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Ser, master. Ser Pietro, mas-Sere, s. m. sir. --Sere, master. In sul serio, adv, seriously, ter Peter.

-Ser Francesco, master in good earnest... Parlar in Sera, s. f. the evening.- Verso Francis.

sul serio, to speak seriously, sera, towards the evening.---|Seréna, s. f. v. Sirena.

or in earnest, Sera, night.---Buona sera, Serenare, to be clear, or serene, Seriosamente, adv. seriously, good night.

to grow clear, or serene. in earnest, earnestly. Nos Seracinésca, v. Sarascinesca. Serenáre, to calm, co tranquil. used. Seráfico, adj. seraphical, be- lize, to quiet.

Serióso, adj. serious, grave.longing to, or becoming the Serenáta, s. f. clear and fine Serioso, serious, important. seraphjms.

weather, but particularly that Serménto, s. m. a vine branch, Seratino, s. m. seraphim, the of the night.--Serenita, sete a spray, a dry twig, or spris highest order of angels. nade or night music.

of a vine.-Sermento, a branch, Sérafo, s. m. a seraph, a se- Serenáco, adj. clear, serene. a twig, or sprig in general, a raphim.

Serenatrice, adj. that brings vine branch. Serapino, v. Segadeno. serenity or calmness. Sermenióso, adj. full of twigs, Seráca, s. f. that part of the Serenissimo, most serene ; a branchy, full of branches,

evening which is passed in title belonging to some prin. Sermo, s. m. v. Sermióne. conversing together.


Sermoelnáre, to preach, to ha. Serbábile, adj. preservable. Serenità, s. f. sereneness, sere rangue. Serbánza, s. f. conversation, nity, clearness ---Serenità, Sermocináto, p. p. of Sermocipreservation. --Far serlanza serenity; a title belonging to d'una cosa, to keep, to pre some princes.

Sermollino, s. m. wild or creepa serve a thing,-. Dare in serveréno, s. m. sereneness, sere ing thyme. l'anza, to intrust or put in nity, clearners.----- Sereno, Sermoniáre, to preach, to hasomebody's family.

open air.-Gucere al sereno, rangue. Serbáre, to preserve, to defend, to lie in the open air.--Seréno, Sermonato, adj. proached, haor maintain.--Yerbure, to re adj. serene, clear, open, fair. rangued. serce, to keep, to detain, to --Giorno sereno, a serene, Sermonatrice, s. f. a woman retain.-Natieri non ha che clear day.----Sereno, serene, preacher. fure nelle cose che Dio si ser calm, tranquil, quiet, peacea- Sermoncino, s.m. a short pretty in sua poteslale, nature hus ble.-----Sereno, merry, gay, sermon.-Fare un sermoncino, nothing to do with those smiling, chearful.

to give a reprimand. things, which God reserveth Serferlocco, s. m. a silly man, Sermóne, s. m. a sermon, a to his own power.c-Serba a booby, a simpleton, a block- speech....Sermóne, talk, disquesto per le stesso, keep this head.-Fare il serfedocop, to course, conversation.--Tener for yourself.-Serbure, io del play the fool.

$C!MOILe con uno, to talk, to lay, to defer, to put off. Sergénte, s.m. a servant, officer, discourse, or have a discourse Con lui intendo di starmi, e or minister.

Sorgente, a ser with ont. --Passo passo, andi lavorare mentre sonjgiovane, jeant, a catchpole, or bailiff. davam seni sermone quase e le ferite serbormi a fare Sergénie, a foot soldier. dando e ascoltando li ammik quando sarà vecchia, Lutens Sergente, a serjeant amongst lati, we walked along softly to live with him, and to work soldiers.

without speaking, looking on. whilst I am young, and to Sergentina, s. f. serjeant's pike, and hearing the sick people. rest myself when I am old.-- a kind of halberd.

--Sermore, idiom, dialect. Viri meschiro, vivi, serbati Sergiére, s. m. 7. Sergente. Tra lo stil de moderni, e 'l alla vendetta, live,poor wretch, Obs.

sermon prisco, between the live till you are revenged. Sergoncello, 4. m. a kind of modern style, and the old Serbiserélla, s. f.v. Selsastre herb.

idiom Sermóne, a reprila.

Sergozzone, s. m. a prop, a mando-Sermóne, salmon. Serbáto, adj. preservoi, kept. stay, a supporter.----Sergoz- Sermonegyiáre, to preach, to Serbatojo, s. 1. 2 arzóne, a blow under the chin. harangue. coop. Servatójo,adi. preserv- Seriamente, adv. seriously, Sermoncggiáso, adj. preached, able, that may be preserved, gravely. -Seriamente, seri- harangued. or kept.

ously, eamestly, in carnest. Serocchia, s. £. ». Sisacchin, Serbatore, s. m. preserver, Sérico, adj, that is made of silk, Obs. keeper, depository, guardian. silken. Poetical-Vestimento Serctinamente, adv. late. Sertatrice, fem. of Serbatore. serico, silk clothes,

Scrutine, adj. backward, that Sarbívole, adj. preservable, Série, s. f. order, course, conti- Sertino, comes tate, lates that may be kept.-Vino set nuance, series, succession, word.-Ibuddi serutini, backkevole, wine that will keep. sequel. -Dopo ann lunga ward fruits.--Sprotino, taray. Serbo, s. m. keeping, custody, serie d'anni, after a great late, low.--Penitenza seri, charge.-Dare in serbo, to many years.

tira, « latc repeatauce. give or commit co one's keep Serietà, s. £ gravity, serious Serušio, ad. sxculmed üle ing.-Terere . avére in serbo, ness.

snake. to bave iu oue's keeping or Sério, vj. Serious, grave.-- Serpe, s. m serixent, snake. custody.

Sério, serious, important Ogni serve hi'l sa Buone,

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to vex one.

every serpent has his peisan, pallisado.- Le serraglie dell' Serráto, close, near, com everybody is subject to an Alpe, the long ridge of the pact.---Armato d'un braccia. ger.---Allevarsi ta serpe in Alps. Serraglio, seraglio, a letto di cuojo fortissimamente $ern, to nurse a snake in one's prince's palace amongst the serrato alla carne, armed busom.

eastern nations.-Serruglio, a with a bracelet of leather Serpesgiaménto, s. m. turning, way that they had in italy, to very close to the flesh,-Pan. windling about.

stop a new married woman in no serrato, close, thick cloth. Scrpeggiante, adj. winding, or the street, to make her give -Un fiume serrato di ghiac. turning about, full of wind.

them something. --Serriglio, co, a river frozen all over. ings or turnings, creeping. a place where princes keep Scriver serralo, to write close. Serpeggiáre, to creep, to go sucb fowls and beasts as come --Il fumo m' ha quassi serrewinding about, to go in and trom foreign parts

to il petto, the sinoke has al. out, to be full of windings Serráme, s. m. a lock. most choaked me. and turnings.

Serramento,s.m. a locking up Serratúra, s. f. a lock.-Serra. Serpagiáto, arij. crept, full of serráre, to shut, to shut up, to túra, the end os conclusion.

windings and turning 5.-Ser. lock, tu lock up.---Serrar la Not used. peggióto, chequered, party porta, to shut the door.--Ser. Serto, s. m. a garland, a coloured

rar una cassa, to lock up a wreath. Serpentáccio, s. m. ü large ser- chesi.---Scrrure, to hide, to Sértula campana, s. f. the pent.

conc al.--Serrare, to contain, herb melilot, Italian clover. Serpentáre, to trouble or be to keep in, to retrain, to keep Serva, s. f. a servant maid. troubic s ume to, lo importune, back, to bidle, iu rule.--Ser. Servabile, adj. preservable.

rare, to terminate, to end or Serváccia, s. f. a nasty ugly Serpeutávia, s. f. grass plantuli., finish.--Serrare la vita, to end maid, a slut. small dragons.

one's life, or one's days. “Al Serváccio, s. M. a nasty sete Serpentário, s. m. a constella

scrrar del giorno, towards the vant. tion in form of a serp ito evening.- Serrare un mercato, Servággio, s. m. slaverySerpnte, s. in a serpent. to conclude, to make up, to Vivere in servaggio, to live in Serpentello, s. m. a sinal ser strike up, to bind a bargain. slavery, to be a slave. pent

-Serrare, to press or urge Servaménto, s. n. the act of Serpeutifero, adj. that breeds one to be eager upon, to keeping in custody, the act Serpents.

teaze or importune one, to of preserving from loss of hurt. Serpentino, adj. of, or belong haunt or dun one.---Serrare, Servánte, adj. keeping, maining to a serpent.---- Denti ser. to strain, to bind straight, caining, observing. pentrui, sharp teeth.Lingua hard, or fast, to fasten, to Serváre, to keep, to preserve, serpentina, an ill tongue torust hard, to harden. maintain.

Servare il suo o. Serpentino, s. m. the serpen- Queste scarpe mi serrano il nore, to preserve one's hotine stone, a kind of tine mar-piede, these shoes pinch me. nour.Che ne cavate miseri ble.

-Il freddo serra la terra, in effetto, favui l oro servar Serpentóso, adj. full • vf serpents. cold weathes hardens the più sani e grassi? what good

I deserti serpentosi d' Africa, carth. --Egli si serta con lui do you reap from it, you poor the deserts of Africa, full of di mal talento, he bears him wretches, will gold keep you serpents.

an il! 'villa Serrersi addosso in a better state of health, Sérpere, to creep alung. o altorno a che che si sia, to will it make you fatter Serpicélla, s. f. a small snake cast, to throw one's self, 10 Serváre, to keep, to observe, or serpent.

run, to fall, to rush upon.- or follow. Servare il conveSerpicino, s. m.a small serpent, Parce quando alle peccore si niente ad uno, to stand to or snake.

serra il lupo, he looked like one's bargain, Serpigine, s. fo ring-worm, a wolf when he falls upon a Serváto, adj. kept, preserved, dry scab.

flock of sheep.-Serrar le fi- maintained. Serpillo, s. m. wild, or creep lo d* un esercito, to draw the Servatóre, keeper, preserver, Sergallo, ing thyme. files of an army closer. Ser maintainer-Servatore, obSerpáso, adj. v Serpentosa rare il pugno, to clench the server. Sérqua, s. f. a dozen ; mostly fist.-Scrrar fuora, to shut Servatrice, fem. of Servatore.

out, to turn, to send away. Servénte, a man servant, a serSerra, s. f. a saw. Serra, a Serrar il basto, o i panni vant maid.Serveute, adj. narrow place.--Serra, impe aduosso ad uno, to press, or serving, that serves. tuosity, violence, fury, ve urge one, to be eager upon, Serventėse, s. m. a kind of lyhemence, repility. Fara to be hard at, or upon one. uno serra serra, to press a man Serrársi, to sit, to lie, of stand Servicciuola, a little servant very much, ta fall bard upon closer.

maid. hum

Serratamente, adv.straitly, nar- Servicella, a little pretty Serraglio, s, m. an inclosure, rowly, closely.-Serratunen. Servicina, servant maid. Serráglia, s. f. any manner te, deep, deeply.-Dormir ser-'Servidoráme, s. f, servants. of thing that incloses, as walls rattamente, to sleep soundly. Servidore, a servant. ledges, and the like ; trench, Seriálo, adj. locked, 3. Serrare. Servigéttó, s. M. a small service

said of eggs.

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Servigiale, s. m. f. a servant. more use to me, or this hat Sessióne, s. f. sitting of magis. Obs.

can do me no more service.- trates, congress. Servigio, s. m. service. Sono Questo serve a molte cose, this Sessitúra, s. f. a hem..-.Aver al suo ser igio, I am at your lias several uses. Ser ire uno poca sessitura, to be aukward. servies.- Mettersi al servigio, di danari, to help one with Sesso, s. m. sex, the different to go to service.--Servigio, some money, to lend him.-. nature of male and female.--service, office, good office, or Seruirsi d'una cosa, to make Il sesso masculino, the masgood turn.--- Ringraziandolo use of a thing, 10 use or em culine sex.-Il sesso fenuninio di ciò che in servigio di lei play ito-Si seria del mio ca no, the female sex. avea adoperato, thanking vallo, make use of my horse. Sesta, s. f. a compass, the inhim for the service he had Servito, s. m.service, course at strument with which circles done to her.—Servigio, busi- table.-Servito, salary: --Mi are drawn, more properly a ness, affair, thing, matter of deve tre anni di servito, he pair of compasses.--A sesta, employ,

owes me three years salary. adv. exactly, in time, timely. Servíle, adj. servile, slavish Servito. adj. served.

Parlar colle seste, to pon. servant.like, mean, pitiful, Servitore, a servant.--Servitore, der or weigh what one has to sordid.

padron mio, your servant, sir. say, to talk with circumspec. Servilmente, ) adv. servilely, Servitorino, s. m. a smart look- tion.-Sesta, one of the canoServileménte,} meanly, sor. ing little man servant, a foot- nical hours so called. didly, pitifully, basely, cowboy

Sestante, s. m. sextant, ar asardly,

Servitrice, s. f. a servant-maid. cronomical instrument. Serviménto, s, m. service. Servicù, s. f. servitude, bon. Sestáre, to adjust to fic, to set Servire, to serve one, to wait on dage, slavery, confinement.- in order, to frame, to put 10him, to be his servant, to at. Servitù, servants.

gether. tend him.-Servir le tavole, Servitúdine, v. Servitù. Seste, s. f. pl. 4. Sesta, in the to wait at table Servire to Serviziále, a servant. Obs.-- signification of compass. serve, to be a servant, to wait. Serviziale, a glister, a clys- Şestérzio, s. m. a sesterce, the -Servire, to deserve, to me

qurter of a denarius, about rít.-Servire, to return, to Serviziáto, adj. serviccable, of. (wo-pence half peony.

again, to repay, ficious, serve one. Sestiére, s. m, a pint meam mi quò tu migliorar qui tre zizio, a berrefit, good, advan- Sestile, s. m. sextile, an astrosoldi ? non credi tu che io te li tage, profit, good office.- logical aspect, when two plapossa ancor ser: ire? why Vi ringrazio di ciò, che in ser nets are distant 60 degrees, or won't you give me three-pence vizio mio a ete adoperato, I one sixth part of the zodiack. more? do you think that I am thank you for the good office -Sestile, the month of Au. not able to pay you again? you have done me.--Andare gust. Servire uno a tavola, to help a stare in servizio, to go to Sestine, s. f. sextain, a lyric one at table.-----Volete che vi service.-.-Serrisio, business, song, containing six stanzas. serza ? shall I help you ?-Si affairs.-----Servizio, Service, Sesto, adj. the sixth.Sesto, serva, help yourself.--Ser. use.—Questo non mi sarà di one of the wards in which vire, to serve one, to do him Perun servizio, this will be of Florence is divided. -Sesto, service, to help or assist him. no use to me.-.-lo, e le cose order, measure, rule.--Trovar -Mi comandi in tutto quel mie sono al servizio zostro, 1, sesto ad una cosa, to remedy, che vaglio a servirla, com and every thing I have, are at to find a remedy for a thing. mand me in any thing I am your service.

Non dubitare che si troveable to serve you..-Servire, Servo, a servant.--Servo vostro, Ten sesto, do not be uneasy, to serve, to be instead of, to your servant.--Servo, adj. ser for we shall make it up.-Por be as. -Questo mi ser irà di vile, slayish, mean, pitiful, sesto a che che si sia, to order muntello, this will serve me sordido Serve ricchezze, sos or dispose a thing.--Vi porrò for a cloak.-.-Ciò vi seri a do did riches.

len sesto 2o, I shall take a avriso, let this be a warning Sésamo, s. m. sesame, a sort course about it. to you.--Servir di coppia, to of corn.

estodécimo, adj. sixteenth. help cosirink at table. - Servir Sesamoide, s. f. the herb catch- Seta, s. f. silk. di coltella, to carve at table. flv.

Setajuólo, s. m. silk-man. Serrir di togliere, seri ir di Sessagenário, adj, sexagenary, Seranásso, v. Satanasso. trinciante, to be a carver.- of sixty years.

Seráta, s. f. a great and conti. Ser ire, to serve, to help, to Sesságono, s. m. sexangle, nual thirst. Obs. be serviceable or useful, to do hexagon, a figure of six an- Sete, s. f. thirst.--Aver sete, service. - Il fuoco serve a gles,

to be dry, to thirst. -Spegner scaldare, fire is good to warm Sessanta, adj. sixty.

la sete

to quench one's one.--Cid serie alla digesti-Sessantamíla, sixty thousand. thirst.-Afogar di scte, to be one, that helps digestion. Sessantina, s. f. sixty, three almost choaked, to be very Arke seri e whai signifies ?

dry or thirsty. --Sete, thirst, --Questo cappello non mi può Sessénio, s. m. the space of six greediness, eagerness, immopiù servire, this has is of no years.

derate desire. -Pin scle of me VOL. I.



Settimáno, adj. } the seventh. Scaccintásgine,s.f. impudente,


me siene, I am more desirous Settimana, s. f. a week.

dent or saucy. of it than ever. Sétola, s. f. bristle, the hair of Séttimo,

sauciness a hog's back.--Setola, a hand-Settina, s. f. the quantity of Sfacciatamente, adt. impu. worm.-Sétola, a hair-brush. scven.

dently, saucily, with a brazes Setoláccia, s. f.a long bristle. Setto, adj. cut, parted, divid- face. Setoláre, to brush, or rub with ed, separated, dissected. Sfacciatéllo, adj. a little impa. a brush.

Settore, s. m, a sector. dent or sancy. Setoláto, adj. brushed. Settotrasverso, s. m. the dia- Sfacciatézza, s. f. impudence, Setolétta, S. f. a small brush, phragm or midriff.

sauciness. Scrolina, a small bristle. Settuagenário, adj. septuage- Sfacciáto, adj.impudent, saucy, Setolóso, adj. full of bristles, nary, or of seventy years. brazen-faced. Setolúto, rough.-Con quel Settuagésiina, s. m. the third Uno sfacciáto, s. m. a brazcanomor la setolosa frotta cor- Sunday before Lent.

face fellow.--Sfacciáto, adj. rer da' monti suole, as the Séttuplo, s. m. seven times blazed down in the face, noise of a herd of swine, when

speaking of a horse. they run through the moun- Severamente, adv. severely, Sfalláre, o. Sfallire. tains.

strictly, rigidly, rigorously, Sfallente, adj. wandering, 12 Setóne, s. m. a cord made of sharply.

grant, going up and down. "hair. Severare, to sever, to part, to

Obs. Setóso, adj. fall of bristles, divide. Obs.

Sfallire, to err, to be under an rough.--Coda setosa, a long Severità, s. f. severity, striet- error, to be out, to mistake, thick tail, speaking of a horse. ness, rigour, rigidity.

to commit a mistake. Not -Setose ciglia, thick, bushy Severo, adj. severe, striet, ri. used. keye-brows.

gid, rigorous.-Pena severa, Sfalsáre, to parry, to keep off, Setta, s. f. a seci.Setta, a a severe or rigorous punish to ward off ; a term in fencplot, a conspiracy, or combi ment.-Giustizia severa, se ing.Sfalsare un colpo, to nation.

vere or strict justice.-1'iso pärry a blow. Settágono, s. m. a septangle, a serero, a stern or crabbed Slamáre, to satisfy, to fill, to heptagon, a figure having look.-Severa correzione, a fill one's belly. seven angles, and as many severe or sharp reprimand, Stamársi, to fill one's belly, to sides.

correction or punishment. eat one's beily-full. Settanta, s. m. seventy. Sevizia, s. f. cruelty. Obs. Stangáre, to walk in the dirt or Settantésimo, adj. the seven Sevo, s. m. tallow.— Candela mud. tieth.

di sevo, a tallow candle. Sfangato, adj. that is come out Settantótto, s. m. seventy. Sevráre, to sever, to part or dis of the dirt of mud. eight.

vide. Obs.

Sfare, to undo

Sfare, to Settánzei, seventy-six. Not Sevro, adj. severed, parted, di- consume, to destroy, to waste used. vided. Obs.

or devour.---Sfare, to conSetranzétte,seventy-seven. Not Sezione, s. f. a section, a cut sume or waste away. used. ting or dividing.

Sfarfalláre, to become a butter. Setrário, s, m, a sectary.". Sezzájo, adj. the last.-- Ma fly; speaking of silk-worns. Settatóré, a follower, a sec- Sezzo, per certo questa sia - Sfarfallure, to get out of tary.

la sezzaja che tu ci sarai mai, any thing, like a worm that Sette, s. m. Seven.

bur, indeed, this shall be the becomes a fly.- Sfarfallare, Setteg ciánte, adj. factious, se last time you shall come here. to speak foolishly, to blander ditioas.

-Da i primi a' sezzai, from in speaking, Serteggiáre, to cnter or go into the first to the last.--I primi Sfarinacciare, v. Sfarinare. parties of factions.

all' affrontare rimaser sezzi Sfarinácciolo, adj. that becomes Settembre, s. m. September. al fuggire, those that were the like wheat flour, that becomes Settembreccia, 7 s. f. autunin,

first to attack, were the last powder. Settembrésca, the fall of to run away.--Da sezzo, adv. Sfarináre, to become like wheat Setembria, the leaf. All late ----Il pentirsi da sezzo flour, to reduce to as thin a Obs.

mulla giova, to repent too late consistency as wheat-flour. Setlenário, adj. septenarious, does not avail.

Sfarinato, adj. reduced into septenary, belonging to the Al da sezzo, adv. at last.

powder. Sfurináto, mellow, number of seven.-Numero Sfuccendátó, adj. idle, lazy.- ioo ripe.--Sfarindio, pafc, settenario, a septenary, a Sfaccendato, useless, need- whitish. number of seven

less, unnecessary, of no use. Sfárzo, S. Setcénnio, adj. septennial, of Uno sfaccendato, s. m. an pomp, parade. the space or age of severi idle or lazy man, a lazy- Sfarzoso, adj. gaudy, years. bones, a sluggard.

tious, pompous. Settentrionale, adj. septentri- Sfacciamento, s. m. impu- Sfasciáre, to untie, to unbend, onal, northern.

dence, sauciness, a brazen or loosen.-Sfasciare un funSettentrione, $. m. septentrio, face. Not used.

ciullo, to unšwathe a child. the worur.

Sfacciatáccio, adj. ver; impu -Sjasciare le mura d'uts







eittà, to dismantle, to pull, venge me of my murderer., to give over. -Procacciate down the walls of a town.- Sferrar l anima ad uno, to pur i un altro medico che io Sfuscidre, to break or dash to kill him.-Sferrar il fiato, to per la mia parte ti sfido, send pieces.-Sfasciar la testa ad take away one's breath. for another physician, be. * uno, to dash somebody's Sferrare uno dell' armi, to cause, for my part, I give you brains out.

strip one of his arms. -Sfer over. Sfasciáto, adj. untied, loose, v. rare un cavallo, to unshue a Sfidato, adj. challenged, defie Sfasciare.-Porta sfasciata, a horse. -Sferrure, to drive el, mistrusted, mistrustful, broken door.

away, to keep off, to keep out diflident.--Egli è sfidalo de' Sfasciúme, s. m. ruins. or from, to remove.

medici, he is given over by Sfastidiáre, to recover one's sto. Sferráto, adj. loose, untied, the physicians. mach.

broken.--Sferráto, dead. Sfidatóre, a challenger, he that Sfatáre, to despise, to slight, co Sferrato, unshot, that has challenges or provokes. scorn, to contemn, to under- lost one or more of his shoes, Sfiduciáto, adj. mistrustful, value, to make no account speaking of a horse.

distrustful, diffident, suspiciof.

Sfervoráto, adj. cold, slack, inSfalatóre, he that despises, de different,

Sfiguráre, to disfigure, 'to de spiser.

Sferza, s. f. a whip or lash.- form. Sfatto, adj. undone, ruined, de- La sferza del caldo, the hot. Sfiguráto, disfigured, deformstroyed. test hour of the day.

ed.---'iso sfigurato, a pale Sfavillamento, s. m. spark. Sferzáre, to whip, to lash, to face. ling, brighness.

scourge, to jerk.-5ferzáre, Sfiguríto, o Sfigurato. Sfavillánte, adj. sparkling, to punish, to chastise. Sfilacciáre, to unravel, to un

bright.-Occhi sfavillanti, Sferzare, to spur, egg, incite, sparkling eyes.

stir up, move, or induce. Sfilacoiáon, adj. uprayelled, unSfavilláre, to sparkle, to shine. Sferzúre, to be exceeding hot, -Sfavillúre, to fume, to burn, to scorch.

Sfiláre, in file off, to get out rage, lo storm, to be angry. Sferzáta, s. f. a lash, a blow of the file or rank.-Sjilársi, Sfavorire, to contradict, to with a whip.---Sferzáta, a to disband, or disband them. gainsay, to be against one. wound.

selves.- La cavalleria non esSfederáre, to pull off the pil- Sferzá:0, adj. whipped, lashed, sendo pagala s' andava sfilanlow. Obs. scourged.

do, the cavalry not being Sfederáto, adj. without a pillow Sferzatóre, one that whips. paid, began to disband.-Sfi. Obs.

Sferzatríce, fem. of Sferzatore. láre, to unstring, 10 take off Sfeláto, adj. weary, tired, fa- Sfessatúra, s. f. cleft, crack. the string.-Oh madonna voi tigued.

Stesso, adj. cut, cleft, slit. vi sfilate la corona, ah, misSféndere, to cleave, to split. Sietteggiare, to cut into slices. tress, your beads are unstrung. Sfera, s. m. a sphere.

Sfiancáre, to break by an inter. -Sfilare, to chine one, to Śferále, adj. spherical, belong- nal effort in the lateral sides. break his back.

ing to a sphere, of a spherical - Spancare, to weaken. Sfilatamente, adv. in a dis. form.

Sfiancato, adj. weak, feeble. banded manner. Sfericamente, adv. spherically, Shatamento, s. m. went, air, Sfilato, adj. disbanded, routed, orbicularly, roundly.

wind, exhalation, evapora. defeated.-Sfilato, unstrung, Sfericità, s. f. orbicularity, tion.

loose.--Alla sfilata, adv. one sphericalness.

Sfiatáre, to breathe, to vent, to after another, in confusion, Sférico, adj. spherical, orbicu- evaporate.

in disorder.--Sfilato, chined, lar, round

Sfiatársi, to be out of breath. broken-backed. Sferóide, s. f.a spheroid, a solid Sfialársi, to koil and moil, to Sfingardaggine, s. f. idleness,

figure made by the plane of a take abundance of pains. laziness, slothfulness. semi-ellipsis, turned about by Sfiatato, adj. out of breath. Sfinge, s. m. a sphynx, a feignits axis, and is always equal Sfiztatójo, s. m. che place or er monster. to two thirds of its ciroum hole out of which any thing Sfinimento, s. m, a faintingscribing cylinder. evaporates.

fit, a swoon. Sferra, s. f. an oid or broken Stibbiáre, to untie, tr undo, to sfioccáre, to unravel, to un.

horse-shoe. Obs:----- Sferra, loosen or loose, to unlace.old ragged cloaths. Obs.-- Sfibbiati il seno, unlace thy- Shocináre,, to take out the Sferra, a man of nothing, a self

kernels of grapes. mean, base, pitiful fellow. Sfibbiato, adj. untied, loose, Sfioráre, to take off, or beat Obs. unlaced, unbuckled.

down flowers or blossoms. Sterráre, to untie, to loose, to'Sfidamento, s. mn. provocation, Sforato, adj. flowerless. pull off to break the irons. defiance, challenge.

fiorire, 10 shed, to let fall its Io ti prego, che innanzi che Shidanza, s. f. mistrust, dis-blossoms. --Sforire, to fade io sia sferrato, tu vadi incon- trust, diffidence, suspicion. away, to wither, to diccay.-Tanente contro al mia uccidi. Shdáre, to challenge, to defy. Sfiorire, to die. tore, I bescech you, that, be ----Sfidársi, to mistrust, to sfiorito, adj. that has shed its fure I am dead, you would re- distrust or suspect. --Sfduire, blossoms,


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