sella non terrebbe sicuro se ne Segreto, adj. secret, private, to ensue, tu proceed or spring. gli amici, if Vespasian was at hidden.segreto, adv. se - dalla perdita della bat. the helm of the empire, nei. cretly, privately.-Di segreto taglia ne orgui qırella anche ther he nor his friends would in segreto, secretly, privately. della città, and, by the loss be secure.-Sella, a stool, a Suruáce, adj. following, that of the battle, followed that of close-savol-Andlare @ sella, follows.--Siguace, adherent, lie town.

to go to the stool. stickler, follower.

Seguitábile, adj. worthy to he Sellájo, S-in. à saddler. Seguéla, s. tav. Seque!a. followed or imitated, imitable. Sellaro, adj. saddled-Selláte, Seguénte, adj. foliowing, next. Seguitamente, ativ, continual saddle-backed.

Il capitolo seguente, the ly, incessantly, without in- Sellastrélla, v. Selvastrella. following chapter.- ! di se

Sélva, s. f. a wood, a forest. guente, the next day." Seguitamento; s. m: a follow-Seiváccia, s-t. horrid frightlut Seguenteninte, adv. consc. ing or going after.

wood. quently, in consequence. Seguitante, adj. following, that Selvaggina, s. f. venison, gamt Seguenza, s. f. the consequence follows.--Seguitánte, adhe. Selvaggio, adj. wild, sarage, or sequel.----Srgućnza, a se. rent, tollower, stickler fierce, untamed.---Fera ser quence at Cards.- Seguenza, Seguitare, to follow, to go or vaggia, a wild beast.-Luogo a great quantity or number - come atter. -Seguiture, to go selvaggio, a wild desart place. Tina seguenza d'uccelli, a after, to pursue.-Seguitare Porso selvaggio, a wild boar. flight or birds.---Una seguenza il suo cummino, to go on or poi siete molto selvaggia, di pesci, a shoal of fishes. pursue one's journey.--Se- you are very shy.--Selvriggio, Segúgiv, si m. blood-hound, guitare un costume, to follow new, strange, odd.--La turke Time-hound.

or imitate a fashion.-Segui- che rimase li selvaggia paret Seguire, to follow, to go or táre, to follow, to come or del loco rimirando intorno,

come after.-Cominciò e fiicbe next, to come after. the multitude of people which gure e costoro a seguirlo, he Poce deve curarsi la fatica was there stared about the Degan to run away and they dove l'utilità nostra aseguula, place: after him -Seguite, to go on, one ought not to value his Selráno, adj. v. Silvano. to pursue or prosecute.--Se- pains when syre of profit. Selvaréccio, adj. wild, savage, guire un discurso, to go on in Seguitáto, adj. followed. rural. --- Dalla raghezza delle one's di-course-Seguir la Seguitatore, s. m. follower, belle ombre e del selvareccio tron, to go on. Seguire Seguitatrice, s. f. s adherent, silenzio invitati, invited by un disegno, to pursue or pro- stickler,

the agreeable shades, and by secute a design.-Seguire to! Seguito, adj. happened. the quietness of the wood. coinply, to humour, to sub. Séguito, s. m. retinue, train, Seivastrella, s. f. satyrion, slanmit te, to obey. - lo son dis- attendance. --Seguito, adhe" dergrass, rag-wort, priest-pinposto a seguir il piacer vostro, rence, adhesion to a party. tle. I am really to comply with Ságuito, perseverance, con- Selveréccio, v. Selvareccio. every thing you shall desire. tinuation, constancy,

reso- Selvérta, s. f. a grove, a little Se'l mio pensiero di spruir luteness, continuance.--I co wood. y' aggrada, it you will follow minciamenti sono in nostro Selvóso, adj. woody - luogo my advice. -Seguire, tu exe potere, nid lo se-uito e la fame selzoso, a woody place. cute or put in execution, to giudica la vetura, the be- Semhiábile, adj. like, alike; effect or perform.--Eccomi ginnings are in our power, but such. Obs. pronto a seguire il vostro con the continuance and the end Sembiáglia, v. Sembraglia. mandamento, I am ready to fortune will guide.

Obs. execute your command. - A Seguzione, s. f. execution, Sembiánte, s. m. countenance, quale piacendo il disegno si performance. Obso

look, aspect, mien.-Sculü

ente, show, pretence, appear-Sembráglia, s. f. a troop off Semidéa, s. f. demi-goddess. rance, outside. -Con falsi horsemen, an assembly. Semidéo, s. ma' demi-goa, sembianti mostrava d amar. Sembráre, to seem, to appear he, among the heathens, who mi, under false appearance he or look.--Fiorentino mi sem partook of heavenly nature. pretended to love me.--Avea vi veramente quando io Semidiámetro, s. m. semilja di vetro e non d acqua sembi. odo, truly you seem to me to meter, half the line, which, ante, it looked like glass, and be a Florentine, when I hear drawn through the centre of not like water.Mostrare you speak. All' alito sembri the circle, divides it into two belli sembiante ad uno, to esser forestiero, by your equal parts. luok pleasant upon one, to cloaths you look to be a fo- Semidótto, adj. that has a smile at him.-İn sembiante, reigner.–Vi sembro cowomo smatter of learning, halfin appearance, in show. de fare una tale azione? do learned.

Tutti pariero in sembinnte you take me to be a man ca. Semigigánte, s. m: semigiant, ten sodisfatti delle sue ammo-l pable of doing such an ac-, half a giant, almost a giant. nizioni, every body looked tion?

Semignoránte,adj, a smatterer, very much satisfied at his ad. Seme, s. m. seed-Seme, the half-ignorant. monition.--- Nessuno in sem- seed, cause, origin, or spring. Semila, six thousand. Obs. biante credeva fosse adiralo, Poni giù il seme del pian- Semilanáre, adj. semilunar, nobody though him angry gere e ascolta, leave aside the in the shape of a half-monn. by his look. --Far sembiante, cause of your crying, and Semimínima, s. m. a musical to make as if, to feign, to pre- hear. Seme, race, family, note so called. tend, to dissemble, to coun- stock, or generation. Semimúsico, s. m, a smatteret terfeit.--Fece sembiante di non Seménta, s. f. seed.-Andare in music. cedermi, he made as if he did Semente, in se mente, to run Seminagióne, s. m. sowing. not see me. Senza alcun sem- up in seed. -Senzénith, the Seminále, adj. seminal, bebiante mostrarne di lei-s' ac cause, reason, origin, spring longing to seed.--Seminále, rese, he fell in love with her, or root. Sementa, a sowing. arable, kt for ploughing and but he did not show it.-Co -Il tempo della sementa, sowing. minciò a fare strano sembiante the sowing ume.--Semén- Seminamento, s. m. sowing. sopra di me, he began to look ha, the sowing time, vin. -Seminamento di discordie, strangely upon me. --Accioc- tage.--Seménta, race, stock, a sowing of discords. chè Gianni nulla sospicar po- family, generation.

Semináre, to sow,--Seminare tesse di lei, di dormire fece Sementare, to sow,

del grano, to sow.corn.sembiante, to the end that Sementáto, adj. sown.

Perciceche si era menato del John might not suspect any Sementatóre, a sower. seminare, al consolato di Rubing of her, she pretended to Seménte, s. f. seed.

ma, because he had raised be asleep. -Semtiúnte, adj. Seménza, s. f. seed.-Semën. himself from the plough to like, alike, such.

22, a sown-field, a crop.- the consulship.-Semindre, to Sembiánza, s. f. the face, Seminza, race, family, stock, spread, to propagate, to pubcountenance, look, aspect, generation.-Seménza, the lish abroad, to divulge. meen or mien-Poi ri volsi cause, reason, subject, spring Seminare false dottrine, to Beatrice, e quella pronte or root.

spread or propagate false docsembianze femme, afterwards Semenzájo, s. m. a' seed plot, trines.- -Seminar discordie, å turned myself to Beatrix, a seminary, a place where zizzenie, to sow discord, disand she presently beckoned plants are set to be removed, sencions, quarrels, or divist. to me.-Semtidaza, shape, a nursery or surse garden. ons. form, figure.-E in sembi- Semenzina, s. f. the seed of an Seminário, s. m. a seminary, anza di lupo tu se' ita alla herb, called semea sanctum, a seed-plot, or nursery, for the caccia ' and you went to the by apothecaries.

raising young trees or plants. chase, under the shape of a Semenzire, to grow up in seed. -Seminário, a seminary, a wolf?

Semestre, s. m. the space of school or college for the train. Sembiáre, to seem, to appear. six months.--Seméstre, the ing up of priests, a nursery Obs.-E una lupa che ili tut rent paid every six months. for learning te brame sembrava carca, and Semicapro, s. m. a balf buck- Semináto, s. m, a field plougha she-wolf which looked to goat.

ed or sowed.---Uscir del sex be very angry.

Semicerchio, s. m. a semicir- minato, to grow mad.-Uscit Sembiévole, , adj. alike, such. cle, half a circle.

del seminato, 10 talk out of the Semblábile, > Obs. Semicircolare, adj. semicircu-way, not to speak to the put. Semblánte, ,0. Sembiante. lar, made in the shape of a pose.--Semináto, adj. sown, Obs. semicircle.

sowed. --Semináto, strewed, Semblanza. v. Sembianza. Semicircolo, s. m. a semicir- covered. Obs.

cle, one half of a circle. Seminatóre, a sower, he that Sembláre, v. Sembrare. Obs. Semicirculare, v. Semicirco- sows.--Seminatore di scanSembléa, s. f. v. Sembraglia. lare

dali, d'errori, di scismi, a de.. Sembrábile, v. Simiglievole. Semicróma, s. m. a musical tractor, a sower, a propagates Obs. word, scmiquaver,

of errors and schisms,

Seminatrice, s. f, femin, of se-Semplici nem } simpletong berisi in uomo di gran code


or rustic.

fool, a knowledge, , minatore

Semplicibuto, Seminatúra, s. f. a dolt.

zo, a man of great sense or

understanding. Di rado fa Semiparábola, s. f, a half-para- simplist, one who has skill in, meschienza bellezza con senbola.

or a gatherer of simplc herbs. no, wit and beauty go very Se supoéta, s. m. smatterer in Semplicista, a physic-gai- sedom together --Gran serpoetry dener,

no è lasciar tosto quel che non Semistánte, s. f. a pame in- Semplicità, s. f. simplicity, pud tenersi, it is a piece of vented by Boccace, which plainness, plain dealing, great prudence to leave soon is the same as Mrs. such-a. downright honesty.Sempii what you cannot hold. one.

cită, silliness, foolishness, in- Senno, sense. Obs.--I cinque Semituóno, s. m. a semi-tone, discretion.

seni, the five natural senses, a half-tone.

Sempre, adv. always, ever, -Senno, reason, wit, judg. Semivivo, adj. half alive, al evermore, continually. ment, understanding most dead.

Sempre che, so many times Trarre del senno, to make one Semmana, s. f. a week. Obs. as, as often as, every tine grow mad, to put him out of Semola, s f. bran.

his wits.--Uscir di seino, to Semolino, s, m, small seed. Sempremái, always, for ever, go out of one's wits, to grow Semolóso, adj. that contains continually.-lo sempremai mad. -Essere in buon senno, much bran.

farò ciò che vorrete, I shall al- to be in one's right senses. Semovente, adj. moving by it ways do what you will. Semno, adv. wisely.-Vio voself,

Devo io sempremai esser trat- lete credere ad altrui pia che Sempiternále, adj.sempiternal, lato in questo modo > shall I a me, e di ciò non fate ben

continual, perpetual, ever for ever be used in this man senno, you'll rather trust lasting. ner?

another than me, and, inSempiternalmente, adv. eter- Mai sempre, always, for ever, deed you do neither well nar Sempiternamente, ) nally. continually.

wisely.---Senso, with the Sempiternáre, to eternize, to Sempreviva, s. f. Jupiter's preposition A before, signifies make eternal. beard, everyreen.

will, pleasure, way, discreSempiterno, adj. sempiternal, Semprice, v. Semplice. Obs. tion. --Ogmuno fa a suo senno, eternal, everlasting.

every body does as he pleases. In Sempiterno, adv. for ever, Sena, s. f. senna, the leaves of lo voglio disporre del misa Sémplice, adj. simple, pure, a shrub growing in India. mio senna, I'll do with my unmixed, uncompounded. Sénapa, s. f. senvy, the plant own what I have a mind. Semplice, single, only, bare. Sénape, ) of whose seed mus- Se a mio senno farai serai -Altese alla sua semplice tard is made.

felice, if you take my advice parola, he took his bare word. Senapísmo, s. m. a plaister you shall be happy-Da -Beneficio semplice, living Sinapismo, s made, among senno, in earnest, seriously, with cure of souls.-Donazi other things, of senvy.

Parlate voi da senno ? do one semplice: an absolute gift. Senáto, s. m. a senate. you speak in earnest ?

-Sémplice, simple, plain, Senuto, a senate-house. Saper una cosa per lo senno downright, honest harmless, Tenere il senato, to call the a mente, to have a thing at without deceit. Sémplice, senate together.

one's fingers ends.-Ognun simple, weak, silly, foolish. Senatore, a senator, an aldery va col suo senno al mercato, -Sémplict, single.Ter.

every body is ruled by his zana semplice, a single tertian Senatório, adj. senatorian, se- own knowledge.--Del senna fever, natorial,

di poi ne son ripiene le fosse, Semplici, s. m. pl. simples, Sene, adj. old. Obs.Un an after wit is every body's wit. physical herbs.

sene, s. m. an old man. Obs. Seno, s. m. the breast, bosom. Semplicéllo, s. m. a fool, a Senetrů,

-Seno, a heart.

Seno, a Semplicélla, s. f. simple. Senettúde,

s. m. old age. vault, an arch-roof.---Sena,

Not used. too, a silly, half-witted man Senetrúte,

capacity, ability, skill, suffiSénici, s. f. a swelling in the ciency, wit.Seno, a gulph, Semplicemente, adv. with throat.

a creek, a -little bay. Seno, outorgarnent, roundly,down- Senile, adj. old, senescent, plait or fold in a garment. right, plainly, simply. waxing old, growing in years. Se non, Senon, Se no, except, Semplicemente, only. Fatto senile in sul giovenill saving, but, if net. Semplicéuto, adj. simple, fiore, grown old

in the bloom Senon che, o Senonchè, cs, harmless, silly, foolish, of his age. Senile età, old cept, but, saving.-Senon-Semplicézza, s. f. simplicity, age.

che, otherwise, if not. plainness, plain-dealing, Seniscálco, v, Siniscalco. Obs. Senon se, except.-Di senti downright honesty.

Sennino, s. m. an endearing uomini non ne tornarono vizi Sempliciário, s. m. a book appellation of a young sensi se non se otto, out of twenty that treats of the medicinal ble boy.

men, but cight came back power in herbse

Senno, s. m. sense, judgment, alive.



Or woman.

Senópia, v. Sinopia. Senténte, adj. feeling, hearing.) go mad.- Fui per uscir del Sensále, a broker.-Sensale, a Obs.

sentimento, I thought I should bawd, a procuress.

Sentenza, s. f. sentence, judg- go mad. Sensaluzzo, s. m. dimin. of ment, decree.Sentenza, Sentimentúzza, s. m, a poor, Sensale.

opinion, sentiment advice or mean, or petty thought orccoSensatamente, adv.judiciously, mind.-E tulie in ung sen ception. wisely, prudently, rationally. tenza concorrendo, and all Sentina, s. f. the sink of a ship. Sensatézza, s. f. wisdom, judg-being of the same opinion. -Sentina, a sink, a common ment,

Sentenza a sentence, saying, shore.Sentina, a receptaSensato, adj. sensible, ration- maxim, apothegm. In ser cle, shelter, or nest of wick-, al.-Sensato, sensible, con tenza, adv. in short, to make edness an: vice.-L'ozio é siderate, prudent, judicious, short, after all.Tutti questi sentina e cagione d'ogni rizin, discreet.

detti in sentenza didono una idleness is the receptacle and Sensazione, s. f.sensation. medesima cosa, in short, all source of all vices. Sensería, a brokerage, the hire these words have the same Sentinella, s. t. Entinel,

Cent or wages of a broker Sense- meaning.

try.-- Fyr la sentinella to ria, a broker's trade. , Sentenzja, s, f. v. Sentenza. stand Centry, to be upon doSensibile, adj. sensible, that Sentenzialménte, adv. senten- ty:-Sentinella perduta, a per

falls within the compass of tiously, by sentences.-Par- due." the senses, that may be felt lare sentenzialmente, to speak Sentire to feel, to be sensible or perceived.

sententiously or sentences. of.-Sentir dolore o piacere, Sensibilità, s. f. sensibility, the Sentenziáre, to sentence, to to feel pain or pleasure.quality of being sensible. judge, to condemn. Sentire, to bear.Sento un Sensibilmente, adv. sensibly, Sentenziare a morte, io con gran ramore 'nelin strada, I very much.

demn to die.Sentenzidre, hear a great noise in the street. Sensitiva, s. f. the sensitive fz 10 determine, to assert for Seniite, to smell or scent. culty --Sensitiva, the sensi- truth, to be positive of. -lo sento il maggior puzzo tive plant, the shrinking Sentenziato, adj. sentenced, che mai ini paresse sentire, I shrub.

judged, determined, asserted. smell the greatest stink that Sensitivo, adj. sensitive, that Sentenziato, condemned. ever I did in my life.--Sentire, has the faculty of feeling or Sentenziatore, he that con to taste.--Sentite un poco il perceiving.--Sensitivo, hasty, demns or judges, a judye. sapore di questo viro, do but soon angry, passionate. Sentenzievolmente, adv. by taste this wine.--Sentire, to Sensitivamente, adv. sensibly. sentence or judgment.----Fu feel.--Sentir freddo, to feel Sensivamente, adv. sensibly. condannato sentenzievolmente cold.-Sentire, to see, to perObs.

alle forche, he was condemn- ceive.Sento 'l iume apparirSensivo, adj. sensible, feeling. ed by sentence to be hanged. che mi ini móta, I see the Obs.

Sentenziosamente, adv. senten- beauty appear that charms Senso, s. m. sense, the faculty tiously, wisely, prudently, ju- me. ---Sentire, to feel, or power by which external diciously.

taste.-Sentà si fatto dolore objects are perceived.--Senso, Sentenzióso, adj. sententious, della sua morte che ne fu vicia sense, meaning, signification. pihv, full of sentences. no a morire, he was so griev

Il senso d'una parola, the Sennero, s. m. path, bye way. ed at her death, that he sense or meaning of a word. -Il sentiero alla glorin, the thought to die for it.--Elen --Senso, sense, judgment, path or way to glory.

come ti senti in poi che fun. wit.-Un uomo d'alti sensi, Sentieruilo, s. m. a little nar gumenite ragionusti con l'amaa man of great sense or judg- row path.

ta lua duma? how do you find ment.Senso, sensuality, Sentiménto, s. m.

yourself now, after having had appetite, libertinism, a grati- feeling-Sentiménto, sense, so long a discourse with your fying of the senses

judgment, understanding, beloved mistress ?--Sentire, to Sensório, s. m. v. Senso or knowledge, learning.-Fu di know, to be sensible of. Sentimento.

tanto sentimento nelle leggi Quel che tu rnli e puoi credo Sensuale, adj. of or belonging che da molti valen'i uomini che 'I senta ogm gentil perso: to the senses.--Giudicio sen. un armario di ragion civile fie ni, I believe that every sensuale, a judgment of the riputato, he had so great a sible person knows your worth senses, according to the knowledge of the law. that he and power.-Ma uno che sasenses.Sensuute, sensual, was looked upon, by many pea il segreto il pales), onde voluptuous, given to sensual learned men, as a wonder.-li Aretini lo sentirono e ab pleasures.

Sentiménto, the beauty or cavaliere dieron licenza, but Sensualità, s. f. sensuality, li- nobleness of an expression.- one who knew the secret dibertinism, a gratifying of the Sentinénto, sentiment, mind, yolged it, therefore the Are

opinion, or meaning.--Io noul tines found it out, and disSensualmente, adv. sensually. sono del vostro sentimento, I missed the gentleman, Sentácchio, adj. quick of am not of your sentiment or Come ti sofferito l' animo di Sentacchioso, scent. Obs.) opinion.--Uscir del sentiment dir di lei, sentendoti quel me. both.

to, to go out of one's wits, to desimo ater, 7 fullo che ella fat


sense or



20 avea how could you dis. ing.---lo son tutto direnuto si Separánza, s. f. v. Separamencover her, being sensible that freddo che sento di me, I am you had done the same thing grown so cold, that I have Separáre, to separate, to sever, that she had done :--Von ti hardly any feeling at all. -- to part, to divide, or put asunsento di grosso ingezno, I Farsi sentire, to make one der. don't take you to be o grea! smart.- ll freddo si fa sen- Separársi, to depart, to go a simpleton.-Vandossı dun tire molto aspro quest'anno, from.-Oggi non podo di que alla giovene a sentire del the cold is very smarting this volere da quella "inses 8uo volere, thty sent to the year.

1 azmi dediz quaie ra tutte, young woman to know her Sentita, s. f. sense, feeling. &c. I don't intend, to-das, intention.-Sentire, to per- Sentitamente, adv. cautiously, to go from that subject of ceive, to understand, to take wisely, sensibly.

which you all, &C. - Non rugnotice, to find or smell nut, to Sentito, p. p. of Sentire. lio separarmi dalla mia 7250. discover.--Sentendo de' bro- Sentito, cautious, wary, pru- luzione, I won't change or al. nissimi vini, e de grassi cap- dent, clever, sensible. ter my resolution. poni, ed altre buore cose as- Sentóre, s. m. smell, scent, Separatamente, adv. asunder, sai, having found out that he odour.--Sentore, inkling hini, separately, severalty. had very good wines, fat ca private notice.--Avendo avu- Separativo, adj. parting, sepa pons, and other very good to sentare delta renuta de' ne-rating, that separates. things. -Sentire, to think, to mici, having had notice of the Separáto, adj. separated, parted, believe, to suppose, or ima enemy's coniing-Non ne ho severed. gine.Per dirvi quel che ne aiuto il minimo sentore, Separazione, s. f. separation, bento, to tell you my opinion have not heard the least thing parting. on it.--Ciascheduno dica quel of it. -Seatóre, noise, trouble, Sepolcrále, adj. sepulchral, che ne sonte, let every body confusion, disorder.--Le girel. belonging to a grave, or sesay what they think. -Tui, le unte nor fanno sentore, the pulchre. coire cedo, in questa guise pullies when oiled make no Sepolcro, S. m. sepulchre, baparli per tentarmi, pije tosto noise.-Stare in sentore, to rying-place, grave, tomb.che per dir quel che ne senti, / hear, to listen, or hearken to, Andare ai sepolcro, to go a I believe that you talk so to to give ear,

pilgrimage to Jerusalem to vitry me, rather than to tell Senza, prep. without.. --Non sit our Saviour's sepulchre. your sentiments about it. posso vivere senza roi, I can't Sepólto, adj. buried, interred, Sentire, to approve, to ap- live without you.--- Senza laid in the ground.--Sepoite, prove of, to allow of, to like, speme, without hope, or hope concealed, nid, hidden. to like of.--Il detta Arrigo less.- - Senzi amici, triend- Sepoltúra, s. f. grave, buryingnon sentà la sua elezione, nè vi less. — Senza pensarci, una place.-Privato della sepolfue presente, the said Henry wares, unwiteingly. Non tara, left unburied. did not approve his election, posso vederla senz' amarla, 1 Seppellire, to tride, to conceal, nur was he present at il. can't see her but I mast love to keep secret. Senhir d'una cosa, to savour, her.-Senza pro, to no pur- Seppellito, acy. interred, burito smell of -i sente ( erepose, in vain.

ed, concealeri, hid. sia, this savours of heresy. Senzachè, except, besides - Séppia, s. f, the cuttle fish. Egli sente un poco del guercio, Senzachè egli ha alrnne tac- Sepulcrále, adj. sepulchral, he he is a little upon the squint cherelle che si taccion per lo longing to a grave or sepuling.-lo il qual sento anzi migliore, besides, he has some chre. dello scemo che no, Ithat look small taults, which I think Sepulcro, s. m. v. Sepolcro. very much like a fool.--Sen proper to conceal.

Sepulco, adj. buried, interrel, tir bene o male d' ma cost, to Senzapiù, adv. only. bidden, concealel. have a good or bad opinion of Il caratier cogli dne e con Sepultúra, s. f. 7. Sepoltura. a thing.--Sentir bene o mnie Alessandro, se zapri, entra- Sequéia, s. f. sequel, conse. and cosa, to be glad or soriy tono al Papa, the knight, the quence, series, conclusion, a for a thing.

two others, and Alexander continued succession. Sentirsi, to come to one's self. onlv, were admitted in the Sequénte, v. Seguente. to awake.-Sentirsi, to find Pope's presence.Io amo il Sequestramento, s. m. sequesone's self.- Come vi sentite pesre fritto senza pix, I love tration. voi? how do you find yourself? | fish fried without any thing Sequestráre, to sequester, 10 Non mi sento molto bene, Il else.

separate, to sever, or put asuradon't find inyself very well.-- Sepajuola, s. f. a kind of small der.—Sequestrúre, to sequesVi sentire voi quniche male? | bire! that lives do you find yourself ill?-0 hedges.

Sequestráco, adj. sequestered, signor mio dolre, o che ti sen- Sepále, s. f. a hedge. Obs. V. Sequestrare. ti tu? oh, my dear sir, what's Separábile, adj. separable. Sequestrazione, s. f. sequestra. the matter with you ?---Sen- Separaménto, s. m. a separati tion. trrsi d' una ferita, to be still on, parting.

Sequéstro, s. m. sequestration. sensible of a wound, to feel it Separánte, adj. separating, that! -Metter in sequestro, to se get..Sentirsi, to bave a feel- separates.




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